The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Page 11
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TUBfDAT, AUGUST 14, 1951 BLTTTOVTLLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Mo]. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams W6 H6AR TH06E 6TA6fi WHISPERS.' 6IME HIM 0006H A»JD We'L SPLIT IT LATeR™ We weee AWAKE A>-L. LlSTENllKiG TO YOUR PLfthJ- MILL . .._ LAZINESS IS , WHUT MAKES HIM FOXY--HE DIGS OUT A LAYER, THEM SC^iS- TH 1 COOt-N ESS OUT OF THAT-THEM DIGS . ANOTHER LAYER *"•"—'^e. ACCUSE 7H6 OTHERS ANlD WE'LL ESTAB LISH A-FUND SLAY 0$ A 61* Fofc **o*?a.4e GIB M6 SOME BUV rJOOClWMEMf AT/ ( P^E^DER m SLJRe TO REAMMDOS GOPHER fe*TH If you've tht knack to fix a sn&ck, Choose Meyer'i Bread, full measure, Hie away to the lake, you"!) make no mist-die, Meyer'* Bread will givt extra pleasure. PIESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSAL!. Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! d ntt* to nua blu . . .. Waahe* II wfel7 down the dnta . . Simple ax A-B-C. PHf abMtt an; link. Set It U tor »* HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. THE GILA MURDER • BY JULIUS LONG • "RB STORY I I. • • t m f m,m* ••clftJ leader 9* O*It»B- rlllr »ri |h* weaMhle* >, ie*elm (•!• the (went •( h*r «r «i • «rr*nK* ttrrltrlmm «-r* hiding tfc*r* By rhe tlmi Mr*. Bob Crawford, wlirt lived T tht vrcne. La«r« Col(«a ta blric» r^Mlnn al* n fflET MITCHELL realized *oon 1 enough that he had a cas« that *aj to mak« Coltonville history. Vliat had happened to Laura Colon would make a story anywhere, nd. the fact that it had happened Laura, the richest woman tn Coltonville. made It a local sensa- on in the nine-day wonder class. Chief Mitchell knew that a crisis his life had arisen. This thing would have to be handled just ight. • Doc McCracken, the coroner, an ancient man with a hearing aic that did not assist his hearing overmuch, took the matter coolly enough in stride, though the sight if the hacked and severed com ponent parts of the deadly lizaix would make him shake bis almost completely bald head. 'It didn't kill her," he said 'She died of a heart attack," anc IB gave it a technical name. "I wasn't too serious, only something Ike this could easily put her ou lor keeps. What in the world wai it that bit her?" / Chief .Mitchell shook his head Doc, I thought you'd maybe know I never seen anything like it in 50 years. Some kind of a lizard ain't it?" He spoke loudly from habit, and Dr. McCrcsken said: „ "1 guess so. But I never s one that big or that color in Ohio Looks like a lady's beaded bag.' There was some truth in th coroner's comparison. The lizard hide was rough, and bead-lik tubercles covered its body save a the head itself. The coloring wa coral and black, and there was sort of desien u in beaded bai naav There were four f«*t. rather daws, nd ]awf with iheli fang-like th Th* creature wac indeed nough to scare a woman to death ven ti her neart nad b«ec tar tronger than iJiura Colton'a. ! ngger." said L'hiel Mitcnell. that she got it out at the glove I looked in tier car and it's pen. Alter it bit Her she slopped cai in the street and acme -mnnin to Bob's house, carryln' thing with her She must of een scared plumb out of aer it*." Dr McCracken had not quite eard all that the chief bad said, ut he got the idea, and he nodded •H think I'd belter call Dr Crev- iton," he said. '*He's her phyai- ian, and he can probably tell me bout her heart. Though I'd swear my diagnosis is correct, the autopsy will make it sure." , HIEF MITCHELL winced. It hardly seemed right to perform on autopsy on the body of Laura Colton, who bad been the town' virtual queen since her father ha died 25 years before, and who ha< n its crown princess another 25 years before that. Of course 'there nad been th :wo-year period when Laura tiai been absent from Coltonville- th Arizona interlude when ibe na been the bride of her second cou sin, Sam Colton, an engineer em ployed by a mining firm at Bisbee Ariz., also at Ajo. It had been the latter village that Laura ha persuaded Sam to give up minin and return to Ohio. She ba brought him proudly back, her father's death having been th prying wedge between her hus band and his chosen career. Sh had returned to reign as the un disputed queen ot Coltonville. People had said nasty things They had questioned Laura's mo live for marrying Sam, arguin that she had chosen her : husban as consort only because hie ao oeec uie same as net ma men a me of whicb the was to proud hey further charged that day by ay she ruined Sam. a good. ugged soul who could Dave oeen bte to fuppori her in hu own ghv but who was Like • tUh