The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 7
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JTUESDAV. APRIL 30, 1&-16 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •LTTHEVILLB (AWL)' COURIER NEWS rORSALI •Hr r«t. 'tlo Urn* p, r UB, lUra ptr llu. p(r «•«• p.r 11., p., lluui per line , ie , iow p«r Hue i !•• Dark niil ij |ii,.,-(i ulnlnir ro I J'l j *.V<7. |:iu<5 I'liirKii- 6U« I lo mum-, an,I ),:LI||. lua Miii „ 7e I .'iil.l vv.n.-j. IVi,.. ^:i;jil,J. liuiui/,..«! .-- —„ 6e . I9ir. \v. Main. :n, pii.v:i p«r line , >()B ,— , !. i_ V5"' T' T * ""•»• woril » «• > b ' II"- "'••'• k "I'l l«>>»- i-hirks Cumiil.l.. III,,. ,,r Adi ordered lor lbre« or l!» time. ,od I )»iiiltry f,,,l«. l.nvis 1 I'nulir- -I r: r opped txfort eiBlniion will be ck4r«d .Main ""-i v \;i, • Uifl number of time* lh« tti ftnueared ullustioent of liill m»d«. I". II CJlllUled AJrfrllHiu, «opy lu b- tted by perbons residing out»!d« o( tk« y unibt te accompanied by r»»k. R&tei >y lie et*llr computed from \\ii abutB tt/Je. rtUIng order for Irregular Ijii^r- __kM the out, time rftt« No rMpunblljJlily ull] bu tnk *»u oflu hiL-urrtcl luMtfrlion of BUY el»«fled *d. for Sob » 1) & I'.l,. Male ccrim,',! N,, n |,Inning fM j,.,.,l, +7 ]( ,. r ]i,, tl ,|, T ,| IT,:,, ].:,!,,. Kami. iMioru- 77i> 4.:'fl ,-k :, c n: lloys blue twe«d Ruit, sixe , like new. Ladles three piece soldier blue suit, size 16. 310 W. Walnut St. 4-26-dh-t f nlc-e 40 tore farmi, woll litiiirovwil J ,, ,..' : r~ • ' '.'Klin, runulnii »»ter, Ulb. Oni' 1 V4 I ^Mll "'JI^Y'...'.'.'".•...'.'. !'.''• *"""' Ol I'ly'li'villo on K mvel. 1 on ronrrolti LIt'UWtfy, 'J gnl Iroilt ^ P ao ,.|. :, :; lllyHivvilla. 'IVn icrri SV4 ml. >«ulk ot lllytlievlll> 1 t mi IlifliKMy ol. Nice place to builil. ml I..-,I. Id: :il,l.- pri,-... 1%, .1 nib--. 11 L N. lilh, Si. l'ti., T i,. I Jo.pfe-:.;:! ! Only. f,l.1. Ktlile Druker. I'liun 'For Rent (••i l-'.-r r..|H---.S'ic,- l,,.,ll,t \vitli i,r will.* ""!r'lTl'",',V I '• »'•>"•" |.rivil.- B ..s. Krri,.i..,icv npa . IT I I..IN. :lu'!.l(.-! :• I ""•"'- - 1 " K »'»•'••• •'"'•!• li.'^:! J K-linilly i,o«- Oiil,TiryT].~Si,r ''I I '' tl " ' <| - t '-«'l'M's r I'|I,.M.- 'JU-JU. tarKjllnl Alsn nsr.l l:,,ll., i,, j.,.,1,.,^ I '' ! -»'!•'• -'' '• ivnl,' I'l r >(i(l Acres, .'P/, mi. from lily- 1 -"- ihevilie. Fair improve- "'•' !ro " 1 "- ai1 N. uifc. riio : i« ?aw men(s \vilh extra "ooil ———-• hind. Located </, mi. from " l " 1 '°"'"' ;l " ^' xi ""'- ''"";,:, lk ^ ; Krnvel road. Could handle TT^TTT^ ~ ~~. 7~",~ • >i it -it •. t-aryo Li-drootns m>ar t^iwn Allic fan some Hlytneville city prop- 3 "' w»»i W»IHUL. a pk r,;a trly in exchang'e. I'riced si, c ,,i n; well below olher farm lands in the community. C.' 11. Earls' Nol)le (iill "i^ M.U.. ,•(.-.,„•„:- -rtitiTii lionet rni rpar n[ .Ill IIP (TiV'. fl. iM-iiliit-y*1iiiill l,nl! \sil!> |i: l.ur.,1. .luliii'.iin iniiliiv UIK! irnilji-. Oil 2.L20 or sou Iliflisnl Fai. e l,l. 111. I. lllylli.villo 27 ]>!..:.! I j. sr,.-,. N. uiiu. -iiRan, Realtor. Of lice Lynch Itldg. Phone .2<KM. Residence 113-1 W, Ash, Phone 502. Licensed broker/ Arkansas & Missouri. I'rompt attention to al! in- (luiries. List your property for (liiick cash sale. 