The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 4
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tUURSDAV, AMUI, V, OF Fiona mi [[yen Doclor Gocbbcls Now AcimiU Goei'iug Is I'iis Superior IIV MILTON HliO.N'NKIi NKA Seiviie SUIT Correspondent LONDON, April 1,-Pield Marshal Hermann Goerinj's deflnile emergence as Nc. a man of Narf Germany is DIIC of the important revelations of rcmil stirring weks in German history. Ills lompursry rule at (he Nazi Mule while Adolf Hitler enlcrcil newly conquered Austria, then his .speech-making irip Into Austria, and (lie fact dial he Is l>os.s c( llic economic plan lo make Germany industrially ami agriculturally tclf-sustalntng. all conclusively show Ciooring (o be second only lo the Fuehrer. Most bignifkitnt, Ur. Joseph Ccctlicls. Nan Minister ol I'ropa- (,'aiida. lias "surrendered" to Gcer- h)^. He has nl last given recognition to Ciooring's superiority to liiinsclf in German governmental a llaii-s. H hai; been Hie persistent and Hinsistcnl story ever since the Nazis came into. power lhat Oocr- ing an:l Ciocbrjcls were deadly rivals and that neither would wear mourning II a ion of bricks fell on Ihc oilier. Time \\±s when Goelihels in Ills capacity us Propaganda Minister and boss c f Hie press, suppressed whole speeches or chunks' of speeches made by Gocring. And speeches by Nazi brass-tials are the chief pabulum German papers arc allowed lo print. Dul recently ticcrins's ministerial chief sccre-j lary and factotum,-Erich Grilzbach, I wrote a bock ulioiil his boss. Admits Rival's I'opnlarily Goebbels sliowed his surrender by allowing llic press lo go llic limit on this book. Tims the Deutsche Allgcuieine Zejlung one <lny led its lirel page with a long extract from the. took. The lead-off was devcted to a long review of tile book in which the paper was lieimittcd lo say lhat General Goerin? in the most popular man in (lie Rcirli next, (o Adolf the Great. The volume established beyond rebuttal that he is a hero both to his chief secretary and lo liis valet, kucTii simply as Robert, Every morning l\rritcs Gril?.- bacli) ai H certain hour Gocring. still in a dressing gown and! slippers, has his tuiie! half hour of rrsl. when he' casts"aside all cares 'cil Ihc day'. He has before him about, a dozen bosks from which to choose. They are either histories or books about art or nature. He holds a. book in one hand and with the other fondles Ills lion cub who snusgles against liim and purrs like a contented tabbj- cat. As Gocniig has more important. | jobs than anybody in the Nazi Iteicli. he spends longer hours at H-crft. Lale in Ilie evening liis staff lay before him three, lisi^s which regulate his following day. One list contains the hours at which he is tOvhave conferences with under ministers. Air Force officers and diplomats. 'Ihe second list contains Ihe names of the hundreds of people K'lio have written asking for personal talks with him. Only a lew are chosen.. The third list contains the names of some unfortunate; who are (o be brought on Ihe mat, lo gel a combing for what Uicy have done or failed to do. Has Ulllc Sleep Guering gets lo l>2d late. Five nr fix hours of sleep are all he needs. Winter and summer alike lie gets up between C and T o'clock. His bcdrc:nis in all his houses face cast. If (he sun is shining. Robert the balcony. He has already ha:l his ice co!:l shower balh. Robert l.