The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 8
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BIA'TIIEVII/LK (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 80- 10-10 Atlanta Breaks losing Streak Lowly Bears Take Leading Chicks 8-2; ' Volt Trim Barons By ROLAND DOl'SON ' llBUrd Fnss Sports Writer >ATLANTA, Ga., April 30 (U.P.) —The Atlanta Crackers warned the' other Southern Association that they were set lor » stubborn 'pennant fight. ,. After the purchase of third Ixisc- Bun Ted Cleslak and outfielder Morris» Aderholt. President Earl Ifann »nnounced that his Cracker U»m was set for the season. What he really meant was that Atlanta was fixed for the pemumt. It not, odds were that the Cracker president would unfold the cash uain and bring in new pennant Wood. ' /Atlanta funs pay for a winning bell club, and the Cracker man- ifement retaliates by providing what they demand. Last night, the Crackers, after dropping five straight, came to life to defeat Nashville, 1 to 1, with the aid ot the two newest c»sh purchases, Cieslak and Aderholt. -The Crackers handed the Vols' ace, Leo Twardy, his first (Jefeat of the season after he won three straight. TODAY'S SPORT FARAUK Fraley Tosses Last Dollar In Mutuel Window, Walks to Hotel BY OSCAK KHAIJiV I'nllrd Press Sports Writer LOUISVILLE, K5'.. April 30. (UP) —Dear liossac I need some scratch. This horse race country really hns walloped my wallet, with the deluxe right in the presence of the head man of them all —Col. Malt Whin. As you told me, I went down today ifl get an interview with Colonel Whin, who has promoted this Kentucky Derby into the top drawer of sports events. But, what with bellboys, porters, waiters, cab drl- bcrs, shoeshine boys and all hold- ng out lhat ready palm In this horse-nutty town, I showed up In the Colonel's swanky quarters with Confcrcratc dollar and a two- 'Rip' Walker Former Chick Visiting Here buck ticket on the last race in my pocket. The colonel was very gracious, boss. He stood up on that red plush carpet, leaned over that gleaming mahogany desk, tlumiiccl the ashes from a dollar stogie into a golden, Harrel, Riley Win Tag Bout Newman Disqualified For Rough Tactics In Feature Event Hera Henry Hnrrcl and Tex Rlley were } Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LKAGVIK W. L. Memphis 11 5 New Orleans 11 5 Chattanooga 10 5 Atlanta 9 7 Naslivillc 7 7 Little Rock 6 8 Mobile 3 13 NATIONAL, LEAGUE W. L. Di'ooklyn inpnoyrnmnu'd cuspidor, and smiled {.'victorious In last night's wrestling j Rt - Louls nt tin- ]»orrsl pauper this sltlc of that joint over the hill. It made me fed swell, l>m the picture of Jeff Olivia on that Coti- Icdcralc dollar was crylns lor company nmt the two dollar inntucl ticket didn't stem to l)c doing much answering- Winn lias n very lovely spot there. His desk sits back In a coiner of a room that looks us big as allow by virtue of some rough skillful wrestling and rteferee Mike Meroncy's promptness In disqualifying \fo Newman before he choked llarrcl unconscious. In the first fall pf the main event Harrel knocked oul Bill Coz- after some 15 minutes of Biv- Ins itud receiving some inlghtY powerful punches. For th e fina In 11 Hiwlon ChlcoKo . . New York . Cincinnati . Pittsburgh . 'hiladelphla victory In Ihc first fall Harrel Cnrncijlc Hall and he has u com-1 and Hltey co-operated on «*nc mniKlliiR view from the second mighty fine kangaroo kicking to lloor. Oown below, through « bat- eliminate Newman from the run- if llirce windows which runjnlnK, Both Newman and Coz/el tery .•Meanwhile, Shelby Kinney was Winning his third victory by hold- Ing Manager Larry Gilbert's crew to six.hits. One of the greatest and most colorful of nlylhevlllc's former football stars returned to his oH haunts yesterday for a brief visil hacljV'lth friends. He is Uyrou "The Kipper" Walker, now wearing the . Birmingham's one Inning fell short as big- six-run Chattanooga gold leaf of a major in the Army. Football fans all over the Mid- South still remember the feats of this former Blytheville Chick, win achieved stardom In his hlRl> school days and then went on to distinguish himself at Virginia Military 'looked inii'.lity crestfallen as they climbed from the ring ntter the stinging defeat in this first lull. 