The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 25, 1907 · Page 30
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1907
Page 30
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SUNDAY MORNING AUGUST 26, J907 THIRTY THE PITTSBURG PRESS t- HORSES COWS MULES HORSES 358 HORSES 350 HORSES At Auction.. Monday and Tuesday. Augusct 27th. 2th and Starting Promptly at 10 o'clock. Draught Horses. Farm Chunks. General Purpose Horses. Livery Carriage Pairs, Single Brougham Horses, Educated Saddle Hordes b d Pacers and Trotters, with and without records. Consignment by the best-known shippers of high-class horses, among them the following : M Marc Draught Horses D. "W. Cummins Draught Horses. John W. Wright Draught Horses. Jos. Mervls General Purpose Horses. Harry Mervls General Purpose Horses. Richard Bucklln General Purpose Horses. Jas. Smith General Purpose Horses. Pat Gallagher Speed and Driving Horses. Ed Hobson Speed and Driving Horses. Dan'l Rooney Speed and Driving Horses. Also many smaller shippers. We wftl also sell about 100 head of city liorsea, consigned by private parties having k. o furlhiir uba t rr aanie 110 head draught and pit mules constantly fen hand for orivate sale. Auction every Monday and Tuesday. Private sales dally. At the Big Barn. THE ASHER HORSE A MULE CO.. tarth End Sixth Street Bridge. Allegheny. 825p CARRIAGES & VEHICLES. SQUIRES CARRIAGE CO. Bl 0-620 Duquesno way. BARGAINS BARGAINS BARGAINS All pleasure vehicles reduced. A number cf choice selections at cost prices. These must be moved and we hfive markM prices in plain figures, so low that cannot help making a ru.-h. NOTHING RESERVED NOTHING RESERVED NOTHING RESERVED The nicest driving season of the year Is yet to come. RUNABOUTS RUNABOUTS RUNABOUTS The beat (election ever offered in Pittsburg ' AT ACTUAL COST AT ACTUAL COdT AT ACTUAL COt?T Fpsco will not allow us to tell you all the good things we have. Come In and let us have a talk. SQUIRES CARRIAGE CO. 825 o IT will pay you to get our prices on butcher, grocery and peddlers' wagons. E. J. THOMPSON CO.. j' 139-141 Seventh st. S25p PARK TRAP, two horse, coach gear, oil cups made by Gleasencamp. almost new. cost $ti . will sell for $150; also set d iUble silver mounted coach harness, have silk hangings and brow bands. $40; will sell sep-irate. fcchulenberg's. 4512 Henry st- S2 iwo DUMP wagons. Dump wagons, Bros, make; best on earth. Studebaker E. J. THOMPSON CO., 139-141 Seventh st. to. S25p WE have for sale the carriages of two private stables, carriages of latest svyle. Abbott Broughams, etc.; anyone looking fr eomethlng geod will be interested. lnou re for Ehrhart, iSchulenberg's stable. 4512 Henry St. 825 wo j BEER wagons; all sixes. E. J. THOMPSON CO., 139-141 Seventh St. 825P TANDEM CART, made by J. RothchiM A-Tiles, of Paris, cost $1,0; in excellent order; will sell for flOO; also very stvlih I rubber-tired Stanhope. $55. Schulenb rg s, i 4512 Henry st. 825wo FOR SALE Three horse and two dirt wagons and six dump carts and two 1-horse express waeoh- Davis Bros., oorner Arch and Kirk-atrlck sts., city. 825wn Rl'N A BOUTS For sale, five rubber-tire runabouts, good as new. will be sold eheao at F.iverview boarding stable. 2003 Perrvsville ave.. Allegheny. 625 wp GROCERY WAOON-S15 down, $15 per month. See Carpenter, Berger bldg., after B p. m. 825r FOR SALE Rubber tired leather top phaeton In good condition, $50. Inquire Crays' Livery. Bellevue. Pa. 825xp FOR SALF Ladles' driving horse, rubber tire tcp buggy and harness; good as new. Address lOOT MurtUvnd ave. 825wp FOR SALE Good covered wagon; sold cheao for want of use. i reaerai st.. Allegheny. Ml'wh wagons 8Jor WAGONS Two one-horse express cheap. 1522 East st.. Allegheny. FOR SALS Two-seated wagon. 130E Fultcn st. trap one grocery 821 b FOR SALE A good Stanhope buggy. Rear leaver ave., Allegheny. R25xp WAGON One-!wrse furniture wagon for sale cheap. 271 Frankstown ave. 825xp FINK chestnut cab. runabout, harness; new; owner leaving. 901 Hartxe bldg. S25we WANTED RunaHout. suitable for horse. Write N 278. Press office. small 825xp FINE fl.OOO state carriage, tleolars. R 178. Press office. Write for rar-825 wd BIRDS, DOGS, ETC. FOR SALE Two rabbit dogs for sale; excellent hunters, will sell cheap, lnauire Anthony Emmerich. Llgonier. Pa. 823wr lOGS Two fine St. Bernard dogs, male and female, both pedigreed. 79 Est Ohio st.. Millvale. 815wd WANTED French poodle pup (male). Stat age. price and where it can be seen. Writ E 163 Press office. S25wp PIGEONS A nice lot of homers, all mated pairs; must sell. Call 6816 Fenn ave. 825xo FOR SALE Toy French poodles and nice little Japanese; also bull terriers. . 15o2 Fifth ave. 825wp SCOTCH COLLIE, male. 3-years-oTdTpedigree. fond of children. 6030 Rodman St.. East Knd. S25xo COLLIE For sale. Scotch collie femaJeT"" 5 months old: bargain. Call today. Sparber. end of Oneida St.. Duquesne Heights. 825xp PURE BRED New Jersey reds and R. C. brown leghorn chickens for sale. Wm. Kratzer. St. Petersburg. Pa. 825 wp ENGLISH BULL PUP 8 monthTo7dT " In-oolre 109-111 Ohio St., Allegheny. Fred Hates. S25xp broken. UuO Harvard st-. East End ., S25xn BIRDS. DOGS. ETC. EUROPEAN BIRD STORE Just received some very fine screw tail Boston terrier puppies and some full terrier puppies, very nice toy French poodles, very fine pair of Beagle hounds, well broke; also very fine talking parrots and singing canaries. ' 2ei8 Grant St., city. 825wp ' FOX'S FLEA SOAP. Kills fleas none better. Everything In pet. FOX'S PET SHOP. Oliver ave. and Smithfield st. 82Qs SPORTING and pet dogs for sale; cattle, sheep, swine. : pigeons, ferrets and rabbits; 10 cents for 6-page descriptive illustrated catalogue. Mount Fenn Kennels. Reading. Pa. 825 wp "WANTED Beagle hound; will send to country" till hunting season; excellent rabbit territory, for trtvilege of using some of the time; references given. 'Phone 2277-11 Highland. 5105 Liberty ave. 825xp WANT to buy female French poodle, must be stump taii, about one or two years old, tor on account of lack of room, $73. Riteney ave.. Allegheny H -Wrt ! FOR SALE Two female collie dogs, 4 months old: riretty markings $5 apiece. W. J. M.. 62 Emily St.. Crafton, Pa. S24we j FOX'S FLEA SOAP kills fleas: none be.ter; ever-thing in oets. Fox's Pet Shop. Olive ave and Smif hfiid st. FOR SALE Purpies, English pninfrs. E J. N. 427 Federal ave.. l!c:vtL:t. S24wb i FOR SAT.Fst Rmarrl nunr.iJs. bv cham- I pion King Carmen, the best in litter. Iuis I Walther, 1M)3 Frankstoni ave, P2owp FOR SALE One thoroughbred male fix terrier dog 4 months old; $5. Call at 19 May-fir wer St., East End. 825wp FOR SALE Cock and six white creeted black Polish hens: coons and chicken wire, cheap. 5720 Rlppey St., East End. 825xp CHOICE Runt. Duchess. Homer squab breeders. John C. Glenn. 