The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1930
Page 6
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER !), 1936 BLYTHIWILLK, (ARK.) COURlNtt NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS TWO cents a word for flrst In- •ertioii sod ece cent a word for e*ca mlaequlnt ins«r- tlon. No »dvertistuieutUieu for less than Wo. Count the worth and send the t«h, Phone 306 FOR SALE FOll SALE—Nice cafe. Owner has other buiincis. Will sell right. 1'. li. Hawkins, Stcclc, Mu. 8ukl2 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahetu COPYRIGHT 1930 y N EA SERVICE Inc} .4 ERNEST'LYNN / LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1523 LATE VONTIAC COACH A-l condition, looss and runs line. This ib an excellent bargain. Only 1928 MODEL .AA FOttU TKl'CK. '.Has- \ new Tires, closed cab anil platform budy. Just llic truck for 'your heavy hauling ,_ 1MO FOKU FOIlUOlt SEVAN- Driven only 9,1)00 inilijs. Fully Guaranteed. ' Only .................... 5395 5295 515 Used Car Dept. I'ttlLLU'S MOTOR CO. Auilitwizeii k'urd IK-alers I'HONE 811 TODAY TOR SALE—Practically new Singer machine, cheap lor cash, 215 West Davis Ave. 'xx SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. III:GIN in:iiE TODAY llrKlmiTn^ i]j* nu i-.\trn, A\\l? Wl.VJ'KII, in. nmlilllciui IIHIIIE iii-- irrtN fruiu 'I'liUn, Otd^. li:l>i pru- l^i-chsrj rillildl-i 1 nnil ft now iiudrr L-iiiilrncl lu Cr.ind CnlU-iJ, our uf tltc lnrt;rkt uf the lloll) \\iioil KIII- 1)104, Ahtir lin-i Iji-cn living tilth 1\io olUrr i>\lr:i<i, MON.A UOUIII- SUX null i:VA HAIll.i:V. Tlic iJillkT, livcnii^L- of a iriiuU' luve <'.\PL-rI(MirL- liiu) lirr failure If. "mike llic irriidc,' 1 Irnvr.x llollj-- M &uil nnil rf turu>i ra -Vc%v Orlc'nut. DAN nOIIIMKU rurnur .\c\v Vurk iLCtrhiKiurr ni:in :mcl no\\ n fci-rmirlu ^vrlli-r, U In luvi- ttlili ATiiji-, liri In- hn^ c<nni- It* n-Krtr.l M» frcJlni; rur hrr n* n ljntii-lL->.a tnit, e^iict-liillj- hlnc-e lil« ri-]f:ii,i; from l.'unlliu-iilnl I'k-turt-M mill lilx rnllior un^uCL'i-M^ful nllcmvl* lu free Inuet 1 . 1'AUI., nko nrllei :i iliilly ;ni»\lr riiliintn rur u Klrinu lir IK'UHtlJILKT.S, KlmrOM D.-III-M u|i:irliiK-m \\lih him. Hi- Un^ Kri'nl fallh In Dim'fl nl)llllr, tlL'splle the lullri'ii illsoiillrnKcttlcul, ^Vhllc in Xcvv Vurk Dun hni] ^Yrltlcn ti phiy fur Ihe kl:«Ki-. UN n^cnT, uunlilc to (ilnrv U, scull* II iKiuk, innl AIIIII; UTiU Culnrr [mil II nikj nrc TliL-y urr^L- ll;in lu revise It for the umvlrs. llnu follovvM Ihelr nilvloe. The Ulny cvciiliinny 1^ iu-cci«lfj liw Cr.-mil Ulilli'.l, ,n:u; he N tulil lli:it lie limy lit! uncrcj :\ cuntr^vt. Kuciuln^ ihal Amu- i\uuM Illu- lu |iluy a ilr.-iiiKillc role, lliivliuvr Min£<-*fn lu ^tudlu c.xrk'iitKev (hnl »lii: lit- KlVL-n a le*l fur Ihe Ivnd- Int; fi-iulnf/K 1 linrl. lli-ri-luforu (.lit BriK |jl[i^i-il rule.* In vihlch Uer •ItiKi"^ nnil tfniielnir n-aliirt-J. (i.VIIUV SI.OA.N l> la tln-et Ihi- Itklure. lit- uln-n Jier n test nnj I^< rtilbiiKlnslle over Iu-r vulrc. IK- Klve^ l]ie luirl ro lit-y. srn:ni IM Ite lilKk-vil dtrt-rlor hi HO||;M iinj, nnil AIIILC tiiitiirnll)- t» ehitfj IJMT till- iMiiinrlnnll.T. SUc mid Itiirl- iner tju tint In^elln-r Ihnt evening for n drUe. she Irf KCI liuiiiiy, Khu lells him, that h!:L- «autj lu "l:illi i:nj lull; :,,|J mill." AO\V t:O O.N WITH 'run STDIIY where would 1 have ticen 11 hadn't been for yon?" Uan Bliriificcd. "You mustn't say that. Sooner or later itioyM have found out whai you're capable of. It .can make any ecnso out ot what I said. And that's