The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1936
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNK IS, Ii)3i5 Robinson Oulslugs Hughes' Clothiers; Hotp o J u t s Still On Chute W. L. Pel. o 7 li 3 4 5 4 (i 3 G 2 1 •i 1 - • .001: i .™ .661 .441 .400 .333 .222 .222 The Standing Team Robinson Drug ... Pastime Milliard .. Famoi:s Store MeMiiUin's Ark-Mo Power ... R. D. Hushes .... East. Arkansas Phillips Motor Co. By J. East Arkansas Builders Suunly spoiled Verne Rimer's debut with Ark-Mo Power lasC night by knocking the former Robinson slar from Ihe box and winning easily. 12-3,' Robinson Drug Store used their bats to subdue the tvireat of R. D Hughes, 25-15, in a frsc-liilllng contest characterized by 10 home runs, and five new commercial league records. A change ol livery failed to help Rimer's control, (lie ailment that has handicapped his pffcctivciiesr all year. He issued seven bases on balls and lliey added directly lo Hie Builders' scores. Manager Harmon Taylor pulled him in the sixth wilh one away anil two on as a result, of his fiful anil .sixth passs. 1 ; His successor, carl Ganske, was Hit hard in tlie seventh, after errors had enabled East Arkansas to .score four before he could, relire Ihe side in the sixth. Johnson's Viomc run with Wright and Fisher on tlir liaths climaxed the final frame five Joncsboro Golfers fnvadc Blyiheville for Tourney Sunday Jonesboro country club golfers' will invade Blytlieville Sunday "for the second clash' of the season between members of HID two clubs. 'In Ihe "previous 'meeting this season Joncsboro' took '(he measure of tlie Blythevllle aggregation in a closely contested toui'Jifunenl at Jonesboro. Blythevllle golfers have always (AUK.) COUUlKH NEWS 'V, Pitchers Easy For ''Shoeless Bill"; Dan \Varr- ingtoii Pates Pitchers erman enabled Pusllme to lake the club baltln B lead with .318; They also are best defensively wilh lleld- ing average of .Oil Phillips Motor and Robinson are lied for second In lilttlng with .288. East Arkansas picked up 20 ijolnts bill her .241 is lowcsl. Phillips Motor trails In Melding w |fii .833. Dan Warrlnslon registered hU fourlli consecutive victory by bcul- "g Phillips Motor and, jumped out in fronl In toUUwlns with'seven. He lias lost Iwo. John Holland, Store, despite n third re' verse [» ^ row. is second in wins, wlllt six. Verne Rlmev, southpaw By J. l\ fRlKlS'l) ~M inttiiii.- yunL-is nave iviwuyb Unless the soflball pilchers inqn- «-nit six. Verne Rimer southpaw ;cen nble lo master the visitors afc. (a uncover a' iitlllrig wcnlqiess j recently sold by Robinson Drug lo over the local course and Ihey of "Shoeless" Bill Godwin, (lie Pas-1 Ark-Mo Power Is I'hlrd lu wins but hope to keep their record intact time ' ceiiterflelder ' t|irca|ens to • hn s the besl winning ncrc'enttwe ..'ncn Hie Craighead comity group dominate the commercial Softball with .333, representing five Iri- ionics here. To thnl. em\ tnilrmi- l^nnnn hnllinn Ipnriorsliln lllUullS lllHi n Single loss. Marshall . *..