Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 7, 1937 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 7, 1937
Page 16
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1S37 Inrns 'I I :o;orer is iny Theme . ilr Frcncis Drake To Es Subject of Tenant of Youth The slory of Sir Francis Drake will be the theme of tonight's Pag ' i.M of Youth drama, to be heard ever KLX from 10 to 10:30. These . programs of r-n educa tional nature tend to " inrpire the youth of to-cay to con tinue the sirucgle for J success b y ... showing the i achieve- :. . ments of ' r:.u ici ans, : - ertists, ex- : r iorers and :. atesmenof ' . the past. J . They, too, f . i ::a 10 overcome prob-Idiii and under CO ALMA MORROW 1 ..rdships to attain uccess. Tonight's 1 rrram follows through the career f f Sir Francis Drake from the time een Elizabeth of England gave ;:.e famous navigator authority to c '';h Spanish power. The State department of Education insors several programs, outstand-? of which is the Pageant of . uilh. Alma Morrow, former con-iiuitv writer with NBC and author ,,f several books, Including "Lyrics In Lavender," has been writing a k rles of programs for the Pageant of Youth broadcasts. Cowboy melodies and other favor-i are played and sung for the 'ers over KLX by Dude Martin 1 his Nevada Nightherders from 1 to 8:30 p. m., Monday through i May, through the courtesy of the r Outfitting Company. Conslance Dixon Ralston will be rd over KLX tonight in another .' her talks on contract bridge. This d Culbsrtson exponent will be t the air from 7:45 to 8. Aimee Lawrence, pianist, is heard r KLX from 10:30 'to 11 p. m., ' ,y through Friday ,jn programs - pular melodies. . Alameda City Board of Edu- ; -n will present the Alameda City vol of the Air.tomorrow in a j m m e r Experimental Workshop -a titled "News Worth Know-" This program will be on the air i 1:30 to 1:45 p. m. These dra- ;c offerings are directed by Earl ney and are written and pn' :i by Vic Connors. HIGHLIGHTS FOR TONIGHT 5:00 Frank Parker; Andre Kostela- netz; KSFO. 5:30 Beauty Box Theater; KSFO. 5:45 Junior News; KPO. 8:00 Your Hit Parade; KPO. 6:30 NBC Minstrel Show; KGO 7:15 Boake Carter; KSFO. 7:30 Olsen and Johnson; KPO. 7:30 Bennie Walker's Amateur Hour; KGO. 7:30-Lone Ranger; KFRC. 8:30 Town Hall Tonight; Walter O'Keefe; KPO. 9:30 "Dr. Kate"; KGO, Music Still TODAY'S BROADCAST J 3 P. M." KI.T W h n fa Nut 3i1S Am. Ltg. An KPO-Buddy Twll (3:16) Btrlnar Tim. Kf.O-Food Magician (.1:11!) Mrs. Kooaevelt, KSFO Western Horn KFIIC-Fem. Fancies. H A Baaeball. KBOW- Dance. K.IHN-Htllrtlo. KRE-Open House. I41.il Kecorda. 3:30 P. M. KLX -Aim Lawrence (3i4) Itecorde. KPO-Charlotera: (3:45 Osteopathic Program. KUO -Memory I.an (D:4S Mario Cozzl. KMKO Western Home, KFKC-rianokeya; (3:45 l n veraitv. KYA Baseball. KIIOW Lianei. K.ina-To the Ladles, KHK-Open House. ki.h Kucorna. 4 P. M. KLX-Reeorda. KPO-One Man's Family HGOAiuaicaie. KFO-Cavaleade. KFRC-Frienda or Music K YA Baaebull. KROW-Recorda; (4:15 Franola Lewis. Kjus-Recorrts. KRE-Open House. KI.H Kecorda. 4:30 P. M. .".art Rayves Ray Ki t Hnmpr Dumpf K PO-Comment; (4:41 Jlngletown. KfJO-Jsck Meaklfl. KSFO-Baaebnll News (4:35) Maurice's Orch. (4:45) Slnaln' Ham. CFRO News; (4:40) Marine Band. KYA-Baaeball. K HOW Records. K.ms-Recorda, KflE-Open House. KLS-Records. 5 P. M. KI.J Stewart Bam hlen, KPO-Talk; (5:15) Re porter. Kcn.Nvmnlinnv f)rrh KSFO-Frank Parker A Andre Koatelanetas nrrh KFHC-ith Cay Adven tlais. KYA-Records. KROW.Records. KJBS-Recorde. KRIS Records. KIl-Records. 5:30 P. M. KLX Stewart Ham. hlpn. KPO.Orian; (5:45), Jr. Newi. KfJO-symphony Orch. Kirn-. Reaiitv Box. KFIIC-Ed Fltsvterald. KYA Mnclclnn: (5:451 Today With God. KROW-Dell perry (5:45 Records. K.ms-rtecords; (5:45) Where to Oo. KHE Sport si (5:45) Peace Talk, KLS-Records. 