The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1930
Page 6
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six [| BRUSHING UP SPORTS MONDAY, Hv Luafcr I MO Pro Divorce Proceeding tvveen Amaleur and Golfer; Is On Way. BY CHESTER r.. SMITH .NEA Serlvcc Special \Vriler Golf In [ho United States appear: headed toward an almcst compete divorce betvem the U- S. Qolf As Eoclallon mid the National Proics sionnl (loll Association it) the nnt- tcr of sponsoring and controllini. nmate;ir and op?n lonrmmcnts. i As ote?rvcrs see it In the not-fur- ! distnnt /uture. (he U. S. O. A. and I subsidiary organizations will con- ' cerri .themw-lvcs only \dlh the Nu-1 tloiial Ojicii. All other events fo; '• lr,th" pros and amsteiirs, in addition i IP the siring of winter tournament '' li!iili iip in recent sensons, will u.- directed uy the iiowly-orKnn lournaincnl bureau of the jiroles- donal I. ody. Tlie reason is tw.-fold: First.] amateur bodies are dlscoverlns llui: tl.^iv membership no lunger co:isid- eis It any partl-ular favor to themselves (o turn uu-r tliclr courses tcr open tcurncys attracting barnstorm- Inn profrsslonois nnd n few amateur;.-'It has become inci,?asl:ixiy j difficult to persuade clubs to aocepi j She Natl'nal Open, while many I state and district championship.- { have-gone bOBBing from door to j dcor bofo:j? a wvlcosning hand was] extendei. Sccplidly, the P. o. A >">s MH- barkcd. en an ambitions plan ol building a nationwide network of tourncjs which. It hopes, will pro- | vide a 'l\irrallvo trail for its client j pros to Mlo'.r. especially dmin';j winter months. Necessarily, the association must take the initiative in this work, since Ihe passive InlcreM disnlaved uy amateur, sfale and district proups hrks Ihe hlcli pressure, to .accomplish thlntrs tlie nr's .liouc to sen doiv. In Mm", ih!s will b;ing about full r. G. A. control. Bob Hnrl'-w, manaeor of Waltc v Hasten for many vears and onn of thr- shi-ewde.4. of ballvhoo artists and Rallery nlea-'^rs. is no" 1 f'lnr- 'ionlne as director of Ihe P. O. A. i tournament sccli-ii. It is his (oh lo r-onvinr-.n chamber; of commerce pud other promotion"! nr?nnl-'ji- lions that there Is nrofit. in nutting >"i pur c es fo r tl'i* 1 monrv t-nnners to shoot at anrt to lure spectators 'n flir fsirwriys. Hirlow alread ' has n nroblcm nn j his hands in nndhre an nmicnbln I way to settle the row ovor "anppFi 11 -! nnco m-ney" nrd th? 10 per ccnli frhich the 'P. 'R:' A'. ?eek«' from j winners' Diirscs. The fonner is -\ demanrl on Ihe part of a few rml- standlns pros tlmt. thnv be cuarnn- twd so much to insure Ihelr ^res- once. It Is a form of insurance «?arnst mediocre • rwrformcrs, Imt has net proved at all pooulor' wllh s|K>nsors. several conlemDlated lonr- naments having boen canceled because of it. Open tournaments, aside from the national, were never as UIIROP- ular as they are todav.- The West-. ( rn Golf AsEOclatl-n would welcome a-.chance to abandon Its mien! play, as would the Metropolitan! Clolf Association. The New Y"rk' State Oolf Association already has i cut it loose. " | .Thus Harlow steps in at a tlmpj when only a man of his aslnte qunlltlej; would have a chance rf saving ..the day for the pullman par-makers. He may not be aWe to save (ill of those events, but in j their niuces .he hopos to substitute | a series of cash events similar to those ol the Pacific and Florida c-asts. In thit connection. It nlso has been noted that exhibition golf has tort much of the attraction it once held. JWks today prefer inissins their cvn three-foot putts to watching experts sink theirs from hallway across the greon. Times I have wiicri a foursome of b:q • names could descend on a club and walk away with several hundred dollars In return for 18 holes of play that cften