The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 198-1 BlATllEVII.LE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Auxiliary Will Make Je))y for Needy Vets Caruthersville Will See Own Film Star on Screen PAGE THREE' \ViIson Personal CARUTHERSVIU.E, Mo. - Cu Moir.lx-rs of llii' nlylhevllie chap- iitlirrsville vvil! liavo the <i;jp-ir American Legion Auxil " unilty 10 see i 'a '-illy movie slji: iary ii-||| nia!«.' 100 Jar* "of jelly ft . . . ! Ian: 1 plays. nc- M.Keii/li 1 . V.'. M. \Vull.u-i-. Ci. 11. low Jack." ci:e> o ,v Colemnn his ln-cu appointed chals-itiaii of th" profert Mrs V!i.yil Wlill" c'.ihman. ana 1 Mr^. I-' F* Wuotlson. i-hiM wrlCare chairman, other members :>f the cominii- tf-o. Mv.s HM'iud r^vj-.or is presl- :ui t.\ th? l«;al unit. There »r? SCO I mi-* which have wii Hiked t'i lo'ip-mte In this '.-.•.ov'.-mi n: v ii'i 11W Blast's as ilu 1 'Minimum t.-io:-i for each in-wip. t I ilous illness of Ills father, \V. P.'guosis Siiturday nlghl of Mr. timl 1-Vrijiison. wlioso condition Is still .Mrs. Aii'orpy Adnuis of llornorsvlllo. gruvo. ' Jack Kilivnuls Is soiiicwlint liu- Mrs. li. F. Wilson and h'.'i 1 , pvovcci luMouniy ;i pru'.oiigvil ill- cliuiiilili'i 1 . Mi^. l-'r:inli Wiw-yon uf HI'.-K. S|>:-!.'i jih'M. .\l-is% . iflinni'cl jvsii-i--: I'M!-- .liihiim. Kranrls oii'iixiiis 1< (lily I'raii] n \i.^lt \villi Mrs. Wilson's :::i]nnvi\l Julhiu-iny an iittucli rtaiii'hli-r. Mr.s C. !|. IKnvrlls, at Of bro^.-l.lii.s. Winter H:>vo:i. Fl.i. • Mr* 1 1). I'lili'itanii'd tin Julllinj (J«l>s Dl t;hti:n Oily., KiisU'i:: Sl.i:' l'!ivnl;iy rn'ii:il'4 .:. Ttllli. is hi i-!:alVi- uf l-'.i 1 llllilliiT: l:iT 1" :•• lli'!V. ike ;il^:;-nci' or Jako j C Mh : -;"'iia,-ii,-! II,,TV u,i:s,v-nd ,!u- Cervices Held Wednesday j.'-i 1 1 .1- 11,.ii>!<>i-. i, -i t..,i ti. i r_. ir\ .. i i^ 11* cording to New York dramaiW <-o- . Fi •/:-r, Kuy Wu'.-.-rs. K. !'. Oi!lu::i. „ "'", ies. l)->i!iB conxulerrd nil Broid'.vny . J. :,'. JITOIIK-, J. K. M-.-L'I :11 and Vv'.i;- i ll ' n - Ar '' tor Pulitzer tin^e liwiars. 1t<- CMul. Mrs. n^oriiia Ainold, mother of. Khir.ei- and clistles H •;.'.!. ?'.u- F.ldie, alreadv y."i-n hor son! «.'• .-its al th/ U".;-. '-•.-.,i-.v a! A-.-I-. iu 0 Mr. nnd Mr- w. .N. llcrrv, 'it War I (or Douglas Kobbins j SIANll -\. Ark.- -Dunvlits Ko ' jlwt-n -.11 111 l-.i'u'.ih fin several n . . „ ^, , , 0:10 .-ill? s.iv.- was -Kxpjnani i J',:i- ;n.r Mr.-.. H. H cainum „..,. ... ,.,,,:, ,, : ' „ Rabies Serum Ordered m.- MUS, P s-i y i,,^ the ,»„ «,t J M> c:. w. ».,=.,«,.., »iui uu.