The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 30, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1930
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Served by the United Press TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI NEWS VOL. XXVLI—NO. 21.1 Blythevllle Courier, Hlvlhcvtlle Herald. ISlythcvllle Oally Mississippi Vnlti-v HLYTIIKVILU-:. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DKCKSWKU 30, 1930 Foe of Chicago Gangsters Fiery Chicago Judge Seeks. Election as Mayor on! Anti-Gang Platform. : By NKA Service : CHICAGO—Judge John H. Lyle, j (he studious-looking but fiery i judge of (he municipal court, who '• ha.^ !<nnoi:nccd his candidacy for mayoi- of Chicago ou a clean-up! platform, has two separate and'. disl.'nrt reputations here in his; hor.:i city. i There are those who insist that 1 ho is an cnaiic notoriety ,-erkcr : w-iio has put on 2 spectacular, but: ineffective, drive against Chicago's hoodlums in order lo increase -Ills • own fame. ! But there nre a great many! others—many thousands of them— j '"ho accept him as a sincere and I intelligent crusader who is willing ' to depart from established, proccd-'l uro and cut through any amount I of red tape In order to take con-j trol of things in Chicago out of! the hands of the underworld and! restore it to the decent citizens. During the last few months, Judge Lyle says, he has received thousands of letters from people m this latter class, asking him to run for mayor. He has agreed to make the race for the Republican nomination; and lhe indicalions now arc that lie will be one of thc leading figures in one of the most .senational mayoralty campaigns Chicago has had in many a day. "Chicago's municipal govern-, ment." Judge Lyle says, "has be- i come a rambling house, a house j whose rooms overlap, creating | endless confusion and tremendous; expense -to the dwellers therein, and whose numerous darkened closets afford a haven for those who would ransack the building. We need a rebuilding and a 1 hcusecleaning —a cleaning that M pi Tnrne will have back of it Ine full 1Ne " uue [mni = power of a gang-halins cliie'. of police and the authority o! a. judge who will weigh thi char-' ac!er of a hoodlum as w;ll as the possibilities suggested by some Ic-' gal technicality." ; Says Police Could Ho It SINGLE COPIES FIVE CEMT3.'-;1 No Hard Sledding for Them ..ef'islalive Program of Vnsi Importance Slated (or Session Starting Soon. l!> SAM S. CAHHINOTON 1 L'nitod I'rt'ss Sl.ilV Co.-rci|icnilrjil LITTLE ROCK, IVc. 30. HIP) — .When Arkansas' salons swliw inn action next month in the forty- eighth biennial session of t-2 'j;;n. oral assembly they will he fvv.l with a legislative program of vast importance wilh many new laws and alterations of existing an?* slated for adoption. Governor Partiell has started on ' his message to the slate's lawnvak- iiiS bodies, and although its contents have not been disclosed, it Is 1 known he will deal with a nu'ilu-* plicity of proposals of far reaching j eilect. The pioposed reorganization, of i the slate's government st.ructurc i undoubtedly will head the iist of Snow use talking, fellows; snow use talking' All this chatter about recommendations submitted b'y thc }. n .,i .i r .i.