reverted to mere burlesque. Open championships thus have decreased in value. Once it was said victory in the National Open was equivalent to S50.000. but if half or two thirds of that sum is now obtained, the player can count himself fortunate. BM RECEIVED FIFTEEN DOLLARS Bridde sf/?v/cf,f/vc. 1 / . nslilo gossip on llamliion'a upper going lo bare to piny. Then came Johnny Drake alone, with tlie news i '1'Iie New Hall j Freak deliveries arc suggested | at mice by (lie disclosure l/iat Ihc- big league teams In spring training will experiment with a different kind of baseball from that which the present generation of diamond athletes has been using. Tho new ball will have a seam, it is said, made ol thread that is twice as heavy as that used in the old apple, and the .'lorsehide covering will be twice as thick. The heavy tin cad will provide a ridge around the ball at the seam, olfer. ing a better grip for pitchers and offering \\lnd resistance that may result in some (nicer curves. Certainly with a ball like that, it will be easier for a liurler to toss a twister. The Old "UI|xiy-Do" Dave Danforth's wny with a ball Ls reunited immediately. Dave had a way of lifting tho cover ai the seam, using his thumbnail, which he used to file to a sharp point, to doctor the spheroid. The ball, with a. raised spot, along the Din vo<; KNOW T::AT— Joe Tinker I.;:! ?. ;;:: j .: spinach In Fl-.-id.i mil c'.t.v.'. . . . and want:' a jr.:> n'.v.- . ? badly that hs may ti:"..ii3 JT.I American A^!o:i ti::i|:!r,' next seaeun . . . Buck: 1 ?!.'.!-::, had tiint ol:l mon :ib;;n !:i n whEii he piloted Wiis;vln°lcm fj a couple cf pennants . . . Mo- grldgc, Lelbold. rvcklnpau^'n, Rice, Judge, Red. Johnrjn ;;ni! Zachnry . . . now he is taking on a few veterans al Detroit, such as Wally Sc.'i:ina an-j Jumping Joe Diijpn . . . The city ccutic!! o! St. Petersburg, Pin., lias named the town ball park "Hnggin. Field." . . . . The surveyors have benn busy in Phlladolphia since Hie baseball season ended . . . and now cane forth with Ihe startling announcement lliat Babe Rulh hit « home run Ihr-re (hat traveled 481 feet on the fly . . 11 of those would be a mile, and then some. RAC lO^&^i - ., >H^it ig Bo/-^Lbr PLAV^ PT2MSRS- form unearthly antics with BY I;VKKI:TT S. 1>KAN Habket'jrill OiarJi, Indiana I). Ifciikotlull lam should have a fair knowledge of the ruler, in order to enjoy the game fully. In this nrtlclc important rule chances for 1131 will l:o dlicusscj and it might r-e well ;or those who like their Imkctball to cm i m din rules and ct'Jrty Incm occasionally during the •lason. Rule 7. Section ".—A new mil; states tliat held ball may b: railed I'-heM a pluyc-r iwlds the ball for live tecjnds in the backco'.in if an opponent is within rr,:- yard ui him during this Utne. !n ether words, under Uir-he conditions a closely guarded player is withholding the tall from" play. This will encuurag aggressive playing ;..nrl disconratv- stalling. Rule 8. Section o.-On any jump ball, the-ball may be tapped twice, but nut- more than twice, by either -, I one cr both or the jumpers awl the free tluu'.-.s arv av.ardru. :n ..'''her case ll:/» bull i', in play If th.j ::•>•> throw is missed. Cob!) Now Chases Fowls in Georgia raised-seam spheroid. In theory a| secr)I1(i tap may be made either in- spltball is' not unlike a knuckle- s!rit ' or outside the circle. After a " . has" tapped (he ball a a second ball, except that the spltter trav- . .. - „„..