The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1907 · Page 10
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Monday, May 13, 1907
Page 10
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, . - f 1 - ( THE PITTSBURG- PRESS TEN MONDAY EVENING, MAY 13, 1907 NEW FOUNTAIN AT PARK SPRING nnnmixm MP ra Placed Near Log Cabin Schenley Thousands Drink There at Th old spring at Snyder'a log cabin In Schenley Park has given place to a modern drinking fountain. The finishing touches are now being given to the fountain by workmen employed by the city-It is constructed by two large blocks of granite with a filter bed placed in the rear. On the face of the fountain is carved a large head of an Indian war chief and under it is a bronze inscrip tion bearnig the name "Catahecasa Blackhoof. War Chief of the Shawneet. Blackhoof participated In the ambuscade of Oenera! Uraddock In 1755, and became a firm ally later of-the colonista. The spring has been patronized by thousands of people during the last 1J i years, and through the Spring and Summer months scores of automobiles and rigs make dally visits to carry away supplies of watfr. The water is said to surpass that of any other spring In Pittsburg, and flows strong, although on top of the hill, through the year. The spring was visited by many persons yesterday. NUNNERY HILL FIRE DESTROYS A LANDMARK. Firemen nesene Some Resident of Haffertyn Row Others Eopf. Fire completely destroyed Rafferty's Row, on of the landmarks of Nunnery Hill, last night, and rendered homeless - more than a dozen colored families. Several persons narrowly escaped with their lives. The building stood at the head of Henderson street, at the extreme apex of Nunnery Hill, running back lOO feet to Fountain street. There were two stories in front and three and a half In the rear, and the whole of the big building was a mass of flames before ,the first stream was turned on. on account of its inaccessible situation, the firemen having a hard time to reach It. The explosion of a lamp in the rear apartment, occupied by Mrs. Annie Martin, started the conflagration. Mrs. Martin was overcome by the smoke before she could give the alarm to any of the other inmates, but succeeded in making her way to Henderson street and there streamed for help. It was later discovered that she had received a number of severe burns, and she was removed to the Allegheny General Hospital. Policeman Williem Henry, Clarence Hutchinson and Patrick Welsh hurried to the scene and helped a number of the tenants from the burning structure. Mrs. Jennie Boyd, a widow, tnd her five children; Mrs. Jennie Jones and Hugh Hutchinson were rescued with difficulty, being carried from the upper floor by the officers. For - half an hour after the flames were discovered the firemen strained every nerve to get at the fire, and finally succeeded In carrying a line of hose almost half a mile up the hill from Federal street. The property was owned by James Iafferty and was valued at J5.0OO. The loss to Inmates amount sto about $2.0O0. The Knoxville fire department was called out at 1 o'clock this morning to extinguish a small blaze at the car barns of the Pittsburg Railways Co. at Carbon street and Penn avenue, Mt. Oliver. Wires became crossed, burning some of the Insulation, but the damage was slight. HIGH SCHOOL ARBOR DAY. Pupils Will PI n t Trees on Centennial of Agannis'a Birth. The 2,200 pupils of the Pittsburg High Schools will celebrnte the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of I-uis Agassiz, the famous naturalist, on May 28, by the planting of about 100 trees in Columbus Grove, Schenley Park. It will be a sort of postponed Arbor Day. Fifty memorial oaks will be planted In memory of 5o great biologists, each tree to be named after one of the famous men. Thirty-three class trees will also be planted 14 buckeyes for the academic classes, three elm trees for the normal classes, six white ash trees for the commercial geography classes of the Fifth Avenue High School, six tulip trees for the South Side High School and four elm trees for the children's classes In the training school of the Normal High School. The trees will be furnished by George W. Burke, superintendent of parks. Director Kdward Rynearson will have the program of speakers, addresses and songs completed next week. . PLOT TO ASSASSINATE CZAR FOILED IN TIME. Indon, May 13. The Daily Telegraph's St. Petersburg correspondent reported the accidental discovery and foiling of the gre.