The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1930
Page 5
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1030 HI.YTilKVIU.K, (AUK.) COURIER NRrt'S PAGE FIVE - ; CLASSIFIED ADS T'.vo ccr.ts a word for first Insertion nnd one ccm a wad for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement t'.kt'll for lots than 50e. Count Hie words and mud the cash. Phono' | _ FOR SALE .Used IVz Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor Tor 2'/j to 5 iiorse|)o\vci' load. Needs one now bearing. Will sell chea"- .COURIER-NEWS FOR HKMT—Stcepin;; room steam heated home on iiiiii si. Two young men preferred. Address II Courier News. 19c-ktf There are ;t(if> Fancy Assorted Dates in the specially wrapped package (o be delivered to you in u fe\v. days. There are twelve layers of them, each Jayer consisting of the finest variety that has yet been devised. Ripened on the proudly flung, topmost limb of the tree whose roots go down into the uniathoni- ed depths of antiquity, carefully garnered, assorted- and packed by old Father Time himself—the choicest fruit that mankind has ever been privileged to savor. Without wasting paper and ink in commenting on 1 USD's shortcomings or virtues it has brought us the very cheering news that the average span of life in America is 15 years longer than it used to be—this in spite of Fords and busses. WHAT MORE CAN WE ASK THAN THE I'KLVILEGE OF TUA- VEUNR WITH YOU IN FOR SAL-E-HCA Kadiola, $125. Also General Electric relriycrulur, I both pfiicllviully new. Y ,:riiis. Phone ' 35GW. 27C-K31 C f -niriird rvti!:i pur^o onr) I —' three miirs rouih of Bill-Held dnr-' Ing flood t!:i-.cs. The guardsmen,! i who received 20 cents u day duriiib' (he period, walked the lovce and filled and pliccd sacks a;-,iiin;t the . ciiirabiing levee. The company's \ kitchen prepared as many us 10JO ' mcais a day for refugees and laborers;. i,•:;::. I ilt-e v.-a 1 ; ordered tr< ,-.-\i\-^ il'-i:y ou Af V.-XIMII Irrd-.-r with ibe it)"! Infi'iiiry r.f the rc-::'i!:ir Army ilinliii; the Madc-rci Ri-bi-llinn. In August 1914, under orders trcm Ga-rinnr Gt-rreo W. Ih-vs. Cnmrany M. aided Sheriff K-m: 1). Mauidin cf Mississippi . county in Ihe ar.v-t rf lawless par'.ics ;>n crime-infcslcJ Island 27. fii-i/.cit Island Outlaws It was one of ihes; raids that : Ii must be idee lo be captain of a iiose Bowl contestant and be dec nllion as Company M, 153rd Infaii- . try. Captain Russell Phillips was l placed In command of Ihe unit, on! : Captain Harry Frllzlus followed Ciiptiiln Phillips In comnmnd and ; when Captain I-'riUlus moved to 1 ; another city, Flrel Lieutenant Wendell Phillips acted as ccm- | nuindcr of the unit until Captain Tcin Jciu-3 nr-sumcd comnnind. In 102-1, Capl. Ivy W. Crawford. the picsent commnndlnt; officer of l the mill, succeeded Captain Jones. iCupialn Crawford can 1 .? to this • city In February atler resigning his ': command us captain In the Regular 1 Armv in 192'i. Depositors Protective Association Formed American Exchange. New York Cotton '•'-'. NEW YORK, Dec. 29 (UP)- ; Cotton closed steady. open high low close Jon. New MO 985 960 977 ' Jan. Old 957 985 957 Mar. 982 1012 982 May 1007 1035 1008 July 1035 1061 1035 t Oct. 1053 1070 1052 I° l ] Spots steady, at 895, up 15. 