<- i/migiii-uu luumy Kiuii[j utfiniiuui- uiu I'UnmilfLitii ?s here. To that end tourna- League batlini; leadership, menl officials arc urging local Already with (lie loop schcdul: golfers lo turn oiit in large niiin- almost' iinlf over, Godwin lias colliers so that a formidable array leclcd 14 lil|s In 23 limes al bav for -an lie matched aga'insl Hie vis- ft stupendous .609 average, and Is Strikeouts—Rimer 2; Giinske 1. Hits—a hits. 5 runs o (rainier in 5 1-3 innings (2 on base): Losing liiteher—Hin(er. Umpires— Browning and Wiiltlcy. Second Game R. D. Hughes Reginald, 2i> Rushing, .ss . . Whittle, ib-p ..'' C. uunch, If T. Emus, rf-3b ... Young, c D. Burns, sf-rf ,. E. Marbcr, rf ' N. Bunch, 3b-cf Widner, cf '.'. Hucy, p-lb Tolals Robinson Dru£ Tinlori, 2b Blackard, sf-p".'.!'. Poller, p-sf ...... Warringlon, 3b Crowe. ss Johnson, ii> Brdgdon. if Taylor, rf '.!! Hotlcry, cf Brooks, c AD R, H PO A 1 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 I 2 3 far out In front of Ih.c hl(lcrs lot madgc irupy hns iv^ the fourth consecutive' w?ek. the regulars tfiio have 'loltoUn u-- In his last two -games, a.s a mem- many a* four games Holland ha< ; her of the Pastime Billiard Parlor, til? Uest eiiriied run average with Bill has 'rapped ou[ six 'n\\$ in nine 2.24,'followed' in order bv Rimer tries with lha' stock, which Is fair 12.71>; Eubanks, McMiillin 12 88) • country hitting In any mail's soft- and Wnrringlon, (2.1)4). ball circuit. Godwin took H parllc- i,, ->c i,, ular liking lo the offerings ns J O f ^ \= 8«"' es 50 i o,,bles. M dli-hcd up by Jimniie Smoiiwimn.n ,, 1ltP!vs anrt jl llome ™w ""'c bcfn 200 2 1 C 40 15 17 18 U AB R H PO A 51222 vun i-ally. Aubrey Burres. also a soiil'iipau- in chalking up his second victory— Total both East Arkansas wins this sea-! Scorn hv i'mii ton-hurled a steady game, jiniitiiir ., ' the Hotpoinls to seven hits, the I "' 3.- Hu 8 |lcs i 4 5 4 5 4 4 5 4 4 3 3 3 1 1 4 3 2 1 3 2 2 1 0 3 2 2 1 43 25 21 21 9 same as the two Ark-Mo pitchers but was unusually tight ivitli men on base. Electrics Go Down It- was the fourth consecutive los? of tile Electrics anrt dropped then- io ntlh place in tl! C league standing-. By their victory the Builder- are tied for seventh place wilh Phillips Motor company. Record breaking performances In the second game were: lo homr runs, tour more than Pastime mr Hughes 'hit, June is. 1935; H Imiv hits, one tetter than the same twr clubs in the same game; 10 extra base hits by Robinson Urn?. ll?r former record 9 by Pastime and Hughes in their big gams, samr dale; 38 'hits by both chito, beal- iiij"thc"old mark of 34 mads if- the same game; and three horrr runs in one inning l>y Blackard Potter and Johnson for Robinson Aliny Pllclien; Toil \ Tiilmatl?e Hner, Hughes' southpaw, Lagronne Whittle. Dick Pott" and Marshall Blackard eac'n tool.