The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1947
Page 4
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*»AGE FOUB (ARK.)' COURUSR NEWS SATURDAY, 'AP1UL 5, 1947 " BLYTHEVILLE COUREBE NEWS THE COURIER NEWS OO. H, WHAINES, Publisher JAMJiS L VKRHOWF. Editor PAUL U. HUMAN, Auvenlsing Sole National Advertising Iteprcsentativ««: Wallace Wilmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlama. Memphis. * Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday . Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blylheville, Arkansas, under act ot Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press ~~j SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ;• By carrier In the city of Blythevllle or any subur^iv town where carrier service is maintained, 20c per week, or 85o per month. I By. mail, within n radius o( 40 miles, $4.00 per Sear, $2.00 for six months, $1.00 lor three months; by -mail- outside SO mile zone, $10.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation . j And I will very gladly send and bo sent for you.—II Cor. 12:15. ' * « • r It is a common weakness of man lo ask too much for himself while glvi"? so little ot hlm- sMf. .. words today. Capitalism isn't what you,call the world's pin-up philosophy at the moment. Even a mild depression might liiwe a profound effect on America's international position. This i» taking the jjloomy vij\v, but it is a view that oiiKhl to l/o considered. A lot of businessmen KUCHI to aiifec with the theory that prices should be reduced. Most of them a«i'ce that the higher they go the farther they'll fall. Cause and effect have been neatly blueprinted many times. But too lew are following the blueprint. VIEWS OF OTHERS Turkey in the Truman Strategy Responsibility .;, ^Secretary of Stale Marshall ha? [suggested to the Foreign Ministers' Council that the whole German people, not just it German government, lie • raade to accept the peace treaty which ihe foreign ministers write. The British and Russian ministers don't like Ihe proposal. Mr. Bcvin doubts its legality,.. Mr. Molotov apparently opposes ' jt because of the official Soviet policy ;bf separating the ."German rpoplo" '•from-the "fascists" and "Hitlerites. 1 ' \ Experience and .sound sense might seem 1 to favor Mr. Marshall. Millions helling Germans who helped prosecute Hitler's 'war with considerable enthusiasm-lost no time in bhnning the whole thing on their leaders, once those leaders were gone.' It is conceivable that these same German people might repudiate a government formed to accept the treaty as they repudiated the Hitler gang. * H would be folh to crush (he Germans' ecouomicalh But it would be equal folly, in the forgetfulncss oi )5eaciJ, to icpeat the mistake of Ihu 1920^8 and trunk ot them as a betrayed and^imbundeifatood nation. ..* ..-. * "&~ l J I • \.' : fV^ust We Have a Recession? . .'i 'It looliu more and more a.s if the 'country \jere going to have a business recession ' before it has any -ninrkol price recession. President Truman made 'another appeal to business and indus- •try last week for price reductions. But • no o;ie has noted business and industry falling over themselves in their cager- ,ness to follow the suggestion. " Instead, "affairs continue about as '' Before. The February cost of living de- ^clined a fraction of 1 per cent over Jair •uary, but was still 17.!) per cent high- ~er than February, 19-16. The continuing price rise of many items was "-panied by a rise in unemployment. } Women's" clothing prices "advanced .'sharply," according to the Bureau or: ILabor Standards. But there was an levcn sharper decline in dress produced uctibii. ;. Mr, Truman's suggestion is highly [sensible, and the response of business ;seems increasingly puzzling. Why must -prices continue to climb where buyer ^resistance has reached such a pitch ;that : production has to be cui'lai'.ed'.' It doseiVt make sense. Maiuifjiclurcrs -emphasize that labor costs '.ire their •chief expenditure. Yet in most inrtus- Dries' labor costs are governed by year- 'Jy conti-acl. Tin's itycs not explain •month-by-month price advances. ; Business paper editors seem agreed ithat a recession, or readjustment, ;„ •on the way, probably before next fall. -It will probably come