The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 6
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BUYTHEVIT-Lfc (ARK.) COURIER NEWS LWB Aid Vets H $SOOO r Available Under TUESDAY, APRIL 30. 19JO Bungal ow Features Large Rooms and Sun Deck _t>tent<Hint lochs, up to a rrwxi- »5fcr' i of to,090 for seven years and JtO^yc, toe'a'vfeilable under liberal- t»f& mcntalonsof the Federal Hous- lMj.-*dBrintj!tration, announces the M»y J|si* of Better Homes * G»r- dnB>M^>kiM.. Designed 'lo help r»liMi» -the nation's desperate housing. USSUge, such loans may be otttCfea in "war housing ureas, lu- cjudia% nearly all cities, If Ihe remodeling mokes additional housiiv; •(callable for veterans of World War II. "• ; To jiake possible these bigger and ;efsietj loans, the PHA revised up- ward-tfie limits on'Title I, 'Class I . (b) l<»ns. MeanwhHe, the FHA left tftichihged regulations covering Title I,.Class I_..(«( loans, whereby up to J2WO dan be borrowed with max. uhunr maturities'ot 3 years and 32 •<J«ys Jo finance general repairs, im. prove«n*nl and remodeling. Ing homes needed for vet-' ;,. .^ — .one of tlie nation's most • urgent-'jobs. New houses cannot be •prqdqcfed Quickly enough lo meet tnis demand; remodeling a spacious opi.hqguse can be done more quickly. .WltlM good 'design, these remodeled . Iwusfe-cah be a permanent nssct to trie! community. 1 .If ,ypu own a home thai would lend ftself to -conversion, don't con- clude.'ihal remodeling is beyond your 'financial reach. If you arc a good cj-edlt; risk, the PHA's "pay-out- of-Inebrne" plan may make it possible ^for you to make monthly payments from added rent received. ^Briefly, -thls.-is the plan. With the gross charge and discount table pro- vldedijby Hie : k>cal lending instltu- tjkjn -or the PHA, you can deler- nilne»the monthly payment required for tfi^.remodeling job you plan. As- sumiqrjthatipaymenl is well within .Vour viriconie, you may oblain aid In flnfclfe out the FHA Title I 'Credit Application (Form PH-l) from (he lendw or, from a builder or con- tractisr.' • ", In Addition to Assisting with pri- orlty.fe.and financing forms, many contractors and building material dealers are prepared to sketch sue- gjesledUjattinndeHiig., lo 6.uote one prlce.for-the job,'arid to handle de- tills t 6f subcontracting work. f Thj "general, practice of lenders is to'-base Titlfc I loans tin 'your wedit record and pacing capacity Security niiy be required. Financing charges on loans of $2500 or less can't ;be ^more :than the equivalent of $5 discount 'for $'l'00 : on a one- 7«r, t^nUily-paytnenl y, ole On loans, of.'more jthnn $2500, the fm- Business Plans Remodeling To Draw New Trade Wlth more goo<is lo sell and ponl- »P demands to satisfy, business houses may find it difficult to do contemplated new construction for some time after llio war. In the meantime many of them will remodel i;-iclji.pi'C'seiu sites lo utilize waste space and make their u.slnb- IfshmcnlK more attractive, and tliereby put, [hem In a bolter position lo meet expected competition. Hecause of the anticipated postwar demand for new construction / ''ill kinds, particularly homes, materials now critical are likely lo mnain 'scarce. Then; are non-ci'H- ical materials available, however, which are for repair and re- nodding. Insulating board, for example, can I),, ii.wd for remodeling and refining interiors. It build* walls nnd ceilings and at the .same time dec- mates ihein and hel|w to quiet sound. The remodeling work can be <l(>ne easily and quickly with this versatile material, with a minimum of interference with regular business. FIRST FLOOR Low-priced homes are the most urgent need in postwar housing and here Is a bungalow type that economy ircvides design. You will need compact a lot 45 feet, wide for this home. The main rooms art spacious, particularly the living room, which is 11! feel by HI feel. For n small home (his has plenty in it. .signed is Irene Gray, Box 3)7 n F n. NO. 2, niylhevillc, Arkansas. Dated this 22nd day of April A. n. 194G. , IRENE OHAY Executrix of Ihe Estate of Lena Gray, Deceased. O. E. Keck, H, G. ParllOH 1 , Attorneys. 