>in^ r™. i,. , i,« i , , ' chief cxecrlive Meaning tor ghls who aspire to Ix." movie stars Is all wrong. It is known that his reeom- i r ° r llerc nro llvo ot ll>oltl wll ° nBVt \ » IK(I C 6°od In a big way, showing In i "'at sledduig isn't at all hard. In case you haven't already recog- 'Search For Little Rock Bank Clerk LITTLE HOCK, nee. 30 (UP)— Search wits being conducted today for Joseph J. McOrath, -11, veteran employe of the closed America 1 ! Kxomngu Trust company linra following . disclosure of alleged dc- fnlcallons lolallng nearly $20.000. Prosecuting Attorney lioyd Cy- jlicvt. filed Infonnutlon for war' rants lale yesterday, ba.scd npuii ! written slnk'incnls of auditors to j J. W. Jarrctt, chli'I bank examln- ~, who was in charge of the in- State Officers Participate in Ceremony • Here Last Night. Blythevlllc's now national oriard armory building was dedicated last night not only to the use or Company M., whose home 11 is, but. to -.million from (he lime it was clos- ] the citizenship o( BlylhevlP.e and cd In November nn'.il it was token over by Sam J. Wilson, liquidation ' ueont. Mississippi county, nt exercises In which the heads nf the stale mill-. Inry establishment participated. mendatlons regarding changes Arkansas' government will be based j nized thtin. the fair slcddors are Frances Dee ami Kostla Moreno Zal IS,^'^ Admin: I ™ W *« ^"* » ""* *"«" "'» « « '»">'"'"" «*orl ™« "<>»>" i wood. I Fuedists Stage Raid on Prison, Seeking Enemies tMratlon and Bureau of Municipal I Research. The siu »ey calls tori adoption of two coiif.litullanal' amendments ;md HII ucltnlinslfativ? i cede. : .. It will do a^y with nil administrative office:. ,1-lth lhe exceptions of governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state; make those ! Ihrec offices elective for terms of four years and prohibit the chief executive from succeeding himself. State officials, under the exlstln3 system, serve two-year terms and succeed themselves any number of times. ; The plan also provides for crca- I tlon of nine administrative depart- ' ments in addition to the executive McQralh disappeared November | Th? dedicatory address was. dc•Jl after calling another bank c:u- Jllvered by Gen E. L. Compere, nd: ployo and asking him (o Inform ! lutanl general of thc Arkansas na- I bunk plflclal.-; hn was colnp away. | lloual guard, w '<o presented the •He did nol give his ileslliuitlon k"ys of llv; building to Captain Ivy ; nnd effm-ts to locate imr. Inwe W. Crawford, commander of Com- j proved futile. • Thc allege:! mlsa- [P. 1 '"-' M. ! ppropriallons aggregate. $19.25!). i 'flic armory building, like tho na- tlnnal guard, stands for good'cltl- xrmlilp. Ocueral Compere declared, ;. | and Is tn be devoted to all purposes, military or otherwise, In keeping with that purpose. He voiced par- ' !ar approval of plans to use the -';] r nlhlellcs, declaring ',? military department ! welcomes such community use or Its aimorlcs. Acknowledgement is due, Gen- \ ernl Compere s;iid. of tl'O spirit.dis- ; • CI^IUl, inrl VjiaCJlbll ailu : ArlillCT MLl.!! ! SALEM. IND., Dec. 30 (UP)— 31 This southern Indiana town and Killer of Women to its vl «'nitJ' retained today the ap- department, with provision made '. ' W0!netl lo pearancc of n military encamp- tor appointment of lhe heads of Llty. ! ment as posses of deputies nnd racl1 division to serve as members | war veterans deployed over sev- of lllc governor's cabinet. It fur- OKLAHOMA CITY Dec 30 (UP) ' crat townships in sear: i of two tller crea 'es an audit department; -A suspect in the slaying of'J'ssie fugitive feudist brothers. the head ot which would be select-' and Je;de Griffith of Blackwell, i T!le feudists, Dan and Alonzo ed by Joint action of lhe senate The job .of cleaning up Chicago' was arrested near Newflla shortly O'bson. escaped last night from and house. "a trap which . a. posse, lea bj : . Governor Parwell ., KDt-as.difficuJi as it -.1 supposed t before.2 p. m. by cnunty officers (o be, Judge Lyle thinks. Not ion?; The suspect gave the name of W. has Indicated French War Hero Making Gallant Fight Against j Death Today. PARIS. Dec. 30 (UP)—Marshal Joffre was slightly Improved late today although he continued extremely low. "Marshal Joffre's respiration is .more regular, with a strong marked pulse," a bulletin Wo City Taxes for Gainesville in 31 GAINESVILLE. Gil., Dec. 30. (UP)—Citizens of Gnlncsvll!