685 1001 1027 1052 1064 LITTLE HOCK, Dec. 29. (UP) — ,-,, If ' if lit' I'llll l - rA ' f ' 1 ' ->"»i<ii'i .n< KIHCI. by u FCU KENT JN DEU^-FOR RENT—3 room house, Sa.OO; •; room house, $11. L. I-"owlu, Piionc 888 or 450-J. 18C-TF ohiTiff Mauldiii at the lime but \vhcn wcrd of his dr-a'.h reached Dlytiievlllc Ui" ;utir- company was .'en: l-j the n-a'.id. T-.-.a u-.i-u ui-vr- •:i!!rd and seven of ;!ie island's law- orated by u lovely Tournament of ituscs (incen. Anyhow, big Charles ***a Clcmml doc™-t seem to n::.,l , s this little ftvor Iron, Ill July, 1024 ho' Reorganization of the American ii'sunird ccnimanil- of the local Exchange Trust company, Arkan . BiiardMiu'ii. •• sns' largest bank, which closed re- l Company M. was ordered Into cently, moved forward today will : active .-.ei-vico on patrol duly at registration of all depositors. Big l.ak>, 10 miles West of Ihls j T l>e acllon followed a rentiesl o: city, dmms the flood period cf 1027.: the orgnnlntlon committee of tin For HUT,? weeks the liunrdsmen depositors prolccllvc absocblloi pulrolli'd tlii- stretches of UK? Big. which at the same time Issued at 1 ; Lai:t- l-?vce. j appeal for active cooperation of dei in 1928 Ihe local company wasj posltors In support of the commit' ngatn ardereil out for flood palroli ice's plans. lenity this lime to Marked Tree on] Bam j. \vuson of Portland, Ark. I.ltllc River. Over u period of np-' w ,, 0 was nnpoinled Umilaalln- .lii-oxhiKitely three weeks the Illy- i ng6 nt by state Bunking Counnls- , Ihcvlllc Biiards:nen wci,.- rnus.uipcd 6 | 0]1(;r WbUcr E Taylorr expressed i iiloiiu the swollen river 'satisfaction when Informed of Hi: ; Comp.iny ;.i (it present has Us move full ixv.ce time strength of three. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 29 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close Jan. 961 082 961 982 .f;v. 085 1010 085 1003 •lay 1009 1034 1009 1030 July 1035 1055 1035 1052 Oct. 1050 1071 1050 1010 Spots steady at 057, up 17, 07 men. First Lleut- r-r.anl Wi'iidell M. Phillips, who hns It is Ihc plan of the assoclallor to form n ncv.' bank with n pile" Mary Lou Waddi-1. The photo nliov.- shows Miss Waddell, Tournament beenwuii'ilic comiMiiy "shico" 10221 CB l >ltnl fit(x:k of MOO.OOO, whlcli of Uos-.s qweu. decorating Clement, Alabama football captain, with the and ul one time acted us command-• ™ llcl take over the assets ot Hit wreath of welcome al the Vis!, del Arroyo. Alabama licadnnnriors ln|! o! "" r - '" icc " 11(l '" "mmandl American Exchange FOR RENT—Well furnished front room, bath and garage, $3 u-.-r ivcek. 505 Park St. Piioisc 503: k31 FOR RENT---Nice apcrtment. 207 North Fifih y. Phone 84GW. 27P-K31 FOIl HEN'T—Housekeeping roams, furnished or unfurnished. Csl! 29c-kl ihe yur.rdsmen. Citizens from all i over the c'unty raided the island !n I and burned Us buildings :o the tnc'.nid but Company M succeeded in t-.--le!y e:cor'.in;; 1:3 prisoners to the OECc^l! 1 . iail despite (In; intciiss fcelinsj pwvalent. For ten days the guarded the Jail and Its prisoners. A fe\v days after the guardsmen I withcire'.v, o small mo':> under a riEfi? cn'.c-red tht jail ;MU! imuder- crt A;;dy C:\tm. one rf (he 1 priror.ers and alleged to rave been ihe opci- i^'or of Cnp lav:l?5s joint wh?r>? Mauldin was killed. res-.ilai- army irst until October licatircgard about the 25th of July. v.!:t-n '!