'flic .second fall was Cozzcl's and Ncwmfin'.s all the way from the 'opening hell. It took them is minutes to choke and punch their way to victory. Meroney took a few onlv trouble, bow, was Ihal.rasty punches in this fall too, in- tcppcd into "hiding n low kick which rendered him Inactive for a few minutes. The third fall was rough on everyone concerned. After sonic rough battling Harrel pinuect Cozzel OIK! then faced Newman. This was where the trouble started. Newman from celling to floor, arc acres "f tulips. Geraniums rind other flowers nnd Ihe paddock. And. slni'lug him right in the kisser, sire the beautiful light of the new tote board which show him how iniiny of the cltlmis' dollars are pouring into the till. •H'L my timing »:as off. I turfrtom's stinclum Just before they went to the post In that la-st race —and that two dollars ticket trying to cheer Jeff was nn 80 to 1 shot. Being three miles away from the hotel you cim understand thai Boston . ... York . )clroil . ... it. I.ouis . . ;ieveland . . Chicago . .. Vashlnxton •hlladclphla bopped on three Baron hurlei's to win, 11 to 6. The Lookouts institute, Lexington, Va., where he showed Birmingham how to stage captained the cadets In his final »' winning rally with five runs season, 1940. Climax to his high school gild areer came In the never-to-be orgotlen classic at Crump Stadium n Memphis one November night n 1S3G when Walker led the Chicks igainst the vaunted High C5en- rals of Columbus, Miss., who snap- led a 28-game winning streak of .he chicks with n 7-0 victory. Local fans remember many Incidents In the prep career of the i|i the sixth and the same number tn the next two Innings. First baseman" Joe Mnck got a homer jlith one on in the seventh inning melee. Mcmph|s dropped into a tic with I41e New Orleans by losing to last •lace Mobile, 8 to 2. Pat Mc- plothin outpltched Homer Sprag- gjns, allowing only nine hits to t)ie lattcr's 14. .New Orleans at.LHUc Rock was joined out. , Ttic icams play Ihe same schcd- \(le tonight. Legion Juniors Lose Opener to Osceola . Blytheville's Junior American Legion baseball team lost the first fame of the season Sunday when Osceola nosed out a 5-4 victory A bad luck jinx and the unkemyii fie^d seemed to work hano\-iu-Ui\nt against Blytheville players. An Os ceola player, Carlisle, made a horn. run when the ball was lost approxi TOntely 10 feet from home plalc . While 'Blytheville players searched frantically for the lost ball, Carlisle took advantage ot the oppov- 1 tunlty and touched all bases before the ball was found. 1 The tall grass again worked the local team, when star- 200-pound WalktT. but one of their favorite stories In that 'Of how he o(( I was a little nervous. After an. boss, my feel arc plenty tired Irotn going nil out like I do In the as- sidloiifi pursuit of niy duties. I The trouble was that Colonol Whin coxilil see the double K'litiiiT. on the tote honrd from his spoi.. lint all 1 could make out was Ibc odds part which showed that my horse was now 90 to 1. So he starts telling me that he's making great plans for the ncxi year, imagine, and the guy an octogenarian. They're going to blow quite a few thousand rebuilding (lie infield so everybody can get a good guilder at the race, ho snW. And meanwhile, the section at the tote board I can see has stop- el flashing and I know they're AMERICAN LKACiUK W. . 10 . s . 7 . 6 . 4 . 5 , 4 . 2 Pet. .688 .688 .563 .563 .500 .429 ,267 .188 I'd. .721 .692 .63ti .545 .417 .417 .33:( .200 Pet. .769 .692 .636 .500 .444 .417 .333 .167 Southwestern Golfers Will Meet Locals Blylhcville golfers will pit their skill against that of the Southwestern golf team from Memphis at Blytheville Country Club course Saturday afternoon, it was announced today by Wendell Eaton, local pro. A six-man team has been selected to meet the collegians in the matches which will begin at 1 p. m. The local group will be headed by Mr. Eaton, with !x:o Llntxcnlch, Harvey Kldd, James Guard, Dr. Callahan of Steele, and Roland Bishop rated in the order named. Names of the players making up the Southwestern team have not been received here. Blytheville players participated in Yesterday s Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Atlanta 1. Nashville 1. Chattanooga'11, Birmingham (i. Mobile 8, Memphis 2. New Orleans at Little Rock, postponed, rain. NATIONAL LEAGUE Open date. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at New York, rain. Only game. .... and running. Well, boss, let stopped "Five-Yard" Evans of Scar- C | lm . c |,ni Downs toss their cash cv - around but there! goes my 90 to 1 The Chicks, playing, tinder Coach sno t w j t |i mc nm i j e ff Davis slt- Carucy Laslie, met the undefeated u l]( , it out. I'm nervous I'll tell Searcy team In a game there jyou, but I can't interrupt the old which attracted fans from several' gentleman. So I sit 'and squirm. lie keeps talking thousands as if it was hay they were feeding Lord Boswell. The sun flashes off his gold watch chain, one big enough to hog tic a filly, .while I'm sweating freely with the temperature in the fifties. And on he goes, about how they have to care for 8,000 employes, fans from several' gentleman. counties In Central Arkansas. Evan.