The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1934 ULYTIIIOVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVB Osceola Society — Personal Bathing Meauty of the Kuture Gives Idea of Beach Mode for the Present "Tea Topper Tavern." a lluee- act comedy, will tie presented !-TI- day evening in Hie high sc!:~- (iudilorii:m by the Junior class. The cast Includes Mary nillard, Joyce Tompkins, Mary Sievcvrl Buller Cora Louise Turner, Gerald Henton. Fanny Mary Cinrrctt, Vclma Clark. Howard Koonlz. Undsey Driver. Ned Ayers. Zeke I'ollard Kirhard Cromer, Marian Hhoiuls and Lavelle Rogers. Members of ll-.e lilorary department of the O.iecnla I'rogressm club, meeting Tuesday afternoon a liie home of Mrs. J. W. Edringtcn completed study of the text. 'Mark Twain's America." Mrs. R. C. Bry an was leader of Hie lesson and topics were discussed by Mrs. C. M Harwell and Mrs. H. Itlieubush. Circle "A" of the Methodist Wo men's Missionary society met Moil day afternoon at tl:c home of Mrs J. W. Edringlon with Mrs. Tibto and- Mrs. U. II. Moore co-lioslciscs Tvvcnty-eiglil members enjoyed social hour arranged by Mrs. \S'. L Sesais. Five new members. Mrs. 1 R. Brown. Mrs. Shell, Mrs. boui WaiU-rs, Mrs. A. F. Barham Mrs. Jack Day were taken into th circle. Mrs. Cooper nnd Mrs. Ilird boi'.i of Crossed, who arc c.cte fo a visit with Iheir son and daugl icr. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Bird, wci guests. ] Circle "B" mei at the church willi Mrs. Morrison. Mrs. Hheubush and Mr^. Mona Moore hostesses. tea Mrs. J. T. Rlioadcs led Hie resii- lar Hoyat Service lesson ut MOH- day's meeting of Ihe Baptist Woman's Missionary Union, held aV tin home of Mrs. U. A. oiler. Taking part in [he lesson were Mrs. Ida Tucker, Mi-s. E. L. Cole anil Mrs. n. 11. Brooks. T::e Christian Workers held a short business scssicu Monday afternoon at Ihe home of Miss Fan Nichol. Cr. and Mi*. W. J. Sheddan have c;ono to Hoi Springs for JO :lays. Mr. and Mrs. G. I). Segraves llifir son Allan. Miss Nell Rhcades. and Miss Catherine Harwell, will drive to Riycltevilic Friday to .'peutl li'e Easter week-end with CIcorsc Basil ami Nelson Segnivcs. ulio attend tlic University of Arkansas. Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Harwell ac- .comuanicd Dr. Harwell's father. I,. V. Harwell, in Memphis Wednesday. He will i;o from there to his lioine, at Friendship. Tcnn., lor a slicrt stay. Miss Vivian Scurlock. wl:o has teen seriously II! of Ijrcncliiil asthma, is recovering rapidly since her r.';iirn H w;ek a^o liciu Memphis where she underwent a course of treatment ;it .Baptist. !ios])ital. She expects to return soon to ihe Ml-3- 5is?ippi County bank wi:cre she is employed. -Mrs. Patrick J. Mcllugh is ,u St. Ju^'jph's hosp'tal, Memphis. uirJei [lie care c! a socialist. Miss Emma Cox and Miss Mary L^rcnc Cox arc driving tn West La- laystte. Ind.. today. Returning Friday they v.ill be accompanied by their aunt. Mrs. John T. Evans, who will make an extended visit in Osceola. Mrs. Paul Baird and i:er