The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1947
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BIYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS. THF. TVMWIWATJ'V Nfc-\VMl»MJK« C1TJ* TJOIWIIW.* fi'T- &l>u*i.'i>k» .. - . " VOL. XUV—NO. 12 BiythevlUe Dallj Blythf>v)lle Courier lc Hetald Mississippi Valley Leader NOlVmSAST^MvKANSAS ANU SOUTHEAST MlSSOUfU 151 ATI IK VI 1,1-K, ARKANSAS, SATLUtDAY, AI'Kll, 5, ISM7 Slavs in Demand Jor Reparations From Austrians Moscow Conference Ends Fourth Week With Litrle Progress MOSCOW, April 5. (UP)—Yugoslavia's Vice Premier Edward Kardclj today demanded that Austria's current industrial production be used la fulfill Yugoslavia's demands of 5150,000,000 worth of reparations from Austria. Karriclj coupled his demand with a press conference statement bitterly attacking Austria on twice being a tool of German imperialism and clmi'iiing that she may become such a tool again. He demanded thai Yugoslavia'* reparations claims be p.iid for out of Austria's industrial production. That coincides with the Soviet Union's current fight in the German treaty to Bet, reparations in Industrial goods. Kardelj announced bis demand today—two days after' conferring with soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Mololov after arriving here. Austrian reparations of any kind would conlavene the secret .Moscow protocol which said that no reparations would be extractct from Austria. ' £• Today's demands on Austria were T* centered on the possibility of AUB trjn again being used as a base to attack on llic Yugoslav people. Kardelj said twice in the last 41 years "Austria has served as a too in the hands of German imperial ism for quelling the resistance o Yugoslav peoples who wer e strivin to independence and freedom. W regret lo note that no changes ha v developed in the political life. Q Austria which would justify th hope that the Austrians will neve again assume such a role in th future." Kardelj charged that forme Fascists and Nazis were still bein given power in Austria "under a lied protection" over those wh fought during the war for the a lies. Lists Six Demands Kardelj listed six Yugoslav de mauds on Austria: (1) Imposition of conditfon : ire in Cincinnati Zoo akes Lives of Tropical irds Valued at $7,500 CINCINNATI, O., April 5. (UP) fire in the Cincinnati 700 carls' 'day suffocated 50 tropical birds, illicit at $7,500. Lena, ii $1,COJ ostrich and two 1 "cretary birds, worth $(JOO apiece, ere among t|i c -victims of the laze which mis he'.d by firemen a the bird's winter quarter .section ' the zoo. One fireman was injured in gliting the blaze, caused iiy u lort circuit in wirhis. Loss ta the- ie-story building was estimated I $7,500. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Haifa Oil Dock Burns tornado Kills 4 n East Oklahoma Twister Strikes Near Poreau, Across River From Fort Smith POTEAU, Okhl.. April 5. <Vl>)~ Reports reaching here today said our persons hart been killni when , tornado struck the isolated rtmil immunity of Glendalc in Eastern Oklahoma last night. The Red Cross dispatched as disaster relief rew to the scene. The victims were Identified ten- ativcly jis: Andrew Vaughn, Mrs. Nancy Vaughn, Ccorgp Vaughn and Jew- 11 Vaughn, all members of the same family. Telephone service to Wisler, Okla., closest exchange to the storm area, was disrupted by the storjn. The Oklahoma highway patrol headquarters in Oklahoma Gib said it had been advised of three deaths resulting from a violent, windstorm which swept through a farni area east of 'Potcau jibouL I p.m. last night. This wa s believed t<: be another version of the reports sifting through from Glendale. Farm Bureau Extends Drive For Members Stop-Gap Telephone Service Planned by Company Owners ive of Nation-wide Strike Firemen continue to pour water on (he past -18 hours aflcr the [irst bl the bomb-Ignited blaze at Haifa. Palcsline. Tin- MUM; hits railed for isl. The oil clock, area is reported lo be completely destroyed. <!