«a- ^;-, ^0 n m? ''i- Jar s' : mi ^ „ r. . , . fathr.1- l-.ervnnslv :iiv:iil ini, ihr "I>1-:- li-r HMIV. linv „. tn 1.VI I..I..M „ .1 I ".•«"• <• -1'" •' l--l»n«N ami r n II D • I i father nervously a-.-.aitiin; ihe "t>l;-s-.1'^ Hniy. haiv -piif- to tolliiliiiiii.i, I.'!' ,,,, . • for Dd! Residents .<:,,! evc-nt." This :s i.-r -•' •••*•• ..."...... - Hl-»';:hi.-^. U lllXM!.; . Hi-r.i- IlllUllllis. Two "Pi i r = . , , - .v t', : ,. ' A S ; ; . „, vhi, h,., : ,u,.i-u-i , MLS. KI/- , i-s to !);• .sh :) .vii b«e. TtniHJlav and :.l«-t:i M-^.-l.-v. p'" l-V:<l:iy. Apiil 5-B, inai>a;,wii- nl of i .\,, , uu! M ,, s j „ ,. ,„ , luvi , ,;; '.' " '• ..". -- -- '- - •• - ' '' ! a " «>rv t ,,,, On \vlns Sjind Prl/i. LAMii.Ota. On'. (U1M -- Curry • "" , "" --v""""" "•• -•••—i- ..|..-i »• >..-,•..« ••• •« ; .v: -.IHU .\ir s j. |i. i;i.,in mivi,- 'd.-uu and M'-.. r,i->r..|i M-m Ui.ui C0iml\ lurlllshei) nliexiV'Cti-d rum'- prevention ,,f raises have br-eu tl,, lava! th:ar,-, l,a, annrur.-:i ,-,:„„„ ,i f,,,,, I.HtV lio.k an:l i-i.r :( ,r'. M ' (> ,;„ "J^ f "'" J ' 1 ' N1 ^ Blbt ' 11*1111,:,, .„ „., ( ,. 1 1.'\^ " |', m oiderc-d bv Dr. A. M. Wi ,,h,,ur,,.! ,«!,.„. v .,,:,', Mr . Crnlll .....u,,,,,, u , | ^ ^, U1 , nvll ,. _ smlon> ,, f 'J, ">^| ti ;----.i^,- ;., nt,.* tn..ji .1,..,. i .... . . • ' ' i"««- n M , ,, •,, \' r - " ll(l Mls K !,,, , "?.... l '\{"'~ ' " Ll il<1P 1Uit> . . .. llrectov of tin- cdiiriy health unit, wing bilU-i; by animals One ^-.'.s Imtfn IJY a jKiny ^nd •mother bv a don. accordlnj; to word received, at the hc-ilth \init. tin- (•(iin-ly health unit, n . . , ... as .-j ir.suli of iier-diis! OllTial Associations I).: While in Pine Bin]! thi-v : «.i s - that O i'.\f:s''i. I,, p.sher here Court n.,11-,. ,,[ i^mjiidis prize •••:-. a display :il "-'. .1. II. Taut and ruinilv of an«l Mrs nil, iv.ti- Mrs. Nannie L. DilU /UWIMIIUIIS ;•.,,,. BU «.s,« ,, ;.,,. , 11H | Mrs . car,- H ,,nd.,v. A.. U ;,V, Vli,. ^esls lu-re P'l» -v. a disp-av :,, » Chinijo Must Obtain Permits Mlll i'-y- .•":•.-.. r-i-.!i,.|\ p; ,!,-nls. M,. 111U 1 Mis. show - <' Adiimn. 0]>liir. Canv - H<v Ja i; Cc.ialik.y. Vi'-.or M'lnn . J. 1". Kn:-ri of rJ-fit'ei-!l!c. Mr. county. -,.nji v.-t-ond. lioiiii (.•oin-ier ; Neus Want Ail.-;. miserable Spring Colds v.uiu itct'ivvu in. viu 1 nc^»[i\ \inii . . V . J . icunti io;l:-\ <r')iti ij-i'jllsi hoinil'il' Warn(01 M i- ni'<l Mr- R ; ll Petti ¥% £% ™;;;r ls arc s " M:wt -; ss.fs^ r SLM | ^^3.^ rc " iu ' lv i 5. re sKi iWW: m!cl c: A - Tam 'T,,, ; ,:, n ,es of the p^n, iiit- »'h ..^ j; '^ '«.