small danslucr. Jo-^n. o' DyerMiarg. Ten- nei^ec. are here fcr a week's visit wi:li Mrs. Bnird's parents. Mr. ami His. John R. Miller. They will b: jcii'rd by Dr. Baird for ihe Easter ueek-end. Mrs. F. P. Jacobs and Mrs. W. E. Hunt will ienve Tuesday For K:ii:iic?.. Miss., joining other clurf women who will travel in Ire Pullman coach chartered by the >.'ine- wciun Ceiuury Club of 'Memphis to the Mississippi town (or the annual pilgrimage through historic gardens, sponsored by the Natchez Garden Club. They' ex;»cl to return the latter pan of che week. lifiii li vil wliy (licro a?>i ilmniiC'r.i at Iliu n.rn K-snil*, maybe- tt'n be- they stall V:n In youiii:. l ymi li-ll liy (Ho vvny Virginia il.' ut New Vnil! smiles and sci hi.Miriotisly on [|iu almis I In l slic'.-i KIIIIIB to xirU lite v.nm' sik-s [a ^ Tlii'iv was n certain liuty nt i.mic namc-cl LucfC/ln Cievelli. adouco was loo enamoured lo [•'ice Hull lk'alvici''.s palely, her '.•.Viity Iwd bwn \vovi\ down by 1-T urlef. He was vUiltiij; fjiicve- ilii' (lay when lienlrlce. about beconu- a mother, younlii. .solace 11 prayer In llu- clnueli wlioro il"Hi:ndo inilnled his 'f,asl- Supper. ]'. I.M inijhc she died in ugony filv- :.• nil Ih lo a Mlll-lxirn child. Sllvrr 1'OHTIJVNI), Oiv. Ih'.illi til!') —P.iul Davis. 45 ; died at a hospllal from Infection us icsiilt o[ u sllror he sal on nl ;\ locnl cute. COMMIJHKINKK'K SAI.i: Nutlet Ls hereby ulivii Unit lliu nuclei sinned fominlssloiirr. In compliance with tlie terms of H di'cire roiuleivd by I In 1 Uliiiucpiy Coin I for llw CWfkii:4vwba DIsUU'l u( MLs- n iMiir.-i- l.udovlco wns pros- j tlssippl Comity. Arkntisus. on tlie li'd. TIH) l.ile ln> reiillml llnaUT day of ri-limnry. 193*. wherein without this rli'vi'r. cultured. I Ni'lll Hefil. Qdn.. of Jiimrs Elvln Hood ,V Jed llolriiul, Trusloe, WIIH Plnlnlltl. No 5M1. ami S. A. Wll- IKimt, mill l.l«ie Willlnms wore l)e- a'lidunt.s, will sell nt public ntic- llon to Ihi' hlnlii'sl uml Ix'sl bidder, for rnsli, on n credit of llnee monlhs. at the Ironi door of ihe Courl llntur, belvvcfn tin- liouis lii-esciiUid liy law, in ihe City of Ulytlit-vlllr. Arkansas, on t!if IItil day of April. I334. Ihe following ival relate, to-wll: "Ijiil Iliroe i3l Ulock 'C'. Hnr- ron \- Lilly Addllion to Ihe Cily »( DlyUwvllle. Aikunsus." Knlil Sale will Ix- luul lo .sntliify ,:.'-!. h.'lplnl yiuiiiR wife wn.s cmp- • Hi-, luck r-haiiB'd. Mllun fell • ihi 1 lYi'iiuh. Ills lasl uci before •• i-ainnu' \\u.--: in viMt ilu- tomb llu 1 witc lif ncKlei'U'd In life. llulll limp In i:l ( |i( V,-.irs Mll.WAUKKK. lUl>)—AHOr I'ljIH n* woik and no litlle cxpciiM 1 . iVilii.uii I'lJlandcr. u mechanic, lias •ii.^im'ti'd u iiiirp which lie values ''. Kl.OOO. It Is u bi'iuillful liHtni- ; ir. maile inosily o| several va- .•::.'.i of mapV. Want Atl.v SH!