The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 6, 1928 · Page 32
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 32

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1928
Page 32
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A , .TU?DTV,TUD1?ir. i it THIRTY-TWO Cigaret Sales Qrow Fivefold In 10 Years Taxes Increase From $66,000,000 to $301,000,000; Snuff and. Gum Also Show Huge Growth; Cigars Show Decrease. f Bt ROSCOE B. FLEMING, Scripps-Ifoward Staff Writer. Washington, July 6. Cigaret emoking increased nearly five fold TIM AG AMI. ONTARIO. TIMAGAM! INN Trmagami, Ontario, Canada IN a forest reserve of 4 million acres with I 50O la Splendid fishing. Canoes, power boats. All home comforts ano, pleasures lor entire family. Write for booklet. BEACH HAVEN, N. J. THE ENGLESIQF B"ach Haven. N. J.. The only resort on the Jersey coast that combines perfect bathing, always pood fishing-, with a modern hotel and gives sure relief from Hay Fever besides. Booklet. Five tennis courts. Now Open. R. b ENGLE, Manager. ASBl'RY PARK, N. .1. Fineat Resort Hotel on th North Jersey Coast Write for Literature NORTH ASBUPY PARK. N. J ATLANTIC CITY, N. .1. AMERICAN PL N. WKEKLT & Ci so Rm, , s?;.r.u C 'with JO Krtonit. nt ..o meals) American Plan, Daily. $4 & S4.SO SPECIAL FAMILY R ATFS Bunntrrg water, rlcctririty Most central .oration Ocean VIpw Elevatot to streeL S. South Carolina Avenue near Beacb. J. p. foxes. Prep HOLMHURST KOTEl Pennsylvania Ave. near Beach and Steel Pter. Kooins ensulte ttn private hath. K- cold running water & telephones. Aiwayi oren. Can. 300. Private earise. Write for special . AI.BLKl H. DARNELL. ATLANTIC CITY New Fireprxmf North Llro ma avenue loin hl.wlr Capacity :i50. American plan. All moms have private bath. Orchestra. Dancing. Bathing privileges. FKANCKLK COPE. Mananwi ffiouai Palace On the, 3o&rdvOa.lh-, ATX,ArNTIC CITV.NJI. SehVer 338 ROOMS Sw7 Single 30 to $V1; Pontile 4I to $120 Wklr, .Sen' for Snmple Me-lu lin'l Hooktpt Ahove Pate Include Meals. R. I.. QI'EKN THE LAST TfORT) IV HOTEIDOM The STANLEY The BELVEDERE SO. SOUTH CAROLINA AVENUE NEAR BKACH Modern accommodations for 4"0. American plan. Every comfort is under the personal super-viflioTi of the management. iQ rooms with tile bath and telephone service. A!l rooms have running water. Elevator to street. Food and wrvice nnsuroaseed. Bathinr privileges. Moderate rates. Road Maps. Booklet. Var.isini hireetor. (;E0. 1.. Kl.KIXfll.NNA fflO DACIPIC TNn ARKANSAS AVE K I E 5 SHORT BLOCK. PROM BEACt.' r MILLION OOLLAK k'SK SUNNINO WATER IV ALL ROOMS. S-iit-i :th tath. Cool porcheu. BATHINO FROM BOTEL. Music-DanciriK. Capscit-r MOO. Booklet. E. W. HOCKETBTJRY Wlnfr H"tel Peerrre'nt. -St. ivter-huri;. Kl"rilH. TK.WKL IEGULAR SERVICETO HAVANA PANAMA PERU AND CHILE BY THE S.S. EBRO AND S.S. ESSEQUIBO FINEST IN THE SOUTH AMERICA WEST COAST SERVICE APPLY TO YOUR LOCAL AGENT OR THE PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO. PACIFIC LINE 26 BROADWAY. NEW YORK CITY New combination fB1 and IKUIN changes hollows to curves in 3 weeks or pay nothing "Gained 10 Pounds" "T am trnthfnlly T that I nerer received so nrach benefit from tretbing in so short a time. Before I began taking IRON1ZED TKAST I was 10 pounds underweight but now I am back to normal again." Mrs. M. P., Asbury Park, W. J. "Complexion Cleared; Put on 5 Pounds' Tor over a Tear I had no eneritr or ambition. My complexion was rrroddT. I couldn't sleep at night and fell o3 m weight. After taking one padraee of IRONIZED YEAST I felt like a new woman. My complexion has cleared up wonderfully. I hae gained 5 pounds and am full of energy." M. B., Chicago. El. "Wife Gained 14 Lbs. Husband 10 Lbs. T have taken three bottles of IRONIZKP YK AST and have Tblnk of it' 5 to 15 pounds of good firm flesh added in 2 to 3 ."w ) Your complexion made clear and youthful all in a In gf course of pleasant IRONIZED YEAST tablets! 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DesX 317-r . xCTifle the amazing heal th-bml ding alue of tROHTZED CAUTION ! YEAST tablets has been cieariy and positively demoa-Vrw a ,X J"V. f e-erry. indigestion, constrpaoon, skin empnons, tra-.ed in cases of lack ot Weakened physical and mental crmZ Tr cow -lerion, ad a -f fiLT, ed bv aajoaa who OBJECTS to Ihtiili g5iSa&SJ?. - Want Ad in the United States from 1913 to 1928, and cigaret users contributed approximately $301,000,000 to their government during the year ended June 30, 1928. They paid $66,000,000 in 1918. The figures are contained in a general review of federal taxation since 1918 by L. H. Parker, chief investigator of the joint congressional committee on taxation. The increase from 1927 to 1923 ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. NEW BRADY HOUSE 17 So. ARKANSAS AVT.