The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 14, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1951
Page 9
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, AUGUST 14, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE MINI Government Gives 'Go Ahead' Signal on House Construction ''!• WASHINGTON, Aug. 14. Iff)— It's O.K. with the government to go right ahead and .start building your dream house. Whether it's a tin bungalow or a big mansion doesn't matter. What Is ..important is that you have on hand or in sight all but • mail amounts of steel, copper or aluminum that will be needed after Sept. 30 to finish it. If you Don't, you nad better get an authorization before you start. Otherwise the house-warming might be delayed. Still busy explaining the newest government construction order (M-4A issued Aug. 3), National Production Authority officials emphasized anew today what It does an<! doesn't do. The main thing that it doesn't do insofar as home building Is concerned Is U> put any barrier in the way of starting construction. And the main thing that it does do Is to fix rigid limits on the quantities of scarce metals that may bs used without specific authoriza- tion after Sept. 30. If more metals will be needed than the allowable llmiU, an authorization and allotment of the Building Permits 15 cu. ft. Coolerator Deep Freeze complete and guaranteed but slightly shopworn $422.50 E. C Robinson Lbr. Co. J. W. Daniels, to add two rooms o a frame residence on Kast Dixie 5L, at a cost pi $350, E. D. Ferguson, to build a two- •oom frame residence on North Myrtle, at a cost of $900. E. O. Eagan, to build a five-room "rame residence QII McHaney Avc., at a cost of $3,000. Max Logan, to build three five- room houses at a cost of $8.000 each, one ai 614 Parkway, one at Parkway, and one at 401 North Broadway. H. E. Eagan, to build a one-room concrete block grocery at 300 South Eleventh at a cost of $1,000. V. C. Williams, to build a three- room residence at 603 Moultrie a cost of $1.000. James Anderson, to build a two- room frame residence on Thompson St.. at a cost of $700. Johnny Marr, to build a slx-roon stone residence on North Highway 61 at a cost of $30,000. materials must be obtained now. But for the home builder who has the materials or has them promised—all knit small quantities, that Is—nothing has to b« done. Just go ahead and start building The M-4A order set off all kinds of confusion as to what it meant to home building. Part of it, at least, exulted from the lack of a clear- ut explanation when it was issued. This has resulted In a barrage of uestions which now are being leared up as rapidly as possible. The order places all construction nder the NPA's Controlled Mate- ials Plan beginning Oct. 1, But It Hows builders "self-authorization" or small amounts of critical matc- lals. This means the builder can my within the allowable limits .gainst available supplies • without he formality of applying for a spe- iCic authorization, Government authority must be >btained for any house, whether itarted before or after Sept. 30, which cannot be built within the 'self-authorization" limits- What kind of a house can be built within the allowable limits Is matter of debate. Some contend nretty good house can be built. Others insist not much of a house. • COOLS • OIHUMIOIFIff • VCNTIlATEf • HIT1KJ • CHOI IA Til .-. FRIGIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner Adams Appliance Co., Inc. . • Sale* J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. • Service ' 206-208 W. Main Phone 2071 Real Estate Transfers W. C. and Roxle Cales to Busier Scott, for $250: Lot 3 of Block 9 of Elliott's Addition to Blytheville. James and Rozzie Baker to Kr- nest, and LoLs Plasg. for $10 and assumption ot Indebtedness on the property: Lou 1 and 8 of Block 5 of E. M. Bryan's Addition to Blytheville, j Uon 30-T15-na. W. R. and Dorothy Hemphiil lo! J. W. and Claudia L. Province to L T. Moore. Jr., for $6,000: Lots 1 j Richard and Phyllis Faught, for and 8 of Block 2 of Miller and j exchange of properly: Lot 2 of ard W. Fox. for $1 and other »al- uable considerations: the north half of the SW'i of Section 15-T14-R3. Thomas and Ruth Jefferson to Max and Annie Logan, for |10 and other valuable considerations: th» east 55 feet of Lot 15 ol Jactuon'» Addition to Blylheville. Vivian Hurst to Margie Yatei, i for $1 and oilier valuable considerations: the NWU o.f the NB1 west of Ihe railrcad and the north half of the east half of NE, in Sec- Rules Are Given For Covering Roof The pitch or slope of » roof should be no less tha n 4 inches per foot for any