The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1936
Page 8
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i SIGHT TH£"BLyTHBVlL!,E COURIER NEWS ; THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS , - C;-R, BABCOCK, Editor H. W. RAINES. Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising RtpretenUUvts: Arkarius Dallies, Inc, New 'Yo:k,' Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas oily, Publlshtd Every Att«rnoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter si -trie post oflic* »t Blytheville, Arkansas, under »ct ol Ooogrot, October 9. l»n b«rvea 'or toe valley Pttu SUBSCRIPTION RATES By curler In tnc Cits or BlytlievlUe, 16o per *s*ek, or K.50 per year. In advance, By mat!, within i* radius or 8D miles, 13.00 per year; '$1.60 'for six months, 75c for three m'onUu; by mnli In postal zones two to elx, Inclusive, 18.50 per year;-In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. To Preserve Fish and Game Wild 'life—fiHh and game—constitutes an Arkansas resource that is •well worth ^preserving. Hunting nutl fishing can' be a .source of recreation for this "'mid .succeeding; generations of Arkansas>. They can be ah imjwrta'nt source of cash income through the visitors they arc capa'ble of -attracting to the -stale. .I3u,l these' •tleairablc potentialities can only 'Jjc realized if effective protection is-afforded for • our wild life. Th.e present Maws' for 'that purpose are inadequate, as ih the oiiforcomcilt of those laws. And worst of alibis the attitude of a 'large 'part of our citizenship. We hiiye'in-mind'not those who hunt-and'flrih for sport, although then- record ih .not altogether clear, as much as 'those 'who patronize market hunters rand' fishermen and thus make violation-of the game laws a profitable limhibti'y. Drainage and ithc accompanying agnciiUmal development li a v c o'f course been the chief 'enemies of • wild life, 'particularly ,in eastern Arkansas. We' ,irc not iimong those who 'look nvith regret upon progress of :this : kihd. There remain enough waters 'riot susceptible of drainage, enough land not suited to cultivation, to iprovide plejify of fish and game. -But with the hunting and fibbing' urea greatly reduced, and with the number of hunters and fisheimeii greatly increased, effective regulation is cs-cntiiil. "Arkansas,' should .have a .strictly iion- political fish and game commission, made up of men who are themselves spoilsmen of a -high type and who know something about conservation problems. That commission should be given bifliul poweis to apply restrictions as and where circumstances may indicate they are needed. It should have adequate funds for enforcement. And the men of Arkansas who hunt and lish for sport and who desire to pieservc the same opportunity for their tons should help to develop a public opinion that will not tolerate game law violation, whether by the game bog- in the guise of sportsman, by the maikcl hunter, or by the hitter's customeib. Whal, No Seaway? It begins lo appear -ali-endy Unit ignoring of lhc Gieat iUkcs-St. Lawrence seaway :md power project by OUT OUK WAY the Republicans at Cleveland is going to have definite repercussions. Failure to endorse the project in the G.'0. P. platform'has drawn" lire from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, "and ^northern New York, where support of the project lias grown apace in recent 'yours. There