The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1981 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Me 15c 12c 9c 90 C line and Dally u\e ptt Una lor *on$« Insertion: Minimum charge 1 lime per lint 1 times jie: line p" dtvy 3 time* per line per day B limes per line per day ...... 13 limes p«r line pei day Wcinih per line Count five RTcra?* word* lo tni Ad ordered for. three or six tlrru • lopped, before expiration will be < *d (or the number ot limes I »pponred and adju^ttnent ol bill All claimed adTertislng copy *ub- milted by ppr.-onA resldlnf; ouifilrte ol lha cliy must be accompanied toy ciush. RutH may «asl!r be computed from Advertising mdcrecl for irr«Kiitnt ln- •«rt!on* tJiVe^ the one time table No responsibility will be taken foi more thtn one incorrect insertion ol * n AU C «S» «? restricted lo thrlr prop" elaulllcitilon style »nd 'VP«- ™° Courier News res""* tho right W «IH or reject any Rd. Supplies and Services with IXm'l endanger ynur family faulty Uiv«r-WJy f.EF, TIRKR. CHAPMAN SRRVICE STATION Main and Dlvhlon Phone «fl3 12 13 ck II se nd rnhde Notice ""The Family of Mr*. Oracle our dear niolhfr nnd «l Lord Wrsj SO" "i tlnw Mr. «nd Mrs. Ka ifr. «nd M«. D Andrew Adftm* John Adams Mt3 Olntiys Ri ot >2 rrn *'; ileV Rrnnw fl/iyci Slip" Apartment /or Rent Ifndrrn a-mom Oil 5«5 or 3595. 3 rm. unfur bath. Ph. «18. apartment «!4 ck It V.'« hare Firm tor E month 131' Salvage, pi] DID YOU KNOW? pri- number tr.inamls- .rvrolet, nml Ply- ndfls. Wnde Anlo models. Watle Auto Salvage, Ph. 373V AUTO AND PLmNlTL-HE I.OAM3 Prompt Personal Service Ofni'rnl Contract Purchase Corp 100 South 5th Phone ft?.03 < J ck Services THR DAINTI-TOT DIAPKRKTTR Krlc Ball, rhon 20R8 B I pX 9 Duplex Rpt., firtvnlo Mrs. Compton. B;ll pV 31 3 room and both duple*. J». Nice 10C.tlon. 122 B. D»vl., Ph. 366^ ^ ^ 4 rooms ami hath. unfurnished Kpt 1 room, f,r,d bath. furnished ap , ho'h upstairs. l.a'SC rooms, big 5lin«> V>™, In di-slrahle location, close. to to»n. 718 West ABh, Th. MI5. 8J14 PjC^Jl ""nrTtiimlshed prUate J looms and closeta. tpoUes»ly clc Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny flrrvlcf on Jewelry—3 day* on wnlrhrs nnc] clorks Guaranteed worX <1nne hj ex per* rt-p airmen l/>we."l "PAT 0'BRYANT Main & Second 10,3 ck If Prompt. Riperl flerfJc* on Co/nmercLa. REFKIGKRATION & AIR CONDITIONING FRANK'WKSTAM, Charlie's Electric Service Phone. ?0»3 - - - Henlnencc 2M1R bath. nlc« ctric water heater. _ I linve <lel»lt> Electric water heater. I linve <el»J up and rurnlsh hot unci cold water. Inlaid linoleum rloor. throuuhout. Nlc« window .Hade.. throuBhont Cmi- nle JIB per month, elnRle. *15 per Sonth oS Main Street. Ph. =671. ,ft« J. 3MS. _ '__ _ H_'JL- ~Nlco. , well located 4 -room iinf. «pt_. with bath. On.. Ph. 2612. "'s^"-^™ 6 ,; SmaP Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single.' 114 West Ash, Ph. 2838. 8-4 ck tf „... _ ....,,_ rooms and bath. «l« (loot*. Open dully. 