<| deiTco In-the'Stun of $350,15, with loa Ilitoresl from Feb. 27.1934. The purchaser nt said sale will be rt'Ciulred li> execute ixwid with u|>|irovHl K'turUy. lo BCCMTC Hie IKiyment of the puictiiiso money, and a Hen will b? retained til>3il alii proiU'lty as lUldltlonal M'cur- ily for Hie inyincnl uf Kiali puv- uiH' money. Wlliu'.ss my hand ami t!:e si»al of jniil Courl. on (Ills, the M day of Aliirch, I8:H. 1(. I.. CIAINFS, Cuimnissloner 111 Chanccrj NrtH Itei-il, Ally. yl-'Xl COMMISSIONDK'.S SAI.K Notice Is lieivby given Hint ihi Kleisluncd commlssluuer. in com- plliineo wllti Ihe iei'ms of u decree rendered by the Cliftntvry Court !ov ll'.e CliiekusuwbA DlsUict nl Mlvil»lppl county. Arkansii;-, on tlic 21 <lny of I'Vbriinry, ISW4. n'i'.i'ivln K C. Jones wns I'hlillllH, No. 5149 ami I'lnklc Sklrnnk. limmett Morris Trustee of F.asl Arkansas Linn- ber Company, and Unknown Heirs of Will Slslnmk. Deceased, wei'f Dcfentlant-s. will sell nl public ant Ion to t>M hlgtKst Wtd^bMt' ler, for cuh, oil A crtdlt ot nontlii, at the front door of the Courl irouw, bttweeh' tht hixl»' ivescribtd by la*, in the Cltt ^ Blythcvlllc. Arkansas, on the llth Jay of April, 1>M, the !oilo»la« real eslatc. to-wll: 1/ot Fifteen' (la) Block T»t> r ('2> of Hollipeitr-SWnyo Ad- dltloii to .the city ot J?Jytb*.;!.'. vllle, Avkonsas. " -." Said snlc wi|l W! hail tQ satisfy said decree In the 'sum of, wllli a". Interest from August II, 1S3'.I. Tlie jmrclmser • Rl said sale will, be rcqiilred to cxectll* bond with approved security, lo secure the payment of (he purchase money, and u lien will be retained upon said proiwrty us additional «cur- Hy tor tlio |»ymeiit o! sach i>ur- cluise money. Wllne.y my hand and the seal or said Court, on ink, tlw 23 day of TtluKli, 1631. R, L. OAINES. Commissioner in Clmncory. Neill lieed, atty. for plalnllH. 22-39 She Knew Everlhing bul How lo Hold Her Musband's SA)V ixnwr wliicli \«;v.» tu known a> ;li<' most a jM't.ilKUl of Ihi' He]K(iss:lnce Milan thr filu-C'ii-yi'itr-old .11 in 1 WHS fneinn her problL-ms with : :.IK-|I pluck :ind ixnirai-e Unit l.u- di^uo bt-^an in urow lont! of her. ;;!!•.• luui inlurited luv fuiliev's I tm li>r dipiiinuicy ami tills she j .UM'cl lo l.ndovlro's f?nl]i. She svas | lai^ely rrsjionsiblt; for iilnt'lni; hiiii j ,0:1 ilie ducal tlirone mid li '.vas j ; lu-r roiiMii;,' eulogy whlcli insphrd :tlie Miluiii-.-e to defend their rfehtb | 'against tin 1 Fre]:i. K h Lit Aj.ti. When- I 'eve. 1 Ijitrlnvira had a dltlkull 1 itiplcniiitif job he .sent Hcaliice to' (in it. I'coL 1 Uealrice. she seejncd u> tiiovv I'vtryilv.r.B but I'.uw lo old her hutUinil's Ime. _._ l Now Understands j Why Gly-Cas Gets! So Much Praise Mr. WooMridR'i' J Yi'iirs Siill'i'rinif Aflcr .\l! Other Mtdidnus Ilud l';iilcd hi ik'ln I! mi. of ,crt lieiiv? fu utji'n-out ail [inil nolbini! 1 I -,va.-; linally 1 !u yivi 1 tliy-Cus a Irhl-- i.