The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 15, 1949
Page 5
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TRTOAY, JULY 18, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGt FTVK Catholic Church's Communism Ban Most Significant By June* Marlow WASHINGTON, July IS. W)—A Roman Catholic believes that It he follows hii church's teaching and is truly sorry tor his sins he will, after his death on earth, live forever. He is also taught that if he disobeys tlie church and dies without. Apentance, he not only loses all hope of heaven forever but will suiter damnation, or eternal torment. That lj why there Is such terrible significance, in the mind o! a Catholic, in the order of the Catholic Church tills week excommunicating any Catholic who helps communism in any way anywhere. Excommunication cuts a Catho- lie off (rom the church entirely and If. while still excommunicated, he dies without true repentance, he will suffer eternal damnation. That's the Catholic belief. This wa- the explanation of the order as given here toy a Catholic theologian: The hc'p f Catholic henceforth is forbidden to give Communism, under pain ' excommunication, covers a number nf things: Belonging to a Communist Party ] anywhere in the world, helping' communism in any way, such as voting tor party members or contributing to parly funds: or even reading communist literature or newspapers. Past Actions Not at Issue But the excom nunication covers the future, not the past. A Catholic who has been a communist party member (or Poland or New excommunicated action. But from this moment—or. rather, as soon as he learns of the church's order must quit the party or be eynmrmmicated. But a Catholic who now defies ^Ihe order, as mentioned earlier. Is had been obt»'-ed by deception. So suppose a Catholic cynically defies t> order now, thinking that at the end of life, by merely New Ortocmc Newspaper Sills tor $2,000,000 NEW ORLEANS, July '15. (ft— Publisher Ralph NichoUon of the New Orleans Item announced yesterday the sale of the newspaper to David Stern, former Philadelphia. Pa., and Camden, N. J., newspaper executive. Sale price for the six day after noon Item, one of the South's otdesl metropolitan papers, was repotted to approximate $2,000,000. Announcement of the sale said Stern becomes the controlling stockholder and president and publisher. His father. J. David Stern, becomes chairman of the Item's Board of Directors. The eldei Stern owned the Philadelphia, Pa., Record which was sold and suspended in 1947. David Stern was formerly general manager of the Record. The elder Stem alro formerly owned the Camden, N. J., Morning Post and Evening Courier on which David Stem served as publisher. Other papers owned by the elder Stern at vail- MacKenzie Continue* From F»t« 4 [Ice action" that sponsored truces. bypassed U.N.- The last lime, list December, most nations condemned their action, without saying what they would have done if they hud been in the same spot. Now, there's to be another try to lion things out, and If It works th) new plan will start working by next year. The correspondents on that Ill- fated plane had been taken by Uie Dutch to look the situation over. One report says they hnd become convinced that the Indonesians are not ready for self government and tliat chaos will folow. That's half the question. Tlie other half Is whether anyone else can govern them these days. Polio Cases Show Big Increase in Missouri Bootheel CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. July 15 —WV-Poliomyelitis is striking ivitli stunning force In the bootheel counties of Southeast Missouri, according to Dr. S. D. Beechei of tlie Pemiscot County Health center here. Dr. needier said today 17 Clerks Laughed at Kidt With Toy GUM but $465 Loot Brought Blushes ELMIRA, N. Y.. July 15—(.T)— Clerks In a department store office Just laughed when two 12-year old Ijoys and an 11 year old girl waved toy pistols al them and announced a stlcVup. Hut $'165 95 the children had hidden in a field wasn't play money. Police quoted the kids as saying expressing repentance, he can be That won'i save him. Nothing will, except true repentance. years—say In Vorft—is not now that past ous times Included the New Brunswick. N. J., News: the Springfield. 111., News; the Springfield, 111., Record, and the New York Post. David Stern will actively direct the Item. Victims of Dutch Plane Accident Buried in Bombay BOMBAY, July 15. l/T>i—Funeral services for victims ol the Royal Dutch plane in which 45 persons perished Tuesday were held yesterday as monsoon rains Hooded the city for the fourth straight day El Dorado Oil Workers To Take Strike Vote EL DORADO. Ark.. July 15. MV- About 207 workers at the Root Pe- -oleum Refinery will vote t'hisj f" d f,™";Jf weekend on whether they wUl go | J™}'™' four Miners Rescued; Two Sent to Hospitals TOLEB, Ky.. July 15-</T|—Res cuers yesterday brought out aliv four men who were burled unde a slate rail Wednesday at the S more Truck Mine here. The last of the victims—Isaln Pennlngton, 42, of Noron, W. Va.— «-as brought to the surface toi hours after the fall occurred. H was taken to the Williamson. Va., Memorial Hospital will) pen, sible fractures of both legs. One of [he other three—An. simple ceremony at- U.S. Ambassador L<oy high Indian officials itutomatica" • excommunicated and will be damned forever—if he dies without true repentance. That phr e "if he dies without true repentance"—will have the gravest importance for any Catho lie defying the order because u the future he can avoid damnation and save himself in one of two ways. 1. By confessing to a priesl that he Is truly sorry. 2, Or, If '-e's dying and has no time to see a priest, by saying. If only to himself, that he Is truly -sorry. Must Be Sincere (The church teaches that God knows a man' most secret thoughts and so knows whether a dying man is truly -orry for what he's done. (So. if there's true repentance iu a dyinp man's mind. God wonlri "let him enter heaven even though no one on earth ever knew the man was rcpenta' 1 * before his dcath.1 But the church holds that ro be truly sorry means just that: true repentance. Suppose a man told a priest he was truly sorry but wasn't and nnly said he vas because he wanted It was a tended by Henderson. and the Dutch. Chinese and Amer- can consuls. Services were conducted by representative.