type of asphalt or wood shingle, according to prac tioes f ol lowed by roo fin g expert s. Otherwise water will seep under the shingle-ends. When the pitch Is greater than 4 Inches per [oot. shingles that give complete double coverage .should be used. The pitch should not be less than 3 Inches per foot when roll roofing Is used with a 2-inch lap with exposed nails. Double coverage rol roofing may be used with a, pitch as little as one Inch per foot, bul no less. Wood shingles should be laid 5W Inch es to the we athe r, while asphalt shingles or strips should be laid acoordlng to manufacturer's specifications over not les* than 15 Ib. roofing felt. As a rule, the heavier the roofing the longer Its life. If roofing Is laid over the existing roof, nail should b* long enough to penetrate, both ilayer§ of roof materia and fasten %rmly Into the sheath ing boards. Home Costs,Can Be Lowered with Large )own Payment and Short-Term Loans The peach was first grown in China, and named in Persia, noo TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR REFRIGERATOR ON THIS NEW ADMIRAL! NEW Scrv-a-dor NEW lUTTll REfPER FUH-WIDTH FREEZft ICIENTIFIC SHELF SPACING F1MUENGTK CfXD NEW GIACIEK HUE INTTKIOI —Courier News Photo IIALSEl.L'S MOVE IN NEW IIOJIK H. L. Halsell, Jr., moved his family in this new brick home t 204 Walker Boulevard about six weeks ago. Five rooms and bath, the inside construction features hard- ood floors in the two bedrooms, the living room and the ciinJng room and inlaid linoleum on the; kitchen nd bttth. In T8 Easy Monthly Payments! W« offer you $100 for your old refrigerator on this $369.95 wonderful new Admiral. You pay the balance, $269.95 in 18 easy monthly payments. Come in today! HALSELL & WHITE FURNITURE Main & Division Street* Phont 6096 The (otal cost o! a home can be educed considerably tay paying own as much as possible and aying off the mortgage principal fast as possible. It is pointed ut by mortgage officers of lend- :ig Institutions. A total of $142 more Interest Is 'aid on each 11,000 borrowed al '.2% If a Joan runs for 20 years nstead of 15 years, for example, n the case of a $10,000 loan with term of 20 Vears, total interest would amount to $,180, whereas f the loan ran for 15 years, total nterest would be *3/no. Example of Savings A concrete example of savings effected can be seen In his hypo- hetlcal t °.se of the purchase of houses costing $12,500 by two dif>rent families, each of which pays ;59 a month to meet .the 4!i% ln- erest and retire the mortgager Family No. 1 pays down the minimum of $3,300 allowed by government credit restrictions. The S9.200 mortgage runs for 20 years and in that period, a total of $4,173 will be paid In Interest. Family No. 2 makes a down payment of »4,800 ($1,500 more than 3»ld by Family No. 1) and the $1.100 mortgage Is written for a 15- year term. At the end ot that time 'Old Cow Hand' Riding at 71 MILAN. Tenn. (AP) — How oil must » cowboy be before he Is toi old to ride and rope? It must be more than 71, becaus John K. Skinner U attll riding "th range' out here In west Tennessee Skinner's a real^cow-unncller, mln you, with bowed legs and boots am spurs. And he says h« keeps all si of his horses "rode down" and couk use six more. The o!d cowhand punches cattl on land leased by the Dogle Catti Co. of Dexter, N.M.. from the Mil Arsenal Reservation near here H has 1.050 head o[ cattle and calves to look after. Old John says he's Been « cow boy since he ran away from schoo back In Oklahoma when «ie was 1 J That's 57 years of riding horses a. chasing doggies, and he still like t. Te S59 monthly payments will have does Family No. 3 etired the mortgage and only 2,802 paid in interest, a net saving f 51.871 over the total interest ai dby Family No. 1. Not only tration) Bookshelves Aid Concealment of Ugly Radiators Old-style free-standing radiators are ugly space-wnsters. This ob- ectionabie feature can be largely jvercome and valuable storage space created by building bookshalves on he wall at each end ot the radta- ,or. The shelves should be of the same height and depth as the rad- ator. Paint shelves and radiator the same color to minimize the lines ul he radiator. If the radiator Is beneath a window, flank it with ceiling-high bookcases, and extend the top hal: across the top of the window. If ii iving-rootn or library, the side shelves can be used lor books, and | the shelf, space above the window] for display of ornaments. In a din-| Ing-room, the shelves serve admlr-: ably for storage and display of fine glassware, china and silver. A small 3-%vatt flouresccnt light tube concealed beneath each shelf