The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1966 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1966
Page 8
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Page Bight - BlythevfflMArTiV Courier Ww» -ttturdiy, May M, MM CLASSSFIED ADVEiVnSlNG INFORMATION tt»> par B»» Bally Insertion. . Minimum chars* .......... t'.OO 1 time per Una ............... 30c I times irr line per day ...... 25c 3 times per lino per day ...... 20c 7 times per line per day ...... 15c Month per line ........... 1,00 2 line minimum Count four average worta to tn« line Ad ordered for three or seven times and stopped before expira- t< <n will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustments of bill made. Cash re- find" must be picked up within A??*' classified advertising copy must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the BbM'e table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertion take the one time table. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect inserUon of any classllled ad. All ads are restricted to their ? roper classified style and type he Courier News reserves the right to edit or reject any ad. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY WANTED! SOMEONE TO TAKE OVER REPOSSESSED MERCHANDISE Atk to g»t on our malting lltt [YOUR CHANCE TO SAVE BIG! MONTHLY PAYMENTS A Norge Wringer WASHERS „... like new .... $0i0w ' G.E., Portable M AA LEVISION VI.UU 2 23" G.E. Table .Model «A AA •TELEVISION V9.UU 1- Underwood — Olivetti Jales - Services - Rentals Business Machines Co. 2008 W. Main PO 3-8991 "Alterations Alterations & sewing done. 1409 W. Chickasawba. 4-15 pk 5-18 Mens clothing only. 411 S. Franjr- Un. PO 3-4048. M Pk «-3 Auto Upholstery ^ Oar-Truck-Farm equip, seat*. Oil- jell's. 600 B. Main, PO 3-J 742 -^ B Boats ' u-WkA|lSifS< Seats - Tops - Decfc Wat*. Oil- ben's. 600 E. Maia. PO 3.6742. 4-1 CK u •TELEVISION ... 23" G.E. Console TELEVISION ... G.E. Clock RADIO 2 26" Boy's •] ' BIKES 4 7.35x14 White Sidewall Tubless " TIRES many miles left I Used (10,000 BTU) " AIR CONDITIONER 2 Used Refrigerators •i 1 Very Nice I Used Gas Range * see them today . $10.00 $5.00 $5.00 $5.00 $0.00 $6.00 $5.00 GOOD/YEAR SERVICE STORE 131 E. Main — Ph. PO 3-8140 Business School* Blythevlile Business Collegfl Summer classes June 7, July 1. PO 3-7496 or P.O. Boi 503. 3-3 ck U Pole* Ulotha line poles. BiytnevlUe iron fe Metal. PO 3-SRS6 3-19 ck tt "Cablifiefs^ - Geneva nutone wood carr. Dlxle- ffiald cabinets & vanities. Post form tops. Kitchen aid dishwashers. Henry Woods Cabinet shop. 1033 W. Moultrie Dr. PO 3-6176. 4-30 ck S-31 Equipment Rental BuudDzer-rrout met Bo* Air Compressors Concrete atlxers Ota & Electric Welders WBeiObsrrowa-pICSS & iUonM Water Pumps Heavy Jack* - Cranes) Trucks A Handwrencnea Carpenters Tools Plumbers Mechanic Tool! Yard * Garden Tool» Wheelchair it Bollaway Bee) Asl for anything not listed We deliver Po- PO 3-829! or PO 3-373* Helton Francis FRANCIS AND FOB Insurance For Complete .insurance Protection V. J. POLLARD AGENCY Planned Protection Blythevllle Federal Building Outboard Motors Expert outboard o^cror lepaln and zlbreglass repairs. BYRTJM BARD- WARE. 116 E. Main. 10-8 ck tt Painting Painting & expert paper banging. Eddy Rhodes. PO 3-8935. 5-9 pk 6-9 Pecan* Pecane for sell & pecans cracked. Jenkins Farm. 695-3612. 1-3 CX tz Delivery service, PO 3-4764 or PO 1-9150. 4-22 pit 5-23 3 rm. unfurn. apt prl. bath an ent. PO 2-2877 or PO 3-6911. 5-14 pk 5-1 2 bdrm. house, M37 Carolyn. 5-14 pk 6-1 4 rm. furn. apt.. PO 3-8672 o PO 3-8243. 5-14 pk «-l 4 rm furn house, PO 3-9761 or PO 3-7897. S-14 pk 6-1 Nicely fura. 3 rm. house. 1708 W Main. PO 3-6248. 5-13 pk 5-2 3 bdrm. unfurn. noufie $45, bdrm fum. house #0 3 rra. firm house «50 Days PO 3-0422 nlte PO 3-7919. 