6 P. M. KI.X-Arinn Trio. KPO Hit Parade kfiO-Agriculture Today (6:1b) Concert. KSFO Gang Buetera, KFHC - In-Lawa; (0:1 A r Adventures. KYA - Records; (5:15 M er uo well. KHOW-Studlo; Record K.llis-studio; Dance, KRK Italian News (l):15) Records. KLS-Feature: Dance. 6:30 P. M. KLX-Arlon Trio, KPO Hit Parad (8:45) Johnny O'Brle M(iO-Aiinar.reia, K S K O-Wllhur Benne Lewis Interviewed (:4&) Bwingtette. KFrtC Frank Bull (8:45) John B. Huehes. k i A-i(unaiKore. KBOW-Records. KJHS-Kecords. KHfC -Organ. KLS-P.-T. A.; Italy. 7 P.M. KLX News Fin. he. (TilB) Hit and En cores. KPO Amos 'n' Andy r:it) unci. Jbzra KGO Dance: (7)15 Lum & Abner. KSFO Scattergood (l:ti) BHRK tarter, KFRC-Olobe Trotter )lu h: (7:15) Joae Dc fiourcey a. Orch. KYA-Sportaman; (7:15) Kecoras. KlioH-Hecords; Italy. K.I II. Records. KRK Masters. KLS-Italy: Portugal. 7:30 P. M. KLX - Almee Lnwrenre (Ti4) Contrast nrlrtae." PO-Olsen It Johnson, (iO-Bennle Walker. "FO-Ken Murray. FHC-Lone Ranger. YA-Sunset Land. HOW Italy. RK Masters. KLS.Portuea.1, 8 P. M. KLX-Coneert t'nder the tar. PO-Town Hull. GO-Bennle Walker. KFO-Jan Oarber. KFRC-Ouy Lombardo. Y A postal program; 15) rtecoras. mow-Hr": studio. KRE-Records. KLS-Andrew La Rocca 8:30 P. M. KLX-Dndo Mnrtln. PO Town Ha , KOO-March of Progress; (8:45) Haenichenc rrh. KSFO-Serenade; (8:45) en. Hum ton. FHC-Frank Watanabe, (8:45) Earl Hlnes, KYA Glen Gray. IlOW-Raseball. RF.-studlo: Records. KLl-Records; Feature. 9 P. M. KLX-Dnda Mnrtln. KPO-Hollywood Maga zlne; (9:15) Don Per tin tain a ( ircli, KGO-Walts Time. iKSFO Calling all Cars, KFRC Newa: (t:li) 'iKVA-folIf Xfln.tr.l. Ik ft II Ha ahull ) K.llie.Stllriln- Pcrnrrt. KRK-Htudlo; Records, KL8-Irama. 9:30 P. M. KLX-.ew (0i45) Hoi lywnon on Pnrnde. - KPO-Paul Sahln; (11:46) win Hollander. K(;o Dr. Kate. KSFO-S t u d I o ; (9:45) -Alias .Jimmy Valen tine." W lKFHC-Jo Sanders. KYA-Sonata; (9:46) As tronomer. KROW-Paseball. K.IIIS . Records; (9:45) women in Ne-'S. KHF.-Q u est Ion Box; (9:45) Dance. KLS-Records. 10 P. M. KLX-Pajceant of Youth. KPO-N e w s: (10:16) Glen Hurlhurt. KGO-Ellla Kimball. KHFO-Newstlmti (10:16) Ynnr Wltneaa. KFRC-Eddle Duchin. KYA-Larry Kent. KROW-Baseball. K.iM-.MKk' Hour. . KRF Dance. KLS-Records. 10:30 P. M. KLX-Almea Lawrence. KPO-Ilmmy Grler, Kf;o-Reverlea. KSFO-Your Witness. l Flic-Larry Kent. KYA -Tom Tucker; (10:45) Jess Stafford. KRow Records. K.inMnrlo Hour. KRE-Organ. IvLS Records. . 11 P. M. KLX Record.. KPO Geo. Olaen. Kf.o-Paul Carson. ksfo .Olen Gray; 1M6) Eddie Fitzpat- rlck, nc-Newa: (11:15) Tommy Tucker. I Y A Studio; (Hilt) Al Eldrldge's Orch. ROW I n nee KJRS-Maglo Hour. iif Dance KLS-Boxlng Results. . 11:30 P. M. i PO-Archle Loveland. no Paul Caraon. HFO-Cole McElroy; 11:50) Newa. FHC-Ben Pollack. YA-AIKldrlrige;(ll:45) I nlvatore gantnelln. nnw-Pnire; Studio, JBS-Stunlo; .Dance. HE Dance. KLS-Revue. 12 MIDNIGHT YA Dance. Row Mght Club. ,ibs Midnight Club. RE Clambake. KLS Revue. Radio Feature Curb Begins Bail Bond MOTHER GREETS SON Melody Still Rules Air Waves Despite Summer Slashes By JACK1 BURROUGHS The lethal hand of Summer has not as Charlie McCarthy would ny, "mowed down" all the major ofc. ferings-on the air lanes... The " 1 a n u or Applications Open For Licenses Under Strict New Rules ) .J ON AIR TOMORROW rune for the following features wtwaves. Figures denote ire ;s (in megacycles) on your Everything is subject to re-Ing conditions and program and ..n changfts without further no- . ::r.:3Ay p. m. -'-o-inl nroadenat to America, i.n me. Hulaea, Nether- - -- e camp of the radio and nniiiiiiltriiion of the Mlt- ioiiiIi at nerchtragaden. DJU-J il IlJ().ll.7T me. Merlin. . t Hen. Fred Hartley'a Sei-'. inlkn. Vocal and violin r-'. CM-1S.2H, GSF-1S.14, liSD-, i and r.C-.KS me. London. -inl'nllr Cuban mualc. COCO.