The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 5
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(AUK.)' COUIUEU NEWS THE BLYTHEyilyLlTCOURJEK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F. NOHRIS, Advertising Manager , Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, 61.. Loiils, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. ilibllslied Every Aflcniooji Except Sunday Entered as second class mailer nl the post ottice at Blylhcvflle, Arkansas, under net of ?, October S, 1917. Served by the United Tress SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the City of Blylticvillc, 15c per week, or 05c per month. By mail, within n radius of &0 mite. $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six laotiths, 15c for three months; by mall in postal ajncs l\vo to six, incluiiivc, ?6.50 i>cr year; in nones seven nml eight, 510.00 per year, payable lit advance. Somewhere, a Ko/co /,s Calling •Police raided a cotkfifj'lil ivec-iilly and arrested -18 men. Not on a ranch in Wyoming. Nol in a .stable in Alabama. Not in a kirn on the banks of tlie \Vabash. . In a seven-room apartment unite on thu island of jMiinhiilliin. A'.search of police records disclosed (hat il \ya.s the ( violation of llu: law prohibilinir cockli^htx that had conic to anybody's attention in a ncii- ei'ation. The men had permittwl themselves to bu carried away by their enthusiasm, and the noise of their combined cries of e.xhorlalion, approv- ..'. al, am! .satisfaction had aUrncled llio attention of the law. There's just a possibility that this theory might not stand up under a really rough assault, but the thought has frequently been intruding itself of late thai, somclhiDij litoTTV renaissance of tbo frontier spirit can In; de- lected creeping up on i ts in n )c devoir .-,, opnieiH.s of the public taste in a nuin- " ber of fields. Creeping up esiwcially, of course, on the city-dweller. II takes ' the city feller lo conic up with discoveries ot" things their country con- sins knew all along. It may not bo accurate- lo call jt the frontier spirit. It may lie just ;iu -•• assertion of (lie city boy's occasional dim nostalgia for a rural life he is ' «; acquainted with .only. Jjy- hearsay.. ;_ Whatever it is, i'l's somothini?, A n$li' ! v • (Mightn't to stick his licck'onl lo "ll'io extent of prophesying such Hunt's as roping and branding of (axicahs, but we wouldn't, be too surprised. ,- When it started would be dilVicull to ;.. ascertain with any dcgi'cu of exact, ness. Elsa Maxwell h ;u [ np.nplc who ;• would ordinarily have attended her party in while tics and tails, husking corn and milking a mw lllore Ulail ,j year ago. Hollywood followed with farm and ranch parlies of i(, s own. Such items as buffalo meat and venison steak have been appearing on cafe menus with increasing frci|iiency dni-- . ing the past year or KO. Consider HIE radio and movie hillbillies. Consider thai chicken-peck movement, in Iruckiii 1 . i\ wv v,,r! e rors . dippy over a rodeo every so often. Tlie movement toward the farm and ranch is .unmistakable m the arl of painting. Every third novel you buy ^^Icllsjrou all about UK; trouble* wilh OUT OURWAY ' Hie livestock and crops. Tlio moving picture producers arc now busying themselves turning out old-fashioned "westerns" band over list. H snttinly 'pears like siitliin'. How i\ol lo tia ti Could tin: movies stand just a liltle more evidence of the force of adult ideas behind them without suffering a drop in ihoir i.'Jitcrtainmenl value? Tlio ((ueslion .suggests il,st>|f after a reading of (he annual report of Will II Hays, president of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America. "The C/.ar" can only in- ;i|j- plaudcd I'or his exhortation In the industry lo slide its impulses lo use ils talents for propaKandu, and bis reminder that "the function of Ihu en- tcrlainmeiil serotm is to entertain." Hut just how narrowly should (lie industry permit its efforts to be conline-| by ils desire to carry out Ihese ideas'.' Propaganda with a cajiilal P