The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1938
Page 3
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JTHURSDAY, APRIL 7, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (AIUC.). roUKIRR NEWS BE TfflGCT OF Tfj ' TV A I Ins Sleeping Power Giant Ready For Action r JVoberx To Ask About TVA Power and Ils Dis- Iribtilion HV WILMS THORNTON Nf:A Kerviee Stall' Cnrrcsponili'ii! KNOXVILLE, Tenn,, April 4.- I:; T'VA using » taxpayer subsidy lo produce and sell electricity be- Iriw cost in order KI drive out or (M'iviitdy-oivncd utility Companies? Or i.s it operating a sound, businesslike, "bankable" project which is merely presenting a "yunJ.stii.-li" of what electric rales ought lo l>c v.'iien the power is produced without having 10 pay uvwJicad on watered .stock? Those miosUoiis provide a blunt .sluteinc-nl of the winlllct thiil will ),r: extensively threshed out In any (•imgrf-ssional hearings on TVA. A certain vagueness in TVA power policies i.s one of the nt-- euralinns flung back and forth between opposing directors. Since TVA is pioneering in a new field, tiimie uncertainly i.s natural, and perhaps n clearer clcllnitioii of |)ov:er policies would be one of the objects of congressional Investignl- ors, "C'ream Sliimmers" When TVA began in 10:n, tlie Alabama Power Co.. the Georgia I Power Co., the Tennessee Electric power Co., Mississippi Power Co.,, Arkansas Power and Light Co.. and i other companies were making ', and selling power in the urea cm-- j ered by TVA. The more important of them are owned by Commonwealth an;. Southern, the great utility combine headed by Wendell Willkic. or by Electric Bond and Share. TVA maintained that, these companies had only "skimmed the cream" of the. field by serving cities .leaving the rural sections without power facilities. Glance, and negotiations began First TVA service of power be- for sale to TVA of privately owned gan in Tupelo. Miss., laic in 1933, j utility property in the valley be- using current generated at Wilson fore competing systems of distribu- Dani nl Muscle Shoals. " . . ... ... TVA Effect on Kates The "yardstick" effect."; Mrs. Frunk Isnae.s. There were 11 members anil one visitor, Mrs. ferry, mvseiil. ,\ demonstration w«s given In <|iiiltlnx. Kefreshmenls of sandwiches, potato chips, mid Icinonude were serve:! Uy Mt.sse.s Wlliiiu litmrlniid, Jiosnlee Veurli iiiul Willie l.i'Wls. Tile next nicet- (HK will tie on April 29 at Ihc home 01 Mi.s, c, A. Kvnm. PAGE THREE' Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Ni'wlHMTy Johnsiin tile Wiiiimn's MlKslomiry ol .Hlerlc nt her home on Wiilimt Avenue Mondiiy allernoon. Thi'ir \\cre 17 members und one r, Mrs. I*. W. Coleman. prcii- eni. llciiurls MI ihc. seventh unil t'tglilli eln\]iters 01 Ihc study eoinw Iwok i |jy Mrs. l?oteil Iiitivn'Jli'i' mid Mrs. K. p.. uenton. They will meet, next week in thn innr nl MJS. II. A. Spcwr. Ml:;s llelllft l.yllll I'lillllps or .SI. Louis spent Hie Inllcr purl of the wei-X two will) her cousin, Mrs. Uobt. Slcele, jr., mid rumlly. Mrs. II. Cl. Mi'Dnnlel and chll- i|ioh, of Heeves. lire guesU week Of Dr. nnd Mrs, J. H Daniel. (tils Me- Miss Q'liell McDantel of nine Mountain collejif, lilur. Mountain, Miss., who has been spending her spring vacation here with her rather. Or. j. n. MeDnnlc). mill rnmlly, luul us her guest white here two cliissniates of the .same college, .Misses Luollle Kiimierttm and Mol- IK- June March, They returned to school Tuesday, accompanied there by Miss Kulli Meltaiilel, who Is lo s]>eml several days with relatives In Ponlotoe, Miss. Mrs. I,, ].;. cooper atul Mrs. II. l,. Cnsey intended 111.' MKslonnry «i- clety inevUii|t nl Calron Thiusday. I. I. I'lslfrr Is trunsiicting bnsl- ni'.vi In si. l.ouls oils week. Mrs. Klmer Wright. i-ntorlniJieil whh a birthday dinner 'niesilay. Her (juests