6524 Hamilton ave. 721 wfb FOX hcunds and beagles, cheap: one broken setter dog. V. G. Lockwood. New Garden. Pa. 8J'wb FOR SALE Male French poodle pup; three months old. 876Butler st.Etna g23wp WANTED To buv all kinds of dogs and pups. Lock Box 181. "Reading. Pa. 825 wp $ln BUYS 11 thoroughbred buff leghorns. Doyle, Grace St., M. Washington. S25wp $2 RTTYS fine pedigreed collie pups on apprrval. Box 2.1, Cadorus,Pa. fiiP WANTED Dane" (Merrll). Majf-stic Theater. Frankstown ave. 82.1xr LOST AND FOUND PRINTING AT MINIMUM COST. We guarantee and pledge our word we will save vou money cn your printing. l.oX) teftt-monlal letters at our office from representative business houses testify as to our having done It fcr them. We know what we are talking about and you. a a shrewd person, owe It to yourself to nut us to the test. The rea- son is simply mis we ve xr.rown oui hii mir hand-fed. slow old style presses and installed the fastest automatic machines to be found j in the world. !, a day Is tapt running for any job rre?s in the city ours does 13.OO0 : in one henr mark this one hour, not a day and not only that but they print both slrles at j once in one or two colors of Ink. Let this ' soak in a little. This Is 1907 not the time of our grandfathers do vou catch the Idea. New let us help you catch a few more dollars by saving it on jour printing, then we'll brth be heppv. Our rut-ber stamps are the best. STANDARD PRINTING CO.. 106 Ninth Ft. (ground floor). 820 Founj and proclaimed bv everybody that our exhibit of REPAIRED AND REFINISHED ANTIQUE FURNITURE was the most interesting at the Exposition THEREFORE REMEMBER: It pays to have your parlor dults couches, old chairs, re-upholstered and covered, your bed and -dining room suites, or antique odd pieces repaired and reflnished, providing you are having it done bv the GUARANTEE UPHOLSTERING CO.. 1522 BEAVER AVE.. ALLEGHENY. Both 'Ph'-nes. The largest exclusive expert upholstering and general furniture repair and refinlthing house in the state. llljfhs I.oST Since Sunday evening. June 23, light vellow pug dog. male, feeble, nearly blind: j two slants on back where hair has been rubbed ; j off; name Sport; $10 reward: no questions i asked If returned to H. . Babbitt, comer or Berry and Stanley sts., Ingram. 82,wp LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN Fine collie bitch; sable and white; answering to name Mivlc; liberal reward for its return. Harry Turton. No. 2037 De Ruad St., city. Near 21 tin Firth ave. S25wp STRAYED away on Thursday. August 22. an English pointer white with brown spots. The finier will be liberally rewarded by turning 1( ever to IKHj Western ave.. Allegheny, Pa. S25WD LOST Between 1504 Wood st.. Wilkinsburg. and Wilkinsburg depot, a lady's gold watch and fob; initials E. A. R. on case: addrf8 in watch. Suitable reward if returned to 15o4 Wood St., Wilkinsburg S2owp LOST Shepherd d"g. 10 months old, black, tan and white; toe nail mis-ing left front foot, limps: liberal reward. George E. Mellor. 318 locust St., Edgewood. Pa. Phone 1283 R Wilkins. S25xp FOUNI A plan to get your gowns made before the rush. Advanced styles. The Paris Model Shop, 50O Penn ave.. opposite Home's. 825wp STRAYED A dark brindle cow with one short horn on left side, some white in face. Please notify A. C. Wilson, Box 4, Wilkinsburg, ra. S25xp STRAYED OR STOLEN French rood'e mr.le, answers to name of Chicken. Finder will be liberally rewarded if returned to E. McCee. 18 ; Irab?lla st. Allegheny. 821 wb LOST Gold purse, containing small sum of money: owner's name engraved on purse. Finder return to 1001 Empire Bldg. Rewa d. 824xe LOST Ladies' Knights Temnlar nin In Pitts- bur cr Allegheny. Finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it to 5270 Carnegie ave. S22wjfe I UPHOLSTERING Let her rip. we will mend it: special prices during August; mattresses renovated. Imperial Upholsterer. 810 Home-wood ave; Bell phone. R'JOxhlfr FOUND Coolest place In the city: Jordan swimming school. Sixth and Duq,ueane way. . 726wmo FOI'ND Cash raid for old gold and silver. watches repaired and guaranteed, $1. C. Hauch. jeweler. 541 Smithfield st. S25wp LOST Brooch, diamond and pearls, at Shrtn-ers' outing. Idlewild. Reward If returned to R. T. Rodney, 715 Arch St.. Allegheny. 82".wp Templar ladies' breastpin. Reward. N tlfy 1508 Commonwealth Bldg.. Pittsburg. ; i -min kivi t.rir-e 7n In-I.d tl M t3- rsrhnni xl ho ribbons. 75c i SX:M Rudolf Upright Piano... ustry st. Beltzhoover. 825 w p i fcTA.NOArUJ 1 1 PEWRITEK tXCrlA.Nir- j $350 Martin Upright Piano SI ENGLISH Mil ILK IMrougmy broken, irom , - - BKaHVf. i Krhart Upright Pinn $175 .. - - . . - r,-;j wo rif ri i n .ptti i- v rvi rrr iw- 1 -!.' "fm. i'.nu i cx ic v t. lti ikiii riuiiu. . . . . . - best pedigreed stock in country; must sell , . . v t s hw T".,h, t;ann i LOST Watch fob at corner Ella and Liberty j legheny. 825wp St. Return to 227 Ella st. and receive re- I . :-. - - r-Wwk 1 BEFORE you purchase a gas or gasoline en-wara- otjwo j pme. can in and see us; we sell them, new I)ST White Russian female noodle: Bedford ave. district. Reward. 1724 Cliff st. 825wp AUTOMOBILES. AUTOMOBILES Bukboard. $2M: Wintons. $2r.'. $::5e. $.": Ford, $4: White Stanhope $4m; Elmore. $450; Cadillac. $:li: Electrics! $150. $400; Flerces. $175. ?4: Special Runabout. ' $300: Autocars. $450. $.5t. $l.rm; Gas Mobile. $(: Columbias, $6'K. $1.40; Premiers. $1.0tf. $1 5x, $2.tK; Maxwell. $775, Sl.-lixi; Steamers. $350. $1,250, $1,5: Queens, Jl.l'. $1.0-t1; Crawford, $2.25ti; DeDietrich. $3.5)0; Matheson, $3,500. We have a great many other cars not mentioned in this list, that we will sell cheap and no reasonable offer will be refused. Cail and Inspect our stock. ATLAS AUTOMOBILE CO., 5850 ELLSWORTH AVE., PITTSBURG. S25wj) FOR SALE Cadillac light touring car, side entrance, newly .repainted and in good condition, cheap; also one Wayne, 20 h. p.. in good condittcm: has wind shield. 5 lamps with Prostollte tank and extra tire; cheap. 158 Twentieth st.. South Side. 825wp WANTED To trade a first class auto crfr runabout in fine running condition; just cver- 1 hauled for a first-class driving horse and ' buKSv. Address Lock Box 1067. Carnegie. Pa. I " 821xo I j-z TOM OB 1 LE "REPAIRING a specialty; Tin- est and largest shop and equipment In this State: good men. fa:r treatment. ATLAS AUTOMOBILE CO., 5850 ELLSWORTH AVE. 825wp FOR SALE One 1907 model 28 horse power Pullman louring car. complete with top. windshield. and speedometer in first-class running order; price $1.(J00; State Auto Co.. Mignonette & Negley aves. 825wp OLDS RUNABOUT In good running order. well equipped, cheap, bargain. Schroder's garage, demonstration, corner Hay and sjouth aves.. Wilkinsburg. 23wkfgr FOR SALE OldsmobUe touring car, seats live; top. lamps, and In tine running order: at a bargain; will demonstrate. A. R. Baur. Greenfield and Delavan sts. Pittsburg. Pa. 825wu A FEERLES3 4-cyllr.der 24 horse power tour- ing car. with seats for nve; will take S00 If you act quick. Write K Press ottic FOR SALE 1905 Rambler runabout; owner dady) is unable to use It because of nervousness: will sell at sacrifice. Address Box 82. Brownsville, Pa. S25wb $175 ORIENT buckboard automobile In flrrt- class oruer nearly new. dandy ous.ness run- about. J. K. Wymard. U15 Gerritt st.. 2lst ward, Pittsburg. S24xb WANTED Electric runabout, will trade good stock for same. Write P 148. Press office. S25wp MOTOR CYCLE. ORIENT. S H. P. Just put in, first-class order, $65; strong, speedy, machine. Write A 153. Press office. S25wp i4IL PGASOLINE RUNABOUT. 