is dismay, particularly because, for tin; last 1(5 years, Uhc Republican parly has endorsed this project on the ground that it would .give interior states an outlet to the sea, -and hence cheaper transportation and better prices. The Heptibh'can platform carpenters may lind themselves obliged to make some explanations. A large part of the midwest wants that seaway very badly. HLYTIIEVlLijlO, (AUK.) • COURIER NEWS Brides The bride's promise to "obey" her husband is under fire once more. The National 'Council of Congregational and Christian Churches will take up the proposal to omit Iho word in the near future on the strength t>[ pleas from clergymen everywhere. Recommendations to tho council label "obey" a "needless and irritating word," and one must agree that covers the case. For the term had its origin n IOIIK time .fit'O, 'when "obey" meant just that to -a '.wife. The modern view of marriage, on -Ilic 'other ! hund, sees -it as a co-opcra- 'tlvb Instillition. The word doubtless 'is repeated (hcsc -(lays us :moro formality, anyhow, so 'dropping it' 'from the marriage ritual will iriuikc iJiltle real difference, ft will merely bring 'the ritual 'ii|> to dale. Pltilfovm;-and 'Pci'fov'mmicc The Hemibllcan-pltUfonn, : iKlO|]lcd nl oicvc- Iniid. calls; for "a promptdclerrnliiiillon of the fncls concerning .relief uiul unemployment." Yesterday SoniUor Murray oi Montana -tiskeil for ;t vote'Oil his resolution ''providing fcr (lie appointment 'Of n •national unemployment, and relief commission" lo -p-i .(IICM fifcla :inil report them -lo the next Congress. Smalm- McNnry of 'Ore-son, "Republican floor "lender, objected, and the -'resolution failed. Tho Republienn plntform nlso says: "Wo .'Pledge biireetvcn (o-Ihc merit .,-yslnn, vlrtuully destroyed by New :Deal spoilsmen, U. should bo restored, Improved anil extended." Yel. wlicn the Rmnspeck bill "extending the clnssi- [icd executive civil-Service" wn;i reached on (he consent-ciilemlin- In the :hoii:;c, CJiiilnnnii Rnins- Dcck, uf Ihc house civil service committee, plcndcd for passage, as tin tulmlnlslmlion measure, teHlnp JiepiiWIcuiis llwl II ivns directly in tine with '(heir party's new pla'tforni. BiiV two Now Jersey llcpubtlrans-Rcps. Lchlbiieh mid McLnin. objected tiiicl Ilic bill was sicie- tmckcd. If ncpubllcaii leaders on Capitol Hill violate Llielr party's plafform before :thc Ink is dry, ivhiit Ciin Ihe voters expect Inter? -Memphis -Press-Scimitar. SIDE GLAIVES By George Clark —— • — J D ; "We'd like lo take a cuiicl, WlMsiiicc u, (he coimlrv for Uicjsiimmei-,J)nl I'm ufi-iml we wjwliln't know an.vlioily." CHURCH EXCUSES =:Uy G. W. Ilnrharo Mother is surely illsfiislal will) i with lii c questions w i,i c |, vvou lcl bs nuilo preaching nutl saltl she would ! fully answered. Tlicn, after some never time in on another, Vjiit, after i "dJ'istmciil,. she got, back to chuicl reading In some paper that 4-01110 i | lh "' ^j^f^ 05 '!"" lhc BC1 '°" U1 . » : real preacher from her itcnomina- as sho^kcT^hear II a^u^as's™ HH \\ itiuCHi Joe to ixlso liosr, tlicv lilMIS nmc ,ur or n f"L hcr "'•'""'hour when tnerc arc m> other unluc, «l>ilc ot birth, and -address ] programs. H someUnies seems Christlnnlty is :vmrt-cd only by stately ciitlicdrnb mid'-n sink lollgioii. Too many churchmen arc pompously .j-vritic- Ing on dead attars, out of touch with life. -Rev. Dr. Norman Pcalp, New York rrnivch- maii. • * * * Evayons