„ els faster and its break is sharper. | tilnCi he '"ay not touch it again But then, there are only a few i unt " il llas touched one rf spitball (lingers left—Mitchell of, ot! ' 01 ' t\s\\(._ players, the flour. th the seam, as thrown by Danforth, used 1 the Giants, Faber of the White I Basket or the backboard to perform after the manner of Sox and Grimes of the Cardinals. I Rub 11. Sectio'i 1-wiicn time: • 'ranli Merrlwell's best foolers. The ball wllli a raised seam Is made 10 order also for knuckle-ball fingers. Men like Rommel of tlie Athletics throw a ball thai does not spin as it travels toward tho plate. The pitcher gambles on an imperfection in the surface of the ball lo produce a curve or variation in the path of the pellet. With a ridge all-, the way around (he ball at the seam, a ball pro. pelled without a spin goes through all gyrations. Baseball men used to call It "the old dipsy-do" and while such a ball looks as easy as a balcon to hit, it has a way of 1 floating right past the batter. The story -of the last world series light have been difleient if Bur- eigh Grimes had been throwing Break for Grimes A spitball pitcher could per- ANNE' AUSTIN THE BUCK PIGEON* ^E AVENGING PM3?or* " MURDER BACKSTAIRS' leged to see a repetition of Ed Valsh's four-pronged projectile. Tlie major leaguers in recent enclave assembled also decided to ell lh« umpires to use the same all longer than has been the rule. Last year and in the preceding easons, balls that were oniy a rifle soiled were tossed back to lio bench and ruled unfit for play. During the) year to come, wllli a oiled ball to work with, it is not treasonable to expert, something! .kc the old 'shine ball" to come ack to the game. With one side of the. ball very irty and the other side white, bat- ers find it hard to bring into fo- us. How far pitchers will be al- owed to carry their soiling of the all, however, remains to be seen. <a\ iir.iti; IOIIAY In Ihi* iimrcJrr ,tl Jl'AMTA Sl-:i.m. fltrrr are klk kuiihi-rlM, nil i:ii:"*[« in l, r r . II Dlii: 1IAUSHAI.I,. nvini-r at Ilif nun'iniLk Hllrtifrr tU[h n tifrli nlic «n. >|MIII JIIII.V IIIIAK1-:. KI.IIUA VII.KS. >vln, -r. .. .lir u a, I. \iiri ^ I-|(.M-I til Ihr tin^ u[ thr tiitlidi-r. ri-jiillim rk unli-i CI.IVI-: u \nnii\it miii rni.i.^ nr.Ai.r, i^tr.i ^uy ilu-y v t -n- In 111*- xi>l;jrhiiii -mil .t t MVr ItAVMUMI. I.VIIIA r.Mtlt. Mln'n rkitilil nntl hrln I1K\ TMII '.VIlACUi: mid ( llvlmoM) nrr i.rncil- i-:ill> i-h-nn-it ll|i.\nKi:'>< rhrnrr I* lliril \ti;i. hk-rhm fn n [zritnp i*lc- Inrr Kiinu'imr nht- rrfiiaTtl/ciJ. «'MTN« iln^tn In [thu-l.niull them, uroliiitil- I'ln (<ir Ihi- ? ni.ii(><i Miir rn-plvrd *lnrr lipr nrrlvitt. -nnil hr itnru* Slirneiit,. ivliniii hr Ihlnk* «lit • tittirtiHktiril in hrln t\tr, nol •« en i>n ullh llir n'hrmr. Mur-i \\-\lt nnil Ihr Inn rhnl ^hr hml S|irnm)i> i-nntrFkr n lirl] nrnr lur \>ril. rlntlr.c In l.yilhi's run,,,. .h..« >lir rr;i T1 -il ilrlllli. CIIT.MS SIUA\V\ ll,!nk>. lljul Mil, on. Ulli-i! I,, „ .S,.,, York DilnuV*- ihlnhv ilml Ihr lunnli-rrr "111 rrtuni. I., In.ik fnr imiirn. ^M>-li Mm tinil hurniNl. luli-n^lrtF; In itrnp ihr «i-]icnie In .inlri (a ni:-rr> llrinkmnnil M>W lill would uoro you to death, but Inn't think you would hnvo • ' csnctly (1 last uiBhl. aowlng, js 1 do, yuur opinion of "Srraguc? Good Lord! Was ho tliere? This doos promtso to bo interesting! Tell me all!" "Give mo time!" Penny snapped. "Ralph called me! night at dinner flmo. ami asked mo If ! foil crjual lo playing bridge again. He said that he. Clive, Tracey and Jolmny Drnko had lunclied toiietUer yesterday—as lliey frequently do- al Athletic Marshall, Cluli. and that wbo had been wi in THIC si nil i CIIAI'TKII X.\.XV vi. J! K I. 1.0. i'cnu f '." ijiinilm 11 Krcctnl :lio disirtct nuorncy's nrivnif srcrrlury Tlitirfiiny morn In; al live minutes utter nine. "Any' :ICV.H frnni Siuirlerpon?" "Yrp." Penny Craln a-iswernl ll-llr-isly ",\ i,h:lil M:,., U,, «n>-F his ninliiiT Is plill very Imv nni! tiial v.