Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on November 1, 1913 · Page 12
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 12

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 1, 1913
Page 12
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. THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE LITTI ROCK. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1913. I jTf Heart Never Went to Sins Sing" By ?Bud" Fisher "TOUY. I I I ' WIC V HT f- I . .i 1 .1 I I " I I H I . I Nil I III 1 M I I - S 1 1 "I I I n t I VW- ' I rTV v. l " ' 1 ' " 1 " "' . s : corrn.iMT i9is by tah cqhpaht. OUACHITA COLLEGE ! WAR ON ORGANIZED DEFEATS CENTENARY ; BALL IS PREDICTED VANDY-VIRGINIA INTERESTING GAMES TODAY'S BIG GAME IN EASTERN FIELDS Arkadelphia .Eleven Beats i Louisiana Team, 14 to 0, I at State Fair. Federal League Magnates May ' Make Declaration at . Today's Meeting. tjH-ci.1 to tb C.irttf. , Hot - Sprinp. tk-t. 31. Ouncini Collcit.-rnipM iw.y with the rlevffti frtnn 'tin! ntetiurt ffllPIt. Mrvport. la., thii jftPnioun. in oinf by a mr of 14 to n. The samp ii p!n ci u vt utr fair (round, .nd was witnewetl hv larf crowd. 'Oiitenarjr won h tiM nn.l UU-kul to Hnrlc. ho nude nm of 25 var.l. Bv a icrin of twl rum sad line lunn-i, (liinlin oarrir.1 thf l.all l Cotnarr'. lo-yanl line. IliirW then atldiipi. d drop kick, which failed. In" U Kcond quartpr .latMin skirled vn-tamarjr. Ift wl for -H more unit, carniiig ilt hall wr for the lirat toncbdoun. 'iti tb. latt quarter, after neveral enatioiial DIM by Jackaon, he penetr:e.l ilu- line n,r a SO-.vard -run and toiuhiluwn. Ilnrlev kiiiii(r nr In a few minute! tin- Imlf n I. , 1. i,r . aac Oni l'itu In a M ore t 1 1 ,, n All Teams Are Under Conditions That Call Forth Their Best Efforts. JidtNB ami Abraham of (,.anliiu .m.t ;ar- ' tmct to maitaffi IncIiAri'iiu.lia (,t 91 . A .law I. rot.,.., ..r upon (rtJii.i lhiflijill tri fxjMHteJ to bp the mult Gi tUt inftHiii ( tlir- htitKH'l t ihf ' Keileral .pagu. who will toiurne Jim- tumor- row for two Wats' ttwmi, This wpmp-l to be i thr unilii iilpl ojMiiifii of rln- orffaniMt ictn' hvm-! paihifrrn ami protm.tpr who arripil tnttipht. I The h'r-eiit siirnitiB; of Shortstop AU-ork f tlw IndmiiuNWiti Kr-lrral league Hub by thr ( hi-cago Ainpiiran l-agur tram bat' brought the matter to a jxiiitt wbrrr ar muat bp dtH)arfl or tlip KeOtral I .rug up Miffpr from thr invasion if major h'dgur lul. trpiTtrntativps of tb new orgariis-ation Mid. At the meeting tfirutiriow ifflcen will b Ifi-tl, two iipw itiw. will Im granted Iran- hitp aii'l t ( h i lutt will bp n-quin-d to deposit l-'&.tiOu guuiriiifof ih.it thr at-ason will be finished. (Iforgr Sto.ail. lormrr manager of th i. i.outs Americans, u t xjMrteti 10 sign a con Harvard-Cornell Encounter at Cambridge Stands Forth as Leading Event. aetr f Crntroarv Canfoft. . .i'riw lfn-up: "OtaehiU. I- Totawdv.,". O. C. Toby MoiM-ymtt Jot' Toland....... Har(riti.n7. B. Toland Miifrart... were easili iii si4i i.f tlie Potition l enlenari Sboo. , Hiht Kri.l ...tiraiiam ' ltitjtii Tackle iioiierratt . IliR.it Cnaid Kl. yd . .. (.enter Hamilton"! . Left Cnanl ;.. ..SM'ov j Ij-lt 1nci.le ...... ..M(;iiuil I mmi -s Uarretl Uuarterouil n.i,,l iiiiriejF,..i,,.. Ktfrtit Halfback ..I'upt, Wilh.nk, Aln)iim.. Left llarfuac -M. orrw iic4ii......v ...(.. . rullliafk' ...........Miller iWMMowna, JacKm : goala from touchdown, Hurley 4, tleferee. Krtita of Hprtiiiffielil V. it 0, ! tunpire. C. M Hose of Cornell; iietul Jin.a-"in. Patte-oii of Hot -piing: tiicekceper. Brown of Centenarr; JlcMnter of Onarbiia. ' FIBE tNaiTRANri Kirkwooil k Culpepper. .