-ritigs dim a cup of coffee which lie drinks standing. Then he sils down lo read the papers. Firsl he looks at all Ihe leading German j'liecls which arc delivered to his retlden-c as early as possible. Next, he glances at English und Swedish newspapers—presumably really to read (he news. As executive of the lour-year economic plan. Jie also iTCks at plenty of financial and business papers and, lastly, at some. German sheets devoted to limiting. Then he looks over tlic telegrams and letters that have been chosen lor his personal perusal. Follows Ihe quile half hour above described. lift breakfasts at S. finishes in 10 minutes and by 9:M is dressed for (lie <lay. He then give, 1 ; directions to his slalf for llic day's secretarial work and at 10:30 bsgins receiving Ihose en his list of appointment;;. This goes on until the midday meal, If he cats with his family, he more rflen than not has important guests with whom he continues business talks at (he table. Ukcs tbe Theater Very frequently he lunches will) .Hitler and Is opt to be with him \nr Inurs. discussing policies. If he L> not with Hitler, his allernoon is Riven to further conferences with his various underlings in the many departments he rules. By about 9:30 p.m. lie calls it a tlav. and comes home for a supper after which, wllli Ills wife, lie Is likely to go to Ihe opera house or lo tiic theater which he bosses ani which Is not under Goebbels' control, often by the lime he gets there, only one act remains to ba teen, but he enjoys it and afterwards, with his actress wife, likes going back on the stnge and Josh- Jiijr wllli his nrllil.3. Then home, a last look at Important documents, i sandwich and so to bed. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Fuehrer Number Two Canithersville Society — Personal lirlfi'laliHt fin- I'lloml Mrs. Cl. C. liishoj) cnlMliilned a number of friends Tuesday ufler- noon nt her lumve on ijlgliluiicl Avenue In honor ol A|rs. Nina riiikemrje. wliu.'.e blrlliday oo- nirro'.l on thai day, Ji' Jy flladons niecl Mrs. Noel Earnhnrl pnhrluliiKl 1115 jolly Millions chili Wednesday altrrnoon, There were two , "I players. At 'he conclusion "of (he (jumps )>rteK> went lo MIS Biifonl Trrwcull. hlsli. lingerie; Mrs. Wayne Illmcr. second high, mus- latcl jar; and lo Mrs. Virgil psivls I'oiusolnlimi, liol dish |>ad.y. >.t"jtt-Urrcu 'llic marriage of Miss Gladys Clivcn nn:l Mr. I/HM1 Scott, botll ol this clly, was solemnized In Die iiludy ol the oltlbialliia minister, the liev. Wayne W. Gray of tlic I'lTsln-terian Church. Miss Helen Green, sister of the bride. !i|ul Pet'.- w. 'ii-oll were altonclmils. Tin- bride. Ihe eldesl dmighlov of __ the lalo Mr. and Mrs. A. [•'. Green. CiiciiiiiB Ins arms lo welcome Aiistriiins inlo the German slate, Reid her llf^'mil'ls ame^nter'cf'onc of Marshal Gocring is shown here—in a picture newly received in AILUT- 1 J I(! pioneer fiiinilles. She move-J to icti— us he appeared to the throngs Ihal heard him speak in Vlemui. thedlto ul from suiulny until |n iJUlo i^jt, A rk, Mro. Kojers was Ihc giicsls of her ImslMiijt's parents while: (here. Mli.sos Jo Jmja niid Murle Stonck ivtiiMiixi Monday evening from St. Louis whom ii )P y u ticndcd sessions ol 'he Mississippi Valley Heimly and style Show. Wlss Nclle f.ce (}orroli. who 1ms 0>ent die pnsi three weeks \i{ (tic CiMiipln-li clinic. Memphis, lollow- "'R mi Injury sho vrwIyiM In n lull, lias tclimicd lionio, Mi.'.. ite;jj;ie Yoiill;{ mid two !;|»ul| i'lni:ln>n of o.