230S \V. Rose = - "01-6023. ajU P* V 1 Ne-w unftir.. 3 Hie (loot*. Op Bt. Ph. 6101-605: Untur. pli. 3?W. room apt., private bath. 8111 pk 18 One duplex apt. 4 rooms with bath, electric hot wnter heater. 132 E. Vine, cull 62(51 or 2223. 8-3 ck tf 4 room \intur. modern *pt. Best residential section." hardwood floors, hu- tnn« heat. Prl\ate screened In porch rarftgf 900 Walnut. Ph. 2921. a) 10 ok tf 3 rm untur. up I. good location, re- 0«cor*t« tor perm, rcnlrr. call 3325 7123 pk B,23 Fur. «p1-, 4 rooms und bnth v elec- Irlc refrigerator. Rfv* equipment, pood furniture! 1« W. Dftili. Ph 3,173 F Blmon. 1|i ck I ,1 room fur. apt, gas slnve, icJrl&ern tor, lariie kitchen, 322 S, Ky. J3S. ' W. M. BURNS Realtor. Ph, 3361 B'14 ck 1 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad & Ash Your Friendly Finnic 6S8! Ait AfAfffS--Ati AtOftU STUDKUAKKK • Tnn Tirk-T'p. Motor N c v Ooor . . . h^s nrrn coniptctrly rt-rnndi- Itunrd . . , nnlr. . . . 1H16 Rlurtch.ikrr *i Ton rick-l'p ... .1 good Iturk only $795 $1295 $595 IS19 Stutlrh^kcr ^^ Ton J'ick-rp Truck ... a dandj' buy . . , only .............. $795 • Other Cars & Trucks Ford V-8 Super , Bhip Turlnr, $475 only 1!MG Ford Turtnr . . . Super I). luxe . . bTnrk. Conic in and see 1911 llorige, 2 Poor . Special . , . only. . $345 1919 Uodgo !4 Ton Fick-l.'p Get More For Your Or— Trade at Chamhlin's pri Phjmrilnp. oil Alop air .all work glli\rnnteeil J-«rs. 6349 e pump re- Cull Hnrry |3I pk 8;3t 9 Glb«on Rnnnf. Ne Die). Rofeerls. 6700 RADIO & TV SERVICE our B*I on the blink? Pot fn*t ner-r- e cn\\ Ma linger Cnr] lx)tig «t BLYTHEVILLE Television & Radio Service 1HU ft U»ln Phong 379* UtlS ck (I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 W W*lnu» lenty of Parking Space Washing Machines repaired, ill makes. Blythoville Machine hop. Phone 2328. 3-6 ck tf For Sale, Misc. 2 baby fitrollrj-s. 110 E. Davis ph >a»- e 10 nk 14 Got the truck itch? ...Let Phillips scratch it, TODAY! 11118 Ford Pick-Up Truck. . . S cylinder.. .a big buy nl ... $695 $745 $650 $645 $345 $345 ompany Br»«4woy & Chickasawba Phone 4453 10-18 Clicvrolcl 1'ii'k-Up Truck... New 1 paint. . .priced nl 10-17 Chevrolet 1'k'k-Up Truck... Can'l be heiit al l!Hfi I'onl 8 Cylinder I'ick-Up Truck. Kc;iriy for fall Hllli Kord R Cylimlor I'ick-l'p Truck.. A reiit trucking harittiin liHIi C'hi'vrolcl I'miel Truck. .. An all purpose truck. . .only ., We Will Guarantee $2.50 per bushel for your soybeans this fall on grain bin purchase now from.. .. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520 — Blyth.vill., Dial 2371 Help Wanted, Male Truck and tractor mechanic. Good working condition* and good pay. Ben F. Rntler Co., Osceola. 8-M ck 17 For Rent or Sale Modrrn J room house, 708 E. Cherry. Wanted: Experienced OAK Kl.OOU'NC; '"-'' <\nqu Pay ars. (1.40 hr. 4.