-ttest Terrorist plot since the Great Decembrist consipracy 82 years ago. The correspondent says he h;is the sensational jfory two reliable sources, jcci.rfling to these versions SO conspirators resolved a couple pf months ago to assassinate Kmperor Nicholas during Easter. The plotters included reserve officers and other otticials and civilians whose loyalty hitherto had ben undoubted The plan was, the correspondent says, to a pproach " Tsarskoe-Selo in distinct groups and then execute a sudden and daring attack on the palace. The first group, consisting of 34 men. arrived on the Russian Good Friday, when from means unknown suspicions against them were aroused and the whole 34 of them were arrested at Tsarskoe-Selo and docu ments found in their possession led to the apprehension of the other members of the band In St. Petersburg. LAY OF THE LUTE DISTURBING, Five Maicnlly Inollnert Arabian rested in Pnrk. BeeohuK Yetter and foir other Arabians who were arrested yesterday afternoon in Highland Park, by Sergeant Meenan, charged with disorderly conduct, hail a hearing at No. police station this morning, and each wns fined $10 or 10 days to Jail. It was alleged the noise of their singing of Arabian songs to the accompaniment of an Arabian lute disturbed the other 'Isitors to the park.- At the hearing the defendants claimed they did not understand the English language, but all understood when Magistrate J. D. Walker pronounced the words "pay $lO each or go to jail for 10 days." They paid their fines. TRAINS ARE DELAYED BY BRCKEN LOCOMOTIVE. Engine No. ''1'., hauling the Leetsdale accommodation to Pittsburg, broke down st H o'clock this morning, at Avalon station and caused a delay for all the succeeding trains of about 40 minutes. Something went wrong with the cylinder when the conductor gave the signal to pull out from Avalon, and the engine could not be moved. Ultimately, u was replaced by another engine and the train reached the city about 40 minutes behind time. Trains Nos. lot? and 108 were also delayed by the breakdown. Mother la llnrned Saving Child. Walter Young, a 6-year-old bov. was probably fatally burned while playing near an open fire In the residence of the Young family at Sheridan street and Daisy avenue. Allegheny, yesterday afternoon. Seeing the child's clothes" Mazing, his mother attempted to extinguish the flames and received a number of painful burns about the hands and face. The child was terribly burned on the face and is thought to have inhaled the flames. Allejred lleiignr Fined. ' Because he was begging along Forbes street yesterday afternoon and had no home, Mike Brouck was fined $25 or 30 days at the Oakland station this morning. James Laugherton was fined similarly on a charge of disorderly conduct brought by Walter Birch, who said they had a fight over money matters. I.g Broken by Fall. Mrs. Sarah Dickson, of No. 651 More-wood avenue, fell last evening In front of he home which Attorney Willis F. j Mccook is erecting at :vo. ;04o Fifth avenue, and broke her left leg. Policeman E. J. Lewis happened along at that time and had Mrs. Dickson removed to her home. In a carriage. pu ML THE BIG STORE Just Like Getting Millinery From a Big Wholesale Hquse CINGLE hats are yours here at crate prices- and even less. 500 dozen untrimmed Hats, in the best shapes and colors in every desirable braid Plenty of blacks, tuscans and whites..' Also brown, navy and green. Finest Frerrch Chips $2.25 retail values. Imported French Chips $5 retail values. Imported Picot Chips $5 retail values. Fancy Tuscan Straws $1.75 retail values. All go Tuesday at a uniform quick-selling price for 75c BANDED SAILORS in split Japanese braid with ribbon bands and sweat bands black, white, tan, navy and brown really $1 hats we start .hem at 50c "GIBSON GIRL SAILORS" The very newest decidedly the summer girl hat par excellence. All the desired colors. Half New York prices. SCARCEST TRIMMING FEATURE All-silk maline in the best colors is the most wanted thing in millinery. Retailing readily