= will not. have to pay uny city tn.\es In 1031./with $353 already In the cily treasury and no outstanding debts, city officials have decided, lo run for Ihe next year on funds now en hand. fivppup i !' ll!VS(1 by tho nj.-plc of niythevillo \j n. i In providing the money to make Cc'lfcr Oil Action. | possible a Inrnv and betlcr enulp- li:d building than would have been possible with ihc state appropriation. The stait appropriation of $20,000 was smiplemenicd wilh ap- lir"xhnat.ilv S'i.ono of local money A special grand jury was In prospect nt lhe adjourned term of | criminal court here to allow prls- •llitit they may begin their prison i terras .to be .sentenced to prison S. L. Oadsh. prosecuting at- orney, and Virgil Greene act n B r „„„, j.,,, 11)e nnUo| , nl mrd U)e rtl sa | d . i s a builder of citizens as well' „, n m!mnry orgal) i zat lon. The linal course of action would be issued Flleht at 5:30 P. M. said, "a Improvement noted last night continued loday." PARIS. Dec. ,30. '(UP)—Marshal Lieutenant John C. Weir of (he 'hat the measure- will be introduced! Joseph JofTre remained in a crlti- ago he expressed hiniEe'f as fol- j T. C.apehavt, 30. and was recently state rwiice, set for then: on the early in the session, but it is 1 discharged from the state hospital Collins farm near the Ken- thought unlikely, even though it Is lows: "If the present chief 01 police• for insane. He was the same man .turky border. .adopted during this session, that it would say, 'Drive tiio yunmen nit 1 v-ho save the handkerchiefs to a', Dan and Alonzo are wanted for would become operative prior to of Chicago!' and >f tin mayor' Salvation Army worker last night. would my it--and m?an 11- -they'd. : _ be gone in 60 days. Could a fc-w OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.. U;;. ! uty, anil To^ri Mjirshai Elmer Ger- Der expire. skulkers stand up ag.i;'i-,t aon 30. (UP)—Search for the shyer of 1 ard, during on attempt by the two Another proposition likely to drav; armed policemen?" 'Jessie and Jexie Griffith, of Blick- brothers to raid the Salem Jail the consideration of the isgishtor* Effective or not, Judge Lyli''; pci- well, was concentrated tiere today '. where their enemies, Clcas and Is that reapi»rttonment of both sonally-conductcd campaign against. when several persons reported t!i3 I John Spuriock, were imprisoned, branches of the general assembly the hoodlums has been sensational. : presence of an insane man. The Spuriock. brothers are charged to conform with population swings U has also brought some genuine Adjutant A. L. chnse of the Sal- with killing Patton Gibson, chief as disclosed in the.. 1S30 census, annoyance to some of the under- vatlon Army, gave officers three \ of the Gibson clan, which iia.J State Senator R. A. Nelson, Bly- worid's big shots. ' handkerchiefs which he said were i waged war against thc Spurluicks theville, has announced he will in- It was Judge Lyle who dug up g i verl j,iin by a man name.1 VI. T. : in the Tennessee hills for at least troduce a bill to rearrange repre- L, uan and Alonzo are wanted for « uul " uctuim; U.JCIUUK.