•;*- lusivc K.'ulio-Tclephoto by staff photographer, Leo btocckcr.) Nazi Satellites Want to Join UN Five Nations Soon May Make Formal Bid For Memberships Snow May Greet Easter Crowds in Pasts of U.S.; Clouds Hover Over State which would prevent "German 1m with only ten days rcmninini; in perialists anti the pro-German ele- the Farm Bureau membership dvive, mcnt-s" from ever a^ain wielding Mississippi County stands a • political and economic, influence in of being rushed from its top Austria. as having'the most members in the <2) cession, of Carinthia to. Yu- state, it was disclosed today by L. G. goslavia — an area.the YmVlavs Nash, vice-president of the Missis- claim has 120,000 Yugoslavs and sippi County Farm Bureau. GO.COO Austrians. f Mississippi County led ths slate (3) Yugoslavs remaining in Aus- jn Parm Burcau memberships last tria to be insured "nnlionnl rights j v( ,, ir wilh „ lo(al or , u U3Q j(1 (l!y IJnifril I'ress) Tlie weatherman look a dim view of the Easier ]:arad<- today. The weather loret'iisl. imlh-Htrrl that Raster bonnets would soaked ivith rain in Western New York, Penns.vlvaniu and West Virginia and covered by snow in (lie jRo.-ky Mountain states and the ISy HOliKKT MANNING I,Northern Great L:ike s area. Rain irniierl Press 'Staff Utu'rc-;pinnknl was in prospect in parts of 'Arkaii\ LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y.. April (. sns. (U.P.)—The United Nations may in its u:3l) a.m. (CST1 forecast get five to 10 new members by the Chicago Weather Bureau snidp; i. i * Doctor Appeals For Blood Donors Clinics Scheduled Here and in Osccolu To Obtain Plasma and br- subject to an exchange of population. f1l Austria to pav SlSO.ODO.OOn reparations both in plant removals and current production. f5) Complete demilitarization ol 1hc Austrian-Yugoslavian frontier to a depth of 20 kilimelers. <G) Austria l.o hand over "war criminals, oiiisllngs anti traitois who have found refuge on Austrian territory." Knrdelj made public his claims rhortly hctnre the Fnrcisn Ministers Council met in the final session of its fourth week to seek general agreement on the future provisional government ot Germany. Although the four powers appear closer together on the. German pr-vcrnment issue than anyth l*s discussed here, two fundamental questions separate them: U> Shall tho German people write, their own future constitution, or shall the allies more or less impose it on them? 121 Shall the future German .KMitral government he relatively '*erk ivilh major powers left In the hands of slate governments? Marshall "Wailing" Ttic Aniericiifi view is that the Germans .should vrilo. Iheir own constitution. The American answer to I he second question is "yes." The Russians oppose both these stands. members. The (Uiota [or the drive this year has been set at 5000, Mr. Nash stated, but has fallen short of the mark so far. The North Mississippi County membership drive in the rural districts exceed its quota this week vilh the BlytheviHe drive reaching only about one-half of its quota. A total of 1580 memberships was turned in to Mr, Nash from the rural districts, the figure being 40 in excess of (lie ctuola set for rural districts. The membership drive In Blythc- villc is lasuins. Mr. Nash staled, and le urged workers to intensify th'.