The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO H1,YTH1DV1U,K. (ARK.) COUKIKU NIWS TUESDAY, DKCUMBEK 30, • .. . To Wed in Virginia "While House" RcLunis lo School H.s Party. Twenty-two friends of Byron Rhodes Morse wer?> his guests Monday evening for a holiday party. Miss Margaret McCall, of St. I/mis who lived here until recently, was an out of town guest. Dancing and "clock 11 ntnused the i boys and girls for several hours | and delicious re fresh men is were served. Christmas decorations and cut flowers, mtyle Wtractive adornments for the affair. * • • Complete .Mission Sludy. Members of tho Woman's Missionary Society of the Lake Street Methodist church completed the mission book "The Trailing of the Conciuestadore" In a meeting Monday afternoon. Mrs. O. J. Rodgers, superintendent ot study, led'the discussion. Plans were made for the social meeting next week at the homo of Mrs. C. T. Shamblln. • * * Dau|htcr Born. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Layson announce the birth of a daughter this morning at the family rest-' Miss Kathryn Grcar will return to dence, 1307 " " The baby, O&er ihe Bridge Table By 'Keen. It's lime Icr New Year n^ulii- lions! Ami since llnive lisrton :ays S'i.\ n (5*3 ! 11 U g:icd to innk,-; "cm even il •"tN? ; West Hearn street.' Galloway Culloju, Scarcy, Ark., who weighed eight Monday after siit-ndlng two weeks pounds, has not yet been named. with her parents,'< Mr. and O. II. Graar. Mrs. Enfertahu Visitors. Mrs. Dyron Morse some of her friends who had t'r.elr j entertained j \|]|c. Mrs. J. C. Bobne and dnuyh- break 'em every one should be busy of Ihelr worst vices to be | 1 \viix:d out. The best resUutlun j i which c-,uld t-; made In BlyUievtll:! v,ould be not lo lalk hard limes in 1031. • ; 'IT,? Chrliilrnn^ visitor:; adde:l much lo the holiday, even !h"u';h thert have been no forma! atf.iirs. given. Brides the lovely "atj home" party of Mrs. OllT Kcch- j tltzky and Mrs. Wnlker H. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.-Leech had itj "drop In" for friends to sco tlielrj lovely new home and to visit wlllii the s in line. Mr.i. I'. A. Lasley «nd dau(.;!iler. Maiy Elizabeth, who Is almas'.. "r:wn n '.", iive lierc from Little Rork, for a visil in 11;.; old 1111:11? lown. Mr. and Mrs. A. Conn-ay had tin infnrmnl dinner for them Budnv am! Mrs. Cjiiway had ;i lew In fur bridge yesterday for Mrs. I ticlcv. Ruth Mahnn's marriage t-i Bnmo : A A: luveiy nav; numu unu ffi, ritet lliln;; seen thess | ter of El dorado, have returned parents vlsltins them for the holi- t o their homes after a brief visit | Tanner was the principal event ot days on Saturday evening with » ! with Mr. and Mrs..Joe D. Unlbtioh. Hhe holiday oven though It wasn't 1 ; dinner party for twelve. > Miss Pauline Lang hns returned ! n surjiribn nnd was unusually quiet.! Pink roses and tnapdragons made ; f,. om a . week's stay' In Memphis! : No one, was nt Ihe ceremony except l j an effective centerpiece fcr the I Max. 1 Logan will BO to Mcmunh the family nnd. they left limiie-', dining table Arranged for Ihe de-! tonight, )or the Pi Kappa Alpha i '"" '"' liclous menu served In bullet style. • llolml co -, 1V emioii • Out of town guests were the Ksv. j M ,. s . FrnnM , Kvnilfl lliu; R;;ne ._ _ .. .. Frank G. Smith of Omaha, Neb.,, M Cmp his for several days visit !"