4J23-30-5J7 )N TIIK 1'KOHATK fOUHT I'OK Till: CIIICKASAWHA DISTKICt 01- .MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AK- KANSAS. In tlir Matter of the Kstate ol l.rna <iiay. decoicd. Irene <iray, Kxtralrlv, Bo.v 3)7, K. F. ». No. *, r)lylh«vill«, Arkansas. NOTK'K OF Al»liNISTRAtlON Notice is hereby given that letters tcslamentary were granted to the Cnnl+r Yn Siimin*r undt-rsigned upon Ihe'estate of Lena i v€KMer '" *ummer Gray, deceased, on the 20th day of ' Insulated homes are frequently Ajiril. A. D. 1948, by the Probate a s much as 10 or 15 degrees cooler Court for the Chickasawba District '" summer because of the insula- of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or dc- mimds against said estate must pi'e- senl them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance before the end of six months from the date of the fust publication of tills nolico, which Is April 23rd, A. D. l!)4ii. If not so presented within such time, they will be forever burred. Tlie address ol the under- Hon. Health and Beauty Depend Upon Sleep Restful sleep is directly associated with good health, beauty and a good disposition. It restores energy, erases tired lines and prevents the cumulative irritability Unit j comes with laek of proper res 1 .. | Take out health, beauty and disposition insurance in the form of u [ houyant bedsprlng and a level, rc- Kilient 'muttrcss—formula No. 1 for . good night's sleep. Read comirr News Want Ads. FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Steel Hacks for Oil HtaU-rs We Slock and Install All I'luniliing Fixtures Jess W. Provence 127 Kasl Vine Street Phone 2719 '*-9'- Build Color Scheme From Oriental Rug i SECOND FLOOR There are three bedrooms and a combination kitchen and dinette The bay effect and matching win- clows provide excellent natural light. Tlie six-room home Is of frame construction. A back porch and sun deck me added features ol tills design. It Ls appropriate for either city or suburban construction, (jood in a bright, sunshiny room, and not too deep [or a more subdued room. It will tone down the veds in the rug if you feel that I hey predominate too much. And aquamarine is just as flattering u background for most women us It is u fluttering color I owear. For your draperies mid your upholstery Ail-Purpose Studio Rooms Are Popular The Inclusion of a studio room Is anioni; the nev,> trends In modern homes. Handy for work of any kind, it will also double as a guest or recreation room, its use helps lu keep the rest of the house clear, and For sonnd-miielmE nnd comfort, rooms of this kinds frequently ar( . finished with decorative Insulating board. but it will By picking ui> several of the ruff colors for dra|»cry nnd up- anchtg «i»rge 5 ,»V discount.' to be more than OHicUxls of. agencies make 'FHA-insured loans .^ ill explain in detail the operation of the "plan, the forms rc- _ types of loans eligible tf 'terms permitted. are 'two "tyi»s of Title T . 11 ^ dlrect-to-borrower loan »pd*J* dealer-originated loan, in -the'fljst, the borrower obtains a cost atimate. from, a 'dealer or con- ttactor- and' goes directly to the lending' institution of his choice Th«re,;upon approval of his credit t?ie Wfcn is granted directly to him Md' Me 'in turn pays the contractor 9f: d *«!