can or- •ilimirily be detected instantaneously in any Porni of arl. An ovoTOaloiis'K.'ss in atlompling to avoid il, liowevec, can induce a liiiul of in (he faculty of detecting odors, and lead to ilu< indiscriminate- rejection of all material bearing (he faintest .will of an idea. It might be good lo suggest in a tactful way .In motion picture- producers that evidence of some intent beyond the production of entertainment in its more shallow sense does not necessarily imply Ihe presence of ..propaganda. It might be good to remind (hem thai. Broadway a few years ago discovered, greatly to il.s jinilil, lhal theatergoer* ] WIK undornoiiri.sliwl im l-)H'jilrieal whipped desserts would sianipede a show thai served them something H K . V ,. (m | ( | g(jl {hu[[ . ^y, into. It might be good to remind them a LSD Ihal effort toward no end but entertainment in a superficial sense is as likely to produce exceedingly dull fare as cli'orl toward no end but prop- ' Jigawlizing. Kiifcrtaimnent is more .,; than skin deep. • i : ' ' s .* Jf, is' tb be'li'opott thill a" propaganda' ^ phobia in Hollywood will not consign ''' to the ash can the kinds of ideas thai brought us such pictures as All Quiet on the Western Front, Dead Knd, Zola, The Alan Who Reclaimed lli s Head, and M'iiitersel. U olhn- nations would HURT on ,\ di:.;miui- mcnl program we wouldn't need a larger nuvy and the money could be used for other benefits. —Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt. » * t Economic conditions hen: may lludiulc. duo tu tin- tr-iniic-ramcnl of the American pioph', bill their will never Ixi miullu'r real (leprcs- :.loii.--Il. lioidon SellridBc, llrilisli business man. » * » -My wile wnuld be ...jiilns ( ,,, . s ,, m ,, |,.p, (m •.,, knee ;il mdit when I raiw homo. Shr- aln.ivs introduced Ihe frlloiv ;(s )in cousin.-Vcrnon 11,-ii'i'cy of Milwaukee-, in M |i 1M , [ or <| ivna . c By Williams "> THURSDAY, APRIL' 7, 1938 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'I'll blow yonr nose just as soon as \ve gel across the .slmt." •THIS CURIOUS WORLD % William Ferguson SATS HAVE SUCH SMALJ_ GULLETTS THAT THEV CANNOT SVVALJLOW SOL/0 FOOD. TAMES PORCUPINES GIANT CACTUS. OPR. 1338 BY A. u LINDSAY took Home a porcupine fro,,, the Canadian woods some .seven years ugo, and the animal, -"Rusiy |, y 1)ainc is .„, , fccltainlc pel, which. accon u lvi to Mr. LiinUay, refnte.s ('he ccmten- lion thai "porcupines are too dumb to he tamed." Another norrv c cenly acquired, nlready i.s <|ii|i c lame. '"' ' NKXT: \Vlial an' II,,. favorite (ira-s ,,f d.iy fu,- slluw ,„ fi ,| 1? FinuJaiucnlal rve ALLEIZS WAMTEO TO TESTOUT HOW FAST FASTEST THIMO THEY 7ELL ME .•• NEXT TO A RACE Uy gonr Ainriicau (NO. IMI "V III!. MOIIII1S I'ldilnr. .Innriiiil of II Mnliral AsMiciillinll, ami of H.VRcia. Hie llr.illh Magn/lni: Allhoiir.b (he League of Nations nt.iy serin lo have failed in many •if its other activities, (lie hr;illh orcani/atiiin has nmrtc some iunrta- ; im-nlal rrpnrts thai have been of I llio greatest value lliroiiglioul lhc | wm'lil in disseminating information 'd in establishing standards. In iirrln (o estiiMish particularly ir impuriaiil. crilrria on Un hy- ! 'i"' "i housing. :o;n!uilte.\s v.i-rc in all of tile eo-opei;iung 't'hcsc committees sent :;'i- u.ita to the central oiy.-in- iuul there are now avai rlcnllflc reports which he fundRinental faci'ii •hitig liyglciilc housing i Die i:nli- - in of the main piirp>c-. of 111; Is to protect the human must not be any air movement, at "11 In (lie vicinity of the human body. In England, the experts recommended air movement, of in lo 50 feel per minute, but Hermans say that it ought not, lo exceed 80 feet per minute. TJie various m- lions also dittcr as to humidity. llcnling systems, cool lug systems, and air conditioning have been greatly developed in recent years Because of the fad lhat there are few days a year ui \vhicn cooling is really necessary In most of the Unite.