The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE rou» BLYTHBV1LLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS • THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager . Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas DaUles, Inc., New York, Chicago, Deirvlt. Si. Louis, DaUas, Ka"sns Cjly, Memphis. Publthcd E\ r ery Afternoon Except, Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the \iosl otlicc at BtyUicvtlle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1911. Served oy the united Press • SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In liic uuy ot nivtlievllle, ISc per weelc or S0.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius ot 50 inlles, $3.00 per year, $1.5') for six months, 881; for D.rce months; by mail In postal zones two to sis, Inclusive, SG.50 per year, In zones seven nmi eight, $10.00 .per year, payable In advance. The Freedom We See^ Hai> Become Economic A gront .shift in Hie popular iilen of i-CL'don\, which will ulliiniiluly have » cry great effect on our jidilinil honghl, has licen taking place in this o tin try during the last 1'ow years. This shift IWK ln'cn moving us \\viiv {Yum «rt\r Uiulitioiuil notions lit u •apid pace. It is giviiiK :< new twist o the things we ilcmaml from otiv government, and it is steadily cliang- ng our concept of the relation »f the mUviJual to the society of which he s a part. Briefly, the .shift can bo explained by saying that we arc beginning lo (| u- namt economic freedom nillier than wlitical freedom. Once we tlunmnilcd freedom from I he oppression of rulers—freedom to talk, vritc, iintl worship as we pleased, ibolition of inherited caste distinctions, 'ormal recognition of the fact that, in 'ar as rights arc concerned, all men ive created TUUHSDAY, MARCH; 29, [ Now \vo are Ijt^immiK Ui doiniitul "recdom from economic ilisnbi!ilin.s; 'recdom from iwvcriy, for iiiKtiiiiuo, niul 'rora the fear uf puvorty. We are beginning to insist tluit pi>- itienl ctiuulity be balanced \vilh economic security. It is tins demand u-liidi is back of such iieiuling' bills in Congress us Uie tVagncr-Lcwis uneinploymenl insurant^ aw aiul.Uiu,|(,-0,nncry oO-liOui 1 week bill. Now tlie tiling to notice is that never before, in all tho world's history, eutild a dcmanil for cconomii' security Ir.ivu been made sensibly. * * * In nil former times it \v;is inevitable that insecurity be the lot, of I hi: average man. There .simply sviisn't enough of uvurylliing to go around. Somebody had lo be left out. Population, as Malthus pointed out, tended to increase faster tlum the means of subsistence. Voverly was inescapable. But today our troubles conic because there is loo much of everything. For tlic lirst time since this uld planet started spinning, every man can gel a fair whack of things. Insecurity is no longer iicce.