-ceeln, Ark., are vlsll- in wiili iier nvolher, Mrs. mimic- Afayn.. ;uu| lamtly en K.isl aevenlh slioet. Mvi. Kii:uvie Niilllc and SDH of .Hilton, icy., are t ;ue r .ls ot Mr. nnd (his Hayti Society — Personal rats, Mr. and Mr:,, J. W. Wilson. The children will remain with Mrs. . city from stccle wllli her iniinits In 1927. she In ii cnuluutc of (he Canilhersvllle iligli School where she specialized in c-Jinmcr- io has 112:11 einnlnyect Wilson and Mrs. Gilbert will go (o in <>/llccs ol local business (Inns foi Mexico, Mo., (o iillond a stale several years and Is at present W. M. U. Hireling. Mrs. Gilbert is employed in ll)c llelui nnd lian- presidcnl of Ihe W. M. U. hero. Mrs. Victor C'rai|; and children iiro IVcrj visiting Mrs. Craig'.'; parents. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Wilker- Craigs were formerly of Mr. and Airs. Lulher I'nnmti of Braggadocio have moved here. Mis. Bob Dorlch and daughter rfigy of poniphau who have been here visiting Mrs. Dortch's diuiBh- ler, Mrs. Webb Brown returned to thetr home Wednesday. Mr. and i\Jrs. J. B. Light were ill Dccring Sunday visiting Ihc formers parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Light. They were accompanied home by Mrs, Light-who is visiting in her son's home Ihls week, Mrs. Floyd Foster of Swift, .spent, the weekend here, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Price. Mr. and Mrs. J.-L. Wright drove lo East Prahic Sunday and visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Thomas. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Thomas who visited in llic Wright home until Tuesday. Monday Mrs. Wright and her guest, Mrs. : Thomas, drove lo Ai morel, ArX-., nnd visited with friend^ Mrs. Virginia Baker was in St. Louis .Ihis week attending (lie hair dressers convention. Mrs. Mecca Davis. Mrs. Ann Brown and daughter Mildred of Deeriny spent the weekend in St. Louis. Mrs. A. O. Allen M seriously ill in the Baptist hospital at Memphis. James Davis spent the weekend in Swift visiting hi Ihe home ol Us uncle as I lie guest of his cousin John Henry Suddarth. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Nolgws and 1>l1 - """ »*».>• ouin MCIJJIIH-I ; tons Don and Morris and Mr. and ! wcrc '" Hlsclc Sunday visiting llic Mrs. O. B. Davis went lo Mem- former's parents, Mr. ai.d Mrs. U. phis Sunday and spent tlic day. ' """•"•>">•• While Iherc Mrs. Nolgrass hud a medical examinalion. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Suddartn of St. Louis spent the weekend here visiting Mrs. M. Davis and other relatives. dolph Cotlcn Compiiny cilice. 'Ihe brldegroani Is Ihc MM of (lie laic Mr. ami Mrs. Elwoe.l Srotl. He alsr, received his education In the city schools. He Is connected With (he Pcmlscdt Clcaiiin» Com- pany. being co-owner ol Hie establishment. Mr«. l-'rcd Clmlfin spi'iil incsd'.iy mbllisr, Min. '" Ila.vli as Ihc gtm.t, of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. I'. O.iUr,. and her I IJIy- son. u ^.. Blythevillc but arc moving lo ..... Angelas, Calif., sson. Mrs. C. !!. llickey and dauslilrr. Carolyn of Memphis, returned (a Memphis Sunday after a visit, hens with Mrs. lllckryfc Rose Myrick. Dr. W. R, LimbaiiBli spent, I be M 's. |Jnyd llojcrs .., day Sunday in Mcmpliis. j mollier. Mrs. Etlj»r lierrick Messrs Earl .lolinson and Rldie ' " — Tucker of Fannmginn arc here tht 1 ; week utleiidini; lo WPA work. Miss Hallii! Herrcl and Clclis Biilcwrll spent the weekend in ikeslsn with friends. Miss Maiilc Alexander ol Slct-lc .spent Ihc weekend licrc with her mother Mrs. Wilbur Sullou. Miss Mildred Dewccsc is in 'J'lil- sn, Okla., visiting l;cr iiunl. Mrs. Clias. Finncgan. George Merril jr., an:l Clay Hunter of New Madrid rcturiH'd home Sunday from .IcIVeison Ciiy where they have hccn allciidinr; to business. • Mrs. Elmer Wilbaiiks jr., of