The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Yanks'jfYoungsters May Win For Them New York Pilot Figures on Runaway "If" Rookies Come Through. ndilcr's .Vole: This is another of a Mlies of articles from the bt£ Itague (ruining camps, anulj- ...„ i lianocs of Itie various (rams In DIP mining |>ennant rare. • * » BV nil.I. BKAUCItEK N'KA Service S|Kir(s Kdiior ST. PETRRSRURO. Pla. March 28.—"A lot of iho experts have coiuut'd :is oiit of Itie race but that doesn't tcarc me. We no', only have a jjrer. cliancc to win il bill we may make it a runaway. 1 ' The ."penker was Joe McCarthy, manager of the team Dial many writers Uiis year have been plea.sed to call the "decaying Yankees," anil Mavse Jo? wasn't lauyliing when he said it. "We're gambrln; on rookies to come ti:rough for us right in l!ie middle of the diamond—.short anri second. That's the most Important ipoi on liie field. Bin how does anybody know they won't click for us? "Go back 10 102C. 1 cam? from Louisville to take over the Culls. 11 (-igiiii! place ball club in '25. The ifam on pap^r lhat year figured to be lucqy if it finished seventh. By no manner cf means could we finish &iMh. "Wrii. never were worse than fifth all .season. And we were second .so often we gave plenty of (hem the jitters. Finally in the last few weeks ',«• bogged down, bin still •.ve had enough 10 beat ihe Giants into" the four-hole." Wasn'i it .1 dangerous cxperl- rr.ent to bring a youngs'.er from Balti:i:ure. £tich as Don Helfner and pin him at second to work '.nth a:io-.!:ei' youngsler jrom Newark. Rf-d nolle, at siiorLslop? "Not always," leplled Joe. "Thesr kids have been phiying together so far in tlie training season so well and learning so much about eacli oUier'.s infield habits, they may become a fine double-play pair. Tnerc 1s Ochriir on one side and Tony 1/izzcri on the o'.licr side to .steady them. "Boih of 'cm can drive in rims, too. They're not sluggers, bill yon watch Mic way that Rolfe lays into a pitch. He looks like a hitter. Hetlner ;ooks a liitlc light, but he is a ii:i;e!y hitter. Drove in more runs last year than Rolfe. Beside.", whit, I like n bout'both of Ihf-in ;3 that they're snappy 0111 in t:ia: n,-;d and have nil kinds of "Then we've got Crosetti and Lary and Salt/javer, you know, lo pick from if we decide not to use those two boys." * * • Lai; year tlie Yankee pitching had been spoity. Would h, be better Ihis year? * "Well, ttcre were good reasons for it bein b - spotty lust, season. We were depending en Ruffing. Allen. Gomez and Van Alia. The flu and injuries cramped our pitching staff and we couldn't get going. "This year all thos; feliosvs look fine. I never saw Riifflng looking better than this spring. He'll win -0 games for us easy. Allen U jiist starting to hit his stride." How tho rookies, especially this Smythe from Baltimore who won 21 games lasl year? "I think Smythe and Murphy probably will be the only new men. famythe is no chicken. He's 30 and he'll kno-.v his way around. Mur- Pny turned in some mighty nice lehef work over at Newark last year. up Assistant High S c h o o THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1934 'Mimic" Dowel I Will Join I, oral Golfing W. A. ".Millie" Do'.u-ll, formerly of /• i iy; " , i r. • j Walnut flidge ai:d winner »'. i!u- Loach Would UryaniZClNoitlimsi Ai'Kamas-Si;m.'.cast Mis- 1 souri golf inurn.-imi-nt lirr- !,is: will play under the banner of t!ir> Dlyllicvlllc country c-lub this y-.-ar. nov/ell is with ihe Arkansa.s-Mis- smiri Power company's gersr.'l office in ilils city. You ii" irnvn soft Ijiill liMinie. with lo by playiMl uk<- a week al i til is planned by "Ate" hopes ready, uulfers UDWI'll (if I lie /rillon urounil April 11 rr-p-J yoiitliful)K-.s.s. ]], n, \ n ois biiiini'ss houses in; m ;1 number 0 [ ity. Kirby lirotlicrs. Hobins-:>i I menus, iiichirliiv [•ninpaiiy anil (>astijne Uiliiavcl' Memphis last ye; have already indicated thai •.sill .sponsor teams in tiie i ur ci I says. ni-'-l:il|i will tn' Ill-Id sii(ii't:y, il a:; warmrr w.