The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1930 BLYTHRVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Live Dollies Atlanta Fears Serious Trouble I f Unemployment Grows More Prevalent. »}• MOKIIIS DE HAVKN TKACV United Tress Staff Currrspoiulent ATLANTA, On., (UP>— There are many sobcrminded men in Atlanta who' believe the city Is spending Hie summer ".silting on a powder keg," so ncnte do they consider imitation ol the racial problem here. Only a few weeks ago, It is Rcn- einlly admliu-d. effective action by the police, co'1-headed counsel by llic press, and careful manipuln- lion by the government of Hi? community narrowly averted whai mlaht have been a bloody outbreak. Today the same elements which made fcr trouble at that time, remain and .probably they will long remain. ••What would it. take to slart trouble?" the United Press corres- • • ju/iiderit asked cne of the best Informed students of the situation. "A 25 per cent mcreaie In unemployment. would do it," he said, "and so would a fit of hysterics by an irrcsixmsiblc woman." i Killing Broushl Tension For several months there have bec:i rumblings in and around Atlanta. Then seven men beat to death the son of a negro minister, ] accu:ing him of having insulted a white wr.mnn. Six of the seven were arrested. Two days later the home of the dead negroe's father was burned. It became an open secret that many citizens, at that juncture, lx>Bcui oiling their guns. One of the six men was brought to trial in a court room where one half of the spectators' section was allotted to whites and one-half to ncgroer,. The case went to the jury on a Saturday. The (own was full of idle men. some out of work, some enjoying their Saturday holiday. Just howmany of those idle men were armed and ready for trouble There are a coupln more Dnlly sisters now! Miss Jenny Dolly, one of the famous dancing IX-lly Bisters, is pictured above as she arrived in London with the two French orphans whom she has adopted Manzi. at Ihe left, closely resembles her. Klarle. right., is n blonde They'll all ccme lo the United States toon. k Academic aiul Athletic i Outlook Bright, Faculty Members Declare. School at Half .Moon Completes Summer Session Tlie .summer sc.'slun of srhool «; ber 5. with the understanding that (lie M-hoiil would rcojH-ii fur the whilci term early in November. P.'irons who visited tin. school tlie P.IM month were Mis. liiuk Mrs. Oiu-al, Mrs. Lljfr-.ifool. Mis Alexander. Mrs. llollaml. Mis OSCEOLA. Ark., Sept. 0— More .on live hundred students were enrolled yesterday In the grade aiul 1 Payne. Mrs. Hull, MLS In'sh schools here, which opened i Mfcs, Sullivan and Mrs Shii'neyfelt' with splendid prospects for the ycnr, One pimsc of art work at the If/ili iccurdlng 16 Superintendent George | Moon si'luwl this .summer has been Uoylo, who stated thai the com-1 the studying and poslnu or Rreal nercinl (lepHi'tinrtit. added to the | masln pieces. The upp'er i;radcs posed nnd photographed "Thr Oleuiii-is, HII' Angelas," niv.l "Jean c;f Arc." Tlie primary pupils posed "H:iby Stuart," "Uanclng In a Hints," "Mis."Can't You Tulk. Tlie school was visited recnulv by the county supervisor, Miss Winnie V. Ilmicr, nnd Mr. Little, s'.fitc JK Uowlea," and Inspector. The rating has not lieen Pupils In the advanced room, under 0:u direction of J. B. Crllv. anil Cora l.ce Colemnn, tlie count \ agents, held Ilieir club meeting Wednesday afternoon. Late. Burden Rural Sluclcnts Study Works of Famous Artists Most of the Mississippi couniy rural school students can not visit art galleries for studies of the Sreat masters but they are obtaining a generous knowledge ol the ivorld's famous masters through a unique method. Trom the first through the eight grades their teachers tell them aeries of familiar paintings and explain the pictures. The students of the upper grades then display their interpretations of these painting. 1 ; by posing for exact reproductions made In kodak pictures. All of this is done by the girls and boys with the hiMruclois only aiding when osked for suggestions. These most suited fcr the various will never be known, but it is a fact that Atlanta spent an uneasy night. Police made ready for aiiy eventuality. Literally, hundreds or | mere law-abiding citizens, refused church of the First Baptist church with the Rev. Karl Burks in charge of (lie nightly services. Last night he preached on "Profit and Less" and his subjects for the remainder of the week are Tuesday. "New Birlh"; Wednesday. "Only Believe"; Thursday. "Tr Whom Shall We Go?"; 'Friday. "The Tragedy of Neglect." The minister in charge is a student of Jonesboro college and livet' here before taking up his ministerial activities. Clubs Hold Meetings to Prepare for Fair characters are chosen, appropriate costumes planned, scenes arranged and the- pictures taken. Allhcuth the study was started July, much has been accom- to leave their licmes >s By ID p. in. P»snra. me yu stuiien crowded en a Ha ! t Mco " £cilo(>1 l!avc plished. The 90 students of the cn a ! Half Moon school have made a Saturday night, were near deserted, serics ° r studies which are alm-st while others were given over to groups of sullen men which police did their Lest to disperse quietly. Negroes remained within their Ileuses and shacks in the sections rf town allotted to them. j farm lands and their influence go• in!