« "Pon completion of the holstery fabrics and the decorative accessories, yon will emphasise those very colors and drnw attention to Ihe rug desiKh lhat inspired them. Suppose yon nave an Oriental rug in which there is a fairly' typical combination of rich reels, blue of iliat distinctive almost-bnt-nol- quitc turquoise lone, a dull muted and a little yellow and deep iyovy. From tliese colors you can build a half-dozen different , schemes, according to your and the type of room. You might, fov example, or eggshell walls, and lu use the dull yrecn and red and Bold for drapery and upholstery fabrics. With the white walls you could also use n lurtjufilsc nnd white stripe for draperies. This would be very smart looking and striped fabrics or -wall paper are always n. good choice to go with an Oriental rug. These arc 'just a few suyijesUons rug and build vouv color scheme 'ni'onnd yonr Oriental riiR. Because most eastern ru^s have character* ful patterns and glowing rich colors, yon will achieve greater harmony in your room if .you start with the i ruy and build you color scheme haV'2 around it. The rugs should be taste . yoiir wnll ar)i]«innrinc— n pnler tone foundation of Ihc decorative motif of the green-blue of the ruR. Aqua- [ ---------marine is. a charming wall color— ' Rend Courier News Want Alls. \ Unier the second Type, the denier eprnpotes the total cost of the job uakes\'an estimate, and quotes a r^ontbJy, payment; the customer coniplttes a Title I credit Application, »hich is sent to a lending in- s}ituti5n for investigation; Ihe denier completes the work, has the cus- W^.r-Men a Borrower's Completion CertirWkMI'SiKns a Dealer's Compic """ ^rWpi^-i? 11 *! '.both certifi- VKl'Pbte are^presented to the >ng ^Institution', tvhich advances u» money to 1 .'the 'dealer, ^Property owners who cooperate in t£* "Remodel for Veterans" program are eligible for priorities as- slstanc.e.under Priorities Regulation no. 13. of the Civilian Production Admlnbrtnlion. The regulation sets UP a preference rating system for 10 housing materials which are in critically.jWo* *tpply. ' To ;J. b J«?rr.Priority ratings from oT.IJje 52 field offices of the . V.«» applicant must d> show specifieations indicating the extent to which he'intends to remodel 121 »«Tee k tp offer the additional housing »ccorn«K)*itk>ns for rent only i o merans during the period of re- moaeTCig '>nd Sb days thereafter <3) indicate rental at which the MCutitMudations will be made avail•*,'• *™J .•'»' show that remodeling work wttl begin within 90 dnys utter d««e df^lkation It the work h*« *16t *een started within 90 days the r»tln«* become voW and a ne-.v application Inust "bt "filed. Prepare NOW for Summer Heat! The Hrccz-Air Attic Fans shown here 'K»vc you .revolutionary results in free aii circulation over an area far ^router than the ordinary fan covers. The ItttKKZ-AItt fan Wades create a vnr- I ex-tornado wind—funnel action for Hreater circulation. 'Enjoy Life When the Temperature Soars Install a Buffalo Forqe Breez-Air Attic Fan Use l-\ II. A. Terms-—No .Money Down 24 in. fan 48 in. Fan 54 in. Fan $49.95 69.95 84.95 99.95 142.95 189.95 i LOANS We also stock Kninierson and Ifar-llnmk Attic Vans—Inimediafc Oeliven Uohhins & Meyers 1'KDKSTAl, ;,nd TAR1,K |'I:IH:STAI. VANS 2t in. Osi-ill.llimr and Nan OsrilUitiiiR 30 In. \nn-<>.srill:itlnr, 'I'.MlI.K VANS ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J> W. Adams, Mgr. W. *' Tdilofed lo fit l!io irciiite ol youi )>omc, SLATS.O- WOOD .