5-13 pk S-2 3 rm. unfurn., apt., nice, 417 E Cherry. PO 3-3535 or PO 2-2624 5.13 pk 5-2 3 rm. unfurn. house, bath (25 110 Ward St. PO 3-3535. 5-13 pk Small house 1214 Holly PO 3-3153 S-13 ck Mod. furn. apt. Air Cond. Gooc loc. Single person or coupla only. MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO 2-2033 Harold R. Knop, Salesman Nlte PO 3-4233 Milton Snow, Salesman Nite PO 3-4613 5-13 cX 5-2 We now service all makes T.V.'t fc radios. Wilson's Furn. & Appliances. 113 E. Main. Ph. PO 3-4237. 4-4 ck Rug Cleaning CALL US AND GET TOUR CAB- PETS CLEANED IN YOUB HOME. ALL WORK GUARANTEED. PHONE PO 3-1530. 5-7 pit 6-7 Unfurn. 5 rm. house with bath Tarbro. PO 3-6263. 3-13 pk 5-Z 2 Bdrm duplex redecorated t nicely fum. PO 2-2465. 5-12 ck t 3 rm. furn. apt. air cond't. Util itles fum. Upstairs, $75. PO 3-6961 nights PO 3-4791. 5-12 ck t 3 rm. house, unfiim., bath, gas $35 mo. 1601 W. Ash. PO 2-291f after 5. 5-12 pk 5-20 Store building with fixtures, good locations. Near cotton Gin. Also for sale '55 Chevrolet. Call ED 3 4128 after S PM, Caruthersvllle, Mo . 5-12 pk 5-15 3 rm. fum. duplex, 224 Dougan St. PO 3-7868. 5-12 pk 5-20 3 Bdrm. and den house PO 3-740S 5-11 pk 5-17 i trailer. PO 3-9002. 5-11 pk 5-18 .4 rm. furn. house & bath. Also 4-rm. duplex apt. 14 mile from Base date. 2-8452. .5-11 ck 6-U ' Peerless Rug Cleaners Pickup & Deliver? Service 416 S. Franklin - Ph PO J-2433 Sandblasting We remove run, corrobion. Ola puint and etc., from metal by sandblasting. No Item too large or small Jno o McHaney « sons, Inc. B-24 ok tt 4WV-V ^vwWS^VWN^W-'SfV^A.'WV^"' Seotic Tank Service 1 clean ccptle tanks, ceaj pool* grease trope and sewer line*. All work guaranteed. Gent Nuckles, 2007 W. Vine. Blythevllle Ark Ph 2 r cond. n and bath furn, house. Air PO. 3-3123. 5-11 ck tf - 3 rra. house, furn. 550 mo. PO 3-4011. . . 5-10 pk 5-18 Commercial bldg. 105 N. Franklin,-across from Hays Store. Utho Barnes, PO 3-4144. 4 rm & bath unfura. 2301 Marguerite, PO 3-7572. 5-10 ck tf 4 rm. and bath unfurn. 2303 Marguerite. PO 3-7572. 3-10 ck tf 4 rms. and bath, new modern home. 710 Clark, unfurn. PO 3-7372. S-10 ck tf 3 rm. fum apt. with private bath, panelled thru-out. Lots of cabinet space. Close-In. PO 2-2595 or PO 3-3331. 5-10 ck tf PO 34482. i-ia e-i« Structural Steel Wire top*, aett A uMd angla, pipe, platt, Channel, etc. Blytlu- *1U Iron ------ ------ a Metal, ro t^tts. 4-23 c* U Typing, mimeograpri, notary, photostat*. TYRONE TYPING SERVICE It AC1II TFJUdTK PO 3-3380. 3-2 Ck tf work!™ Gordon Harris, 817 Chlckasawba. PO 2-2898. 5-5 pk «-3 6 rm. house or 3 rm. duplex, fum.' 2309 Caroljn. PO 3-0554 or PO 37882. 5-9 pk 6-10 Nlcelv furn. apt. is furn. house on Davis St. Utl. paid. PO 3-4339, PO 3-7062. S-10 pk 6-15 4 rm. unf. house, bath, water furn. FO 3-6029. 9-10 pk 5-18 4-room house, furn. or unfurn., ie: Alt Base. LE 2-5691. 4-29 pk 5-30 2 bdrm. fum. house. 520H Park St. $65 mo. PO 3-6867 until 5:30 after PO 2-2303. 5-3 ck tf bdrm. trailer, near base. '89. 5-3 pk 4 rm Turn, house, 2 rm. fu:rn apt., utl. pd. PO 3-6417. 5-3 pk 6-4 5 rm unfurn. & 3-rm fum. PO 3-8790 or PO 3-4311. 4-27 pk 5-27 Furn. house, 3-rooms and bath 206 N. Seventh. PO 3-0768. 8-9 ck tf store blflg., apartments, nice home. Newly decorated. PO 2-2527. 4-27 ck tf 3 & 4 Bdrm unf. houses, good locations, PO 3-3928, PO 3-7110. 4-28 pk 5-27 55x10 3 bdrm. fum. Mobile Home. PO 3-4404 or PO 2-1694 aft. 6. 4-18 ck tf New 3 bdrm trailer. Arcadia Motel. 5-24 ck tf Unfurn. house is newly decorated apt PO 3-9225. 4-9 ck tf 3 BR home. 128 B. Ash. Air Force personnel welcome. PO 2-2831.. 3-22 ck tf 2 Bdrm Mobile Home, 56 ft. long, 10 ft. wide. Will rent utilities furn. or you pay utilities. Located at 409 S. 20th. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 4-12 ck tf 6 rm unfurn. house. W. Main, $60 per mo. PO 3-6090. 4-8 ck tf Mocera nbuse. 