inn br. a jjioilcrii prophet. U'e ( -i-' nil be little Hi. Francises, little nit Hers, little Miieolns. I My wlml we need is not so much a lengi-c of nations but ,i :|ra«uio at prophels. —Baron Eii B eii von 'reubcr. of Auctrm. Growing Child Should Take rni *-» • ' . . •',-, TJiat Develop Good 'Posture I1V l»t. MOHIJIS-FISII11EIN ' i Hint help tile babv develop 'Ktlifar, - Journal of tho American .posture: Mccllral Association,.ami of II)-- gcla, Ilic Health 'Magazine ... „„ Mlt Li]llll UIM As soon as tlie baby is able lo several long: deep breaths through sit alone, he .begins exercises that the nose, inhale and exhale slow- arc useful In developing good pos- ly. turc. These Involve bending, reach-1 2. Slrclch (lie buoy's arms over- liig- for objects held hi front, b: head with rnnds apart "Bend his him and over his head, and, as- body fonvaii from the waistline socmlcd with this, a certain touching Ihu floor with lhc MIK mount of .relaxation. of his nneeiy. This exercise maj When the t-hild enters school, be repeated 10 times each morn. he will get regular exercise there, Ing. j 1. In a \vii-m room, with plenty ol fresh air, have the cliild .take sure BOO,! development and 8 ocd „, lhc noor •ii • i, «W ,» slllre . the abdomen ^l.'l^ulc 'a -., -.. OJVJL-, UJf,, ill-e£C|| jiiouui have a normal curve and ulmosl at tlic -mi not be hollowed. Tlic weight ot | ng the .arms n'nd -he i lioily la carried on the front,, down to the-sides. Ilic fret. -* * * Here arc a few simple exerciser rcpealeil toir or live limes (lay. . •h,,a nc extenri- Ihem may be each By William County Keeps Rural i-I c • ni |" r p 1cx ™™«'BO > useful in i: — 1 Library Service 1 Ian llltlll "s BOOII physical couto -i"? 11 nml Posluro. It is understood. I j Simple exercises of thi.s ti'i demand no special apparatus an urc cxcccdinsly useful in mail VISITED MMYTIME HAVE SO MUCH NOT SO STEAMGE TO ME, NOW THAT YOU CALL ATTEMTION TO IT' I'VE ALLU-5 LET THE BOY5 READ THE /MIL COBIU' WORKIN' HOURS. ,. „_ NEVER USED TO GIT BUT MEB6£ OME LETTER A NVONTH-NOW 7MEV0E -^I^.T 0 .^^ OTHeR., AT LEA3T EVE)?/ ONE OF STieAMQE ABOUT THE BAt> EWA1PLE EGAD, SMUPFV/ IT GIVES ME EXTREME PLEA5URETO CZL.GB I'VE • ——-^' i \^s i i /^' T |C flSTJrxkSUISHED ATIDKJ—-WHAT, WITH Wlki!k!<3 AKJD ?IWIk!Q GOME OF THE 6 .^ T §^ T OT= 6TATES- COMVEWTIOKJ 60JOURKJ 7 Tlit/'ftSDAY, ' JUNE 18, 103(5 Major Hooplt ?' WELL, VVmiL-t YOU ,. WERE IKJHALIMC5 LOB5TEF!,] •'.50ME OF TOE BOYS GOT f'- WflMD-OF TRW "DOdSrA j TWE ALPERMAW -SLIPPED ^ YOU—AMD THEY'RE "REAW TO SEMD THEIR £UFFS TO , THE LAUNDRY/ IF VOU"DON'T MOREi(si A PLAWK FROM THE "PLATFORM TO KEEP THEM FIRST LINE QUALITY-ThencwFirestbuc STANDARD TYPE FOR PASSENGER CARS -encwrestuc Standard Tire has been designed and constructed by Firestone skilled tire engineers —it is a first quality tire, built of first grade materials, embodying exclusive Firestone patented construction .features. FIRESTONE NAME AND GUARANTEE livery Sta.iVdard Tire is backed by the Firestone name and guarantee'— your assurance : of salcty, dependability and economy. LONGER NON-SKID MILEAGE-e wider, flatter tread is scientifically designed with more and -tougher rubber on .the road lor long, even wear, and thousands of evtrs miles. GUM-DIPPED CORD ; BODY-Eight extra pounds of rubber arc added to -every -one hundred pounds -of cotton cords ;by the " ,-"/ t"v T *"»-^ gittuci strengthi but ntvvj greatest