- V i™. w the shooting of Sheriff Milton 1933 > at wl)ich timc lhe terms of i Trinkle, Mrs. Trinkle, who Is a dep- stnte officials elected last Novcm- n-.cans which visibility. thc vagrancy law procedure, under Cilpeheart. who sought forgiveness' two decades. which gangsters are into {or hjs sins The" handkcrchi-is' — court anJ accused of vagrancy be- weve part i a ii y identified as telonj- causc they have no visible, mean-; j ng to the slain sisters, of support—the average gangster, The night clcr) ; ttt [j le K!t , A . naturally, supporting himself by hotel report^ a man register:;! as . have a very low .- w M sher r a " as answering Cap»- | ! heart's description. Early today thc I Issjett Warrant for capnne i man rushed from his room shoi:t- ' It was Judge Lyle who issued ing that a woman was haur.-.i-r; i warrants for thc arresl of Chioago's | him. and disappeared into thc! notorious 26 "public enemies," in-. night. Police said he had been ssen i eluding Al Capone himself. When-' wandering about the strcels at r.n ; ever one of these men is brought c early hour. before him. Judge Lyle sets high ball. He also ordered the arrest of p • - \1J t some 48 assorted gangsters, bomb- rriEPP^lTi '_<aw Way 10 ers, robbers and mnsclers. One of I ;j, f ,-i v „«. T rprlynn \ a \] 'his best known achievements was UOC.ty at iremon J3II the sending of "Fur" Sammons. a - • notorious gang leader, to prison for TRENTON. TENN.. Dec. 30 (UP) 30 years. Many of lhe other hood- -Led by a convicted bank rob- lum= l-.e brought inlo court have °er. three prisoners sawed their mentation on a basis of or.e .senu tor to each 54,544 persons and 0112 house member to eacn ia.515 inhabitants. Under sucli a plan eiglu coimllcs would gain from one lo three representatives while eleven counties would gain from one 13 Judge, discussed the plans for the tlnln , , ( nfford „„ i en ling of a special grnnd jury ,.-„„,, ffsmlM to t ,, c (iercnsc ot lhls_ nfternoon_aml Indicnted _tlmt| ,, lc n . lUou ,„ tlmc of na , lollal clll . cruency. Is probably most valuable for the contribution. It makes to the character and self respect of Ihose who receive Its advantages. He also pointed out that the (ruard. far from being a- burden i decided upon laic this afternoon j or tomorrow. •> Mr. Qladlsh contended Hint the calling of a special grand Jury would result In n definite saving !to the county of cxvenso In upon the laxpayers of Arkansas, Is M, boarding prlsonera who express a: of important economic ! -advantage f| i desire to start sentences until they ' ( 0 the state, Inasmuch as the' 'state U may be Indicted as the next term [ contribution to its upkeep Is rnly a | of criminal court in March. fraction of-what UM cal condition today but was holding his ground. "The patient is still feeble bill Is conserving his consciousness," said n bultclin issued at 12:30 p. m. "H? has taken little nourishment." The pntlenl supported without fatigue ', tlie dressing of the wound whlo'n is j' in perfect state. The forecast Is i' still reserved. Injections of camphor were being given Jolfrc to stimulate his heart while injections into his veins helped block circulation. ^-fiNe I 'A •. I r> -"'ri The Jury in the Pole Crlder case ernment '"spends .'In its 'behalf,';. LOng" Awaited Keport ot-wns sllll out early thin afternoon v/;V':.;vl V:'ih'.", fifpeAdHiirc ft ou\v" fnmmiHBj. Sl,,,l,,: P after tho caic had bccn plnc(Kl tn U".5CO In twelve fnorithsr-Tic-'saiar - i • n after tne case had ucc JClying 1 I'D-IKS hands shortly after noon. CrldcrJ jhc national Bovermront $275,000 hibltioil fo bf Marlf Snrin ls nccll5Kl of participation In the tin actual ca;h lilt- the slate for robbery of SB26 from an aged farm- WASHINGTON, Dec. 30. (UP,- JJ ^ £"' '" f38PtembCr 1°^'!!,°" T,"t ^1"! today ° f Wcus Fletz, court stenographer ln congress of a live Issue c recess. nailed report of the :!n who hero guard purporss, besides contributing material worth more than $100,- : COO additional. .' , General Compere was Introduced: ' r ,, C. the d 5 ' '" ™ rd '- J s " leave of of tcr '"' It was not definitely understood j this afternoon whether Nclll Kill. for thc re- J Intro-lucid Col. Helvsr L. McAlllsler, commanding officer of thc 153rd Infnntry. of which Company M. is a part, who sixikc of the l"cal na- The doctors have had difficulties In inducing him'to swallow warm milk, water or an occasional spoonful of beef tea. but Madam Joflre told Foreign Xfinister Aristide Brland at noon she was still hopeful he would rally. , . - . "the cnpltol. ioughi judge-elect, would come here 'lional guard unit as one of the out- on the additional n fiel'lion for Ihe to committee. The eleven : ncinbers of the Wlck- orsham commlsslcn resumed th-:lr _. , sessions here today, apparently to Thc cabinet, meeting at noon, dc- put thc finishing touches lo the Wife. The. Makes Barn Hi? I'uncral Pyre; organizations of the state and paid tribute to the work rf Cap'.ain Crawford as its commander. Stalls for Rl.vlhrvillc Cecil Shane, speaking In behalf •, expressed appre-. • dis- wonld be regrouped Inlo 31 divisions wilh Pulaski county el?:t- r.n 'ing two senators. The state highway. conimissiJii • • ii ni- • • • ll'iCt Along Mississippi . Dis- has announced that a bill prov.'J- • ms 'or an audit of the department. separate from the one now conducted by thc department's .:m- WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UP)- ployes and the state camplroilcr , .. ui IIIL r v/o B^.n Suspend, One Closfis in State Today PA^OOULD as found In, thc smouldering embers ; mcn who through thcir Ecrv i c es'-or '"• '2m i J?™,, ?„ , • c-ntrlliiitlons rf money helped'to' • kl led hlr, wife with a shot gun, makcit lble • i climaxing domestic difficulties. , ' . . , . ,, . , At the conclusion of th^ program . - • , o ' • Ml ' s " KelC " was killci1 Klthout : Company M was assembled and disr, At ParagOUld Soon warning while visiting her mother. misscd nnlU1 t he applause of the at the Kelfcr farm home. Officers crowx |. --' ., IT _ n _ nope to Reopen Bank ARfC.—The T-ITTLE ROCK. Dec. 30 (UP)- RoTk"rccenlh- to'lhresh'^ut 'with kl " ing hlmself Two state banks suspended burl- the state "banking department "„,,„.: „« Secretary of Wnr Hurley today al- will bs introduced. The legislature , ness under thc five day provision terms and detalU of plans to be co " plD llnd Quarreled. loted S550.CIX) to the .Memphis en- also will b^ nsked to clj.ii' up ;n-: i today and another closed outrljht, completed before the rc-opcnlno '— pincering district of the Mississip- question ol whetner hljhwsy fun j j and it's affairs turned over to the of lhe Security Bank and Trust flvnfco RinrKrc Alfarb pi river. depository interest should go lnt:> stale banking department. company, which closed Its doors on v '"" itsc "<i»uiib rtitdLK. al«o cc'ie to Jail ' ~' va s' ollt o( tile co ' jn W Ja"- slugged Of this amount $30(1,000 will be (hc general revenue fund, as LS dc:u used to continue revetment woi'k at present, or snould revert to 111.' The citizen's Bank and Trust Nov. 11. Judge Lyle once revealed that tlin «°°^«^ ""ggj'^ ^ at" Happv"Valley, and"on"ls'la^d" higta-aj- monies, vagrancy v;as not tho only count ^I^bj Ber^y ^Bibbs, "n^ted 2| _ m ^.WX will be used to ex- Among other mailers which of Medina. Tenn.. neither Bibbs tend revetments in thc Memphis nor either of his two companions "" rDor rested on it and brought into cour.; Bruce Epperson and Gregg Smith, The work will afford employ- but he hoped that once Capone was were believed armed. i..ont to several hundred men. - - - - - The mel) broke from their cells company England, largest of The committee indicated that It little difficulty will HI> issued the va ™icywaant. ife e.xplahied. in the hope that Capone could be a.