- ATI ANTIC Clt T.J. A "Just Polkc "H--rri ONc BLOCK FROM BEACH BATHING 'niMiciits tnim rLAN S3. 50 EUROPEAN $1.50 PER OAY. HOTEL BELLFVII I F 122 s. new YORK ier ui an aiirarriuns. Kiln. Mater All outside Urns. F. C. Biasett. .lathing privileges. $2.00 up dly. West Virginia JIl Tea" A'f- 3rJ , . u,,. alr!L B A stryKer. Owner. GEARY Tenn. Ave. .Near Beach. Amer. PI. $t up Dally. Modern. Homelike. Ownership Mgmt. A. G. I.ovette. KARL1N St. James Place nr. Beard. European plan exclusively. M. J Munkenheck. CO" RTKSV flEANIlNKSS HOSPITALITY ROOMS ONLY bP. waU'eBatnhf: & Mrs. Sarah A. Reeves ILL A NOVA Or(-an v . near Bt.'aih. rt"Pnn View Kim: with run's watpr. (St. baths. Roa-onaMe rat.- MHS .1. STOKKY. AUSTIHE-BISCAYNE KKXTITKY AVK, nir Brain Amer. Plan Uunnlng water. Pvt. baths. Bath'g. F. H. Jones. I OIIVAN 144 Sr- Tennessee Ave. -,,'v-' rt4' Comfortable rooms. Runtime water. Bathing privileges. Mrs. E. Gunner. STRATH-HAVEN Kentucky Avenue neat Beach, Atlantic I'ity. European. See rates in Sunday's id"r:i?enient. PHILLIPS HOUSE L Mass. ave., near Beach. Amer. & Euro, plan Bathine from hotel. Daniel Ahem. Kctu rictraors R.ntuokT Ave., lust off Boardwalk ALWAYS OFEN. Bath houses free to guosta. S. K. BONIFACE HOTEL HEALYSSPiXW"- J4 50 up Daily: S22.50 op Wkly. A. NEALY Virginia near benrh and Steel Pier ATLANTIC CTTV. n . ,1 ROOMS - - - S2 up daily. SI 2 up Weekly WITH MEALS $4 up Daily. $22.50 up Weekly Runnmir wtr H rom Private bths. EVvnror. fnb'nt fmm hotel I(1p1 ror for rr ooit. Writ for f .Mrr GAPT.K A DEVITT S31 S'Kentuckv Avenue, near Beach, ferter of all it tractions. A Corner houe. modern hotel. Kist Kord "litainatile. i Bathino Privilege and Snoers. l ii inn t, id.nre i, Iij,ti!v vacation ! ' pin pat 14 fin tin daily, soectal weekly Booklet. Phone Marine 681 J. Kalpb; 1 Merrier C. KX K V A-OX-TH K-I.A K E. OHIO. R.R1NSL.E ALBEMARLE New Dancing Pavilion Geneva-on-the-Lake, O. Formal Opening, July 7-8 Buddy Fisher and his recording orchestra. Dancing Saturday night, Sunday afternoon and evening. of YE AST J ' - ,rw,CB - ta - NoicJy Admires a "SkinWoman Headquarters Court 4900 was approximately $22,000,000. Snuff users also are paying slightly more. Taxes paid by users of chewing and smoking tobacco have increased from about $15,000,000 to $62,000,000 in 1928. Cigars paid a peak tax of $55,000,-000 in 1920, which had fallen to $22,-700,000 in 1928. However, the taxes have been lightened practically every form of tobacco except cigar-ets, which are still paying the wartime peak. All tobacco taxes netted $395,000,000 in 1928. Parker estimated that federal receipts have fallen off nearly $3,000,-000,000 from the peak of $6,694,000.-000 in 1920 to $4,041,000,000 in 1928. Much of this is accounted for by the five successive tax reduction laws passed by congress, with total reductions amounting to about $1,-850,000,000 a year. All provisions of the latest law passed May 29 and expected to reduce taxes approximately $222,000,-000 are now in effect. Despite the reductions, however, Parker estimated that the government had a surplus of $373,000,000 July 1. Practically all the reduction since 1918 has been in internal revenues. Other receipts, which include the tariff duties estimated at $587,000,000 for 1928, have remained at about the same level of slightly less than $1,300,000,000 yearly since 1926. Tariff duties in 1921. last year of the Underwood tariff, were about $300,000,000. BANS BAIT-HUNTERS Indianari Complains Anglers Invaded His Garden. By The United Press. Monticello. Ind., July 6. Fishermen or bait-hunters here are requested earnestly by E. R. Gardner and his neighbors to transfer their activities to other fields. Gardner complained to police that he believed "I have been furnishing night crawlers to ah the fishermen in tnis section of the United States." The complainant said that at first he didn't mind the invading of his garden and flower beds but that now it is getting monotonous. He said he believed that boys were trampling down his garden until he discovered that the intruders wore No. 9 shoes. "Lads wearing No. 9 shoes," he said, "should know enough to keep out of gardens." OPPONENTS OF ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS SCORED Dr. William J. Mayo Scoffs At Anti-Vivisectionists. By The United Press. Minneapolis, Minn., July 6. Dr. William J. Mayo, Rochester, struck back at the anti-vivisectionists here last night when he declared before the National Education association convention that many opponents of animal experimentation were often ardent hunters and fishermen. "It is a curious fact," Dr. Mayo said, "that so many opponents of animal experimentation are