1021 McHanev. Located near Nlbco and Central Metals. S40 mo. Nat. gaa. wash. conn. O'Steen's. PO 3-4522. 2-8 ck tf 2 BR mobile home. Close In town Wt. furn. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 12-17 ct tf fi rm. unfura. stucco house with % bathE. PO 2-2536. 5-3 ck tf Open 'Til 9 P.M. Doily At Volkswagen CENTRAL Motor Sales 1300 S. Division Phone PO 3-1812 "Guaranteed Used Can" 'S3 CONTERTIBtE Chevrolei Impala, V8, automatic, trans, radio and heater, new white sidewall tires, all original golf with matching leather interior, low mileage $1695 •63 CHRYSLER 2 door H.T. local one owner, radio and neater, automatic trans., exceptionally good car .... $1095 61 VOLKSWAGEN Deluxe sedan, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, original black, exceptionally clean .... $895 64 FORD Galarie 500 4 door H.T., full power and factory air conditioner, low mileage, white with red leather inter- or J1795 64 rONTIAC, Bonaevffle, *• door H.T., (nil power and fac- :ory air conditioner low mil- age, exceptionally clean car, SPECIAL TODAY .... ¥2395 63 OLDS -88' 4 door H.T., ra dlo and heater, automatic S1695 65 CHEVROLETS, Impalas, Z door H.T.'s and 4 ,door H. T.'s, full power and «ir con ditioner, low mileage, excep- ionally clean, guaranteed and all are low bargain priced. 60 CADILLAC Fleetwood, original ivory, real good white sidewall tires, really clean, full tower and air conditioner, ex- eptional good condition $1495 64 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door, V8, automatic trans., white sidewall tires, radio and heater, real sharp .... $1693 57 CADJLAC Sedan DeVille, nil power and air conditioner, $295 64 CHEVROLET Station Wagn, V8, automatic trans., low mileage one owner original urquoise real clean ... $1795 64 CHEVROLET Impala t oor H.T., white with red Interior, clean a* new.... $1895 62 CHEVROLET Impala 2 door H.T., original white, new vhite sidewall tires, automatic rans., radio and neater, it's is clean as new $1495 64 CONVERTIBLE Chevrolet mpala, radio and beater, rans., V8, low mileage, ex- eptlonaUy good and clean $1895 See one of these men today: John Nelson Claude Williams W.C. 'Dub' Colston Bruce Ritchey 3-rm fum. house. Yarbro. PO 22849. 4-27 pk 5-27 1-10' wide. & 1-8' wide house trall- • at O'Steen's Trailer Park. For Int. call O'Steen's, PO 3-4-522. ', 3-4 Ot a 3-bedroom farm house located about 3iA miles west of Air Base on Green Store Road. $25 per month PO 3-3331 01 PO 2-2113 3-17 ck tf Modern bldg. across from Air Base 885 per mo. Call Randall Hawks PO 3-8288. 1-31 ck « For Rent-Colored Property 6 rm duplex, 2 baths, hot fa cold Wlter. 209 W. Roosevelt. PO 2-2582. 4-21 ck 5-23 3 rm. furn. apt., private bath, water fum. $50 per mo. Call P(? 3-3483. ' 4-26 ck tf 3-rra fum. apt. with pvt. bath. Close In. PO 2-259S or PO 3-3331. 4-25 ck tf rewly dec. fum ants. Pvt. Bills pd. Adults $85. PO 3-9908 4-21 pK 3-21 Nicely 3-4432. apt. Call PO 4-15 ck « Furn. OU. pd. Jan. walls, rug on floor ?O 3-4679 after 5 p.m. 4-14 pk 5-18 a BB fum. apt., utl. turn. Orum- Unfurn. 3 rm. duplex apt. 328.50 per mo. 1037 So. 15th. St. PO 3-3331. For Rent—Apartmentt Mod 1 bdrm .duplex. Lts & gas 'urn.. 1112 W. Ash. PO 3-9175 S-14 pk 6-15 2 Bdrm. !urn apt. PO 2-4293. 5-12 pk 3-16 3 Bdrm turn. apt. PO 3-4293. S-I2 pk 5-1S Two, 2 rm .apte. Pri. bath, S45 10. 1601 W. Ash. 2-2919 after 5. 5-lJ pk 5-30 me: Boy Motel. PO 3-8168. 3-8 ck tf 3 room uhlurn. apt. Ph. PO 3-7171. 2-28 ck tf 1 BR turn apt S65 1034 W Walnut. Newly dec. PO 3-6040. 1-8 ck tt 3-rm turn apt. Close In. Call after 5. PO 3-6387. 12-28 ck tl H«l» Want* FIRESTONE TIRE AND RUBBER CO. We arc expanding rapidly and need the following personnel to meet our new requirements. 