-i we. Hnvann. In Kngll.h. LefterlHx. -18.11 and U.IO-ll.TT mi: n. In F,ntlh. A4-H.T1 mc. Parla. . . n. m. ena In F.nglUh. J7K- id aim J..I-1I.S me. Tokrn. a. m hlneae ninalc. 7, HW- . me. Hone Kong, I p. m. tnrlety pnnrert. fiewa ermnn, "!ew German Rnoka." i-in.a and DJD-h.TT me -riln. i n. m Amns 'n' Andy. W2XAD- Kntf.dM me. NRl'. (..Jxrnational Kitchen l.'Di'S CRONKHITE, Director rrxEMAL soup 6 lfks 4 tablespoons butter 1 small white onion 1 i quarts salted water, or Seasoned stock 6 potatoes Coan and dice the white part of s. Place In saucepan with butter 1 stew. Add the sliced onion r omit). May be browned or not ; individual taste dictates. When s are thoroughly cooked, add ' or salted water, peeled and 3 potatoes and permit the mix-e to cook slowly. When potatoes done serve as is or puree and 1 crpam or additional butter. Top i ciIfp croutons. . .immcr version: After pureeing Mil thoroughly. When ready to 'it aJd chilled cream to desired '.ness. This is the famous Creme vsoise that has made many a turant's reputation! ' TV .... j unEtiT t i n e M aetu til Junl Fifteen minutes of song and harmony. Fls times a we:k Mondays tftru Fridays. J -VTCC A r: far ' rvrwrNT o. n-eifii Rosle Her Oultar, KSFO Wild West. KKIH Kiae ana Shin (7:26) Stocks, KYA Variety. Kiiow Vernon Mor can: (7:15) Clock KJ HS Alarm Clock. Kit ID Melodlea. KLS Records. 7:30 A. M. trt.T.nai,nrrii. HC.O-0 r r nl (T:5) Hlarh Hatters. KCiFO-Farm Reporter; (7:45) Studio. KFHC Kiae & Bhlne. KVA Variety. k now Clock. K.l lis Alarm Clock. KRtt S t u n I o (7:4t) About Time. KLS Records. 8 A. M. Becord. Ht Tonle Toneai liioi n. i. aioe. KPO-K I n a n c ei (8:15) Mary Marlln, KtiO-Talk hy U E. Fns ten (8:15) Grace and Rentty. KSFO - K e a p I n Fit (:15) News. KKIIC-Andy ft Virginia (11:15) Walt Beck KVA-Mualcal Mirror (8:15) Melodies. KROW-Clock; 6tudlo, KJHS-Records. K UK Organ. KLS-Records, 8:30 A. M. KLX Stewart Hamb len. KPO-Tenor; (1:4 5) Quartet. Kt.O-Mntlnee KSFO-Enaemble; (8:46) Studio. KFllC-News: Bess Bye We Are Four. KYA-Melodies. KIIOW Record a. K.IBS. Records. KnK-Records. KLS-Records. 9 A. M. Kl.T-Shnnnlna Llat. KPO Reporter; (9:15) Mrs. Wlaas. KGO-Love and Learn !:15) Hal Oordon. KFO-Betty & Bob; Hvmns; Betty Crocker. KFllC Rackets; (9:15) Hycamore Bt. KYA Studio; (0:15) Prudence Penny, KIIOW-Records. K.l IIS Records. KnK-Recnrda. KLS-Recnrda; Feature 9:30 A. M. KLX-necordai (8i4S) llhythm and Itnmnnee. KPO-John'a Other Wife 9:45) Just Plain Bill KGO Morning Concert KFO-Betty Crocker lirama, John K. Wat-k I up. Newa. KFIIC-Merrvmakera. KYA S t u d I o; (9:46) inspiration!. KIIOW Records; (9:45) Women In the News, KJB Records. K RE Records. KLS Jin's Journal. 10 A. M. KLX-Polloe Departmenti .(lOil.l) S. F. Storkai Weatheri 10iUO firyr: KPO-NBC Mualo Guild. KGO- Houaeboat Hannah; (10:15) Crotscuta. KSFO Bit Slater: (10:16) Aunt Jenny. KFIIC Concert: (10:15) Home Undivided. K YA-Alma La Marr. , KHOW-Rtenrda; (10:16) Am. Family. Roblnaon. K.im-Studlo; Orsan. h HE Records. K I. a ,ian Journal : (10:15) Records. - 10:30 A. M. KLX lateraa tlnnnl , kitchen. ; hl'O - Kitchen Snn;s. ; (11:45) Men of Went. K'.O-P I a n o; (10.45) 1 a y a v Wnod. Ik k o-r-d. a H t l I; lH.K) i'.yrt Wirt. KFHC-Studlo; (10:45). KYA-Lleten Ladles, KHOW-Dance. A 14 ' m- ' Just Like Home. KGO Vagabonds! (7:15 1 KV A. Records; (10;46 Girls Romance. p. n. ItllOW Heoorda, 4,iiii Records. KHR-Recorda. KLS-Talk; Records. 11 A. M. ICLX Henlth School of Aln (llilR) Your Home KPO-Pepper YounS (11:15) Ma Perkins KGO-NBC Llfht Opera KSFO-Home economist (11:16) Matinee. K F It C'-H h u m b Rhythms; (11:15) Mu- alcale. KYA-Studloi 'Records. aUOWV our Show. KJRS Records. KIU3 Records. iKLS-Recorda. 