•- Monroe and other points of interest, Mrs. T. N. Plemmons of Fairmont,; [crc retuml , 1( , Vo . BUlc Moiinta'ln, i aiowt the Gulf Coast. i N. C, Mrs. J. W. Morsis of St. j Miss ,. hero . shc is „ stl ;dciit at! Clarence Vollmer attempted rilanly for Memphis and points ol i Louisiana for two weeks. They ex- I j pcct to be in Bltet!, New Orleans:, • | Louis. • » • Council Members Sew. Members of the Woman's council of the First Christian church j e[1[ j were guests of Mrs. Edwin Robin-! M ' rs son Monday afternoon for a sew-1, c ^ B , ing meeting. As the ' on a quilt, to be sol formulated plans for activities. '• Blue Mountain college. I Jack Robinson, Qulnty Oliver Al- Icxander and Max Lojan were vis-: ! llors in Mcinpliis during liie week- I turn police last night when he saw Doherty was called because books. Ti-.e IruiiWc lies not in l!u> laws but In ir.a enforcement mu- chlncry. I ueiilil say Hut 03 :>:r cent of the public officials are honest, The' machinery cf ti.o Uv:' anil criminal flahtint' lorces it, L;H- pte. It needs only the proper ml- Juslment.s and ihe right hs:ul at the contrcls. Ji:tU;es, in many c:is- ' es, are a \vtak point—they are tcj i thorough in .sedrciihi;; Ira- a k-gi, I loaphuta through which a harden- jcd ctlinliial may efcapa. , : -"l wuuld laya good deal of tin j blame for non-enforcement of th? .'laws': at the -deer of i!-.e judjes. I- Tj^cy ;t)Ave al!o.'.'L' r .E Ine haL^Js Cvr- | pus writ, which 'was designed :is a means cf recourse to the poor jnlii- ! ical prisoners cf years KBO, ta b>- i come misused. | Says Ilrlbery W Ilk-spread ! Jiuine Lyle admits th;it ihe p:-ub- ; '.em cf bribery is a serious 0:10. i "What can a policeman do." h.- ! I asks, "when lie i«o bailiffs i-un-' ,| nliig uro'.md Kilh siackr; of billi ' i Hying to put in a 'fix 1 for su-:i:rj- ! ; ifi't ' The chances of lib rcfi;>:ti,, to forget l!:at ho fonriu a i;un o..' [Ihe urrcj-tcd man are slight. I ncviv' ••nilcw my -.bailiffs or clerks ta EC-I : lt ti7 J - cveh'a cigar. Suspicion is t^s ' ^gHsily east. 11 . ' .•/'•Jiiilge. Lyle's course has not IKJJI ' a smcotl} HUE. He lias had frequent Service S Federal Health Phns Five Million Dollar Farm in State. wedding will be the lirst in more si: E. ci WASHINGTON', Dee. ty-slx sites In Arkansas arj b:iir; considered by l::e U. 3. Public Health Service fcr tiie'V.i o! a Federal Narcotic farm U c-;s: S5,000,MO, it was slated Ly Dr. Walter Treadway, chief of th: njrsat- ; ics division of the sorvlc: he: 1 ; la- day. . The locations offertd f.;:- t::riil- : cration are scattered over the :t.u:, i -.'ith the majority of them csntsr- i ed in and about the ueU':.b:.:T.33J cf Te.xarkana. Blythevill? is the . only city In the state of c-~rjirJ-.'. i '. ab'e size that has not yo: oa?r:J 'one or more sites for C2!i i j'::i:ra*- I tirn, according to Dr. Treadway. j Three of the plots olferc-J Icr. j sale to Ihe government for lo-aU';:!?. ] of tile narcsilc farm, which wi!i5 :iiave an annual payroll cf u;:.