out f watec tn Coltonville Laura ouldn't even trust him to oil the lachmery in the factor? H wai llcgect. doubtless unfairly The truth, oowevea wa* un- omfortably close to populai gos- p Sam Colton Knew nothing but lining, ano after avc rear* be ad become a loafer whose' life as made oearable only by the two children. Lawrence and Patn- Sam doted on the kids, and hough Laura dominated their aising. he derived sufficient sati*- action from them to make hie ex* stence bearable. "> ERE! A PS it would be mor* accurate to say that ne enjoyed 'at, ae Patricia soon came to b* cnown Lawrence never did com* to be a- lied Larry and the phe- lomenon may explain the difference between the two The boy, Irst born, was never very well- iked from the start while Fat wa» hoyden rascal popular with everybody and pretty as a movi* starlet She was Just out of a co-e<J coJ- ege now. having won the tight against her mother, wh'o dotea on Vassar Lawrence was vacation- ng from cost-graduate s c h o o L where he wns getting his Ph. D. abnormal psychology the only subject in which he had evei shown any interest He had been IV-F during the war because ol flat feet, weak eyes and a heart munnur I think we ought to notify the family." said Chief Mitchell "Snm shouldn't have to hear it from the neighbors." "That's right," agreed Doc McCracken. "I'll notify him before I call Oevlston." tie nesitated "1 think you're the one to letl him." "What are you afraid of?' 'the police chiel asked candidly ir Don't tell me Saro will mourn her!" "Okay," said Doc McCracken. "I'll call Sam Colton and you Paul Baker, the county prosecutor, over here." i . (To B« Continued) The rare me t-al pall ad lum re quires the working of many tons of ore to obtain an ounce 11 it. REPAIR SERVICE AU appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radtoc and small appHancea. All oar work is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. What Don't You Need? Old rickety fxrnilare, worn | clothes, flshini equipment anything on earth that JOB don't want U worth mone? In trades and swaps at It A M Sales Co. Brinj H down— TOB'II find lomethlni jam DO H&MSalesCo 117 T. Main Ph«ne SS59 FOR SALE Cvncrete eatrerts. 12 inch t* 48 inch, plain at recnt*reeil. Al«o Concrete Building Bl«ck& er than Ivmber f«r barni- chicken huflrT**, pimp KOBMI. tenant hvuft**. t«ol ahcd*. W* Call •• f«r fre« «l!m«U OSCEOUA TILE 1 CULVERT CO. H —-«-n —Get The Best Car Service! 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SHO PRiSCILLA'S POP That's Our Girl BY AL VERMEER VOU LOOK SO WARM. REVEREND WEEMS! WOULD YOU LIKE SOME LEMONADE? OM. INDEED I WOULD. MRS. NUTCHELL! IVE VISITED A SICK FRIEND IN THE FACTORY DISTRICT... —i ,-• NOT WHATK / TOLD " ' ' U5 IN •SUNDAY SCHOOL! 1 GUESS A'O PLACE IS HOTTER THAW THE FACTORY ICT! I.(iire 's '5etlei - RY MirHAF.l. O'MAI.I.RY and RALPH LANS NO/ I AIN'T SCUM' TO TWA UAMD FROM WHICM NO TRAVELER RETURNS/ I'M £TAVIW H&RB/ A LOT &TRONS&R DOCTOR I SCOD/ ANJD YOU FELLOW& BE THE P THE WORLD TO MAIL A MURDERER 8V NOW WE'RE &OING TO 6EE A FILM R&COROIN& OP AN ACTUAL HOLD-UF; MR. PL1NT/ CAPTAIN EASY They Missed the.Train BY LESLIE TURNER SO MY OWN mMCEY KNEW POLICE WERE AFTER H, BROTHER,WiTHl MH.N IM SPOEJ ClOr«E5. WHO IIHAPED J.}7,000 IM WS \ SLIGHTLY. SO Hf. CHM05EBIUID OWE SUITCASE, (kSKEDYOeVOUR sUITSl WHAT KWD? WE FOE. CftSH TO KELP HIM ESCkPE! IC6.N HftRPLV BELIEVE — A BLUE SERGE. THEM 8UEMEO HIS OWM. M CASE HE'D DISCOVERED THAT..BUT FIGURED THEY'D OVER- DOK. ONE TRMM, LEMIlUfi ^BOUTMI[)MIGHT'.^HEEE JAS HIST TIWE TO REACH IT, SLIP INTO COKER'S VfCATED BUUK 1M THE SIDE-SHOW CAR.AVJD- VOl) CAMEHERE.IAGKF.ED TO DEWY HWIMG SEEM HIM,..MID HE LEFr fOX : WEST ROADOWMOWM WRPORTS BUS. AM 1 TRWSJ STMIONS! LOOK AT THAT BUfA. |- LOAFER, NO-GOOP' KEEPING BOOK-i ON Cliiile Six for Allev BY V T. KAMI.IN. WHAT S THAT ) TO TK GAMES SIR-WHY £151 SOLDIER, \WOULDTH 1 LIEUTENANT WHATCHASAY? \BEOUTON TK STREETS WHATCHAMEAN.) WITHA BARBAR!AN IF IT'S THIS WAY? / NOT TO SNTERMIM IN TH-CODT6ST3? ^ OH.SURE.SOLD1EK. THANKS A LOT.' AWRIGHT, FRITZ, IOCWE ALONG. •(EW ENTRY! ^ICE LOOatfKff.^ IT'a ONE i"SOTTtlERE / [ DOUbT Yl)u''/l -IHUTeN(vNT... ilNGLE COMBAT. V AK. If IS AN' M" WHAT'S HIS ) HES'AING WEAPON? rf». ir MEAN; AXMAN; SINGLE/ THREE"... UMBER EIGHTEEN BY EDCAR MARTIN WANTED MEN,and WOMEN BOOTS *ND HER BUDDIES to follow leads on Hospital Imvrance > Great demand — Good When In the Hospital friends send Flowers — YV« Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency 106 S. First St. Blytheville'' "Everything In Insurance" *~ * A. r. DMrlck OAJRY QUEEN So. Highway Bl

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