about, they say, by a continuation of the present price :trenci. They predict it will end when »prices reach a sensible level in ljaUnc-2 Svilh buying power. ; That result would bc good, of I", uise. But the remedy seems .Vaiilj drastic and risky. There would ,.gu.)e]y. be unemployment, and this '.could very well be accompanied by re- ;&entment and agitation. In fact, tliero _could be no guaranteed safeguard •against panic in such a planless correction. The slate of the world at the time - ithis predicted recession occurred could *, r cau»e unfoieseen results. The Amen- tcan economic system, for all its ac- 'X ,l«omplishments and promise, is f,h> ob^•" sip 1 * ol many skeptical looks and himl '• <"' ^ . Stralcgically, Greece :im\ Turkey lire part of the Eiiinc iiicliire. United Suites' aid to cue without, aid to the oilier would not check Russian expansionism loward Ihe Mcdllerrcineiin. The iraslOon of Greece liiis been cll.scus.sccl nl length. Publication of Htntc !X'p:u tinent. liocu- tnents liltlierto Inbclcd "scarce" has provirt'-d Amcrictins wltli n mnss of innlcrlnl on tl'.t! subject. The pllglil of Turkey Is not. so well understood. Nor does Turkey—neutral in tlic war nu- (II almost cjic ctwi—Imvc any claim .on American sympathies comparable lo the lecllngs for Greece. .As a neutral, Turkey profited Iroiu wnr trade, with Iwlh sides. Turkey obtained Britlsli nicl in iidtltllcm to tills business—nrms tliat Britain could ill afford lo cx|>ort.. For a lonij tluic Turkey was pressed by the Allies to cotncj Into tlio war agiiinsl Hitler. It iivolilcd doing so until Allied victory was sure, and indeed until most, of the danger of nttack htul passed. It nmy seem better, in retrospect, thnt Turkey rcinnlnccl neutral so long. Official comment In the United Slntcs now gives weight to that view. But Turkey won no particular ad- mirutlon from Allied peoples thirtng the hprd days of the war. In those [lays it did not seem so out of order (hut Russia should express increasing bitterness (ownrcl the Turks. All this needs lo be recorded to keep a clei'.r and honest perspective on American iwlicy toward Turkey today. The elite! fact about Turkey is that It holds a geographical position ol Immense strategic Importance. Who controls Turkey controls the Dardanelles. Russia has been accused by the Turks of coiiductinu ft war of nerves against them. The Russians seek bases on Turkish terrilory. They also demand Turkish agreement to defense measures which would place the Dardanelles firmly in the Russian, grasp. . . '' i To sustain their opposition ihc Turks linvc hud to keep an nrmy of about (iOO.OQO men mobilized, and the financial drain on the Turkish Government has been more than tiven the relatively fortunate Turks can stand. American aid to Turkey, It i.s reported, will !fo to maintain the Turkish Army. There is less talk about bettering the people's economic conditions in Turkey than in Greece, where funds will be divided between military nncl economic aid. Alii to Turkey Is more frankly on the basts of military strategy than on bettering a democratic people's lot. It high lights the ''Tinman Doctrine" as cue , aiming first of all at holding ti line against the spread ol communism beyond Russia's present sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. If this can he doiic, the laying of .in economic foundation for democracy in the atlcctcct areas can then become America's priiu.iry concern. And Indeed it will have to, If the Truman program is to be fully justified. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. BARBS BY I1AI. VOCIIKAN When a b<iy's girl friend set:; Ihe mantle clock nlicnd H darxii'L a!iv;iys mean Ihat il's the clock that's slow. • • # America Is a countly where people are elected to pass clown the laws so other jjcoplc can pass them up. • * * Even a pedigreed dop, can enjoy Ul'e if loo much attention isn't paid to it when il's ;i pup. » t * Here's a bright and shiny future for a lot of people—U. S. forecasts 5.000.COO will ,-ct new cars In 1947. The height of dumbness is hnvliif; to hav; a reason for ncfng happy. A Watched Kettle Never Boils Congressmen Take a Holiday And Cthman Checks '47 Record The DOCTOR SAYS KY WH.UAM A. 6'BKIKN, M. ». Written for NEA Service Now tlfat spring