>r.>.-? j Imately $500,000, are located >!:' iai- ' I boden in Randolph county,'.m. • Hidge in Lawreiue county ai:cl i Newport in Independence cou ity. i Eager property ownerc fi*cni '!?:•:• Ihun -10 :-:ars to be held n th'-' • arkami, Fort Smith, OZME, .Maj- tills wlilj 'other A" year ar.U s.' hall ano he and Jud»o Frink ..,„„.,.„ ,"'" ?» iints nj ia ! Oomcrford of the . criminal court I had an extended verbal s^t-to over i ' Juifee Comerfcrd's action in relsas- ! 'iny, en p. writ of habeas corpus, a police officer whom Judge Lyls had . ordered lo Jail for conlempt cf 'court. JurJ^c I.yle was called as a ' witness t?fore Judge Comen'ord mansion of Virginia's (jovernor. Miss Suzanne Pollard, shown here in her latest portrait, is the daughter cf pov. John Pollard of Virginia, r.nd will be married on January 3 to Herbert Lee Boawrighi, and Walnut Ridge are vlclnj v.ltli one another to secure th? n.-a fo'_- t i, L . (luriny Uie hearini; en the writ. !l-j [ Have Party iMUses Jane Branson anil Bitty j Lee McCutchen entertained 25 their school friends with a party Monday svtiiuig at the home- Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Branson, par- ; ents ot the former. Such games as "eloek 11 , "clap and clap out" entertained t: guests. The hostesses serv cakes, candies and hot chocp'.v Detty LM MfClltdlcn ,,„, r , hlm . 01! from a week 1 .-, stay lii,'Cunipb;ll;. M<)l Ilcr sis!or - S:lr ali Lou', will re-' a umn Etca!inn his milk from his lavish coming-out party accorded to leitily, a', first, an:l Fire Damarjes Theatre At Hayti Illllh. IIUIII H'^t ..*-•«.. ^VI^XU-VX V ,....»J V>bLV»UV<.. - _ a foot chnse lo her In Washinstun. Here .-he Jllll « e Comerford openly hmteii tna bench, the Chicago Bar Association Ncw Year's Eve dance at the armory. The floor is one of Ihe best aio'.incl and with Malcolm Burk'.sf Mi:,s Emily L:ufc Pollard, ci cousin, villl be her only attJiidan.;. jfal projeu for their i-Bj.-;j:t:v: the ceremony will be' by the Rev. W. A. K. Goo--' communities. , : Receipt of offers of lend hr'.J not v.ln, ol Wilhamsbur?. ! yM dosed nn(1 D ,. Trcadw j y . U - U - K . \ man of the int5r-departm?.itj.; ; commitlee which will r«e:m:. % .2ni 3 ! site ta be chosen to aivji.-.ur c-jm- i ! niittec composcit cf tr.c ce;;-Jtarys of the treasury, agriculture, an., .,.„_, , , .the atlcrney yencral, Eaic! th^t hi; HAYTI, Mo. - Fire of unknown • comm i ttc(} w ould cantlntie lo M- crigin damaged fb; Maxy Theatre tertain proposals offend, to the-extent of S5CCO Sunday' The federal narcotic fami w::: b; night. The fire is believed to have al1 institution for the treatment o. C:iton r,??eipts at.Arkansas com- started near .the projection room, drug addicts, both voluntary nn.i pro-res continued to decline last -The. woodwork of the office aiid involuntary patients. Thj nuLilii- week. The lotal for the slale was projection room was Ihe firsl to. lion will employ upward: L. 35J 10,651 bales, compared to 16,959 the burn. The flames traveled via the ! men and women and b:>l;::j i'.