-- ; tlie architects, members of the local a-finry building committee, H.A. , I,Cftnc!stor. the contractor, wcr.? T • tr-ii n ! 6" ests rt officers of Company M. I rain- Kill PaSSC-ngerS J a'- dinner at the Hotel Noble. i Among the visiting officers, besides PEIPING, CHINA, Dec. 30 (UP) ! Gc » cr111 Cempere and Colciiel Mo- .A r, attn n D Ar f^oin nn ri,^ DM™. All-tor, were Colonel Charles S. taken, evidence could be found on which to indict and, try him for murder. To date, however, Capone has not been caught. $249,777 indepositsand capllal of encountered In re-opening the bank _ Saws used In the break were be- PI n T J ^.1056 iliiOtS I OOuV for farmers and properly owners j closed with depcvsils of $51,114 and generally. [capilal of $10.000. A reduction of the slate proper- j state banking commissioner Walty tax rate was accomplished du,- tcr E. Taylor today said officers ; mthcrsvllls. Mo., and Mer- In BuSinfSS District The Pelplng-Mukden line runs vin'\VclVs" LPCTarciwc^Cec'tl arid from the old "northern" capllal Lt . Hoba'rt Wells, officers of Corn- No arrests had bccn made today to Tientsin, then along the gulf rnn y ,\ nQth infantry, the na• ti"nal guard organization at Stcsle. grocery store and thc New . i Another visitor from cut of town On the other hand, the vagrancy lleved to have been smuggled to charges have collapsed in some them during churdi services Sun- CLARKSDALE , MISS , rjoc. 30 close touch wilh plans of the up-; Indicated that every"eiiort'wHl'be , fpn ^ , .„, „ , „ cases, nnd in other aues his bro- day. Other prisoners in t;is Jail , UP )_cioscd fo protect depositors comhiK legislative program b?l;eve , made lo reopen before the expira- ??? ,? othln e company Sunday CarjJec p Corporation to (her jurists have reduced the high refused to take part in tne break, notlMS wfrc ^t^ on , n ^ front nleaslu . cs ° m ^ nuroouccd !o fur- i (ion of the five-dav period nlgllt M ' °- r '°°d"'-"' l» ilcc ="'<". !. -K. y 01 ^ 0 " 110 " Io bail bonds he ordered. Thc judge's county authorities said. ,,„,,„ of two ot tho , argcsl ban](s {her sl _ reng ( ncn thtlt acl . ! L ' critics atrsert tl(at while his campaign may have annoyed the underworld slightly it .has not put a serious crimp in the nndenvorld'.s acu>' ties. Urges Honest Officials Honesty In public office is Judgt Lyle's chief formula for a cleanup to of Clarksrtale. the Planters National Representative Curtis Can:io:i, I j Bank and Planters Trust and Sav- Hempscead county, has sairf he ex- 1 i "1 Beta Kappa Chapter ings Company, an affiliated Insll- pec ts to intrcdiice an act esiabfch- ! Have New Name Of! Merger tutton. As depositors seeking to j ng a S p,^ r ahce lax en water jxiv,-1 withdraw their funds waited in er Ul ,itzed to develop clectriciiy. i slated this morning. However police are pushing an Investigation of the robberies and FAYETTEVILLE Dec , , , „ , arrests are probable in the near ident J. C. Futrall of the'uiiivsr- i struclion. I0r Arkansas OOUgnt future it is understood. siiy O f Arkansas has Just , was D. F. Kyle of Pine Bluff, archi- I tect of the state military depart- Aid U'«versity's Museu n' mml - who ^'w-t the building, ' : and. associated s.'ith U. S. Branson i_j, r - s _ of this city, supervised its c;n- 111 Chicag0 ' Galloway "The lawlesiiicsj which these mi- i ec t e[ j derworld rates have created exisls tw . 0 LITTLE ROCK, Doc. 30. 'UP) — Thc Henderson Iront of tne early to- Revcn'ue "from"sach a tax\vouli b: j FAYETTEVILLE, Dec. 30.