- turns on tlie mound In the sivat- lest. Huey lasted but 1 1-3 rounds, and was hammered for 11 nils and 12 rims. In the absence of his slar Imrlsr, Kermit Coneland, Manager Potter opened _for his club but after t'nrec innings, (hiring which he permitlEd 8 hits, six runs, he turned it over to Marshall Blackard Home runs were plentiful, Potter and Joe Johnson clouting a pair; Rodery, Biackard, Brogdon. C. Bunch, Rushing, and T.'Burns one each. Robinson Drug oulhit Hughes. 21 lo 17, and crossed l/ic plate in ev- j cry inning. Hrighas scored in all hul the fifth and seventh. Robinson' counted ssven times in the first, and Bob Grimes" charges matched it in the sixth.' J. W. Rodery, n'n&s bat has pos- ;e£sed little po',ver as compared to last year, came out of his slump with a bang, clubbing lim iinglrs and a home run. His sixth Inning bare hande.1 catch of . Burns' liner, labeled for a home run. wax one of liu prize grabs or the season. Whittle paced the Hughes' hit- lers with a trio, while Robinson's three-hit R ro:ip included Blackard Potter. JoJm.soj] and Roder.v. l-'in>t Game Kasl Arkansas AB R H PO A . 132 207 153 415 0—15 Robinson Drug Errois-Heginoid „ „.„,„„,. Whittle, c. Bunch 2, T. Burns loung 2, N. Bunch 3, Tipton, Polter, Warrington 2. Crowe. Brofidou, iiusbing. ,1,1,-.., te batted in-R"5hing. Whittle, C. Bunch 3. T. Burns 2 Harber, D. Burns, Wlclner, Huey 2 Tipton, Blackard 2. Polter 5, war- nngton 2, Crowe, Johnson 4. Bro°- oon 4, Rodeo-. Earned runs—Robinson 12; Hughes G. TAVO base hits —Widner, Brogdon. I. mils Blackard and Kermll Co'pclaixl. Robinson Drug, are undefeated In league competition, but have ap „•• pearcd In but two games each. Tal-l Ninv York -Southern I.caguo W./U Pet Atkuitii .)i n .121 xNashvllle 39 27 .891 Ulrmlngluun 32 31 .50B xLlttlc Rock 30 31 .ii)2 New Orleans 'JO 32 .476 Chtiltanooijn 3Q 31 , 43 Wcmphls 'if, 37 .40(3 Knosvillc 21 43 .328 iB, 13 to 7, collcclliig a to- (nl of 20 lilts off ','nco Osccola hiirlcrs. 'nic Indians made seven bobbles (6 Ijelj) 'iiifjfusp'tlic Qlnnt score. - •• . ... ,, i Newport, 5li»(, out Batesvlllo, 2 lo 0, i» a'hfli-d toiiglit pitching last week, smashing' oul two home runs and a double. These three htjs not only boosted his baiting sver- age 30 polnis'bul enabled Godwin lo lake liie lead In doubles, with four, and go Into a (our-vy<iy tic with willoi'.ghby Hcmphlll "Tiny" Glover, his Pastime big boss; Richard Young, it. D. Hughes catcher; and James Higdon, McMiillin second baseman, in liomc riiris, each having- ihrt'e. J. W. Taylor, Robinson Drug, got two hits in four tries, dropping 'a dozen percentage points, but rp- lained his runner-up position, wilh .533. Glover .Has Close'- Calf;". A lone infleid h'.i enabled '"Tiny" Glover lo keep his consecutive baiting streak Intact, as well as Hilrd place, despite a loi? of 51 points. His .481 average was n points ahead' of Manager Dick Potter, Robinson priig."in fourlh place. Returning to the gaine itfler thi-je games, Tommy Burns, R. D. Hughes, who was tied with Godwin U\o weeks ago for the lead, found the going tough against Ark-Mo Power, and 'had lo be content .wi^li fifth place with a niark of /I55, as a result al one hit in four limes .