1. RETAIL SALES 2. SERVICE MANAGERS —Tire and Service Sales 3. OFFICE And CREDIT MANAGERS —Responsible for Credit Extensions and Controls 4. BRAKE MECHANICS 5. CLERKS ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS Minimum of High School Graduates and some college preferred or young applicants with some experience and between the ages of 22 and 30. ADVANTAGES OFFERED Salary plus bonus program, opportunity for rapid advancements, liberal retirement program, outstanding insurance program with coverage of employees and dependents. Interviews to Be Held At Holiday inn, Monday, May 16th From 6 P.M. to 9 P.M. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER IBATHI. UVING ROOM DININC AREA. KITCHEN HAS BUILT IN OVEN & RANGE AND BAR. SLID. INd GLASS DOORS TO PATIO ATTACHED OARAGE. TO APPRECIATE. HI THIS HOUSE AT 1009 MOUTH BICOND STREET PAY- AUNTS ONLY 189.10 AND HAS A LOW IQUITf. BUY EQUITY AND SAVE ON INTEREST RATE. 400 P1TTMAN. THREE BEDROOM WITH KITCHEN-DINING AR1SA, LIVING. ROOM AND DEN. FENCED BACK YARD. IT NEEDS A LITTLE WORK ON IT BUT PAYMENTS ARE ONLY 164.00 INCLUDING ALL TAXES, INTEREST, AND INSURANCE. SOME TERMS ON EQUITY lOK MOULTRIE. TWO BEDROOM WITH ATTACHED QARAOE. NBAR ALL SCHOOLS. LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS. 108 MAGNOLIA STREET: TWO BEDROOM WITH SHADY BACK YARD AND CLOSE TO PA1RV1EW SCHOOL. HARDWOOD FLOORS THROUGHOUT. BUY EQUITY OR WILL REFINANCE. 308 EASTWOOD. TWO BEDROOM AND DEN IN THIS BRICK. WILL SELL EQUITY OR REFINANCE. OTHERS TO tUUjEUT FROM. RAYMOND ZACHBY REALTOR Jnd it Ash Phone PO 3-8815 Nlcht Pbont PO 3-1534 4-23 ck tl 3 Siamese Kittens, male Hi. LE •S990. 5-12 pk 5-20 New 50 HP Skl-RlE w/elee. starter nd trailer. 1966 model S1395.00. Sew Aluminum 14'ft.'fishing Dost, railer, and 6 HP Johnson, 66 model, 439.00. New 14 ft. Fiberglass Skl-Rts 4B raller w/used 40 HP Johnson elec. 950. Jsed 90 ' HP Ski-Bis S1795.00. 'sed 75 HP Ski-Rig S995.00. Used 45 HP Ski-Rig $695.00. : sed 35 HP SSI-Big $595.00. :e.w 150 HP . Iaboa.rd-Outboa.rd In lock Vew 120 HP Inboard-Outboard in lock lew 100 HP outboard In atock. tew 80 HP Outboard in stock. lew power mowers from $39-95. few Aluminum pickup truck 007- rs $199.00.' few 8U ft. Deluxe camper $1195.00. 'sed I9R6 Chevrolet 3/4 ton Pickup or sale. oat Speedometers $5.95. Byrum Hardware & Seed 116 E. Main St. Phone PO 3-4404 or 3-3520 Plenty free narking in rear- S-12 Ik «-12 2 grain trailers, Miller alum 38 ft., Jadden 35 ft. PO 3-3663. 4-30 pk 5-31 Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 307 W Uain 4-e ck tt 1 good used 35 x E—2 bdrm. trailer. Bunks <Sc rear bedroom. PO 3840. 5-12 Ck 5-18 Repossessions, 1-55x10. 2 bdrm. railer & 1-50x10. Take up pay- lents. Free delivery on these coach- s within 20 miles. PO 3-6S40. 5-12 ck 5-16 Money orflen, city Drug. T days per week. 3-3 ck tf 7-10 acre, trailer 4 rm. & carport dded. Ml. base gate, going overseas. J3 2-5576. 5-11 pk 5-19 Siamese kittens. Seal Point. 3 fe- iale, 1 male. 510 ea. PO 3-3655 after PM. 5-10 pk 5-18 Welmaraner male dog, 5'i years d. Excellent hunting dog and ves child-en, very intelligent and Jmpanlon, a good guard dog and ell trained as rstrlever of both aterlowl and upland game. Per- ctly house.and car broken. Priced nsonably for quick salei Call for irther Information and appoint- ent. Jess Homer PO 3-3167. 5-11 pk 5-19 15' fiberglass runabout with re- ovable HT. 35 HP Elec. Johnson, eaw duty trailer £z accessories, tclri't cond't. 8795. LE 2-8498. 5-11 pk 5-19 '39 Amer. House trailer, 5x10. Air nd't. & carpet. PO 3-3065. 5-10 pk «-ll 1957 Bulck. ter 4 p.m. $125.00. PO 3-9434 5-7 pk 6-16 Latex paint, guaranteed to Bats' you S2.99 gal. O. S. Rollison br. is Wrecking Co. W. Highway 5-7 pk 8-3 10x50 two bedroom early Amer. IU56 trailer. Small equity and sume payments of $73.92. PO 320. 5-7 pk 5-15 65 gal fileel garbage oarrels Free aelltery. PO 3-7U1 13. 