is Iiere and summer on Hie way, freckles and skin irritations which result from ex- to the sun will begin to appear. -» BV FKKOKRICK C. OTll»tAN United Press Staff Corresiiumtcnt WASHINGTON, April 5. I UP) — Our lawmakers took off yesterday for their egg (not log) rollings, ami It Is my hope that each one found chocolate rabbit in his Ristcr bas-~ kct, That will be a !itlle ciioiiflli reward: a small soothing for the throats which have spouted speeches enough since Jan. 3 to fill 3.021 pages of the Congressional IJoc- pcar in certain types of skins as d ™ C( ; ot . '"<="', oratory, a respecl- Individuals grow older while able total, bill the 95 silvcr-tongni-d in others they appear for the Hist f »" ors ™ eel 1,012 pages with time in advanced years. ™ o . r .< H - . mostlv lo »K- m<l 'he man, The best "treatment" ot freckles Is to avoir) excessive exposure to sunlight. Harmless prcparatioil sold at cosmetic counters produce uniform tanning of the skin which covers the s|K>ts. Freckle creams" ihr. outer skin layers temporarily, but in sensitive individuals . they can produce marked skin re- ' actions. I Skin redness whieh starts a_fovv hours after excessive exposure to sunlight reaches its peak of Intensity in about 24 hours. If skin has been Injured, peeling and itching occurs. Severe sunburn Is followed by blistering, severe pain, swelling, and shock-like symptoms. PROTECTIVE TANNING Skin should he exposed gradually to sunlight, especially if it Is the Bilbo, been on the job the result would have been more so. The senators achieved Ihelr remarkable figure despite the fact that they had to shut their mouths 82 times while quorum calls brought upstairs those who were dallying over their lunches. By their deeds as well as by (heir words our congressmen produced sta istics. They introduced '1,1(11 would-be laws, one of which would moke it .Illegal in the District of Columbia to use a wooden .spoon at nn ice cream parlor more than mice. Most of thrsc laws, I regret to rrnorl. will ;;<•(. (lie old heave- ho. The waste of paper probably will be an-tul, Ijut I couldn't find the statistic on how a".\ful. The lawgivers also gave some sensitive type. When skin "reacts. Iaws . to wit: 3D. including the one properly lo this method, the outer , nHnivliif; a fellow lo tear up his layers become thicker and tanning draft card, in its first three occurs. Tanning is essentially a months of labor (lie Senate aciunl- prolecttve device to ward off the 'y adopted ICG measures', the House effect of itltra-vlolet rays on the ^^skin, and it does not have any health value. Many greasy remedies for preventing sunburn cause boils and skin infections to develop. There The trouble was that few of these bills jibed, one with (lie other. The sulphurous debate which resulted In conference between the (u-of houses was enough to make you are ninny harmless protective wlsl1 somebody'^ open n window. creams an t ( lalions which will help .. Between Jan. 3 and March 31 tlic average ease, but in Electric Power Fight Flares Anew in Congress With Hali Dozen Bills Aimed at U. S. Projects NI-. ** Y '* ETEB * :l) SON I plants to "linn up" the miniHHy power producer! by government WA^Mf'r™" , C " rrt ' s """"f"' or !' owcr "'"'" "ytlro-ckvtric gen- generators at the highest levels the WASHINGTON, April r>. (NEA) orators in seasons of low water or traf! —A new drive is on to limit the federal government's electric pov:- buslness and reduce competition to the private power compniU'-.s.' Half a dozen bills have been liitro- in Congress lo accomplish (his end. Most forinldab!'.' vehicle is a complicated bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Elmer Thomas ut Oklahoma. It has particular iiuev- cst In the west, where most federal power projects are lo:alcd But in the loug run this bill.would n(-, feet every consiifrfcr of elccfic energy because of its indirect bearing on power rales. • • The Thomas Bill would set up a new power policy. It would take away from the Interior Department's Bureau of Reclamation its present rights to build transmission lines and make direct sales of electric power produced tit government-built dams. Existing con- ncts nn<i nil operations o f tnb VA \\ould be exempted. Button all lure public power ' developments, e government would be Iiam- rung, if not completely .slopped. Bureau of Reclamation, Army iiphioers, or other federal agcncje. 