^ir efforts to complete the driro. Thn drive, which was originally scheduled to close the last of March, has >ecn carried over another H) nays to enable Blytheville to meet its quota. Mr. N.-,.sh staled that a Mai of 2282 paid memberships was repart- cd from the South half of the county with approximately SO more reported us having been accentty.l but. not turned in . Smith Mississippi County had act 2500 as Us yaal, he added. fall, it was reported lod.iy. Nazi Germany';; live lormer satellites—Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary. Hvjmama und.. .^inland — probably will bids to as their pence tix-a'Jfis with the. Allies arc ratified, officials 'said. 1 It was expected also that some. I or nil of UK; li"£ countries blackballed for UK seats last year would apply once more in lime for consideration by the Security Council and the rcjnSnr session of the General Asscribly beginning in Mid-Septernbcv i Barring a repetWon of >; st Antrim's volley -if vetoes m Sc- j curity Council. th,> 10 new members would swell tlic United Na-1 tinns to Gg. 1 Albania and Outer Mongolia, spa.'isorccl bj' Ru-^io. were black- V*Tcd by the \V'^3t_-rn powers last joa--. In return, Russia irani'd fc.ick the applications ol Ireland, Portugal and Trarjs-Jord.mia, Sweden, Iceland. Afuhanaistan j survived the turbulent. council that, in most regions where has been fivl'.ini'.. it \\ill cold 'A plea lor moic (r.)nor.s lo ^K'c blood at the lilitod pla.-iina clinic to be licld lu-re Wedne.sdiij- was issued today by Ur. J. K n^asley, pn-5l- rif. the 'Mississippi County 'easf^/or^TTie'^Mre 'Tffb"i ion of the ' nation - from, the Rocky* Mounlains eastward lo the Atlaulfc. ; ,'je Army Day Plans Take Form Here Proclamation Issued By Mayor Jackson Urges Observance Mayor E. n. Jact'.son. today. Issued a proclamalion dcsiKnaiinij the week of April 0-ia to be observed in Blylhcvillc ns Army Week - meeting a-.ul won tcaus at the Oc- ' and April 7 lo be observed as Armv 'patient, Rites Conducted For Jim Rainey, State Line Farmer Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon, 3:3o o'clock, CCA Funeral Home Chajicl lor Jim Rainey of near the Arkansas-, Missouri Slale Line, who died Wednesday at the home of his daughter. Mts. Florence Woods. He was IS. Burial was at Dogwood Ccrnc- lery. The Rev. D. H. Harmon, pastor o! Fu!l-C-ospc\ Tabernacle, o^- ficatcd. Oilier than his daughter, he is survived 'jy his wife. Mrs. Lilly Hainey. four other daughters, Mrs- Minnie 'Wyseman of Wilson, Mis.; Etta Raines- of Horncr&ville, Mo., Mrs. Willie Beaver of Lutes. Tcnn., Mrs. Maudic Murphy of ColUns- \vcod, Tcnn., and a son, Homer, of clMton, Tenn. Blytheville To Entertain Memphians Blylhcvillc has been chos'-n as one of the !,lopr, on tlic Cotton Carnival Goodwill Tour, which will pass through here April 21 nt anm-,t H:ar> a.m. Tho (loot!will ambasKndo;:; ircr.i Memphis' annual Colton Carnival celebration will remain in Blyth:ville for about two hours, dcpait- ing at 1:30 p.m. tobcr session of the General As- Day. Ecinbly, Skim, u late starter, also! In making the proclamation, was admitted before the Assembly Mayor Jackson, called npmi tlic <-H- wcnt home. I teens or Ulylhcvillc "to ciinimein- UN officials said Ihcy coulil not orale Army I>ay and Army Wr'"k Biiess how many of Ihc 10 pi,..-- in recognition ol ihc t;real, vlc- >cctive new mcinbe,-.> would sur- •ive Sccxirity council Security ar.d Assembly action tiiis time. They Mrtnlcu out, however, lliat the ircsdit ixilitical i:iiu-itioii in these ouitries would mcnii six new ii(.'i>bcrs of the consi'itcr.ily oiit- •otcd Soviet Bloc and lour adcii- j'.'iii to the «'C5tcr;i powers' roll Y)<. '!!