-sary. The abolition of poverty is perfectly possible. The ordinary man lias come to rcal- ize this. He knows HUTU is enough of everything to go around anil In: wants his share; and—which is a point worth rcnu'inbiTJng—-lie doesn't care very much how he gets it. —Bruce C'atton. Our Monty's Worth A public which is .somewhat confused by (In: charges and countercharges that have been made in cnn- nettion with the airmail imbroglio will probably be ready (o iigrtx- wholeheartedly with Cli-ii. William Mitchell's demand that the govermnenl at leasl make sure that il gels full value for the money il spends on its aviation. "Il the government is going In spend money on avialiun in tile of private lines," says the doughty general, "it should see to if that real results are oblaiue.i and thai the money is not used for gambling by speculators." This government fiends annually enough mniiey to haw I lie liiiest military and civilian air forces oil earth. I.el's hope that the invsent row will induce it to make certain timt il gets what il is paying lor. It's llio President \Vlio Is Right SIDE GLANCES By George Clark tl»' Their inlclllscru-" nir.M irll Mir IlK'll V, ho vutrfl In ')-,•( nidf Mr. vno ol (]»• iTlniuis-i'iiiiilijyr.s 1)111 pnviiiknl i.s fiiiKl.imi'iiUiUy mid rtevnallv riislil in lln- [:o::iluin li • uil:rs cm tlii.s tnaUer. The ililfiTciM 1 '. 1 hi'lMTi-n Hum :in<l him i.s lti:il tin. 1 pivsich'nl iTfllx 1 :, lo 1:;' iiii:vril l:y polHlcH) cuiisidi-raticns. Kiri-y IIH-MI|):T o! l!u- ilouxi' itni.sL fitiiy his ih'.Uict nvx'. Novuufcc'!' If lu- I.S 1(1 llUIIM ly.< sl'Jlt. Kin" ll!i>H' U'llO llllVf Ol)|W- silion witlim thi-ii p:irly tin 1 li'.st will runic rai'licr in ttu; ]:nit;;nir.s. IL mny Ix- ndiinUctl rtui! Ihi- pix's^uic ol |Kjlilii-ii] i-xivilJrnt:} in- ivluit Mrmal In lli-'in pollliciil i'X|;L'(liPiicy Mroni; im tln> id!) l^'intji'iat.s v;hn havr bi'okt'ii u'lUi a l>onio- crutic lirrslclcnl <ili a majnr i^.llc. In llir fjitc ol his curricsf. mill [?lin|iii<nl plon lor llu-ir co- «|«'iali(i]) iu solviiii; i hi 1 sioat jiruljli'ins ivlncn confront lii.s lultnini'Uialiuu. Thi'ir wonkiu'ss i.s Hut they hn\v voli'd ai;ait]jt Die and r. L ->o3i(jiil principle ol balnnciiiti' Ilif iiatiunal tmlad mid ;ii;iniisi tound piiiiciplCii ot [-omiH'n.salion n'ml inrnsion.s. If 1 come a^ain in 10 yi-ar.s, I'll be annoyed by (he expression "Wild Man nf Unrncu"; we're laming him. --'the Hi. Kev. M.sgr. Augustus Waetter. pi elect a|K\stciHc of rvorlh noinco.' * * * The character of a counlry is determined by the character ol ll.s homes. —Dr. Adelaide Slccle Uaylor, chief of the horn? economics .service ol the U. S. IJriurtmenl ot Inlenoc. * » * The Philippine Inlands are nol worib ihe lite of one youny Aiucricaii. —I)i'. Stanlcv 1 Hi^h. lamoas edilur. * * .< • I dn mil pay miicli iitlenlion lo the laix atom war. for I have found oul thai ihe:e is not much 1 car. do about il as an --Ileiuy Fold. If denioeiiicy is iu la- made .v.iV uorid. il must be interpreted it: ^ economic terms, as well a.s i:aln::. Kuiimntl tic b. BnmiK'r of Columbia University. "l,i't him come in now. iline I'm <i busy man." enough to The Fever Thermometer Is i ? irst Resort in Diagnosis This Is Ilir lirst »r live articles t.iusil or a sinus; it may li .y Dr. .Mnrris l-'isliliein, in wlili'h he mbcrnilusLs or niiiluria .e tells "How Your Doctor Works." , ' " " HV lilt. M()i;):iS I.-I.SIIHEIN The comilini; of imlsu changes is 'aimllicr im))ovtant. ilcli'nnliiiillon .madi- by dcclors. and ,,ls u is de' Kililur, .l»urii:il nf ihe American ! ix-ndcm on macliinciy It 'etjiiir".s .Medical Assiiculion. ami of. Ily- ji!, e nse nf a watch which rceislers c"is .