- w,;ek before and 15,372 during the rafhr' to the stage. The screen and • annual payroll of $500,000, will Blythcvillc Methodists will temperament and the capapity for same week a year ago. Arkansas compresses part of the wood work, of the slage. spend received was completely demolished. Very yearly a p p r o x imalely in tho town nearest its lo- Bits of News Mostly Personal cna ysst.a-ilay fcr a two weeks visit' Blnir and Joe Dsnnld Grecuwcll, Tlic service at the L-nkc Street, with rcialivi'3 secrcliirles, aeir>' Blair, treasurer. !Mctliotli=t church, to begin al 1:30! George Christo- Thcy are meeting at 1037 Chickn-; o'clock, continue unt.l min-1 Miss Ann Clements has relurn- ed. from Bay Village and Jones- boio where she spent the holidays. Mr. and Mrs, L. E. RIggins and daughters, Misses Marie and Mary Lillian, have returned from several days visit in paragould. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Mr. and Mr?, pher have returned fro:n Florence, snwim avenue each afternoon lor \ night. The Rev. W. J. LeRoy, ,,.,^ , ! Ala., whcio thry visited for several; play. Incidentally every member, lor, will preach after the usifat j day!-. ' i is an officer. • | mid-week prayer service. '^'!"f \ Mr. and Mr? Jick Horner am! son linve arrived home from I Whenllcy, Ark., where they spent Chrlstma? with Mrs. Horncr's parents. Mrs. Bob Gr.:eu Is leaving tonight' for her home in Flint, Mich., luiv-; ing been called here by the serious; Riggins 1 niece, Miss Geneva of Chicago, who will visit Jor a few days- Mr, and Mrs. W. M. McKenzie and three sons have returned from Faragould where they spent Christmas v.lth Mr. McKenzles' pare»ts. Mr. and Mrs. George Mulr returned yesterday from Little Rock and Hot Springs where they spent Christmas, with Mrs. Muir's parents Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Underwood. The Rev. Frank G. Smith, D. 'J left today for his home in Omaha, Neb., alter a week's stay with his daughter, Mrs. R. F. Klrs'nicr, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ross D. Hughes liness of her father. W. II. Owen.. tl, cnl i who is improving from injuries c'elved In nn several works I -J ARTICLE NO. 02 BY EDWARD c. \voi.ri: semblance trump. automobile accident j Member »f tin- National Chum-I West must therc-foin disco:i- a^o. He is al the; pionshlp Auction Train j tinnr Ihe lead of trumps and 1-11- Blytlievlllc hcspiUI i Adventuresome N'orth start- Miss Miklrerf Frazi.2r, of Osceoli, i cd the auction by bidding one the gueit of Mr. inid Mrs. Ril-' no trump. True, this is not lh^ ey Jones, yeslerdity. ' ' i sort of n bid which any playtr Johnny Pepp spent tjic weekend ! land particularly your com- iti ParaBould with frterirts. : . spondcnt) is keen abmii Miss Eva Harwell has returned ! mit any border-line op,-.iing bid 1 to Memphis after several days visit' always a gamble. cieavor. en the lllh (rick, to North in the lead. Thi.~ will co:ii-i pe-1 North to lead • hearts*' up ( to Wrs! Instead of West leading . , , ,, -,,,,-, hearts up to North. East-at trick ^'^ >™ ^e '--'th 'resh l;sh No. J leads the." ace of diamonds, ..'... 5I !:??L. 1 -.. C | )1<C 1, iiv sis 1 ; 1:1: JIAKY iN!-:.^ Si-.vire Wril.'r Tlu: > are n::!!v- excellent brantlr.. cf ?:'.H rocin: !i t,:i :he market and! they o.'fer ccnnsir.ic.