The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE six •- Howard While Awarded _ :> $200 by Jury; Other ;: Cases Disposed of . ; Howard Wnite was awarded n t Verdict for $200 against A. Cl. Slilb- ; ley, wholesale grocer, by a clrcull , £ourl jurj- this morning. . > White, brick contractor, seed ,• Shlbley on the basts of a contrast * to build a brick wall which was nev- '> tr completed due. lo a mKimdcr- - standing between tiic parties. ; Holland and Barhnm represented . Whjte and Reid and Evrard were . counsel for shlbley. | • A. P. Fix. wholesale tobacco Job, ber, was given n verdict for $167 . against• Shlbley and Ihe latter was ' In turn given a verdict for tho same amount ajalnst, lhc Circar ^ Trucking company in another Jury Reid and Evrnrd represented the plaintiff, Harrison, Smith aivl Tay. lor were attorneys for Shlbley and .a Memphis attorney represented •the truck line. In an agreed judgment John V .Hancock, administrator of the es- ;fate of Paralee Qldcoinb was glv- eii 4750 In a suit against the Cot- .ton Belt railroad and in anotlier cpse s W. Anderson, administrator of the eslale of Mark Duke, was given an agreed judgment of {500 against. Ihe Frisco railroad. • SkijipoivFirst Mate Cliari G. 0 V.. %.i,l ., , ,..,,, , , , , . ..'».. . • ' „ ' '• : • . Osreola Society — Personal A Father's Day program arranged by Mrs w D. Kelly and Mrs Frances H Bogan was the 'main feature of lh c regular Eastern slnr meeting Tuesday night. Included on t'ne program were n solo' by Qene Chiles a duet by A. S. Rogers and E.-R. smith, and a trlb lite lo the fathers of tlie worthy grand matron and the worth) grand patron given by J. T. FO\V- ler. At the conclusion'of the meeting a surprise birthday .shower was given file secretary, .. jirs. B. n Moore. 4 • ' .» Edward Toaford, who Is connected ivitli the Mauley All-Pleasure Tours, Memphis, will leave tomorrow to accompany a.parly on a 15- day trip to Callfoniia and other points in th cwest. ' George H Deer Is In Joncsboro on business Ihls week. He will return tomorrow. , Mrs Frank Morrow underwent a major operation at the Baptist hospital Saturday Her condition U satisfactory Hms fnr. • r A- W.^Young transacted-business in Crlltendcn county yesterday George Stone jr.. of. cli a flee, Mo, is visiting his aunt, Mrs.' George Raines : ' • M«. C. M Harwell, Miss Catharine Harwell and Miss Nell Rhodes left jesterday for a week's visit at Monteagic and camp unaka. France Orders Cognac Graded in 8 Classes COGNAC (^Cognac aging, nspeclion and ccrllficatlon bs the government has Been enforced with verity here as a result of a recent decree law. The age of cognac has been dl- Mded Into eight classes and in™ „ If matle on lhls "a"*This satisfies all foreign trade requirements, as some countries demand that cognac exported from France be aged in the cask for Montreal Sale of Funds Lures Many Trappers MONTREAL. <iip>—.Although bathing suits and beachwear are hiding tlie sartorial..spotlight where In the wbr)(l, Inr.s are attracting attention here as Oils city prepare* for jts annual sale of p«lts;. n drama, pf tj-afle during which nearly $4,000,000 changes hand' yearly. From me outlying districts of Quebec's great, woods as v.'ell as from the Dominion's 4,500 fur (arms, trappers are coiivergln'' upon Montreal, raw fur capllal or Ihe New World, bearing with Ihem forltmes In mink, ermine and silver fox. In St. Paul street here, where tiie time-weathered pftlce of the first John Jacob Aster .still .stands barter goes on much as It, did in I7CO when the old French traders paddled up the si. I^wrence filvcr In eanop.s. Still standing, [oo. are the areat chateau (mill by -William Mac Gllllvray for his bride, Che beautiful Magdeline, daughter of John MaeDonald of, oarth, and Uu- moiniment erected to Simon M C - Tnvlsh, one of the great fur barons of the 18th Century, by 'his THURSDAY, JUNE IS, 19S6 First meeting of Clov. Alfred M. Landon and Col. Frank Knox. Republican party standard bearers, to plan Ilielr campaign is nl-lured here, as they sat lii (he .slate capltol In Topcko. Mapping (heir program of .summer and fall speeches ami tours, l.andon is' seen listening Intently as ICnox reads over tentative plans. Pielure Seilles Trotter, Pacer Oiicstion If jou'vo c\er been stumped when someone asked you tlje difference between a trotter and a pacer in