why I've been rallicr afraid of your baying >vhal you did. I had hoped yon wouldn't somehow, until 1 vas surer of Why. all I did was to uut them self. I Ilko you, Dan—I Ilko you wise to themselves." I tremendously. Hut I'm not at all Anno save a littlo pressure to. sure, that I'm lu lovo wlili you." tlio hand lliat waj holding lie is.; • < • ' ' ' I J^JAN eald. wltli a sliruR and a DECLINING Iiclilud llic wliecl, ha| J -' i ]U cer llttlo smile: "Well, It ;;a/od up at tlic sky. and pix'3- {you're not sure. I guess you're not; cully Lc said, without tuniliiu lilail think you'd know, all rlRlit, If "cad: | you were." and lie nulld! out a "Anne, how would you like lo get ;clgarct and lighted It. ma "' <! ' 1? " And Anne, watching Ills face, ro- -\\liy. Dan," she laughed, "la 111!U . tlc ,, „,„ scl loo ,, a | x , u ,. lU i s Mat a |II-H|:OSL:!? 'mouth and laid a hand caressingly "Jou're davn rlslil It Is." !,,„ U1s 1U111 . .. Vall , im i c i- s tii!i.) Well. I never hc^rd sucli a ciw ', lo . a vol!i m.i?" she asked anxious- lal one In my life, t must Bay." | ly . ..\ Vo ntt A n -<. bo so utterly seri- "It might sound casual." ho said, \ ms abollt lt . , lccll wc , rolling his licad over to look at' ler. "liui Uiere's plenty of sniff lelilnd it." Anna made a euiinil wlili tier .ongitc. "Trlik. Siicli Blang!" Dan smilcil. and then he became jutlcleuly serious. "Nov.', look here, I Anne. Tonight's Uio nlKht we KCI lie record clear. Thcre'd no use kiddins ourselves any. longer. I'm crazy about you and you know IX: you've known il for a loui; time, too. Now what um 1 goini; to do CHAPTER XXX VI I tiWELL, we'll talk Iheu." FOR SALE—2 miles south of city on highway, 5'.L- acre lots- Houses on Kentucky, Dotijjan and Bryan addition. Cheap. Mrs. George Tucker, race, Miss. 8pkll • Have two ten acre tracts on highway 61 fOf miick sn!e at reduced prices. Good soil and well drained. Ideol for truck, dairy, chicken ranch or country home, G. G. Caudill, Phone 73f. 9ckl5 I-'OK RENT Ho paid, "Xo. we can alwayg 1)0 frU'iids." lilnwinK on tlio end o his cisarot; and tlio Irony of It was almost like a blow to Anne. li'.it she said nothing, and ECMsed^tlial she was hurt, a;i was '\Vhy (Fa l ' (o dmiu you near about it?" FOR RENT—2 or 3 light housekeeping. Phone 848. rooms lor 1020 Hearn Bpkll I'OK RENT—Light Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. ,.. .,',. .. '...,._,. 2GL-II Furnished apa'rment for rent. See Jimmie L^dbettcr ai Saunder's Store, 23c-U Dan settled back In the seat and laughed. "You can talk my heat off If you want lo and it will ho all right with me." Ho drove llien to Santa Monica. I and there they swung dowu lo Ihe ! beach. Tho ocean lay In front of ! them, heaving and murmuring with a whispered song and hc-aritig a grateful breeze to them. And there they sat and talked for a •while in muted voices, but present!}• both wore silent with thoughts or tneir own. Dan smoked, and after a while Anne stirred and raid the ocean was Ilko that. "It takes all the •talk out of you, doesn't it? 1 mean at night. In the daylime it's a gay, frolicking thing, hut at night it's so solemn. It seems to be saying 'liush' all. the time." .; .';Tliat'y .-very, true,'! he gravely agreed, and .ho took her hand and ; wailed Ihcn for her reply, and Anno said "Why. Dan." confusedly, and nothing more. She turned her eyc-3 away and looked troubled. "There for a while, when things weren't breaking for me. 1 managed to keep quiet ahoul il. lint—" Anno Interrupted him with n vehement shake of her head. "Ob, i Uan I be sorry, Anne, really. Tbai. was a nasty thing to say. I diiln't mean it at all." He saw her eyes (hen and they shone with unshed tears, aud he let his arm rc.