-! States, air conditioning has not been widely adopted ai far as concerns private homes. However, in theaters, restaurants, stores and trains, oh conrtiliotiim; has fully established its value for comfort. A ler.ent, aspect of lhc hygiene of hotisim; is attention lo the question of noise. Since menus have been developed for measuring C1IAPTEH I JOYCE moved one of lhc suil- '' cases aside and sal down on the narrow berth lo read lhc letter from Aunl Martha. She glanced at the envelope a second time, just to assure herself thai il belonged to her. There was no doubt that il came from Aunl Martha; one could never mistake that fine, precise handwriting, even were there no Full River postmark. The surprising fact was thai it should be addressed lo her, in such a way. The words danced before her eyes: Miss Joyce Milncr S. S. EMPRESS Pier 82 North River New York City And then, down in the lower left- hand corner: "Hailing Saturday April !)." U was altogether true. She was here on the Empress, in her own cabin; the steward had already picked up ho- lickcl, and in'.-ihwt 15 miiHilcs she would lie on her way. To lhc magical islands of Ihe south on her Easier cruise! She turned the envelope over and lore U open. A blue slip fell lo Ihe lloor. It was a money order for $25, She put (lie money order and (he letter bad: iulo the envelope and slipped it into her pockell;«ok. l''or jusl one Heeling instant, she was sorry that she was going. She might have spent a few weeks up in Fall River with her aunt and iiurlc, the only two relatives she had in Ihe world, instead of embarking on this wild adventure. Hul it was more than Ihal. 1C Ihc blood of two centuries of seafaring ancestors runs in your veins, if you're a stenographer in a liny little oflice overlooking Ihe river, where you can see gallant, iiiijcflic ships sail out to sea every i-u minutes of Ihc day, and if you've never been on anything I'jyUi'i' than a fcrrybual in Hie c;i- tirc :). r ) years of your life—well, then it's time to g<j. She Mood at the rail, -walchiny las(-t:iiniitc inissciigci-s clamor Atlanti.:. nboard. Wow a niiii! was picking hi.s- way ill!fl »!' the gangplank, slowly and un"- harln steadily, and close behind him woman ( T . . ••-", c. o ....(,'"/ at Ins broad back, and prodding him on. The man was' round and pudgy, and his face Ktaimed like - summer sunset, il,. had dini- illy in placing his feel hi the proper grooves, and for ci'erv one step forward ho stumbled bad; two. ticpi-aicdly ihe woman shoved urn on. bill wilh litlle success. Now ho face was while in anger. and .loyi-e wondered ciii'ioiisly wiiat she'd say lt> him when she f!ol him alone. She was an al- P c r i o u s woman, wrapped up luxuriously in a dark mink eloak. wilh a corsaiir i>! orchids on her shoulder and the Rlil- ler of jewels al her thioat. Now the ship's final whislic Foinidt'cl. and as the moment of Bailing drew near, hvo iuiskj- sail- lors proceeded cautiously down Ihe gangplank lo aid the Heiitlf- niiin. One on each side of him, Iliey eased him aboard, guided his ^r. .^•S-.'- mff'^'A 1 '&'~''M'- ^m ' ! ^K% --ifo^'-^^ '-*. • . ' -v- :•• -...-.«M ,< sun wind i-ainu up, loiiiiocfl, :>nrt v.-iilched lici-pocket- •wnislliiia ai-ouiul |], c decks and liouk. forced mil oflicr arm In-Hie followed, alaring angrily sweeping before it all evidence ot sudden conlai-t fly over (lie r : iil at steps toward Hie salon. j\ l>a.ssed in front of .loyce. -Ihe they the deck." iiberanl gentleman looked up and met her eyes. Jie straightened t)io)ncn(<irily. "Lo, (.icautiful!" he offered wilh faltering but genuine enthusiasm. Joyce turned aside, liut nnl br- forc she felt the woman's cold ryes glaring al he?-. CjLOWLY but surely ihe big ship "• barked out of her dock, and :».' last farewells from shin to Hiorc grew a lillle in<jr<.- shrill, a little more tense. "Gondby, mother. . . . Coodby. .foe . . . goodby . . . goodhv . . ." Ami shortly those on shore M,V >,,mi 8 man p melled into no more Ilian a way- lian<l lo catch her. llluslrah'on by Virgiiiin Whatever laippciiL'd. il iv«s i/isfuiiluncoiis. . . . At «;il> ,«;,-, ,'„ /«'s attempt h jltudi, IK,, lie ea,,sl,t her Mom imleml aird ihavcJ it, vfolciitfi. . . , 7'ou lull. 1 Jai/ec eritil mil. of while handkerchiefs! Whatever happened, it was instantaneous. Perhaps Ilie .vomit' man was over-eager in his hclp- iiK mass ind faihl voices, and the novcd lhc two little world - ,,,<.,. ,,,„, fiu . (|u ,,. ,.