-t-'ro lo win? litin :ii I he (JniMj S:'iinrit;ui llns]iiia] in Chli-a];o if unytliiiiR Inrns up." "Tli"n I biiiiimsG I cnn roach him tt;?ie hy Inn" lUslimcc." mid Dim ill--.' lifii-d Hie Iclci.liomi from IVmy's desk tu nut In Hie rail. "Yv'iim's Ihiiiprnetl?" I'cnny rte- m:::iilpil. her l:roun eyes Mile and lunching thoro at another table with his friend. Attorney Sampson, Hopped at tbelr.ta>)le and.BUBS;-9ted n bridge time at his home (or last night. Hugo said be nanfcd to coax Karen Into plajlng again, to she would got oTer h«r hjstoilcal aver- 3loo to tho game slnco tbe bad lo replay tlial awful 'death hand.' . . You aec." Ponuy explained paren- Ihplkally. "Hugo Is a regular hrlilgo and naluraUy ho dnesn'i want [o be kept nut ot Ills game." "llrulc!" litiirv u up. »on. [''.(•:. so." ll'.imlco nryi-il ilic Eoni;- ill^ianrr opovninr lii>fure ntiEwijrlne I'cnny's (i-.icstion "Tliafs Just IMP trnulilo— nothing's hnpiieneil. and nnthlnc is very :'kely m happen lirvc. I'm iklirinlncil to KU In New Yiuk am: unrk 01: Hits pp^ky case from thai end — which Is where It . nil started." "Tiien you've COMIC Ground lo C?pl:.hi Sirau-n's liirniy rlial it «a^ a N-w York pii:ir.:in7" !Vliny iiikc'l Dundee cried disgust- f couhln't ho give the lioor girl a few days more?" "Thai's what 1 thought," Penny acknowledged. "Hut I illdn't gel any inhibition against bridge, and llio Idea rather appealed to mo POP sonally. The last few days haven't been particularly clicerfiil ones, so j 1 told Ralph I'd ho glad to go. Tracey hart suggested hla bouse, In- that Carolyn was in bed and rerj miserable with a summer cold. ?olly walked over from her house, which Is on tho next hill to the 'Isht, you know. Sho said Clivo lad decided to work late at tho offlce, and had promised to call for !ier about 11, to take hor home." "What about Janet Raymond? Was sho left out?" Dunilw asked, -i "I told JOH it wasn't a planned affair," Penny reminded him. "But Flora did telephone her. anil she said clio didn't feel lit* coming. She's been moping ahout like a sick cat ever ainco Nita's death. Wo all knew sho was idiotically in love with Dexter Sprague, antl It must iiavo ticen an awful hlow to her to hear you read aloud that nolo Nlta received from Siirague." "So 1 noticed," Dundee nodded", recalling tbo deathly pallor of ILe girl> face as Sp'rnguo had glibly explained away that damning note and all of its Implications. - f "WV.!," I'cnny continued. "Tracey suggested bridge, and at llrst Karen flatly refused lo play, but Hugo Dually persuaded her. . . . Karen would do absolutely anything for that rldiciiloui old bus- band of hers! I simply can't understand It—how she can be in love, with him, I mean!" "I thought you liked JuOgo .Marshall." Dundee laughed. "Oh, I do—In n way. . . . nut fancy a young girl like Karen lie- Penny explained imp&llen'ly, "because ha has a couple of golf cups and Flora has an. Immense silver atrocity which testifies to the fict hat she was the 'lady tennis cham- ilon' of the state tor ona year, i'horo are also some mounted flsb ind some deer heads with incredible antlers, but the room Is .really uaod as a catch-all for all the sports things—racquets, golf clubs. 6kl». ling-nong table, etc. Tracey brought out . .- Anyway, the box ol Ing in lovo with him! . Well, stead of Hugo's, bcrnusc- Hetty wnsii'i well ycstenlny .iml Flora v.-oulihi't want to l.'uvc licr for a | vvliolo evening. Well, Halph nncl | 'Are you going lo marry Ralph llnmmoml. Penny?" Dnmlcc Inter- runted. n$ It prompted by casual Interest. I'cnny's pale tace flushed vividly. "No. I'm cot In lore with him, and I'm sure he realizes I'm not am] ivon't ask me nsaln. Hut I had to • suy yes Sunday! 