1-3 ck tt For Sals or K«nt Store ••ulldlng, 318 E. Main. 35'i For lease or sale. PO 3-3483 2-22 ck tf For Sale or Leas* Hunting 3s Plshlns Lota. Write Boi 84. Roseland. JO 4-2254, Dell. 3-3 pk 8-9 For Sale— Colored Property Brick house. S rms. & bath, $7,800 ?3GO down. .*6Q mo. 2116 Roberts 'St. PO 3-9073 or PO 3-3309. 5-13 pk 6-13 Estaf* Refrigerated REFRIGERATED - CENTRAL RUDDLE RD. - 2 BR & DEN OR 3 WANTED Real Estate Listings Want to Sell Call Me Raymond Zachry Phone PO 3-8815 3 bdrm. brick home. 1 block Irom ;rad« school. Kitchen. d«n comb, >nced back yord. $600 for iquity pymte $84 mo. PO 3-1740. 5-11 ck 6-U Help Wanted Many ii&uuga m ,tne "Male" or "Female" toluranB are not intended to exclude or dtBCOUrng* application* from persons of tti* other sex such listings «rt for the convenience ol readers because eome occupations are considered more attractive to persons of one BCX irntn tlie oilier. Discrimination in employment because ol sex lh prohibited oy 10(M FccleiiiJ Civil Rights Act with certain exunptluns Employment agenc'ns and employers covered by the acv m«U Indicate in their advertisement whether in not the lister) pnsl- tlonti are available to bnth KSI- fes. Designation as to sex In oui Help Wanted flnd Employment Agency columns are marie only (!) W Indicate bona ride occupational qua mi ent Jons tor employment which an employer regards as reasonably necessary to the normal operation of his business or enterprise, or 12) as a convenience to our readers to let them unmv which positions tho advertiser believes would bo ol more Interest to one sex than another because of the work Invnlvrd Such designations should not be takon to Indicate that the advertiser intends or practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination In employment ura c. rices. We are seeking a married man between ascs 21 and 30 and a hlglj school graduate, for n wholesale/ bakery route. We will train the Individual selected for this position and offer n base plus cum mission compensation system, with a weekly ;uamntec of $90, II you meet ths above requirements, please tele- ihcne for an appointment between :he hours of 3 p.m. & 5 p.m. Amer- can Bakeries Co., nil McHaney Road, Sidney Posey. PO 3-6814 or PO 3-9488. 4-15 pk 5-lfl 218 Walker - One 3 bedroom Jrlck, 2 baths. Lot 100 x 163, well andscaped. Malcolm Greenway, PO 3-^070 3-22 cfc M •room house. $0250.00. Low down payment. •ery nice 3 BR, Kitchen & family oom Buy equity. S87.S5 mo. Large spacious nome tn Country Club adldtion shown by appt. only DAVID REAL ESTATE PO 3-3928 Lou McChier — Nit« PO 3-7119 Earn Godwin — Nlt« PO 3-S553 <-3 ck tf Retirement In lovely Ozarks. 3 BR. !A baths, tamlly room, rlreplace. acres, 3 stall barn, very good prop- rty, reasonable. Contact owner: leorge Tucker Alton. Mo. 4-14 pk 5-15 3 BR, Carpeting, Bullt-lns, cen. Heat & Air, Fireplace, 11/3 Baths, 32 W. Pecan. 3 BR Brick, Central Heat, Bullt- ns, 113 E. Pecan. GOOD INVESTMENT , 1 Unit irick Duple.t, Bullt-lns. Cen. Hrnt. ; Air, Corner Lot, Double Carport, ~;1 E. Pecan. THOMPSON REAL ESTATE COMPANY 1000 N. 2nd. — PO 3-6911 4-27 pk 5-27 For Sal* Cars & Trucks Hot Rod, '31 Ford coup. 57 Ford ng. ?300. LE 2-5673. 5-H pk 5-13 BOY TO DELIVER COURIER NEWS IN LEACHVILLE. CONTACT TED BROWN COURIER NEWS. 4-23 tf WANTED: DIRECTOR OF FOOD SERVICES for the Eiythevllle public School system. Sninry baseil on experience and tralnliic. Apply Administration Office, 614 chlckasaw- ba, Blythevllie, Ark. 5-12 ck 5-1.1 Lost & Found Found—Bassett 3-7260. Hound, call PO 5-14 pk 5-20 Notice STRAWBERRIES. 5600 tor 24 qtiaris or pick your o\vn 15c quart. Bring container lor berries. Jimmy Kpnnett's fnrrn 1 mile south of Leachvtlle. Ark. on Monette Hwy. 5-13 pk 5-27 TUPPERAVAKE - for parties or orders call PI 7-8506 or PI 7-E530. 5-8 pk 6-9 \v'e will remoclel or build you a home. O- S. RollUon Lbr. and Wrecking Co. W. Highway 18. 