and rapidly elsewhere at 40c and 50c yd. On sale in our Mil-'inery department at 25c Trimmed Hats A grouping of 300 To-Mor-row that will go our usually low prices one better. Superlative values at 2.75 (Third Floor.) THIS TOWEL SALE SOMETHING TREMENDOUS U'THE REASON WHY", of this sale we leave to conjecture. Comparisons will prove the greatness of the values the rest doesn't matter much. Hotel managers, barber shops and boarding houses will see in this sale extraordinary saving opportunities. Most every kind of Towels and Toweling at a reduced price, with special towel values in dozen lots. Clean, fresh, . perfect goods at prices lower ' than the usual cost of "seconds." ; ' m m .Ml Towels at 1.00 Dozen Hemmed Huck Towels, 18 ' inches wide and 38 to 42 inches long; . Hemstitched Towels 18x34 inches ; and Unbleached Turkish Towels, 19 inches wide and 46 to 50 inches long, all go at Hand Towels Soft finished Huck-a back Honeycomb and Jacquard Towels, barber shop and wash-room sizes, hemmed ready for use, at, dozen. . .39c Fringed and Huck Towels With fancy borders, sizes 16x36 and 19x42 85c dozen; singly 7JC Hemstitched Huck Towels Size 22x44 inches, each 15c Special Crash Toweling Table Lengths that range from 1 yard to 5 yards. Take your pick at. .5c to 50c Russian Crash 3,000 yards of All-linen Crash for roller towels; also all-linen Tea Toweling, at, yd 64c (Main Floor, Towels at 1.55 Dozen Hemmed Huck and Hem-' stitched Huck and Jacquard -Towels, fancy border Dam- ask lowels and bleached 12Kc Each Turkish Towels with plain and fancy borders, 18 to 30 in. wide; some 40 in. long. Finer Towels All-linen Huck, Satin Damask, Fancy Figured Huck Towels, fringed, hemmed and hemstitched, for, 2.75 dozen, singly 25c Imported Towels Extra fine Huck and Damask, hemstitched and fringed, some of the finest makes, for 5.50 dozen, singly .... 50c Finer Crash Fancy all-linen Crash, in , large plaids for cushions, porch chairs, etc. Royal Russian and homemade Russian, per yd 12C Terry Cloth Full bleached for making your own Turkish Towels and Bath Sheets, 24-inch width, 20c; 20-inch width, 15c; 18-inch width, yd 12Jc Dept.) LI 3 ' acuta o o o 32S m .0 o mm J THE BIG STORE Going to Buy The Boy "ql-Siit? Better Wake Up Now and Teke Notice TJE'S ready for the suit no doubt about that. And you'll be ready, too,, when you take a look at the tables on which these four special lines are spread and see for yourself how far . your money will go. ; On Table 1 All-Wool Double-Breasted and Norfolk' Suits, in plain gray cheviots, fancy cheviots and woolen crashes, elegantly made- and trimmed." All sizes at..... 2.00 On Table 2 Boys' Suits in fancy gra- or club check worsteds double-breasted and Knickerbocker styles that should bear S6 price marks. You'll grab for them at.. . . v .3.90 On Table 3' Boys', Novelty Suits in blue and brown serges and- faacy cheviots Buster Browns, Russian Blouses and Sailors in splendid styles. You'd expect to give up from $2 to $2.50 for these, garments that our customers get in all sizes To-Mor-row at '. 1.45 On Table 4 3,600 pairs of all-wool Knee Fants, made of fine mill remnants by one of the best suit manufacturers in New York.. Plain colors or mixtures in all sizes 2 to 16. Really good enough to sell for 75c to $1 going at .48c A Stilt Postscript While in the department get your boy a pair of those 6-foot adjustable Stilts and give him all sorts of fun. They're yours for, pair . 5c (Second Floor.) Here, Boys Tell Mother You Want One of These Blouses. They're, new just come in. Some madras, others '. percale. Made right. Priced right. Many new effects ; striking plaids; the popular blues and a full line of'Russian Blouses in light and dark color effects. 