I __i^i will heighten the decorative effect. sav 11,871. bll and clea Block 1 of Park Addition to Blytheville. • J. R. and Kathryn Marr to D^ C. and Monita Pafford, for $12,500: Lot 3 of Bloc!; 4 of the Country Club Addition to Blytheville. Greenlee's Addition to Blytheville. L. T. Moore to Frank and Mary Lou Merrltt. for $1 and other val- able considerations: the west 10 cet o( Lot 8 of Block 2 of Miller nd Greenlee's Addition to Blythe- 11 le. L. O. and Lillle M. Borah to II. »cad Courier News Classified Ad». E. and Ruby I,. Bean, for $1 and [ olher valuable considerations: the' oulh 40 feet of IjOl 1 and Ihe south i 40 feet of Ihe west hall of Lol 2.1 all In Block 1 of Greenwood's Ad- litlon to Blytheville. V. n. Fox to Lena fox. for $1 and | other vahmUle consideratloiis: the j NW'i ot the SW'.I of Section 15- ri4-R8; also Lot 11 in the half ol the SE'.i of Section 31- T15-R9. i V. R. and Lena W. Fox to Mar- j San Vcrna Moore, for $1 and olher valuable considcrallons: the SW'i ] ni the NEW of Section 15-T14-R8. V. R and Lena W. Fox'to Rich- Its so easy to repair and remodel if you use our Bud- net I'tan. Only 10% cash and 'HI nins. (o pay balance. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Iron the Easy Way. THOR GLADIRON —S59.95. Try it two weeks free. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. vill own Its home free S'cars sooner. Fre-naymenls Advantageous Even if financial circumstance lo not permit a larger-than-mini nnm down payment, consld*rabl savings can be effected throug the yenrs by making pre-payments against the mortgage principal every tmle accumulated savings or financial windfall will permit Each dollar paid on principal reduces the total amount of Interest. Before making such pre-pay- nients, mortgagors are advised to determine if this can be done without penalty. Many convention- mortgages < not insured the Federal Housing Administration or the Veterans' carry clauses Adminis- which penalties up to 5% of the face of th« mortgage are chargeable against the borrower if pre-payments are made. Loans Insured by (he two federal agencies permit pre-payment without penalty. WELL PAINTED HOMES took belter—have less upkeep. Phone for estimate. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. H. L. SPRUILL, representative for Veterans Ornamental Iron Works, 1525 S. Bellcvue, Memphis, Tennessee, will give free information anil estimates on New Orleans cast iron, hand wrought iron and iron doorn. August Mth through, the 18th. Cull NOBLE HOTEL. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Farm Best Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Plant » breeze-enticing sliade over vewr.cUs and terraces with SLATS-O-WOOD Awnings and j enjoy io!id comfort Inis summer! Made of fine I wood, sturdily put togelrier with rust-proof nails and screws, tHese good-tooling vcnlilnicJ awnings are enduring 45 )Ka Kouse itself. Our designer will gladly make tne personal inspecliort required for an accurate eslimale, as SLATS-O-! WOOD Awnings are individually tailored to fit tKe lines of your house. To insure early installation, phone NOW for this free service. EASY PAYMENT TERMS KempWhisenhunt&Co. 109 E. Main Phone 4469 IT WILL TAKE MORE MONEY In the fall and winter of 1019-nO, (he Importance of water supply to Ihe modarn city was sharply dramatized by the crisis which confronted America's greatest metropolis. Towns anil cities all over the country were .affected . . but the consequences of failure hniij' with particular foreboding over New York and its jam-packed millions. With reservoirs standing nt a third of capacity, (he compelling need for additional water resources w;is suddenly thrust upon the attention of the most indifferent citl/.en. And communities everywhere, whether affected by the shortage or not, be^an appraising the status of Ihcir water supplies. They found a number of factors which were influencing the picture. Throughout America two patterns of population movement have been revealed in recent years. People are leaving the rural areas :md moving to the cities; people are leaving the cities and moving lo nearby suburbs. The result—a tremendous population growth in metropolitan areas. In terms of water supply, this means ever-increasing demand. The country cousin who settles in the city must now be •supplied. And so must the city cousin who becomes a suburbanite. He moves to Ihe suburbs because he finds (here (he urban facilities to which lie is accustomed in a more attractive setting. Water Is Your Cheapest Commcilily Use It Freely Blytheville Water Co.

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