The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1949
Page 6
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BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1949 Up to Russians ''', Other Three Powers 1 Regdy But Blockade ... Must Be Lifted First ;\ WASHINGTON, April 13— (IP}— .1t\t United States stood ready today to receive—and consider Jointly : »ith Britain and France— any proposal Russia might make for lifting the Berlin blockade and re- hewing four power talks on Germany. The Western powers are now In the strongest position they have attained since the start of the cold *»r. In view of this it appears they would require negotiations to be undertaken at the outset, at least, largely on their own terms if Russia should come forward with surprise proposal. The Western terms, as reafirmed yesterday by Secretary of State Aclveson, are simply that the Soviets must lift the blockade uncon- Vditionally prior to resumption o: four power discussions on Germany as a whole. Acheson made a cautiously worded comment at his news conference which officially emphasized the American position that communica ilons for any proposal from th Russians are open if Moscow want. to use them. Sparks Fly as Church Board Members Meet to Select New Minister J.S. Engineers nspect River -or Navigation PINE Bf/UFF, AlV, April H, M'j —A downstream Inspection trip by x>at today was to conclude a cou- erciice of the three-member Arkanas river board. Members of the board—three U. District Engineers—and their taffs met here yesterday to discuss he comprehensive flood control, lydro-elcctric power and navigation program for the Arkansas River >asin. Congre»s has authorized the program, but so far hasn't appropriated any money except for a few Indi- ,'idual projects. Board members said .hey wanted to be ready whenever appropriations are made. Col. C. H. Chorpcnlng of Tulsa, board chairman, said the group will •ecommend that work on the plan proceed upstream from the Arkansas' Junction with the Mississippi; thai first priority along the lower Arkansas l>e given navigation and that first priority along the upper river be given the hydroelectric and Rood control features of the program. Like yesterday's meeting, todny's boat trip was restricted to the board and Its staff. The passengers were to debark at Pendleton, some 55 miles below Pine Bluff, and to go from there to their respective posts. Besides Colonel ChorpenhiK. other members of the board are Col. T. A. Lane. Little Rock, and R. G. Lovctt, Vicksburg, Miss. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Machine Age May Mean Man's Ruin If Boyle's Thinking Is Not All Screwy By Hal Boyle NEW YORK, April 14. '/P>—Who will have the last laugh in the gadget age—man or the machine? Well the machine Is already giving a. preliminary oily chuckle. For II la gaining. . . . gaining . . . gaining on mankind. It is convinced it will laugh last. Tliis |X»r man's philosopher ha.s repeatidly warned of the danger lhat lies in Insidious machines— gadgets of all kinds that make men more comfortable but wean them from nature. Recently I wrote that I hud never learned to drive a motor car ami never intend lo. Why lose the ability to walk, as .so many people who drive cars do? Back came a Jeering postcard from Alliance. O.: "I didn't know anyone was so dumb. God must have been asleep when you was made." I prefer to Ihlnk that the diety Is weeping at what man is letting the be a period of great smash. "Thr power Is too great to entrust (o any Individual." And .sc we stand—at the threshold ol a new adventure. The little slave we bought so long ago Ls now challenging Its master. The machine lias more muscle lhan we have. Soon—very, very soon—it will have greater and more prccLse bralnjMiwer than the ordinary mur. has to meet and make Ihe judgments necc.sary in a mechanical ag'.. What has m?.n left to defeat the nachlno? Nothing but his heart, he o-ie thing a machine lacks. But man hasn't lived by his heart In Ihe sad history of this warring world. Only by using his heart more can hf avoid the doom of becoming rt hjr<x! hand of his own gadgets. Otherwise the machine will laugh . . . and laugh . . , and laugh . . . imtil its gears creak. Grcrvette Man Convicted as Wife's Slayer BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 14. (if)— A Benlou Circuit. Court Jury has convicted a husband ot killing his wife with * large valve stem. The jury fixed punishment at life Imprisonment when It returned a verdict of guilty of first, degree murder against George Cooper of Gravette, Ark., late yesterday. Deliberation had required 50 minutes. Mrs. Cooper. 