-it lightly around lier nhonldors. and ho suoko lightly .Vhy >>•.' I cnjl—you never hear vie. "in a war fool, but ir.;iu( cun I dot Vhy irat l tern lo luce |/ouf" A NNK evened her eyes then nud lou!,e;| ai him, and, Iti ularin 6ho nhnu'ed ut tho speedometer and called his allentlou to It. l)nn msillcil and released llio pressure ef his foot Eimiewual. lio lhaulird her Uipii [or sliiKliiii. "Just lllio obi limes." And then lie talked on rapidly, (old her how much her .voice. Ind Improved. "I wouldn't have believed II. Thai fellow miis't'liQ a marvel." Ho.said'he wondered when pro- ducHoa would Blart on his incline. "Whir, do you ihlnk of l.cstcr Moii'rc? Think you'll gel ' ukmi; wlllrhlni all right? I'hllllps U'lts mo lie's a regular guy—no IITIIIHT. amcnt ur auylhlng—so you're, i;,>Ing to get a clianco lo do Borne- thing." To all of this Anne, knowing tint ho was aciing unnaturally, and worrying abonl him. ninrnmrid short replies, liui when they reached the hnn^nlow sl:o was strangely reluctant to let him go. aud f\io found things to say that would serve as nil excuse for him to linger. and jokingly of oilier things. lint presently Hie (Kcaii laid Its spell on them again nml they (ell silent, and wlicn Anno stirred uu- easily llorlmcr asked her It thought it Lime to go. Sho no'ililcil. Dan slnrtcil llio motor. Swinging in, (lie hill to liie Dan, that wouldn't have made any I la " -- Ul hold it in his own and difference—not a bit Von Just don't understand." "Well, It did to me; It mado a lot of difference. Yon know. Anne, you told me a little while back that you sometimes thought 1' did- i't care what happened—whether went over or not—hut you were wrong, l had plenty of reason for caring. . . ! What don't I understand?" he asked abruptly. "Oh. Just"—she swung around and faced him—"Just that I'm bewildered and dou't know what to say." Her wide darj; eyes wore a worried iook. Sho smiled nervously and repealed: "I dou't know what to say." "Well, it's either yes or no, Isn't It?" Dan laughed shortly. "Perhaps you mean you don'i want to hurl my fc:liuss—is that II?" That was not il at all. nicd. "I Ihink ynu're rather cruel to pay that. Dan.'-'- And.siio tried to explain then that marriage was main road, lie mado a remark ahont ' not having been . "Sort oC a flat And when lie dlil leave, with a promise to tec her at tho sludlu mi tho morrow, she walled at i',:o open door until he hnil climbed Into the car. and then sho waved lo him 8lle -mil c.illcd goodby to htm again. Mona was not yet homo and tlio plnco suddenly was cheerless. Anno pat down lo wall for Mmia MILK IS HEADY.'. A PLEASURE, ib BE -mis HOUSE 5iMc& vou HAP -fee-rH au-r j ' A LUMBER-TTACkT IfU A MEUI CAMP, BEST Q"F ALL IDEA vuHA~T A RELIEF ("T 15 -fo.BEp ABLE SEE .You, Mcrf. BUT-THE SPELL WILL BE [much of a si lire, wasn't Hut ho spoke cbcerlnlly enough, jlle said. "Well, we'll just let 11 BO | by default, Anne, and try It again sometime. We'll just forget what happened." He leaned toward her smilingly aud Anne smiled hack at him. Presently lie began to whistle, and out pt. (lie corner of his eye he 'ooked slyly tit her lo see If she ivas tahlii;;'nolic« of Hie song, Anne c! to 'something (hat she thought of only FOR RENT—Onu of Shane Apartments on West Main street. Telephone 107 and 511. 