-al '.er ar- to make definite plans (or til.- iin;l map a schedule cf .s Rfiu-raliy rated loading amah-ur i'.ak- dr-spite liis ha-. participated amateur lonrm- l!ie Western ;.' , r. an<l :s already VL-t.--r.iii nl cunpKiliv*.' ^'o.'f. MILS city in a play-:>![ for lii" XOMII- •i-ast Arkansas-Sou: !i:-as! Mi-i^u:-; lillc l:ere .summi-:-. • A<ldliion of Unwell fi llio fon-c s - —-• -., of ihe local chili will s/ive Blythi-- in eight-team cirniit is i villc a crack fioll team in any .son „ inii-s will piobab-y !>•.-1 ci competition Upsides Howvli ih" Pin-days and Fridays, jdnb oihcr par-cracking 'ic tames itiny develop ycuissti'i's in Cauilill iin-i I,-o •'- affairs later in Ihc I Lint^nii-li, the- :a'l-r nov te'ii- 1 \venly Candida Ies Answer Call to Report for First Practice Session CARUTHEHSVIU,E, Mo.—Coach Jack Hopke announced ) :! ->f Wed- ni-Miiiy that about -20 canrlidati-i : ;id rt'.jirt?:! for the C.inulvrs- vilic Ill-ill st-hcs! T^CTF :-•--•- an:l r.r-id ir-am for 193-1. "join... p : -ic- bu'. \va-j sippm:! > c ; if];., \\^^'.-_ ,);, amount 3! '.hi- t:>'.:\ vx-jvii-:. He sai ; | enuv::us in i-.irli o! L.X- .(•veiiis '.vo!i!:l be s'-! T-|"[J Hie Jon- Part of n^xt v.*-tk. ;>:u! ;ib.-, .sirue-a he- hoi!'.'ii lr> a:-:-:i!rv :: Jiia! <.:;>£: 'nr'i'1 '.villl so:n.' i:--.i.ijv ;:>-.-.i! ;o:i!i CJa:-ii'.he:v.-j]|< [ tu appsav in lii !)](• district me deaxi. and t.-.i- season, wl'.o are t« bo placed tn thi' sprints, aiid nlso. Earl Poweli, n ' newcomer from Arkansas, in Vne distaiii-i- runs and P.?ld events, l) a . limn<l, )li-l>-r llolfonl ana Henry Iliuvh are c-x;:ej!od to sh:;.v ill) well. HOjikL- piaiii iu r.avc :a- trants in .-.tch lU'ld au:l na:k .-.'ci,; for all til 1 .---'.s :!u- Timers pn-.-viv..- Iiair- in. 1 ir-,1 Visll l.t f.'ity HUlcNS. Oif. lUPi—!, O. Hrnci- field. win; hits raiii-<l puu- b:-. :i liorsvj in fnirhi'.-islrrn Or:-Kcn k.- more than Su ymr.s, had a liii.i: r.Ti-nlly. II.- paid ..;., vi>i: i-i Poriland, 'lu-irrijvjis o; O:-[-j.- u ii alii-s-.-h -.l.ili-.! '.'.-.'.vV. ;-.H'.l t:- 1 !.; .Six CunfiTPnu- at CM;):- O:r:i!'- .;:iiy-nicli- ir.u-1: ; : \ -•;;,,..•:-..,. ;„ sm-ct. all April. AHIO!1|; Ihrt!' r,'|t f;, r U-.H.^ i j.j.; ««.*>,, lights as the KehiVobMdub'ciminpi;;;: riontoTolS si;'-'the 0 "'M""!*" -In"' o' ',> ably -.Mil be used for niif'-H .sessions. m:; n txn of the ,-Htl, also are cap-,- Ti -'-.,- ',.:.;.'' ;.:.', ,'• i , •if it,- K-a.ue to «,,,„ ',i,i,. u rapy KC golfer, ar,t -,i, , th, \ r - o '\ t ^ "J-.,,;. .'.j'1,^ f" "'« ,«'* or in.iv ni.i i-ontinue as a night'youthful slnrs a.s Hie .sjx-arlra-l ol — - ! -spor: <lc-]X'iidin 3 3 n ihu- responsj.; llu-ir attack should make things' lioi ' — • |f«'r of any other Jess Eberdt Now Cement i^ m ^ ^ c j''\ elioj! . . dlll ; i If the Yankees au- tn win tlie 1934 American Irainie peiiniiiit. four have a lot to .say aboiu II. Tr.ey are Jchiniy Ai:e:i. lei;, star uf she- pin haid-liitting outfielder wlm may sec a lot of ncllon if llut'n (hips; Rcib i-rt ding tor the .shortstop jo!) in lite up Ivom Nevark. and may team up with "lied" at uucond yoimtj players probably will liin^ s'.alTi Fred Walker, light. "Hcd" Rolle, lower left, bid- Don Hvl!m-r. Uallimore riMk'.e who ROOKIES' I REVIEW Salesman atLitlle ROCK. Ark. — Jess I .. Hlythcville. who won all- | Soulb'-ii honors ai center in I9:td ' .'". , with the University of 1 Alabama football team, will innke ; I.Iltlc 1 Kocfc his home. | Bbenli. Is now connected witli a St. Louis cc-ineni company. He assisted Clinch Mcrving Perry ai Hot Springs high school sra.son. Etxi-di completed his elevenlli consecutive season of football lasl Have Same Mat Card!. il CAPR niRftKUEAU. Mn.—David | Dnoley r,nd Pete Dcmclroff will ' meet in tlie main match of ihe fii>t wrcsilinc card 10 |« stn»cd here Saturday by Jfike Meroi°ey, Uy .. NKA Servii-r , . — Umpires are constantly Ills.