* into the lives of many. identical with that of "Joan of Arc" by Chap3i-, "Ihe Song at the Larkby Breton and "The Angelus" by Millet. Mrs. Caisic Caldwcll Har- uclt and Mi:n Elva Hodges, the two teachers, have assisted them in a UuV.b'y"Monday the temper of I "S :mher Df otllcrs b" 1 these 1 are Ihe hot-heads had cooled and it was n !" r «™ntes. then, and only then, that the court " " lls *' a - v some ° r lhc world's permitted the jury's verdict in the ? reat6st lvolkE nrc boln S carried murder case to be unsealed and !'.' mc!it drab homes of the read. It was a verdict of guilty. Banger Is Not Emlrd As the days passed without untoward incident, Atlanta rested mrre easily. But when a leading citizen, in closest, touch with the situation was asked if he felt nil danger, was gone, his reply was: "No. the danger has not passed. But it is not immediate. By that 1 mean that •three weeks ago I was saying 'it will bs tonight' and every night my telephone would ring and there would be people tilling me the trouble had started. The city was full of rumors. Everyone was like myself-har- j taring a -feeling that 'it would be i tonight.' ' | . "But now I feel and 1 know many ' others feel that trouble is not to be expected at any particular time Yet we feel that Its shadow still hangs over us and unless we hive strong leadership and considered judgement there may be tragedy: 1 Beth Woman's club and bays' and girls -1-H groups are niceling this '.vesk in a number of surroiindfni; ctmimillies in 'preparing For (lie annual rounly fair. Mis-s Cora Lee Ccleman. home dcmonstration agent, and J. E. Grit?., agricultural agent, went to .Shady drove yesterday for mzet- 'ing!: of the women and boys and girls. Today they are at Manila and New Hope for 4-H meetings. Other days will be spent nt Siinwne? tomorrow far the women's group: 1 at Ekron for a 4-H meeting and Leachville for the Women's club; Friday at Dogwood Ilidge for a 4-H group and New I-jb;iiy tnr bolt; meetings. Last week Brmvn Spur, Armorel. Ii:ilf Moan, Dell and Perry 4-H chits had meetings nnd the Women's clubs at Uixora and Nodcna were also attended by Miss Coleman. curriculum lust year, wits utlrnet- inj, r more students than any other le department ol the high school. Miss Alpha llanscn Is In clmrge ol this department and other high school teachers are Mrs. C. L. Mcoie jr.. principal; Miss Martha Wcllmon, social science; Mrs. J. T., honvj economics; Ly- <lia McCorvey, languages; Miss Catl:°nnc Harwell, music, and John Adkliiion. science and mathematics, ami athletic coach. With twenty-five students out [or football, tlie outlook [or athletics is BCOtl, according lo Mr. AdkinsDH j fa" pastures nnd preparation foi who comes to Oscroln from Jones- •." coainnnilty fair were topics dis born A. and M. college, where lie j cussed. coacliccl last year, and who is the To win a pl.\cc on the honor lul only new member of the school faculty here this year. Mrs. J. S. McCunls. who rccelv- I ed a bachelor's degree at Pcabody i Colleue, Mashville. Tenn.. Ui!r | iummer, has leltirued to the grndt school as principal, with the entire grade school faculty of last year returning as follows; Mis 1 * Nan Frances Warren and Prof. Bradley Sebastian, teachers of departmental work in Ihe fourth fifth and sixth grades. Miss Ixi- netta Patterson, third, Mrs. John R. Miller, second trade and Miss Blanche Cleere, fiisl grade. Tl'.e grade school building has been mncrlclcd providing a mod- cm cafeteria! impiovcd toilet facilities and a rest room, which 1= being equipped tor the convenience of teachers and visitors. The cafeteria will be ojjeraled under the perpctial supervision of Mrs. J. S. McC.ints. principal, and the pro- ce3ils will be used for school equipment. PAGE THRKt- pupil must be present every day. uve good deportment, and make n' of A or I) 'on liter irv <ork. The following puplh mi' 1 , lii'se rn|iiiremenls for tlm src«ii;l iionth ol Hip si'.sslon: Helen Wil- tams-. Maxilie Ilollaiul, W. It. ..Iglitfcul, Hoover UellirldKC, Lottti 1 laskin. T. C. Hawkins. Kilhsr lla^' kins, l.uls llrown. Ora Lee ll.iw- :ins. I'U'tce linsktn and Jamie Ui't k. I'rliiiarU's:'»:lu Hasklns. Miivy iJKlitfoiit, liussell Delbridi;; !.i:ili,lis JaWi. J. Ij. Iliilliuul. Kl- iiij Join's, lln.isi'l Luster. Kiil.> Joni.