2 "cylinder, fully equipped, glass front: will exchange. Write B 267, East End Press office. 825xj ONE Pierce Stanhope. 1 two-cylinder runabout, 1 Indian motorcycle. 1 Columbia motorcycle. Rear 132 S. Highland. 825wb OLDSMOBILE RUNABOUT Cheap; fine condition. Write S 152. Press office. 825wp SECOND-HAND motor cycles for sale, cheap. Write E 139. Press office. 825 wo VANTED Oasoline runabout, cheap. cash. Mounts. 436 Diamond st. OUT- EZ&ww AUTOMOBILES. A LARGE 4 cylinder model 1907 touring car.; used about two months; owner unable to use j and will sell at a bargain; a nice horse, sta- i tion wagon or a few acres of ground witn j small house on electric line close to city , will be accepted In trade. Address H. - J-. Box 668. Pittsburg P. O. S25p j AT-'TOMOBILE For hire. Apply bpeedway Co.. 613 Fitth ave. txt. TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITERS Rented, Sold and Repaired. Also dealers in "Webster's" carbon rtbcons and pencil sharpener. Typewriter Inspection system. PITTSBt RG TYPEWRITER INSPECTION CO.. F. S. Webster Co.. Prop.. 432 Diamond st, 412Jlfha P!AiTl rrSTOMEU h Batisfled one. I.ate mod typewriters sold: Inspected, repaired rent- : inquire i.juuvtR. practically new : aw .. . . . I . i , Pmrtiiur Tin rest ins nil makes ma- i - smim r-remier. farcins an i chine-.. Rentals $2 up. TRI-STATE TYPE- : WRITER CO.. 323-4 Park Building. "wp . FOR SALE Underwood, cheap also other ! standard makes, $-0. 418 Ferguson Bide. i siinrr i ! semTngtonT Mo5L!7i-5iOT..: practically new, at a oargain. : Aii rourm a. g-oxr , xEW and second-hand typewriters largest assortment and lowest prices in the city. gayre, rourtn ae 826xfhjr FOR SALE No. 4 Smith Premier; new. Room 508, Times Building. good as 825wp SEWING MACHINES NOW IS THE TIME FOR BARGAINS IN ALL MAKES OF SEWING MACHINES. CARTER SEWING MACHINE CO., 181 SIXTH ST.. KEXT TO BIJOU THEATER. - 82owb SEWING MACHINE Drop head. Singer. 5 drawers; all attachments. $18. Aleo drop head Standard. 562 Homewood ave. 825wp AUCTION SALES HENRY AUCTION CO. Will Hold Their Usual Weekly Sale, NO. 125 NINTH ST., TUESDAY MORNING. AUGUST 27, COMMENCING AT 10 O'CLOCK, Consisting of Two Carloads of SAMPLE FURNITURE, FINE DINING ROOM OUTFITS, BRASS BEDS, LEATHER FURNfTURB AND CARPETS. ELEGANT leather library furniture, tables, chairs, rockers, couches and davenports. FINE section dining room furniture, large sideboards, buffets, china closets, serving tables, extension tables and chairs in oak and leather seats. FINE BRASS BEDS. Also full chamber suits and odd dressers, dressing tables, carpet concerns, in Brussels; ilton. Velvet, Axminster and Smyrna. Col orSi designs and sizes that are sure to please you. UPRIGHT PIANO. Also silverware, glassware, dishes and china. ALLGOODS NOW ON EXHIBITION. HENRY AUCTION CO., Auctioneers. 825p UCT10N SALE on pawned and unredeemed goods and bankrupt stocks of watches, diamonds iewelrv. clocks and bric-a-brac- goods to be o!d to highest bidder. Keystone Jewelry I Co.. 910 Liberty ave. 84 MACHINERY. TOOLS. ETC. ENGINES BOILERS. 3'5"x72" Corliss heavy duty engine. 32"x60" Corliss engine. Hti"jEiO" Corli6s engine. 28 "x80" Corliss engine. 23'.'x60'' Corliss engine. 20"x48 ' Corliss engine. 22"x42" Corliss engine. 18"x42" Corliss engine. 32"x60" Throttling governed engine. 24"x48" Throttling governed engine. 2 16"x24" Throttling governed engines. 4 14"x24" Throttling governed engines. I r 12 x24 " Throttling governed engines. , 3 12"xl6" Throttling governed engines. 0, 30, 40. 50, 60. 100. 125 h. p. portable boilers. 10, 16. 20, 25 h. p. vertical boilers. We have a large number of 80. 70. 80, ino, 125 h. p. tubular boilers, also feed water heaters and pumps on hand in guaranteed condition, for immediate delivery. Write us or call on 'phone for prices. WICKES BROTHERS. 117-119 4th ave. 45th st. & A V. R. R. 82 5 p CONCRETE MIXERS, new and second-hand. Tee Rails, 8 to 40 feet, splices and spikes. Cut Rails. I Beams. Angles and Plates. 5 Atlas 36-inch gauge Rocker Dump Cars. Contractors' Brick Hoist, cages and rails. Atlas Gas and Gasoline Engines. The Best Batch Concrete Mixers, the American four sizes, with or without power, portable. The best on the market. Low prices. Phone 722 Cedar or North, or address HOMER BOWES, River ave. and Federal St., Allegheny. Pa. 825 wp BOILERS FOR SALE We have four h!gh-clasa steam boilers, suitable for heating public buildings greenhouses or for factory or farm purposes. The boilers are in first-class condition and will be snld sinfflv or as a whole at nrices that will make them move quick, i Write us for particulars. Superior Drill Co., j Division, Geo. W. Perks. Supt.. Springfield. 0"io- 8211 DIE AND MACHINE WORK. DIE AND MACHINE WORK. DIP: AND MACHINE WORK. THE WOLVERINE MFG. C. Designs and builds special machlnery dies. Im stamplngs. experimental and model work. perial Power Bldg., Third and Penn, city. 825p NOTICE. One 40-horsepower locomotive fire box boiler, used only a few months: also concrete mixer, hoisting engine and other contractors' and builders equipment, all in nrst-class condition; lot of lumber for sale cheap; Job corn- pleted. Inquire R. E. Duckett. rear 1625 Penn ave. 825wp GAS AND GASOLINE ENGINES. For all purposes, private electric light plants our specialtv; 10 to loo lights. EMPIRE MACHINE WORKS, 210 Third ave. 825b GAS ENGINES AND WOOD vv r:Ki:--.i MACHINERY New and second-hand; have us do your repairing. BRIGGS MACHINERY COMPANY. 238 Second ave. 812wro BOILERS, engines, shafting, pulleys, hangers, miscellaneous machinery of all kinds: new and second-hand belting; bargain prices. J. S. Young, 1O6-110 Park way. West, Allegheny. 825wp i r n sl'TI, j d hand return tubular boil- j PIS, .-Ul'&IU tiuu 1-72x16, In best condition. William Zoller Co.. Snrinc Garden ave.. Al- ! and second-hand: 5 makes and 50 sizes. Em plre Machine Works, 210 Third ave. 825p PRESS For sale, good 8x12 Gordon Dress. steam fixtures, ink cabinet. 535 Smithfield st. 8 25 wd CHEAP No. 1 Smith concrete mixer, on trucks without power; now at my yards; immediate delivery. Homer Bowes, River ave., Allegheny. 18. S25wp FOR SALE Two traction engines; great bargains; $20 and $250 each. Address Pittsburg Engine Dealer. 1.IQ7 Mui tland ave. 825 wD FOUR H. P. gasoline engine, air cooled, with carbonater and coil. $35. Write C 161 Press office : S25wp FOR SALE Small dynamo, 52 volts. 516 C. P.. price $15. 418 McKinley ave., Avalon. 825xp FOR SALE 10-ton derrick and 6 h. p. gas engine; good condition and cheap. Write L 12). Press. office. S24we PO LIGHT dynamo, Press office. $37.50. Write B 135. 825 wp FOR SALE Several small gas engines. Rear 132 South Highland. 