(A.ivrtietnfnt) die haiiu 'it v chih next Year. It wa taid that Haltitnore prarticallv was amnred a piece in the circuit. Kdward Hteminger ml l.lod lli'kert. .tt-rctarv of ;he organization, ajfearrd to he Icadini; candidate for the presidency of the Icisi'V. BEAT MINNESOTA SHIFT Oklahoma Scores Third Straight Victory From Kaiwas. Score 21 to 7. . ARKANSAS WELDING CO. " Autogenous Welding. ' Ihe Only Weld that Holdi. i PHONE 6771. Uuve the earbon burnt out of your no tor without iniuring the cylinder. ALL WOfiK OTJAEANTEED. C5 W. Serenth St.; Little Rock, Ark. Nttiiimn, Okla., Od. 31. TJnoovcring I it ilt'ft'iise which effectually neutralized lbe lrpd "Minnefiota shift," the i formation which three MiBsouri Valley ; loams have found irresistible, the Uni-I eriiity of Oklahoma scored its third coiiRPcutive gridiron victory over the j Cniversity of Kansas here today, the final He ore being Oklahoma JS Kansas The Oklahouinn displayed superior niieed iu rikirtinif the ends, fightiui; off Jtacklerx for brilliant broken field ad vances and had the ball in their field inure llinii thrpe fonrths of the time; Two of the three touchdowns made bv Oklahoma were counted by Fullback Heeds, who was easily the star of the game . . i ii 'H.vmmwmmm-. i , .sr rr i . - m m s ir it . 1 1 1 i'.--v w w.. i mm mi i .W, VKV l-, 1 V I iff fs.si IT III I if,, j irt III U ' 7 V r I f M W, I i III 'I l t'- ' I I"1" fl ' i 9 WWW III - ii Atlanta. Ga.. Oct. 31. Tomorrow's : jfames on Southern gridirons ahould af- j ford a reasonably good basis of com- ' parisou of the relative strength of the elevens contesting for the-' Football su- j premacy of this section in 1913. With the season under full swing, tomorrow ' should see practically all the contest- ing teams at the top of their speed" , and under conditions that will call ! forth their full fighting strength. Of major importance will be the clash at Charlottesville between Van-v derbilt and the I'niversity of Virginia. Last. Saturday Vanderbilt was overwhelmed by the I'niversity of Michigan, while Virginia was plaved to a standstill by the I'niversity of Georgia, -f.J) ltt to ft. winning bv one touchdown few minutes of play. As Vanderbilt-arid Georgia always are strong contestants fur H. I. A. A. honors, the outcome of tomorrow's games will be especially interesting. Another battle of widespread interest will be that between Georgia Tech and Sewanee at Atlanta. Sewanee's showing against. Texas a week ago indicated that tli Tigers, while comparatively a new team, again are a dangerous factor in the Southern situation. Tomorrow's game should be close and hard fought, for although Tech last Saturday failed to make a strong showing against Florida, the team has worked desperately since that time to round into form. The clash between Auburn and. Louisiana 8tate University at Mobile also will have an important bearing upon the Southern situation, as'will that be- j tween North Carolina and Georgia at Athens. Among other important ' Southern games tomorrow are: Mississippi A. and M. vs. Texas A. and M ; Tulane vs. St. Louis; Mercer vs. Ala- j bama Presbyterians; Clemson s. Cita-; del; Alabama vs. Mississippi College; Chattanooga vs. Tennessee; V. M. 1. vs. Morris Harvey. N.-u Vurl;. Oct 3I.--Kaitern football flelda will he the nc ne uf a nutuhcr of interesting collegiate (tames tomorrow, although none will arise to the plane of a championship conteat. Considered in a broad seme, however, the gridiron flashes are the most pretention, of the reason to date. An added feature will be sereral intersections! fames. Hie lian anl ornell game at Cambridge stands forth as the leading Kasiern gridiron event. The undefeated . Crlmaou combination appears to stand superior to the Ithaca men. t'ornell already defeated by Carlisle and Pittsburgh, is expected to make a valiant battle, hut will face a powerful, well nigh perfect machine at Cambridge. The Vale . team also will face a worthy opponent in the strong Colgate aggregation and