harness horse racing, this picture'will settle Hip.' qucsllon. •' Urcyhouml, 19.15' Htimblclohlan winner, right,.the trotter, ami .Cardinal Prince, world champion pacer,-wore snapped in action together at Goshen, N. Y. Cardnul Princes right front leg in unison >vitti right rear front leg comes forward with left rear,, and vice vcr Jail Comforts Induce Indians to Flaunt Latt NEW DELHI, India (UP)—Indian railway authorities are baffled by thousands of "pikers"—who waul to be arrested. Edgars for a long time have been making a practice of traveling on railways 'without, tickets so thai arrest will lead them to the '•comforts" provided in the prisons. OHicials are ' almost, at their wits' end to deal with this "racket." Now they propose amendments of tlie law lo obtain harsher puni.Th- niDiit for ticketless travelers. They estimate Hint 2.700,000 pcr- .•ions have been getting free rides on the trains annually, representing ft loss to (he railways of nearly $2.000,000. Toledo Traffic Is Safe TOLEDO. (UP) —Traffic deaths showed a 50 per cent decrease in the first quarter of 1930 In Toledo. minimum peiiods \ar)ing from two to five years, The new regulation provides that • all -cognacs-shall .be. AUider supervision of authorities'..far the fust live jcais of Its nglng Cognac between 5 and, 10 -years old falls In 'class; five; , from 10 'to 15 years, clnss six; from. 15 to 20 years, class seven,.;and. cognacs' more than -20 years old. class eight. According to a -noted distiller, cognac cannot be milch:inofe than 60 years old, for technically speaking, the liqueur is likely to deteriorate somewhat due 'to the -imperfection of corks. Brandy Is seldom kept In- the cask more than 60 year's. Distillers frequently mix cognacs which aro ,1111 aging In the casks ; Thus jrandj of 1810 may ' lie mixed v/llir Brandy p of 1810. KADIO REPAIRING A Comptele Mnr of t . Tubes and Parti I HUBBARD TIKE 4 MATTKQV CO PHONE 4'« Smallest 1'ark Suncud SAN RAFAEL Cal' (UPI—Federal' research "workers' iiave established that Mil 1 ; city hni tlic smallest park in the •United Stales. Tt is 10 feet long bj 5 feet wide KI.ECTKIC * ACETYI.KNE WELDING AT ' BEST : PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg, Co, PHONE 19 N-O-T-I-C-E To Creditors of the First National Bank of BlytheviUe,Ark. Checks covering final interest dividend are now ready to be delivered to thoste creditors of the First National Bank whose claims have been properly filed and allowed. The office of ; the• receiver w!H';be open for the distribution of these checks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June ihe 18, 19 and 20th, and Thursday, Friday mid Saturday, June 26, 26 and 27th, after which data all undelivered checks will be Kent to the comptrftller of the currency in Washington, D. C. Owing to the fact that the receiver's office is to be open for such a short tlfne the creditors of the bank are urged to call fof th'eir checks at the earliest possible date. Those creditors who fail to get their checks before June 27th will be able to get them later by mail from the comptroller of the currency. A L BRADLEY, Receiver and contains one oak be. JOO jears old ARKANSAS MADE FOR ARKANSAS TRADE "J don't suppose any one . brand of gasoline will suit everybody— not even Lion Knix-Knox—but it suits me and I believe I have tried them all. But when it comes to gelling the most out ol my c,ir, day in and day out every month of the yoar. give me Lion Knix-Knox. My car performs better •"^ I get more mileage. Then. Lion is a Southern company and t know my gasoline dollar a chance of coming back to help my own business sooner or later, J nd tli.u's something to think about." KNIX-KNOX GASOLINE 0 N OIL REFINING COMPANV POMPO, ADKANS^S i . I t-H. PA^tON. !