— Morse, East Arkansas Builders, had a parfect night, in his first and only game, getting three for three. Abe klhnliighnin again .secured Ilirec safeties' last week and has .150 in Iwo games at bat. Byron Crowe. Warringlon, | Dulch Wcisli!" wcTl" kn'own"baseban , T n runs-C. Bimch,'star with (he Harry Bailey Stale Jn,£n •> S' ? OU ! !1 ' 2 ' R° d -•""«'?. balled .6S7 in his initial „! i n' Blackar<i ' Brogdon.; contest as a member of McMiillin ,rrt i n~S ff Potler 1; off OWici's wll'n fine batting averages 'i« i. on Huey 2; off Whit-i Include: Liltle, McMiillin, AH- Ap- Po?ter' £ 8 0 l l ils~ WlliU1C - 3 ' '"'^ I)lcbal " n ' P 3 " 10 ^ -W'. H. 'Riylor, inn r in""i y j-!,'—; : 1 W ' h '" S '" lips ' - 4U; W'n'ililc/R.'^Hiigh'es, inning. ^Losuig pitcher—Huey. j ,407. - • Prank Wliitwortli and Andy Bev- J, Pastime, dcsel-w special "rccog- nltllii in view of Ihe'ir four lor four . o- ——... & jjn.vii Winning pitcher—Potter, No Easy Spols for Grove BOSTON, June Iti.-Joi- Cronin •sn t picking out ;i ny easy touches Bob Grove. Seven of Lefty's nine victories were against arsl division clubs. ' tor Srst performances, against Phillips Motor company. Dick Potter's triple in the sev- entTi inning- off Clarence Webb ran his total to five for tlie season. He w-^^ri,', !*™KWSS^SS^ IK: HIHr? v«^ - "<- K^*°& sTsSwF^iS^^w^ 1 "" • Ii05lo » -•.. I'htliulelphla W. I,. Pel, M 20 .013 33 31 .Cll 33 '23 .08!) 30 U5 .645 'J8 38 iOO 2<i 32 .-)\8 '20 38 ,345 20 30 .331) Tile remainder of the 42 ,300 '.litters includes: L. \VarrJng(oii, 'Roli»'Eon Drug, .393; li. Lutes, Fttmpm blore, .385; Moore, East Arkansas. •J^; C. Buneli, R. D. Hughes. .385; U. Burns, U. D Hughes, .373; Black- ar , . ard, Robinson. 379; ; McMul- . Heed, McAlullin, .375- Oanske, Ark-Mo Power, .367; Hush">S, R. D. Hughes. .350; cloar Phlllijis Motor, MO; Barnes.' Pastime, .346; Whllwortii. Pastlmf •J«; J. Burns. Ark-Mo Power. .333; Moslcy. pastime, .333- R. Lul-s Famous Store. .333; Wall, Fnmom Store, .333; Sanders, Phillips .333- Jas. Smolheruinn. Phillips Motor •323; Wright. East Arkansas. .316- Buniliam, pliilllps Motor, .318- 0 Bcvil, Phllliiw Motor, .308- Crawford Famouj Store. .308; Qray. Me- iWuLlin, .303; A Bevll, Pastime ^08; Wilso;i, Bust Arhaiisas. .304-' wmre, Robinson. .300; Brogdou Robinson prug, .300. Amcrli-an Lcaputt W. U 1 New York 38 )8 , Hoslon 35 22 , Washington 30 28 . Detroit 23 35 , Cleveland 28 28 . Chicago 2l> 28 . Philadelphia 2034 . St. touts n 3(1 . Northeast Arkansas League Osccola Indians Fall Before Jpnpjsboi'o Gianls; Newport Boats Balcsyjjlc The Caruthersvllle liiulgcrs ran riot 111. lire .expense of iliu i'arn- gould RcbeU,' 15 lo 1. at Cniuth- ersvlllc yesterday niul eoiitlniicd their puce setting In Ihe Noilli- cast Ai'kiin.sii.'i I.onuue. Tlie liadisers mado only nine hits but four of them were homo runs by Dennis. Tlckvlch, Hudson mill Wlckel. Lewis allowed 1'nni- BOHld only four lills and (he Rebels lone run was scored in the ninth innlni;. At Osceota Hie Joneitioi-o (limits halted, temporarily nt least, Ihe second place Osceolti indium, by 1 Knelnj Shc||s CJos|ly LOS ANOELES, Juno"ij.