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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 5

Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 5

Little Rock, Arkansas
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V. 1 it THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE, tlTOE ROCK, SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1922. 1,1 ponent J. It "Cycton" Davis, ans) a liberally applauded. KIDNAPING CASK PBOMED.

Rock, but In practically alt other districts of the state, many of which not nearly so well financed as the LIS. tie Rock district. tTfHREE BODIES ARE TAKEN FROM RIVER HERRIN MASSACRE WILL BE PROBED n'r loot waa stolen waa given th. officer by "Thursday" and Mink:" Mrs. M.

E. Morris. 41S East Fifteenth street. Friday morning, 1J and a watch. O.

W. Mayhan, 1000 Rock atrtet, Thursday morning, watch and chain. L. B. Hammond-, 1211 Center atreet Wednesday morning, two suits, one watch and 12.60.

A pair of trousera was recovered several blocks away. S. A. Carter. 1416 State street, Wednesday morning, 14.40.

W. E. Smith, 714 West Fifteenth street, Wednesday morning, 12. Mr. Smith surprised them In his house and fired one shot at them without effect.

J. W. Sexton. 1011 Rock street. Wed.

gency, however, Issuance1 of bonds for Improvements would not jga advisable, Mr. Harrison said, because of the amount of Interest which would have te be paid from the regular school funds. Defeat of the proposed amendment practically is certain, Mr. Harrison aald, as the result of the opposition which has developed In the last few weeks, and which has been Increased by a recent statement of Governor McRae. opposing the amendment, and of former supporters of the measures.

In which It was declared that the amendment now is a "dead lasu" In thv statu imlitical c.n-palgn. Failure of the amendment. Mr. Harrison said, will mean curtailment of educational work not only In Little Cudahys DEFENDS HIS RECORD Galeae Black Beplles te the Criticisms Cyclone Davis. Special to the Oasett Texarkana, July 1J.

Eugene Black, congressman from the First (Texas) district and candidate for re-elactlon, addressed a fair-sized audience at the Texas side city hall last nigRt. Mr. Black vigorously defended his official record against the criticisms of his op uritan THcTastcTeuV BaCOll Funeral Services for River's Victims to Be Held at Camden Today. fpsctal to ths OtMtt. Camden.

July 14. The bodies of Harry Johnson, aged 40. his son, Harry Johnson aged 6. and qienn Bird, aged 11, who drowned in ths Ouachita Mve at Devil's Elbow, one and a half miles west of the city, while In swimming yesterday about 7 o'clock, were recovered this morning. Men worked feverishly throughout the night, dragging the river, but it was not until this morning that the body of little Hairy Johnson was recovered, At about IQ o'clock the elder Johnson's body wa found, and a half hour later the body of Glenn Bird was located.

Mr. Johnson was a leader In the busi ness and church circles of the cUy. He was bookkeeper for Snow Bro. Hard- ware Company and secretary of the Piinday school Jof the First church. He Is survived by a wife and one daughter, his mother, Mrs.

Cjharles Jnhneon. of Chicago, three half-sisters, Mrs. Edith McCoy of Greenville. Mrs. Sam Home of Camdefl.

Mrs. William Rhone of Chicago, and a half brother. Lawlejr Johnson, of Hope. Glenn Bird. was the son of Mr.

and Mcs. Meek Bird, grandson of Col. John T. Bird, one of the pioneers of this section. The funeral of Mr.

Johnson and his son will be held from the Methodist church tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock by the Rev. F. F. Harrell. The funeral of Qlsna -Bird will heldal fhe'same time and place if mtattves YOUTHFUL ROBBERS ADMIT SIX THEFTS "Thursday" Kelly, Brother of "Saturday," and Companions Arrestee Arrest of Tommy Kelly, alias "Thursday" and Edward Jackson, alias "Mink." both negroes 1J years of age.

caused Chief of Police Rotenberry to heave a sigh of relief when the two pickaninnies finished Ihelr stories to Detectives Lewis, Moore and Hay yesterday afternoon. They cleared up six recent house robberies and caused the arrest of Earl Nettles, aged 18. and, the detention of Clarence Lovelady, aged 36. Sam Robinson, aged: 25 and lassie Wilson, aged 1. The latter three will be charged with receiving stolen property while the otheVs will be charged with robbing houses.

"Mink" escaped from the county farm last summej: and "Thursday" departed July 3. Both were serving terms "for larceny. Each had about one year more to serve. Back In ihe city, "Mink" and "Thursday" joined forces and, assisted by Nettles, a recruit, conducted raids on six residences, they told the police. Patrolman Ilenson saw "Thursday" sitting on the curb near Second and Louisiana streets, examining a brand new .22 caliber rifle.