825wb BARGAIN 100 light D. C. generator. T. North, 80 Charles st, Allegheny. f?3? musical7Tnstruments " AM unable to keep up payments on fine new upright piano: have paid about $105; any-bodv can have same by taking the lease off my hi nds and paying the balance In small monthly t payments. 'Phone 56-W Crafton or write K. lis. Press omce. &2owp ACCOUNT loss of daughter will arrange to transfer expensive upright piano to some reliable person who can finish paying $185 at $10 monthly: have paid $2tio on same. Write Y 160 Press office. 825p I PIANO Upright piano. Haines Bros., cost $35. will sell for $75; perfect condition; private party breaking up; leaving city. Call Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Castle. 5539 Columbo st.. East End. Pittsburg. S25we PROF. GRANCHES' KNABE UPRIGHT PIANO is now on sale at $140; the remainder of the estate has been settled: used nine 1 months. Write Z 161 Press office. S25p I "-TI - Vc."iV i.7 7 . . .- tV r,rUeV" r"- " f ? lane city. 825wn HANDSOME Columbia disc graphephone with powerful notes; fine selection new 12 in. records: $75: cost $117 three months aeo. Call i Sunday. 2o22 Fifth ave.. city. S25wp T.pmr,,T PIANO, lot furniture . Call at my residence, as I want to convert these into cash. 411 California ave., Avalon. 825p FOR SALE Hamilton piano. used8 months' $180; leaving city. Call 1541 Wylie ave. . 82owp EDISON PHONOGRAPH, complete. 60 recorOs, 5-drawer oak cabinet for 75 records S'S. 7235 Bennett st. S23wD NEW Edison phonograph and outfit for sale cheap. G. W. Miller. 88 14th st-. S. S ; sa."w? TO TRADE FOR PIANO $1,000 equity iTf" 4 good lots even for good piano. Write F 164 Presg ofHce. 82op HARDMAN UPRIGHT PIANO. $1.10; mvit be cash or don't bother. Write X 150 Press office. S25p $C5.00 GENUINE Stuart mahogany uiftlrht piano, like new; second floor. r- FeSem! St., Allegheny. S23o MUSICAL. INSTRUMENTS KblLlVLR'S SALE OF PLANUS. - The following letter explains itself and we may add that carload lots of the Pianos nave arrived and others are on the way Aug. ' 7 th, 190T. Menrtcka piano Co.. Ltd.: We have accepted your cash offer for lot : of Pianos for sale bv receiver of the Bailey ! : Piano Co.. N. Y.. and will begin snipping j i in carload lots when directed by you. The prices fixed only hold good for Pianos now j on nana ana in process of manutacture, uu that we believe will be exhausted before Oct. 1st. Yours truly, BAILEY PIANO CO. We submit a partial list of the Pianos on hand and include some other makes than j those bought from the Bailey receiver, as to give the public a variety to choose from and to close out our stock of new and used Pianos preparatory to receiving our new fall stock. Cut this list out and come early with as much cash as possible to secure tne jowest prices. i w naraman uprignt Fiano. . ..$ 90 . .S12a j.i;o nrauiora t prignr riano. .. .$150 55 6" t4(K Nelson ITm-lght Piano 2KI juilO Schiller I-nrirht Pt.nn . r r . - : . .S2i0 ..$225 r,rll T-nVi,?he Pi.n. 400 Krakauer Upright Piano J250 $450 Kranich & Bach Upright Piano .$2:.5 i 4.w Lhlckerlng Lprlght Piano $W0 Knabe UDright Piano t2 i 22S . . . . . . .V H t ;tg geuprWVuSo"?::: $60O Haxelton Upright Piano . .$:!7." I t6no Tvera & Pond Upright Piano W11 i $8.V Player Piano $450 j or some or uie anove manes we nav i ae many as 10 of each style on hand, others only one, so buyers desiring choice should come at once. HENRICK PIANO CO.. LTD.. 11 and 613 Smithfield St.. 5 doors of 6th ave. 825p A BEAUTIFUL $350 mahogany piano, only three months old. at $165; this piano is good as new no damage whatever to case or musical parts; owner exchanged it for a Perforated Roll Player Piano, tience our ability to sell at such an enormous reduction. This piano must be seen to be fully appreciated, and if you're at all Interested In the purchase of a piano take time to investigate this bargain at our ware rooms, or If you can't come, write us and we'll give further particulars by mall: It's a $350 piano for $165; terms as low as $15 down and $8 per month. HOFFMANN'S MUSIC STORE. 637 Smithfield st. 825fh.1r STEIN WAY piano in first class condition, richly carved case, original cost $5j0. now only $150. Here Is a bargain seldom heard of In a genuine Stein way Piano. Easy terms arranged. HOFFMANN'S MUSIC STORE. B87 Smithfield st. 825fhjr PTANO Standard make, cheap: need money; $125. 1T26 Forbes st. 82flwb TO LET Good upright piano. $2 per month. Write H 169. Press office. 825wp ; p-ow ...... t ,.t ria T i. 1 erty st., Allegheny. 81fwb PERSONAL MADAM C. J. WALKER, the wonderful hair-grower and scalp specialist, of Denver. Col., who has been touring the Western and Southern States for the past year. Is now In Pittsburg demonstrating her Wonderful power of growing hair. She guarantees to grow the hair one-half inch nr more per month and stop It at once from falling out: every woman of pride should avail themselves of the oppor tunity of seeing her while here and gett'ne at least one personal treatemnt and her wonder- i v,, i ' Her address for the next three weeks Is 2S Tannehill Kt .. ?d floor 25wn WONDERFUL tilSCOVERY-ONb,-i..uiU oF YOUR LIFE IS SPENT IN BED: DON'T TAKE THE OTHER TWO-THIRDS MAKING T'P YOUR MIND TO BUY A GOOD BED. THE $6 KIND GO AT $3.75. WHILE THEY LAST AT THE MANUFACTURERS' OUTLET. CORNER 7TH ST. AND PENN AVE. K25p BRAIN IS MONEY! Talent Is capital! Bring VOl 1 r fioarl nhroTinlrDlrial era minatlnri 5 rt ,1 lfnrt- vrsvttw. valiia o-nM tha lin4 r.P falant return this Press advertisement for half rate on un- I Ha it o f1 prnoon Mnndaw U'prlnpcl -i xr RatnrHnv 9 until 9. Prof. Hatry. Institute Phrenology, j 313 Smithfield st., Pittsburg. ?25wp 1 FREE Your fortune can be told from cradle I to the grave; they call me the Wonder- Worker; I bring ycu face to fa-e with fact" ; send three 2c stamps and blrthdate: I will j surprise yoH. Prof. Davenport. 1(J South Mon- roe. Peoria. 111. 825wp i KNOW THY FUTURE Get perfect picture "of past and present absolutely free, with fore- cast for the year: be benefitted by what the ! stcrs can tell vou: send birth date and vear ! self-addressed stamped envelope to Veron . . !va. t racuse, Ind. 825wp IF TOUEV'ISkD AN ORCHESTRA, no matter how small or large, for any occasion, on short notice, write us. Best musicians and up-to-date music at moderate trices. American Orchestra. 709 Watts lane. city. 823 wo FREE Your fortune can be told from birth to death; get a life reading that Is worth having: they call me the wonderful star; send three 2-cent stamps and birth date. Prof. Raymond, 315 Bryan ave., Peoria, 111. 825 wp PHRENOLOGIST Professor Frank Charles, phrenologist, advice in marriage, business. property, health, speculation and all life's J affairs. Office o20 Lacock St.. near ball grounds, Allegheny. S25wp FORTUNE FREE Past, present and future correctly treated and success assured In love and business; all mysteries revealed. Send btrthdate. 