«« ^ «';»| J. c. iv.i:,!, K.^M^V f»r S:,-! Mr.' „„„ M,. „„,»„ Lm : c en- ten wove not Delved b«l the ° "' J j;.^ ' ^, ;'^ n " ^ „'" ^ J i™, Ari.. -.l. L ,-, - lu . will b<- <-n,- V,-lat,,.,«l i-V!<lay ev.-nins wi,h a K.,,,,,, mcnc i,,,,,, „•„., or( , cl .. : ^'- n ; ^ "'^ ,"'f S1J V" U^jed en tnmiriiriio-, work. Mrs. dam-In... paity hnm,-!,,, Ml ,». ,j ni) <d ai ihe rcdiu-sl of vesideMs of •"'^um'u ?'w " n! «„,,,,, ,f -C' £ ' c! ' kill!; *"' l"" w Satit.-tlav for an nnil d ; ii,...)i-,,r Ell^.bvih. tll( - """ C0!llmu ""- v - imoieo!^-: ^ntned Vl i^ 11 ' 0 ;- 1 ""': 11 ..^-" *'«> '^'' * ; uh,,r, : ,, Ih-ownsviHe^ Tc-nn. and Miss • I "r l:l C. l ]T ln s™w nCC ,'!n t i OCl ;r ion,,!""- "-'""P ^-*«»"at "S^ce! ; '^ ^™- ^- M^i/Viai, ^mi ! t|.''e Ju" ,4'h,(io " ,e op«r Al1 ' ""''^ J ''" rkills "' ! " mm:r ""^ Pi "' ks ' alsn or »-=«'nsvilIi'. -- ti,' ii mllv'ln 1 V Ch'c'->swbi' h " c un ' i! ;1 -" doxe <l! ' stihr - o! - - 111 ' '" wllnm ttrr|1 h01 "" e"- sll! ot ,J! i We o Uie"ci ntv^' f ; 5 ^'. Ur : °^^' "-"^-"^ «» «:^-M^- ^"'^ I»"-nl». Mr. and Mrs. Of Manila Is Dcadi™ of the coiinty.' ,fc .aW^^S^^^^^ MA*™. ArT^i-, Dannie u'.?™^-^'?^^ '"11^ \'^«»"' * 'w**^ Cmon,^ S ^S S Di!ts. uife of O. A. Dilts. died ;"^,,v,Vm,,"o. \rnvA Ud" - <Vil: ' P 11 """ 5 "-' ! ^ isil *'ilh he,- da-.u-hl,,; M , s . F | Or - MuiKlny after hcir.i; :M ill h"n'.1h ." "£, L, .'',;. !«„,'' " ,^ n .. ! Mr?. O. I, T. !: r.s : ;H -,r I,r,» is, rar-e Tomnf c! M.-niphis. «-lio has for (in, years. SHe was 51 years! "" ] '' °-' f \ ''"' '''V s , : " <! "^'"'isfKiKliiiB a f.-v dav. h.-rt- with Mr.' Iwen i!l. OW. • ;,','"; S , rU^t ,kh'. V-1"' 1 ^™*™- *»» ^-»-.»- »«cpt«ii •-• Mr. and Mrs. Jn.- Fran* Little Services were condnclcd al the ,„",., u ;.. :?'f,.j position in ir.,- ,-.d.v.u-e ,lopart- announce '.he arrival of a si-n. horn Methwlist church, in charge of she ) '*' l _' J_" _J in'-nt of the W^-MU S'..) 1 .^ Cn .last weeh. The \viio \vci7l;(!(l iRi-v. J. N. .Moore, assisted bv the I ' Mr. and Mrs. W.I:;.IMI I,'.:dwi" and ' eiflu ]:osiiitfs, ):ii.s lic'-n named' Jn- Hev. P. M. Galhiiuhl and' the- P' 1 '' 0 tsltuid. in Lake Eric, is; children. Mary. M-.IVJ.-.VO!. Ui\!'.» -.TJ)!! Franklhi. Hev. L. Scou. Siic leaves her lius- "y simhcrnmos'. point of Can- j an(] f^n'f., have go:t' .<, Ornn. M^.. : Mi« Mildred E:lsar;[s arrived band, three Kins, Rudy. Walton •' 1<i;1 - ; wlicre tht-y wi'.l s;«iv ! . '.ii c Exster Wednesday from Jcuesbwo. vhevr and Otha. one daughter. Mrs. ; ..... ^ ' In'.idays wf.h -Mr. L-.I.I-VJLJ'S par-• she attends Huly Ant-i-ls uradcmy, F.ihtl .lohn^nii. and her father Four (>r fUe i^t-r ecnt is the av- erJ.s, ^Vv. and Mrs. r...:;'--. Luthvi-: to spend K.aster with h^r parents i.iid s'.ep-mother, Mr. and Mrs. nuj;!