-al wr.Vo to vary' tho winter menu. . ->Cyafi-h ualls i-.-y winu-r break- I fsst, cc;lfis!i scuffle fur luni'lieou ur j fuaV/T, may well h; nse.-l by the : homein^.kcr wlis find? herself, for' I'RC vcason o.- another, unub'.e l~> I Cate last year. Following are receipts for v,-tek and for the season nt ing Arkansas compresses: BIv:hevii;e ..." 'i34 7 Eudorn 431 Forrest City 371 Fort Smith 529 Helena 712 Hnr-? Ill Liltle Hock 2.5i<:! Joncsboro fi9 McGehco :187 Pin? Bluff 2.K31 Texarkana 230 Weil Memphis ... 5tij 33,HS 30.407 35,808 32.C15 30.478 87.017 25.218 39.1DD 70.551 30,840 57.370 other advantages necessary l3r the . The damage none to ihc cijuip- i maintenance of a Arit grade led- mcnt is rs;imntcrt to tots! close to. cra] institution. S30CO. It is estimated that the i claini»3e done to the bulletins will: | near the $2000 ir.ark. ; ; This teing" tlio only theater ; Hayti the citizens of Hayti \vil! j now ha\'o to travp! farther lor their mcvie amusements .until this one , i^ replaced/Work will soan begin to , ^ ^ r replace, the owner has declared- ! ' f st n »' co ! _ ', biiucteu. Lexington, Ky., tr.e seat o£ th: only ether institution of th? kind i in ihe world, raised more than 555,1^ ! 000 by public subscription in orici: to clear up laiici titli-s and crnblj ihc government to obtain clear title to p. 1,003-acre p!ot en wh:ch tnj i SP-TS STATIC "|>EI1T IlKCOKD BOSTON, lUPj— Ma-:<a?hiiFCtl5 i.-, believed the only slale in ti'.^ country which lias maie'.ially reduced its slats debt ca:h year since 1910. In tinit ysar t:io debt was S J .0.433.2CI. v,hcroi5 today tiie debt stands at $9,811,03!). Ti:e rr-dur- ARKADELPHIA, Ark., Dec 30.' A safety valve has u.-en Inventcj (UPj—On January 10, the educa-j 10 shut off ihe How r.f jas to a tio:i cominission cf the Ark. Bap- ' cooking store should it:, pilj; hglv. t^l Conienti-ii v.'ill make its re- ; be extinquished. j::.ri ccncernlrij the Baptist School.-,' '. i:i the s'.utc. Tills survey was au- : ihorized by the Arkansas BaptiU ' Convention which met in Little, Reck recently. Ti'? cummission is' headed by Dr. O:to Whitlington. i chalrm?.!), with J. H. Allen of Pine ! J. with relatives and irlcnds. Miss Mnry Agnes Alley pluns to| go tD K!?mpins coon- wh.^re she wll! • a beauty course. Charles Crala. ol Memphis, is at- ' tending to business here. i Walter Rosenthar ha-, r:turi^'.ll KOKIII—D-..-.LC s—A-: H-I-B.5.2 D—J-O-G-2 C—A-9-2 Croin a business trip -to ^^Clnphls. snd two children returned lasl M^rwuh- r »it£ .rs^rsr isj night nftcr revtrnl hi\ys f-tay uuli | Mrs Bnitholomew'.^ sm:op.t.=;, Mr.- and Mrs. W. 3. Lingclo".. j ir guest for a week, , Kt - and Mrs. Marvin Chappells; ,Sewson, o, Par.- ^^^l^th S^j 15 Karle. of M iTiUon. Ail:., i'- a Mr. and Mrs. Ed Webster fnmlly are moving today to Rip'.oy, Tenn. The Rev. and Mrs. W. J. I-cRoy have as their Miss Frances gould, who is Mr. LeRoy's i Miss Alma Maloney, wlio been spending; the past six Weeks in Dell, returned here yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Elfrar.k and family returned Sunday from | Lutesvllle. Mo., where they visi'.ei| relatives for several days. , Mr. anil Mrs. YV. M. Blaylock, arrived home Sunday from Llltl? visitor 1:1 i.l-? city. The Rev. P. Q. H..IC is convalescing alter several ness. days WES1 — DECWRER S—6-2 K—V3-G- 4-3 D—K-9-7 C—U-7-4 SOUTH S-in.9.7.4 C H—10 0—10-5 C—X.J.JG 8-5-S £Ja?t should double instead of har. slrenglh i.i L^uK inajors ond . can. Therefore. si:j]p.'rt .: ,--.