2c stamp. Leon Vincent. Box 3755, Boston. Mass. 825 wp LOOK HERE HUBBY! I CAN T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR SOME GOOD FURNITURE. THE MFGRS. OUTLET HAVE A SALE AT 50c ON THE DOLLAR THIS WEEK. SEVENTH ST. AND PENN AVE. S25p PRIVATE MATERNITY HOSPITAL. Homelike and comfortbale; best physicians; no students. Infants cared for. For particulars write Matron, Box 244, Allegheny, or 'phone Bell585-L Cedar. 819wro ARE YOU LUCKY AND SUCCESSFUL?" If not. send 2c stamp and I will tell you how-to obtain it. Worth thousands of dollars. Write todav. Prof. Vivian Z. Willard. Col-linwood. Ohio., Dept. 4 R. -- 825wp LADIES with sickness or trouble peculiar to your sex, call on me; can safely and quickly cure you; price $2. Madam Tavlor. 5743 Parker st.. East End. Bell 2971-R Highland. 824wfhjb PERSONA!, Ladies, when In need of a good medicine try my Female Compound and Regulator; contains 12 different medicines; pure and wholesome. Dr. Jane Blanchard, 440 Sixth ave. 825wp IS YOUR WATCH BROKEN? We repair any watch $1, insuring movement against breakage for one War. SEVENTH AVENUE JEWELRY STORE. ' 302 Seventh ave. 821 wb GREATER PITTSBURG SANITARIUM. 43 Marion St.. city Masqge, osteopathy. treatments for all purposes. Institution or.en dav and night 824xb :: " - . MATERN1TY HOME. Best arrangements: reasonable rates: all conveniences. Call 2352 Cedar, or write Alie- gheny Postoffice Box 305. Mrs. P. Hadden. 825wb FREE Your fortune told, future and past wonderfully revealed by the greatest philosopher, astrologist. clairvoyant: send birth date and stamp now. Prof. Cresswell. Box 410. Aurora, 111. 825 wp A BLESSING TO WOMEN Perfectly safe," strictly reliable home treatment for all female troubles. $1 per box; hours 10 to 1, 4 to if. Call or address Mme. Hornish, 40 Martin ave.. near Craig. Allegheny. 825wp SAY HONEY. LET'S GO DOWN TO THE MFGRS. OUTLET, SEVENTH AND PENN AVE. THEY ARE SELLING HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS AWFULLY CHEAP THIS WEEK. 825 p YOUR CHARACTER or that of the friends you are corresponding with, told from a specimen of handwriting; send 10c and stamped envelope to Gordon Gordon, Hyde Park, Camden. N. J. S25wp FORTUNE TELLER and Dream Book free, and our catalogue of lucky seals, for 4c postage. Great Eastern Supply Co., A2176 Sedg-ley ave., Philadelphia. 825wp THOUGHT action controlled will perform wonders for you in harmony and health; bound book $1 : paper 50c. Penn Book Co., Box 5. Bedford. Pa. 825wfe LADIES Don't despair: don't give up: a cure for all those in trouble or sickness peculiar to your sex. Call or write Dr. Seaton. 5615 Penn ave., E. E. S25xfhir CONSULT Madame De Lozler. English and German medium: all business domestic, love 8rd marriage affairs. 835 Rebecca st-. Alle- gheny. Pa. .j?'? WE PAY the largest price for Ladles' and Gentlemen's cast-off garments and shoes. Albert Freedman, 230 Frankstown ave. Bell 17&2-L Highland;P.& A.J491-X. S25wb HEHSTETTER'S GERMAN CORN PLAsI TERS cure all kind corns; at your druggist, or postpaid, for 25c. L. Hoechstetter. 1021 Lincoln ave. Pittsburg. 823wb MRS. A BARNUM. medium, gives readings from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m. 239 Grandview ave.. Mt Washington, four doors from Kearsanre St. ' 825 wb LADIES can have their shampooing and don at their homes by calling ur Jeffrev's Barber Shop, 512 Smithfield st; 12 baiters. Both phones. 825 wb LLOYD. FOOT SPECIALIST. Corns, bunions Ingrown nails, sweaty feet. 70S Penn ave. Hours 9 to S. Sundays 10 to 2. S23wpn LADIES Dr. King's capsules, reliable, speedy regulator $1. prepaid; extra strength and qualitv. $2. King Mfg. Co.. 1203 Broadway. Brooklyn. New York City. l5 MADAME COWEN. business medium; ladles onlv take Charles street Car to end Of line. turn to your right, to 138 Charles St., Allegheny. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Cash paid for cast-off garments, write or 'phone J. Wald, 1841 Webster ave. Phone 1671 Grant. 1687 Main. 825 wb CORNS, bunions. Ingrown nails, warts cured without pain by Dr. McKenxie. Both feet. SI. Second floor. Penn building. 08 -??n" avenue. Hours 9 to 8. r'jwe DISEASES of the stomach cured by using Dr. Blackford's Sand. Send 10 cents ror lwvnklet A rent 13rt Vnrt-r.rmt st. PlttSOUrg 825 wp PATENTS EVERT EVERY H. C. EVERT & CO.. WEEK PATENTS. WEEK EVERY WEEK WEEK EVERT EVERY Sees a number of our clients WEEK EVERY being allower patents on WEEK EVERY valuable inventions. EVERY WEEK h. 1' I', t V.e.lS , i.i. EVERY Only a few this past WEEK EVERY week, this being the dull WEEiv EVERY month. compare with the WEEK this being the dull WEEK EVERY average number for the WEEK EVERY past many years. WEEK EVERY But still enough to show WEEK EVERY vou that getting an inven- W KLK EVERY tion into action is worth WEEK EVFRV while. WEEK EVERY Here is the list for the WEEK EVERY week, and as you read them WEEK I E r.Ki over rememoer uiai jou "I-1-Iv EVERY vourself can do as much. WEEK j EVERY with our aid. if you only WEEK j ip-e-v- ,. WEEK ' EVERY B. Kovacic, ink well. $3,- WEEK j $ EVERY ivmi - WEEK EVERY E. E. Mclntire, shaft hang- WEEK EVERY era, $15.ihX. ' WEKK EVERY Mr. Charles P. Dale, pro- S EEK EVERY pulsion of vehicles. $25,- WEEK EVERY 00O. .Jih: EVERY Paul Repold, drilling appa- WtEK EVERY ratus for dentists, $0,000. WEEK EVERY Albert I. Knapp. train WEEK EVERY order holders. $S.O00. "V EEK EVERY Wm E Trautinan. ma- WEEK EVERY chine fnr reversinK flask V EEK EVERY and molds. $21. WO. WEEK 1 EVERY On on nveraee our clients EEK EVERY secure twelve valuable al- WEEK EVERY lowances each week, and WEEK rvirpv ii.i. ci i increasing "WEEK KVERV war hv vpar. and has been WEEK f.vkhv inain for 20 years. WEEK EVERY Our clients have made WEEK pi-vrt millions in actual money, r.r. n. EVERY which they are now enjoy- WEEK EVERY ing. vt-f?"; EVERY Grasp one of these rich vv EEK EVERY opportunities for yourself. W EEK EVERY Let us see a rough sketch WEEK EVERY or model of your invention, WEEK EVERY ano1 wo will give you our WEEK ! EVERY best expert and legal opin- WEEK r. : . i v i ion iree ul tuai. . . EVERY No matter what it is. let WEEK EVERY us see It. You can't lose, WEEK EVERY and for all 'you know you WEEK EVERY may have a fortune. WEEK EVERY There are thousands of WEEK EVERY things to be successfully In- WEEK EVERY vented, with wealth wait- WEEK EVERY ing for their Invention. WEEK EVERY Bring us one of the fol- WEEK EVERY lowing and you won't have WEEK EVERY to worry about your own WEEK EVERY good times: WEEK EVERY A nut lock for railway WEEK EVERY purposes. WEEK EVERY A rail Joint without nuts WEEK EVERY and bolts. WEE EVERY An improvement In roller WEEK EVERY skates. WEEK EVERY A noiseless roller skate. WEEK EVERY A pipe action that will WEEK EVERY take the place of pipe joint. WEEK EVERY A quick acting monkey- WEEK EVERT wrench. WEEK EVERY An electric railway that EEK EVERY will prevent railway accl- WEEK EVERY dents. WEEK WVE-OV- A .,,,-. tno can he - WEEK EVERY cured to clothing without WEEK EVERY sewing. WEEK EVERY A perfect life-saving fender WEEK EVERY for street cars. WEEK EVERY A smoke consumer for lo- WEEK EVERY comotiv.s. WEEK EVERY A horse detacher for run- WEEK EVERY away teams. WEEK EVERY A street sweeper and gath- WEEK EVERY erer attached to street rail- WEEK EVERY wav cars. WEEK EVERY As say. there are WEEK EVERY Thousands of others. WEEK WEEK WEEK EVERY Get down to business. KVKKi and get your snare. EVERY To have a clear Idea how WEEK EVERY fortunes are made in lnven WEEK j . r. rvi. win. fill in and mail us WEEK EVERY this coupon without delay. WEEK WEEK EVERY EVERY $$$$$?