% hr. week Call rollpct VA124D LANCASTKK OAK FT,GORING Fl. Worth Box 1145 8 10 ck 15 Two men 1S-2.S to trns-fl In Ark Salary rom mission anrt transportation plus many othrr briT-llts by National Organisation SPP Mr Damon. Rm 203. N'nbLe Hotel. «-7 p.m. a 13 pk Ifi Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection ' Po' : :iul Aaency Plafond Pro tort ion 174 W Ash 61 GhENCOF HOTII aUIl.l>INO 4.8 CK Wanted to Buy New or Une*i MrCormlck- Dee ring Cotton Plrkera Delta I'""' 's, Inc. Phone 68^3 811 ck 813 Five NVw or U.^ed McCocmtck-Deer- InK Cotton Pickers. C}\ioto prices In tetter. Write Box 960, BIytlievUte flll ck S 18 For Sale, Cars and Trucks Golden dcllclovin apples In , Irurk oatls. Phone 3722, write Mrs. C. P. rrrn, R(. I, Pnragould. AtX. aa pk 15 s; ^nn altrrntlons. MCA At Ph. 2668. 407 K. Rnse St. 7,23 pk Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE GO/ 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf Used Combine* AH MnV^s A- ATorlcIs Cnsh or Terms 61 fmj>lemoiH Co. N. Hlwuy fll Phone 2H2 If-service Inxinrtry. T-ot, hulldln; ' eqfiilpment. with Roort 1 TOT couple. Host location In town Prlrrd lo srli. Bus 1 now and Ret bene Ml nT full and winter rmstne.". Ph. , - — >f H. H. Garnett. 313 or 323 N. J roo; Two Chair Barb*r Shop. Beet lorn- linn in town for right man. Health F'orces Sole L. T. Burton. P.O. nor 1. Sleele. Mo. B;K pic at BLYTHEVILLK REALTY SPECIALS* 3 CHOICE LOTS. 2 ON NORTH FRANKLIN. PAVED STREET. PRICE CUT TERMS 1 LOT (800 VALUE NEAR CENTRAL SCHOOL ONLY $400 CASH DESIRABLE HOMES CLOBB IN |fl L OOfl TO $15.000. SOME REAL SSTABLI3HED BUSINESSES FOR SALE AT INVOICB PRICE TO SELL OR BUY PHONE FIELD. 2394 DAY OK MIGHT. 8'4 pk 19 S1M7 o FARMS FOR SALE 1—-BO ncreK near Sieele. Mo. Good level land, veil drained on gravel road, good nouse and barn, electricity and school rnis. 3—93 acres near Pascola 8] seres In I cultivation, 12 In Wood Pasf louse and uooct burn CARL PAUL L* th« m»n to \re It jcni'if looklnji foi A n«w OLDSMOBII.E * new GUC truck or & GOOD URRD CAR H«'U jjire von ihf oe*» Irart* tn town! Tcu'tl !nd him ai Tlonicr-Wilson Motor Cn Phnnt 2030 Night 44R4 620 ck S?0 HECKSIIKR WTS5TFND Ph 4274 - aial an W* nn&nc« "Chenp^E* GCKK! Car* bn ro A-Model Coupa — 170 070 AUTO SALBS Kenwood Notice DISTINCTIVE STONE "Arleanjini« Apple Orchard" Bpantlfiil thin or thick cut long itone for Homes. Patlciu. Walla.. Walks. Barbecue Pita. FlagMones und Fiie- placefi. AIM iftrs« Chlmnty C»ps. Rnneiam: per Rqr. dellv#rfirt 8^5.00 Custom: per sqr. clrllverpd 45.00 ria«r per nqr delivered 13.00 nrbfciip: p*r sqi-. delivered « ™ hlmnfiT Caps, per sqr. foot -W Telephone 94-1-R 3. Bate.ivlUe, ArX. or Write McBridc Stone Quarries Ruin do. Ark. 3P 2nd SI. ny R>umtn\im *ctfrn w ftsl Ilia ot youi hmme uLlderff Supply Inc FLU dirt for sale. Ph. «3C3 If you want Lo sell or hny USED FURNITURE see us. Arnold & Gaines 'lOfi East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf I p« Me red Ahrrrtrc » Ar s old. J H Tlmmons, •vlllp. Mi 2fi,"ifi. .llvrd hrltrr yrarlln: in 200 in 2;.T Ihs. J V •fie. rh 21.1M. 3,14 bullfllngs. Tho owner said sell It (150.00 per *cie, thl* farm will carry <7a uo Rcie Juan. On good gravel road. 3 80 ncTfs ot land west of Osceola. thin facrn tins two *els of buildings, two i room houses, two barns and good outbuildings, the houses have ( bathjt snd electricity and on good gra- „, ._,, .,. , • . i vel road, mall loute. and school bus Try a Thor WaSlier m yOUr j this (arm can be »old as an SO o: Free Demonstration ' WHAT TO DO TW CA3B OF AN AC- IDI^JT tf TOUT cur IK d»ma?e<i In n accident here 1 * something you hould knnw Buumetl will gl'» jou • and out- I ir«e paint )oh on any repair work nl I3CW or more Th« whole ear Is pulnt- ed—not lust ih« d«.mag«d p*rt« Fret Mex For wrecker ^erflce ARJ* - 410» nlphli BDRNTTT HUDSON BALES. »15 Bnut U*ln. 4,23 CK home for 10 days—spin dryer] or wringer type—$114.50 up. 15/; down—18 months on balance. If you have washor to trade it will he accepted on down payment. B. F. Goodrich Co : ;I17 W. Main Phone 8-M ck 15 For Safe, Real Estate R 11 pfc 2*i white *1clr\vMl Goo-Irlrh tlrrv Fo'1 t.S Rrrancl m-A- still In wnppfr^ fin Krrn nt Cl^lr Miner's THilnc v*~ n. Mniti niiri nivlpmn K 13 pk c. 19 i; ft. Krlvlintor ToTrUcr.-itor. hkf tnhlr top flrTlrli- stov or NT.iplr Dining Ronni fio:>X 3 plcrr SuUf. pll pk IP in north t*-nth *t.. school W rl t r own , Kultawa Ky 40, 1 have either larrn* »nd city y lor sale. Hubbard I And Co. Si>« or call I. T. Hubbard Phone 412» proper Small grocery *lore, good location, vlll *ell cheap. Call 3613. 8,13 pk 16 FARMS 7OR SALB 140 Acrrs 7 room modern r«slrten pretly shady yard. <Jood 4 room le ant house, harn and oulbnHflln>;s, welt located. Miort rilslancc Irom Holcotnb. Mo. This Is % good place lor *ome on« wanting d home. |160.00 per acre. WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf Salesman Wonted DISTRIBUTOR ao acres, nice residence, goort barn. (enrrd and extra good piece or lanrt, S2UO r er »crt. Real Estate •aims—City Property 1.0'\NS KV.M-.V "fby iK-opio avo com-j Noble Gill Agency itijj in our storn nnd iiskinj; RFAI TDRS to si!e the BcntHx Kcoiunnat I hoy liave hcnrcl so nuieli nixmt, Happy satisfied users rive sayinp its oven hottov than they expected, ask any user, j or come in and see for you-1 rsolf I lie Bcndix Kconmnat 1 washer, the heal luiy in eonr ! pletely Automatic \v;tsh<'rs. j -Just a few dollars more than ; a conveiil tonal washer. Huh- i iiavd *!c Hokc Appliance C'o. j 8-lfl ck if, I REALTORS — Cet-il F.arla —' Glencoe Rldg. Ph. C8fi8 Tins place (14.500.00. i.iAt o[r roncrrt* lenant house, n Is worth the A A.M. Nationally known mamiffii nirir of mslnTrnnnrf* matln^a has 01 fnlnii for enentetlc distributor over : for territory <"OnsInline of Ifl rniiiUl rrntfrlnc around JONESBORO. BI.T THKVU.J.E WA1-NHT RID^JK. HA.TF-S IVn.I.E SEWPnRT. nnrl PARAGOIH,D ' ? . A y - i F^lnbl^hprt prrtPClfri trrrUory \ h^m. 1 actlcn Arr ^..intr nrnriiiro< money. I ™"J, "L, !^A. nent \\> h^vp A number of KOOC! farms ' nl Ll.Mcd In this art. Com* In In see us. Rial?