<e United 3!ale:; and Brilain iiunibcr qf volunteers "been received UiroiiRh con- Avilh. ch'lc' clubs and other Ur. Beasley said tliat more were wanted lo fill tlie riuota nf (lunations which can be handled by Ilie mobile unit to be sent IILI-' Wednesday by the 'University ol Arkansas School of Medicine lot it s Blood Plasma Bank ProRi'imi. Any volunteers received In cx- s.'j of the number which can lie handled by Hie unit will lie called uijoii for blond donations a iV.v month.'; hence when another clini" will bn held here. Dr. ni-nstcy said. Volunteers wishing to donate a pint of blood should contact the Counly HoalMi Unit, where the clinic will he held, or call aiC^ and leave (heir names, he said. The bl'iod <vi]I go toward' starting a blood plasma bank in this counly. one of the lew which do not liavn one. This iila.sma will furnished without chan;e lo any in Ihe county in need of Fair Directors Elect Officers, Plan Activities Autry Heads Gourd, Blaylock Succeeds Brooks us Secretary Wllli the iraltiimlions of 1'u-sidi-nl U. K. Hluvlork mid ril-i'ii-tniy ,). Mel) Hrocilci, (hi 1 Ilmird of Din-dors or Ihe Missl.s.'.inpi County l-'uir As v ^- ilnlion has been ieoin»nl-/.:"l willi I,. H. Autry us prc&UU-ut, Mr. niuy- lock, .-.irrelury. nnd I'mil 1'r/or, tii-nsuri-r. It. was disclosed luduy, T]u- iT.slgnhtlons of Mr. UUyk'cik' and Mr, llmiiks were tuiulrretl ninl i nca-plnl ut n iiii-clhu: of the |j;«inl in City Hull Wednesday when ilie nrw nfllci.-r.s were elected. Plans, ccntcilni! chlelly iirmiiul Kiiii'ltrouiid renovallon. wer.i mud? •UK) It was announced llmt tho (air lo be hold bore next l-'oll A\IU|<| lu-nreiortli be known as the North- ArkiuuaiK District I-'alr. liivlhc- hu!i been deslmmled us Iho lieniiam-nl site (or this dlsti id tnir. it was talil, Thr Bunrd di-cidt-d lo l»l[« I,hi: 'lliuving four steps In tin- renovation of the Fiiirnrounds: ! Ii Kebiiilillni! (if the Ncurr, Kx- lilblt liulldliii!. dcslroyeil by tire! several years ngo, as soon a:i pos-1 siblli, , 21 Kroctlon o( another exhibit imlldliiK lo be used for ho;! and other livi-.',ti)i.-k displnya. To S»rfiu-u I'ark Drives :t> Ui>|>alrlti|! and rcbulldinn the front of (he present grnndslanrl. which has deteriorated durlnij the pust year. •I) Hlackloppiiiu of ill! (,'1'nVcl roails in Ihc park. It Is calculated that this hlnek- UipiilnH, in addition to mnklni; liet- icr rdftcis; will ollnilnale the.dust inxnrd especially Inconvenient In lie l''all, the Hoard pointed out. Since ill? Northeast Arkansas Fu '. one of the four dlslrlel lairs In .lie stain, an appropriation imuly by he last legislature and nvnllnblc i(U-r July > will make possible tho jsted iiiiproveinciits as well as oih- :rs. Tlic Hoard uxprcssed us hupu ilso to pay all Indebtedness reiirc- cnteil by bonds urlgliinlly Incurred n hulldliiE; tile Kalrt-roimdH. District fair l(-Klsl:ilion ji:i*st-il by lire <;cncral Asscmlily clurlnir Us To Direct Fair Last-Minute Negotiations Bear Little Hope of Avoiding Walkout . B> CIIAUI.KS 11. UKRKOI.I) Unllril I'ri-ss Slatr C'orrcsrHmileiit ' WASntNC'I'ON. April f). (U.I'.)—Telophoiiu 'companies lU'vusH UK; Million nishwl pruiiafitlions today lo maintiiiii »tn|)-)rjij) Morv'icc dtii'iiiir llic countrywide lulephono slrike scl In )io>;in at. (i n. in. Monday. " ~" * A United Press survey' showcU Ihal companies -in major cities wcro s'c'Ulim up cots and laying |ri (ood for supervisory pjrsunncl who have 'h:en detailed to take over ttie Jo5),-, of striking workers, Many comjmnles planned lo service nil emergency culh, and as many rou- llnc' IOMI and ioni! distance call.i us pissV'ale. dial service was not expected to slider. —.. M.