-mJellnl." .said Mr. W. T. Blvlhevilte thin, run dewri. .unl i!rj lime-, and cculd lo help nu- hull] 1 il wns v. F'.catrn-c IJ'IJste: A rti;rrdi:ctio:i of the |:ainUns by I.rtniiLido II Y AI.ICK RDlli: i \Vritien ror NKA Service This week's famous paintini; is of another Beatrice. Bul how dif- fcreni licr btoiy from last 'iveek':; of Feirara. From were rcyr.rdcd a. ieaiiiinj. tsubclia, year, was so Hunt v. Trained Trout Likes to Have His Back Scratched SALT LAKE CITV. Utah. lUPI — -Jiimbc." a four jionnri rainbow tiout. no: onlj 1 cats out of hi? owner's ham!. b;n insists on hav- iir; iLs back scratched after meal-. Fa', ant, 3azy, [lie traut seems to have enjoyed its .sis year sojourn in a glass tank at ire South Stale Fish market here. The fish lias n;=ur:d itself a ions life Ijy learning a routine of trick?.. "Jumfco" likes men and when h; sees Herbert flyde. the oiuicr. 30 \-j ti:e chopptni; Kock. nn rlnlir M'J down his back ior lear lie will .soon be iying tlicre inunis n iitid Irib'.ead. lie tcnsciy folloa.s Hydej until his ir.cJl i.s thrown (.0 |;i m . i over STIKI.'JCO.'IO n\ uiil He slowly glides to [he surface of j have a!rc;idv U'c:i ]uici "is glass tank, munches Die io:d. I cenl-,i-day ']»licyho:clri then glides luck and forth across til-: man's rmucrh. raycdy of Beatrice Cenci. S'cl she :didn't develop an ii'.lcrinrity com- ! 1 itoo hart her tragedy thoiiyli her,pies. But ill,- srFU'rs weio J.i.,tt-aM .ife lay in pleasanter ways. and ii w:is no: uniil ihe maivia-jo :il b:.-.iih :: Botii girls bore tiic tame name, fganic piayeri liiai Eeauk-j nc-J i';:.[:nid to Bolh lived exactly the .same; pan to (eel the shadov: uhijh .-a;i- j n:.:ii. in ••<•; iengtli of lime—i'veiily-iwo years, idened her life. 'IL:;:;;...I u-v Both still live in the world's' When kabilla \va:- six ina.slerpiece.S- 'rhr- v.:!- bPtioiiird u> :!u But greater tiian in.e one lain- , M-Jnt'.i.i. Laid 1 flc-a'.ti-L 1 drcd years which separated thorn'betrothed to LmiovicJ was the difference i:i their de3- ! T!i,u was ali riijtii lin'.il linics. Isiew up iii:-.! '.he Du!:c- af ?.:JIHU. The piyuanl profile in iis .set- ti'»:c to see f:-,ib"iln. He viv ting of je'.vel bound hair is Bea- rapii-ert an.ti !rom then •::: Miov,- trice ri'Este, datii;liter of that r.o- >red I:o:- with beoii!i!i!! ^'ii IIOILSC whose name is written Bralike wa-- ec.nts ;;nciid ilie cultural history of Italy.. ccvico l;m .-iie «us :u:;illy less a master than l.ionarco .when ^:ie v.-.i;. f.Uecu. A I.iivr Affair Ltliloviro lii.l .; fail!; ij.-r.d. Fnr a i hifd o! tiv lo i>c sighted by a co: .Sfor^.t wa.s nc: e.i>\ to Mantua lii 1 . 1 lji';r.,;iL;j! l^ubtOln ' beciimins l!ia; inif li!o of s.'t: 1 inlancy il iiArat;olis the cider by beai;u:i;l ana bill- ; i:uv:-r cn;oy ,t v;uii'.ltr lir.uvn-e il;r t :i-n'.j:i> Pox .- L;;- No na Vinci is crerlitcd with p.nniins; i that yo:ithfui face, the xiL-ndci hioal rising from ihe rich velvet Sown. For sixteen ycai* Leonardo l Vinci devolcti his mighty f:-en- is lo the varied demands of Bt-a- a'ice's luifband. I.udovico Siovza,. Dnkr of Milan, -idy of Culture Beatrice «ns oorn in 17-15. child of the Duke of;-,. entire life wa,-, in si5fiL;ni!i- i ci'iicc am: ^plendoi. Hut her sn l- iKiod was .'-pent, in a center oi cui- ' lure whose influence i= felt u',-n today. Thase d'Eile (;irls v.eie il'.e tulk ; iiiop.r ool i.'v.-i liiy-Ci.s. 11 . >t:cii^;-;' :':n;l 1;, • \vay." :-C:-.