1 simply couldn't i let you walk In on us. afted I'd IE WHO WANTS To ESSJJAVSMUS TKE wsmMExTs CNTHE U U , | permitted you lo eavesdrop while : he was talking, without first saying •• the one think Hint would convince him that 1 believed In tils innocence for him." Lknowledgcd soberly, hut his bluo eyes shone with sudden joy. Vo-.rrc y EInil n too anil hadn't set "1 sec!" Uundou "N'o; hy a J:K(II|! what's lire irallrr «:lh ymi mis: n . c wns '• mr-rnlng. ymmr, r, .IK I'jokini; ii-s.s lit,.- a ;; : more liki- one t!;ai 1 niiicli in circulation" "Tiianks!" I'oniiy retorted sarcastically, ilicn shp wryly ^a.-^^iffiv.sE.'r right! Try again In 15 m!n There's long distance! Just a minute, rtar- Oh! All anyway, wo all wout out lo tho side norcli. which Is kept In readiness all summer for brl.lgo. Iron bridge lablcs, covered with oilcloth, ami with oilcloth pouches for tbu cauls and scoro pads, so there's never any bother aboul scurrying things In on account ot rain. It's a roofed, stone-floored porch, right outside tho living room, and under U are the garages, so It's high anil cool, with a grand view ot Mirror Lake lu the foreground down below, and o! tie city In tbe distance." Sho sighed, and Dufidso knew that sho wns thinking of her own lost homo In Brentwooil—tho Cok> nlal mansion which hail been sacrificed to her father's disastrous Primrose Meadows ronturo. Then sho wont on: "1 don't know why I am telling you all this, except that the setting was BO pleasant ttiat we should have had a much better lime lhan wo did." "You're an artful minx. Penny!' anagrams, and we were all having a pretty good tlmo when, at halt-past eight, the taller announced 'Mr. Dexter.Sprague'!" "Your tono makes me ^isb I'd been there," Dundee acknowledged. "What happened?" "You know how slap-'em-ou-lbo- back Tracey - always is?" Penny asked, grinning. "Well, you should have seen him and heard him as be dismissed poor-Whitsori—the but- lerr—as If ho were giving him notice, instead of letting him offl for tho., night! And the icy dignity with . which ha greeted poor Sprague—" "Poor Spraguo?" Dundee echoed. "Well, after all, Sprague ftqd heen received ly- all tho crowd he- fore Xita's death," Penny retorted. "I think It was rather natural for him to think he'd still be welcome. Ho began to apologlzo for his uninvited presence, saying he had felt lonesome and depressed and uad Just 'Jumped Into a taxi' and come along, hoping to find the Mllescs in. Flora tried to act the lady hostess, hut Peter got up from his bridge tablo and said In tones lhat were even Icier than Tracey's: 'Will you excuse me. Flora? And wIU you take my place. Drake? I'm Kolng Into the library. T don't enjoy the society of murderers!' "Pood Lord!" shocked hut Dundee ejaculates, admiring. "Dto Dundee chuckled. "You're working at lictty. up suspense for tbo entrance, of the " vlllal " : " Sprague make n quick exit?" "Not Just then." Penny said mysteriously. "Of course everyone was simply stunned, but Sprojue retorted cheerfully, 'Neither do 1, Dunlap!' Peter stalked OP Into the living room on bis way lo the library. Johnny took hla place at tho bridge table, and Tracey. at an in gent signal from Flora, offered his seiv at tho oilier table to Sprague. S3 If he were making way for a leper. Poor Polly had Spraguc's partner. Flora, as If she wero terrified at what might happen—you know how frlghlfi:,ly tense and nervous she is—made an excuse to run upstairs for a look socialion will not he held this <>ve i nlng at tho home ot Mr. and Mrs i Trarcy M'li-s. as scheduled.' " protested she ha.l perfect tnllh In "And something tcrrlhlo did b.ip- pen." Dundee guessed. "You'ru looking tioslllvely ghoulish. Oul wllli It! ' "After about half an hour ot pla>iiiK without pivoting." Penny went on Impel liirbably, "Hugo bid three, epades, Karen raised him— in a trembling voice— to five spades. Hugo of course vver.t to a little slam, am! Dexter Sprasue. If Is taken out for a personal foid.i time is to be resumed