5-7 pk 6-8 Durlns Blythevllle seventy-fifth birthday celebration, don't misa seciug the fabulous antique sun collection of James Pepper IJistlilinz Co., at Fosters Liquor Store la Plaza Shopping Center. 5-4 ck it The Mississippi Counry onlot Mission needs your surplus clothing, sehSid items. Hardware, rurn- Ittire, etc. Please call PO 3-83SO or g to 410 E Main 4-18 ck tf 1963 Chev. Bel-Airs station wag- n. 9 passenger, air cond't, radio, eater 4: new tires, $1695. PO 3548. 5-12 ck 5-20 1964 Rambler B/ff excellent cond. 5 2-5685. 5-12 pk 5-20 1965 Mustang, 6 cylinder, auto. ans., 20,000 actual , miles. Radio, eater, white walls. Wine color. PO 4180. . 5-10 pk 5-16 Children's nursery, full or part time. S10 wt.: $2 per day, 25c hr. PO 3-0723. 1200 E. Ash. 5-3 pk 6-3 Trteschman Kindergarten — Enrollment open. PO 3-7627 nltes. Days PO 2-298-1. 5-3 pk 6-3 Rm. & board, men. 317.50 week. 115 W. Ash. Mrs Cassldy. 4-23 pk 5-23 COTTON CHOPPERS - experienced, grown zeess. mak" offer. E. W. Robertson, ph. 561-4891. Manila. 4-18 pk 5-19 Used cars & trucks. Salvage parts. I If you're bargain hunting, come Ill's Auto Salvage. 14 ml- from [ I 51 ! us " Blythevllle'Mobile Home BR - L-DE 'COMB., FENC. YD. - j City Limits on B. Elm? PO 's-1783. S . al f 6 ,'° c " t , od on tne Alr Base Sllghtly Used Lowrey Organ . . . 95.00. Skldmora Piano, 101 E. ain. 5-7 ck tf Tomatoes, peppers, egg plants. 2 S. Lake, PO 3-9280. 4-21 pit 5-16 RCA Whirlpool air-cond. 18.000 T.U. Exc. cond. »150. PO 2-2643. 5-6 pk Efficiency ajrt. completely turn and equipped l'-l fum. By day week or month , .j 3*8158. i-21 cs tf 1 BR unium. bncic apt. N. 2 8t. PO 3-6217. 2-2S C!E Nice- 1 bdrra. duplex apt., com- letely redacorated. Stove & re- •lg. $53. PO 3-8633. 5-12 ck t! 3 (urn. rms., «H mil, pd. By the week or month, PO 3-3483. 5-11 c* tf 3 rrn. furn, »pt. Bills pd. 37.50 10. PO 3-9029. 5-11 pk 3-19 Furnished Apartmeate. Call PO -5096 or PO 2-3045. 5-11 ck tf 3 Btttm trailer. Nice. Air cond. 170 mo. PO 3-6840. 5-8 pk S-17 3 bdrrot. new. dee. hd. wood floora. PO 3-3180. J.» pk 5-17 2 Bedroom Duplex. Furnished with sill utilities plld. 178, LE 2-8397. . 8-7 pk S-U 2 bdra unfura home. «»5 mo. 1033 W. Walnut. PO 3-8.040. 4-7 ck « For Rent 5 rm modern, Walnut, baths. NT E. ) S-2877 or PO 3-W11. M4 pk i 3 room house, turn, & remodeled. 319 a. 17th. Phone PO 3-9019. 5-4 pk «•» J-bdrm. houM, snito. vuher connection. PQone PO J.piso. «-4 pk *>T Newly pward, dee. 3-rm furn houM, 701 MO mo, 3-bdrm. unfurn. bouai, 3301 UwgutrlM, MO ms. PO HOW: J-1444. 1 Br. unfurn. apt. 1125 Chlcka- BWbi. PO Z-25SS. 5-10 pit 5-18 Town House Apartmenta 100 W. Davis » Rra. unfura. luxury apt. No children or pets. $125 mo. FO 3-4050 or Dog houses, porch BTdnES. bird houEes, reas. George Narx, 2D1 N 22nd St. PO 3-6733. 5-14 pk 6-1 Reconditioned upright piano . bench. 101 E. Main. Skldmore Piano CO. Blythevllle, Ark. S-14 ck 5-23 Register Tenn. walking horse Safe enough (or a child. LE 2-i Gas Range & Breakfast set like new. Reasonable, also TV antenna May be Men at 106 So. 15th St. 5-14 pk 5-ie Electric etove $25, apt. size refrigerator $25. Near new 10 cu ft refrigerator $85. All Items In good shape. PO 3-0624. S-14 pk 5-23 PO 3-7167. 5-9 cK tf 2 Rm. turn, apt., utl. paid. Call after 3:30 p.m. PO 3-80S7 5-9 ok 6-10 020 E. Main—can be used i> flee or 'for small commercial busl< neu. PO 3-4523. 5-10 ck tf 4-rm turn. apt. w/utl. pd. PO 3- ma or PO 3-8ie«. s-« pk «•«, S-rm unfura. apt. WO per mo. PO 3-1739 • PO 3-8181. 5-1 p|f fl-4 Modin ru.-n apt., ] mi. and attb, fu •qulpmmt, an conditioned. Couple only. f. Simon, Pa. *>T Pk «•! Mill W M MIT*. Ml 4ft « egg pi i. 5-14 pk planti. ' 5-23 Tomatoes, peppers, 913 3. LJM, PO 3-9280. LOFT pile, free from loll Is the carpet cleaned with Blue Lustre. Rent electric ahampooer $1. HUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY. 5-13 Ck 5-21 '57 Camper trailer, 1514 ft., |59J. Hitch. 