't-27-ck-5-ll Be prepared for a pleasant summer. Moke svire yovir car is in A-l condition. Our fast, courteous service department is well equipped to handle all your service; neeils. Bring your cnr in for n thorough checkup by the people who know your oar best. Do it todny. Bring your car "back home* Large, well established K 1 " 0 - cery store in vicinity of Ulytheville. Averaging up- pr.Qximjltely $250,01)0 ^ros's sales per yr. Owners health reason for sal. UKST HAU- f.'AIN OF THE YEAR. Nobh> Gill AKCUC.V. Glen- Ladies—Have your rugs ami upholstery cleaned, sterilized and made lieautiftil in your own home. For ap K-pk.;,;2-. I pointnient call 2028. 4-24-pk-51 toe Hotel. "l-30-ck-5-7 !orli^r pujiptps for s.^U 1 . Sin-, Uh™miii*"< Kulin Skvroc-k|.|, Uinslniiilini; Ijlnfk aiiti ot t:n«,iT» Cliiiniliiiin Ktfickclnln T,i>vn Talk :il Kluil. Ai-ki>nsi»' K'n.l- ll'icture frames marie to order O'Stcen Studio. 4-2<l-c»>tf ill. ilMin ttiiti'r j-yslom ccinplrl^ ftd.-r, I'lu'mii'ul tanks, Moray*' ,l.« will sell i-lic'ii|i. Cull J J'l-'i Olf,. -Ij2( Il2 llurse Jrnwn wnlkin B cnltis alor... 011- bvrl l.yiich, Viclorhi. Ark. 17-i)k-:">!l IT. flu. lU'.l \V. Clicrry. I'i 1'2 lebuill Kvinrnde 9.2 IIP; 5 IIP John son Rial Ha»t. Hoc Kil Rlioilc* s l.oy Kith Cbevrolit Gnro s o. (j-i.t-SI [Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed SO days. Terry's Radio Service & Appliance Co., phone 3-11<l. 'i-19-ck-tf NTKl'.'rK llUn.DINCl UI.Ot'KH, iny silo r»r Kny »!i:i[,o. John T. N'owinnn. « ' - Konlh l.ill)-. »-|jk-i>]:> ry Morp will] living utmrlors. lour vnlh •! r'-nlivl Imti^i^. A|-lfrox- imMcly 2 nrrcs or,]. Kriint* <m H«y 61, on Oollun Hell U.K., iiH'al loolinn fur inilnstry. H.-e llnt-litnin'i Corcorr. N. llwy. 01. po^v-l•r tunwtr . sbari,enin)f mill niulur ovt-i-|i«iiliiJK, YUB, wt pirl; u\i nn,' ili'livur. lilylliovillt; M:>i'biiie Sin,] Now is the time to store that stove. Home Service & Storage Co., phone 2801. 4-4-pk-5-4 Lavvna mowed. Call aiarvia., 22:19. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work Delta Implement Co. Phone Wanted To Buy k-i! I'riilc A.lililiji - O'Slctn's Studio. anil koilaka for pnrts. pny rasli for nunl fiirnilnrc, o jcn; or A lionsc full. C'iill 2:10^, A in llnrily Forniliiro Co. 4[IU ck II Wanted to Trade We have .several clean luU model '/z-ton panel and se dan delivery trucks thai we would like to trade Phillips Motor Co. 4/23-ck-l! |AllaUn lm> «n.l nmle ilr Vlcnltnts. TrlcphoTiO ^3, kinl. Kloelo. ,\lo. l.irm Im. A. .l«n- l-pk-511 |For fine portraits its O'STEEM'S STUDIO |Xnv ?.e.ll«nil wliit,. rnliliits. .1 ilOM »n,l n 4 ri>ni|,^rliin-nl hnlrli In >onr I,ark ynr,l. Will ,!y wonders l,> r^-lipv,- O:f Hunt shnit.-lia. at yi»nr lionsu. :l ;.n|. l K rK'.l brr.l il<irit -villi lintrh $110. ^ n-gisliTPil IT...I ,lnrs «i1!i linloi. $7'>. .Snuili Siili- Kililiilry. :l inilvs S,>. IU-y. Ul Hlyllicvill.' Ark,, I'liuni: :i:l<>n. r | Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-2l-ck-tf I Photostats — Let O'Slccn make a photostatic copy of Sm,' i r7»^ ly ir'' > yon''M r , ! ' l i'",', l1 Srii"i" Tk .ii° your discharge, marriage|'j""i.-<"i 'rrimi'n,,. \",, y '"^""^ ,H< license and other impor-lJI'^^^,!;!^,'"','!,"!.,!;.