-«n«Mlc gcivcrnmtnt cuncil- littur-i held bargaining sessions nlRht ana dajr In an elfort to .selile Ihe dlspnJi- hefnre the strike riraiillnc. Vnlon and jinan- •Reniciit representatives, however, wi-cc reporter) "still very .far.; anart" «n<1 admlnistrailcin off!-' rials feared that even it n settlement formula was reached ff would conir s<i cldsc to the deadline (hut some disruption of serv- ICPI \voulil be inevitable. Mich Roveriiinent officlnls cori- : sldei-cd scteure highly unlikely, a'l- I'lomili Attorney General Tom C, Ci-'k said President Trumnn had iiiilllorlly to order it un<)ej tl)p war pnwcr provisions of'.tho .fod'c!- 1 . >"'l cniini'iinicatlons. act. President .Ji.snph Belrne of tlm National. Pcd- ir'ntiou .o[ Telephone Workers (Ind.). snld that by s uch an in- t'rnrnlRtir.|i Clark wis "stralchiriK thn Jaw to. the breaking point." X/i'bqr Doi)nrtmcnt concllial!!,.. <-onf(-ri-nces were scheduled for to-. | dav bUween the Arncr^'n TJi "f ;Te'(>i)hdne Workers (NTTtWi and Ihc Long ' I,lne s Department of I American TclcphoiiR &. Tclccrapri Co. iConfcrcrtces also viere to be ' inln.' Heliijreeh 1 the , Southwestern it)irri>iQno Workers Unoln" (NTTWr vpd tho Southwestern ; . Sell Ttie- I phone Co.- , .-rfr ; , •-; ••',.-; : i: ' suivoy showed th* slyike niight j A welcome celebration ir. planned by Blytheville civic being , to be held in front of the AmlK,m Buildini!. next to City Hall on Second Street, beginning on 1112 arriva of the Goodwill Tour. N. Y. Stocks A T fc T Anicr Tobacco Anaconda Copjier . Beth steel Chrysler I Oei, Electric . ... I Gen Motors Marian Eugene Weaver, four- Montgomery Ward day-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ver-JN Y Central non Weaver, died yesterSay at Iv.c- Int Harvester . home of his parents on Dell Road. torious efforts made b the Unite:! Slates Army in pemrc and \va."', and requested lliat (he ministers of the curco.s of Biytlitvillp include in tlicir Easier services, prayers for a lasiiiiK peace. Mayor Jackson issued the proc- lamatiun in nccordnnct- wiln requests from 1're.sidint Truman .mil Oovrrnor Ben L-iney. Oovi-rnor I alley issued a similar proclamation inr th(. obsi'rv.inrt; oj Army Day ajirl Army Week thiY>u;rin<iil the I'liiirt- slalc. staling, "IVirr,- li;is ber-n no pi-ac-c trealic-.s wriltcn .m(i there is .vet no assiii'isn-.-r of a iicr- " manrnt peace, therefore I tin lvv> i by proclaim April G-12 j Week." ^- Text of Vroclainatinu Mnyor Jackson's proclamation ;S ns follows: "The VrosHic'nl ol Ihc Unit-.d .stairs haviii!; |)irc!:iiiiu-.l the wei-V: of Al>ril 6-i'j is Army Week, and April 7 PS A^riily Oriy, T, E. H. .larkson, mayor of Hi,- (ily of Ulythevillc, Arkansas, do solemnly urge upon tc citizens of Uiii city lo conimcmorato Army l>iy and Army Wcc-k in recognition of „ . (lie Krcat victorious ot(orls m-de SrhPnlJ P A/innr5ri\/ I by the United stales Army In peace juiieuui^ /viunuuy | am , wnr tn nn< , t . rsla , ui ; hc ahoml Uniform closinp, hours tor Bly- ll > winning tiw lasting peace we so theville business concerns will go | need and (ir-siro. into cficct Monday ar.d contimie in ] force through August. ire inclined to -ulmit nil (.nrucr, i; hey arc certain Uim>.i v.-;il go ••i I.B. I«>s:iia's iMtnsa; in sancliin 1 ice countries eoiiiidcrecl inimical i. lUissia iasl. nine cmisid. Ilie '•.: rio-Americau V:I.[J::IE of '/'. nia nnd Mongolia. This lime, if nt: 10 coinitrii-.i ;-p. ! : -/- tlie balance •>! potential UN '••'•cf, would favor Russia six to fou;--a bit of •irulu.ieti- iviiicl-,. cbicrvcrs fell, n-Jahl l; aus,i Ihe B> victs lo keep their vetj 01: ihc : hrll this year. Blytheviile Stores To Start Summer ,'u:h Irratmcnt. Clinic in Osccola, Ti In Oiccoia, tin- cl'nic win he held Thursday from 0:0(1 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. I>r. I.,. D. Mn.vii-y, siciall lianclhn^ arianf-rrnents (or Ihc clinic (.here, faid today. PICK UP 'Mis.