„., Mit , : ., n ,. im (hp .^ilMK-sJlHlc,!. luriKxl s , ov , ly 1(JW , n . (| Mlc lowc| . > nut inlo llio open cmlk-ss l her 1 late aflci'iiuun air was cool. * H>ey loft (He s-licllcr nf (lie i-;une up, fnlness; perhaps another lurch of the ship pushed his arm. At any nile, in his attempt (o steady her, lie caught her elbow instead, ami shoved it, violently. Too late Joyce cried out. She stood there, wide-eyed and dumbfounded, and v.-iilched her pocket- the gay moments before .ssiifing. Confetti slrcainui-s ami corsage tanglcd snarls and lifted high over (he railings; doors we're slummed swiftly shut aiid-.wleck eliaii-5 were si id about before-Ihe busy stewards i-ould fold and tie them down for the night. As soon as UK; skyline of Manhattan began l'i fade on Ihc homon, passpn- fiers took quick refuge in their staleroojns. But Joyce remuinccl on dock fascinated. Nol one moment of (lie ship and down into the m ««> -slie could get her breatiij whipped into she turned on the equally diunb- ,1 lifh.,l lv;,.l. fuimtJpd y ollll8 „,;„,' ' , "You .cluinsy eloi'ii!" she accused through 'ligl'it 'lips r . 'ljut she did not lonl; al Ililli; she was at stood at Ihe rail, staring toward the sea, 'challenging ||ie wind. There would he plenty of (imo to enjoy her cabin. A steward, fastening (lie last deck chair securely, looked over at Joyce.' "Bcllcr get bekm-. Miss." he ad- ised. "It's blowing up pretty hard." pushed herself, back from the rail. ^ "I'm going right in," she nnc walk around pulled tier hat down, buttoned her coat closer. HI" .-.-lie wen! with (lie bow of (lie ship, htwjlalins willi il for an instant as they rode Ihe cresl of a wave, then she stepped forward to tin n a corner. Slip .s-lrnpiy) forward, bi4- ;Jio tin til ;>s Ihe ne.\t wave struck, they «>1- iided. .loyci-, being lhc less heavy of the Iwo, slipped backward, and the young mar. put oul a quick he sourer, inelndins cliininali'i;i if slverl noises, the use of -sitrnrer. in motor vehicles and pn*:uniafi!' !tiinnirr.s. rfgHlalion of the liknv- nii of motor litnsis, snul control ot ioby :sinili\ry apininilus. rYoman Looks Ahead To 106 and 1st Movie 'Kciscr from discomfort.s and tinker 1 noise. v;e have learned much nlorc ^ lo licnt and cplrt. The liiimin.jabout it. The device used for meas- • is senslllve lo sudden nous crnmjcs In lempriahae. coudtltons necessary for this I'liijiose obviously vary in dHii-r- cnl parts of Ihe world. Is •ood for tlie norlheru parts of liie Umtcci States Is not, at all suilaiilc l,:r the southern portions. 1^1'- Ilirnnoi'C. In different |xivt,s of ;iic world people uccoinc accustoij.rd [ to different standards. With the temperature, however, it Is important lo recognize |,; lc ' fact thiU air )s (.vi-.-j. tlal. In lhc unltert Slates. \ ay slight air movement .seems to l,c< preferred, whereas In France U bcls. Wheie.-is rustling of leaves mcasin-cs 10 dedbcls, ordinary conversation measures 00. heavy motor trnfllc measures RO. loud mnint horns measure ion, and an airplane propeller ten yards away measure* 12(,. When 130 decibels are heard, (lie notfe may be painful. Modern buildings are being plan- .ncd with a view to eliminating noise ns a point of hygienic Importance, Moreover, (here must be stiit.i- blc^planning for the control of tlie ,-hmount of noise tlial caii be de- velojxxl by ituucllon of noise at SAPULI'A. Okla. iUI'1 -- Lizzie Di-vers. will he I0(i years old on May 1 and she say:; she- is goiii^ lo do Kimt- Ihingii .--IIB lias -m;ver done before. "First." she snid. "I'm i;oin« down In the dint: store, sit at the fountain and buy a .