-The : directed to purchase free textbooks! senate of Ph: ^Betta Kappa, oldest: board of trustees of Hendrlx- —•>• ancuiuu iu PUII.-IUM: utc icMuu^a . - -•- — ---• —••- —•-,•••. -"-- j " lerson college at Conwav and Trie Planters National was cap- for the state public schools, Rep- I nonorarj scho.arshlp organization >way college at Ssarcy has se- ! »»«zed »t $500.000 with deposits resenlatwe Cannon said. | " lh ,P,.^ !t !'J" s f«ommcndcd to d "Trinity" as the naiw of the ' totaling $700.000, with 5100,000 sur- Some agitation Ins arisen in fa-1 tnc f-alional Council tint a c.,ap- eolleges after they are merged. Pta*. The Planters_ Trust _and vor^of adoption of a marriage law }«* ? Phi Bet. Kappa be cstab- notice from the Carnegie Corpora- Cotton Belt Fre ght in Tranner Gets tion cf - N ' eiv York th - u t::c cor " or - v iw i v »r v -i » i i rapper uecs . llon ]las a pp ropr i at( , d , 0 the Unl ., Wreck Near lY'cNeil, Ark. Bobcats One Nlgnt verslty of Arkansas thc sum of 515.- i -.^ ,,„,,. w,.,vu ^ mo colleges after they are merged P' us ' The Planters Trust and vor of adoption of a marriage .*,. . here only because in the past U has. Dr j H R 0 y nc i(t s , conwjy. was • Savings company had $505,103 In similar to that In effect In Tonnes- ilsnea been tolerated." he ssys. "But v.-I-.v. £C ] ec ted prfsident of the new instl-: s 1 "' 1 "? 3 wlth R capital stock of see. Thc Tennessee legislation is sn ^ ' I can do about It will bo done. , ution atl(i Dri j. M . wmiam.-.! $50,000. When a gangster h urcurht '.:^-- searcy, was chosen vice-president. ! me. I must see him as a humv.i Tllo n( , w Trinity college will con- i [T « W n » t n and regard whatever rights he Ins slst of u - 0 m ^ M ^ , mdor t])r | u - «>• ««l '« not already forfeited; but at thr snme administration. V. L. Thomp- same time I see Ir.e h3ii:s:. I:K:;!- soll , a m?m ber of the board of wording p;ople as a who'.-. «.•:•.;-•- trustees, said last night following a lives are endangered and whose mcet tng of the body. A sei minds are horrified by these con- ycar co -educatlonal college tlnual bloody 'rides' that have no WBJ . w m ^ maintained. returning. stcndard Junior college '"W* "" V V OD raany la *' s ' Til " r ;' Bt stBrc >'' he satd - cannot arc 10,.«7 of them on thc stal'Jto | Botli institutions are endowed as cause it • Continued cm Page 2) Nfethodlst Pdlleges: a coup d'etat designed to curb hasty mir-l"-« unparalleled jnics of Bank 000. payable at the rate of S5.0DO | failures which swept Arkansas this. T:,e National Council will hold their fur very long. They were quire some valuable and Important ! painfully but not seriously Injured, fall probably will give rise to bills Its triennial meeting In September, caught with traps !ast night. collections for the museum. For it was said. New Guatemala Head tc " Jt!et1 to revi K C Stal ° brinkl "3 lnws :f^ whlch l i' ne H l3 cxpecwd tlm-, . . .some years past Professor s. .C.' Most of the wrecked cars con- and to prohibit chain banking.: the Senate's recommenda'.ion will FORGET WHERE TO SEXD FINK D<™"Bcr. curator of the museum.: tainc d vegetables. Damage has not Lieutenant Givernor-Eiect Law-; be adopted and a chapter of Phi SAUGAS Mars (UP)'— When nas becn miking collect!on> b::.r-;be en cstiir°ted '— on the early history of Arkan- j '" lhe Carnegie e'ft will also mike i Wl'.A »' li'.f possible the enlargement r.f jht j iseura's collection cf Caddo In-j ARKANSAS—Iricr=asin»ly c'o'.i^y to send the dtan pottery of which the unlver-' tonight and Wednesday, probably. Police refresl'.Cil his na-^siiy now possesses over 800 plecex beco.nlng unsettled and som? j many of them unique and rara. warmer Wednesday.

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