The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY. Al'KIL 30, 10.10 l!IA"niKVII,I,K (AUK.) COUUIKU NKWS Wheat Growers Given Warning Tomorrow Deadline For Repayment Of U. S. Grain Loans H.v GRANT DII.LMAN I'mtcd I'rcss SlutV Ciirri-siwiiilrnt WASHINGTON, April 'JO. iUI>> — Fiirmers holding Rovenirnciit wheat loans wri'c warned today Hint they have only 2-1 hours lo decide whether to |>ay off their rcderiil mort- RIIKCS or sell their (jriiin for export to world fjjininr ;imis. Ad'icultui'C Department offidal.s said tomorrow was the deadline for repayment of 8.97C outstanding wheat loans involving 1^.181,3)2 bushels of pr«iu viihiecl at more than S17.02n.50G. [ Fnrmers hoUlinK such loans have' two main allcrnatives. They can .sell (lie Brain to the Kuvcrnincnl for export under its Bruin bonus plan. Or they ran pay oft the loans and continue, to hold their wheat (01- a more suitable market. Ollicials expected most nf the wheat to be sold to the government In view of its oiler of Ihe market price iuul a 30-cent-a-bushcl bonus. Rome of (he wheat prosumnlilv has nlready l)eei) sold. These fanners merely will pay off their loans. , Other developments in the world! food picture: 1. The cereals committee of the combined American-Dritish-Cana- dian Food Hoard failed lo report to the full board, indicating it had been unable lo reach agreement on huw much grain each of the world's food importing countries will get for the first half of 1040. 2. An Agriculture Department report showed that oats reserves were now far above normal and that corn reserves were comparatively Ladies Shop For Family Aircraft available when H cabhr.s back-seal yields Ms room to hut liow.s mid bans, was designed wiih a canny *'yc to the nt'cds of women oecu- iwnls. IfewiUlcrliiK control punch have been stmolttled for lady-pilots. lerlng lo llielr whims are lloor- cat'peiini; ami two-tonut upholstery. | eftete louche^ whici, are making I many liorny-hiindcd vets of coin- it missions shake their heads mid M.AKCK WINDOWS A.WIII-IIIK (lie plut-Mml lady ill ie slick uuiic .safely and comfort. enlarged window's and wiud- >l<'l(t areas for better visibility. lint nol ah of the bows t» the illcs come from plane matiulao ii't'i-s. Olhcis come from thi' rash- ins folk whose job Is also lo keep e jump ahead of Ihe ulils. A one-piece moccasin, ile.slnncd .swank .shoemaker Herman 11. ehuiin of timber-tan suede and cil calf, provides the Intly-pllol iih foolwear which can lake plane- cutriiiK niul Him her out In style MI cily i>avcmcni.s. To top Hits, mll- .nery slylisl .lohn-l-Yi'di'i Ics came hriiuith lu time for the National PAGE FIVE (Pholo /rom CoiTirnoiuecn/th Aircraft, Inc.) Racking up Ihclr interest In aviation, women swirmrct New York's National Aviaiion »)iow, placed orders for personal aircraft and took avid note of aviation accessories shown by forward- looking designers. Amaleur pilots Helen and Stephanie I'rcscoll, aliuve, Dalibury, Conn., (wins, perch on the wine of their newly purchased amphibian \vhich they plan to use for vacation fun. Lady Cavendish, inset, the former Adelc Aslaire, holds aloft a Dclman-dcsi£ur4 su«Ue moccasin created for lady pilots. ' liY KI'Sli; KlNAItll SEA Staff Writer NEW YOKK, NHAl—First pusl- war test of women's interest in aviation was made at the jnst- closcd National Aviation Show, planes. Orders placed by women for prr- sonc.1 aircrt ft--plans are lo roll tl oH the assembly lines at the rate of from 10 lo -10 a clay licyinnlnrj in Julv—reached as hisli as 20 per hekl nt Grand Cc'iilriil Pithicc. where ] cent of t^u toud sales resiovtccl by I'orid. Barley and rye reserves bothltliu lathes matched nHeiuiaiicc with j one ' men. mobbed the exhibits, serum- why t\rt- (lie l:iod in aiid out of cockpits, fotuinc- were down sharply. 3. The National Fertilizer Asso- elation warned that if the soft coal strike continues much longer, farm fertilizer supplies will be "seriously reduced." That could be a serious threat to next year's production since hiRli wartime production robbed the soil of much of its .strength, 4. An Agriculture Department spokesman said it would be from four lo five years before world food production could be restored to normal. Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson said yesterday Ihe U. s. would have some food shortages even into 1948. This spokesman said the first need was for fertilizer to rebuild Hie .soil. Next, he said, horses and farm equipment will be needed to till the soil to get grain production back to normal. The large U. S. oats reserve was important because it represented an "ncc-in-thc-holc" if this country is unable'-to - follow- through on its promise to export 125.000.000 bushels of wheat overseas during the three- inonths ending June 30. Oats could be used more extensively as livestock feed, freeing wheat and corn for famine relief. They also could be used directly for relief feeding. UNRRA already has agreed to accept oats on a basis of two hushels of oats for one of ± wheat because of its lower food ed liraetienl Indies i .