1 "mid still build dams for flood onlrol, navigation, and irrigation •oiccls. where feasible, electric enerators could be installed n.s -a delinc. If specifically authorised y Congress. But the building of dams for the Me purpose of gcneratiiiK clec- •Icity woul<$ lie banned. Hiuldim; L icw power transmission lines by ' ic government would also b^ b;ui- , ed. And -so would Ihc building of | over n in cut steam generating SO THEY SAY They (women) have larger thighs and stomachs than men, Thcy r want to cat plenty of fooc' because they've got plenty of space lor storliv.; It.—Dr. James !•'. Ueiidcr, director National lu- stilute tor Human Relations, on why women overeat. When parents not only glivc over Hie control of the home, but abet the youngsters In lakui; over community protest leadership. America Has reached a dangerous point.—Dr. Clyde Hlssmifr, Ohio Director of Education. The present economic strangulation ot Nippon is worso-than Ihe Mcmic bomb.—Ocn- cra] MacArthur. • • • fj«t us live together; let us prosper together, —President Miguel Alrmnn of Mexico. peak loads. ,(II:AIIT OF POWER QUESTION All government power, savs th' v Thomas Hill, would have.lo be sold nt wholesale, at the damsiie, to distributing companies which would then resell it to ultimate consumers. I'l iva1oly-o'.vned elec:ric po.\- ic will bear, instead of a lowest rates possible. COMPETITION KEEPS PKICE DOWN If government pnwcr rales were Ihus raised at wholesale, distributing companies might )iav c the way cleared for raising rates to consumers. One of [he few things which has average case, but, in severe types of skin sensitivity extreme measures may b c necessary. cr companies w ould be permitted to not gone up in price during (he war j'cscll this current nt a nmrit. TN« • is the cost of electricity. A princi- «ors ripht to the heart of tlic whole pal reason has been the ctmipeti- jyiblic )'O\ver rueslion — JtliV private! intciisf shoulcl whether have the right In pro! its from a utility paid for and .supported bv taxes. The Thomas Bill would transfer to the Federal Power Commission Hie right to sell all government power. FPC is now purely n rc(;u- iatory nsency. It has broad authority oi'cj- the .sale and di.sU'ihi.'UoN of electric power in interstate com- mercei Tt now approves all r.ales by Bureaj! of Reclamation, nu'l to'.tak-o this regulatory agency and make it tho KOi'crfimcnt'.s sole power-niar- ketnii; agency is a step which FPC itself did not ask for and may not want. Hates nt which Kovcrnnirnt, pou-er could be sold wouVi bv Ihc Thomas Bill hav(? !o bc set hi;;h enough to pay back to the U. S. Treasury within a rra.sonablr lime the cost nf Ilie power project plus interest on the Koverinin'iit's invest inrnt. This is praciicallv thr rcriuireuicul of present reclamation laws, except Ihat niuv interest equivalents do not havp to be paid buck to the Treasury. Net effect of all these proposed changes would l:c to scl rates for lion between public compe and private NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION On March 21st, 1S47. letters c administration upon -the • estati of of (he Republican Central Committee at a meeting at the courthouse here yesterday, II. A. Smith is in St. Louis for power. Nobody stems to have: lost several clays on business, i J» • -.-'. any money by these low rates, for 2,215 persons visited the show- the consumption of electricity has room of rhillips Motor Company increased steadily all through the yesterday to view the new Ford V-8, war and is still going up. \ an innovation in the low priced Some private, nower companies i automotive field, might like to raise rates, but all feel it would bc politically danger* ous. private power companies tear is (hat if rates are raisctj. municipalities will want to lake over and operate HID utilities under •public ownership. Anything private power companies can do to check the growth of publicly owned and operated power is to their advantage. In fi.vitis policy for tlie sale of government po'.ver. the Thomas Bill n-niild plve first preference to federally - financed rural co-ops. Second preference would go to