-, ; ijoss, while was the big gun of the Searcy team and his line-plunging was feared all over that part of the stale. Blytheville scouts observed that Evans usually carried the ball into ihe line on the first play after the kickoff. Laslie, banking on Walker's crushing power as a line backer, instructed' Ills forwards to open a hole in the line to give Walker full opportunity for a clean tackle. True to predictions, Evans look the ball and hinged into the maroon line. Walker tore into his mldscction with every ounce of , hitter Berry Alien knocked a "might have been" home run. But when :t. struck the ground, unable to bounce or roll, the centerfieldcr walked a few feet/picked up the ball and Allen was stopped .at second. j Out of four times at bat, Allen made one run, two hits and a sacrifice hit, Randall Workman's pitching caused much comment from spectators, most of whom were Osceola Ttsitors. Fanning 12 batters, he showed good form and complete control of the ball. A star of the Osceola team was Kcpnd baseman Hale, who out of three times at bat, made one run, his mighty power. It was a tackle seldom seen thoec parts. Evans, himself a six- foot, 200-poundcr. crashed in leap of dust. When he finally pulled himself to his feet he left iis reputation as a line-plunger there on the ground, because all during that game he ran his plays methodically and without the (he that had characterized his former games. "Major \Valker,wcnl-irito the. Army in 1941, participated In three Invasions, Salerno. Anzlo and Southern France. Now he is on terminal leave and Is preparing to return to bis old work as civil engineer or the Southern Railway at Cincinnati. Here with him are his wife, the former Miss Estellr Birmingham of .exinglon, Va., and his son, Byron. and how ttie derby purse on Saturday will be $100.000. and how much they'll spend to improve tin joint—and my last two dollars either gone or multiplied by no I in Ihe meantime. So finally got away. But as I said boss, I need some scratch. 1 had to walk buck to the hotel. got the upper hand in a few minutes and had Hiiircl very nearly out on his feet then made the mistake of raising him over his head and dropping him on his partner's knee. Meroney grabt>ed Kar- rcl's arm and raised it in the sign of victory. The preliminaries were prcttv spicy, too. Rilcy taunted Cozajl into a furious rage and then ncatl' pinned him with very little dlffi cnlty. in the second preliminary Newman got the best of Harrel ii 10 minutes by using speed, rougl work, and skill. Newman ha.s plenty ot all of these qualifications to the successful lag match wrestle! Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Mobile ill Memphis, night. Atlanta at Nashville, night. New Orleans at Little Rock, night Birmingham at Chattanooga, night. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at New York. Chicago at Washington. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Detroit at Boston. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. ;' Brooklyn at Chicago. • > New York at St. Louis. ij- for LUZIERS Fine Cosmetics Call Miss Francis Jones Phone 2486 or 3MJ an Inlni'Cluh handicap tournament here Sunday with R. W. Becker win- nine first honors. Ills handicap of notice. WITNESS my llb tll.^t IIVIIVIO. All.T IJII*LUIl,l|J VI n.J,,,> ,| f A gave him n net score of 09. U, S. 22llct dil > ° ,, Branson, whose handicap was 13 strokes, had a net score of 70 to finish second. IN THE PKOHATK COURT FOR THE CIIICKASAWHA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. In Ihe Matter of the Kstate of l^na Gray, Deceased. Irene Gray, Kvecutrix. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the Last Will and Testament of Lena Gray was probated in common form by the Probate Court for the Chlck- asawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 20th day of April, A. a. 194G. An appeal from such probate can be effected only by filing n peli- tlon, stating the grounds of such appeal, with tl;Is Court within six (6) months from the date of this hand and seal this 11. A. D. 1916. P. W. POTTER County and Probate Clerk By Eliwibcth Blythe, D. C. Ci. E. Keck, H. G. Partlow, Attorneys for Executrix. 4J23-30-5|7 NOTICE Effective Wednesday, prices will be in force: May 1, the following Haircut 60c Shave 40c SAFETY F1KST BAHBKK SHOP RK1) WALL HAKHEIt SHOP 0. K. BAHBKK SHOP IMPERIAL BAKBKK SHOP SPECK'S BAKBKIt SHOP NICHOLS HAKBEK SHOP SLIM IIAKHKK'S BAKBKK SHOP WEBSTER'S BAKBKK SHOP Ivan R.Van Patter Your Sales Representative of The Arkansas Automobile Ctub affiliated with the Amer. Aulo Ass'n. A A A Office 418 So. Lake Klylheville, Ark. two hits and two sacrifice hits. The next game is to be Wednesday, May 8, with Jonesboro. Line-up for yesterday's game follows : : Blytheville Osceola B. Wixson ..... ss ....... Bennett Smith ......... 