-.proutiipk' niecliiuucjnl wing.s in this up arid 'town on souls, asked i, 1(1 . ( . pl( | faslilo:.? The reasons are duestions i'Rn(:in B from the Em- \»i, om evenlv divided between atl- steinian to ilic elementary, mid left | vfintlll . c :lmt ' t)r!u -ilrality. Some Dchind n sulisuinliul Wock of orders llle (!il .|,. ,„.„ iHnibbinn with for tomorrows models of faniilv Chiang was understood to be holding out for Nationalist control of Changchun as a minimum demand. Gen. George C. Marshall submitted Chiang's views lo Chou En-lni. the Comtmmisl leader, today and conferred again with Chiang this aflcrnoon in an effort to obtain a agreement before leaving for Nanking tomorrow. Government forces were reiwrled confided to be [\bout 30 miles frotn Chun^- clum nnd it was IhoiiRlU they would nake every effort to take the city ' to .strent'.then their bari^aininy pos- tion. However, Comir.unist spokesmen said that Changchun wus loo well defended to fall to the Nation- land have more i of the gills are throbbing with an overwhelming desire lo blaze trails in ihc .sky. Their more matter- of-fact sisters counter your question with "Doesn't flying get you there faster?" MOKi: VACATION I'UN The most unique reason, however, was advanced by twin sisters and co-purchasers of a Commonwealth Trimmer. Melon and Stephanie Prescott. 22-year-old Dan- hnry lConn.i amateur pilots, who live a stone's throw from an airporl, that the brilliant blue- flashes, oilier guides of aviation's destiny, knowing how the "lltlh woman's" influence made siream- lincd parlors-on-wheels out of efficient gasoline-burning vehicles, arc cruising one wing-span ahead tbe female customer. Anllclpatlnu her dc'inaucls, the boys whose creative pencils create the crates have already turned oiu some fancy acltl cd allractlons. l-'or instance, on planes of sonu makes loldini: steps are lowered— when the cabin door opens— to maki a running board. This Is to abollsl the high climb thai splits tlgh skills or hoists .short ones. To clc vate the half-pint gal, the seat in many family planes are adjust able, and onyx-knobbed, chrome plated sticks curve to allow fo more leg room. Space for luggage value. and-ycllow three-sealed amphibian will be used to take them from their home to mountain lakes. Parked on one. [be craft will spread ils wings and make a portable pier from which to dive. swim, fish _ vacation fun. alisls. '~ j This unexpected clamor of the Heavy fighting was reported j pals on aviation's horizons Is stop- norili of s/cpingkai but there was] ping some plane manufacturers no confirmation that t;oveinment j dead in their tracks. , They pull roop.s have reached the Alio i-iveV- forelocks and wonder whether fo The Communists were reported to,get Lilly Daclie to design the hoods have 50,01)0 troops available for de-| for their planes or to install tl'le- fense of Changchun. I vision sets for the latest fashion Nationalists Will Strike For Changchun CHUNC.KING. April 20. LUP> — N.'Uionnlist forces tndny were expected to Ijuinch a <k\spcrnlc tirivf lo 1:^kc Changchun in an effort to bolster their position in Manchuria whore the Communists are reported to hnvc taken over Lun- fciang fT.sU*ihnr», giving them lhre R major eiiies. Lungkinng. 175 miles north wcsl of Hnrhin whir!] is also Comtnun- -hcUI. wa.s understood to hnvc hceti taken over without opposition. I CfCn. Chiang Kaf-.slick was rc- •-ported to have disapproved the prc- srnt truce draft, \vHh Iho Communists because it Hives them too much territory in Manchuria. DARA SHAMPOO My Regular Deliveries Have Been Completed / Still Have Available '• ' * few bushels of High Germinating PIONEER Hybrid SEED CORN in Popular Varieties CAll OR Sit Mrs. Howard Bowen Luxora, Ark. Phone 3-K-ll Those varieties on snle at Ihn following stores: CaldHCll-Muhan Slore liny. Bl Soulh Trcslon Kamcy Slorc S.indy liidgc W. M. Taylor Slorc Kciscr Wallace Miller's Slore Joiner The Poultry Market as furnished by W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. Ileus — Today — Cox 23c 16c nil IV. Vine - Illydicvillc — led PCS Hair MORE LUSTROUS Right Barkley Rebukes Textile Leaders Two Officials Blame Shortage Of Clothing On Price Controls li'tils oft wool to answer all ;nlBht us well repenl liic' act'out- If Congress tiles Ihese requests we WASIIlNCiTON.. April M. lU.l'.l ---Two c»ltln U'xtllc olllclul.'i iiuinv asked Connies-; lo abolish nrlci- eonli'ols on cttlton nnd drew a iv| Imke fi'oin tienute Detnonatlr i Lender AlUi'ii \V. linrkley. Keii- | llifky. Harvey W. Moore, Concwd. N. O.. of (he American Col ton Munimie- tiner.s AssodiUlou bliimeil the Ol'A for the ciillon i-lolhlnu shorl- ni!e niul the "vk'lon.s" bliiek miiv- hi'l. lie ealled for oiitrluhl aboll- llmi of price eonlrols. 