state-licensed non-profit irrigation dislricls. Third to federal instilu- Itons. Fourth lo utility companies selling lo uUimaie consumers. No preference would br given to private co-ops, to industrial users, lo slate power authorities, nor to public ulilUy. districts—usually counties—as organized in the northwest. the Senate w na in session -M days, or about half the time, «-liiie Ihe i House labored an extra four ('avs. [ Rut do not jump at conclusions, fjeQUESTION: What can be used rausc these figures He. The House's to stimulate n. small child's appe- working day averaged three and a lite? I do not believe my niece eats na 'f hours, while the Semite's av- enouglt. erago session was four hours and ANSWER: In the absence of ill- 40 minutes. ness, the desire for food is largely Thc senators .made speeches at each other and voted on things for a total of 2D2 hours and 11 minutes, while the representatives only stayed on the job 163 hours and 34 minutes. Another busy man during Ihc first 90 days of the 80th Congress was President Truman, who sent up to the canitol M.C5!) nominations „ „ ,, . , . , . °f folks, including narM Lllirnlhal. B. F. Gay was elected president for jote , m the rc[iera , payrol , More than 12.000 of these were soldiers i\nd sailors the President wanted to promote from coioneis to generals and such like Unit; thn Senate gnvV most of them Its okay. Mr. Truman also found himself running short of postmasters because of deaths, rf-lh'emonts, andj fellow.? going into the tire business.' i So he sent the Senate ;\ list of 039 | gentlemen he wanted to hire as postmasters. Nothing happened. The President inter withdrew psychological. Children usually have a tiood appetite when they are happy n nd not urged too much. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — IN HOLLYWOOD 15V KKSKI.VK JOHNSON NKA Staff Cnrrcsllnndeiil HOLLYWOOD. jViril 5. I'NEAi 'he cisat?, lover mus found a ivr- imnent place in Hollywood, , The wartime su'ostilule moved ii when the screen's lA's moved tut in Uncle's Sam's uaicrc'cc ML jhtt' and fchaki. 1'ellows like Clark Gable. Ty- •otic Power, David Nivcti, n< :''ail'o,ink.-;. Jr., Brb M jntgoaicrv, licharrl Greene, antl a host o! others went ott to war. Rrplafins t-licin in the aniw ol he .screen's glamor ijiris \\evc tli,: ersatz lovers—Van .tohuson.- Tin- han 15ey. John llodiak. Cornel Wilde, no'jcrl Waiter, ijnnny 'iMfts Don de Fore, aud others. The \vai- gave them Mu'ir chance. lUil ^^hcn ilic- liig nanir stars came honic from \var, tlu'^v rcplaccmcnts were bii; nanu- slriry. UM>. aiul no longer jiivl snbstllutes. There was such a male sh<n;;< ;^ in Hollywood when 'he dr.ut wnv.i-i slartcd to blow Ihat the si several hundred men at Hi' ly.vood Canteen made K Russell Raf.p: "Gor.h. a bUKk mai:;ct iii HUT,!" SCRIPT U'ltlTKKS KXI'I-AIX (Many au old-timer--!-^ p.\sl tl', 1 draft aj:c—was tak^n oul. of retirement, given a new toup^o and n ehan-c to see hl s name 1:1 lii;!:;< p.gain. Srripl writers spent half a ivrl explaining lo aunii r.cos whv a young man was in a lariv'.s Widoir instead of in the Army, "t j;isi got the bad news. I'm 4P/' ••; sprni six weeks in basic. Then they found cut I had a bad he.ui." •Most of the re;:la.-c;nen1,s were 4P's. Some had been discharged early in the war. Turban Hry wasn't rtraf(e,i mi- 111 iusl before V-.l nay VcvaiiM' of Ills 'I'urkish nationality ;nl( ) became an Imporlant star" early. Van JoJin.son clu-k'-t-, :is l-Iii- lio'o- ! by-boxers' dciichl. Oll'.ers [ollnwod: Alr::ai;(ier Kmw. tlurcl llal- licUt, U:u;c lieniselt. Ilcbi-rl Alda, 1 i and aarhary S. nit. TVl'Il'AI, STOKY Cornel Wi'de's story is ty\>ii-al. fjettire Ihr war he was just another .*•!"; k p'.aycr at £0!h Century-Fox. Uniii'.pri'SM'ti '<>y his ability, the studio loancci htm t<i the iilujv.'Oia Ktiidio to pl.iy Couu'll clicked. Now he iic-.J I'ji'one Po^ver sbai--' Ihe iu.p 'I'lunt role:* at 20lli Ccn- lury. j TIic Holly«/md atid A r ine wise i suys prcdittcd that the rrsal?, lovors wmild b? shoved oul nf picliiros by Ihc rrturnins 1>-S- naiiu' stars. '1 hr bij; nanu-s n- turllrd, hut the ^artinlc sllbsti- lules rcm.iined. Now Il.illywond is t;p liea\y will) male Slavs. There's bound lo ho a iTUniiiVs aud tlie war-.'