were Mrs. Kills Hunt and Mrs, Wnllcr Webb. Mr. und Mrs. Edgar Hwler, (I. W. i\>\vlor und Mrs. Kills llunl visited Mrs. Kiimm /\|lwi nl lh<> Iliilillsl hospital In Memphis Kim- day. Mr. mid Mrs. JudMjri nonrdmnii anil son, or Slkesion, were, guests ul Dr. und Mrs. J. II. MnDnnlel .Siiiidni 1 . Mrs. I^onard Cassldy mm son, Titimnle, or Crowder, Mo., spent tin; weekend here wllli lier parents, Mr. and MM. A, j. Ovcrlurf, and other relatives. , ; . Misses Cleo nnd Prances Vaughn of Mumphls spent the weekend here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vaughn, . • Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Huey have moved lo Donipfian, Mo. , Mr. and Mrs. w. N. Holly and daughter, Mrs. Hays Smith, and her little daughter. Hazel, liave returned after a visit with' Mr. nnd Mrs. Hue! Holly of Colorado Springs, colo. I'YIends here will be pleased to learn that Hue) Is very much Improved. Mrs. Lucille Stephens Is visiting tier sister, Mrs. carter. In Granite Oily, III. Mrs. Carter spent lusL week hero with Mrs. Stephens. Mr. Waters of Ola, Ark,, has arrived for n visit with lib daughter, Mrs. John Tuckt-r. nnd oilier relatives, Don isrown of Hector, Ark., spent the llrst of the week hort with rel- ullves and left yesterday for a visit with relatives In points of Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Odls Fowler of Dell, Ark., arrived last night to bc'v/tth Ills jjiirenls, Mr. nnd Mrs. 0. w. I ;< owlor. coining because ol the ili'ulh of Ills (ilsLer. Mrs. Kimna Allen. A0» „ -- of this government competition began to be felt immediately, and TVA officials believe it hns been a force in lowering electric rates throughout, the United Stales. Here are TVA figures which tend to show the ellecl. of TVA compe-, lllion in increbsjng residential'''rjon.- sumptlnri of electricity'a'mr'lowc.f; ing cost of such service, not only among companies in the TVA ( region, hut throughout the United > ^ Stales. Private companies inain- •v lain that I his trend had been apparent long before TVA appeared on the scene, as a. result of local regulation. Average KWII per customer: 193,'t l!m HKir> I93IJ Alabama Power Co. 7fl:i nil 9!)7 1U7 Georgia Power on. so;) stifi iniiii ns.'i Tennessee Electric Power Co. GI2 77) 9«i II7G UNITED STATES G(H C2-! fW!5 72!i Average rale tin renlsi per KWII: Alabama Power Co. •t.ffi! 3.84 3.54 3."in Oeorgln Power Co. li.lfi -l.fH) ^.ia t.'.fl Tennessee Electric Power Co. 5.17 4.13 3.03 3,13 UNITED 1 _-• STATES 5/19 5.30 4.Oil 4.71 j V Cnnipetitive Inroads j x The T'VA act provided that sale I of TVA power should not be direct, j but through co-operative nssocia-1 lions organized to distribute the power, bought wholesale, lo municipalities and government, uiiit.s, and lo industrial users. Prom that small beginning in' ISM, TVA electricity has come to' almost 40,000 people; it j s serving 18 cities and has contracts with lij more to whom service for one reason or another has not yel begun, . including large cities like Memphis] Chattanooga, nnd Knoxville. It is serving 16 co-operative associations and has three more under contract. Inroads such as these into a field hitherto reserved for. if not fully occupied by. privately owned utilities, earned their bitter opposition. In courts, local and federal, -suits against TVA held back the tide, t while slocks of operating companies and great combines like Commonwealth and Southern suffered. linn sr.oulcl be built. These nego- fi.itions. between Willkie ami TVA Director LilWnth.-il. are noiv on. There, is, therefore, every prospect or a government monopoly ol' ixwer generation and distribution in an area within 250 miles of any of Ihe new dams, which is about as far as it is now practical lo .