-; Ili-lcti fi:'Hl etc. 'Miss Helen S::ott. lechnician ot tlie University oi Arkansas, will be in chari:c. assisted by Mrs. Ruby Driver and Mrs. I'e^ijiV Driver. Os- reola B^y fii-outo and Cliaptc-r U of the r>. E- O will also assist.. Motion picturc-j supplied by Ib- Univcr.'-ily ol Arkansas Mcdi f :a Scimol clc.^rribin^ tin- Blood Pia.-i- ma I'ior,r;:]ii \vcre shown at Gc-m 'I'hcatcr here yesterday an< will cotttlfii.'e to 'he :;creui<-( Ihroimli Wednesday both here a:» Blyllicville. ^.,^y 'file plasma t>ro::ra]ii i.s llcin "' ' 5j:on.sorcd lucaliy by thr Mi.'-si.s.s';;:|) Counly Medical A.s-(iL-iation. lii Rotary Cflii). (he o.rceohi and l,'i:< ora Ki'.vani.-i Chib:s, Vi'U-rans *> Foreign Wais anti American I,c 1,. II. Mllry Legion Demands Line Seizures Dud Cason Post/Here Urges Go vernal-'ijlfd President- to Act. Osceola Clinic '[Discovers Three Trachoma Cases Weaver Infant Dies services were held this r.rternoon, 2 o'clock, at the Weaver home, with burial following in Mtniln Cemetery. He is survived by his parents, three brothers. L. Dale, Buddy and t'aul. and one sister, Judy. Holt Funeral Home is in charge. ... 105 1-2 ... SO 3... -10 1-8 ... Dl ... OG 1-3 ... 35 3-4 ... 59 1-2 51 !-» ... 17 1-4 .... 87 North Am Aviation n 7-3 Concerns othtr than retail groceries will close at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays am! 0:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Retail groceries will close at 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 p.m. Saturdays. Rcpubltc Steel 28 Radio B 3-.J Socony Vacuum Studcbaker . Standard of N J Texas Corp. . . Packard U S Steel H 5-R 21 1-4 B7 59 3-4 r, -i-n 12 5-8 "I (jo also urra upon Iho ei!i7.»ns I of nlythrvilln lo gravely consider | the im|K>rtanre of a ttrotis Ainer- icri and a stronq Army in the strun- • still continuing for Vas'inK peace in our T .\orld. and rc'iuost ; tViat the- ministers ci! the churches [of the cily do Include In thrlr fcr- Tlicsc closing iiours were agreed \ vices <m Eastev Sunday, prayers for upon at a meeting of BlythcvilU: | the attainment and prcscrvatirtn of retail merchants March 18. It was ' that peace for the \vell-brhir; of also agreed at this tirnc to closO our soldiers divine guidance of each Wednesday afternoon besni- uhcm, thciv c.ouunandeis-in-chlof. ning May 7 and continuing this i'tlie members ot congress, and to I'.r.ictlce through August. tlie ricorilc whom they serve hi tin's I mighty and glorious cause." .... \ The. mid-Casoii Vost, of Ihc -J : American Legion nnd I loyd-ltunt ARKANSAS—Mostly clo-.uiy with Post of Ihe Veterans oV Foreign scaUi-red showers "today. 'Partly j Wars. ha\e proclnimcd their niret- cloudy and cooler tovu'nUt andSuu-, insxs noxi week in obwvvnncc. of day. ' Army week. OSCECIjA, -A;:ril 4.—Three •scs ol trachoina were discovered in South Mi.«i.s',ippi County am! Ihc necessity for a trachoma o)ior- alion \vcrc two of tho results o( a trachoma clinic; condurlcd >e:iVer- (lay at (be First Mctiicxiisl Clitirch Viere. Dr. K. W. Crosgrovc. cr.-.isulta;-.; oj:tlialmoioRist for the Slal of Health conducted the clinic as- sirAed by Mrs. Ouiia Ilrnwn, oi S:ate Board of Health. Mis. Lu:y K. Miller, county ht-A'.lii uuvsc, Mrs. Claude. Lloyd, and Mrs. Mar- viti Crittcndcn. of the ot Public Welfare and' Mrs. Maanie Biirbiers, clerk ot the county hcali.ii nurse's office. /\ Ictal or 100 persons wa s examined witli 87 negative reports involving individuals not r-vevious- ly exunincd. O.' Die 18 o!