•" ori'ir 1 r-^ims'rit was mov- • r f r Xp-.n^rt Nc;vf. Arriving i-'! 10 Cimp Pil:e. near'.lr Heck. -• v.--vrnr! Now,-;, ihn connmny Tli--- reiMmcnt was imi-icred into immedlal ;ly bo:nded the m'itlsh srrvlrc .IUIIL-. 1017 and be- nany]:orl, Kurrk. ami ta ilcd lor giiiirdsmcn c: '"'- tl the IS3rcl Infantry. U. S. ar- Hiest, France, where il landed on ., ,, . ,, ,,„-,. to Captain Crawford. Second Lieut-! Taylor, in a statement Issued yei New Years Day E ainc v..:h Was:i!n B toii Slate College nt ciiaut Ardon n. Crowdcr has Ixen terday. said stockholders would b: Pajaa-r.a. j wllh the company since 1920. ! notified today lhat they will b5 u j s;sscd 100 per ccnl (or their hcld- LAME NOW EMPHASIZED '"B* In tlie closed lllstltllllon. LONDON, (UP)—Lace and chlf-; Governor P.irncll late Saturdaj fon lame are being cmphasltcd by-defended the appointment of VVI1- Loiidon's mosli foshloimblp dress son as llquldatliig ngent mid "oa!-. salons. One ot the Riuiirlesl gowns the ap]»!ntnwnt. Instead of hind- s?rn tills season Is made from crlng, will help reorganization p\<\\\s thick white spk embroidered In provided the depositors' commlltss bands WANT with minute cream-colored j is In earnest in Its desire to p:r- 12, HUB. Early In November, 1011. Com- Company M remained e-inmum ,,, .. , ., i. n»v M .ilcni with, the entire ,-o ? l- in tents h, a wheat m-W i^Ton j '^"" c "_ c !_ 5p . r " llc " :tl wlt " (lli " na " lc -' fec^such a plan. ;••:'•".. citraiivd lor CAinn Ei.r.ier;- tancsian Barrarks a fow days nn- • •-;--. 1^3-,- A!oxii;;--lr:a. La., whsr: :•-' :!::--.- -,-,--rp trniv-uorled by mil t:U- S3IU Division, under command anil a 2"> mile h!t:s to Mass^iy • of Major General Hordes. was F'-.-nr?. Tl-.crc tl-:? company billet-1 '-—---• "he t!iornn?h irnlnlni; ed for ab-.ut a mcnlh. The SHORTEST LINE BETWEEN USE \ {PHONE PAVE AND A-1-^JL/ By Martin 1'ERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE (I POULTRY \VANTED-Market prices. any quantity. Marilyn Ha'." icry, ait) S. Fourth St. " SC-TF LOST AND FOUND company. When United States trcops were ordered to the Company M. was '/ANTED—Tu buy chickens, mount. Fisher's Place, 213 South r irst St. 23C-1TI ;OST— Ladies brown purso green leather Idling. Finder call ! active service in I91G The ArkasiFap' cuardfmcn were stationed at D?m- ; ing, New Mexico, only a short distance from Columbus, the sroi'.e of — i Villas' raid ar.d massacre. Cnr.paiiy n ". y ; SI was brigaded with tir: R-.coiid infantry and a D?!iL\vare under the cuiumnnd of ~m" \ General Adams. Company M was to Main- and was sue- days "01:,; of the mcsl dellRhlfnl by Captain Woo'.forU, who villages In all France." After rc- ir f.--rii v.-^ .''.icccedcd by Captain nialniiig at Miissny for nbonl a ^;•:-vi^:; and tho !att?r was succeed- mouth (he rompany wns again bo-d"r cd bj Cn " ::lm c - c - wi:t - Oilier practical'}- drplr-tcd "of 115 privates. iifiii;-. 1 .-. 1 . v-j;h tin- ccinp.uiy during v.-sih moit of them beiiiR tent lo t'.iir, p-'ioa wove First Lieutenant the 32nd, Glh and -1'Jnd Divisionr., ?f,?.Trr. Vr.n Arsdale, Frrd B. it v.