\ Vii'Kll Siinneylell. Ilnford Piiwor.s. Kva Iludiics Is pi inclpal ot tlu Half Mum sciiool, hint Cnssle well H:iii;elt the primary tciu-lier. OKSEVA. NM>, i UP)—Maude, a Mi.iub'.Try ol the IlamUlelon- imi Itn-i-d niul believed tr> bo Nebraska's oldest hciisv. i.s dead. S!ie dud ui [| U i |, l;t . ot'43 TO tlic j [ai in of Cluirlis llhoda, soutlicast I ol IH-IM. win ii' .,bu had spent her i lit M' day-. l:i>[or<: :' In fijl.lE|i IBARKKRSVILLE, Call!.. (UP)— ': A tract or land near here was val- " ' ued at $5 per acre last sprtn? but " now fiome o[ It Is worth $10,000 on » jucrc. Chailty Coffee, a Kern coun- '[ woman, owned the land. A 1,600 .. '; barrel well of 10 gravity lest In 24 her death, j hours explains the sudden Increasa for hersell,! rjf realty values in that Instance. CliKVEl.ANl). O., (UP)--When l.cnls lilih. director of u band at a local park, lumuunced lluH he wuuld ;el aside :i niuhi lor r«|liesl numbers, he obtained the most .surprising results. First. h<> found the "Maine Stein rendition over ladio. phonograph Roiid" Mill mo'.t popular with )'.ls band piitron.: despite mcnths of and in d.ince halls from coasl to roast. Next, he was ainir/.ed when he received requests for Wnyncr's "To An livening Star," and the llnale of 'iVidinlkiiv sky's fourth symphony. Mllltury airs niul popular numt)crs eomprisi'd the remainder of the requests. On hot days Don't be satisfied with just a drink when the days ure tropic. Qunnch your thirst with Horlick's — and experience a new relief from fatigue. Safest milk always— but it's more than a ilrink. Send ten cents for sample and mixer HORLIC WISCONSIN K'S Interest Increasing in Baptist Mission Revival Interest is increasing In In? revival in progress at the mission Hospital, Notes Patients admitted lo the ville hospital: Miss Idella Anderson, Steele; Mrs. Cleo MnlMns. Hayti; Mrs. Wilson Henry, city; E. H. Williamson. Huffman; Miss Mary Frances Burchell. Luxora. 1 Mrs. C. E. Browning, Senath. was dismissed. Tennessee Evangelist Holding Services Here The Rev. Joe L. Kelherland. of Sparta. Tenn., is conduelint; an evangelistic meeting for the Church j of Christ at a tent erected on the rrcrlh highway near the Morgan Utilities company. Services nro h;lng held cacli nitjht at 8 p. m.. which are attended by Inrge numbers of this dc- ir niiuation. Rrad Courier News Want Ads, 666 i Itellcvrs a lleAdac^ie or Neuralgia, in 31) mimifcs, checks a Cold the lirst day, and rhccks Malaria thrrc days. 9 fiRfi also in Tablets in : Read Courier News want Ad- VERY NERVOUS, NO STRENGTH Lady Says She Has Taken Cartlui In the Spring AH a "Building Up" Medicine. Buena Vista, Ohio.—"About ten years ago I had a break-down, anri it seemed I could not get myself together again," says Mrs. Hester Malone. of this place. "I had no strength and was very nervous. 1 would have spells when I would just have to give up. for I coul- : not keep going. /"I thought- Cardiii might help me. I began taking it and" I soon began to improve. I grew stronger and was not so nervous. I slept well and I could eat. "I took Cardui for several months, and all the lime I was gaining in heallh and strength. "I have taken Cardui during (he spring, for several years, as I thinl: it is an excellent tonic. It btiild> me up." Thousands of other women rec- unmend Cardui. after having found It valuable assistance to them I- building up their health. This well-known medicine is an extract of valuable medicinal herbs and contains nothing harmful or injurious. Try Cardui for your troubles TAKE New Part's Cos I" More f-han a few drops of good oil' See that your home and office appliances are oiled regularly with "Standard" Household Lubricant When you buy a sewing machine; a vacuum cleaner, or a typewriter, you expect it to last for many years, perhaps a lifetime. With the proper care, it should. The enemies to guard against are friction and rust. Both are quick to damage the household or office appliance which is not oiled regularly. Then, expensive parts must ba replaced, at many times the cost of the few drops of oil, which would have saved them! "Standard" Household Lubricant is the quality product of a great refinery. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of small motors and generators, and for use wherever a light machine oil is needed. Never gums or corrodes. Convenient 4-oz. squirt can with spout, 25c.; 2-oz., bot ^_^ tie, 15c. At your dealer's. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA JUST as natural loveliness is pleasing to your eyes, the natural mildness oi Camel Cigarettes is pleasing to your taste. Camel is an amazingly mild smoke. Yet it is never flat—never tasteless. All the mellow aroma of the choice tobaccos in Ihe Camel blend is preserved and enhanced through every step of manufacture. There's no over-processing with its resultant insipidity — no doctoring, for none is needed. Modern smokers have recognized the difference between mildness and flatness. They're swinging to Camels—choosing a cigarette that's naturally mild—enjoying the real luxury of smoking. CAM STANDARD 59 CARDUI "QTANi •- ^ IA\ni 9 Thedlord's Black-Draught should »Uo be used In connection with Cardul. as a laxative. 25f. HOUSEHOLD LUBRICANT

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