"Thursday" told the officer that he purchased the' rifle from a local sporting goods house, and that confession resulted in his detention, for the policeman surmised that If he purchased the rifle he must have stolen the money. C.bU... Thirty minutes later the same officer ariested "Mink- near Markham and Scott streets with two new kodaks, four packages of cigarettes and $7 in his possession. "Mink" said that "Thursday' gave.hlm Include Ing the money. At police headquarters 'Thursday" had confessed and "Mink" followed suit.

Both told the detectives that they gave Clarence Lovelady two watches to pawn for them and that he returned them II each for each watch. Lovelady was arrested and admitted pawning one of the watches at the Capitol Loan Company for $5. The watch was recovered. When asked about the other watch. Clarence- said that he gave It to Sam Robinson pawn.

Robinson was arrested and the second watch was located In a North Little Rock pawn shop Nettles was the next to be arrested and, after his story was unfolded to the detectives they arrested Lassie Wilson on a charge of receiving stolen property. The sextet probably will be arraigned before Municipal Judge Hale this morning. "Thursday" is a brother of Walter Kelly, alias "Saturday." who has a police record of considerable length despite his youth. "Saturday" at present is serving a year's sentence on the county farm. Detectives Lewis, Moore and Hay will Investigate the cases further today In an effort to recover other stolen property.

Homes Entorjwi. The following list of houses and what VOLUNTARY SCHOOL TAX NOT PLANNED Threatened Defeat of Amendment 14, However, Causing Much Worry. Little Rock school authorities have become resigned to the prospect of de feat Of the proposed Fourteenth amend ment, which would remove the limit of school taxation, and now are faced with the problem of raising funds from some other source, or radically curtailing the expenses of the schools. Galloway Harrison said yesterday. Mr.

Harrison for the past two years has been in charge of the campaign in which finances were raised for the local schools through voluntary taxation. The voluntary tax, he said, is not contemplated for next year, under present plans, but unless this or some other effective method of raising money is evolved, the schools seem destined to suffer. The money rsised by tho voluntary taxation during the past two ears. Harrison said, has not lcn sufficient to. care for the needs of th schools, to say nothing of the Improvements ami new.

buildings needed. Mr. Harrison said that bonds might be Issued to provide funds for permanent new buildings, but that bonds can not be Issued for maintenance of tip schools. In the present financial strin Vice-Preadent of American Medical Association Jlestif ies to this Tonic's Value Aaaortean Medical Associatlon-teatifled. under that he ased Dr.Siecert's Assessors Bit.

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nesday morning. $31 and a watch. MEN TAKEN FROM TRAIN One Kidnaped aad Beaten: the Other Koscued by Guards. CBt the Associated Press.) Denlson, Tex, July 14. Two men, maA hu A tt.l..J to have been- traveling salesmen, were seixea oy unidentified men from a Missouri.

Kansas and Texas railroad train here early today. One was taken to country and told not to return, and the other was freed from his captors by armed guards. The man spirited away, claimed by striking shop men to be a strike breaker, was beaterr -when seized, officers said. "No strikebreakers will be brought Into Denton, and no attempt will be made to open the shops here until the adequate protection for the workers has been provided for by the state or federal government," M. W.

Whitenton. "assistant chief operating officer of the M. K. investigating the strike situation here, said tonight. He said, sufficient protection Is not being provided by the city or county at present.

DEPUTIES AREWCWW Will Guard Railroad Property in Northern Louisiana. Monroe. Jujy ,14. 10 special Unite Slates deputy marshals were sworn In by United States Com- mlftft'nner William CVKpllv at Mnnrnd and stationed at four points In North Louisiana today, to guard property of the railroads and prevent any outbreaks. E.

Ford, assistant to the president of the Vicksburg. Shreveport and Pacific, has ordered the discharge of 300 Monroe shop men of the railroad, now out on a strike. Twenty-five new men have beet) brought to fill their places. LODGE'S DATE DELATES. Washington.

July 14. Engrossment of President Harding with the troubled Industrial state of the nation, particularly the rail and coal strikes, caused a postponement today of the executive conference with Senator Lodge of Massachusetts. Senate Republican leader, on the Senate legislative situation. NEGRO GETS 15.600. Kansas City.

July 14. A negro bandit held up two officials of the Kan-Fas City Life Insurance Company in the basement of a downtown office building today, robbed them of 15,651.63 In pay roll money, and escaped. arrive In time. Tiitnn oiuxn i rnwrp Hi 1 it -i THE CUDAHY PACKtNG COMPANY Woman. Said to Have Fur nished Valuable Information as to Tragedy.

(Chicago Tribune-New York Times Special to the, Oosetts.) Marlon, 111, July 14. The state of Illinois, represented by Attorney den eral Brundage, today began officially to Inquire Into the "massacre, June II and it, of 21 known workers In the strip mlne there. It is believed the death list vaa much larger. It has been clearly shown that the massacre was carefully planned and ex ecuted. Apparently It was the Intention to, destroy every man working In the mm.