-econd Kcla, llu- Heallli Magazine tiu' passaye of time Doctor* 2000 years ago did nil second, heir medical diagnosis with their I The ordimuy pnlso heat i.s iron yes. hands, ears, noses, and even 72 to ffi u inlmiie Sli"hi vviin heir .sense of tnste. Gradnally, :K(, ;U , in nnlse rate are iio' inlri.'r. lowever. inslrnments were dc- i;i iu. vloiwd lo aid these .senses. tonally m (lie presence of fevoi Tin- ituctov of lodny is siir- Hie pulse rate is more rapid It i oimded by n vast amount of mn- also fast when there is ovcr-iictiv climcry which is used in dinmios- ity of the thyroid eland A I-IIIH !>•• mid treating disease-. The in-ihrat of the heart is called tachv siriiir.eiu with which we ore most, i.^uiia. u-i]iiainleil is the clinical thmuo- ' In oilier iitstances. lor example "J-Sj"'- in the presence ol a fracture of The fnsl ihennomelcr (or men-I tin- siaill or otlter canw.s of iiress- mmz chances in icinpernlnrc ol | n u . „„ n,,, brain, the pnl'o rate he himian limly, as occtir.s when : n,., v i.,- slow. '1'liis is called bradv- tlicrc is a fever, proh.ibly was tie- eanlia. •cloned by ati Italian named Sam> orins. in [he ISth century. He fillid a Klass tube irilti an ex- liansihli- liquid which served lo register changes in leinperiiimc. ••Tocfcayls . tt/t" '™~ kill THIS CURIOUS WORLD S CjECAUSE THE AXIS OF THE EARTH SLIGHTLY OUR view OF THE HEAVENS IS CHANGING SLOWLY. STARS THAT ONCE WERE VISIBLE ARE NOW TOO FAR SOUTH TO BE SEEN. THUS IT IS.THAT/VIANX STAR CONSTELLATIONS WHICH ARE; NOT NOW VISIBLE FROM GftEECS AND ITALY HAVE GREEK. OR LAT/N THEY ONCE W6R6 WELV. WITHIN THE. VISION OF AMCKM08SE OVERS IN SOUTHERN EUROPE. by. Indians, er, of the United State?, l93*T)eVMblf Hopper celebrates 761M)irth day as suirers CfiOW AFTER THEY ARE LAID/ CHURCH EXCUSES ARE ESPECIALLY ADAPTED TO SEEING AND THE SIRO OFTEN FUES AGAINST TRUNKS BECAUSE: ifS EVES ARE NOT WELL PLACED FOR, Jot luib ijt'cn read:]); fotnc cme tnlkinp, nljoiil n hook mil- ; ril Inlimntc ProWcms of Liic and ': s:iyj MOI|I:T slioul-j get UiLs ;iii(l road it Liroiit,'!) as tlirrp nfj quite n lot of things sho woaW learn tiiat (hen inoylx 1 she could net ll:n o;licr f?l]oivs viewpoint. !!•; says Motlicr is like a lot of women, i •'•"« ™ twr (loin;; anything wit!) her. Mother ' mitril by a:i UIICV?M'ilutiuiiat pull of ll'.c sun on the earth. If cays JQ: 1 i.s tikr a in\ o' :nen whn Ih? '.-aiih utii 1 exactly ylobiilai 1 , this \voitlcl not oecut. 'Ihc pole uo')- think tticy know all about wom?!i I i,| w anmiiil a circjle which il takes 26.600 years to compfclo. >T.yy. <ieiiver !:CT fro:n ^m : _ arc 'll'w'easi""* roo!«r"f "ll* Ho*-- :. ever .she says if slie thou^i'l t::is ' -- IwJk cuiikl t^ll :inythlii3 nboii'. lni>- ! MJ!1!: . pinsn-ad's iile.i <,f ihe int;-' DCS Tux and I).-atli li-s:n she would not mind spt-ndiiii; ,,. ;;;L , [.^ilcnis v ,i ni c i 0 convine^ HAMILTON. Bermuda iUI') —A ten or filteen cents and ivntiiiv: I: • ! lcr t a; j. or (.imrcli h;is » :i ""il«< 1 I' 1 "- for not Retting a dog bin am as not it «-ns written by mistake o n ilU' tiapksma; (iiic;li"ii licenfe rocently was entered here. some thickhead like Joe Ihat kna p .v:; !0 r any o'hi-r q:!i-=lion fur that mil- ' " Your Honor." the man siatc:!. little or nu:liin« avjonl tnptisin. S :c lc , ; . j (1 ~,, t ri:,r,vjs-o that Jo= awl ' ""'S' <1= 8 is so old an:l 'Ircrcrnl Ihat Kin ' Ja ""' s says ,)ro would not won siiijsi'st. Mutlirr ulil cvi-r pal in',-, ntiestbn her muling H it lie <iid not k ' that it *vns soaking wet. She it ccititinl; will mkr innve Couiicr News Want Ails. momentarily u'ss looking [ov lii*; i iTnsc. 