-Son\c Idea of wliut It t'l>cs to' operate eollcglatc crew rnclhij Is had in the fiitt that the 15 shcib: the Unlvcfslty pf CalUpr'nln has arc vi)l»cd in (lip • •neighborhood, ol 517,000. ' " ••-•••.••» VW)»y « . . .p. nip)- peimy banks hus bc^i ti, f ^ MJ\njre^' laiipt'lnc; |)rcsWc|H of ORDERS TAKEN FOR 1 "BERNAT" YA(?f) : Mrs. Leslie ijooiipr' " ills. A. p. Iluley Phone flip FjVSt 225 nnjcli»nlpai sa|d to ik,' and ' sinnqing j)e|iriy tank wlleftlons Ih.- thft couhlry. He y»wes'h|3''7'5'me- cllanicai banks a,t-'il,000. • ' Courier News, Olassin|d Ads .Pay. \Vplk i lent, cheap i- Veterans Service Work A|l Kind} Blank! Hale BWz, I!efor9 Vou Buy Any Oulbojrd '- (if? (he NEPTUNE.: 2 II. I". fOllier Sizes lo id H. P.) 1I\JHMHH TIBE & /HATTKRY CO. C;irutlicrsvllle Osccola New port Jonesboro .... Paragonld ... Halesvillc .... W I,. Ptl 23 12 .657 M 13 .000 17 15 .531 lit 16 .52'.! 15 IB .4ffil 8 27 .22D Ned Weeks I ;witli old Ned.Williim'U' " ov«r.tolh«[ifl|ina.Toi5'«: ^ 'wVijf :^i*°- W«'r«''fe '•- Ilt''Wil- 1 '! ke<t Baseball Results Sou( hern League Kiioxville Q. Biiinliiglinin (; Atlanta 5, New Orleans 4 Night, games: Chattanooga 7, Memphis 3 Little Keck at Nashville. ^atlDrml Lcnguc Boston 9-2, ' St. Louis "C-10 Clnclnimti 4. New A'ork 2. Chicago 5, phikidelphln H Pittsburgh 14, Brooklyn 5. American l.ragiic New York 15-12, Clcvcliinit 4-2 Boston 9. Chicago 4. Washington 2. Detroit 1. (Eight innings, darkness), at. Louis 14, Philadelphia 13.. Northeast Arkansas l,ca E uo Jonesboro 13, Osceola 7. Caruthersville 15, PaniBOuld, 1. Newport 2, Batcsville 0. Larjcsl Stiuaii lur Olympics NEW YORK .June 10. - The largest squad in the. history of Hie Olympic Games vvill represent the United Slates in Berlin. A lolal of 395 athletes,, both men and women, arc to ije taken to Gcr- many. Wllson. .-if .. Cliitmon. if Morse, d-if 040 4 0 4111 Baxter. li> Wri.zl.t. .« Caudle, rf Fisher, cf ! •Johnson, i. • Buvrejs. p Totals Ark-Mo Power nroidon. 11 .... Terryi ,v> Tnylov, cf-2l> Ciieatliym. ib Oanskc, ab-p Burns, sf Johns. L!b-3b .. Hires. r ; Microw. c Rimer, p-rf :t I H 1 0 0 :t 1 •! 0 1123 0 0 C 0 C 0 0 M li! 7 21 3 AB R II PO A i i 2 ;i o . 4 n n n 3 1 (I I 0 0 c Look! Save Money! Cash Counts! ON ' Renewed and Guaranteed Fords and Chevrolets USED 1, l.uw l>rit t . I'iainly jVarlit'd On Kvcr.v Car. ^. 5.00 Mile or ;i(j |j;iy (iiiiii'Hiifec—Sarcgiiiinl. •'!. Complete Stock—All i\j>lcls iiiul Tyiics. •I- Liberal Lov,--Kalp 'J'prms, If JJesircrf. 5. Free Tunu-LIn and Lubrication Service. «. 510 Gold Homl FUKlv lo All World War Veterans, 3 1 0 :; o t 3 0 .... 2 I I 1 1 I X 2 3 n i o c :i o o 4 l 30001 00000 ' Olills •'« 3 7 31 10 «sirringtoji ron for Rimer in Till. Score by inninea: fast Arkansas ~.... 