48c to l 00 (Main Floor.) Tis to Be a Tan Hosiery Season "p ASHION leaders have already settled that and makers have advanced prices " as much as 25 to make the most of a good thing. There'll be no ad vance here, though, while present stocks last. Tans of every hue and shade. Golden browns, too, in -abundance in thread silk, silk lisle, plain lisle and cotton handsome silk-embroidered clocks, flower and wreath designs, all lace and boot patterns or plain colors. Prices 25c to 2.50 At 15c Women's regular 19c Egyptian Cotton Stockings tans, blacks and black with white foot. At 19c -Women's regular 25c silk lisle and plain lisle stockings tans and blacks; plain or lace effects. At 25c Women's regular 39c all-over lace Cotton Stockings with seamless foot blacks and colors. At 39c Women's regular 50c Imported Lisle Stockings, boot and all-over lace patterns; fashioned foot. ' . Hurry-Out Dress Goods Prices 'HE calendar says "May 13" to you, but to our dress goods man it also says "Time's up for Spring woolens." So down tumble prices to effect a com plete clearance beiore the demand passes to Summer cottons. (Mail Orders Filled.) Down to 75c Lovely Imported Fancy Suitings that were $125 gray checks and plaids, hairline black and white stripes, broken and ombre plaids, natty tailorings and oxford mixtures.' 45 to 50 inches wide. Down to 45c Pure cream Mohair Brilliantines, perfectly free from the black specks showing in in ferior weaves just about 50 pieces and they 11 go quickly at 45c yd. (No Samples Furnished but Mail Orders Filled.) Down to 39c Wool-mixed 'dress weaves of many styles mixtures, fancy stripes, checks and plaids, in a host of colors and combinations the prettiest in light and dark blendings. Down to 35c The regular 39c Mercerized Empress Cloth one of the most winsome and serviceable Summer dress weaves in every shade' that's fashionable for street and evening wear, with plenty of cream and black. Travel !" T h a t's what we have said to 242 Bags like the one pictured. And they'll go very fast at Because they're real $7 and 53 Bags, made of genuine black grain leather with hand-sewed edge; top plate lock; stout leather haudlo and kerotal lining which wears better than leather. Will one coma your way? (Fourth Floor.) A.98 House Dresses 1.00 Several neat styles in goods calicos and lawns; well made. Comfortable fitting. (Third Floor.) You Should Have All These JDRETTY, aren't they and so "different?" But wait until you see them you'll understand then why so many women can't pass this neckwear counter without stopping to admire and pick out something dainty to brighten up or individualize their toilettes. Embroidered Stiff Linen ColIaVs Dainty eyelet and embroidered designs in new, dotted effects and ruffled edge styles all sizes of each at I5c. 25c, 48c Cute Little Bows-The sweetest yet for wear with stiff linen collars in silk and mull ; lace and embroidery effects ; silk and satin bows; black and all colors 25c Wide-end Silk Ties- The newest Windsors, including the popular "Teddy Bears'' wide and narrow widths, in plain, colors and rich plaids 25c and 48c Ascot Ties All-made or made to be tied; plain linen or embroidered madras, especially pretty for wear with t tailored waists 25c. 48c. 75c Coat Sets The newest lace designs and lace-trimmed linen ones in dainty op-en-work effects 48c. 98c. 1.25. 1.48. 1.98 Marie Antoinette Ruffling For waist frontings or neck and sleeve finishings tasty embroidered bands with ruffled lace and embroidery edgings per vd., 25c. 48c, 75c (Main Floor.) Bon-Ton Corsets 1.69 $3 ta $5 sample mod-elsc-all up-to-date all in perfect condition. (Third Floor.) Picture Specials $12 Original Pastel3, 5.98. $2 Christy Pictures; 1.38. $1.50 Fac-slmile Water color panels, 98c. 75c Combination Fruit Panels, 25c. (Fourth Floor.) . Drug Dept. Specials Sulphur and Cream of Tartar Tablets, 10c Violet Toilet Ammonia, bottle, 10c. 2-qt. Fountain Syringes, complete, 59c (Main Floor.) k Important Salo of ailor-Made Linen Waist S rNE of those events that cause women to wonder how Kaufmann's can do it. Plain tailored shirtwaist effects, pleated or newest Marie Antoinette style. English linen, handkerchief linen and Irish linen. One Group I.90 i A half dozen smart, distinctive models in pure white linen; tucked, pleated or plain fronts; with or without pocket. Sleeves long or short. Cuffs soft or stiff. These J.90 On these counters are pale blue and pink chambray tailor - made waists with stiff collars and cuffs; also par-ticularlv effec tive white linen and madras waists. Some with small pleats ; others with large ones. Long and short sleeves. You'll like them in the store and your liking will be increased when you get them home and iotice how they fit. (Third Lowest Priced Ones 90c All are lovely all are serviceable. White