-; of the Catholic. Protes- .ant and Jewish faiths Ambassador Henderson identified another body today—that of Vincent Malione;- one ot the 13 American correspondents killed. The number of bodies broi'pl t to the morgue now totals 42. Two of the nine bodies recovered yesterday were those of women. A search for three bodies still missing continued. out on strike. Negotiations between the workers and the refinery have broken down, a spokesman for the CIO international Oil Workers Union said yesterday. The employes belong to the union He said tlie workers are asking for a 12 cents an hour wage increase. Current wages for the men range from S1.04 to $1.88 an hour. Ofticials of the company declined to comment. The refinery Is owned by the Pan American Petroleum Corporation. ' The other two—Chnrlet Dafoe. 4 and John Crnblree. 45, both Noion—did not require ho*nllaliz lion. Read Courlei News Want Adi finite cases have been reported • they look most o( It from an open this county, seven of them in rulhersvilte and the other ten altered over the county. He said at least 40 cases have diagnosed definitely In the ven bootheel counties, most of em in communities along the ississlppi River, although Duublln ounty is reported to have eight ses. At the Southeast Missouri Health enter in Sikoston, it was -said any cases are not reported to t!* 1 . liter so Ihc record probably is 111- omplote. Definite reports, however low one case in Silscsion and Iwo Chaffee in Scolt county, two efinite rc]iort.s from PorlsgeviUe New Madrid c»ttttV.y aud at cast two cases in Cape Gii'arcieau County. safe after the clvuckllnft clerks had resumed typing and filing. The clerks hadn't missed the money. Police said tlie youngster, picke up lor questioning Wednesday bout another theft, led them to til field, where the money was foun n three wallets. Authorities liclU the trio as Juv enilc dcliquenls. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 ChicUosowbo is Ranked Fourth in Auto Crash Incidence According to (he Arkansas Stale 'ollce, Mississippi County ranked ourlh in the nine counties that nnke up State Police District Six, n the fewest number of traffic accidents reported during June. Four accidents wore investigated >y slate policemen during the nonth. resulting in property dam- amounting to $1,250 and personal injury to one person. However, State Policeman George Avtii, one of tlie two officers assigned to Mississippi County, pointed out that this is not tlie complete record tor the county as several accidents were not reported to the state police and were investlgalec by other police auihoritics. St. Francis County led Hie district In th» total number at accident* and property rtamao durtnc Jum. A total o! M tcdd*ati wen InTMU- ga'.ed by aUU police with »1»,710 tn properly damage, luturln to IT persons, and one death reported. The nine countlei that m»k« up District Six are: Arkuuu, CritUn- den, Cross, Woodruff, Ulaalaaippi, lom-oe, Phillips, Le«, and St. Francis. J ,<<„»,.... From where I sit... />// Joe Marsh For The Ladies: A Diet That Really Works BENEFIT BY THIS GOOD NEWS COMBINATION YOUR HOMI TOWN ,!»., I.C.I IWI •• •*••• J»» | U I ,*. KM •!» WORLD vhm Wf to • WIFT* P«m«U We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 I'lenly ol Parking Space ^Yc went out risilUiK tl« "tliec nilflit and the ladies were lalkint awny nbuiil weichl-rcducinR diets. One of tin-in liad a special "15-day Molly wnud did" ([uaranleeil t" slim her iluwn fifl ten pounds' worth. Another was living on bananas and skim milk! I might IKIV>: known the missus would (jet n lo bug, too, nml sine rriousli tlie oilier day she asks me, ".loe, wliat kind of a diet ilo you think 1 ouKhl lo go on?" "Mnllier," I says, "(he only diel I vmild ever recommend to anytnu> is simply miiieration. 1 wouldn't trust »ny of those Ket-lhin-qukk diets. Simply cul down on dt«s«rU, bread, bulter, sweels and fits—but when you do. even do your cutllnit down moderately." From where 1 tit, moderation is the watchword. Moderation with food, with smoking or with the enjoyment ol a friendly srlasa of temperate lieer or »lc. Actually, mcMtrulion tuMa to the ctijoyment of just about anything. ARKAKSAS DIVISION, UNIltD STATES MEWHS FOUNDATION •07 rrtAMiD (IDG., umi IOCK, MX. Atomic Energy Parley Scheduled at U. of A. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark,. July 15, (/Pi—A roundtable discussioif on atomic energy education will be held at the University of Arkansas July 25. Guest speaker will be Dr. Will Burnett of the University of Illinois, author of "Atomic Energy—Double Edge Sword of Science." Oihers participating in tlie discussion will include Dr. A. B. B»'\cta. Jr., Arkansas education cor I -is- sioner, and Dr. M. R. Owen, director of the Division of Instruction for the State Department of Education. him he Preferred by more users than the next two makes combined! the priest to could enter heaven. The theologian's explanation, continues: The p... t, accepting the man's word as his true feeling, might forgive him, Cul God. reading his innermost thoughts, would know better. That man. in spite of the priest's expressed forgivene.^, would not be saved because the forgiveness 4% HOME LOANS Klhert 8. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society PhoDt* 6'££S evening! BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS! That's why you'll save yoursett many a dollar by having your sh oes re paired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. H-fl LTCRS ,QUfli.:TY SHOC SHO Again . . . NEW LOWER PRICES! The SECRET of Rothrock's fXPfRT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDRUGCO. PHONE MSI Rent • Camera tor Color Pictures The Wrml waj to re me tuber • occasions. A Is* other type* of c»m- erm* for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phoiw 364? 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