ardent hunters and fishermen. It is a still more curious point of view that permits anti-vivisectionists to shoot game and to leave to a lingering death from wounds and starvation animals which they fail to bag." The famous surgeon, speaking on vacations, said he believed one year could be saved in medical schools if the fourth-quarter system were used. "It seems unnecessary that students in the prime of life should take a three months' vacation in a 12-month working world," he said. CENEVA-OX-THE-LAKE, OHIO. vJ&M l-JVm" '""" IrJ II I? j& w - V r jlf If ' - J ki V, THE PITTSBURGH PRESS ggPeporfmentj, Court 5450 FLIES IN When Mrs. Phoebe Fairgrave duck and me." She is the only Air Tour, and the wife of CapL V. flies alone pardon lis, with the SCIENCE TESTS TRANSPLANTING INSECTSHEADS German Professor Says Experiments Change Sex Characteristics. By The United Press. Berlin, July 6. Amazing experiments are being performed by European scientists in cutting off the heads of insects and transplanting them on the bodies of other insects. Startling results have been produced. Prof. Plavilstshikoff, describing his researches in the Zoologischer Anzeiger announces that a male's head, grafted tt a female's body, endows the female with masculine characteristics. Similarly, a female insect's head, grafted to a male's torso, makes the masculine insect behave like a female. The operation, which is extremely delicate, must be performed with an anesthetic. Prof. Plavilstshikoff administered chloroform or ether to the insects before decapitating them. The scientist's experiments in transplanting heads may be regarded as one of the most important departures since the introduction of rejuvenation by transplanting monkey-glands. It is pointed out that the insects survive decapitation for a relatively long time, since their respiratory organs are distributed over a large section of their bodies. Care is taken to prevent bleeding after the head is removed since loss of blood impairs the growth of the new head on the insect's body. In his description of the results secured. Prof. Plavilstshikoff writes: "If the operation Is successful and the new head grows properly to the body, the behavior of the animals is peculiar. The new head determines the demeanor of the animal. The female wasp with the head of a male wasp suddenly acquires masculine instincts, adopting a fighting mood and becomes sexually aggressive. "But when the male wasp suddenly becomes . the proud possessor of a female head he acquires not merely feminine but even maternal instincts; he gathers food for the future brood in the truly feminine manner." The foregoing description applies only to the transplanting of heads among the same species of insects. Prof. Plavilstshikoff also discusses results achieved in grafting the head of one specie upon the body of another specie. "Here, too," writes the scientist, we ascertained that the new head decides the insect's behavior. Ad June-bug with a dung-beetle's head burrows in dung, while a dung-beetle with a June-bug's head eats leaves and; in the approved fashion of the normal June-bug, climbs out cn twigs, although its legs are not at all adapted to tnese antics." LEVIATHAN MAIL ROBBERS "CLOSED" Ship Commander Jokes About "Couple of Letters" Taken. By The United Press. New York, July 6. Officials of the United States Lines have pronounced the mail robbery on the liner Leviathan a closed incident. Convinced that the mail sacks were tampered with either before they were brought on board here or after they were taken off at Southampton, the officers of the steam ship line discontinued txieir investigation. When the Leviathan sailed from here Commodore Harold Cunningham, in command, joked about the "big mail robbery" which, he said, consisted of "a couple of letters." Postal officials are still investigating, but have failed to find any clue. ' PEACE LEADER DIES Mrs. Fanny Villard, Aged 83, Succumbs in Dobbs Ferry. Bv The United Press. New York, July 6. Mrs. Fanny Garrison Villard. aged 83, noted peace - crusader, died yesterday m her home at Dobbs Ferry. Daughter of William Lloyd Garrison and mother of Oswald Garrison Villard. magazine editor, she was known for her philanthropic activities and work in behalf of world peace. She led a peace parade in New York before the United States entered the World war. Mrs. Villard was the widow of Henry Villard, who lost a fortune and rebuilt it. She was born in Boston and married Henry Villard in 1866. Mrs. Hoover's Father III. PlacervUle, Cal., July 6. Afflicted with a slight heart disease, C. D. Henry, aged 84, father-in-law of Herbert Hoover, Republican presidential candidate, was in a sanitarium here last night. Physicians