«ninj< t,t ,ood looking, long failing and economical, A prionc call will bring out oui dei^nei to give you 4 free estinuic on lK«ic cuilom built Jidl lo comlorljlle living. Phone 2731 N. First We Furnish Everything COMPLETE For the lialhrno'm and Kitchen PLUMBING ELECTRIC PUMPS SEPTIC TANKS WATER HEATERS The installation of Slats-0- Wood Awnings, any repairs, mitintiiiniincL' or remodeling you wish done to your home may he financed with the tlniversal C1T Corporation No down payment afld »i(i months it) pay. Let us figure a plan for your needs. Deal'sPaintStore lO'l South First St. I NOTICE! RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS! BOYETT DDT Spraying Co. IS NOW EQUIPPED TO SERVE YOU Due lo the fnet it'is twice: :is h:inl fur m vrirniii of World War II to x<> intu hiisineKS us it is for any other person, I am jusl opening for Imsi- ncss and would unpreciati; yum- paliiina^e. I h:ive srrurtrd Ihe Iwst in l)I>T insecticide powder and liquid. 11 is Use same lyp« we used in the Kuropt-an t'hralrc of war and also bcmff used in the l*adfic theatre of operations by our armed forces to conihat insects. This type of DDT is now being used by the };overiiment on farms. I am equipped to spray or dust anything you wish to be dusted or sprayed, t-speriatly homes, business placrs, surdens, barns, rhieken qoops, shrubbrry, ditches and outhouses. I am ;ils<> proud to annnuiice that I have veterans working for me, who have just Iwen ilis< linrgctl From the Armv. Why Pay More than Necessary to Get Your Property Cleaned of Pesfy Insects? Call 3GO"<! today and I will come or send a representative lo see yon ami pivc you an estimate on your property to IK- sprayed. Gco. (Kiuldy) Hovett, Owner Office Temporarily 1.00:1 tod ul III !0. Vino St. Phone 3602 Ail Set Up And Serve You We're now in operation, protltieinp; hundreds ol' Rly-H)ocl<s( concrete Blocks) each day. We invite you lo come out ;inil visit our new plant. Sec for yourself how oiir fine concrete building Mocks are made. Before you build, investigate the Low-Cost of the BLY-BLOCK—our new concrete building block. It's Inexpensive, Fire Proof and Long-Lasting. Any size orrfer now being promptly filled Temporary Location Livestock Building, Miss. County Fair Grounds Crandall Kinninqham Telephone 2470 Call On Us for Saml and Gravel, Too * eie Products Co, "linild Ktroujfe)' lo I,sisl Lonircr—With Concrete It's so Easy t® do four Own Decorating WITH READY-PASTED WALLPAPER NOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE PLENTY OF HOT WATER IN A JIFFY! NV:\V I'OCKKT S1XK I'OKT- Alil.K WATKR HKATKK COSTS !,KSS THAN $2.00 Boils Baster Than Gas! Merely l)hicc a LIGHTNING PAST- WAY Klocliic Water Hoater in ;i lub. i>an. i>:iil. or kctlle cont.iiiiinc walcr. I'liiu in Uic ntaroM sixkc:. prc.sto -- in a fnw minutes water! A sufficient quantity, winter, summer, clay or night. Easier than K;IX, yet costs less than $'.!00. No liivs to build or hot wau-r lo cany. No running up ami down stairs. No top heavy fui'l bilk. Handy! Portable! Inexiwnsive Originally $3.75. Now less thnn S200. Tom Little Appliance Co. and Leading Hardware & Appliance Stores Everywhere No ?B>«1 No Tool.l No Muul fiovtd In Moro Than 1,000,000 Homes • Aayan* eaa do HI Alrtady pait«! — ]u«t dip In woltr and kmoolh oa th« wnll. DrtM (a 20 mlnul.i. • Co«f op /aft/ Start after brvaktait —« room'* don* b*Iora noon. Or itart and Mop dt TOU plvaa*. In »para tim*. • Wo Itatlaf «P *• Kou»« — you •TMI bar* to corvr 1h* furnlluiat ilft and fad«picol . . . 9buiu»»»J lo (lick or yaui mon«y bocU l fen KIT* up to 50% on decorating coita. Thrx S1.98 ho>M — •ori* equal to 3H otdlnoiy rolls wall. pap« <mt locludiD9 20 11. matching bor- dw— d» a IDilS room for only SS.94. • VWr ear itor* today— M* tn« many ••art, colorful Trims pan<m> for »v«iy rooa l« ycig tomt. OWE YtWt HOME NEW BEAUTY WiTH THESE OTHER PRODUCTS TWMI «XABT.fAmr> CTOAII CUMCT rum nmz Ttna IVT-OOn— JUrxKy nil m . . . alr*a<y .»•.. Mk.r pbl> ,«H<ICM. >fa«T " Mtctoy M««M «»4 Donald D«ck. IORDZM— ^4 wall. . . . e m»i wMow>, toon. .«. PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc.

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