1)1'. Claudius T. Mmi-hlson ol New York, pivslilent of Ihe Col- Uinhon Show with a natural straw ^ '^"^ PH'""^;...^" v'fT .onnet dinged with B ,,, M whalV ^welf wUh ' I ,° Mn£ bv •uni-y feathers lo .symbolic fll K lil. | tl ,,. ntnimU} . „} „„. |,„,,,.,,,.5,- £ said civilians face a more erillcul clothlni; sIlMiilion now (linn at any | Ben. Hobeit A. T»U, R., Ohio, nuked Moore his estimate, of Ihe icaiililui; price rise If conlrols over collon lexltles and yootls wcr» lemoved, Moore estlmuted llial pitas probably would Jump 20 per eeul, but Unit Ihe higher price wouli} liiTvull for only "about .six lo nine months" when production would have lucrea.sed enough for prices to be forced down. Muvchlson ulso s[\t<! lhal proiluc- lion of lire cord and automobile fabrics Is so low thai unless H ci-.ii be Increase "the lire nnd aulomobllc Inilustrli'S will not achieve their production uoals. "The fundamental ctun problem," he Mid,, U •, the shortage of cotton t**til* r«n« and fabrics* «n<t the ttvtrt thort- u of staple yarn* and fabric*." Until both the«« ihortMei are eliminated, especially In yarn* and fiilji Ics, he sold "no utMun}! ''of government control can tblv* the 'collon clothing 'problem." •••'•' ' Clrncll University cmptiiuilzlnc the value of DDT'-in growing iwtalocs and certain hull crops, say increased pouto output leveraged 45 bushels an aerewfiere HOT was used to control Weed*, Ninety-seven to 9S per cent control of codling moth—major apple I>est—also Is obtained -by '-DDT, where Jonner suray* provided only 60 jxjj cent control. ..." Close to two million head of cal- le roam Nev.' Mexico inures, and Ilk' income from beef cattle per •tiimini is approximately $:ir>,lHU),- ooi). Heredity expeils estimate Mint lire person in 1,000 in the Untied Stales is an albino. llciiil Courier News Want Ads ilmir dnrlnt: llu- war. They Icsllflcil before Ihe Kcnulo Hanking Commlllce which Is considering IcKlslallou to exlend price controls lu'yonil Ihe Jmiu 'J» e.v- \iii'iiUnn ilitte- llarkley lute]-]upled lo say: "You wiuit i-onlrnls ofl cotton. The meat people want controls off meat. The wool men want con- CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! I''or a quick snlc sw me. 1 have liuytTs foe homes, liisl your pro|»orly willi me. iMy cmmuissiim is r>/'n. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 S». fircinul I'htmrii 411! or *4!Kt Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 Kasl Mnip Phone Sf.lfi - Phillips Robinson 8*r»loe - FHIl Came) the receiver Yes, your hair will he "alive" with natural lustre . . . immediately after your first DARA shampoo . . . because DARA is the only shampoo with a six-way hair beauty action, -k DARA instiii/ily produces a rich, creamy lather in hardest water. + DARA iaslttutfy dis,i|>|>cars in clear water. Requires no special rinse. * DARA leaves no dulling film . . . because DARA is not .1 soap. A DAUA removes all loose dandruff, if DARA leaves hair soft and manageable . . . right away, -fr DARA reveals all the true natural lustre of your hair. Why wait? Try DARA now . . . today . . . and your mirror will reflect a more glamorous you. At all drug and department stores. .Ittraetkrly [ii'cki>$ril in a |T f\ j, nar.-ilip, ilittitr-top ionic J ^J T DARA The Wonder fully Different SHAMPOO for the dial tone 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans made to fit your imiiviihiiil needs. Our rc-pnyment pnviletre Krnntcd all borrowers. I-ot us explain our 1'rc-Paymenl Hcscrvc Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrange a loan wiih you it, is good btimuess for us lo make it fit your iicedw because farm loans are a good investment only when they arc good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glencoe Phone 3131 FOR SALE! Hi fiu. 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WASH TUBBS HELLO, SNAG- TO H=f?D SO.-lE CM TIE L'.E GOTQSJ •:\-,^ WHY .'•V YOU LIVE Another I'lol TAKE AW .' PlflNS TO (.M-ve I 4 OUT TODAY WHEN I * NO ONE'S HERE- PROBABW TO -.TONlVVou'wORK PLENTV FAST! '/ BY LESLIE TURNE* ' I LISTENEP IN WHEN X TKAT'5 WHAT WE BEEN SKECAILE0 TH' MOVERS \ WAITING FOR, BABE... TOCST HER TRUNK. AT J AVD WE'RE KEW(t WHAT 5R.W... I'LL K 0ur / HOVER5 CUPEVflCALL? WITH TH' S.ASSOS./^^— ,<Vr;; LOUIE. PHONE BLOrz TRANSFER ffU STREEr,,.CWCEL THE CALL. FROM EVpX SASSOJ YW OOiS WltL &Wt UP FOR HER

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