will have to play its best to win decisively ever the collegians from Hamilton, X. Y. Colgate is represented by a really strong tesm. Princeton, in playing Holy Cross, will face a team already defeated By Harvard, 47 to 7, and That. Princeton should wn is in the 1, "fa1! K. ,, . . w mr uui'ir fcme 01 ine remisyivania-renn ruaie game, . scneuuiea tor f ranklin field This season appears to te an off one for Penn sylvania state. The I'nited State Military Acaoemv win act as strenuous host to the Notre Dame tlud.l eleven. The Western brigade has been playing a fust open game this season and in lacing the army will have an excellent opportunity to display the style of football pop ular in the middle West. In the army they will find a team well versed in up-to-date Kastern offensive and defensive tactics. For this reason the test of the two system will he awaited with as much interest as the outcome of the Byra-nine-Michigan game at Ann Arbor, which also is Rchcduled. In the Houthern section of the Eastern gridiron- world two game, of prominence stand out in the Carlisle-Georgetown contest at Washington and the Nary-Lrhigh clash at Annapolis. The Lehigh team doe not apparently elan with the powerful navy team, while the general play of the Indian, has been such as to point to them as the logical winners of the game with Georgetown. The principal games and the 1812 scores, where the same colleges met last season, follow: Teams. 191? Beore. Cornell at Hananl No game Colgate at Vale y0 gime Holy Cross at Princeton No game Penn. State at Pennsylvania 14 to 0 Notre Dame at Army 0 game Lehigh at Navy '. H to 0 Carli.le at Georgetown at tn M) LITTLE ROCK MEETS , FORDYCE AT 3 P. H. Fast High School Teams Will C'sh on Gridiron at West End Park. Little Sock High 8chool meets For-dyce in what promises to be a fast and close game at West End park at 3 o'clock this afternoon. On account of accidents and the tcratch list, three first team men will be out. But that will not be serious, as Coach Wihgo will have three me nas good as those who are out to put in the game. Coach Win go had the boys out yesterday and put them through a fait and snappy signal ptactice. The boys are determined that they will .win tomorrow in spite o the scratch list, which has al ways handicapped the high school's athletic teams. At a mass meeting yesterday great enthusiasm was shown, bnt it it feared that very little will be shown at the game today. The visiting team is a strong one and a good game is promised, so the members of the team hope there will be plenty of rooters, both students and outsiders. The Little Bock line-up will be as follows: Harris, left end; Julian, left tackle; Potts, left guard; Hoeltrel, center; Hampel right guard; Nichols, right tackle; Lenow or Bobbins, right end; Jackson, quarter; Captain Martin, right half; O'Neal, full; Shackleford, left half. Little is known of the comparative strength of Pordyce save the score of the game in which they played Pine Bluff last Saturday. In that game the score was 7 to 6 in favor . of Pine Bluff, when the members of the latter team took exception to a ruling of the rereree ana withdrew from the field. "BIG NINE" TEAMS MEET Central Western Football Honon Hlngt on Today's Games, to MISSISSIPPI VS. TEXAS Swartbmore at Johns Hopkins 40 to CHICAGO END IS BARRED ENGLISH GOLFERS BEST Visitors Defeat British Columbia Players in 36-Kole Match. Protest by Illinois Eleven University Team. Victoria. B. C. Oct. 31. Harry Vardon and Edward Itav, the English golfers, defeated W Cripples 1 Moffatt of Victoria and H. Johnston of Seattle, p.w.r-wi.,iMi., v uy inu o iu piay. in a ro-noie ma.tch today. and M. Colleges Are Ready Battle of Today. for Dallas. Tel., Oct. 31. Mississippi A. and M. will meet Texas A. and M. on the football gridiron here