* Land Co W, T, lifirnrlt. Ph. 3322 Ruwell E Rlales S.I3 rk IB islncw. alnln hv (Iplrt -nt bonus tr.irt So rapltnl knsr^lr Mnut h^Tf rnr Phrtn* 1 u^t 1.1th. Mth. or 13th (or Snrcla prvl 19-tO Chevrolet, 2-Door Sedan, a good cheap car ; 1947 Chevrolet, 2-I)<K»r Sedan... loaded with extras 1!M8 Ford V-8, 2-Door Sedan, A Beauty ...' 1947 Ford V-S Super Deluxe, 2 Door Sedan EDS ON Continued from Page 0 be increa.sed, levying of a general .sales Lax it, reccmmended instead of increa.sing individual income and corporate taxes. NAM's Managing Director Earl Bunting declares the Truman administration "has failed entirely to prove it* case for direct price and wage controls. . . . By eliminatinR non-essential expenditures, adopting a sounrf pay-as-we-go tax program and limiting the use of pri- vat« credit, the nation can prevent . . . inflation," The NAM News accuses the Truman administration ol "education by trickery." And it accused C. E Wilson and Eric Johruston of being "prisoners of their subordinates' — the bright slide rule boys - . . who feed them the data on which their thinking is based." The AFBP board of directors leetinj? in Chicago, passed a res- ution beginning: "We reaffirm nd reempha-size our firm convlc- on that price and wage control. re undesirable and inappropriati L a period such as the present. . . -" { -- -'•The AFBr News Letter declares: lee and j e , ferson . Gravols B ank of The cease-fire possibilities in Ko- I st IjOUis R corporation. -i ,., .,.._,.. __j j_, Oalcti ' lhis j ^jy o[ August. 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Ruth Magee. D.O. Penix and Penlx, attorneys foi BUY WIN CONFIDENCE USED CARS TRUCKS $195 $845 $895 $775 $695 $875 $945 $895 $695 $595 . $975 Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 1!H6 Ford V-S Deluxe 2 Door Sedan 1919 Chevrolet >/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck. . .Only 1950 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck... Only 1919 Dodge 3/ 1-Ton Truck, Stake Body.. .Only 1!H7 Dodge '/j-Ton Pick-Up Truck in perfect condition 1!H7 Dodge '/,-Ton I'ick-Up Truck ... A real nice one 1JI5U Stiidehaker 3/-l-Ton Pick-Up. Looks and rims like new 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 should clearly and definitely to recognize . . . hey should not be responsible for pplyinR the kind of control* that American Kyst«m of government nd the American system of free nterpris* cannot live with." Which of these two programs is ipht? Well, BHlt this piece away or six months or a year, and then .ecide for yourself. plaintitrs. In 87-14-21-23 In China, monkeys were once In old days Ne,w Mexicans followed the proper custom of mounting a burro frora behind and riding "astride the rump abaft th» hips". " " ^ - - The U. S. Department of AgrU™ culture says cows will produce from 10 to 20 per cent more milk when used in a phase of harvesting tea j drinking water Is piped to their barns. WARNING ORDER