145. LE 2-8422 evening ii wk. ends. i-i2 pk 5-16 1»«S J bdrm. trailer 53HO with expandable living room. Pymts. »<a.7« mo. Call PO 3-0458 after 5 p.m. 5-11 pk 1-20 1515 It. Ftberslasi Runabout, fully equipped with top. New «0 H.r. Tohnnon Motor uicd twice. ~" "~ a-Sllk HJ Brlcfcbullding, air cond't., modern uipment, small town grocery, nice Irement business or will sell fix- res only. For information con- ct Neal Gibbons, Steele, Mo. 3-5 pie 8-6 7 H H.P. carrier water cooled »lr cond't. New unit, used less than 1 year. $300. Sacrifice to move.' See J. W. Adams. Phone PO 2-2854. 5-3 ck 6-4 Stereo compon nts. Gerrard changer $25. S. C. Amp $55, oil walnut speakers $30 ea. LE 2-5388. 4-30 pk 5-31 EQUITY OR REFINANCE. REFRIGERATED - 2 UNITS - 3 BR BIRCH DEN • DINING ROOM EXTRA ONE ROOM HOUSE ON REAR - 1509 W. WALNUT. REFRIGERATED - ONE UNIT NORTHWEST - WITH RANGE $1050 EQUITY - PAYMENT 4103. CORNER LOT. 1113 E. CHEKRT - 3 BR. - LARGE KITCHEN - CARPETED DEN - $1200 DOWN - $78.56 MO. SEVERAL NEW REFRIGERATED UNITS UNDER CONSTRUCTION CALL OS TODAT. S94 SUMMIT - 3 BR. - CARPORT FEN. YD. - PAY ONLY ?7S.40 MO. BUY EQUITY t ASSUME LOAN. MaxLoganRealtor Ph, PO 2-2033 Harold R. Knop, Salesman Nlte Fh. PO 3-4233 Milton Snow, Salesman Nlte Ph. PO 3-4613 . - 5-13 ck 3-21 *^^^^-^^V^W4«»"~^V^-V. . _ Help Wanted Female Waitress wanted. M&B Brackln Cafe. Railroad and 3rd. PO 3-9929. 5-11 pk 5-15 Car hops wanted. Must apply in person. Krearn Kastle Dr.-Inn. Corner Division and Walnut Sts. .lousekeeper to live in home, coofc keep house, care for Invalid Board, room, salary. Ph. PO 3-3378. rib Take orders from Fuller Brush customers In your , neighborhood. Full or part time work. Average earnings $2,00 per Hour. Phone PO 3-3830. 4-21 ck tf By Owner: Carolyn. 2-bdrm. house, 2237 5-14 pk 6-14 Sec., rtceptionlst, 25-35, good typist, shtband & It. bookkeeping. Must nave poise, tact & good personality. 40 hrs., raises, vac., pension plan. Ideal working cond't. Reply giving qualiiications c/o Courlc News, Boi 36. 4-13 pk 5-1 We have a large selection of new it used Mobile Homes. Call LE 2-8586. 4-14 ck 5-15 Child care .in my home, 2 yrs or over. PO 3-73S5. 4-13 pk 5-16 LEDBETTEBS DISCOUNT. SHOES AIR BASE HIGHWAY 3-11 ck tf BILL'S COIN SHOP new hours 10 A.M. to 9 P.M.. 7 days a weefc Wa buy and sell coins. Supplies of all kinds. Located in Hotel Nobln Lobby 3-22 Ck tf 5m. store build., 2 rental houses, Rose &, Harrison. 100 ft. front. PO ! 3-3595, Bill Hodge. S-U pk By owner. 7 rm. cobblestone house PO 3-7226 after 4 p.m. 5-13 pk 5-2' Duplex, good Income property Closa to Ba&e. LE 2-8397. 3-7 pk 5-16 White lots for sale Will arrange " " " PO 3.8008 or 3-3 Dk 9- financing to build LO 3-2544. Csceola Cull heat. ! PO 3-7960. 3c. BftUtU Egg Farm. 3-8 ck tf Grown geeee $2.00, small orders for lots of 150 or more $1.75. Virgil Cunningham, Manila, Ark. Phone 561-4591. 4-27 pk 5-27 17 ft. Garwood all glass Inboard speed boat & trailer. Gray Marine motor and V drive, New cond't. PO 2-2432 Of PO 3-7185. 4-26 ck tf Zoy&la grass sod, Emerald gr«n, grows In Bim or shade. Cultivate small plot & -watch It grow. Requires less mowing, mature grasi wUl help prevent weeds & crab grisi. The Red Bam. S. Highway 01. 4-27 ck 5-27 Two miniature French Poodle*; AKC registered. LE 2-5928. 4-11 pk A-12 W« mate pnocostaue copies. Money loaned on diamonds. CoiDB aad coin supplies. We • buy old gold rings. O'Steen'a Jewelry. 105 W. Ualn 3-8 ck tl Dwd Priffiaain •awmatto WM&- rs DflH Maytag waabert 411 utrtctly uanDteed. »7~W mm flaiei and «mce for OouU ng Lero tad UMern W*t«r •often- Ph._LE M. Bubbtttf ••*!