36. died last December 23 after a truck she and Cooper named delegates to the national organization's annual convention. The "family" doctors, who held a one-day session yesterday, adopted medicine. They heard Mac P. Cahall of Kansas City, Mo., executive secretary of the American Academy of a resolution opposing "socialized" General Practice, worn against "an alarming trend toward over-specialization" by the medical profession. Read courier News Want Ad*. machine do to him. And what ; OKLAHOMA CITY, April H— (if) r-The First Methodist Church Board met to pick a new minister last 'night. 1 But seven tire compunies got the 'call instead. The meeting warmed up quickly after Dr. Leonard C. Williams, a physician, tipped his pipe over. His pants caught fire. ! Other board members rushed to extinguish them, but sparks apparently caught In the upholstery. Shortly after the meeting broke up without a decision. Tire did nearly 15.000 damage to the warehouse company office where the board had met. The members were trying to name a successor for the R«v. Caradin B. Hooten, leaving to direct the church's national temperance cam paign from Washington. For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE rhone 46*1 Nichols Drug at Gravctte. An autopsy showed the valve stem, attached to a metal drum, had penetrated her skull. Cooper, a radio shop repair owner, said, and later testified at, his trial, that she was thrown against the stem accidentally. But the state convicted him of Inflicting the Injury. It charged he 1 the truck accident as "cover up." 30,017 Arkansas Vets leceiving Pensions LITTLE ROCK, April 14. I at — There wee 30.017 Arkansas velen'.ns ecciviiiR pensions or compensation jaynicnts at the end of March. Rc- jionp.l Veterans Admin 1st ration Di- •ector James A, Wlnn said yesterday. Wmn said the administration had nsurert 11,»74 loans to Arkansas •derails to purchase homes. Fuce value of the loans was estimated at M3,420,000, of which the government nas insured »18,017.417. With the Courts Chancery: * Nettie Kennedy and John Russell vs. H. A. Sc'well. suit to clear title to Lots 1, 2 and 3. Block "B" of the Ashabranner Addition to Manila. Iva Smith vs. Roy Smith, suit for divorce. Nina Holdrldge vs. William Holdridge, suit for divorce. Audrey Yount vs. Philip Fount suit tor divorce. Richard Gene Paxton vs. Lillle Mae Paxton, suit for divorce. Circuit: W. N. 'McDanlel v«. Fred Wade et «1, milt to collect »10.00fl dnm ages w.uesd from fnll Into well shaf at Dyess Gin, in February. Common Plena: Harry H. Lewis vs. Mutual Bene fit Health and Accident Association suit to collect $50 monthly for months, because caused by Illness. 1 of disabilities Is It doing? H Is gradually making him unnecessary In the world—by tnkluq over his functions. Laup.h, clown, laugh. But listen, too: Man functions by means of muscle, brain and heart. And by heart I mean emotion. Machines Replace Brain Power The machine holds an edge in the world of muscle. It has already replaced man there. Men arc perhaps growing large physically, but the tools in their hands are growing listhte: and lighter. Eventually men won't have to lift anything. This Is rceardcd as a boon—DIB tttkliid over by the machine of man's eternal labor burden, Bui now machine. 1 - have tnkcn the second stop to supersede their creators—mankind. They can think They have mechanical brains that can solve some problems quicker than a thousand brilliant men. Today the brain of the machine is v 1" Its Infancy. How far can go No scientist can predict a lit. But Dr. Norbert Wiener of the nssaclnisctts Institute of IFcch- logy a world authority 111 this Id says thinking machines will akc obsolete Ihe unskilled human orkti. He foresees completely au- matlc factories with assembly nes directed from a single con- ol panel. "The transfer to this thinking achinc." said Dr. Wiener, "would ot be essentially a bigger job than at done with radar in the last ar. It's a thin? thai may be very seful lo a sane world, but I can't ay we'ie living In one. It Is a very angerous thing socially. If we are going to sell man down the rive' nrt replace him. he's going lo be i ery angry man, and an angry i:ui Li a dangerous man." Trrrnnlnclst Sound Warning And Ur. Wiener gave this 'warn- Mar Held in Slaving Try Is Arrested Again CONWAY, Ark.. Apil H. tfTl — We.sley Hunt. Clinton man ftceu-sert of shc^tim; a peace officer, had another bush with the law Tuesday ni.'hl. He was arrested near here by State Police pnd was charged with pt session of a concealed weapon. He was released under $75 cash bond posU'd with the