<l <-a.;c.; cxa-.m'iicd, 11 wore termed as rested cases, and 7 moved nctjo aid fur gimnhim lists anil thn list fur tin- IS117 fair vails for hlRllKr prcmhmis than lierrlornnr. H was also decided al tlui Ilimid ncellni; to invlto all county aficnts mid l-'arm Iturenii presidents from Ilir: II! colludes comprising this ai;- vicullurul dlv"rir.l to scivi- mi un ry l>fjar (land lo parHcifjat-'j ly in tlic annual (nir iirrc. nfjinii saio tins year special emphasis will be placed on livc- sloclr. a^riculliiral nnd comtmmlt-y vKhlbits. wlUi Uic npproprtnUDn lor buildinc;;.' mid preinluin.- ;ind tlu- in cue. tcnilorv (ri>in which tn draw visitors, the di^veloprjicnt of Ihe Northeast Arkansas District l''alr into one ol lh(- ouUtanrlint,' cvi-nt/i nt tin; .South Is anticipated by Ihc Hoard, In »eci!)ilini! Mr. liruoks' rosiKna- tifjn aii secrelary. tcndrn-d :;<> lie could devote "tits (nil tinif. In h'.r, business, the board pnintrd :>m l!i'il lit- lias served as sefrctary wil Cdinprnsation sinrc the l-'iilr Hoard's organization in IMI. l-'nr rli'iil your prior t<i Ihat time, Mr. llrook:; .v.-rvrr :,t'<:n-tary of tilt; county fair. Mr. llnmlis I'r.ilscd "Mon- than any pi-rstm in til counly. Mr. lirooks is responsible i ffir lt\e virowUi of tilt- cinmly Vnir \ and Ihi- develojiment of liie clly | \>ark and fi\ivr.r«>uiuls," Mr. i\iilr>« thf licwiy-?lcr;ti:d prc.sidi-nt, slid A:; Mr. BraoV:s loruiinalt-s his position as -icen-lary, the Far.- ASF.'J- cintloii ir, in the -lest (Enam-iul coll- ditinn of its history. Mr. A-.HIV Mated. All debts nl Ihc As»i(.iallonl arc paid, rent due Ilir city is r>:nd tni- two years in adViiim- iiiul ap- p]-oximalcly S15.0QO worth nf city hftiKls have been paid and cuiici'Ii^d, In- pointed out. "The fact Ihat this icrrilnry animally experiences one of the out- slaVdlnK (airs nf tin- enli.v sl:il<- has It'-cll due almosl entirely to Mr. UriHik-s' untirmc efforis ar, sccve- larv of ttie A^iciatinn," he said. DUectoi-s of the Mississippi Cr>un- tv Fair Association are Mr. Autry, Mr. Ui-ooks, Mr. Hlaviock. Mr. Piyor, J. A. Leech, Russell Phillip.-;, Clinr- Icy Abbott. B. G. West. R. D. HURhcs. 1C. R. Jackson, C. F. Tompk'ms tnul Raleirjh Sylvcsicr. With the deadline (or the Southwestern Bell telephone ctn^lciycc.s' walkout less than 4R hour:i away, plans lierc for emergency service today remiilncd Indefinite ajid the Ulythevillc Ainerlcnn Lcgloa i'osl dispatched telcgrama to President Truman nnd Ouv. Ben Lancy nsklnj; that conununlcatLon systems be taken over by state and federal KDV- ornnicnts pending settlement of the .Mrlkc. Although Illylhovillc, with its dial telephone syn(cm. and niuncrou towns in Northeast Arkansas anil Southeast Missouri serviced by other ccmpiinles, will not feel '.he full pinch of tho .shut-dtjwn of communication Facilities, they will ncv- crlhclras notice the cm-trilled service. , , J ..'^t'^vll'4. m the Pacific coast area; 40,009 lit • Missouri. ArkanSn*. 'Oklahoma, Tr!!^s and Kansas; 150(10 In Ohio- B.OCfl In Wisconsin; 3,000 -In. We- . ornflai | ZO.COO each |n HUnois arid. 1 •MMilFBii: S.nup,.|n Iwa; 2700 iri and ab5ut New Orleans, and 3^000 In Georgia, ' .... Tlir nrca taken In by the Southern Federation of Telephone Workers Involves some 42,«K> workers. Court to Hear Robbery Case On Wednesday clear- lied to begin nt (!;0fl a.m. r>fon day, an hour bclorc the nexl regular shift lakes over. Ji'arller this week tclcphom company and union olllclals siud cmcr- I'.ency service plans were IndriiniU-. In mi effort to determine if further \ilun:; luul dcvolciucd, it \vas tcur.d this mornini! that both com|i:my and unloln repre.sentutlves wcr^^ out of town and tmavailalile