$$?$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ WEEK EVERY $ EVERY $ WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK WEEK "WEEK H. C. EVERT & CO 100-8 Smithfield St. Please mail your free Inventors' Guide to EVERY EVERY EVERY EVERY I EVERY (KVETIY Name $ $ Address $ - - rKl r.iV" ,tttt... .tttttttstttc wSES EVERY WEEK $ EVERY MAIL THE COUPON WEEK EVERY RIGHT NOW. WEEK EVERY Office Hours WEEK EVERY From 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. WEEK EVERY This famuos guide, which WEEK EVERY will be mailed to you abso- WEEK EVERY lutely free, will show you WEEK EVERY the way straight to success. WEEK E ERY H. C. E ERT & CO., WEEK EVERY Thaw Building. WEEK EVERY EVERY 100-8 Smithfield St., Pittsburg, Pa. WEEK WEEK 825p PROTECT YOUR IDEAS. PROTECT YOUR IDEAS. PROTECT YOUR IDEAS. Not long since a client consulted tut about a simple but valuable improvement in electric lamps. He first had the idea years ago and consulted a "college professor." Some one else with the same Idea consulted a patent attorney and got a money-making patent. Our client lost a valuable right. Send for illustrated hand- bock. Consultation free and good case taken j on contingent fee plan If preferred. Milo B. j Stev-enK je- rv 1-itVi Kt. Washington D ' , Established 1864. 84wfb PATENTS GUARANTEED Patent secured or fee returned; send model or sket.h for free opinion as to patentability; send for illustrated Guide Book; contains loV mechanical movements and new. LIST OF PATENTS WANTED. Particulars NEW TRADE MARK LAW. COPYRIGHTS. Patents advertised free In World's Progress. Copy free. EVANS WIL-KENS & CO., Reg. Pat. attorneys, 833 F st.. Washington. D. 818wfn EPHRAIM TRUXALL, Offices 304 Ferguson Bldg. Pittsburg. Promoter and seller of via tents: consulting, organizing and incorporating of companies. investments. 811fls INVENTORS Have your models, metal patterns and general machine work done by Axthelm Mfg. Co.. 243 Third ave. Call 851 Court. S23wt PERSONAL DAVIDSON HYDROTHERAPEUTIC SANITARIUM, 205 Seneca st. I treat loss of vitality, prostatorrhea, rheumatism, swellings, stiff muscles and joints, neurasthenia and many other chronic ailments; osteopathy, massage, oven, vapor, needle, shower, all other local applications: open day and night; consultation free and confidential. Out Fifth ave. or Forbes; get oft" at2100. 825wp INSTANT and permanent relief from Hay Fever, Asthma and Catarrh; scientific applications of electricity, water and skilled massage, according to your Individual requirements. 200 Ninth st. and 4208 Fifth ave. Bei! phones. Mr and Mrs. T. O. McCutchan. Mgrs. Eight years at Battle Cieek Sanl-tarimti - N21wb j MEN May we send you free Information r our patent appliances which has astonished ! the world and dumbfounded all medicel sci- ence for lost vitality: indorsed bv physielnns;. 1 rrriPj ir. the vest nooket nnd lasts a life- j time. Write Appliance Co.. Dept. 7. Drawer 337 Detroit. Mich. 820 wro GREAT BARGAINS In second-hand fine suits. coats and vests, odd coats ana pants; also ladies' clothing. Gassell, 210 Frankstown ave. 825wb SCYV1LLA APARTMENTS. Birmingham ave, Avalon 5 rooms and bath, private hall, porches; all conveniences; three minutes to train: rent reduced 82,"xb LADIES A cure for all trouble and sikness peculiar to vour sex. Mrs. M. Guenther, graduate midwife 10 years' experience. 835 Rebecca St., Allegheny. 825 wp LADIES Use Dr. LaFranco's compound; safe. reliable; 25 cents, druggists or mall. Booklet free. DR. LaFRANCO. Philadelphia. 81 wro RELIABILITY ASSURED. Madame Rogers, scientific palmist and psychic. 413 Arch st.. Allegheny. 821xb MANICURING, shampooing, facial treatment. 220 Federal st. Allegheny, second floor 823xp WANTED A good home for a healthy female Infant of gemd heritnee. for adoption. For particular st dress F 135. Press office. 823 wr MISS YOUNG Hair parlors: treatments $5, three months: hair switches, $1 -up. 220 Bessemer Bldg. 825wfhjr PERSONAL Send your old scnool books to Mounts, 436 Diamond st. opp. Frick Bldg. 825 wp PERSONAL St. Mars, palmist. 106 Anderson St., end of Ninth street bridge, Alleitheny slde. Readings dally. 23wb IF you have no work attend the National Union picnic. Dream City. August 30. 825xfl1r PAPER HANGER will estimate on vcur room. supplvinf? labor and material. Write O 165. Press office. 825 p MRS. MORRISON, electric massage for ladles and children. 719 Southern ave.. near Soffel st.. Mt. Washington Tunnel car. 825wp KATHERINE WILBERTON, 1310 Fifth ave.. manicuring, face massage, scalp treatment. 825wb PIANOS TUNED Jl. 50. Ask vour neighbor about my work. Wm. Mull. Box 406. Pltts- burg. 825wfhjr MOTHERS Bent's Destroyer destroys insects in children's hair; aiso fleas and mange on dogs: 25 cents at May's Drug stores. 512fnj PEN DOCTOR Fountain pens repaired while you wait. HUHN & CO.. 22S Fifth ave. 812wro PRIVATE HOSPITAL for women. Call 1310 Federal St., Allegheny, or 'phone Bell 585-L Cedar. 81wro mTnNUTTs"aNITARIUM. 2. East Robinson St.. Allegheny Turkish, tub, baths, massage. new experienced operators. 824xb BIXON Painless chiropody and massage; corns, caucuses, flat feet, massage lessons. 6300 Pann ave.. E. E. 4156-L Highland. 82Ixb ROLLER SKATING. Gold medal prizes, races Friday night, at Kenwood Lawn. Larimer ave. cars 821 xb OH! FUDGE have you not heard It at Kaufmann's music department? 822wb MANICURING, scalp treatment and chiropody. 814 Sanduskyst.. Allegheny. 824xb MANICURING and hairdre3ing, 911 Arch xt. Allegheny. . ttp MONEY TO LOAN "LOOK FOR THE NUMBER.' ssssss ss ss s$ $s s$$$$$s $$ ss $$ ss si iStiii $$$$ tt s $s st sss it $S $s $$$$$$ $$$$$$ ts si Si St ss ss tsssst ss ss ft st ss ss SiSSSS ,,,, SSSS $ . SSSS StStS 9 $ $ SS S s s ss s $ 1 ss s s SSSS $ s sss sssss SS$ $ $ $ $ $ $ s $ $$ $ s $ $ $ $$ $$$$$ $ $ $ MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. CONFIDENTIAL LOANS $K TO $1,000 On Furniture. Pianos. Salaries, Storage Receipts. Horses. Wagons, etc. at the LOWEST LEVEL CHARGE ever offered in Allegheny Ccunty. the payments and time to suit your convenience. A MODERN FIRM WITH A MODERN PURPOSE This company Is backed by fair, honest men. with unlimited capital, for the purpose of helping people In temporary need of assistance, therefore OUR RATES are guaranteed to be lower, and more convenient, than those of any concern In this country. OUR PURPOSE IS TO HELP THE WORKINGMAN. AND WE MAKE A SPECIALTY of raying off HIGH RATE MONEY LENDERS, who charge exhorbltant prices. OUR PROOF Ts 1n our rates. Here are a few that will convince you : 10 for 3 mos. 10c: $ 15 for 3 mos, 2c; $ 25 for 3 mos. 3oe; $ 3o f-r 6 mos. 00c: $ 50 for 6 mos. $1 !: $10O for 6 mos, $2.00; $150 for fi mos. $ 3.oo 2X for 0 mos. $ 4 oo $100 for 6 mos. $ 6.0O $350 for mos. $ 7.'i f4tx f r mos. $ 8 ,00 $500 for 6 mos, $10.00 All other rates in proportion. In addition there Is a small charge for appraising, etc. much less than that charged by any other company. WE LOAN For anv t!m. from one month to one year, and if vour loan 1. naid befere it Is due we charge you onlv f"r THE ACTUAL TIME YOU HAVE THE MONEY. WE CAN GUARANTEE Not to take your furniture, or other security, as wp loan for the interest only, and In case of sickness, or other misfortune we grant ymi exten.ions. Remember, we are here to help YOU. Let us convince you. as we have others, of the advantage in dealing In a legitimate house. NO DELAY NO RED TAPE NO INQUIRIES YOT7 CAN HAVE THE MONEY one hour after you apply. OUR SYSTEM IS THE MOST LENIENT. OUR EMPLOYES THE MOST COURTEOUS. OUR RATES ABSOLUTELY THE LOWEST. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK? REMEMBER "THE WORKINGMAN'S FRIEND" Call, write or telephone. Bell 2525 Grant. MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. MUTUAL LOAN & TRUST CO. 638 PENN AVE 638 PENN AVE! SECOND FLOOR FRONT. OPPOSITE SALVATION ARMY HEADQUARTERS. 6TH DOOR BELOW SEVENTH ST. 825n ' $$$$$$$$$?$$$$$$$$$$$$$?$$$$.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I $$$$$ THE SQUARE FIRM $$?$?$ ssstss stitit Htf?tiSS$tSS Is what our cus- $$$$$$$. ZS S$$$$$$S tomers have been SttSStSt $$$$$?$ calling us the:.e JJ " s$s.t$sy. pa.t 50 vears. We S$is.t K 2. $$$$$$$ are the oldest. $$$$$$$$ jj O largest, most responsible 22 35 V. SIX CENTS ON THE DOLLAR K 3! W T. "s a .And No Extras 2 S Our Rate for loans largect or small-Q 2 if est amounts on Diamonds, Watches, Silverware. O 15 2 Jewelry, Furs, Etc. Etc. 307 SMITHFIELD FT. K 2 S DIRECTLY OPP. POSTOFFICE 2 g SSSSSSSS The pla-e with Fire $S.$?$$$S 2 $$$$$$$$ and Burglar-Proof $$$$$$.$ r IX $$$$$$$$ Vaults. 1'rlvate $$$.$$$$$' Z $$$$.$$ Rooms, Etc. but $.S.SX vSSSSSSSSSttt No Loan Signs. $$$$$$$$$$$$S $$s$S$ yse.--t $$$$$$ JOS. DeROY SONS SttSSS ttttitttt SSSStittSSfSS$SSSiStttttSSSStttSS!iS 82fgiks "NEED MONEY T' SEE US. We loan anv sum you wish on furniture (without removal, salaries (without endorser!. You pay back to suit vour own convenience. PEOPLES LOAN CO., Rcom 411. Fourth Floor, Bes-semer Building. 1)6 Sixth st. Opposite Gayety and Alvin Theaters. 825p SALARY LOANS. WE WILL ADVANCE YOU MONEY ON YOUR OWN NAME WITHOUT SECURITY. B05 BIJOU BUILDING. MONEY TO LOAN $1,000 to $5,000 and upwards, on improved city property; no delay: if you have the security.- J. B. Crocks. 331 Fourth ave. 825fhjfn MATRIMONIAL WANTED Acquaintance of business or professional gentleman of good health and habits, by refined widow, nice looking, good disposition, possesses some property, references exchanged: no trifiers or general delivery answered. Write Q 127. Press office. 822wjfe YOUNG Southern lady, age 22. Jolly disposition, stylish and considered pretty, orphan, left alone in the w'orld. with enough money to live well, but would like to meet true honorable young man rt good family; object matrimony. Write P 173. Press office. 825wp WOULD YOU MARRY IF SUITED ? Matrimonial paper containing advertisements marriageable people, many rich, from all sections of the United States and Canada, mailed free. P. Gunnels. Toledo. Ohio. 714wfm WIDOWER of 38 blue eyes, brown hair. 6 feet tall, weight 185. am looking for respectable Catholic lady; German preferred: obieet matrimony; general deliveries not answered. Write B 138. Press office. S25wd REFINED WIDOW, 25, blonde, would like to meet middle aged gentleman of means; willing to assist financially in obtaining rooming house. Write O 205, Allegheny Press office. 825xp WIDOWER of 38 years, blue eyes, brown hair. 6 feet 2 Inches tall, weighs 105 pounds: wants to hear from Catholic lady from the country; object matrimony. Write C 130, Press office 825wp BEFORE you answer a matrimonial ad ?end for Exposure of Fake Matrimonial Advertisers and Fake Agencies. It's free. Send stamp for po?tte. that's all. International ReriMer. Box 2t5. Pittsburg. S25wp BUSTNFS3 man. owning home, desires acquaintance of respectable woiran who Is good housekeeper: no objection to widow with one ohtid; object matrimony. VS rite O 172. P'ess OflRO OS.n W7DOWUR (4i wottr'p T,7Tm lit,, WIIKJWl.K (4'1, man. would like make the acquaintance of refined ladv or widow; no obj-orion to poor woman. Write i Z 107 Press office. S2."wp : NEW MARRIAGE PAPER Photos and rosi- tively full address so you '-an corresjond ; without further expense; 2oc. Home Co.. Ann- i ville. Pa. S25wp ! ARE YOU LONESOME? I am: mlddle-cged wealthy widow without encumbrance will correspond, view matrimony. L.ox li4, EJgir. 111. 23wp i PRETTY ORPHAN GIRL. 22 years of age, worth $2t,0. desires to correspond with pentlem?n. view matrimony. Address Lo k Box 4 Boston. Mass. 825 wp MARRIAGE PAPER FREE Best In exist- ence. Eastern Agency, 30 Brl Jgeport. Conn. TTwfpr ' PERSONAL DR. JANE BLANCHARD, for women. 440 Sixth ave. 825wp MISS FRANCES LAWRENCE Manicuring and shampooing. HO Ninth St. 819wb MADAME BURTON Medium, readings dail; only, tnxi K t.. Allegheny. 825xp MONEY TO LOAN MONET That you need you can Dorrow bow from the OLB RELIABLE MECHANICS LEASE TRUST CO. FOR ABOUT ullu t $$$$ I $t$SU$JX THE INTEREST RATES. Usually charged by the so-called Loan Companies, v Loans made tn any sum ua Household Furniture, pianos. Horses and Wagons or any other security, to remain undisturbed in the owner's possession. All transactions trctly confidential. If you owe a Loan Company, Furniture House. Rent or any other bills, we will pay them up for you and advance you additional ! money. It will pay you to see Us about that loan. If you cannot call at our office you can 'phone us or fill in the encloael alio and mall to us and our confidential agent will call to sea you at once. We are desirous of a loan of ... Name Married or single... Address Car line When to call $ $ tt$$ $$$$ $$$$ Ml ft St t SSSS ts I $ f $ i $ f t $ sat t s $ $ i $ ts i i $$$$ $$$i i i $ $ $ $ Hit m 5 $$$ tSt tttt t ft t t ss s $ $$$ $$ I $ $$$ 1 $ kit $$$$ s t$$ fits ! V ttstt ms$ s is$$ $ s tttt ttstt t s s $ $$$$ s $$$$$ ttttt 1 ' I ! f MS$S ttttt I ttstt MS' S SECOND FLOOR. BIJOU BUILDING. 611 PENN AVE. Bell 'phone Grant 380. P. A. shone 2331 Main. LOANS ON FURNITURE. HORSES AND WAGONS, PIANOS. ETC.. ETC. Long time, easy terms and the lowest rate In the state. "We deal fair and treat you square." NEW YORK LEASE & LOAN CO. ROOM 011, FIFTH FLOOR. FITTSBURO LIFE BUILDING. Comer Sixth st. and Liberty ave. Ee',1 'Phone 976 Grant. Same Building as Meyer Jonasson Store. 825p $m$$SXf$) SC$$$SSxtt$$$$$$ $$$$!$$$ $$;$$$$$ WE HAVE -r$ $$S$$ LENT A MINT $$$$ OF MONEY $$$.$ SSSSSH At 6 per cent during $.$ St$ik$ the last 55 vears. In 8$$i$$ $$$ the Money-to-Loan Bit- $;$$$ $$.$ iness ever since 1S52. $$$$$$$ $.