St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on December 3, 1986 · Page 115
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 115

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1986
Page 115
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I'll get you some songs. I'll get you a producer. I'll dress you up. I got it figured out an androgynous pop character, neither male nor female.' " "I said, 'Huh?' " and declined, then speeded work on her studio at home. "I'm a serious person, and serious people work at something," she explains. She says Roberts "taught me that. I worked at his songs. "But I'd play them for people, and they'd look at me like I was crazy. They weren't my songs." She also worked at acting lessons with Sandra Seacat in Los Angeles and in 1980 got a small part in the film "Heaven's Gate." Then one night, after a day of posing, she came home, sat down at the piano and didn't play Robert's music. "My first one, I wrote for him," she says. "I opened myself up, said, 'God, take control.' And this piece just flowed out. After that, I did my songs." When she'd learned enough and written and recorded enough, she sent a demo tape to A&M Records executive Jerry Moss, and soon she was in a studio with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen rock 'n' roll music's Steely Dan and their producer, Gary Katz. "Yeah, I thought I was good," Vela laughs. "But I never thought I'd get to work with rock-and-roll Vikings." b -tr -Cr "People say, 'Howdja get Steely Dan to play on your album?' " Vela says in sneering tone of voice. " 'Musta cost a lotta money.' I say, 'No, it just . . . happened.' " Becker, she explains, walked into the Village Recorder studio in Los Angeles to see Katz, who was producing Vela's record. Becker stood in the mixing room while Katz spun dials and Vela worked on "Tonto," a song about a woman tired , of being the sidekick to a Lone Ranger who's never around: HZ 1 si & yty "OKI Well the heroes never call. Nobody's there And there's nowhere to fall . . . "Walter was hangin' out and hangin' out and hangin' out," Vela recalls, "and I'm recording the lead melody line and he's watchin' and I'm sweatin' bullets." Midway through the song, Becker walked into the sound room and picked up Vela's portable Yamaha keyboard. "He started doin' this little snaky, sexy thing that worked'bgainst the beat," says Vela. "I couldn't breathe." "Walter just joined in," says Katz. "He liked the song." Then Becker stopped. "I don't play keyboards," he said. But later that night, he told Katz he'd like to play on some of Vela's other songs, especially "Interlude." "Walter Becker wants to be on my album," Vela thought. "God bless America." Later, Katz played Vela's demo tape for Fagen in New York. "That chick is . . . good," Fagen said. "Weird and good. I like 'Interlude' the most." Fagen and Becker hadn't played together in six years, but they met with Vela and Katz at a New York studio called Sound Ideas. Fagen seemed nervous, tugging at his face and hair, while Katz tried to sooth him, Vela recalls. . . "The next thing you know they were playin' together for the first time in six years," says Katz. "It was a nice moment. The three of us and Rosie, just playing." Indeed, the session went so well, Katz says, that Becker and Fagen are now in a studio working on new Steely Dan material. But Vela was intimidated "Frightened, man. The Beatles." The next day, she was hospitalized for suspected formaldehyde poisoning she'd drunk from a plastic bottle left too long in the sun but Becker and Fagen kept working. That night, she recalls, "I called my brother Chat, who was in the studio. He says, 'Listen to this.' Then I hear the music: Walter's guitar is playing my melody; Donald's keyboard is all around it. I said, '(expletive deleted), I feel better.' "I never told Becker and Fagen about listening to them in the hospital when Jimmy was dying," Vela says. "I guess it would have been too much." 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