-,vlva-' tii.n of • or Ivaris. II his' We>-.. shii'ilil to hid c;'.;o.^, ',iw Kast spaiie i.s taken uy East v.i'h v . : hlp or jellied prune puddiiiB. this! iw!ls ancl brush with melted but'-'"- li .--:-i- *-- -• .-—- - ... i cr Brov.H in a hot even. niK the kin?. At trick No. 11 <:'nc m akt5 an aiipetiziiiB and s:Uisfac- crucial tricki, East Ic.-.rib anni'.ier i,~ r y dinner that Is inexpensive but spade. West trumpinc; '" " ' -• - - We^t trnnipiric; with the six. North ovcrtruiiipir.L; with il',^ eisht. North must now l(-ad from 111:; jack-eight of hearts lip lo . Vv'c-:t's iKC-nir.c. : (Copyright. 1030. NEA Service, li;-:.> rich in fcee va'ro : " CrJOsh Souffle ! If henitv br^kfosis are not 1 ° 1:(1 c "l> shreddcrt coalted ccd-'. wr.n:td. ccrflish ball- r in be senctl !lsl1 . - cu l> 5 mashed potatoes. 3, al !III:C!K-OH or dinner A treanie:!! f '•'•:•'• ' c!i " 1: " Ik - 3 tab'ospoDns but-1 vegetable cr cream .soup should c:- 1 l '"'.-. 1 " 3 '^>M|oon pepper, iarliid^rt in the ir-emi t-j ins:iri' til? proper amount of ir.ilk in th^ diet. i has ample siren;:; h to b | lru:r.ii or twu .".p.idi's. ; pa?s by South. \\'.-<t iw.; in fi Hock where they spent Christmis The followsna with relatives. Mrs. J. E. Neel, of Is the guest of Mr. J. W- Durham. Jr.. for a week j having, come dov.-n with Mrs. W. S. i McCall and daughters, Miss Vir-. ginla and Margaret, They .plan; to return home Thursday. from the Junior Class Dopt. la far now bids thive i-'i;i „ three hearts D'Ha:-.. -.. but . d the • Intermedlalc Dept: 'let. Brock. ~..-- , SI. Lo-.iis.! S , ;D Brock O;les Rll55 »n uj,,, llu -.. | and Mrs , „„ H|1 ,.,, Hmi,^,^. . U1(J Charles Springer had as !,,; ;es(K Friday night. Themis Oain^ hnrles Bigham, Troy Bigham a:-.a ed Brock. Mrs. Maude Sprlnscr £;>.-ul rri- dont at the state university after j $> n ^W with her father. G. A.! «£.S?SE^.^ri^,^, ^ a — (1 r M^s Same M Crowe returned : Christmas tiee ana prcgrsia o: Dri- Monday from Balesville, Ark.. «r Grove Wednesday ni ? l,t. where she spent Christmas with ™c-mas Games sjient Wctiiu-^ay trad. The !'l Etn-.icci North °1' C11S ": r ! and continues vviln , c ,. L! i-.v.-.-...)'.!!?. South': of h;r,rls on Ka- 1 . queen at trirk No fairiy accifMC n. .•'•.'• ij o! hand. It is r.ow rc.i-. .ia'.i:e in Wild h Oklahoma Field Two c'.u. OKLAHOMA CITY. Dec. 30 (tll't ',,„,. f !;., t(! ,i — A year old guslier v bicli blew: j-^':;, t \ i- in beyond control while operators |j c «ere r.ltciniitin? to p'.-.i: bm-k lo mi::e shallow s.imi. (itlirrt the errwj ' ; r , Follownisr arr simp'^ rules lor ccdfi5h bails and cccllij'u soullie. Ceilfch IViiN After frefheniug fish, pick \oryi I'.r.r -Ai'ih o. fork or SCIFS rr. nn:1] i-innr.r'r jiijt beio'.v the boiling poin: ; : for I.S niinui.?5. Dram Add ri.