attending Henry said his condition was not serious, but it would be necessary for him to keep quiet and remain in bed for several days. AIR TOUR Omlie says "VVe," she means "the woman flyer in the 1938 National C. Omlie of Memphis, Tenn. She duck and carries no parachute. Not Her Head ! Uniontown, Pa., July 6. Shooting an apple off the head of a person with a rifle makes fine reading in a story book, but Mrs. .lamps Dennis, of the mountain- l ous section in the vicinity of Seaton's lake, refused late yesterday to take a chance of balancing an apple on her head. James Dennis, the husband, had a nice, rosy red apple selected for the feat and his favorite rifle loaded for the occasion. In some manner Mrs. Dennis managed to break away and escape to the home of a neighbor. When officers rushed to the scene they found Dennis asleep, with his rifle in his hand and the core of the apple nearby, indicating that he had devoured the target apple. Dennis was jailed on a charge of wantonly pointing firearms. TRAINING CAMP CALLSJ05 HERE Youths Scheduled to Report at Fort Washington. One hundred and five youths, resi dents of the Pittsburgh district, were scheduled to report today for duty at the Citizens Military Training camp, Fort Washington, Md. Upon arriving at camp the youths were scheduled to be put through the "processing machine," the act that transforms them from ordinary civilians to full-fledged citizens military recruits. Later the ceremony of administering the oath of allegiance took place. Those ordered to report are: John F. Barghausen, Louis B. Barghausen, Joseph D. McKinnon, John J. Behan, William F. Boll, Harry B. Bunting; Walter M. Collins, Gail R. Crow; George A. Crow, Andrew C. Currie, Christopher J. Deely, Francis A. Eble, Frank J. Falbo, Charles F. Foster, Sherwood E. Griffith, Eugene B. Haines, William S. Irr, William D. Kappel, John A. Kish, George E. Knipe, Oliver E. Turner, Archie M. Beacom, Alexander M. Fokula, William C. Lang, Jr., John E. Lauderbaugh; Edward Levine, Maurice D. Levite, Jacob Linder, Herbert J. Loorch, Edward H. Loy, John J. McCann, Floyd M. McDowell. William G. Harondo, George E. Martin, Regis F. Miller, Howard F. Mitchell, Thomas O'Donnell, Earl Porloff, A. J. Phillips, Jr., Blair Powell, Irwin Price, Charles S. Ramsey, Milton S. Ramsey, James T. Riley, Thomas J. Roche, Walter W. Schnieder, Isadore Shepse. Robert J. Sullivan, Joe Unatin, Elden A. G. Voight, Kenneth J. Werron, Kenneth L. Beihl, David G. Brown, William J. Choffat, James Edward Conway, Clark Currie, Harry John Hart, Paul Frank Hesse, John J. Kipper, Regis J. Miller, Newton H. Miller, Albert J. Nanz, Paul J. Newman. Paul H. Price, Jack J. Rosenfeld, Charles E. Rupp, Irwin J. Schultz, Hixon R. Shuttleworth, Charles W. Whetzel, Wilbur White, Regis B. Winslow, Hugh MacNeill, Charles E. Wise, Harry D. Parrish. Joseph A. Weckerly, George F. Westerman, William E. Baker, Clifford H. Franz, Robert J. Hardy, Thomas E. Foster, Ernest E. Plan-ert, Robert K. Black, Sam Bolner, Theodore E. Cooperman, Paul K. Fricker, Clyde Getz. Paul E. Gray, Jack D. Gray, Lawrence J. Pischke, Francis E. Raehn, Morris P. Rattner, Henry R. Shear, Ellsworth Yoder, William P. An drews, Thomas W. Dana, Jr., Francis P. Doran. Earl S. Dunham, Allen C. Fowler, Harold E. Jessop, Elmer A. J. B. Ott, Paul E. Rooney, Edwin W. Beilstein, Joseph T. Johnson, Amos W. Jones, Gordon A. Schmick. FREE STALLINGS AFTER ACCIDENT War Scenario Writer's Auto Skids. Kits Woman. Bv The United Press. Philadelphia. July 6. Lawrence Stallings, author of "The Big Parade," was discharged today when he was arraigned for striking Mrs. Delia McCall, aged 49, with his car, while driving last night on a wet pavement. Mrs. McCall's condition was said not to be serious and she was in the Roxborough Memorial hospital only for observation. The author, who said he was on his way from Macon, Ga", told of his auto skidding when he attempted to stop last night at a street crossing. Stallings was a captain in the marines during the World war and gained fame as a writer with his war stories. He was co-author of "What Price Glory." Boy Believed Drowned. Martins Ferry, O.. July 6. Supposition that the Ohio river had claimed the life of Joseph Myer, 5-year-old Wellsburg boy, who was carried down the riven when a boat in which he wa.s playing broke loose from its moorings Wednesday night, was strengthened early today when the boat was found at the local wharf. No trace of the body has been found. To place a Want Ad in The Press, phone COurt 4900 Before 11 A. M. for Same Day Want Ads phoned before 11 A. M. will start in the Home Edition at 11:30 A. M. the same day; also in the Latest News at 9 A. M. the following morning. Before 10 P. M. for