^aitsporl power. ir The conflict between TVA directors, which lias now become so bitter as to endanger proper administration, has grown largely from opposing views as to this relationship between public and private power interests. Internal Bickering Directors Lillenthal and IF. A. Morgan charge that recently rie- poscd Chairman A. E. Morgan obstructed the extension of TVA line.s and even endangered TVA's existence by extending "aid and comfort" lo the private companies during Ihe IB-company suit ivtien 'iVA's future was al stake. Dr. A. B. Morgan' has apparently, more limn his ex-colleagues, favored consideration for the private ir.mpanies. has been less inclined to build competing facilities, and is more willing to concede hiyh values in looking toward purchasing them. in these intricate nnd newly <le- v.-loping relationships between privately and publicly owned utilities, an invc-stlgntliig "commillee liud plenty of scope. will 4-11 Clnl) Notes ' TVA UplieM During 1935-1931 ,... Tennessee power companies are estimated to have spent more than a million dollars prosecuting these suits, while TVA had to spend an estimated SH5.000 in defending them. legal battles culminated in 1937 in a suit by 19 utility companies In the area, charging coercion, fraud, and conspiracy by government, officials to destroy their b'.isi- ncss, and allowing that the. TVA net was not only imconsliUitlojinl but illegally administered. The federal court gave TVA n sweeping victors'- Finding that the electricity at the dams was legally generated. It ruled that selling it was like the government's se'ling i nny other property it might have. \ Further, said the court, "The com\ PlainanU have no immunity from lawful competition, even if their business be curtailed or destroyed." Now Will Sell nils decision broke, the kga! re- I'romLsed I^iml The Promised Lan ; i •!-![ club met Wednesday with Calvin Hill, president, in charge. There were a« members, three leaders and five visitors present. The meeting opened with the singing of ••plowing" led by Ruth Briscndine and Ruth Fulgham after which Eva Ruth Briscndine talked en "Rimers Who Became Great Men" and Theodore Wahl on "My Idea of a Farm". Club captain reports were made by Dunvood O'Bannon, cotton captain; Theodore Wahl, pig captain; Jack skelton, calf; Eva Ruth Bri- sencline, home improvement; Haze) Gurley. cooking; Raymcll Ourlcy, gardening and canning; ^ — - 0 , Maxine Moore, clothing; Raymcll Ourley. seven major' Poultry; Mary Tucker Moore, room „.., ._ improvement; and Edward McCormick. corn. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, talked on "Better Homes week' and D. V. Malocli. assistant county agricultural agent, talked on the rally. Recce A meeting of the Recce 4-H Club was held oil Wednesday with the president, Billy stallings, presiding. TUere were 16 members present. Bethel Stewart led the group in .singing the "Rally Song" after which Mrs. Roy Neil, local leader, talked on cluh plans. J. w. Akins, pig captain, reported on 10 In his group who have begun their demonstrations; Bclhcl Stewart, poultry cjplain; Ora Lee Craig, room improvement captain; and Gladys Calvcrt, cookery captain reported on five eacli in their groups. A demonstration in -selecting seed corn was given by D, V. Maloch, assistant comity agricultural agent. Literary and Music Meet Underway At Holland School CARDTHERSV1LLE. Mo.. Apr. '7 —The annual 1'eniiscot Coiiiily Literary and Music High School Meet is being held today and will be concluded tomonoiv at the Holland High school. TJin literary portion will be held lexlay. the music events lo begin Friday afternoon nl one o'clock. There will be no individual competition this year In voice, £!re. clubs and the like. Instead.' each school entered will be given from 30 to '15 minutes to present si musical program. UK- longer periods going lo those schools which will present, orchestras or bands. Five programs