It la aald that a woman, who witnessed most of the murders, has supplied the state with the names of the actual leaders and executioners and much valuable additional Information. Robert Tracy of Chicago, who escaped after terrifying experiences, says he can identify the murderers. He saw most of the killings and describes them as revolting. He says the men had surrendered under a white lag and promises that they would be conducted away from Herrln In safety. they were marched into tha woods arid shot down.

On the way, the crippled manager of the mine, McDowell, was beaten "to death by members of the mob, Other victims were lined ur-ln front of a five-strand barb-wire fence and told If they could get through or Over It they would be permitted to go free. As soon as they reached the fence they were rld-dleawlth bullets and left hanging on the barbs. An airplane circled over the camp constantly, spying out the number and location of the doomed men. There may be a sensation when the ownership of this plane la established, WILL PROBE MASSACRE Illinois to Investigate Wholesale Lynching at Herrln, Official Bays." St. Louts, July 14.

Investigation of the recent massacre at the strip mine of the Southern Illinois Coal Company, near Herrln, 111., In which a score or more of nonunion mine workers were killed by striking union miners, will be pursued by the state of Illinois until those responsible for the massacre are brought to Justice, regardless of the time and effort required. Attorney General Kdward J. Brundage of Illinois said here today. I Mr. Brundage arrived here from (Springfield, and plans to go to Marion.

I the eountv seat of Williamson county. to confer with State's Attorney Delos Duty on matters relating to the investigation. LATEST OIL NEWS WELL FINALLY COMES Detroit gummerfleid Test Is Geed for tS, 00,000 Feet. Special to the Gaxette. El Dorado, July 14.

The Detrolt-Summerfleld Company's well came In at 4 o'clock this afternoon. In southeast corner of southwest quarter of 17-17-14, making an estimated flow of 15,000,000 feet of gas and spraying oil. When the well first came lr It made two heads of oil, which were followed by gas. It Is spraying a noticeable amount of oil and Is very similar to the Terry-Summerfleld wells, which carae. In with gas and turned to oil.

It Is expected the well will be making a steady stream of oil by morning. The plug was drilled from the Natural Gas and Petroleum Corporation's first well the north, located In the northeast quarter of 16-16-15, this afternoon, and she test will be made about Sunday. OIL STOCKS INCREASE Crode Held at Farms Plies l'p; Gaso line Decreases, N'ew York. July 14. Pin.

Hn an tank farm gross domestic crude oil stocks east of the Rock-v i creased 4,265.000 barrels In the month of June according to returns compiled by the American Petroleum Institute. Gasoline stocks decreased 623.051 barrels in June, according to the summary. East of the Rocky mountains there was an Indicated decrease of 440,047 barrels and west of the Rockies an Indicated decrease of 185,004 barrels. BANK CARHIER A VICIIK, tfcj Pennington, assistant-, cashier of the "lrst National bank of Statesville.

com mitted suicide by shooting himself last following announcement yester day of a shortage of approximately IKn.OOO in the accounts of the -cashier, John M. Guy. here. SaturdayToilet Specials Amami Shampoo Powder, 9c Hinds' H. A.

Cream, 37c -Hair Nets, all colors, doien, 49c Nova White Polish, 19c Saturday Toilet Specials Remmer's Bath Soap, 5 for 25c Pond's Vanishing Cream, 19o Listerine, in amaU size, 17c Mavis Talcum Powder, 16c Mexico City, July 1 4. President Caret gon, who la at Cuernavaca, oaunslbtr for aV week' rest, Is saidto be Ing an Investigation qf th kldnaphic of A. Brace Bielaskl, POMPEIM! OLIVE OIL Sold Everywhere Mm.i Reduced $5 $8.50 $9.75 Reduced in styles, $1,19 1 FORY. M. C.

A. CAMP One Hundred Boye to Take Outing at Petit Jean Mountain During fitxt Two Werks. A party of campers, including sev. eral Summer school students, will leave today to attend the third session of the Y. M.

C. A. boys camp at Morrll- ton. R. E.

Wilson, boys' work secretary, will leave with the party, and will have charge of the camp activities. Mr. Wilson, with 100 campers, sent to I the Petit Jean camp by the Little Rock Rotary Club, returned Thursday from a two weeks' camp. The camp of the local boys, which opens today under Mr. Wilson's direction, will be for another two weeks' period.

The rate for members of the association Is. $12 and for npnmembers, $13.50, not Including railroad fare. The round trip fare to the camp Is 14. The third session, which wh to have opened yesterday, was postponed to accommodate boys, who have been attending the summer school. Boys who expect to attend the camp may register with Mr.

Wilson or Walter Puttee at the Y. M. C. A. Boys' Department.

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