>;i. : b;;H!'r. milk anti jKppDr to hoi ' mashed potatoes and teal well. Arid i i ,i ttrit<1 " lmti l codfish. I tablespoon lcni-n colored am :-4 teaspoon paprika, ' lllf ' " nl;I l ' i:i -" k - c;:?. 1 - beaten until c'.ub.< attempts to control it,n: Okla- of nir.e. Hast >l Hie lc:\ id c-f l!«: iii i.i't :-. honia City field todaj. The -.v:il spowed ?a* r.t liie raW :I -K'.MO.OCi) cubic fcc-t ciai'.;,' i-'id ;,i; ii;aci^ :-.ave been bio.'ked and other pncaulior.!) maintained. her sister and family. |n^« w "i> Charles Bighorn Mr and Mrs. Joe D. Halbarh "ev. Volimer of Osccih nit had as their guests Sunday Mrs. : apr.omtincnt at Driver G.-cv Virginia Haltach, Mr. ar.t; Mrs. E. day. C Halbach, Mrs. R. S. Fre;:::v.'.: Mr. ai'.d Mis. J. R. Hardin and Vic Halbach, all of Memphis. .Chilstmns \vit:: Mr. .irrl i:r Vic Halbach Is a student at a Ciial- Veine Lucius. tanooga. Tenn., college. ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Freeman Mr. ahd Mrs. Roscoc Craftcn :spsnt Chrislmas with Mr. a:r and son returned yesterday from Charlie Brock and family. Hebcr Springs, Conway and Littlo Melvln Epiojb was tiie cu-=: < with relatives: ' -.--'-•- v. jjfgWQ» r 'f|j Kni 3 i,t was t!-c «UL- :1 his K'.lll- Hiisv Mr: . ' Mrs. S. C. Boone, ol Cra.wfords- j cf Mrs. Maude Springc-r Sunday. I" Mrs. Ella Delaney was the guest |.Hime Ihal Kori'.i, I.;-.-, no Tump must vc\ • l^ld .'our hearts to i. I With ihe ace, l--.:>of di.irao:icl5, i 1 i? .1^ . : ior.roi-.iiblj that K. : , liunuindt lo I lie ja.i:. abliity would ^'-^!n ;.'. (he lad that Norll. fiiu-.-.u no honor.- in the ace. Fiirlhermoiv. h.a.i Ihc king and JM North must have ;i C! Mr.-. V.iiicl S-,v;,in ; terncoii. Tele Brock is i- Mr. r,i:d M.s spent Fr;:l.iy •*•; Clifford Gaincs. MALON;-.. i\. .i.u'S. I ;i. ?.::i:.'::i- il-jri-.i. ;.r,d r t uc;n Knii:lil. Uj. ucro .^'.Ki i,i.,- v.-.iicr. F-t^Lieii t..-ii ii: l'.;t.".v,-in:i water tin',(\=. l\;{ H'-ii ,ind iMil:U';es into i;'.uo With iioi'.n 1 .^ water to r,a,f ro^?v. (-r,\rr p.isi and siinr.-.or at the- bnilin,: i,,>mt until pt-liilr:, ;..i- tender aiul wntrr ij cookdi a'-vay. .Sli.ike i;i':.'.' p.'.M to pi-jve:'." .stick- iiiL ni:ri bu:r.ii;:. if nci-e; p --.u.i >.!;>'; :,nri r.;'.[i b'.Uirr. c^-^ ;ir.ri |;.u: ti-:.i. L'\-.t un'.U U;-.;u Ur-i> lior,-. s-,!-o:-. i:ilf> deep. Im: in:. Tho ha'.is j!u.'.iid brc-.u; in l^'o ji:iii'.::e.^. i r r:;d in wlntf of stiff nnri rir;.' and j (urn into a well buttered baksu;!' dish. Bake 2.j mimuc.s in a mor:,:r- ,r:- f:vc;i. \Vhon tinn to the icucli.; tho sc;iifle is iloue. S:-i\e a". i; I'hii piua-'. iiilli u i^-.ii ,\ i • i i^t :ho» anci ; Bi-.PaulF.McCutchen Colds arul r!oaci;u'hc' ; IT is , TI;:: ALSO IN TAW.KTS. Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 Muscular Pains They may attack you anywhere—your back, your l c g s your an'.is, your nock. These P.'iin.s may be mistaken i or Iscunlis, Hlicuiiip- > Iliem with that modern, jilcasant, iiiii:t-il;ivoro I i^M^f DR. JULES' AS1-MU-1IIXT. It's quick in action ar.d effective Try it for Headache-, Coliis, aiul Neuralgia. VIT3 •S^ufffTT IT-S* Tw ° Si " 3 Ufi-S. • IVlS_JLjH( S> loc anil 25c Stop (liom

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