when (he ball • leaves the free thrower's hands - ! ball with a ridge along its seam. | wil en it leaves his hands for the pectators would have been prlv-1 last throw if moie than one free throw lias teen awarded. On free! throws from technical fouls or dou- Me fouls when the ball returns to center whether the free throw is made or misred, lime is resumed Once biggest of bht league with the toss at center, as formerly. lj:isl -' u: < 11 stars, Ty Cobb's favorite R'-ite 14. Section 8. — The rule l )as 'i"ie now is chasing fowls. The against kicking the. ball applies ! ' a »i 0 U5 Georgian, still looking only to a positive acl. Although it lrim ;ln[1 11. here is pictured with is difficult soihetirivs. to distinguish h's prize dog and gun at Rocky between intentional acts and those' Creek, Ga., as they started out for lliat are accidental, it is better to ] a holiday liunt, First Game At Armory On Tonight The Company M quintet of Bly- heville and Company A'S, five of ,teele. Mo., will meet in the initial askelball contest • at the new rmory tonight as the final feature f the official 'opening The game between the two Na- imial Guard outfits will follow tlie ormal dedicatory services ofTicial- y opening the handsome new tructure. The game is scheduled-to begin bout 8:30 o'clock.. . To.improve (he quality of seed.-- ov.ii, the Latvian goernment lias •ucud the control of trade tii;d nilATtatlon of all seeds in Ihe 'an£s of tho Ministry of Agricul- urc. RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday have the constant tmd unnecessary interruptions in the game caused hy calling a violation every lime' the ball and foot come together. '. Rule is. Section 1- bn..a jump ball, if a jumper leaves the circle i before the ball is tapped, U:;. pen-! ally is a technical foul instead of! "We're Cumin"- Over lo i'h'v a ^e fll ;™V Penal( ; f6r ^ rsonn! | With You- watch for U S 7n Fouls.—If a player who is fouled in ! the act of shooting gets his field" i^nl, "illy one fio threw is awarded. If he misses his field goal, two • Sunday and Monday "This Looks Like u Smippv Number," he sititl, anil liu-i- you'll have to see appreciate the clean whirlwind fun and tender somance of it! See it now! An English scientist has sug- esled that street lamp posts be nacic hollow to serve as vents for ;as leaking from mains and Eew- rs to lesseii the danger of cxplo- lors in cities. H& QUICKEST UIW To CLOSE FWEMDS ARe ) -TR.V To GoRROU) MOMEY- wilh JACKIE C00(i,\.\ Three names that NH3S — join in special. !l HAFPi- happincis Also Comedy n:ul .Ne\vs. Also Short Subjects. Matinee—2 anil 4 O'clock—i 10 and 25c- | Night—2 Complete Shows— Conr.nt;—Ttiestbv & Yu><!m 10 and 2oc. i <Kv - "MOUROC'O" wit Special School '.\F;itinc-o—Sa:i- i (Jay Only—l(Jc-^5c—Adults— : -10c. Time—2 and 4 0 clock. I Night—2 Complet: Shows— 15 and -We, — ! Gary Cooper- Coming — Tuesday, Wetlncs-j Corning Thursday & I>V:)av day & I'litirstlay — "DANG-!. "MIX \.\T) OH L" -.vr ; '--'- KKOUS DAN McGKE\V". j M;ii ; ic ' Dr^s!,.,-' and Val': ;: .<' Coming—Friday & Saturday; j? CC) 7' —"Oi T THE LAW" ' u ' mm FOK A SAILOR", with JuV.n Gillie;",. c ' Coming—Saturday — "\\-\\ ! Coming:— "SILENT ENEMY", ".MONTE CARLO", "KING JAZZ". i Com ing:— I "HELL'S ANGLES", "WHOOPEE". CLASSIFIED" ^f inir*"a \ i I.V'Un. who. Flora says. Is proving jjoii can bslleve me. salJ: 'Ucllcr be a marvel wilh Ihc chlldion. not lo:ivc the table. Karen A liltlo "1 re i Anil Johnny Ilrako nshcd her HAVEN'T 6&VEN OF MY , NEW YEAR.S •RESOLUTIONS" Kentucky Small Kg£ 85.75 Kentucky Lump 86.25 Zeigler - - 87.50 Empire - - 89.75 Moiitavallo Genuine 12.00 Co. "Tlial'ji what Tracey calls It."! (To Ik Conllnucd) USE*PSONE Phono 76 New Btytheviile Feed Phone 196 Coal I

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