>oda. I've never hnd one. "Then I'm goins- lo a picture show. Thai also v.ill Ix- ir.y lirst, "And finally f ,-im Koin? to be dilvcn home mid I won't say a word about the chiving, not onn complaint." Mrs, Hovers liir., alonn m a house on a till overlooking a wrll- Iravelcd higluvny. She knew many oiiiccis in lhc Cli-il War. s "Gcncrat Sheiin.-in H some man. worth any f i she related. Asked if she minds living atone. Mrs. Dever.s replied that, si:c did not. She added that ;,h,- is no hermit, however. "All I want is a frw accninin- Innces. J gnvc up friends SO years ago," h.ind- time." Read Cotuicr News Want Ads, ; Mi--. V. r . M. Taylor riilrrlainril [Hip Tue:.ciay Bridge ehil) at, her 1 •home with two quests present. Mrs. , W. K. t'i^i; and Mrs. L. L. Clales. j high scare was won by Mrs. O. W. ,'Child* and cui'st prize by Mrs. L. i | L.. Gales. ' I | MIT. I!. II. flobeilson. jr.. enter-' iUiinrd the young innlrnn:; r.ln:) j Wednrwlay aflentnou. [|j{;h .wore ! pri:^ was won by Mrs. Edwin,- i>rurc and cut piixc by Mrs. l.rr; ; Williams. ' n. H. Joncr, an:l II. p. l.ovr|-ir:e intended a nicetiiH: in Memphis : Monday, The mrrlim; was n .special inciting for the .stutly :»f lhc • farm combine and tools. Mr. .ind Mrs. U. |i. Sullivan arid ' daughter. Dorothy Ann of Wilson. ; were Sunday of Mr. auri . Mrs. John Sullivan, 'the former am. leaving this week tor Pnris. Tenn. ! Mrs. W. w. Hall, KI, accoinpan- ir-d Mr. and Mr.s. Wick Hall and ; family tn Hot Springs and Little ' Rock the latter part of the week. I Mrs. Rurnh Milir-i, mother ol i Mrs. Alton Hall returned to Memi phis Sunday alter spcnrling ,sev- | crnl inonti's. Mrs. w. w. Hull si. 'and ML and Mrs. Alton Hall ac- jcompained her. Mrs. Lenn IJoll of Macau. Miss is violins Mr. and Mrs. W. M Tnylor anl Mr. and Mrs. L. L Gates. j Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Larson an- juounce.the birth of a J>on born Tuesday morning. M fs . Larson will the rail, shiring at the spot where the bag was disappearing. "I'm sorry. I'm terribly sonvi Indy I am," l{j s words rang wjih Kincc-iity. '•[ ) )a ,| ,, 0 i( i e;) ;i[iy _ v body'd he coming round Ibis corner ..." "But my pockclbook! It's gone!" Her voiec rose tragically. Tin: yoiing man loolicd at lire black, surging waters. "It's gone, all rigid," he conceded. "I hope' there was nothing in it . ." "iN'olliin;; in j(-r she cried wildly. 'T.verything was in il! My lipstick, my compact- " Woman-like, she enumerated lhc least important Iliings first. ". . . and all my money!" "All your moneyV I hope il wasn't much." "It was more than a hundred dollars!" A hundred and twenty, she reminded herself. And Aunl. Martha's money order. And all her shoici excursion lickcts. lin ryes wore glued on the spot when: "Oh." The young man seemed to breathe more easily, ".lust a hundred dollar.-:." Joyce spur, arnftnd lo face him Her eyes darkened. "\Vs. Mr. Rockefeller. U, ;l l' s all, she retorted, wilh sour contempt for his grand nonchalance. •Just a bundled dollars.. Util hundred-dollar bills don't grow o t) trees, not where- I come- from." do He Continued) lie. iciiirmbnc-d as Miss Willie Kaloh I-Vrniison. Tin' lilUc bov has 'irrii namr:l .lorn' Grant' and wjiRlied nine and one half pounds. Slisf Mary Catherine Walls spout. Ihe week end will) her parents Mr. and Mrs. .1. II. Walls. 7 Tons of Dynamite Sri Off 1.0VELANJJ. Colo. l<JPi -,\ srv- en-lpn cbaiee cf dynamite was used lo make- a cut for a new ro.n,-| on the North 'il. Vrain highway which lends into the heart of th? Rorky Mountains. Tlio Panama c'unal makes :-an I'raiicisco closer to Liverpool |,y SSGG miles, n saving of Uvo-jjltln r.I the old journey. Announcements Viie Courier Nea'S lias been nu- thorizcrilo niakc formal nnnounic- inrnl o." the folloirfnij candidatc-i for public onice, subject to the Democratic primary August 3. I'or C'oiiiilv Treasurer II. I-. (DILLY) OAtNES t'or She-lift am) Collector UAl.B JACKSON County Courl Clerk T. W. POTTER for County Tax Assessor W. W. <DUDDY> WATSON BUYANT STEWART For Comicy anrt I'robalc .tudco DOYM3 llENDKnsON I'or Circuit Court Clcik JfARVEY MORRIS l-'oi County Keprei .... W. W. FOWLER

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