-as while r.?rviug with one I Smith, -"Four Eyes" Meyers, nildy, of these divisions lliat Clarence Adams and Elayl-ck and Second, crcfi, Ihc Jovial country boy from ,Lic".:lcnr,n'.s Warlord :;nd Smith. ' p.r ;r o.=ceola. met a glorious death In Febnisr;-. 1918, part of a small hi a charge en a German trench, arc'.ip from Company M vas ^C':H ihe hislcrian i.?lat at General Pershins's rail licad- S7-W pr Courier News. Regard. ! °- aartcrs £or 60Iro lime 23-KU I T -- e ccmpriiiy was u-i.niicd home __ j and nrts-.ered out of =-:'iv!ce o:il> lo LOST— Liewlyn Setter, black and j be ca'-led back in !0 day?, v.hoa c.vr srrs r.s replaci-meiits and ver.^ "nt tr. different combat lions then in France. I April. 1918, :'. company, as w.?ll as jc-ica;iy oven- After the wrockir.g of the Div- of which the Dlytheville company v.'as a null, for replacements while nt Massny (he \\'.<- 153ri v rroke;! nthei' Company in ; iv.'ir.'.on wns nc\.?r replenished and Infantry, v/as practically by l.avine ail i^ privatob tl'.c non-c"mml.-?i5ncd officers nnd c-'licerr WPVC IrT.i^ferrcd to vari- ?:-m over while hcnd with dim black spots. I war \va? drclar-?d with Gi'rirnny in N'fim?. "nan". Return to Scott; 1917. Company M imniFrimu'ly: Harris, Newbcrger Cotton Co. j mobilized and was the first com- 29C-K11 i:any io rcporl intact, ready for sov- l | vice, to For; Logan H. Roo^. VLI-:..„"..} to ( |,., -n,i,- c i F-"II':U- Ai ,crnns of tho border campaign. tl"> D : V i 3io!li i :ncv .- n as «hr "Rock l r cal gi!r-.:-c c ii'..- 1 n comprised ouc oi WILL GIVE 10^ of rccei P Js~lo !th " bcst C(11! "" w;i ntltioml Kllavd co:::::i'55icr?d officer.', tc train ne-.v rcn-uits. Mift of these replacements were rcf.-!aceinenl5, ciis other organiratinns. both in the i'ERSONAL 2oc, Shave lie. Work Guaranteed. E. Bradley Barber Shop, 318 E. Main. 1SC-K31 tin? best cijiiippe- units to report for service at opcnjn? of !!ie v.-3i-. Hrillianl War lierord With the entiaininent for Fort | tlvc- i:-'.rnc." line nnd in t'.it- .-.civic? cf A few of tin 1 officers of the Div- irien relurncci honi? in December, ?re isti. The many thour-and others uiy of tno Divisl n. incluciing Company fjl " M. were rf-lurned lo the Slates as cf Company M's members of Ihc various other c B?Uics of li?l- ui-o-.i[- of Ihe A. E. F. As llx- war cf Ih? co:n- Olallo Mora!.vs, rccrc- i-'ru; \V-n:l. CJii'.tfau Tiiici'ry nnd i later Aiyonr.e. under tin- colors cl | jtai'V i isrirtlci. "Tiitf true history ill! 1 Third Dlvliicn. ?.m\ a !J'i;;o. nf company M n.s well a;; the en- p."/i t:i ihp i'l:iry (lira rovers '.he tire :i!)t:i Division, can r.evc-r br Logan H. Roots. Company M en- | record of Ihc Third Division for its. written unless the record of the tercel the W^iid War railed of its r.clivity in l!'.^ A. F,. F. A. K. F. is written. The i;ar:ly in tj'c S'Jtli Uivibicn divw .'. jjlovinus exploits of the tlrd Uivis- i'-:i. ilv tlih Divifinii n:id the 3rd i; ir:.r ji-.r; of ''•'•>;• C'.:u- iil^ •.•.- v,:th :';? ic-i uT '.lie.- Djvi-Lcn. v.,i : , Ivn-.iL'p.t ',!i) lo ivar lime slrcir:l!i Rvaln by rc- i.::ic:!!;i''.