Next Day Want Ads phoned after 11 A. M. and before 10 P. M. start in the Latest News Edition the following morning. For the Big Sunday Press Want Ads for the big Sunday issue of The Presa should be in Defore 10 P. M. Friday, or not later than 12:15 Saturday noon. The Weather Tomorrow Fair Want Ad Tu OC ( S 254 Fifth Ave! PROVE DESERTS AREjRRIGATED Vegetation Along Channels Leads to Reservoir. By Press Science Service. London, July 6. The unsuspected existence of a great irrigation system in the Egyptian desert has been discovered by the Misses G. Caton-Thompson and E. Gardner, who are excavating in the Fayum on behalf of the Royal Anthropological Institute of London. The discovery was made owing to a chance combination of circum stances. Heavy November rains pro duced an unusual abundance of plants in the Fayum. When invest! gations of one strange looking strip pi vegetation were made, it was found that the weed patch covered a number of . sand-filled irrigation channels, some of them as much as 30 feet broad. The irrigation chan nels led to the clay bottomed de pressions peculiar to this northern desert region, which were at one time full of water before the shrink age of the Fayum lake. This great irrigation system was quite unknown and unrecorded Thirteen miles of channel have now been leveled and mapped by the expedition. It was found that they served 21 square miles of desert. A great stone-lined reservoir with stor age capacity of some 86,000 gallons has been discovered and excavated. It w?as filled with drift sand but in the lower levels of the filling grape vine branches in quantity were found, proving that at one time vineyards had existed nearby. At the bottom were water jars of the Ptolemaic period and further evi dence of date was found in a small quarry close by in the shape of coin dating from Ptolemy II. B. C 283-245. An adjacent 16-room house, of which the contents were of good quality, was probably the residence of an irrigation official. The excavations are being continued with the assistance of the Egyptian minister of public works. by whom free labor for this part of the expedition's work is being supplied. MRS. SHAVER ATTACKS SMITH IN STATEMENT West Virginia Leader Says Dry Democratic Women Aren't Fooled, Bv The. United Press. Washington, July 6. Mrs. Clem L. Shaver, chairman of the West Virginia section of the National Woman's Democratic Law Enforcement league, issued a bristling statement today attacking Governor Alfred E. Smith, Democratic presidential nominee. "Regardless of what Democratic leaders from top to bottom may do, we dry Democratic women will not support the dripping wet ticket and joke platform named by the Tammany delegates to the recent convention at Houston," said Mrs. Shaver, who is the wife of the Democratic national chairman. "And furthermore, I do not believe more than a few of the millions of Democratic women in this country can be fooled as all the Democratic leaders have been fooled by it. "How many times has Tammany supported the party nominee in the past 16 years? Not once. Yet they have fooled these heretofore able Democratic leaders into saying, T am a Democrat I will vote for Tammany, whisky and a trick platform.' " DISMISS DEPUTIES Officers Given Back Pay When Sheriff Agrees to Dismissal. Steubenville, O., July 6. The month-old controversy over employment of special deputies to patrol coal fields in Jefferson county was settled late yesterday. The county commissioners agreed to pay the deputies back pay on condition that Sheriff William T. Allison dismiss the special deputies and turn in their badges, weapons and equipment. The sheriff agreed. PROBATE TWO WILLS Late Resident of Edge wood Leaves $23,000 Estate to Children. The following wills were filed for probate today in the register of wills office: Hannah R. Van Horn of Edge-wood left an estate valued at $23,-000 to her children. In the will of William Richards Stevens cf Wilkinsburg an estate worth $3,500 was left to his widow. Autos Injure Two. Altoona, Pa., July 6. Two persons are in the hospital, suffering injuries received when hit by automobiles. Rev. James M. Runkle, pastor of Trinity Reformed church, was hit while boarding his own car last night. He has spine injuries and head lacerations. William Baum, aged 5, had a compound right leg frcture- m illl Headquarters Phone COurH90O Raditch Declines Job. Belgrade, July 6. The king today designated Stefan Raditch, leader of the Croatian delegation in parlia ment, to form a new cabinet, but Raditch declined. Raditch was shot recently in an uprising in parliament, in which two Croatian deputies were killed. Rare Duck Mounted. Chicago, July 6. The rarest duck in the world has been mounted in the Field museum. It is one of the 45 specimens of the Labrador duck which remains in the world and is valued at $5,000. want ao heaoquarters 5 fifth avenue. The Pittsburgh Press THE PEOPLE'S PAPER. THE GREATEST DAILY AND SUNDAY WANT AD MEDIUM BETWEEN NEW YORK AND CHICAGO. Cash Rates1 fic a word, minimum price 72c. 3 consecutive times. 