- fi;d r-Jfirif-.'icy of j;"j.voiinr - C. IV. Ferguson v..i. cnlled (o Mr. and Mrs. uasil K'J\'.ar<ifv. Walton of MarniaiUike. t.'i-; Mars'.'.all. Tex., EuuC-.-.y ; .:v f.'.r r.?- Mr. anrt Mrs. C. i'. Jenkins vrere HEftDIHtMOFf . . . with tliis iimii/.iiiji aid in PIL-VIMIU inrj culds .. . CLEARS "STUFFY" HEADS GltADK A Raw Milk J-hotw n Ciraig's Dairy a Lucki '?zlt/ the Center Leaves... t/iei/ are the Mildest Leaves ucKies are kind to your V throat W HEREVER tlie finest toh.iccos prow — in our own Southland, in Turkey, in Greece—all over the world, we gather tlic very Cream of the tobacco Crops for Lucky Strike. Ami that means only t!:c miia- lc,nts. Not the top leaves—because those arc umler-dcveiopeil — not ripe. Not the bottom leaves —because those are inferior in quality — they grow close to the ground, are coarse, dirt-covered, sandy. Tlie center leaves arc the mildest Iwvcs—they taste better and fanners are paid higher prices for tl>tni. These center leaves arc tlie only ones used in making Luckies. Then "It's toasted" — for throat protection. And every Lucky is fully packed with these choice tobaccos — made round ami firm, free from loose ends— that's why Luckies do not dry out. Naturally, Luckies are all-ways kind lo your throat. "It's toasted" V Luckies arc aU-ivays kind to your throat ''v H^, *«vS N&vN NOT (lie top leaves— they're under- devtlntied — they are harslil |~ Only file Center Leaves—these are the Mildest Leaves ws&jfyi I VT— ——-—• ____^ — ———.—Xj. : " : '*-:~j I il rcwSsM.lHI.RrAxtildsTBai.xor.r.tu.! ^-iSS ;ys. They taste better A NOT (lie hot (oni leuves— they're inferior in Quality — coarse anil santly\ IT'S SMAUT TO W. TIlltll'TY—IT'S KASY HK'RK BER'g r STtmtts ^i^^ DEPT. STORES ' r *'" r """---*:"rTH"vii*KVirXKrinor Presents the Parade of Easter Values eaf urin.Q the Largest Selection of Spring Dresses Swagger Suits Coats Ii: .Sill:.-; nnd Orgamly with |ili|iie and latr Irlin. In stripes., plaids. |::istc!s and dainty prints, that Bivi' n liiiLshlttt! tnscrli to yoni iu",v ,suayi!L-r ;vijit. \\\> liivilo ^'«ll to Sue Our Windnw Display nf Lovely Easter Frocks .STRIPES - FI.OflAI, PIlfNTS - PLAIDS Pastels - Nnvy - nintk I and 2-Pirce llri'S.'.es Jackcl Frocte Yo'i'll :;(vy they l«& like vcgtilnv Sd 50 Dresses nnd they would h-j If \ve Had nol |>urclin.«.