^s. s::r. to the M".h U,v !. :m froai Camp Z.iclmy Ta\l-or rti'J Ca;ii:j Tiavic. AUi-r about u KADIO AMIS MUSIC I hjstc-y A prriorl bright wi'li ill-; STOCKHOL?,I.iUP)-Hi;h prais? dceds'oi if, iv.r-:nhprs. Die glory for . !RI - CI; ,;., n ,ber cf its men as of the radio and the talking ma- w hosc achinvcn;ni!r, v.,::u to li-n-:-:- ;;,,.-; chine fc-r "increasing the consuinp- • companies for Company M as a v.-.-.r . j. lien of inufi:" voiced here by u]: jt «as never to sec actual cam- : i-- ; i incmi^rs U at service, its l:iry of Ihe Roysl Svvcoish Academy , transferr.^i to other units of Music at iU annual meeting. T:i- I w , h c ^. lln Bro .; fo j,, com . , lm . orricc , s of Co ,,,, )iny M stead of deriding tl-,:se inventions. tnc professor sa;d that the tnr.7 a , [hc (ime v;0 ,. c Fiv3t had r.jw conic when the mus=5| . fr S1:llc AiKii - nr or | G Tl . ckcr EiiDiilc make peace with the pies- 1 A . k:lns;is an[l £ccond ent nct:,?iation and its incchaiucal . Flc ., B S:1 , uh . T: -, e ccmpany re- . tvaincM f,:r ::ci-.i of nrnih nn ,, „ h ., ir o{ in,,;,,;-,,, , ;: ... psratlo-.i the entire division e:i- equipment. a stcittlily ro;ul bordered with Ihc most marvelous scenery and leading (Iirmigh the most g wonderful worW i" :ill the history of mankind- 1 Do not drlay (o i«j i'AVLNG AND SKWER TAXES D-o. ^Ist is the last Day. Pay tcd.'.y and avoid the jush. C. C. CAUDILL, Collector. n>ined al Fort Logan Roots in its en the AUanii?. Company M. ;ir.::C'i- i camp sile just north of the old the cci;niui:--d of Captain Will, left . Division, the 1st Division and even ; i--': V.'ilsnr,'. 1 - honor unard, partly b;lonn to Company M. \ HILII" a p-.ri of all Ihcsc i"ollo*ing Ihe World War all tit ,;>.. . :-f-:u:- ul ilu 1 Regular Army, VMT d.T.-.obili; :d and di^b-inded. includii!!; the local tui.ird ccuuiany. Un > iy lith, l^il It'.'s than two years a:!cr the company was dr- i.i 1 i^ili:.: :. Company M was rc- :! and givc-n fpc.'.-ral HAY One bah- or a Ir.iin load. EAR COKN'. shuri: on. 8Sc hn. Shuck oil. 8Cc p=.- bii., in cm- lots. Cotton SLiti-s Salts Co., Inc. Blylbcvillc. A,!;. ri;o:ic- l"i or LD 1603. 1'AVIXG TAX Time to pay I'aving Taxes Is cltins rhorl. The penally is :oo fnr anyone (o ncglrct ;.i;inE brfnrc the books Close— H-.-tlcr 1'ay Now— C. J. EVKAKD. J.ncnl and lou^ dislnnre Inulin?. SpL-cial r^tfs on carload lots. Team for Icral haiitin;. V. H. WASHAM lltANSl-'KR 1400 Cliickasawta I'honc SCI Call WALPOLE For IClcctric \VnrU t'hnnc ISM \Vliy I'ay Moro Than Half I'riro For Auto 1'arls? JACKSON AUTO 1'AIITS 2020 .Main Phoiic fiO AND HW FHIENDS VERY SUCCESSFUL TA<3AtOW(J _WST CA'-LED OP AM' TOLD ME FQEC/L5S ws HOWE.... Boy] THAT A E 01Dl!l AMD VJWAT A .. OSCARS ORIOLES-AM' WG MJAS OMLV TVJIc- " '•'. vr.-« YCHJD ( U A TEA'A,Ossie tf-a.^, \ j^. . 2 UL-OA VoU CM f>K/ FCDTBALL WASH TCBliS ^Bv Crant ^K*T" NOO TO IT IS A BU3W KT THE BttSSEP U6EETYOF MV HA'. I THOUGHT SO, IT, SOU!' <WS>T SCOM AS CCTVIA tRAMO -J.7, iMlCl'.' WE TO \ HASE HcWJP OF v : VOUR tODWIItV ^WDEA2.S^R. AT THIS STM>T A \PLOTTIMO TO WIPE. OS CfF THE HftP. WITH I FO?. Ti\E ^r,;<e OP KUMKNITY, IT ',T, TOO, J\~, CUR. OtHV TO BUV VOUR OEMUV AMD BESTRON 003T(\ GC.^^4 ^ ;E BeFORE THI?, ORlMt IS COMMlTTei'. - "• 1 ac^»T3cr.»ty^jy v ,\ - ^ • i , —~~—^-N -i. • Jljft^,^

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