sheriff's office here and i. r to be Riven a hearing in Conway Municipal Court next Monday. St; l tc Police reported finding pi.stol and eight pints of whiskey In Hunt's car The amount of whkkey was within the amotml permitled iti a dry counly. Hunt is chained with assault with Intent lo kill Clinlon Marshal Has- kcll SlUon. The officer was wounded by shots fired into his home l:»st Saturday. Hunt is free under $2.000 bond on that charge. General Practitioners | Of Arkansas Elect LITTLE ROCK, April H. (IP)— Dr. Fount Richardson, Fayettevllle. Is the new president of the Arkansas Association of General Practice. He was elected yesterday to succeed Dr. R. B. Robins of Camden president of the state organi- aalion of general practioners. Dr. L. H. McDanlel ol Tyronza was named pre.sidenl-elect. which means he'll become president in 1950. Dr. W. B. Grayson of Little Rock, was elected secretary-lreas- urer. Directors Include Dr. R. J. Haley of ParagouM and Dr. John H. Wilson of Magnolia. Dr. Robins and Dr. G. L. Kimball of DsQueen were for Spring fashions... "Ruth" to Disappoint Zoo-Minded Youngsters . LITTLE ROCK, April 14. f/P>— I There'll probably be some disappointed youngsters In Little Rock | tomorrow. An advertisement In a newspaper I announced Ruth, the Little Rock zoo's elephant, would appear for five hours tomorrow In front If [ a downtown department store. But elsewhere in the same paper I a news item said Ruth wouldn't be I there. She has a foot ailment which prevents her from making the long walk from the MO. And there's no 1 city conveyance capable of transporting her. Tfigidaire Compact'9 Holdi mor« food than «v»r b»» far* in th* tamo kitchtn ipac* • MORE usable space on the new flat top, MORE frozen food >tor- ag«~~in the big new Super- Freezer, MORE room for keeping fresh or frozen meats, MORE space for leafy vegetablei and fruiti, MORE usable shelf space for other foods. WITH ALL THESE and many cttitr features fomoui Mtter-Mtitf mechanism Excluilv* Qufckub* Trayi AU-pvFcitalfi Irtitdi Larg* 5up*r-Fre.*xt* Mulfl-purpflie Slorog* Tray Full-width t«kl«r-b««ring, §1ei«»* topped Hydralw Mor« Frigirfaire>i i*rva in mor« American hom«* than any oth«r r*frig*ra4ar Adams Appliance Co., Inc. Phone 2071 J. W. Adams, Mgr. Complete Service Department In Connection. 206-08 W. Main "If It isn't going lo be handled with a great deal of skill, it will "Old at 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy I Xorsft r^'ir «•>! Thounnrlfl are UfppT »l rundown Ifflln? tine tr>\t\r Tit body'* Ucl At all drug stores everywhere. BlythcvillR, al Kirb> & Woods In inGordon Nylons Moon/jghf.. .Caramel... Sunse(. .. Down ,.. «xich ol th« smorl new Gordon shades for Spring hat been Jpcckitly selected k> 90 wilh rf^e new Spring suits, dresses, and coots... ond •och w ovoiloble in Ihs fia^it iheerness for BRENT the Luxury Shirt at a thrifty Ward price .. 2 • very occouon. i 54 Gauge 15 Denier 1.95 51 Gauge 15 Denier 1.65 45 Gauge 15 Denier 1.35 Family Shoe Store 112 West Main Phon« 2342 This now, d.Iux. Frigtdalr. El.clrlc Rang, ha, oil th, f.olur.s to mak. your cooking aulomalically fatler .ail.r better. Larg. Even-H.ot Oven . . . R adlan '. Jub. 5-Speed Cooking Unit, . . . Tripl.-duly Deep. Well Cooker . . . Cook-Mo.ter Oven Conlrol Aotomallc Signal light, . . . fulf-wldlh Slorao.' Drawer . . . FI U ore,cen t cooking-top lamp o ,i. porcelain cabinet with acld-resl.llng porcelain top . . . and many othen you ,h ou ld come In and ,e. Including o Pressure Cooker optional at extra co.l GEORGE APPLIANCE CO. Luxora, Ark. 39 SEASON'S NEW PASTEL SHADES OR WHITS IN HIGH-COUNT SANFORIZED" BROADCLOTH) Branli—baiter shirts for lh« pric« you want to poy—ev»ryl/iifi8 • man wants in easy, flattaring f|i, long waar. And Branl's new Ta- coraa Collar stay! fr«»h and will-ffae longer, loo. Choon from Ihis seoion'i naw«jt pailal shade:, fresh, ipari.ling whil». M-17 nacki, 32-35 slasv*!. SaUct your Brantt today from Wards big naw Spring xalsrJion. 2.39 Fancy Brenti—ial« priced this w«ek «.pl.9f *i»M lhan 1% DUPONT CORDURA RAYON SOCKS FOR MEN $av« mon»y on Wofdi fomoui Cordufail Knil-in dasigfit won'l pull oul—will retain their color brighlnen. They'ra Hna gouge hosiery with txlro Nylon rainforcamanti ol poinli ol w«ar. lights, darks in lins from 10 lo U. 39 MiN'S GRENADIERS IN WIDI ASSORTMENT Baouliet from slam lo storn! Everything about theii hondsoma Gfenodiers mean! dollar-tor- dotlnr volu«. They're lopt in liyU and comfort and Ihey'ri Goodysor wallad to V«ap Ihsir »hop«. Drop in, i»t lh« wid» lalnctionl 4 lo 11. 6

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