^,"'^',^?,,^ Will trade 41-42 mode] cars for 38 or 30 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co. 5th Help -Wanted MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS <MOS) JOB -MOH Oraa Uailio Ojierator. Inlernicill.itc Sl««il TiO r,, < H.iillo M*cluuic, AAF 7.11 f). I, Rullo Operator. AAT 7:ir. 0. I. B.itl!i> Operator. ONS 7IVJ fi. I. Rn<Ifo Ojicrator. AACS 7r.D fj. i, Raillo Operator. Ulftli .Spcprl. Matinal 7oG r,. t Radio Op«rator. Low Speed 77u r,. l lladio Operator, High Kiiecil. AlitOdlAllc 777 f>, I ItAilio Mccliantc. AAC-K 77K r>, l', Rnilio Ucpairinau. Single ClixnnPl Tolclypfl 7[>J r, j anil - - ' ' liint papers. Quick service. i,^ )s ^,y fn v n » r O'STKEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208. 115 W. Main 3-27-ck-t.f |l'hnr>. r,,«lslnn Srtionl of MHMT. O»n lio s.u-n al SOD CliLi:lia«a» 1,1 »r .•»•! |F. 30 Tractor on new ilonlilr »<••• linn timvrr-llft untl linll i>nll«.v. Oooil Ailis Chalnipr* Cinnlime wilh na-.v fliapi-ricis .Inil slrnvv niroilrr. So. rVIO lirrnVfii); |..lo«- 2 row t.nMrrx for J'.IO nr F-:io. new Xo CO n>il pnlvor- '">' HI'', inromplrli! ^ roxv F--'.IJ phlllcr lit* F 20 nr K :10. Aliovc niKjr lie socn ftt Bf-n F, l^iller Co Trice 1blll<>. Oscetvb Ark-., rhone 8^>. klnc AII.'Ti Moirtr Tnhfl-urt InncMnc factory recoriililionr-r. 1.,-p Molor . . fcitl Msln, Phone 509. 4120-eli-lt llic Political Announcements The Courier Ncm tuu been •u".horl«d to aiiuouiie* the folldw- ln« r«::dlj»t«, itlbjcct to Uw D«mocr«tlc prlmur: Hiir.Kirr ANB COULBOTOB JACK P1NLJTT ROBINSON V/1U.IAM DERHYMAN COUNTY JUD(1« QKNE K. BUADLJEY ROLAND QRBEN FOK TAX ASHKKSO* DOY1,B KENDEIISON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CI.MtM. HAHVEY MOURJ3 COJINTV OOllHT CI.KKK 1 COUNTV TKRASllKEB UKl.tA PUHTIJ! 8TATK HKPKKSKM A'llVI AI.ENE WORD R. C. PAGEBEVZH PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ulytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Lost Radio Service "PU" ABlrH Refrigerator Service Krrd l^wler Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Frei Vacuum Cleaners. Fnns, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired. ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phone 2011 206-0* W. Main Farmers Furniture Store Now 1.1,r:i<c<] nt 405 East Main St. New and Kurnilurf "It Payn to .._ _ SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS {!$ ». rrmnklta 81. ft,»n. »»JS CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blythcville" 'honoKrnphs — Hecords and Accessories. Batlery and Electric Radios 21 n W Main I'honc 3-M» Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CAM, W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2(542 Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pirk Up and Oeltvet Just Received I Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 East Main IMione Z407 I.. 11. AUTKY W. .1. WUNIIKKlilCIl ll'cir lr-rl t .r[li,m BABY CHICKS Kinesl tjiiiirity ut all limes. L'ompU'lo line of poultry feed. The handiest place in town. * "Wt liny 1'oullry .V KJJKS- Chcster Lewis Poultry <li:i JCasl Main HI. CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUR HKRVtCK- Phon. 2241 River Washed Sand -- Gravel also (imxl Sandy Dirt for Fills C. R. HESTER Phone North Highway fil IN-rfccl rrpnlrl.'c for todny's cx- (]iiisitc! foolwtMr nssurtnl wlien rc- Jtuift in our inoderu .shop. l.t»c:il A I.onp Distance Moving Competent Help and ciitilinueril. Ailo- nurilely Insured. Contract ll.inllilf! ami Misc. Hetvlcea. Home Service .t Ore. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Typ*» Exnpt Cancer DRS, Clinic 514 Main, NIES& Blithe NIES Ark., Phone m\ CHAMBLIN SALES CO. STUDEBAKER SAI.KS SERVIf'F, Sell Us Your Car or Truck! WE PAY TOP PRICE No Waiting! Get the Cash! DO YOU KNOW In operating a six cylinder motor car ten thousand miles the distributor points open and close ninety million times? Each spark plug fires fifteen million times? Ignition coils deliver ninety million charge! 6f approximately fifteen thousand volts? The carburetor mixes two million eight hundred and ten thousand cubic feet of air with six hundred and twenty-five gallons of gas? The distributor shaft and rotor revolve fifteen million times? YOUR CAR SHOULD HAVE A COMPLETE SCIENTIFIC MOTOR TUNE-UP EVERY TEN THOUSAND MILES? Drive In For Free Check-up Today toy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Co* and Oil 301 West Walnut Ainoiif; noun 1 prhijlllvr Irlbcs l>r-)'st)h \V\\Q tiles tif imtui'iil IIIIUK wKliuitt brinK \voinuUicl Is cnasl ci't-tl U> Iji- n vlcllm nt .sui'CLTc and evil spirit. PRESCRIPTIONS PVe«h««t Stock Guaranteed Bent Prkw* Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— Tllmutiirs, lc rarli—i'*l:it Dulcl] Ciihh.iKC — Ccrllllril I'nHlH I'luntf. UMCVATOll KKKJ) S'I'OKK llrn:iilw»y at H. It. Trucks FOR HA1.K CONCRKTK STOIfM SKWJ2K ALL Sl/.KB Chnpcr Th»n Brid(« Lomkn- OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO Phnn. 091 ()«reoU, Ark. 209 W. Main Kills Rats Roaches Biddfe Exterminators Member Nail Pfrt Control AM'Q. 115 8. Third Bt. Phone Z751 DON EDWARDS AND BTRKBT J«ONK HOOTS y\NI) 7IRR Oh! . U\6\KV L WtV , GUARD'S i JEWELRY I FRRCKf.KR AiVn Tff.s" r* • _ * .' ' . - i '. : ' --READV TO KMIT' 'THE UNRAVELED THRESVOS OF ROMANCE ' So I.OIIK. Chump t Sec us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern Jools and equipment ran put your car in top condition. We.elso have a paint and body nhop repair service. »ill fix your tar or buy your car KOU CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Stocks of Parts For Chrysler PrxJnc-U BY'iRDGAlV;^^ BY MERRILL BLOSSEF al K Df rnnr |lr,'\-ioii!, M()S irrvirc. pr.,viit..l l l.^for* .InTy I, Jft4C Slop in an, I rir.,1 out llic »|,cd»l pnnlc j™, 1,111 - Ji<:nl or.l.T. A|,|ily nl Il K«criii|ii,i{ :iof> JiinrAtinrn, ArV. r. K. Army ,.,!or»l 111, If.. Let Our Factory Trained Mechanics Keep Your Car! Fn Top Shape! Drive in for FREE Checkup! Our I'lant and Hotly Shop Is I Equipped for All Your Needs IT—M!ili|]<!.»Ki!il linn I" I nrrnl in^n-UniHliM. »|OM.. (."ml IIOIIMV T^ntt fi»r We hove 1 N«w 24 fr. CARTER Troiltf for Immediate Delivery WELL!!! JOE COEW lAlW'T YA.GOMMA, LET ME IM ? I'M NOT A I^Jt *^_JK^J J IIM '. 1 M rj^>l A \\t_»,V' ^J PERSON /7 HATER ANYMORE .' WELL, I'M FIWISHIMG- i WHAT YOU STARTED,'i NOW I'M A WOMAM- HATER / >~ WHAT ' I'M A WOMAN, ANP i HATE MYSELF FOri wASTir4s THE YEARS OF MY LIFE ON A &orn-ENECK.' r*~ Al.l.KY OOP r.xprrinicul rlifck«r for ilrr fMslilljlnnOnl. n«n,l <nVi"ry \VKMo1l Clsanurs. Olccolv He We curry a Full Line of STUDEBAKER PARTS and ACCESSORIES RAILROAD and ASH ST. I>HONK 2lTs U.X f'HAMBI.IN BILL 24 |,k-5il (Join); Ashore BY V. T. HAMILTON" . WITH LlAND

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