11:30 A. M. Kl,.t Itrroritai Hll4M Clnalna Ni Y. Stoi'ka. KPO-VIo and Sade Ml:461 The O'Nellla. KGO-Farm and Home. KSKO-Wlld West. liFUClIualcale; (11:45) Morning; Hostess. KYA -Studio; Resume (11:46) Rpcnrrts. KROW -Studio; (11:46) Records, li.llla itecorda. 'IIR Records KLS-Records; Festure, 12 M. KLX Tribune 1 1 rem llnnee Maali. KPO-Cs r 1 K a 1 a a h (12:16) Edw. MacHugh KGO-Farm and Home. KSFO-Plano Team (12:16) Pretty Kitty Kelly. KFHC-Newa: Studio. KYA-Swlngtlme; (12:16) Italian News. KKOW-studio: (ll:l(i Man on the Street. KJHS Sons; Hits. Kn,F,-Noon Prog-ram. KLS-Portugnl. 12:30 P. M. KLX-Anlta and Oroacoi (Ui45) Alnmnac. KPO - Spltalny'a Orch. KGO a agriculture (12:46) Sketch. KSFO-H o m a Town (12:46) Army Band. KFRC-A1 John's Orch. KYA-Hand. KHOWMmlln KJDS-Studio; Dance. KHK-Noon Program. KLS Records. 1 P. M. KLX neenrdei (1 1 1 5) Mnfthn Lee. KPO-0 r g a n: (1:15) Hasel Warner and Chas. Runyan. KGO-Lucllle & Lanny; 11:16) Stuart Gracey, KSFO-News; (1:16) Hnmeinaker. KFROChrlBtlan Science News; Stocks; Fl Paseo KYA-Trio; (1:16) Reo- orris. K ItllW Studio. KJIIS Records. Hllic draan, KLS-F. M. Sheridan (1:15) Jan's Journal. 1:30 P. M. KLX-Ala. Sen. Alri Et- permentnl Workaho. KFO House hold lieud- llnea: (1 :45) Reporter KGO-WI11 Hollander; (1:45) Kings Men Quar tet. KXFO-Organ; (1:45) Health. - KFHC Good Neighbor (1 :46) Radloland Orch KYA -The Philistine; (1:45) Philosopher.. Know-Records. K.m-studlo. Hill.; K.corflS KLS-Jan'i Journal. 2 P. M. KLX Lost mill Fonnd lUiini Helm Wegman rnrmelee. ulnnlst. ' PH-.Mnnr.ine. M,.i..'hnnibr Music. knfo-aii Hands on I"-k. KFH(-Oran; (2:15) Pl ana ueam. KJHS Bllndcraft Singers; (2:15) Concert, KRE-Opera Echoes. KLS-Talk; Records. 2:30 P.M. KLX Record. i (ZiSS) S. I Stockai (3i4U) necorda. KI'O Magazine. KGO-Chamber Music. KNr o .Newlyweds; (2:41 Geo. Hall. KFHC Memory Chest. KYA -Listen Ladles; (2:42) Baseball Game. Know-Dance. KJHS- Records; Inter view: (2:60) Songs K UK-Records; Studio. KLN Records. 3 P.M. KLX What 'a Neiti l.'liinl lleetirda. KI'O-Buddy Twlss; CI:I5) Argentine Trio, KGO-Clinmber Music. KSFO. Western .Home. . KFHC-Kem. Fancies. 4 YA-Bnsrliall. know-Concert. K.llis-Studlo. KHIO-Open House. .M Keci'.rna 3:30 P. M. KLX Continental Nights. IKPO-S o p r a n o; (3:45) TsiK ny nenator Kusn Holt of West Virginia. KGO-Palr of Pianos; (3:46) Children's Hour. KFO-Weatern Home. KFRC-Salvatlon Army; (3:46) Social Security Talk. '4 Y A-Raseball, Know-Fiesta. K.lB-To tire Ladles, KHF.-Open House. KLN Records. 4 P. M. KLX-I.llllnn Mitchell, sopranni (4ilB) Swing Your Partner, Pnrtner. KPO Rudy Vallee KGO-Natlonal Boy Scout .Inmhoree. KSKO-Columbla Concert Orch. KFRC-Muslo and Tou. KYA Baseball, khow -Dell Psrry; (4:15) Records. K.ins Recorda. KHF.-Open House. 1 1. Records. 4:30 P. M. KLX ( hltilren'a Thea ter of the Air, KPO Rudy Vallee K;o-Rnbln Hood Dell t'nncei't. KNFO-s ports; (4:45) Sin Brln Sam. KFIIC-N e w s; (4:40) l.nnihHitln's Orch. It V A-Hnseball. KIIOW-Records. K.IIIS Records. KnF.-Open House. KLS-Records. 5 P. M. KLX Sterna rt Ham blen. KPO Calif, on Parade; (n:16) Reporter. KGO-Concert. KFO-.MaJor Bowes. hr III -JoeSanners Orch (5:15) About Books. KYA-Songs; (5:15) Jr. Rlrdmen. KROW-Records. KLS-Records. KJiis Records; (5:16) v isnist. KRK Records. KLS Dance. 5:30 P. M. M4LX Stewart Ham blen. KPO I Cheers; (1:45) Govt, at Your Service. KGO-Ohrlstlan Endeavor Prnarnm. KKO-.Ma)or Bowes. KFHC - lioa Hero s; (T-45) Studio. KYA-Maaiclan; (5:45) Todav with God. Kiiow-Trto; (5:45) Recorna. .liis.Kecords. hilR-S ports; (5:46) studio. KLS Dane. 1 that has slowed down the comedian ' s tempo and cradled his gags in . lethargy has not stricken with Sum- x mer parai- ysis the hand that wields the baton. . . Some of the top-flighty musical offerings are temporarily WALTER O'KEEFE off the air. it is true, but special Summer pro grams are taking their place. . . And you can always