- Inilt of bull players' jukv-s. bnlh on an-l i Ll " i " '^ m .. off Hie diamond. John Qninn is no exception—us lie found out p- ' ''' ' ' l ' S " cenlly al Port Myers. Fin., where lie u-a.s worklni; out ivitli Ilir Athletics.' Uy NI:A Servin- lie's six feel four ajid i inclu-s (all, and weighs hnir move a John had put in n very louyh day. lie went up with ihouyhts ofIi-eliniiK. The bi-il looked mi^iily s:nod he look n tllve nt Hie inviting mattress, lanilin Instead of finding .soft down. Jolin wound shock thai shook the hold buildmj;. Snuu- his had removed the .sluts from his l>rd! Hooks ana Slides raucher n o fnst ball that .s h o u 1 d car n for him a steady job with Casey KlenyH'.s Dodgers. This 2-l-year- okl gent iiotn way up in Ahe- k\ Minn., was with St. Paul in the Amcric a n Avsiicntion season. He d i d ]i!i'iHy for the S a i n (i; while Iherc, with If) victories atpinst 15 defeats, which , i ratikexl him a.s the No. 1 liurlcr '"' MC011 "- ,„£ ihc club. Durlns 1032 lie av- "Hut he \vciu .HIM HKi- iisi- oili.'i-s., ,-ramd 5.11 .slrikeoiiLs a s«me. lialtins fell oil'ID .230. lh- wa.s roj Munns no! nnly iia.s a fas", balli I'lTHlip ill the field lie luirt to lie; Ulul Mf.nkeF. but throws a curve i Dooley and Dc-metroff will meet Fiddletown Residents Give Up Oil Lamps JACKSON, Cal. <UP) _ town i.s goinj; I 0 abanilon -he amp... which have lighted the hotni-s or its residents for ci-lnv ycar.s. " - Tv.i':ity-three residents of ilu-i ramn-.i., old mining camp have signed agreements to use eleclri- citj lur healing and lighting pur- posf.s Modern elrcirical fixtures The .same quartet of wrestlers will appear at Carul!ier.svil!e lo- nit'lH bin Mcroney promises his wires won't be crossed like thai j again. Meicncy waxes oratorical Firtdlr-- over all four, of the performers il given half a chance. Whether local i funs, who have slifled their lik- 1 To the Tax Payers in District Number 2 and 3, Blytheville, Arkansas No doubt you ;m: aware liiat tlic-ix 1 on foot in jviirjriiiiixe ihcsc di.sli-icts. of tt-hirli fall. is a move '['!u: rvKiill is a nmlorial i-i.-ilnci-ion in Ilii- tax 'I'lie amount of reduction will wrestling from one carni- y j ing for wrestling from i j val. to the nrxt were u IP | or fortunate remains 'lo ifouunaie be :-een. K ge KilleiJ Urn BENDENA, Kan. tui'i -G W Rlcklcfs ren la'd an c?" au<l ilicn nave .-«„ ordered and a celebra- i Jicii. The w # measured u 1-1 i-.ic t on.' planned when the power one way and 7 1-2 indies th? o:ii conneci:3,i has been completed. : er. it, weighed si>- o'mr»=! lai'gt'ly on liow \ve .-ucceed in collfclinjr the in:!2 and lfi:i:i, as well as other dclinouenl taxi-.;. Tin- more of Ihi.s v.-e CO||PI-I. ilie .-malk-r UK: tax will hu nc;xi fall. Lei nn> nrj;e lliose who liavc not paid their taxes, In pay as nine!) as it is pussjljle Ijc-IVux' UK; lioolvs clusi: o:: tile 1st of iiL.xi month at which linn- jn-iially :ind otiii'i- costs will lie added. C. J. Evrard nnd change of pace. Bill B Ine litile fellow yon see over tnre warming that fast one tl-rou-h there-yon remember i,i m ° 0 t course." Tlie "little fellow" ftas Big George Uhle, tiie Cleveland veteran who made a fine comeback with ihe Yankee's last jear. _ ''He'll be a regular." Joe went on. ine other staner I don't know about. Might be Danny Mart-ay- den, who ran into a bad season last year, but who may find himself this year. Say, he was great <ip al Boston, wasn't he?" Danny certainly had been great , tip at Boston. And if he came through, (he Yankees looked pretty well set. didn't they. Joe? . " y »u can say for me thai if MacFayden is the pitcher he was lor the Red Sox we'll breeze in without a deep breath. You know ,wcve got the power." As he spoke.' a fat person who ^ had jitst made his sixlh home run in training camp, an unprecedented performance even for him. waddled to the bench. Power? You said it--even at 40! 'Tunny How Tliiucs Go 1 ." "Now you take when I was at Washington." .said Waller Johnson, manager of Ihe Cleveland Indians, "we hud a pitching problem. Funny how lliose limits no. All we needed (o win n pennant was for ono of uur fellows in conn- through for us with atom Lin gam.