tomorrow. Both teams arrived in Dallas this afternoon in splendid condition and the prospects are for a stubbornly fought game. Chicago. Oct. 31. Considered one of the most important cogs in the exe cution of Coach Staggs' new forward pass, the disDarmeni yesieraay irora conference football of John Vruwink, left end, was a severe blow to the foo'-ball team of the University of Chicago. At the eleventh hour Coach Stagg was compelled .to shift his line-up to- j dav in final preparation for the Illi- ' nois game here tomorrow. Huntington was sent in to fill ruwink s position. I Vruwink had shown remarkable skill in : handling forward passes and had been ' counted on by the Maroons for the large gains during the remaining games ' this year. i Elimination of the fast left end is , said to have resulted from the first i important protest that has troubled the conference since Wisconsin protested Earl Pickering, the Minnesota captain, now coach at the I niversity of Arkan sas, on the eve of the 1911 games. Vruwink disbarment was caused by the protests of Illinois that he already had been in colleeg athletics the allotted four years. WT. setting the pace in men's clothing . . Wivh those nobby Adler's Collegian Suits cad Overcoats. Real character, excellence of tail-; oring and auperb all-wool fabrics make them win-. ners. Call and We win show you surprising values. AWAIT "RAZORPIGLETS" 7. Tl 14- MAIrJ 'btREfcTig Hendrix College Team Is Beady for To day's Battle. Sr-'lsl to the Gsiette. Conway, Oct. 31 Headed bv the college band, 200 students of Hendrix Colb-ge this afternoon paraded through the principal husiitcw and residence thoroughfares of the city, givinjr the college yells and songs and otherwise arousing enthusiasm for the game between the university seconds and the Hendrix Bulldogs. Present indications poilttsto the larse t attendance ever recorded t a football game here. Coach Headrick'a machine a. tent to the clubhouse earlier than usual this afternoon, hut every man on the squad was ready or- the fray. The eleven men who probably will com-le the team that will line up against Pick-eKihg'a "Ramrpigleta" are as follows: Campbell, left end; Goorlgame, left tackle; Bishop, left guard; Hhinn. center; W. Wilson, 1 right end; tcgg, quarterback: llarton, right half- iuk: Mmtain Honiie. left hairbark; Mctor-liiec'.. fullback. The utmeetltr iirmad ia' expected to arrive tomorrow at 12:07. . OVERCOAT TIME When you bay DUNDEE Clothes at $15.00 you do not have to "guess" what kind of clothes you are getting'. You SEE the style and KNOW that the wear is guaranteed. Why not place your order TODAY for a new Overcoat and be prepared for that next cold snap? Suit I Overcoat . J Exclurive Mens Store, INTEREST IN GAME GR&T Navy and Ihigb, Teams Said to ' r; Evenly Matched. . Be Annapolis. Hd.. Oct. 31. -Greater interest attache, to the football game tomorrow between Navy and Lehigh than to any previous enntett thia season, l-chigh defeated Navy la?t year, but from the showing of the train, thia vcar. the midshipmen arc thought to atauri chance st winning taDotrew. UNION MADE mm 207 MAIN mj.rH. ,; 207 MAIN Chicago, Oct. SI. Semi-final game, in the struggle for "Big Nin." football honor. In the Cantral state, will be placed tomorrow. At Madison, Minnesota and Wisconsin clash; at Chicago, two undefeated elevens, Chicago and Illinois, meet. With the elimination of two of the four team, fairolved, and since Chicago later plays both Minnesota and Wisconsin and Illinois meets Minnesota . pretty good line on th conference championship may be drawn. The other Ive teams are out of the race. Another important game is that of Ohio State I'niversity at Columbus vs. Indiana. Th. other three conference eleven, have no games. 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