count on the Symphony Hour every Thursday night. . . By way of contrast, if you liste.i with your feet you'll find no dearth of dance bands, either. .tomorrow marks the inaugura tion of a series of five chamber music concerts, four, of which are to be presented under the auspices of the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge ioundation, . . The initial concert of this series wilj be the personal gift of Mrs. Coolidge and will feature Schumann, Mozart and Quincy sorter quartets. . . The Roth Quartet will offer tomorrow's concert which will be heard over an NBC-KGO network from 2 to 2:30 p. m. . . . Subsequent concerts in the series will be offered by the Ko-lisch String Quartet and will consist of a cycle of Beethoven and Sohoenberg compositions. . . These concerts will all originate in Wheeler Auditorium on the Uni versity of California campus. With Jose Iturbl on the podium, the Robin Hood Dell orchestra, a 90-piece group drawn principally from the membership of the Phila delphia Orchestra, will be heard in a broadcast from Fairmont Park, Philadelphia, tomorrow, over an NBC-KGO network, from 4:30 to 5:30. Albert Spalding, violinist, and Alfred Wallensteln, cellist, will be heard as soloists on this program. The Cavalcade of American program now heard over CBS-KSFO on Wednesdays from 4 to 4:30 p. m., will launch its Summer parade of composers today with a program devoted to the music of Irving Berlin. COMMENT Critical comments on last Thursday's Symphony Hour conducted by Pierre Monteux and featuring major compositions representing countries of Central Europe, are contributed to this column today by Betty Jane Holman, concert Jand radio pianist... Concerning Carl Goldmarck's overture. "In Spring time," Miss Holman says: "Once again creative genius selects the tired . subject of seasonal joy as a medium of musical expression. "however, this frayed material was rendered less objectionable as Monteux added a lightness of texture reflective of the gay personality peculiar to the French, In the delicate bird-calls intoned by the woodwinds, as in other descriptive forest sounds, was always present the pervading freshness of Spring Nature resurrected. . ," Her comments on another number, Georges Enes'co's "Rumanian Rhapsody No. 1," follow: "A frolicsome progression -f major Intervals divided between flute and clarinet introduces the main theme of vibrant rhythm and rhapsodic play of melody the very essence of the carefree nomadic Gypsy. Vivid is the carnival Idea, suggesting the flash of pendant earrings, and the colorful flare of a dancer's skirt with accompanying jingle of tambourine. To one accustomed to observe, In his Inter pretations, many characteristics of the nationality of Pierre Monteux, came the revelation of a genuine flair for interpreting, correctly, the music of other European countries. Hence this vastly Interesting series of weekly radio concerts featuring the composers of various nations." For tomorrow night's Symphony Hour concert, Pierre Monteux has selected a colorful program of Spanish music. . . This program will be presented over NBC-KPO from 8:15 to 9:15 o'clock. REPLACES COMEDIAN Walter O'Keefe takes over Fred Allen's Town Hall Tonight with this evening's program and will sub for Allen during the lanky Yank's vacation from the airlanes. . . O'Keefe's Summer cast will include Alice Frost, comedienne; the Town Hall Quartet; Peter Van Steeden and his oik and guest stars. . . Guesting on this program tonight will be: Honey Dean, 19-year-old Southern singer; the Oleanders, Ne gro choral quartet, featuring swing and spirituals, and Popikoff, comic Russian baritone. . . "Sweethearts by Victor Herbert will be presented as tonight's Beauty Box Theater production, co-starring Jessica Dra gonette and Charles