Ihe Chancery Conrl. Chlcka- IDstrict, Mississippi County, Arkansas. D. F. Taylor, trustee, iinrt Jefferson-Gravois Bank o! St. Louis, R Corp., Ptr. T». No. 11,704 Ernest H. Beadle Sr., William T. Reid. Marguerite J. Beadle, Patricia Rollinn Reid and J. R. McDowell, trustee and C. P. Reid, Drt*. Th« defendant*, J. R. McDnwel and C. P. Reid. Ernest H. Beadle Sr . and Marguerite J. Beadle are hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs. D. F. Taylor. trustee and Jefferson Gravois Bank of St. Louis, a corp., and William T. Held and Patricia Rollins Reid. Dated this 1 day of Aug., 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Ruin Magee. D.C. Penlx and Penlx. attys. for pltf.v Arthur S. Harrison, atty ad litem. 8;7-H-2I-28 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best r l Sell That Stuff" GO. POET/ OIL CO. Phone 2089 il CAFE RfXKl torMLon. pood A-l pfiiilpmcnl. rrason Tor s»>l]lnK 111 hrnlth. BurKaln (or IntcrfMcrt parly. \\'ti\f or JOE—-807 West \Vashtn2- Krnnfit, Mo. fl H pk 21 » 11 pk IS 130 ct U Extra larsrc n 2 I01S ot People in Blylhcvi lots of Ihnm—avc Itojrinnitijr ti) talk—nliont the lowost |>ric- t(\, Cdmplelcly automatic, Ron- (iix Kcononiiit Washer. A sensationally new and completely dit'fri'ont automatic washer— yot it is still just a fo\v dollavs more than rc^ulnr work all clay conventional washers Tome in and see for yourself the best buy in automatics. The lienclix Economat, Hubbanl & Hokc Appliani« Co. j 8-13 ck 16 5 rtv>m ho-i*o nnd bath 22'l I.llly. This property out I «r«c «crrrn hirk porch. 10 T 30 trrt, 17 i ?A earner Al!«o cood 4 room linusr nntl hath on rrnr of lot rcntlnc fnr S31 » month This property can rnMly T>p Cil tlnanrrrt. Trier. JlO.ftsW). At B19 I-ftkP SI . first cl^^^ Morr niilldlne ,10 K Vl ft or ISOO ^q tt- Also, in connrcllon with hxilldlns •sTll -nriariKPrl. mr-drrn hnmc ~ i !=q. ft of floor ^parr This prnprrty I* U i 5 yrnrs old and In llrst cln^ conrtl- lyprp Of huMn* 1 ". Pitrf 113.000. 53,000 rash, balance IP years Mnrc Ihnn a fiffh of the world's Knnwn bnnvltp Phiminum ore i^ founrt In western Ynpo^bvia. nc- ..... ----- ....... - - ............... ----------- --------- irorrline to the National Geographic For Rent [society rooms and hath. 616 North 11 St ne 3ina. a 14 pli 21 with Sec or call JOHNNY MARR Or See Russell K. Marr 1'h. 0807 Office phone 'HI 1 Residence phone 25% 7-16 ck tf Mortem Cabin* ourt. Ph. 9951. .nrt Apts. fl .14 i WHY Sivnrt thr bpsl vc^^ of lit*- working (or somronr flsc? St Ruwlplrh Ru-lncss of your ovi i north wr-st MiwlMtnpi County. ! nii'rfmfni* •^Imnl'* — Oppo>' Tl>n ^ T arrat ' ^rVnn«fl^ S!\1rs Mutineer xrtn hf h*r Tor apr*Otnt T]!