40 a word each insertion. Minimum charge Sl.t2 for 3 times. Seven consecutive times lor the price of six. Charge Rates: 37c a line, minimum charge 74c. 3 consecutive times. 28c a line each Insertion. Minimum charee SI. 68. Average 6 words to the line. Strictly mail order advertising 38e per line or S3. 33 per inch. Situations wanted, cash with order. 2c per word Minimum charge 26c. Cards ot thanks, church announcements, deaths, memoriams. oirth and marriage aotii-es. 6c per word: minimum SJ.. Your adverl isements will be accepted li the above cash rates at 254 Fifth ave.. or any of our want ad branches in Pittsburgh. Phone Court 4UOO 'Want Ad Headquarters) for information regarding agency nearest vour residence. If replies to advertisements have to be mailed (outside of the city only) send 10c for postage. If a box number ts desired, count five words. The Press reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headings. When orders for cancellation are Riven over the phone, the name of the clerk, as well as your classification number, should be obtained and confirmation made by letter: otherwise claims cannot bo allowed in case of dispute. The same rule applies to correction made over the phone. Notice of typographical errors must be given in time for correction before the second insertion, as we are only responsible for one incorrect insertion. Cancellation and complaints regarding errors must be telephoned to Adjustment Department between the hours of 8 a. m. and 6:30 p m. The Pittsburgh Press publishes more classified advertising and brings greater results daily and Sunday than all other Pittsburgh newspapers combined I PHONE COCRT 4900. WANT AD HEADQUARTERS. 2.54 Fifth Aye. ANNOUNCEMENTS Death Notices BANKS On Thursday, July 5. 1928, at 3 p. m., Mrs. Elizabeth Mapeer Banks. Funeral services at her home, 506 North Water St., Ktttanning. Pa.. Sunday, 2 P. m. IFort Wayne (Ind- and Louisville (Ky.) papers please copy. BRAITHWAITE On Thursday. July 5. 1928. Jane Moffatt. wife of Blantou Braithwaite. daighter of the late Lu-cinda and George Moffat, at the family home. Johnson rd.. Bon Air. Pa. Take Verona car to Bon Air stop. Notice of funeral later BFIGI.E On Friday. July 6. 1028. Margaret J Beigle, in her second year, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Beigle Funeral services from her home, 282 Mam st. (Lawrenceville) . on Sun-dnv. July 8. at 2:3(1 p. m. IScottdale (Pa.) papers please copy. DETTIS On Thursday morning. July 5. at 8:15 a. m Ella, wife of Charles H. Dettis at her home. 527 Gilmore ave., Trafford Services at Trafford Presbyterian church at 2:30 D. S. T. Saturday, July 7. Interment in Woodlawn cemetery. ECKER On Thursday. July 5. 1928. at 12 o'clock "noon. Matilda Ruhe. widow of Henry P. Ecker. Funeral services at the home of her son, Walter H. Ecker. Cathedral Mansions, 4750 Ellsworth ave.. at 2 p. ni Saturday. GABEK Suddenly, at Cochranton. Pa- on Julv 4. at 3 p. m.. Nicholas, son of 4nna Speicher Gaber and the late Michael Gaber. aged 10 years; Funeral from his late home. 1832 Mt. Joseph st.. Twentv-ninth ward on Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Requiem high m.T-s at St. Basil's Roman Catholic church at 9 o'clock. Friends invited. Interment in St. Joseph cemetery. (ilKHMI On Wednesday. July 4. 1928. at 1 :42 a. m.. Automo Gaetano. husband of Catherine. Funeral from the family home. 1599 Fallow held St.. Beech-view, on Saturday morniur at 8 30. Requiem I igh mass at St. Catherine's church at 9 a. m. Friends are invited to attend. GOLDBERGER On Thursday. July 5. at 10 30 a. m.. Lena Goldberger. beloved wife of Adolph Goldberger, 5881 Forbes. Shady Terrace. Funeral arrangements later. Please omit flowers. New York. Chicago and Cleveland papers please copy. HEMP On Friday mornin at 7:50 a. m. Eleanor Rebecca McKee. wife of Shad rach H. Hemp, at her late residence. 5144 Keystone St. Notice of funeral later. Manchester (Conn.) and Monmouth (111.) papers please copy. J KEI.I.EHER rm Tuesday. July 3. 1028. at 3:30 p. m.. Timothy Kelleher. aged 86 years Funeral on Friday. July 6 at 8:15 a m.. from the residence of his son. William Kelleher.- 1424 Fayette st North Side. Requi'm high mass at St. Andrew s cnurcn. ueaver ave.. at 9 m. Friends invited. KNODEREK On Friday morning. JuIt 6. 