3ckl5 j FOR KENT—Furnished apartment close in. 505 West Main, Phone 353. Gpkll be studying it. And finally he las a dim. far-off prospect; as some- looked up at her face again. "1 ! thing probably eventual but re •was Just thinking. Anne. You've mote from htr present 'scheme. She come a long way since that lirst night we came down here." "And you too, Ban," she smiled. "No, it's different. 1 had everything in my favor lo begin will], and she, fuiiiid herself, for sonio strmiKe reason, wondering wlnt she would have done It Rortmcr had ag:iln khsed-hcr. Sho had not expected him lo Iry It. bnl sho wondered ncvcrtheleas. hcrauso Dan Ind said something about "old tfhies," referring to their llrsl e\n- ntug at S;mta Monica, and sho hud not forciitlcn that It was thai night lliat Uan had kissed her. Perhaps, sho argued lo horcc-lt, she had not been fair lo Dan. It lie really cared as much as ho seemed to—aud she knew that he bad been BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES fa'M Kit, YEAH! &n/Lii> By Martin saw him ami sho laughed. j lrylll(; 10 wae , mrt of „ frou , ,, CP _ you re horrid." she saiil. | s t lc had done wrong In not saying "('on:c on. Anne, sins fur me." "Xot that one." S!ie shook l:cr head. "Conic on." Me pleaded; "for old times' salie, Anne," aud he argued so persuasively and so iierslslcnt- sornclhins long before this. Hhe was forlorn, feeling that sha had lort a 5.1.1- comrade. Mona came In presently, loud and breezy and cheerful, and they lajkud; hut Anno followed Uau Horly that finally she consented anil jj mC r homo lu her tlmimbla. closed her eyes and sans: Al:I , l)an U] , diu( , lho ul , ar i iuelll "li'liy tcaj I ' "" ingt What do I gni What im I glvlnfil | wood Biulevard to ilciiry'9. There ll'Jiy (Jo 7 ii-itH! u (Hiir,; ; iiurcn'1 lio found I'anl Collier and Jofiimf tor? luiilillo and a couple of very prcuy V.'/i;/ am I Mv-:oui|:t>' ivlicn he grit there, left Im- I'-iie-Jiately nnil walked down llolly- What pi: /or? 1 tcisA ( fOB RENT—Nice front bedroom in! modern hcme. Call 115-W. Cckll; and I came very near to making a mess of it." "But you didn't You've done said. rather apologetically, though, the-re might be something not exactly utirmal in the admission, that she hail set her mind upon a career, and that perhaps she had made a mistake aud let il matter too much. She tried lo smile. "Anyway, FOR KENT—Front bcdroDin, venient to bath. Phone ; Mrs. U. W. Mullins. t something lo be proud of. And.'Dan. Ihot's the way I fecl-- ; : ;ou lives Ktrnisht ahead on I he roail. he'drove. Crimly he pressed his jbnl.ilcroiisly at foot down on Ihe accelerator, ani '"iwcst stories; tho uislu wind lore |i:tst them ln! oll ; c ™ lcl1 lle whispered accompaniment to Anne Winter's sons. and It almost snatched a Elided sob from his JliroaL givlo, lliiECritu; over coffco and saiuKvtcbc-s: and he Joined them. He talked a great deal, and laughed Johnny Hidillc'a and wheu tho riMiialned and ordered more coffee. And finally he went homo and (To l!o ConlInncd) FOR RENT—Threu rooms furni^licd for lijjht houscls SCO N. Fifth street. i WANTED BOAKDEKS— Owing to an ov - rsu Pl'' v i (or, fryers, ' '' lc farm can ol and. pork give special from rates , nicely, keeping, to ccuples. 112 East Cherry street, UDklliPhonc 002. 9pkl7 (iptll- FOR RENT—Room with 115 West Ash St., Mrs. Worslcy AT ONCE—SOUTl! AMERICA or —Cotton .iced c'n, d essy on : lie | Jtt-inpriis txohaim- today. 