1 ' The pica faiLoil. T::c do:; i osviier ivas lined ten slii!lin»s. In joiiie camlilimi.s which alfccL the lii'art. thr i>;i!sc beat Uccomr.s cxcciMlinyly im-Biilm-. since thn bt'iit. ot tlvc pulse is ;i vi'lltclimi of the lic.i! ot tile heart. tlMCI.S • Klr.l.l] . i til. .,i I you. I am tcir.vt^fl because L HLOU- lliiit l[ 1 il UI Uiis my money would a^nln anrt tvuulcl help so "I nvive bcoti -T»VL-\iiiji father iri SoutJt Atiti?nca fnr lime. n.C , aillrh in Undine rablltn. On tin 'nlhcr naml. llifie Is rnj wile •lunli vt; cv.-n ;o.i wlio j although i IIHIM Ly tint imc he ii tniin. [come anywny. Llinj; no EritTHls. am! dare i)c-on nniie lonHy is ihe f<^- suti I especially u-aru vuu lo coinp. -v.'inl yon lo - no tie you a;e '1 Jia^e (K'eil plylni; ^a lon[; |[quite 1 N'eLl. FnTlicr ami lane avcll I while for my sin and know tlmi | . [ ::ni?t . ntr.Uine to pay. t'rny [oil | rrr. F.-iilicr. antj for the ^ornni:! : '.;f ivlicr.i L mill you I'.ic I •\vciunii I time ever nrionn." t)in a liulc tired irorn so irnicii iivelinp. "\Vhft OUT OUR WAY Bv \\ iliianis Thi.s :-amr Simclo! ins also \\ci^]i- wl lliu telly u> find mil whether il reiilly was absorbing (lie fowl cairn nt a tneal It took a lone lime after development or this liist Ihrrinomclrr in Die IGUi century before linal <ie- vi'liiomeiu ol the small fever ilirr- inninelcrs which ute used luUuy. They were perfei-'.etl during the las'. 50 years. Now you en n have in your home a iiiiiill fever ther:r.o:iu'tor which \vl!l register, in anywhere from e-half lo two minutes, the mines thai lake plncc in tem- ratiire o( the borty. Tevcr is a symptom tlial <lr- s itiedicnt Hllriuinii. \l'li[-n- er l he empcralurc use.; above .U decrees for nny considerable lie. whenever there is a itso :n c U'liiiXTiUnrr of Ihe lw:ly ,.w- ny alter evening, yon "-ii.-,ilti t\iil i 1 attention of your Uoi'.'i;' vu ihe nuhUon. .so time lie in.iy IC:LM;C :e infection, if rxxsMtilf. WE'LUTAKt, THIS HOUSE. IT HAS ALL THE LATEST THINGS, •SEE? HERE- VOU PRESS THIS BUTTON AND IT STARTS THAT FAN-AN— AMD IT Vj- 8LOWS AVL \| THE 5MGLLS \ OF COOKIMG OUT CF THE KITCHEM. THAT'S SVJELL! . OO-H-H! TH' I TH1MG IM A HOME! TH'AROMA OF FFWN BACOM, HOT CAKES, PORK, CHOPS AND ROAST BEE P. . _- AMOTHER HOME ] j RUINED! IT'S _) NOT A HOME IT'S JUST A HOUSE, "TOOK OUT OF GETTN' UP IM THE MORMIN'-TH 1 •SMELl. OF HOT OV<ES, ER. 8ACOM, ER HAM; HLYTHEV1LLE 10 YEARS AGO From Ihr Hips jf ihe Dally Courier S.ilurtliy. ^ ^D, LD2-I. W. II. SLJ-..111. manager of the Cohh UiKlcii.ikim* Co.. said loclay tV.e n f -A- b:ing :^:ui« iiiir- sin A i:nur:v. n l.-«i r.iiulKluiimi mi it I'.ililii.. H tlirr. I« [r> I nu [ci lllnl hi- «<m. INiL'llr rirhr« ninilirr <Hi>*. \\ (;o (t.\ urin inn >um\ UMAPTEU X-XV NOVKMUKR ]n liulo fiiiann- lKr.K yc-nrs inter in a ilirn old liljtnry in an l-:ncii?li cuntury iiip Sir Atibrcy uroro a check v;ii)le 10 the American dotcctive f.