Pur- rim was hen; Sunday visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Alsnp. Rodney Brasher is employed wilh the WPA as time keeper. I Miss Anna Kliourb and Hattic Hcrrcl, wl:o arc WPA clerks, woik- ed in Konnctt Monttay. ] Mr. aii;| Mrs. Sam Avery of • Martlon were licrc Sunday visilins 1 S Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Golden. I *** *TPk. Mis. Nofile ]•; Die lornifr Mis:, Uucni' lliunr.i. Mi;:. Ili-rnard llnidley 01 Wilson, Ihe lorincr Mlr.s Pauline Mcdllu iiiidcrv.'ciil a scrlciir. operation In Hie ll;i|illst. llosjillal In Memphis Monday morning, Word has been receive:! here by Irlcmh that llii- opc-iiilki.'i iius Kucrcoifut ami th;il Mrs. llli!(l>y win; Ml.lkill'j KilllS(ne- lory |iri)jrciKS at presold. Mr, and Mrs. Morrell UeHclgll nnd U. M. pierce sperjl Tuesday in Cape Oiriitdeiui, Mo., where they atlcinial H District. Mceltn» o f |,v,|. rraleil Wtmen's clubs. Mr. I'iciw npiieaiej on the projranf. W. P. Parrolt ot Cenlriiiia, III. kit tli'K week ufk-r tpcinllng scv- "•lal days wllli Ills cousin. Mr, s . HcbC'.ca Adams and family. Mi. and Mrs. 1(. M. Armour IIKTO! (.Y liiiyll Wednesday. Mr. Armuiir iccenlly uc.'C)ilwl tlic po- ' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Jtoopll f.npfi'lntendcnl cf tile ^omnoasl Missouri Compress unit nn:l llwy will nuikc tiielr home lliwc in the luliiiT. Mrs. Bill Waller ol llu- Mun m | cuimumlly spent Tuesday here as I lie rsiicst ol licr (jiiughtci. Mrs, Hot Ml iMils iiml hniiliy, Wm. Essiiry. iccoinpanicd hy Ills (lairjlitcr. MLss Veslnl liwiry. •Aiis. Iloyt Cain, and Mrs. Pauline Ihiyik'ii, J,i:i.'Dl 'j'liesilay In MCIII- Plils. Mrs. li. b. wurd mid sons, Hymn and li. I . Jr., and wife spent Tuesday ill (?lllphi;j. Mrs. .). c. lludspcth left Tin-winy for Memphis where she AREN'T YOU IM EASY HERP 7p WlM SOME ? A THe WSWBN OP PERCY KBACM HIS HIPIU<3 PLACE FIRST i.T L.IKS A CHAW3E OF THE EH? you SAY *P REWARPFP PERCY'S RETURN 2 ANOTHER AWAV HE M/V7OR HAS WHGRE HE Mr. Mr. Mrs. Starr . Ikey Williams and Tim McDowell of Campbell were here Thursday visiting the lorn'icr's sister, Mrs. Gates Prathcr and , husband. Mr. and Mrs. Pralher accompanied them home Thursday evening anil remained until Friday^ Mines. Cl:as. Tralnor anil Hugh Dorris spent the day Sunday in Memphis. While there they visitor! J. MeUauicls. Miss Adeline Htanlil of Mcmpii':; 1:; here this week vising lu.-r mother, Mrs. Ola Stanlll. Miss Margaret Myrick, and Mis,s Ollinc Bocksr of Holland visited witli friends in 81kcutn;> Stiiitlay. Mr. and Mrs. Carl McDanU'li druvc SHIRTS AND SHORTS 35 to Blyfheville Sunday and visited with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. G. furrier. England rcprrts M.ljEO girls and t-iiicn "missing" Himuull'.'. A large niimtcr of these iiMuni ht'inc or are (r.icccl later. from an appendectomy performed last week. He is getting along nicely- ,. Mrs..R. L. Gilbert and childmi left for St. Louis Tuesday where Ihcy will visit Mrs. Oll'uert'n |»r- courier Sews Want Ada, NUW SPUING YARNS AND FASHIONS l!y Bcrnat HIKE INSTRUCTIONS Mrs. Leslie Hooper IIOU Chlcliasanba Phone 7D2 STANDARD TBRES 9 Don't take chanceR vJ\\\\ smnoth. v;prn liros. Equip your cor with FiroGto"- Standard Tires — the Rafcst lira you buy at this prico; Foe theso tires Have thd famoua Fireslon.o !ealurc3 o( Gum- Dipping (Jial pcolacl blowouts — ihg scicnlUic' (road prolacts againct skidding. For saf« putnmor driving, buy Firefliono Standard Tires! You're covered with uoiufucl — nol confusion — when you're covered with HANK! Gentlemen, this is underwear Ihiil ciin'i lunicli or bind .,. lliiil refuses lo get idl snarled up, so yon don'l hnve ;i iniiinlu'e jieai'e. T;ikc n HANES Uiidnshiil. It lias n Inil long enough lo luck away ED it shij'a inriiy. Instead of a Innglcd U';u) nl your H'.'iisl, yciiVc us tic«t n> the nTll-knoii'ii jiiii. And \vf. won't even inciilioti tho Irini Iil ii(.'i08S your chest na well asunder your nniist- Look nl HANKS Sliorts. 