lawns and; white linens, with small tucks or broad pleats ; also the new Marie An- 5 toinette models with double I frill, in striped and checked dimities. Wash Shirts 95c Best we ever began a season with at $2 or $2.50. Fashioned in a way vou'll like and tailored in the way they should be. Made of fine repp cloth cut extra full. Newest cluster pleated or side kilted models with deep hems. Alongside them are some in check and plaid wash materials 95c. Floor.) Taffeta Petticoats 2.95 500 of them; made of good rustling taffeta. Black and colors. (Third Floor.) Ribbed. Underwear 19c Women's high - neck long sleeve Bleached Vests also low neck lisle ones. (Third Floor.) Tea Cups and Saucers 6 for 25c Embossed designs ou good white porcelain . which didn't come out of the burning kilns absolutely perfect. (Basement.) Bamboo Porch Shades (Natural color) 4x6 ft., 45c. 6x8 ft., 85c. SxS ft., 1.25. 10x8 ft., 1.50. 12x8 ft., 1.75. (Fifth Floor.) W ifk 0 All" Way, We're Selling Carpets yXD yet is it any wonder when we've fortified with such strong lines and such little prices? Handsome $1.25 and $1.35 Axminsters tkOO Made by the Alex. Smith & Sons mills, which- guarantees their goo.dness the newest high-class floor covering for parlors and reception rooms, with and without borders. What's left of those Rich Royal Wilton Rugs the mill's sample line all 9x12 it. and not sold anywhere under $,58, here at 32.50 Fine Axminster Rugs S1 4x1 0 4 ft. beautiful designs and most durable weaves, now marked 18.25 . Sample line of Wilton Hearth Rugs measuring 36x63 inches regularly $6 and $6.50, this ale. . 5.00 Mattings That Have Just Landed 50 rolls bought direct from the Jap. weavers only one profit (and a small one), between you and the first cost. Made of selected long straw in dainty carpet patterns that are reversible bought through some jobber the price would be $12 per roll we mark them $8.50 for 40-yd. roll, or, yd 25c '(Fifth Floor.) Fovir Hundred Porch Rockers OUR GUESS IS THAT THEY'LL ALL Bt; GONE IN JUST TWO DAYS The cut is a perfect picture of one of them. We placed the order last fall, just about the time you stopped sitting on your porch and when work was slackest in the factory. They were made before Christmas, stored until April, shipped last week and . have just ar rived. Selected maple was used for the frames, and fancy woven flat reed for the seats and extra high backs. The finish is the natural light color in shellac, dark green or old red vour choice of the" three. Such Rockers are selling all over town and trom wagons or nouse-to-liouse venders at S2.50. tl r Each We'll make the price of the 400 lot. (Sixth Floor.) Paper Now "yOU can do it for less or put handsomer papers on your walls without spending more than you figured on. At 174"C Bolt Superb two-tones in rich dark reds, greens, browns, blues and yellows 25c and 3 5c grades.. " At 12e Bolt Lovely florals,, cretonne and stripe effects in all conceivable colorings 18c to 25c grades. At 7C Bolt Artistic papers that are 10c anywhere else; 9 . or 18-inch borders to match. (Fifth Floor.) Ranges That've Stood the Test No one else has it or anvthing near Tl mm Wi ! tf .mm a. i- - ' V? V I, V i'V as good for the monev. Made entirely If If (Ours exclxively.) , " I I I 01 com roneu steei, nneu tnrougnout i with asbestos, lias three single bur ners and one giant burner of double m. capacity. Top of cast iron that won't burn out or warn. Oven iS- inch either way with removable lining. "Good Luck" (Model No. 500.) A splendid range especially designed for kitchens where Epace Is at a premium. Top burner equipment consists of three standard, one giant and one simmering burner, all of which are removable and easily cleaned. Steel body enameled and asbestos lined. 16-inch oven; for 14-98 Satisfaction guaranteed. The Acme" SfMf (Model No. 27.) Cast entirely of iron. Five iimg2sZ ;-,i ' friim mi -niv star-drilled top burners, including one double and one simmering burner. Oven 16 inches either way with two separately drilled oven burner igmiea uy a pivot ngnt irom the outside. Lined throughos upbi abufsws. a range of neat design and nJL Q exceptional merit J9 r(Stove and Range Dept.. Fourth Floor.) r it 1

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