-iioy that em;ilo>Gcl IHUUigs. iiii Hie chock Sir Anhrcy sent a line of wlilcli read: lo keep on r.\y tnvc. Kslelle." Urailinr, \ins lyuur. Mtiri'^ (pli a warn; Lh =ical over nor ihat sli^ hnd noi tinou-n for some time. i;he rcmcmlored Knicllc vividly — r. Elendcr. coHlsli youngster who rintl thniipht Marcia'a clothe? trn* inoiiFOly ntiractive an<i walrliod her wttli tycs widened by adtnira- lion. "Jr.iuiuo" fougtu ft sailor wiic; l j £'- iiait declared nis willm^nc?? ior l:riv meet "anyone anywliero." ' lf>M 'I'oor little devil —" Marcla with [he; said a Loud. Then she looked at jllip K'lier a^ain. noticing tliat ll'.c inleil to.! !iai:(hvri;inp was less ?clioal-x:r;- n wi;:i ilie C:JEC. He t.vl \ ish ihnn il nnd tiecn. ilioug!) still :r.ii:rcj-;ctl In mailing me ; laaiked tiy afteoiations. ic wn?, lie decided in his | • « . rnniDenls. probnoly | p.irecl as <T;- addition to Mapl t Gi'ovc \vouUl "e com pi eled \vitlim j c i ; , t\vn wcck.s if ,a-;Ulior p»i:nitt?;l Blyihcvlllc IMS r.rrdod more 1 cctnc- vasi majority c.; cans infection. Mr. and Mr.-,. T. J. Mahafi al> nonnce thi 1 t n,r.ii:e::ient a:::l ap- !er, AniK'ii:-. in Mr. Rorvs n. l[i.:^hf~. t!u: wcddir.i; in : >r:r p'.acc April '11. "Jinnlto" anil liL- Dnpriiiciit hnd niol in a s;reat FliciJ w!:erc loharco | stored, l.nntorn? ni I.OWCT Uirtur^s lr. worldly ahoul ot!i- Wrll, ={ "''r," ; ndcd. i visit clicni. sT.p '.'-: was i::; ; all) siorcd. l.nntorns sun- \.^..... ,' t , ~,. ^ woultl "sit-' d(lcd - ar " : il;ck ll D111 C7 ea t:ioa--.i |!lii!.l ilie only ugh; and ihe cor- j j.'^j^ ''Jn 0 !| r '*i"|".- l0 .^ ()OU .a W \,,' e j " 'I"' rrovc 10 IK? "raUnT deailiv." i:w wfreflatk. eu n <li t ,K , i|1:i - ; ' ' ^ an'-up-io-! Ma « in ra "S tor ner ,,, al ,i u,.-, crcci and n.iinnR. saw a sea ol ,1^.5,-,,.^, and nfked lor a caliK- Wa:ik. 5-.vaTtliy faces. Then [Iran ran- ". ... ... ., "l ph^n mvp rn-Tr.~ /<nrn^^ " ItL •UT .m-au.-, n.lftl^J- ^Ol : V- j rC ; ;l uvC.S. iv.r.-i 11 is j\ist ;t small -s> -t In .1! the.' Biirdfllr stliO'jl->. nrnvfiJ ito:u': : Vrhisiy for -Wv:^: days visit with • ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier NCAS hits br-rn mi- lori/ccl to annnunct Ihe Jd); - u;i£ < caiulidalcs for iv.iWSc otliv''. ;v,v (•ct to tlic Democratic i>ri:nary Kor Member or Conpro<-: CLINTON' L CALDWRI.I. I'nr Shrrifr and Collcrlor CLARENCE II. WILSON For Re-election for Second TTO For Coiinly Trcasurrr JOli S. DILLAHIINTY ROLAND GREEN' Tor Cirfiiit Court I'lcit HUGH CRAIG ADDISON EXIITH For Oinnty Cmirl Clerk FRED FUEEMAN Kor Re-KlccHon tor 2nd Trrm Vor Assissir R. I,. 1UH.I.V: GAINT.H G. C. UKE) HUDSON' t'nr ConvLiliTr of .is.u\l>^ Tovuvlup JACK ROBERTSON Sljvf r.ns THAVEH. ir.i. icuuo o'. st.iu io: b.trrels. ri-^ of prcliibilicii. : >"rl:itu . l 'ni;:\.' a.^man:! lias iir note brc-.U'iies .iiio jjrcducUon. lUI'i— The inanu- i [jr vilii'kv and ivrcl •Atth U'.c <'".^i s i^-ounj ;in iin- t>'. n'.coiil" i rrr-. irnvil sunnily -'n crcci and w-.Titinp. sn\v n sea ol faces. Tlirn llrau ^ tiucc- i>oll. E'rcsriuly iloan r.n:u iiio repps. Illond was on Jiii- fact. Strom;]:up. troni n cm over lii^ eye. l'ai>liio siooct b.ic'.r: llca'i fa:i:ipr| him nrd^ntlv. Then n^rslr. ilir tifll sounded. \V!i^n nl last (lif ?nilnr \V,TS ly- ;nr: on tlic pl.itfon:i. tirc.tlliii:^ Imitily. i'aliHto crciii lo Ms coniT niul ^n;iU into hie clirnr, 'I'!. Cuhnn? \vr-ro pi*rf aruin:; llif-lr n; - provTl. Money was chnnsu:r put upon an "up "\Vlm you hrk liero." ho saiil >ir Antircy. torncwlini at n 1055 ' -fi'lf^i vnjni !y. "No donbi. 