'I lire's no lionliln (indiug u scul when yon Ele)! inlo ;i ]>iiii-. And ihr legs arc loii(; riioiigli and wide enough so llicy won't crawl and roll. Gcnllcincn, here's a shorl-ctil lo comfort. Gel under cover vilii HAKES! • eaih will cnlcr ft hospital lov trefctm«nl und a possible o Asks For Divorce From Wife Forjiecjbnd Time HIIACIGADObjQ, Mix, Apr. 1.- C. T. Knlghl,' turner 'who lives near here, lim itlcd suit seeking his second dyorce from Mra. Uclii Rdwnrtln Ku)felit. Tlio Knights were nrul nmnlcil In Soptcmtor 1007. On Nov. 17, 1036. the Imsbund obtained n divorce decree on the ground of mistreatment. They were married nsuln ten iliiys Inter mid sepiirnlcd on March 29. lOliU S|i(ty-(ioven girls (mve been enrolled In the Newcastle, England, postal Iclcgrajih service In Iho past )0 ycurs; not one mule recruit, Ims entered dial service In the name time. Water Is carried Into Iho Sahara desert by streams from the Atlas mountains nnd Ilia lilBhlnnds of centra! fjiilinrn. -.^'j WASH & GREASE 51.0«: Wash, Grease, Polish' and wiwcd .....55.00 H. II. SCHMUCK "Esso" station Main ,1111) Division NEW! COLORS.' SPORTS Genuine Another HANES icw;fype und»r- fYccir now corns $ In colored pattern of blue, qreen r or brown . . . QI we!f 01 plain vvhlte. PeHctl conilruc* Hor» for active men . . . HANES Sporii are gently venlcn (hot jfoyi yorn Shirti lo match In vihiie only. SPORTS & SHIRTS 35< to 50< each HANES SAMSONBAK UNfON-SUIT A Ivxury qormgnf of fine, proibriiBk cloth. Gcr>crou\[y sited . . , "illy made. Pot- ruTo'.Wor Belt ecdioitanrfnnr A* lot of qiotity jolnei* . , . cow . and wear. Only HAF/ES UA|» Suih, 75t and up SEE YOUR HANES DiAliR TODAY r. n. w.r.vES K>jr/;,\t; CM., tfiwo.\.s.ti.i:u. .MIKIII < (««ti,v,j I.l>lcn to Ihc'vdccof Fircjlor.e fufarinp RicJiArd Cranks nnrt AtftVff.r.t bpcats, Monday trcnlrgt ever NalloRmidc N*. H. c. lied Ncl*Vilt PHILLIPS M 5fh and Walnut Phone 810J A Coraplele Line of HANES UNDERWEAR JOE ISAACS, Inc. Does home need a Face Lifting"? •SoiTietimes homes, like people, are taken for granted and signs of weariness go unnoticed. Homes, too, need beauty treatments. They come out of them renewed, refreshed, stimulating once more to all who meet tliem, , V Early Spring is the time to plan the "face lifting" of the rooms in which you live. Carefully planned, a little money now can go far. Fortunately, authentic news of the latest, the best designed, the most economical in home furnishings and accessories is printed for you day after day on these pages. National manufacturer and local merchant advertise lo help you. Perhaps slip covers on davenport and wing chair will make faithful but a little weary pieces look like new. Perhaps summer draperies will make your living-room so fresh and gay that you yourself will hardly know it. A new rug may be the prescription that your home needs. A new lamp can light more than a corner—it can shine into the hearts of all who see it. Glassware, a new table, porch furniture, all can enter into your home's face lifting. Look about your home as if you had never seen it— and follow the advertising on these pages!

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