100 204 5-12 Ark-Mo Power (,01 002 0— 3 Summary: Errors—Moore (3), Hayes <;>). Haxtcr 121, FWier. Johnson. Terry <3>. Taylor. Jolins, Mievoiv. Ganske. Rimer. Runs batted in—Moore. Hayes. Baxter. Fisher I2i. Johnson isi. Burres. Taylor, Johns. Hires. Earned runs—Ark- Mo Power 0; East Arkansas 7. Two foaie hit. Home run—Johnson. Bsse ton balls—og Rimer 7; off Burres 2. 2 FORD V-S J)K CPUI'E. .\o>vly JixccHcnt Condition and Appearance : .......... FOHI) V-8 TIJ]) OK SEDAN. Original Hccn newecl Thoroughly J{ c ' 1933 CFlEVKOr, IvT (.-pACII. New Hlue 'Color, l.kciisiL'. .Motor [,ihc New. Only .. l!»35 F''OHi) V-S IHC l.UXK Cp.UI'K. iNciy Tires, 1<«din. Dual Horns/ Safely Glass. Looks ;iti ( | Ktnis Like New ....' Coine in now-Buy. Today or Tonight PHILLIPS MOTOR COHNEH WALNUT & iilli STS, (Joocli, Tim ili'ctdcn, H. F. Bat-ber, Alton Hardv lUn vin., Charli;.! bravc^ Jot- Slianlis. ' --•'.- Today's Games Memphis nl Cluitlanoogu. Utllc Rock at Niuhvlllc. New Orleans ul Allnnta Birmingham a i Knoxville. . Cliicauo nl Philadelphia. St. Louis al. Hojjlon (l«'u games) Pittsburgh nl. nrooklyn, Cinciiimili at New York. , H rry American League Washington al Detroit. New York nt, Cleveland. Boston at, Chicago. "i' r 5!I| Philadelphia al St. Louis. •* Northrnsl Arkansas l Newport al PnrngouM. Cariilhersvillc nt Only uames scheduled. Meroney First In Line To Trade Bonds for Cash CARUTUERSVILLE, Mo., June 18—Oiiy E. Michie, assistant cashier at (lie CariiUiersviile National Hank, war, (he flrsl to receive his World War bonus bond when distribution was started, here. Mike Meroney, wrestling promoter, was first to apply for cash payment, ui- cordiiij; (o Bailey p. Brooks. |»st- inaslcr. More than two 'hundred of the bonds have been received nnd delivered. yl_Lj!3 We're old hand? ^t 4isti!Bng —this is our Family's Recipe! Us Wilkrns hayo !>ce|i ; (!istiJlers bine? W ny back when. Then- was Grauil^cl \yi|kcn, He passed his secrets pn lo iny Dud who made over H million btirrels hlb o W n solf. Ju^i lAo you'd expect we ye nlsyays hail our o\vu nolionb on whs\l tustca bosl Thai's how our Family's W liiskoy cnnip to be. \(' s just, our own Family s Rccip.e — (lie very si\mo /" !^n/ wliijkcy \vu disiiilers drink oyrbplyB!., "7$~rt&ti£&u, P. S.- I'rtc. a copy of nu; \Vllltn mr^Hs CooVInc Altuni iryoull ^,|| C ,,, c B i »c';, . 8C.8 PRO.OF-75W GRAIN l, SPIRITS 1936, JOS. S. FINCH &'CO.; INC. '' GETGULHUBE- Poorly refined moifjr oil* i swimmer wilh all his cluiiics oo, can'i c\o an efficient l»b. I hey carry loo' much excess biggagc—wasic tbat should be ' sirippcd off"; by refining- THE -P.R-EMIUM.QUALITY MOTOR OIL FOR . rid pfcvcry bit of excess waslc. li'sihconlyMulli-sol madc25c O ti~lt, l ;f:its!,p«r«t<><''"i"<"' tr tnrluHsbt. Gulflubc gncs >ou bc'tier lubricauoD, lower bills anil i clcincr motor.— ai ihc Sign of (he Grange Uisc. SOLD AT SERVICE STATIONS IN SEALED.CAHS ONLY ... NOT SOLD IN BULK-

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