~. 1; ;'jld hy : Cu.. Ii!;t!lo\'il]e. ;:.; rEri;-/ .'.'.or:-! :i 10V.T.'-. ,:'.:•: JJlu'-. ::i\' liy ;;il suric'.:r.d-l —Ally ' One Cent a Day Brings $100 a Month iJoublc Vnlk Layer BKND. Ore. lUPi—A wi:ile leg- hoi'ii Bullcl which iays only double yolked cqgs is owned" by Mrs. L. E. nrccdcn of tlir Alfalfa district near here. The lieu is IQ mo'.itlis c',',1. Her regular procedure is to ;ny two izrjc ngs5 in as many days, lake a day off for rest, then ccmc back production ior IU-Q more days. Good News tor Kidney Sufferers! Ktre fl nlef tbit con rght icto (he irrilAt«d udiKr *rA bliddrr orfani 10 quicikty, you e&n »etaijly SKE i«ylu »ithiti »(<»• hyiri. Fliatei cut po!)3n5. neulrkVtea burcicg sticU, briop r'oropurclhint comfart. Noraote Acbkiz bicxj *-**V b'»dder. lore pilafiil jsictj (rcaTacit c! Uiaey ictik-itv. A»k dr-ZJTJt Ecr Kcley P'!!i— - 10 0110- by tl-.i:' National Pioteitive Insurance Co. 850 Pickviirk Blrig.. Kansiii Ci'.y. Mo.. tl:c oldest and coin- i puny of :l.* kind. Tlicir n?w acritii'iit policy, [j.j.y-1 ing t;er.enu« up to SltrO each nionili' or to SI.WO at death, is nov> bem^ ioid ;o all men. '.vomrjji children belv,eer. the r-yi.i 01 "t iii-.t 1 . 60 years. The cdsl is only S3.6:"> year—just one cent a dr.y. Sent! Xn .Money ior Id days' lice iiupiciion policy, simpiy send nair.e. ?jp. a«- dicss. tenefjCiaiy'-s ninti? r.nci re- lalictlfliip. No arip.Hcp.lion to till', GUI. no medical examination. After, rcaciiiig policy, which will be ! mailed to you. either rclurn U or! tend S3.65 which pays you up for a i whole year—365 days. Write National Fiotfctive tcd^y while If .'till opon. ' —Aciv. SEED! SEED! SEED! Certified Hulk Seed for Field and •den — RuHsell Heckle 7<>i>- A'o^c/? and Other Seed Alfni'a .. Sicd Corn Seed Oat> . Ltspedeza Red Clever Timothy Grass Scrt! ai!f i ll-'J sinnnon. 'o sot the .. $17.25 per cwt. $ 1.25 per bu. up . $ 2.75 per bag S 7.25 psr cwt. ... $18.25 per cwt. ... $10,25 per cwt. per cwt. L Olluor.s havo l>y. Originality le p;<jts iho pef- icc, rcmcm- STEP OUT WITH EASTER sari "The One Price Store" CONFIDENCE T/?ey /oo^ rough but they aren't HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Shetlands Y OU ;;cl your rc- from every in our stoic [)cr(cd confidence llml will ,l>e corveclly attireil you ENRO SHIRTS of Distinction All the new colors and patterns — Mirror Tones Symphony Checks Banjo Stripes #1.95 $1.65 1 1 $ 30 $ 35 s 1 i MAGGY in appearance, bul extremely soft in lex- lure, they conform to the "rough" style trend in looks, while giving you more ease nnd comfort. Gel n Shetland snil and v you have your "odd jack- el" at hand for spoi Is wear -— a saviiuj well worth while. Here in browns, tans, and greys >eau >rummeJ lies Ping Pong Dots Gibraltar Crepes All the New. Patterns & Colors $1 1 50 Interwoven box A Complete New Spring Showing 35c 50c $ 1 SPRING SHOES CROSBY SQUARE Sport Styles $ or L an Nettlcton Fine SKoes NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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