>,,,,J,,, ., William MncGHllvray. nhrt Duncan . Many Americans visit, Montreal to watch this drama of trade unfold. While the manner of selling lias changed little .since fhe days of the first Asters, the hazards lo the trapper have been reduced wllli fur farms. Today, In the province of Quebec alone there ore more than 2.000 fur farms, which annually yield approximately 2<j,- 000 pells, valued at more than 5800,000, Pelts of an average ol 23,000 cultivated silver foxes yield fur farmer.'; an annual income of $1,300.000, while Ihe frontier trap- liers yearly snare more'than 250,000 animals, of which approximately '21.000 are t'ne prized mink, alone valued at more than $1,000,000. View Promise,! of New Comet Late in July PHll^DELPHIA. (UP) —There will be a new fireworks display for lhls year's FourUii of July. Hut only those with telescopes mny ses the show. It is the. Peltier comet, which was discovered by an nmateiir tis-^ tronomer on May 15 at D.iylon, O. ? Dr. O. 0. Mohler. of Swarl'a- more College, and 1. M. Levitt, ol Franfeltn Institute, hoth noted astronomers, have been snapping photographs of iho comet, during recent weeks. Tlie coma will not be visible lo the naked eye by July 4. but later In (lie moni'n the soaring heawnlf l:ody may he .wiin, according to Dr. Mohler. fly liien it is expected to come close to the earth—but still fi'om 10 to is minimi miles away. Dr. Mohler said this will be tlie first comet to attain naked eye brightness since i'n? Pons-WInnerk? comet of 1927. Pay. Wrorkfr Servlre - Has OPRN ,U,T, NIGHT PHILLIPS SKRVICE CfiNTRU Phones 177 - 810 MALARlAi „ ....... • i I Speedy IRelief of Chills and Fever _ Don't Jtt Malaria tear you apart with its racking chills and burning fever. Trust to nolipinc-inadi or mere makeshift remedies, 'fate the medicine prepared e*pc- cially for Malaria-Grove's Tasteless Cijill Tonic. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonii gives real j relief from Malaria because it's a "dcn- lific combination of tastele.^ quinine and lonir iron. The tjuini.-je kills the Malarial inferifon in the blood. The iron builds up Hie syslera and helps foriify ngain'i furtticr attack. At the fust sign of any attack of Malaria lake 0rove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Heller still take it icijularly during the Malaria season lo t.'ard olf the disease. Grove's Taslcless Chill Tonic is absolutely harmless and tastes good. Grove's Tastctes Chill Tonic now comes in two sizes, SOc and $1. The SI size contains 2'A limes as much as the SOc size and Rives you '25% more for your money. Get boltle today at any drugstore. r Hot Weather? There's no use slariilhig; over a hot .stove these days when you can get such good things at our bakery al reasonable prices. Delicious Tea Rolls, Cnkc.s, Cookies, Pies, ctr. — All Fresh and Good. TAKE HOME A LOAF OF DANDEE BREAD Family Loaf Sc ask for it at your grocers PURITY BAKERY u Next lo Kroner's I I I I I I .1 END OF WEEK BARGAINS Limited quantities we advise early shopping Special Purchase of Vi t " • i\Ien 's ' .'.• Dress Shirts 69 c Pie-shrunk with .Nil-Grail non-wilt collars. Fancies or whites. Fast colors and full cut. A Limited Quantity! Men's Nainsook Unions 35c Check Nainsook. Suspender strapback. Knitted snubber. All. sizes! Full cut! Sensationally Low i'riced Men's and Hoys' Summer Caps 25c While ducks, linens, beach cloth. Adjustable sizes. A Value Hit! Men's Fancy Dress Socks ^. fair For '4 /J n Here's value! Priced low yet they'll give you long ser- j vice! j Bargain Priced! | Alert's and Hoys' Tennis Shoes 39 C Pair First quality. Heavy weight. Limited quantities! For lhc Ladies! Fast Color Wash Dresses 33c A feature offering at this low price! Short or cap sleeves! Special for this evciUJ Repricctl To Clear! 81 Inch Unbleached Sheeting 16C Yard First quality 9/1 Sheeting. Limited quality. First come first served! Boys' Tuck Stilch Polo Shirts 25c Colors: white, blue and maize. Bargain priced! Hens al - - 3Sc Special Oiler! Men's Tn/R f?r *c* . Harvest Hats 3 C Each Repriced for quick selling! Limited quantity! First come first -served! Ucpriccd To Clear! Aywon Quinine Hair Tonic pa 3 C Bottle A real bargainl While 200 bottles last! Buy now at tills low pries! Special Offer! Ladies' Silk Hose O / C Pail- First quality. Chiffon weight. New summer shades. Limited quantity! A Value Mil! Tli trhxvt v I T 1 * Jyil M (1 V I il t Unbleached i Muslin 5r **i» Yard Only n few bolts left! We advise early shopping! Look! A Door Buster! Sl\!)0 Unbleached Unhemmed Sheets «5«3C Each Heavy durable Sheets. Bargain priced! Limited quantity! Buy Now At This Low Price! Large Size Wash Cloths 5 Fo lOc 12 inches square. In white with colored borders! Kcpriccd For Quick Sal c Ladies' Bathing Suits 25c CMds and ends of better suits. Odd sizes, A real buy] Yes, there are lots of unadvertised bargains to PENNEY COMPANY, Incorporated

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