2b .......... Hale Arnold ........ If ......... Ralph Allen ......... cf ........ Brown Stanberry ...... Ib ..... Wiseman Gates ......... rf ......... While Foster ........ rf ........ SartaUi Caldwell ...... 3b ....... Carlisle Workman ...... p ....... Wagner II. BONDED AND 24-Hour INSURED TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week i)sj«: Btuii it 7 p. a. Tuesday BUDDY NIGHT 15c to All "HER PRIMITIVE MAN" Kith Kobert 1'aigc, Louise Allbritton Also Shorts There are THREE Forms of Water! No. II uf of a Series Watch for them each Tuesday. Railroad Street Bill Wunderlich — K«ar RobltiMm'i Drnf Btara THE BEAUTY CUNIC Margaret Dctn Smith, Owner Ingrain Klilg. Phone 3274 Re»d Courier News Want Ads. $25 Reward for information enabling me to secure a 6 or 7 room unfurnished house. Contact E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson Phone 2335 — 11 f) East Ash RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or iriiylel Reliable Workmanship. ?HOKE 2642 Wo Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. A«lhoriied Motorola Radl« Biles and Serrlce 106 So. First St. For River-Washed SAND and GRAVEL Phone 965 We Also Sell Good Black Dirt for Fills Sandy Loam Larkin Service Station 219 East Main St. K. M. l-arkln Halen Holme* [3 USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling v plus your extra equipment. -'If you are going lo keep your present c;ir let us give .foe an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body mad painting. Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto radios for sate. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO INC. Water exists in three forms—Liquid, Solid and Gaseous. In liquid form it is water, in solid form it is ice and in gaseous form it is vapor or steam. As we have mentioned, pure water is known as H20, two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. By weight, the ratio is about sixteen parts oxygen to two parts of hydrogen, and this ratio is maintained in whatever form the water be-— liquid, solid or gaseous. In other words water is unchangeable and its composition, whether as water, as ice, as snowflakcs, as steam, as clouds, or as invisible vapor, IS ALWAYS THE SAME— sixteen parts of oxygen to two parts of hydrogen. Water is about 819 times heavier than air, but when evaporated, or in the form of vapor, it becomes 133 times LIGHTER than dry air. That is why it ascends to form clouds and then returns to earth in the form of rain, hail, sleet or snow, where it sinks into the natural reservoirs of the earth to be pumped up for our daily consumption. That is why water is our cheapest and most important commodity. Use it liberally to help promote better health. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity^ Wednesday & Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE "CRAZY HOUSE" with Olscii and Johnson 'SHE GETS HER MA A" with Joan Davis, Leon Errol! Also Short New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVERY NIGHT • Matinee Saturday & Sunday Tuesday —BARGAIN NIGHT— 'THE LADY CONFESSES' with Mary Heth Hughes PLUS SERIAL AND COMEDY Admission lOc and lie Wednesday & Thursday "CITY FOR CONQUEST" ^^ ^ [t^l .Tames Cagncy and Ann Sheridan NEWS AND COMEDY RIT THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; Picture starts at 7:15. Tuesday —BARGAIN NIGHT— Admission lOc and Me "MELODY PARADE" Mary Bclh HuRlics, Tim and Irene and Ted Fin Ritn KKO NEWS and SHORT Wednesday & Thursday "Radio Stars On Parade^' With Wallj- Brown, Allen Cahi.Al^i nntl Trances L:iiiKforii " ' NEWS & FLICKER FLASHES 100% When your throuchout. rnctor was new, it hail 100% genuine 1H r •»«» And lh»t'» » mighty good wjy to keep it. Don't replace your IH magneto ju« because U nccj» > litllc work done on it. Bring it in anci let ut »dju»t it for you. And use genuine IH purol»tors lo keep vour tr»clor oil clean. You know, we can supply V°u "i' h an V IH I""' fw your tractor »nd implements, if you juH give us a little •dvincc notice. Mo« par», vt« keep right htTt in «ock, McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE OPEN 6:45; STARTS 7 p. AIR CONDITIONED TUESDAY PAL NITE The Brighton Strangled ** .lohn I.oder, Jane Dnnrez Serial: "The Monster & The Ape" Also Shorts DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blythevill*, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES/PARTS AND SERVICE \ \ Wednesday & Thursday 'Lady On a Train' Dcanua Purbin, Ralph Bellamy, David Bruce News of the Day Also Shorts

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