Kullmann, . Ken Murray's guest star on his program this evening will be Lorraine Bridges, Hollywood singer. . . "An Option on Trouble" Is the title of tonights episode in the "Dr. Kate serial. MAESTRO S LESSON Johnny Green admits that he still has a lot to learn from radio. . . So honest Is Maestro Green in this respect that he looks eagerly forward to his weekly lesson. . . One of the things he learned recently was to look about carefully on his program before going elsewhere for something unusual in the way of entertainment features... For some time past Johnny has been combing music libraries for unusual songs and styles. . . His weekly lesson came when he discovered that three young women Mary Moder, Betty Bruce and Ama Lou Barnes who sing with his rhythm LOS ANGELES, July 7.-Samuel L. Carpenter Jr., State insurance commissioner, today began setting up the machinery for enforcement of California's new laws designed to terminate bail-bond "racketeering." He said applications for new State licenses could be filed at once either In the Los Angeles office or at his San Francisco office. The necessary forms for registration of brokers will be issued about 30 days before the August 27, ef fective date of the two new statutes. CLOSE CHECK PLANNED While refusing to comment on the case of Pete McDonough, bail bond broker involved in the San Francisco police graft scandal, Carpenter said: "Generally speaking, it will be my policy to deny a license to any applicant convicted of a crime involving thehandling of money or in any .. questionable transactions definitely reflecting upon business reputation, honesty and integrity of the applicant." Carpenter said McDonough had not indicated whether he would seek a license under th stringent new regulations. "If and when such an applica tion is made," he said, "I will in vestigate the McDonough case fur ther before a license is issued." To this, McDonough said: "We will apply for a license and if Carpenter refuses us one we will fight it out In the courts." LICENSE REQUIRED . The law, intended to protect arrested persons against bail bond racketeering, -forbids engaging in that business without a license. It also requires that the solicitors for bail bond houses be licensed. Solicitation of business "in or around any jail, courtroom, public building, or public place" Is for bidden. Carpenter said wide discretionary powers are vested in his office, under which he must decide whether the applicant is "a person of good, moral character, and a fit and proper person, of good business reputation, good general reputation and possessed of a record free of any indication of a lack of honesty and Integrity." r r - I Vr , , Sfeiips4 SIISB ;;,:.;; j'f ;f(sirj;?f ' m "' m n ii ii ai pi in ii ii ' a i ii ii an mi " ' " .-v. :- . 'r0f : Kenneth Huston (left) kissing his mother, Mrs. L. E. Huston lust after landing at Alameda yesterday aboard the China Clipper. Kenneth, together with his brother, Robert (right), returned from a 10-day excursion to Hawaii the gift of their : father upon Kenneth's graduation from high school. Their home is at River Forest, HI. Tribune photo. Philippine Leader 'yn Clipper Ends Nev Air Crossing of Pacific U. S. Rail Workers To Get Big Refund The government soon will refund about $600,000,000 In taxes to 1,500,-000 of country's railroad employees, railway executives said today. The Southern Pacific Company estimated that approximately $3,750-000 of the amount will go to 75,000 of Its workers. The refund will result from the newly revised Railroad Retirement and Carrier Taxing Acts, signed by President Roosevelt. The acts reduce employee payroll reductions levied since March 1, 1936, from 3V4 per cent to 2 per cent. ; Decked out in a derby hat and cane, with colorful leis about his