-tl MijcelnJIy for, this oc- i-aslnn nnd pnsseil the sin-lug on to yon. R\-ery variation of the Sprint; Fashion Picture Is Inrlurlcd — picked wllli ivartlctihvr lUli-ntitm to the snmll detnlls. rique anil MnRi-He Trim - Sl/es fnr Miss and Matrnn :•;: 3.93 i In The.';!; Groups 01 her Spring Frocks $5.98 to $16.75 Thr All .slylfs and sha]je.s in li-a- llii-r'iuid iim-i-liy inalfriul:; in conipli-U- i.ny I'inMi-r mil HI. Ynii'll I'ci'l Like "Stepping Out" in These New Spring Shoes PrcsfniJiiK the new trend In fcotwear—You will niid Fosh- Inn's Inu-sl. cliolcr.f III Pumps, Tles<-~ Oxfords uiul- Straps In all leathers and colors, us well as clever combinations, And uf all, we have your ,sl-/c in practically, every Myle—from 3 to fl In all widths from AAA. I^earn what teal .value Is In lln.-se Ihrci- popular-priced groups. $1.98 $2.98 $4.00 Don't Knvy Your JNciglibor'-s Ea.sti.-r "Lay - Out" YIHI. Tm), Cnn Be .Snst ;m Well Urosscil, tin a Minimum Amount Where You Ruy Vnur Ivnlirc Sitriiit; Outfit at KliAIitill'S STORK. Saucy Styles in Millinery Tli:il will n'Uwl your n«'i) \;wil luMr nml yive (Ihilnclloii o ili«3 \vi'avor. STHUVR nnd i']-t i |' : " s in K;iMi-r shutifs. 98c*l- 98 Full Fashioned Chiffon or Service Weifihl Silk Hose Silk from Top to Tot. In every nrv, r .shade, and the ennal of iej;iil.irly snkl for 75c. Only 59c Attention Men! No Use (if Heim; ;v» ON-l.OOKEK (in (he Side Lines \Vlirii Vim C;m Hn.v Shle-ComvtfK'ss for Sn l.illli 1 . J53 Men's Suits .... Aite"--.* A-Mf'-^n /1 ^ lv /-^ & i A -y/jf\i j.>*&\~$ Viai'll si-lerl these new Miiti for their .style, fit. and price, bin you'll not' i-rall?e .Hie wrcloin o! your . s?lt!c;-ion until months la(?r. for Hies? hard HiiWi all-\vnol n-orstpds nil! ivcnr anrt hold their .shajK- like nnicli higher priced sn1ls. And In-st of all the pric, 1 rniigr i.s only $15 $16.50 si. SI i iris fUUl lorls Shorks nf plain nndstriix-dbroait- cloth. Shirt.s of fine cciuted cot- Ion. Both garments tailored for service. 25c r, Snappy Sly Irs In New Spring Oxfords Leather soles tu\d heels, and the equal of regular $5 shoes — with (he slylc ot even IVighcr prleed shoes. $3.50 Cfinsir" , r nr f?lts in Snap brirn .•.tj-l.s, in the new pastel shai>5. We tno . jo'.i cannot nialch the $1.95 $2>85 MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Solids, stripes, fancy patterns in quality broadcloth. Tailored along the line featured by the high- priced nationally-advertised shirts. In all sizes. These prices to choose from— 59c 79c $1

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