**», «3 W Utfj' M4 flB V 3-bdrm horna in excellent cond located within 3 blocks of grad school. Purchase small eqlty am &£sme existing loan. Pymts. or *74 mo. NORTH CENTRAL LOCATION Call for appointment to eee this 3 barm brick, IV. baths, built in range & oven. Reasonable equity and assume loan of pymts. of $105 mo. Incl. all taxes & insuran-1. 3 bdrm frame home, featuring large kitchen and living rm. Purchase email equity for $2,850 and assume small 4U% VA loan, Uo. not« of KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor PU. PO 3-14W) Jo* WblMabunt; ulesmu NlM Ph. PO 3-76(0 Kemp WhlMnhunt, Jr., tuumtn Nlte Ph PO 3-S225 Bill Bane;, salesman NlM Fh. K> 1-709 3-3 ek tt BT OWNER • BUT EQUITY AND ASSUUX 9-1/4% PHA LOAN 3- BDRM, CARPORT UT1L1TT RM. STORAGE BUX3. FENCKD BACK YARD. HOUSE 6 TRS OLD. WONDERFUL NEIGHBORS CLOSE TO SCHOOLS. PAYMENTS 184.00. INCLUDES INS., TAXIS, ETC IM WX»T •AROOI ro i-tmi. , 4-22 pk t-U 17 tern i»d. so it. w. m mm- d MM* *•>£»£» Man for service station, Lo?an j 55 at Red Rooster Inn. PO 3-33£ 5-4 ck Business Opportunities CONTACT MAS. Introduce crfid It plan to Business - Professions men in your area $150 weekly guar antee to man qualifying Specialty or tangible, sales background Write Manager, Box 4117, Cleveland 23 Ohio. 5-13 pk fi-r Medallion Swimming Pool Dealership Available in Blythevllle Area. This opportunity can be yours 10 establish, a profitable enterprise with A proven and acceptable product. Hundreds of pools In this price range have been sold throughout, the Mid-South area. Protected area. No franchise fees to pay. You simply purchase one pool for display pur. poses. Sara E. Story, Delta Pool Com puny. Ph, MU 3-4784, P.O. Box 412, Charleston, Mo. 438.4. 4-29 Pk 5-29 IS TOUR BUSINESS FOR SALE? IF SO, PLEASE ADVISE. BUSINESS ONLY. OUR SERVICE IS FAST AND CONFIDENTIAL. WRITE OR CALL: BYERFINDER SYSTEM SIKESTON, MO. 5-13 ck S-21) No money to Invest — no Inventory to carry — no selling experl. ence necessary, but helpful. Know edge of farm and farm equipment jeneflclal. Good car necessary. Pro- ected territory when qualified. Opportunity to earn Income above .verftge and to build n real future with many benefits. Established customers need servicing now. Will be calling on farmers, contractors, cities and counties. For further In- ormatlon write Leroy Baneck, Re- slonal. Manager, Dept. 5 E 1, P.O. Box 392, DallM, Texas. 5-13 pk 5-15 We need 9 men who are willing work and learn the automobile builneu. Ne experience necessary. W« will trim your. Belt pa; plan D town. New car and Insurance urnlRhed. See T. Taylor at Union llythevIHe Inc. Railroad and Ash •MM, PhO» PO Expert repairs on all makes of sewing machines. The Singer Co. Plaza Shopping Center PO 2-2782 2-1 ck tf Situation Warted™~ Clk., typ., 4 yr exp. wtth lnrs« co. Type 100 wmp. PO 3-7654, 5-14 pk 5-22 in my home PO 25-13 pk 6-14 Babysitting 2764. Wanted Hoii&s Keeper - TnldtUe SSP, to live in If poEFlble, and care for 3 children. LE 2-5595. 5-13 pk fi-13 Wanted toliuy Wanted to buy: soybeans & new crop wheat. Call Tyler Durblu. Continental Grain, Cotton wood Point ED 3-1831. 4-16 cU fl-M Wheelchair - adjustp.hle legs Call after 7 p.m. PO 3-8100. 3-n dh W WANTED \jsan nirniturft HaiseU A: White. Ph. PO 3-6096 or PO 2-2045. Personal TOMATOES PEPPER EGG PLANT Sharp, 2208 Carolyn. PO 3-8-S93. 4-30 pk 5-30 Sandy yard dirt. $3.50 load rte- Urered. PO 3-8493. 4-18 pk 5-18 TUPPERWARE — For parties or orders call Janice Ertel PO 3-9496. 4-21 pk 5-22 Receive Presnell Courtesy at 933 S. Division, Groc., & 1208 S Division. Shell station. 2-26 ck tf Private Rooms »n,K«^. „. -., , Glenn rms. off Bt. pkg. 803 W. Ash St. PO 3-1)677 Jj-lS pk 5-17 Brtrm. tor rant, nlcs private bath & entrance. Close in. PO 3-4432. 5-11 ck tf Bdrm. private entrance, ill E. Davis. PO 3-4050. 5.9 ck tit Remember Pay Your Paper Boy CMC? MAY 24, 1966

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