blowout protection. •zsarasiSB'SjfflSBs- road shocks. Affords c;;lra ; pratec(irju against punctures'and binds^ha v.hole'tirc into one unit of great streiiEth, IT COSTS:LESS TO BUY- pRODucTroN SAVES you —The new Firestone Standard Tire i s the greatest tire value *-er offered car owners _ volume Production, ( - e fficient.fac(orie S . a nd (he • ui. t i of course, tlmt MI C mortem cliiiii i Indulges ill mildoor sports, as \vcll a.s Mviminint:. Ijadminlon. volleyball, and similar indoor activities ' (ring the . lioofcs arc provided for |wo weeks periods nt a cost to Ihc (i rente .» volume, pint, vohinio for readci or J crui County. la., claims the distinction of bring the only comit.y among J,0"l in lhc United States, lo provide library privileges for its form,- „, r, ,, amlllcs. CJulliliiE vein by prowinc cliil- •nie experiment (talcs tack "' c " . 5l!01lltl '^ adapted lo Mic], eight 5cars, when " the county CJve ' clbc '"- ocnrd of supervisors entered bito 1 ' A „„„',,'. : ~~~ —~ a contract wllh :three -nnmiclpal, An,lOlUiCCmentS libraries, nt Bltlora, 'Iowa Fulls! —— ' and AWcn, to furnish books U)' '-Tl't- Courier rw Uo nas osen au- rural rcboois and rural i-csldcnls..'horlzed lo mafcc ronnai nn- .nounccment oi the following candidates for public office, subject 'o the Democratic primary next Aueust 11: For Kcprescn(.illvp in Conjrcss ZAL B. HAKKISON For Prosccatli, s Aiiorncr O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY DENVER I, For County VIRGIN .' S. L. GLAD1SH NE1LL liKEl) For Sheriff nnd collector HALE JACKSON JOE S DIU,AH!JNTY H.VURV TAYLOR For County treasurer ROLAND GREEN For cont ,. ncl „ ,, nul s ri> ""'ii'-l " D «'-V nr.n _ rarh ,s| X to kctcd I,, which it was boi- 'it>- librarians, is sen'/ In MI' ..(i,.,,,, | a Mrv [ n g rll ,.,] rci . icnis, II-,,. iibraiy service is iivoil- -IICIT'" '"•""' ' llco '»° ratc<l towns t,,, c | s Matr |,, gc ,.| a||s ^AN !-|t.\N CIECO (Upr^.CHli- 3I11III . i:, If ,,, ( | a j, j nar ,.| a g c iie,,,^,. „ ""'•"'' "'f marriage of John mid pi K!!' ™ 1!at c j °f McNeil Jsl notice tur ... .,' '' : '• gave the^lircc day CAREY WOODBXJRN I ANDARD TYPE AND BUSES ,u. - e to sell this new lire at a price remarkably ( o «. This is why car ow" everywhere call i, the Thrift Tire for i nek Operators LONGER MILEAGE, MORE DEPENDABLE SERVICED VOLUME PRICES M «q\ WHETHER v Uv \ •*••• *—.!-'nui\ ^ou operate one irii^k 'ur t several, dependable service is your greatest ' fa« 'i I 1 "!"-f!^ ^ 0duCC '° lllarkc1 ' operating :|«t local dol l verie S> .in,Ue a vy cross-country naming, operating schoo! buses, or in any type of trucking service, you .need a first- quality (ire, built of first grade materials (ogive you lohg,)rou()fe.frcc mileage. -Now, for the firstriiuvc,'you can gel such a tire al prices you can - afford to f >ay. Corac'm today arid Id •tis show jwrhow'.thc new Firestone •Standard-Truck-and Bus-Tire will :givc you belter service and save you money, """ r>a!j ' s OrcticMra—acas MonJuj nig/it oicr'N.'ii. C.'Nui\mtriJc NcCuvi'fc / iMicc Lo»--l'i-icea '" • uiil. (UP)— The Lou»' rm ' u lieic lia * i*tab- 1ICM ' record for " c li«ap , 1 E !ast seislou ol Uie . lew -than $700. Ftv „. . «vvw+x4 1C Slate Senator IE. COUEMAN ••or Countj Rcjircscivfallvo IVY W. CRAWFORD For Counlj- Assessor ^A <?. IL W) GAINEB For- Cons PHILLIPS SERVICE CENT Waluul & Fifth Sis.

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