1928. at 7:20 o'clock. Margaret Sarah. daughter of the, late William and Margaret Merriman Knoderer. Services at hr late residence, 45 Lincoln ave.. Bellevue. Pa.. Monday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment private I.EIBKECHT n Wednesday. July 4. 1928. at 1 :oo p. m.. Adam LeibrechL. Sr.. husband of the late Regina Schmitt. Funeral on Saturday. July 7. at 8:30 a. m. from his late residence. 824 Mad son n.. North Side. Requiem high mass at St. Mary's Roman Catholic church at 9 o'clock. Members of Knights of St. George No. 1 and friends invited. I Jersey City (N J.) papers please copy. I MILLER At Cleveland. O.. on Wednesday. July 4. lf28. George W. Miller, formerly of Pittsburgh. beloved husband of Martha Miller and father of William H V ",- ' -?Pr n.i mm JjfeP Harry . Forrest C. and Clyde B. Miller J v . FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1928 ANNOUNCEMENTS Death Notices and Mrs. Lillian Donnel! and Mr.. Althea Man-ellus. Interment on Saturday, July iti Lnioudale cemeterr. Ml Rl-HV On Tuesday. July 3. 1H28. at " n- Mary A. Curtin. wife of John Murphy. Funeral from the family hooie. 2838 .Mary st.. South Side, on Saturday at SMi a. m. Solemn hijtri muss at Holy (Toss church at o'clock. iriendB f the lamily respectfully in-vneU to atteuU. McMlJLI.IN On Thtiradsv. Jnlr 5. IP". 1 '.J- F1" Wl"am McMnlhn. husband 'l ihe J'? Llizabeth King MoMullin. in his e.i,th vesr. at the residence of his datiiThtcr. Mrs. Jennie B. Branden-Perg. McOirmit-k ave. and Crafton b'vd . trafton. Pa. Funeral servi.-es at Steu-benvtlle. O. on Monday at 2:30 d. m. Ml KR VY John J., son of Thoman and b:idirt Holleran Murray. Funeral from his late home. 1H-J4 West St.. Homestead. Pa., on Saturday. July 7. at V. : m; . Solemn hich mass at St. Mary Maadalen Roman Catholic church at P o clock. Interment in St. Mary a cemetery. MrDF.RMOTT On Thursday. July 5. ?l V1 a- m- Margaret McDermott Miller), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I harles Miller. Funeral services Sunday afternoon at 2 :3 n 'clock from William A. Dunn's mortuary. 102S Fifth ave. riends invited. trf,U2irm'K O" Wednesday. JuIt 4. "'- at 11 a. m.. james C. McClintock. husband of the late Sarah Ross McClintock in his .!h year. Funeral services S5,iDS hn" of his son. J. vi. McClintock. P38 Sycamore St.. Turtle Creek. Pa., on Saturday. July 7. at 2 :3( p. m. Dav-light Saving time). Veterans of the Civil war and friends invited. MCCARTHY Suddenly, on Thursday. Jul 5. at H:3( p. m.. John H. McCarthy of 710 Arch st. Funeral on Saturday. July 7. from Walter J. Sperling's funeral home. 622 Lockhart St.. North Side, at 0:1. S a. m. High mass of requiem at St. Peter's Roman Catholic church at f:45 a. m. Members of Steam Fitters Local and friends invited. NIKS On Friday. July . 1928. at 7-30 a. m.. John E. Mies, husband of Marv Nobs Nies. aired 2 years. Father of Henry J. and William J. Nies. Also survived by one grandchild. Brother of Mrs Katherine Mehring. Mrs. Christina Winter. Mrs. Mary Worries and Henrv Nies. Servn-es Sunday at 3 P. nt.. st his late residence. 14S Penn ave.. Ml. Oliver, via Carrick car to Mt. Oliver nostoffice. I; riends and members of Fort Pitt Lodge Is,' l- Kni p- st- Pauls Lutheran church (Pastor Brand) and the St. ' Paul s t nterstitzung Verein are invited. Interment in St. Pauls cemetery. Mt. Oliver. PKRKASON On Wednesday. Julv 4. 1!)2K. at 6 p. m.. at Detroit. Micb.. . John Perkason. husband of the late Mary lagherty and father of Mrs Henry J. Snyder and brother of Mrs Elizabeth Bishop. Funeral from Ernv's chapel, 1822 Carson st.. South Side, on Saturday at 8:31) a. m. Requiem mass at St. John's church at 0 a. m. Friends invited. dl'AILI, On Thursday. July 5. 1028. st f a. m., Nan.-y jane, daughter of the late Oeorge and Elizabeth Reel Ouaill. aged , 00 years. 2 months. 17 days. Funeral s services at the family home, Bellevue rd.. near Quail ave.. Ross twp., Saturday at 2:30 p. m. Friend- invited. SEITZINC.ER On Wednesday. JuIt 4. Katherina Seitzineer (nee Schultheis). beloved wife of William Seitzinger and mother of Mrs. Philip Metz and George Seitzinger. in her seventy-third year. Funeral from the residence of her son. George Seitzinger. 4904 Cypress st.. Saturday. July 7. at 2 p. m. Services at Baum's German Protestant church -t 2:30 p. ni. Friends of the family and members of the Ladies' Aid Society of Baum's church are invited to attend. SIR MX At Orlando. Fla.. on Wednesday. July 4. 1028. Thres.-i Kleinheuz Sirltn. beloved wife of Ambrose Sirlin. Sr.. for merly of Millvalc, Pa. Notice of time of funeral will be given later. STACY On Wednesday. July 4. 1028. at 9:45 p. m.. George W. Stacy, beloved husband of Bella Stacy, in his 45th year. Funeral from the chapel of Grime & Blair. 