heck, Dr. Hija'rlo Camino Moncado, president of the Filipino Federation of America, arrived in Alameda yesterday aboard the China Clipper, on his third round-trip crossing of the Pacific by air. From the Clipper base, Dr. Moncado, who participated in the Inaugural flight of the Pan American service to the Philippines, rushad over to the Oakland Airport to board a plane for Sacramento, to attend the 12th annual State convention of the federation. He was greeted at the Clipper base by Fabian L. Bangino, vice-president of the federation. . An author and a statesman, Dr. Moncado later will go to Washing ton on a confidential diplomatic mission before he returns, in Sep tember, by Clipper ship to his home at Cebu, near Manila. He came by air from Hongkong, after studying economic and political conditions In the Far East. Two brothers, Robert and Kenneth Huston, sons of Mr. and Mrs. I.. E. Huston of River Forest, 111., completed a vacation trip to Hawaii, the gift of their father, upon Kenneth's graduation from Culver Military Academy, Culver, Ind. Mrs. Huston met her sons, around whore necks hung leis which they received from friends when they boarded the Clipper at Honolulu. Ernst Giesecke, Honolulu piano tuner and dealer, completed the passenger list, coming to the mainland for a vacation visit in Denver, and a possible business jaunt to New York. Capt. J. H. Tilton was in com mand of the ship as she bucked headwinds 21 hours and 16 minutes from Honolulu to Alameda. . Vallejo Ferry Case To Be Separate Issue The petition of the Southern Pacific-Golden Gate Ferries for abandonment of service to Vallejo may be considered by the State Railroad Commission independently of other applications now before it, it was disclosed, today. , Present hearings concern also thq abandonment of ferry service, ex-ccrtJo Sausalito and Oakland -piers,1 mm lyuucuun ui uuiu iuus iu a due fare. , ; SAN LEANDRO TO RESURFACE 14TH STREET choir, are the original "Three Little Pigs." . . They are also the orig lnal "Three Little Wolves," which was the title of another Walt Disney opus, . ; When Green was auditioning voices last Fall for the Fred Astaire choir, the three young women tried out for the place and were accepted, but the chapter in their past titled "Three Little Pigs" remained a closed book to Johnny until a short time ago. SAN LEANDRO, July 7.-Resur-facing of East 14th Street from the San Leandro Creek Bridge to the southerly city limits will begin within the next 60 days, according to an announcement made today by City Manager Ray L. Billings. Completion of a new map of the city's main thoroughfare by City Engineer John Carl Thayer has added .momentum to the project, which calls for the removal of asphalt on either side of the old 20-foot right-of-way abandoned two years ago with the institution of motor coach service. Work on the project will be held back for the two months' period because of usual procedures which involve drawing plans and specifications and advertising for bids. Approximate cost of the removal and resurfacing of the 11,424.57 square yards of the street has been estimated at $4500, which will be paid out of the city's gasoline tax revenues. RICHMOND LIONS' SECRETARY ON' JOB 17 YEARS RICHMOND, July 7.