1 i -'.'T. do iuii.-kiy cliaus^d the sub- j JvCi Cue ol the cxii'.btis o? th p Ldi aiia P:irch:t^r P^xlubi' LOU h'-ltl St. Loiu'i in lC'0-\. v.i'- :i I'V.t -.irt wc^liuv: 500 ivninus. THKE GUESSES' (•'Oil CITV OFFICtJj Election Tuesday, April 3 For Cily Clerk 5. C. CRAIG R. L. MCKNIGHT HOSS BEAVERS Vor ply Attorney SAM UAXATT Sno:i afterward ttic propricl'i: / or ^ n: i \.; 11 c a 111; c:: •• club I: r.i -:; ; lr,iu;cil up Ueau. llcau ritfl no; know w>.r HI-M ^ "Jnaiiiio" u-oiilii lie ii-iicrc?tc:i. it : ', i«"k ,1 KOOrt r-nrfcC to lo:npt in:n In j'. ii^iit. do c»tiluted, lint Hie cl.iJ: from New Vorh niid watitrd rnori Uian coci; I;^;KS !or tr.cir enter-. uoi:5lr. ihai lie Ihouchi he co=:l--. n!i:co i; wortli "Juntil-o s" wr : r.r and nfkcd lor a cahK- I "I shall love co:si:ri;, ?!io srraulcc:. Miircln hn«l alrr.fl«=i ln : .; ail ho;ip of rcsponsihiliiy for the cliar^? 3 at,'nin*t nlirj. i?ho r.aa cmpioy^i :.u,-;i.\ TiiiCADWAV was dclcciivos to search for til:n am, or. =!in: nor ami tlirce y^nrs. ; soon a tier ward. di-:rn~eetl ihem, »:-o v. ca,-y ot Uio U-OTW. Slic sal. I HPT own search ghp harl rene-Aprt •-» Kehri:;iry niorninp, in Ihe after tins failure mi! u hrou;;:'[ :j'!'ji: o: tir-r New York nomc. • no hotter resulis. ; i:;^ i.r-nkTant and rcarhnr. her) She considcrpr! Hie ^hole affair (• n. Tiio hoi:-.loir's walla andJ "daiunabtj try ins/" .M nionu-n!^ r:::-fn:!L. p p wcr3 a riot of pnrnlc.j Marcia'? IrriUUon. whlcft erc- v i" ^:nl CTCOH—^ rc£Mh of n' : because toi ilie firsl nine s!tfi hflfi •l.:"ii:j!.'l'? dnoorator 1 ? Idoas of! Icarnnl what u wa* to DP nc'x or,lor narT::onjes." | thwarted, itirnoil n^nmst |'ahii; f J T:icn \\tr-: ,1 grcai many ic'.ter.s ! blmscU. .She should nave tno'-vn ific- ir.iv ^nri E-oiuoUiriOc, alicr' thai this unrea=on.ibie u;:'. f-rlc! L-i.^nce at an envelope?, : Ihere nre women lo whom roa«-on i: f -!.- J wijuiij toi? on-?. tino[tencd. ' I? never a Tery tmpcmnt roa. a >i- t;'r a 5or; o! n^llcious c:;joy;ncnt . among those who na^e alwiiy? Ann I set a ililrJ ol t! • ,] ijiiit;^ troni a year or two ;•»: n 11 c a n ri sn w li i :n = c L t v.;;:. e^ in fpvio yncludcd corntr •„•: world where there would i : a [:' -ife anJ a sort ol seci:n:>. A h r Lest w h o jc a !.o*1 e was i r. ^ narrow, dark way bacfc ot on" ot M^vn tin's r hi] relic? rec*r!ve«l A leucr aiiotit this t.ajo from one nf "I n;n weak cnoiJKli aT nipni *," Nojpi ft'TOlc. "lo t : on svLat would coi^c 'rj::i t?ilu^ the uuth, a? 1 lo;" i ni r.- on; ricr r:^;urc tls-l tint suffer. [ wboncvcr ifiejr aaul It- wlt| i :j i •> h::r« ncr m:\lri wouicl opea • Inouglit of the price. :?"«:: later and renil carefully I Marcia nad DOI been In L";;'M ;;-.a; Mircii did not read at all. | for more tTian ft ycai am: at ti;-? '/•Te ucrc new* of nny imnor- j pro?pect ot i&c trip ?hp (e:t a if.- tijn ::i.Ti f ; would i-.r : sure later ! taint glow of pleasure Jim Kip;.{ j :«-r-:ii « tn n 5!"prt.! nomc. of cour?o. wotiJd be a mon- V-M:^ mrirncr. 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