** \V T Modern 5 room Hmisr, fl<r h w rAtpr. modern 3 room npt . rlpr Re i Icrraior. rlosc In. Ph. 9flSl. . *'on r F r^nril*, X 11 r-lc 17 . Hrpt AKH-211-CEC. Jk j Donnpr pTitA nice h»droom «nd ulrphone. Ph. 293R . ISO! W Anh. 8 » pX 18 S S pic 819 Cf . O Rax 2 l fi~ . flM pit WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Ctilcka- sau'ba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. D. F. TAYLOR, Trustee, and JEFFERSON-Gravois BANK of ST. LOUIS, ft Corporation. PUf. vs. No. 11,768 TROLA G. SHUMATE; JEAN M. SHUMATE. D. P. TAYLOR, Trustee Tnr Continental Mortgage Company anci Subsequent Mortgage Holder to Plaintiff: WILLIAM T. REID and PATRICIA ,n \ REID. Dft,S. <- I The defendants, William T, Held. t j Patricia Reid. Trola O. Shumate I and Jean M. Shumate are hereby j warned to appear within thirty days | in Ihe court named in the caption j hereof and 'answer the complaint of i the plaintiffs. D. F. Taylor, Trus- \ Bath. 801 N hAU, Parlly fu FrankILn Fhone Female Help Wanted .1 \tf, iinfur. rooms und b-xih. Heht ,- walcr rurn Ph 8R59. R 10 pk tt 13-^ft rr> true*! Ark. Sa!- ri A n rt tr^nspOTlftllon >ncp for ^dvanrpment I" ftf-r trulnlnr prrl<^ r i com- nlrirri Orcanl'Mlon Rpf Mr Damnti. Pm 203. Xoble nntcl. « 30- 7-jn p m R n pit Ifi nlnrtv For Rent: Willow St. J 1— S room ,\ per mo. . , house, ma RU p>t 13 h^lh elcclrlc Hnnrnrd 1 furn, r<>oms. hot. rolrt FmnT and hack ^ntrsnre rh. ;;??., i iv w. Vine St. 8 roomB and bath, lar^e lot, brviH- fii) ernunds. rolorfullv dfrOia'frt. Small Rid* lo California. Will hrlp do'.vn panrmcn'.. ImroedlRte pi>s?e?«lon. drlvinc arid shart expenses Call 656S Ph 4107 or 6023. M^ pk 19 Uficr T.30 p.m. 1.14 pk 11 T.VSH REWARD Rrtl Christmas Curds— Xc^n *V\ ra^h on I Oil hnTf 5 71 -ca rd f I n.vo 11 n\t n ts Am^rlrK> cr«-atest Mlurl EMBOSSEn Samf-Imprint r<1 Christ mm Card*. .Vl for 11 2.V Many Oth^r BtG PROFIT fpcl -sc'lrr* Assortin^nls on «pnrnT«l i For Rent, Miscellaneous \ , __. . ._ j, ; Ro^pllAl Bfds. IS.W per month, l srh»el Ph^lrR $6.00 per month; b»hy PT^ tt M pci ,]a.y wxier «nd nolUhur $1 Ml pr-r 1«» 1 WADE rtJRMTURJ CO Pn 3123 4 M ck 1.24 Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best H-flLTCRS III W. M O I M ST. TRUCKS-TRUCKS-TRUCKS AND MORE TRUCKS! Little Ones—Big Ones! 1950 3/<l-Ton GiMC Pickup, very low mileage. Perfeet truck. 19-15 Dodge MVB Truck. . .$195. 1949 \Vi Tor, International with bed, has oniy 10,000 miles. Come in and make me a price! 19-lfl 2 Ton GSIC, Extra LWB, new rubber, will glv« you a good frade! 191B-1"/, Ton Chevrolet, MVB, with new motor...A real farm (ruck. 1350 Vi Ton FORD pick-up.. .Perfect Condition... Only $S95! SPECIAL OF THE WEEK! 1919 CHEVROLF/r Vi Ton Pick-Up... Deluxe Cah... Radio and Heater. . .Make me a price on this one! 1938 International . . I,\VB, Good Bed, New Tiie*, Motor in Perfect Condition.. .$295 1947 FORD LAVB Truck, good rubber, good motor... $195 1916 Ford Tudor, Radio & Healer, practically new (ires, a real good one! 1950 Ponliar, <1 Door, 8 Cylinder, Radio, Heater, Hy- dramalic Drive, City Driven. Low Mileage. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck DcaUr Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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