31 25; Get. 20.75 to 3J b. 5,-t'rs. Cottonseed S-. ni. 31.73!); -Nov. 31.i5; ! to 31. SO. Nov. 30 to :)0.50; closeci easy, dor. 31.51) to 31.15; )ec 31 oO rial: J.m. WANTED ,cors^ UNITED STATES. Permanent Opkl3 position; clerical, mechanical, 31.50 to 31.95: Feb. 32.S fljl: lli.r. I salesmanship; experience unneccs- rary. Salaries S25.-S100. wcokly, transportation furnished. BOX 1175, CHICAGO. ILL. flpkld STKAYED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 7tH S. I.-ake St. ITck-tf i . I STRAYED—Boston bull pup. dark WANTED—Saleslady or salesman, j steel brindle color. Reward/ Have wonderful proixjsilion for | Phone J. B. Clark, 131 or 1517-F-2 live wire. Exclusive territory. See O .A. Thompson. 110 West Asli after 8 p. in. in evening. 9pkl2 8cklu Young man with references wants job cli'livrring groceries. Will furnish own ca r and work in slor.e. Phone 70 or 325, Lake St. Spkll We ofTcr llic best auto' repair service in town A. II. JKNKINS I'bone 210—S18 In I'icknlck Bus Building PERSONAL V. R. WASHAJH—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick tip and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em So KINnEROARTEN SCHOOL — Mrs. Lucilc Thomas Smith will' open her Kindergarten at 1100 W. Main on Sept. 15 witli a limited number of children. You will be delighted with the training your child will receive. Call 22G. 2ck9. Closing Stock P' ices A. T. .ir.d T 218 1-8 Aviation 5 3-1 Chrysler 23 Citiw Service 23'i Coca Cola 181 :i-4 Fox 51 5-8 General Electric 78 3-8 General Motors '16 3-8 Origsby Grunow 137-8 I. T. and T -13 Montgomery Waui 30'-; Packard 13 S-3 Rudio 31 3-8 Simmons 27 Stewart-Warner 27 United Gas H8", U. S. Steel 172 5-8 Jan. 31 io 31.SO; April JlS!ii). No jjo 32.50; April. 32.25 to 32.75. Sales toUilal 3.100 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 0. IL 1 :') —Cotton closed steady. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mai. May July Open High . 1080 11UO . 1100 1117 . 1105 . 1120 1157 1121 11-12 1158 1176 LOW 1079 103U HOD 1122 11-10 1157 109S UK 1T21 1140 liGOb 11731) Spols closed steady at 1071, up n. Blylhcvlllc Upholstery and Repair Shop now located U7 S First St.. next door to Will Carney's. J H. Jenkins, Manager, Phone 409 •k-kll c.\un or THANKS We wish to express our appreciation for the kindness shown by our friends during Ihe illness am death of our Mother. Mrs. F. !'. Carter and chlldrct Mrs. W. U. Wright- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS AN Ul'SET By Blossei SUDDEM APPEARANCE IM OSCAR'S UtJCLE CLEffS AIRPLANE AiN\osr Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Thonc 52 KAg. Blytaevilte, Ark New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 0. <UD—Cotton clobCd steady. O]ycn High !,CAV Oct. old HOi 112(1 1101 Oct. now 107S 1003 10"7 113S il',7 Bcr. Dec. Jan. Jan. old now old >K'\V old new- Mar. ... May ... July ... Epots ; five. <" HOi i07a 1118 10SO 1127 1101 1126 1111 llofl 1124 114 J H50 1170 un lias 1154 closed steady .it Close 11IG IOS7 1133 lll:i 1H7 1130 itsn li'il 1120. up Cotton Seed Market ; Tcnn., Sept. 3. (C'P) BUT EvERVTOiMG IS O.U..... FOR FARQAR. soss OM'-- NOV.-I, FReckLtS, AS:D V00.1 EV£ PEELED F03. TP.6 SiSHT Of AWONS RNER. $ I TVoOSHT' SO-- M!£U., '• CAKiT CO.'A& THIS LOVJ FOR IT'D W.SAM sues '^- HAPAI^AI '•-":^" •' ^ ' v~~- -- •' •.-''•,••• "^-^-^^O^-v^^lIfi; ^^?!S^- : ; "•"' ' 1>" fe. FALVS "WAN A MALF MILE AI4' LOSE .. ANY TIME 6ETTIM' TO SHORE ;; \ ._ MO."M'N POP MISINTICRI'KHTATION " By Cowai "fOVJ'LU BWMK XOUR M1UK XOU't-L BE-COdE BIG C.\V)L UKC W!S.

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