-s. "Cleveland has imp an infield problem for years. One seasnn il would look like il \vns solved. Then, iusl when Ihcy were coimtiiif; on Ihc player lo repeat his uood y,-ar. he would fold up. t.iks'll out. !>luin^ ilu- winter \\os irad'-rl to iioMon. "Now this year is another even; A rarelully protected trife of year, and that's Ilir year when thrjapes inhabits the Roi-k of r.ihral- Indlaiis have a ^i:ixl M'cond base- [ icr. They are practically lame' mini. Maybe it will be Kali- or'mid have a chief lhat is known Biiriioll. For a while -I ll'.niishtjabon-, the garrisons as "Major." Hadji wtis the. tillr <^!ven to any iMollainmecJan who itiiuJe Ihe pil- Holland High School on First Class List The Holland, Mo., high school has been relained on Ihc (Irsl-class Jut for Ihc coming year, il has • bwn announced by Charles A. Lee. Missouri slate superintendent and R. A. Harper, Missouri slale high school supervisor. i The announcement staled that j all schools of the town were A-l . schools and the Improvements mado '. in the high schooi library and p!ay;= ground tqulpment were especially <_ praised Read Courier News Want Ads. Onr r.nnd Yrar "Take sccoiui base, for example. Back in 1025 when \vamby 'Wambsganssi miit they fouiul Freddie Spurgeon. Mo looked awful good. All through '26 he played a fine game. They were coimt'ing on him in '27. but he flopped. So the club had to shop around attain. "They found Carl Linci. During bus fnsl season. "28. Lind wa.s an- olhcr -Johnny Kvers. Handled a j ball perfectly ami lii! hard. Drove ' in n lot of urns. The team wa.s : envied Mie Iraque becaiiM- Lind looked like the goods. "But in '29 Linci looked jiist :is bad as he had been v uod the year before. He booted Va-sy chances. At the plate ht< was a liability rather than an awei. So I lie eiuii had to shop around asain. Itemcmber Hmlapp? "In 1D30 Hoclnpp was put on second. Johnny never hnd been great- fielder bill he could liit. JuM a.s soon as he was placed al second he started to fieM like n -star. Kept hiitlne. too. all year So Peck wasn't worried about second base for the following year. "But In ii31 Hoitapp went "just like Rpur^con and Lind In their tcconrt years. Kicked Ihe ball ; his lnt;:ng fell olT. n looked like scc^i-.d base «as jinxcd. Funny how II-.OEC things go. kind ol in! slreak.s. Cissell Follon-s Suit "In '32 they got Cissell in a trade. He had a wonderful year. Hit over .300, the best hilling year he ever had since he came from Portland. When the Indian swent into spring iralnhv? last year, Clsscll was figured .sure The gold content of our doiiars is less but—the il i L E A G E CONTENT of our Goodyears fs N'ortli nakota produced '200-18- oco bushels of corn last year. ATER! THAT'S THK NEWS — abmii inirtaicst dootlycflra now in slock .., They con- tuin more miles, more s:ifciy, more endurance — yoc they're siitl priced low in ilolhir.silcspiicincreased costs of ruliucr, cotton, f.iclory w;igL'S . . . Let H5 show yon our 19M line-up nnd tell you why we ihink il*s wise to buy ri£ht now . . . This isn't our lowest- priced lire but it's our Im&cst seller. GOODYEA R ALL-WEATHER .S'ufirrMi i.<r Oi«/ Tiret Mill prlrr.l 1,1.,, ., $7.40 8HOIJSE-LITtLECHEVROLET''CO. lilythevillc, Ark. CooJ Tlr» $1 Up Guaranttfd TlrV R?paJ?| nt as expert as THINK for a minute—what if you had Ihc house to run, meals to plan and children Lo care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount of money? Re honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing agents.' These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements .just where these needs can bo best supplied at tlu< least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and* et.tort and money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through them we can know exactly what we.want'before we go to mi.v. llus is the surest way of securing full value Jor every dollar you spend.

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