$ $JSS$$ $$$$$$ The old Reliable Loan $$$$ Office That's us. ' St$St$$$$tSS 9S$$sm$$($$sss$$$s tit USt$ $$$$$$$$ SIMMS SStSSSS $$$$$$ $$$$SS SSSSSSSS $$$$:$$$$$$$$ For security $$$$ tttStiSttttS we accept Dla- $$$$$$ itStSStSSt monds. Watches. $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ Jewelry. Silverware, $$$$$ tttSiSif Furs. Clothins. Etc. M.4ijJ ?$$ We redeem out-of-town $$$$$$$ $S.v$ pledges See us about It SS9 $$$ CAPITA L $300 ..oi.Oa fStt( $$$$$$ 6 PER CENT $$$$$ HSH MAR KE 1 iSTKs-ET $$$$ LOAN CO.. $($$$ $$$$$$ Cor. Market St $$$$$$ $.$ Third ATS. $$$$$$ S$SSS SS$SSS$ $$!)$$ 4SXXS $$$lS$$$$$$$$$$Stfs$ $$$$M$SfStt$S$$S iimiim CLAIRVOYANTS PROFS. CARL & ROLLIN Truthful, reliable. convincing clairvoyants, foretell your tutur for dime, stamp and blrthdate. 40O North Clark St.. Chicago. 825wri MATRIMONIAL YOUNG MAN of 33 desires to correspond with i ' ' Arldr. Harrv Hunt care MacArthur -oone, 1v rf suitable ne- onteot rtiHlri- . - nar m.m r.i. tW ! c--.. -jwp " ' ' ' - " t RETIRED, weattny gentleman, tired or single to, -,,, j eorr-snond: not looking for nir.r wealth; view matrimony. Box 04, Elgin. Ill MARRIAGE PAPER Highest character, ialii ei , i,,iiio-i. ptipr !!.;-. send 1c. K. A. Love. Box llilXI. Tien- er. Col. 825 wp MARRY New club rilan: large list nhotos. de- i scrip-ions, all P. U. address, for dime. Elite j Correspondence Club. Waltham, Mass. 825wp i " " " DANCING ACADEMIES ! M'DOUOALL'S. Craig Forbes. Pittsburg; 10'J 1 Federal. Allegheny; open all su renter: pti- : vate iesgt)ns aa.i classes afternoon and evening i . 816wro MUSK FURNISHED for picnics, dances, re- I " V-.-tf Jis. parti- s. etc., at l"st prices. Anv n':-;-!- r of musicians you desire. American qrchYtra7o Watts lana. city. 82ft w o:i'.-". MjJ BJtier st rusiiay. inurfc.u: -, Saturdaee: children Saturday. 3 p. m. jut motto- Simplest tiiethuiis. rapid advancement. HlSfs NATIONAL UNION PICNIC. Dream City. August 30: everybody come; good tint". a25xfiir MONEY TO LOAN fmtmttittmmmstmsmmtimmmti $$ $ ' THE OLD RELIABLE! PENNA. LOAN TRUST CO. trot I u mis ttstt '.ON r. $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$ $ $$ f$S wit t nusu y - 41 SMITH F1MUJ ST. Second Floor Front. LOWEST HATES NO PUBLICITY QUICK SERVICE LOANS OF S10 TO $800 ON HOUBB- HOLD FURNITURE. PIANOS. FTC. WITHOUT REMOVAL Our business 1" the large city and those who borrow hare once always come back when in need. LOWEST RATE In tha city. WE CHARGE for Interest only. II f 10 for 1 mo. Be; 20 for 1 mo. lc; 30 for 1 mo. 19c; f 40 for 1 mo, 2nc; t PO for 1 mo, 2!Ws; f 7B for 1 mo, 4t)o; fioo for 1 mo. MOc; $150 for 1 mo. 75c; 2O0 for 1 iwdl.ft); 1250 for 1 mo. fl.JM; $300 for 1 mo. $1.60: $350 for 1 mo. $1.75: f4O0 for 1 mo. $2.0: 450 for 1 mo. $2.25; $500 for 1 mo. 12 BO: for 3 mos. for 6 moa. Ida too for 6 mos. 90o for 6 moa. $ 1.20 I for moa, $ 1 BO for mos. $ 3.40 for 6 mos. $ 3 00 for 6 mos. $ 4 B0 si Si for 8 mos. for m, for 6 moa. 8 for 6 mot. $10.50 for 8 mos. $13 t for 6 mos. $13. BO for 6 mos, $10. ou We also make a small charge for p- . praising pioperty, etc. W" have a large sum of money which we wish to place out In loans ef $1rt to $500 among the working people of Allegheny county, and It will pay you to see us before going elsewhere, as we guarantee to save you from It n n it n ss ss n tt n n s ss it n ss tt n $$ $$ t $m TO MS $ MS ,?' ! !mss S ' $$ on your loan If you cannot call or write us. telephone, and our agent will call on you. Bell 'Phone 3309 Court. PENNA. LOAN at TRUST CO.. 441 SMITHFIELD STREET. SECOND FLOOR. ABOVE WALDORF SHOE STORE Opposlt Kaufmann's) imssmmmhmsmismmmmssssmmmwmssm tStimirtritii ttiiifiSSiitttSitSti$Miil ts ss ss ss t s its s s ttstt i $$$$$$$$$ tt $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$ $ $ $$ $ $ $ I $$ s tt t t t ttttt t t ttttt $$$$$ sstts SSSS 1st I I f$$$ s s . $ s s St MS S ft t S s s $ s $ s s $ ttstt ttstt t t SMSS 9 tt $ $ ttstt s s s is' s SSSS t ttstt t $$$ MMS mst $ t ttttt t 9 '.. 1 i tt S $ $ t ttsts sstst 9 t ttttt ttttt tttt SS S S tt Its ttt sts $ I 9 tt 9 9 S t i ttttt ttttt SSSS t 9 SS St ssss tt ttt $$$$$ $ $ $$$$$ $ s $ $ $$ $ $ $ S $ $$$$$$$ tt $$$$$ $ $$$$$ $ $ $$$$$ S EVERYBODY ELSE DOES $$ SS WHERE DO THEY GET IT? WHY FROM THE SS s AMERICAN LOAN CO. $ OF COURSE SS si WHERE IS THE AMERICAN LOAN CO? $ t You will find them at 216 SIXTH S STREET, over Porosis Shoe Store, first $ stairway from Liberty ave. on Sixth Si street. SS SS They loan to everybodv on all kinds f$ of security, without red tape or pub- $$ ltcity. Any amount, $10 to $l.l00. tt GIVE THEM A CALL S They don't charge anything for ad- vice or Information. S CALL. WRITE OR TELEPHONE. COURT 2763 j Our confidential man will call tl tiSSfStSSSttSSSSSn$fSSSSSSSSStttfSSttSSSSiS sztssttsssttsssssststtittst$tssssstfttttitt tsttsttsistsstsstsstntfststssttststsssststtss S9S9t9ttSSttS4S9SStS9tUSS9tSS t s ttt $ t$Sf$ $.$.$ $w$ $ l$ s $$$$ $ $ s s $ tttt s s s s t ssss s GLOBE LOAN CO. GLOBE LOAN CO. SS Sit SMS $ tS?r ?$s $$ st 9 s$ss s ttt $$$$ $ $ $ $ ts s s . . ssstss t sssss ttstt $ $ $$$$ $ $ s $ s s $ s $?$ $ $ f $ $ $ $ $ $ $ stst $$ s s ttft s t ssss t SECOND FLOOR FRONT. SECOND DOOR ABOVE PENN AVE. LOANS FROM $10 TO $W. t 9 LOANS FROM $10 TO $W. S $ x x S $ I WE DO WHAT A I $ S i BANK WON'T DO. I SS $$ x , x -$ $$ t StSt itft We will advance you cn a few $ $$$$$ hours' notice as large or a.s $-V-"?S small an amount as vou desire SSStt SSit on F t! It N- I T U R E. PIANOS. f$$ 5$ HORSES and WAGONS, witiicut $?S $$ removal. IS $ s THIS " IS THE COMPANY THAT fS $ WAS ORGANIZED FOR THE EX- $$ $5$$ PRESS PfRPOSE OF LOAN- ING MONEY TO THE PEO- $$$ PI.K OF ALLEGHENY $ $$ COt'NTY AT RATES FAR ? $$$ BELOW WHAT THE HIGH- $ S?S PRICED COMPANIES CIIAKUiC. t9 SS . $ $ Come in and talk the matter over, S $$ whether you want a Kan or not. tt It you cannot can write or 'plione, and our confidential ;ient will call on you. giving you rates i $ I $Sii?S and full uarti -ulrs. SSS f.f.-S ; H Bell 'Phone 155o Court P. Ac A. 487 Main. ; SS : r. r. i etl4 1- LIMNS i St WITH OTHER COMPANIES AND ? advance yoi, .MeiRE MONIiY. t-i .$ ss $$$ . ;l.oiiE LOAN Vtj. GLUBE LOAN C"J. in- fj;: 2H SIXTH STREET. i ji' 1 SECOND FLOOR FRONT. SECOND DOOR ABOVE PENN AVE. ii a t do s S 9 HO 9 9 11 v r$ S M ' 8 8 9 SS s-ts tttt st is ss tttt ss $ $ it s ss I P N i ttttt $ i MIS ttUSSiitiltiS4tiStttttii'SHitM I HAVE $100.00n that I desire to loan out in sums of from $10 up to J.VK) on household furniture and pianos, and will loan for half the rau-s a regular loan company would ask. Write to PosPdlice Box MiSt, Pittsburg la., and I will call and talk the matter over wiih vn. . 7241Jkfhs Salaried people " And ethers furnished monev urnrn their own rame without security: easv nsymeni offlces . Ir, ' nrlnciim! citls: save yourself money by retting niv terms first. D H Tnlm, n,.wm j 115 Bijou Bldg. 611 Penn ave.' . MONEY loaned wi hooswioid furniture. nanoa etc.. without removal: also on gd collateral ecurlty: easy payments: strlctlv confl lenllaL THE SMITH-HADDOCK CO. ' 4U Fourth ave. Kecond Wlomt. s It s. it

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