4112 Main st.. city, on Saturday. July 7. at 8:30 a. m. Requiem high mass at St. Peter's church. North Side, at 9 a. m. THOMAS Joseph. Bristol. West Virginia, formerly of Karns City, Pa. Service at home. Butler and Armstrong county papers please copy. VEY Suddenly, on Wednesday. Julv 4. 1!28. at I) a. m.. Wilhelmina K. Burger, wife of Charles C. Vey. Funeral on Saturday. July 7. at 9:30 a. ni.. at her late residence. 9 Ivory pi.. Ross township. Solemn requiem high mass at the Nativity enurch. Franklin rd.. at in o'clock. Friends invited. Take car 8, 10 or 11 and get off at Perryview ave. WALSH On Tuesday. July 3. at 9 a. m.. Mrs. Rose Wier Walsh of 1407 Madison ave. (rear). Services at the chapel of Walter J Sperling, 622 Lockhart St.. N. S.. on Friday. July B. at 3:30 p. m. Friend are invited. Braddock and Am bridge papers please copy. WEST On Wednesday. July 4. 102S. at 7:1S p. m.. William West, beloved son of Mrs. Freda West, in his home. 118 Abner st., Bon Air. Funeral service Saturday nfternon. July 7, 1928. at 3:30 o'clock. Interment ill St. Peter'a cemetery. In Memoriam IN loving memory or my dear daughter. Esther Speicher Wolfe, who died one year ago today. July t, 1927. Dearest daughter, you have left me. Left the home you loved so well. But pome day I hope to meet you And together we shall dwell: HowI miss your gentle footsteps. How I miss your dear, sweet face: You are gone but not forgotten. And no one else can fill your place. Sadly missed by her lonely mother. Wil-liminia A. Speicher. IN loving memory of our darling. Jessie Fairley McLaren, who died July 6. 1927. In tmr hearts your memory lingers. Always tender, fond and rue; There s not a day. Dear Jessie, We do not think of you. Sadlv missed by her mother, daddy, sis-ter and uncle, and all who loved her. IN loving memory of our dear mother. Mr Clara Churm. who died one year ago today. There Is a link death cannot Fever, Love and memory last forever. Sadly missed by son and daughters. IN loving memory of James C. Farrell who died July 6. 1927. Remembered by his friends and relatives. Florists FOR FLOWERS. Eo Co Iradwlg Ftoral' C. WW STOWS: NORTH SIDE: 434 Oliver ave. 710 E. Diamond at Union Trust Bide. Opp. Carnegie Library Atlantic 3112. Fairfax 7400 FRANK J. ZAK. Florist Funeral designs So and ud. snecial ripfiv coo 5A Cemetery Lots HALF of 8-grave lot in Homewood ceme-or?Tnear Dallas "trance. Hi land Lost and Found AIREDALE DOG. black brown legs, loos- tail- back Lnl turned to 7531 Bennett st. reward if re- BILL FOLD Containinir lost in California ave.. sum of monev. between Kleber jno uavis. Sunday eve.: liberal r,..j Linden 4122-M afte- A '"oeri" reward. BOSTON BAG Black, lost blvd 5 m,io. earjcoclc M.&564:reWSI BILLFOLD With sum of money 08t ning of Fourth: owner's name on " ?L'i'R: between 64o- SmithfieW T s?" SZ'-". anannon Incline. Lafavett-55.-.--M. Reward ""ayeile Reward. BAR PIN -a-st. o-iiracTIolr tery: regard. Lafayette 2889 cars ceme BMfS fi.K. ? 1 590HO, with money .o." h"X. Si1""?0"- J to . downto" R. , . --.. . . 1,1, I ) eturn r armers Deposit Bank BOSTON BIJLL-- Will to I months old: reward. :imi ffi.. -.' )ld: r 06P5. S-hcnley b. CAMEO PIN Lost Tuesday . u-... - Reward. Hazel lo.tu-J """uln s. ,? B;ek rocker spaniel, July 4 vL County park. Reward 'iiit.'P.r1l 2001-j. DO'i-30 -White . 1 I . . 7. 1 from .V-5,lu,V'' un swers name Pat; reward.' s;"h.oiL'aro"' KT 1 tLTL ;.. j ! MASONIC CHARM Smithfield "t hT. 3rdand 6th aves.: reward Fert'.V . . -J t Keel patent .vTZ aridgeville rd.: snitahi- ' ,'"er on Court 4973. Call PLlRiiET7Co"ta'n'nir nioney ana article. c, owner: tost July 4. Franklin 0426-.T on Verona Reward. POCKETBOOK Leather, lost hetou. o. - Line station and tnbe. :' 1 " Sar Reward. Can- pnsoor.f l-j . POLICE name of Fritz aeiic nswer to RING Gentleman s: initial - r -r - campus: valued as keensak S re,h Mayflower 6520. KeePake. Reward. RIN( Diamond, ruby: Liberty. 7th , -d. Miss Lee. 128 fi.h '.7tl1 to 8tA reward SMALL PCRS ..ontainiri tr vT. m tween Kaufmann'. Diamond iV . be to corner of SmithfteM ""."trance Reward if returned " t xti.l "n ve. Boehm. 26 Allen ave.. citv Lretta SL.M of money- ney Lost on N'ortw c. June woman." poor wor rairjax 7U7S. evenings. TIRE Lost. 35x5 ()378 or 3770. ' cord. on rim. Fair. WRIST WATCH White gold hTT 1 with aapphires: Kennra Jiand -t Reward Park Sat WATCH Gentleman's, w nth - ,, . letter A 355K-W. letter A on chain. R.-,.LJ,U CB.a'n.I Lehign, STRAYED POLICE DOG irvi.,' REGISTERED): A KSWER Trf .kl- rlNDLR PLEASE CALL 638 7-R. rti LOST Diamond fin, cluster t " LOST car Lady's dark blue docIc.k i. contaiiung money. Schenley 2 B27 Terega Myers or Second and Tecnmeh 5f t4. Ntn reward. Call Franklin 3272, 7 1 T Tf"f .. ....

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