-p.ivvncd cclluU'id licvct's. Mcvie fans arc fic'.ile. It's difficult to predict, the svimu-rs. ProD- nbly t!:c safc.-t bet is to say tliat a fVw of r-.i.'n izrtaip \\r,i Continue to ritlo the celiulcid cresi. CorU:iii'.y Van Johnsou lias nothing to worry about. M-G-M just r.avc him a new .seven-year cr,n-| tract callins: far KIVO a week. With f. $KC.C33 bninis lie just Vr:eivcd.. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Defense Is Cured />// Partner's Pass ISY VVIM.IAM K. MrKKNNEY Ainrrica's (lard Auluority AVridcn for NEA Service In srvoial recent artU'les I have sliown hands taken from the world chainpinnshln 'Masters indtvUhia tournament.' on wiiicl\ the expcrl? i went down, but that dors not I mean that there is uo brilliant play j in (he tournament. Today's hand Although East passed the double A 109 VAK 1073 » A 1008 A A J A K G -1 V.i-1 » K Q 7 5 2 W E S Dealer • 63 + Q1076 543 A J 7 5 3 VQ8G5 4.T-I *982 Totirnanicnl—E-W \'ii1. Soulh \Vrst North East l\iss I A Double 1'ass 2 V 1'ass 4 V 1'ass Opcnii-i:— ^ K '• six None of the 1533 bcais his wife except when .she needs it. None is a jailbird, dead-beat, or cx-foot- pad. The Senate admits this. Jt's objection lo tlie unfortunate 033 is •ight and a small spade, but West 1 that they're Democrats L"l 'em :cuid see the ace, king, jack and change their political sprits the en ot hearts, the ace, king and Senate says, if they want, thn ri"ht luecn of diamonds, the ace. king to read other peoples' postal cards ml jack oi clubs. Therefore he Antl a happy Eastertide to all I his partner Had only saV| with plcnl o{ jc , ly 'Ail persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit long chit) he would r elt that if wo small i-pades ami suit; in all probability iavc ibid two clubs. So at this point West led his singleton king of clubs. He knew had lillle lo lose, since the ^Iclon king was dead anyway. Declarer won wilh dummy's ace, licked up the trumps and led the inck of diamonds. West covered, dummy's ace won and a diamond .va s returned! which West won with the kind. He led a small spade. East won with the queen and (hen cashed the queen of chfts—the only way that the contract could bc set. h Bead Courier News Want Ads. the sain? to Ihe administrator, properly authenticated, within six months from the date of the first publication of Hits notice, or they will he forever barred and precluded Irorn any benefits in said estate. Dated this 21st day of March, 1917. .,-. . .MARCUS EVRARD.'/ Administrator. LaHn American HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured president of Chile, Gabriel Gonzalez 7 He also is a VERTICAL 1 Stanzas 2 Iridiurn (comb, form) 3 Dibble 4 Compass point 5 French article 6 Dry 7 Ko\v 8 Pa id notice 9 Tiny 10 Sweet potato 11 Musical studies 12 Withstand 17 Musical note 18 Preposition olcorcsin Today's farms arc bis;cer. iiioro mecliamzed, and more iu\Hli:ctivc than 25 years ac,o. According to t'/c last U. S. coiifin of agriculture, there are over one billion acres of f.inn- iand in approximateiy six miihr.n farms- 800.000 fc- -r than iti 1020. j rive per cent (>' the fauns :ucui,:it [ lor half ihc farmland, of one spade, iv.-rb.xbly many players would come in with a two- clu'j bid to show a hand of little Mrenglh. However, the fact that ne passed helped- West make his clecision en Ihc plav that defeated the contract. When the kiiiff of spades held the Hick. West nolcd that Ills partner hart played the riflht-spot. Ot course East might have the 13 Expimger M Form an idea 15 Mature 18 Press ;19Ostrichlike ] birds j 20 "Coviote . State" (ab.) J21 Low sand hill 24 Stair part j 22 The gods 25 Fragrant ' 23 Ireland 26 God of \vor 28 Dirties 30 Wave lop 131 Harden \3'i Disencumber 33 Plant parts 35 Indian 38 Persian fairy 39 Son of Selh (Bib.) ,« Article ;41 Asseverate ,45 Lieutenant (ab.) 46 Track 49 Mohammedan judge .50 Bail [52 Whole • 54 Opening I device : :S(i Guides ,57Spcls, 26 Get up 27Forlincalion 29 Streets (nb.) 30 Rlnod money 33 Bowling term 34 Hcntcr 36 Made of gold 37 Compound ethers 41 High cards 42 "Old Domin- •13 Kriitor (,ib.) •1-i He succeeded Juan Antonio 47 Native (suffix) •!8 Prcraricale 50 Meadow 51 Blackbird of cuckoo fatnily Haihoart (ab.) ion State" (ab.}55 Pint (;:

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