will be given Friday afternoon, by schools upuearfiK; in the following order: Rraggnilo- <:io. Cnnithersville. Cooler, Bragg City, nnd (Jeering. At seven' o'clock Friday evening, the festival will open wijh Holland, Wnrdell. Hayli aiK'l Slcelc appearing in order. The festival will close, with an All- County High Scliool Mixed Chorus, uiulcr the direction ot the judge, singing two numbers. '-The -Open' Road" and "Praise Ye the Father" Demonstration Club News Notes Sliaily drove The Shady Grove Home Demonstration club met Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. H. Massey. New ollicers wei\: elected as fol- lotvs; Mrs. W. M. Nccly, president-. Mrs. c. B. David, vice president; Mrs. Jim David, secretary; Mrs. F. A. Donner. reporter; Mrs. A. J. Donncr, yard improvement chairman: Mrs. w. R. Massey, garden- . . Mrs. Leo Donner, clothing,- Mrs. A. ,1. nsiincr, loods; Mrs. Charles Russell, poultry; Mrs. <;. II, David, recreation. Aiiss Cora l,ec Coleman, home demonstration agent, save u demonstration on making cheese. The next meeting «ill to" nt the canning kitchen April 10. Kcecc The Recce Home Dmionslration club met at the community kitchen Thursday afternoon. 'New officers were elected an .follows: Mrs. Clara Jordan. pivsiJent,; Mrs. .). A. MiiNeill, vice prcside-nU Mrs, Ruby calthvell. srcreliiry; sirs. U. H. Caldwell, reporter. Community chairmen were elect- i eil nnd Airs. Ilillie Lemifimie was' man; Mrs. w. 11. Dlcks-JU, canning- Mrs. J. .A. MeNclll. foods; Mrs. Ony. home inannyeinent; Mrs Jo- fl« Cal:iwell. poullry; Mrs. Ida Atkins, rccri'dlloii; Miss Velum Wilson, clothing. Mrs. Roy Nell invited Ihe l.ulie.s over lo hf:\r the 4-11 Club radii) program which was i!iv- en by the Reece 4-11 club. The meeting dales were set for I in: second mid fourth Tuesday ot each innnlli. Lost C'ai f'-. Tlie Lost Cam- dome Ur-iiioustra- llc.ii club met l-'rlilay iiflernuon w I HAD THE BEST MEAL ON A rRISCO SNACK CAR-IT WAS SO CHEAP, TOO! FRISCO LIN ES ^T.LDUIS SAN FRANCISCO RY ~[f ijinc] time of the month but she the show She goes out whenever she pleases, lia[>py and chtirm ing hecause she feels well — a inoclorii girl who has discovered the secret of CARDl/I. For Curdui benefits women in two ways. As tin tnitistmsinotlic, it relieves the functional discomfort of monthly periods. As a Ionic, Carcltti helps to strengthen the entire 'system by improving the appetite and digestion. Medical authorities acknowledge the great value of the plants blended m Cardui for these purposes. Tf yon suffer from functional periodic pain, if you, do not enjoy the food yon cut nnd obtain proper nutrition from i(, then try CARDUI by, all means! '< Your druggist has' it. ' Safety Insurance , Why nnl liny ^ ]JsPd i C'ilr where yini iirp sure of .ux'liinii vvhnl you pay for. Our Used ('sirs an- in till 1 host possible (o insure safa- in driving-. 1 A visil our sliow room or will roiivinci' von. pnl in:',4 Clirvrnlet | (,'onrli, Only ' 1335 Chevrolet Coupe. Spreiiil .... 1335 Ftiril V-8 Touring Scflafi .., 1!>35 Ford V-8 Oc- luxe Couiie. F^ndtfl 1035 Ford V-8 rick- up Truck IM7 Ford V-X Truck. feet Cnndilwii .... OMAO 1'lan $195 $275 $265 .$265 $275 fk. 1'cr- $465 •siynipiil Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone fi:).'i EXTRA of RUGS BOOM SIZE, GOLD SEAL Congoleum RUGS and .9 .v 12 Crescent Congoleum Riiffs at This includes nil patterns uf Crescent Rti^s and a special lot of rivop |>at(vi-ns in finld Seal Runs. Those are all perfect nigs. This is I ho first lime in our history of 22 years we have of- fertcl room sixc (,'oli! .Seal niRs at (hi.s exceptionally low jiricc of .?l..')5. SPECIAL LOT 9x22 Felt - Base RUGS We IKUT only 60 of theso rugs. Now, first ((u;ility rugs. These are really HOT SHOT VALUES AT FURNITURE CO,

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