For statement. . I •ScrMiifc government InteiventLm uud opc.ratlfiii of coniniuislcuilons systems until the slrike i.s settled, tho Kxccutlvc Cdininittcc. of Ihc American Ij'-itlcjt) Post here met this moi-i'jlni; nnd .sent lo Governor La- jiey the ffillnwini! tclcgruin: ,9:30 -Wednesday mornlnt,'. . .......... ( At thai, time, trial of Halph Sharp, 18, ..of Parngould, will get underway to determine the alleged l>nrl dc played in the burglary of Hlplis 1 Drug Store' Jn Leachvllle last month. Sharp is charged with burglary and grand larceny and at his arraignment yesterday entered . pleas ot innocent to both charges. 0. C. Clayton, -.30. of LcaclirlUc, was given a. comoined 'sentence pf three years In the Stale Penitentiary Tuesday on these same cHargon for his part in the ttrug store break-in. Sharp wns arrested 'l"h»rS(iny . in Paragould—his second npprcneii- Uiis case. "Dud cason I'osl. 24 ot llio s [ O1 i ln American I^lou in Blythcvillc ' cvi , lcncc , to hold him slronifly ur K cs you lo follow Ihc | circult Jvldl , c chnI ., C5 w . ^ght example of the governor of New of paragoulri yesterday ordered the I Jersey. Take over property of tele-1 return of petit jurors to hear phone companies in Arkansas af- ' sharp's trial. reeled by tlic Ihrcalcncd siitke. N O court' action- was taken on |i mid coiiiuuie oiscrnllons pcnitini; I any oilier tlcrendnnts yesterday;, finat settlement, provided you hav, '• and ' no jury was required either i' legal aiilhorily. (yr-stcrday morning or for the brief I "We ar<s not taking sides in the afternoon session, controversy taut only want justice- done to both sides mid public interests protected pending settlement. Public welfare is vuayll concerned. Immediate 'ictiem is impcralivc. We believe every telephone employe will continue at ills post if you so request. We will coo]x>rolc with yon and couintcer our services. "Let's get some action now." Minimum Temperature Close to Yesterday's High The temperature droprjccl only lour decrees during last night with a low of C"> being recorded after a HUh o{ 69 \vas recorded for yesterday, Robert E. li'.aylock, offi- av- ci:.l weatliev ivc.j today. A similar telegram vva. 1 * sent President Truman urRing that the federal government lake over operation of the striko-affcctcd syr- tcnis. Tc messages were signed by Post Commander ft. G. Partlow for the Executive Committee. A check revcaU-d this morning that two Mississippi Comity towns nnd at least 10 Southeast Missouri towns will not be affected by virtue of receiving service from other telephone systems. In tliis county, Leachville and Manila pre serviced by , the Arkansas As^o- claied Telephone Co., wbicn fi're in Cafe Firemen early yesterday afternoon were caller) to the Reinmiller Cafe when sparks from a stove in! tho kitchen ignited grease collect- j cd In a stovepipe. The blaze dam- ? aged slightly a fan motor in Ihcj ventilating pipe and the window, Irivnic'the pipe passes through. { A grass fire at 316 South Division was also extinguished by tire- men j-csterday. observer .Mxnouiiced^ its business office in l.eachville. In Soulhe.'ist Missouri, lowns ices. serviced by the Southeast Missouri Telephone Co. in Caruthersville and also not affected include Steele, Hayli. Holland, Caruthersville, Por- tagevllle, Marston, Kennett, Sikcs- ton, Poplar Bluff and Cape G : ardeau. 'Blytheville may feel added pr( sure from a walkout if portions ol the dial system here broaJc down, 'or repairmen RTC among the employes threatening to strike. It \va s previously stated that. at least two supervisors would •< " available here for emergency sei

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