-City Clerk A. C. Faris today is starting his 17th year as secretary of the Richmond Lions Club following the annual installation yesterday. Faris has served as secretary of the club ever since its organization. Don Leidig of Hayward, newly- elected district governor,' installed officers for the year. W. W. Forrest became president succeeding W. P. Drummey. George W. Shaw was installed vice-president; Fred Caudle, treasurer; Dr. L. A. Sears, tail twister; D. W. Reardon, lion tamer, and E. A. Hoffman, D. J. Shaw, P. J. Murphy, L. A. Smith and W. E. Lane, directors. Storm Sewer Project Urged BERKELEY, July 7. Application to State authorities 'for permission to divert gasoline tax funds to a sewer construction project for Portland Avenue was authorized yesterday by the City Council following a communication received from Albany city officials. ' A appropriation of $3700 was asked by the Albany City Council as Berkeley's share toward construction of a new storm sewer on Portland Avenue to prevent flooding of the street during the rainy season. Albany s share of the proj ect will approximate $5000. Inasmuch as the North Berkeley storm sewer does not take care of Portland Avenue and, also, because Albany's troubles in the Winter season are largely due to Berkeley storm waters. City Manager Hollis Thompson declared the project should be aided by the city government. A diversion of gasoline tax funds will be asked, Thompson said, on the ground that drainage of streets constitutes a proper expenditure of money allocated to cities from the State. Approval of the project followed conferences of City Manager Thompson and Mayor O. C. Yenne of Albany with City Engineers Harry Goodridge and H. I. Dygert of the respective cities. RITES TOMORROW FOR 'PENNY' ROSS, NEWS CARTOONIST Private funeral services will be held here tomorrow for Marion T. Ross, 56, newspaper cartoonist, Interior decorator and motion picture set and costume designer. Ross, a resident here for the past nine years, died yesterday at nis home at 5$73 Broadway Terrsrce, after an illness of three weeks. Death was attributed to a heart ailment. As "Penny" Ross, the cartoonist drew the comic strip, "Mama's Angel Child," which ran for years in the Oakland Tribune and other newspapers. He leit tne unicago Tribune in 1926 to come to California. Ross planned the Interiors ol many large homes in the Bay area. JHe was called as a consultant for the Century of Progress' Exposition at Chicago and recently had done designing for Hollywood studios. Ross was a native of Illinois, graduate of Chicago art schools and a former instructor at the Louis Art Institute, in Chicago. Surviving him are his widow, Myrtle; a son, Gilbert, and A daughter, Mary Jane. SAVE THIS DICKENS CERTIFICATE Airline Passengers CHICAGO. July 7.-(P)-Ameri-can Airlines, Inc., announced today it carried 30,902 revenue passengers during June, a new all time record. MM 7:30 P. M. ) - KPO AND NEC ' V ' PACIFIC COAST RED NETWORK I CACCER-TULIOR All form of cancer nrt tumor ttircMs-fully treated without dancen oi RADIUM, SURGERY or X-RAY. Write for free 47 pan book or Phone Ah hberry 7060 for appointment, DR. D. J. OLSON 1904 University Avenue Berkeley, California It Is Valuable in DICKENS PRESENTATION OFFER The certificate above appears each day, except Sunday, In the Oakland Tribune. 12 of them (each differently numbered) en-title the holder to receive a et of two volumes of the 20-Volume Library of "The Complete Works of Charles Dickens" at a special privilege price offered exclusively to Oakland Tribune readers. It Is not neceeeary to beain with any specific num. hered certificate. The only rile la that there muet be It and thev must each be differently numbered. However, to qualify for thin offer, you must reserve vour library. In tne meantime. QT APT rOT.T.FrTTNn THESE DICKENS CERTIFICATES NOW! APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE TRIBUNE-CHEVROLET SOAP BOX DERBY 1937 Nam . Addrest. -Pkont o City -Stat School. Crad . Take this application to your nearest Chevrolet dealer. When you fill out the official entry blank, you will re- . ceive your Rule Book and Driver s License. This" of ficially enters you in the All-American Soap Box Derby, Sigaalur of Partnt or Guardian Name o Applicant

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