The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1930
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVIU.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCli, Editor H, W. HA1KE3, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: The Tiioaias P. Clark Co. Juc., New ifork, Philadelphia,. AllaoU, Dallas, Sun Antonio, San I'VancUco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every f.'.'.ernoon Except Sunday. . Entered as second class matter at the post office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 8, 1917. Esrved by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES ny carrier In the city of Ills iheville, 15c per week or J5.M per year In advance. By mall within a radius ot 60 miles, (3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 85c lor three months; oy mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 56.50 pi'r year, In zones seven «d eight, $10.00 per year, payable In erfnr.M. A Good Old Remedy There if, a good deal of meat in thai little slory from bapoer, Mich-, about the five youngsters who were arrested for a series of potty thefts. These lads, as you probably remember, were ordered into court to answer for their ('rimes. But just before they were to appear their parents asked the judge if they might "talk to the Iwys" first. The judge agreed; and the par- cuts thereupon repaired to their respective woodsheds and gave each young delinquent a good, old-fashioned licking. Then the judge put all of the boys on probation. Now you may deplore the old "spare . the rod and spoil the child" maxim as much as you like; in this case, it seems to us, everything was handled perfectly. Under ordinary circumstances these chaps would probably have gone to the reform school—and reform schools, unfortunately, arc notorious for their failure to accomplish any reformation- As it is, they got just what they needed, and the. state of Michigan docs not need to worry about thorn- All of which, of course, simply indicates once more that an energetic and intelligent parent can do a'lot more for a delinquent boy than a court can. Justice and the Law In Texas a "farmer has been condemned to death for murdering a neighbor during a quarrel over some livestock; and although the state..court of criminal -appals has held tha't'-lic was not tried according to law, the courts are without power to save him, and only executive clemency can prevent him from being electrocuted- The case provides an interesting commentary on the ways of the law- The appellate court has agreed that conditions in the place where the trial was held were so disturbed that a fair trial was impossible- It has also agreed that part of the trial judge's charge to the jury may have been in error. But be- \ cause the prisoner's lawyer failed at the time to ask for a change of venue or to object to the judge's charge, the courts can do nothing to rectify matters. All of this, it seems to us, makes OUT OUR WAY very poor sense, even though it makes good law. This ruling says, in'effect: yes, this man may have been sentenced to death improperly, when he did not deserve it, but it is more important to preserve the rules of the game than it is to .sec that an individual gets justice. It is precisely that sort of ruling that makes the law so incomprehensible to most laymen. The Windmill Cuba M. Higtlon. MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, ll SIDE GLANCES Oy George Clark the percentage suitcriiijj from of composliovs | considerable; MY STAR My star of Hope shall ji'cr grow dim. For I slmll place my trust in Him Who guides my destiny with His hand, Into Hint far olf distant land. My star of Hope shall ever shine Within tills weary heart of mine; Tlnit star of Hope shall lead me on Where departed friends have gone. Geo. W. Allrcd. CooU-r, Mo. Well. I haven't time to make any resolutions for the New Year. I niu loo busy cleaning up tlic pieces of old ones that I broke. -Y- •'.'• * Sir James Jeans, noted scientist, says tliat the universe Is expanding. Well, Hint's nothing to worry about, though. I see where railroad lares are to be reduced to two cents n mile pretty soon. A man In Pittsburgh, Pa., who bathes bim- self with moonshine has been arrested by tlie police. Serves him right. He shouldn't waste good liquor like that. 'There's no rest for the wicket." cricket fellows In England mlfiht say. (liose In the old days a hard driver meant a mean old bcss. Nowadays lie Is one who docs liO miles an hour. Sinclair Lewis' motto, judging from his utterances abroad, seems to be: "Every cl t iy mul cv*ry way I am growing bitter and bitter." ••'— v •• -' : : f -•{!• ,i ! i S-^: : • I* a^irh ;i -P-.'fcv-.^f m^r^ .x\J nmniint of Imbalance of the eye muscles is higher than in l!« other groups. The British investlelitcrs a'.c inclined to believe, therefore, | i [Jiat any occupation with a. con. Islclcrable amount of tyeslrain has } a deleterious effect on the eyes,! j and that one of the result.'; ofi I such occupation is to encourage! the development of nearsighted-1 ness. The period during which l'.-e boys were studied, namely., (he second decade of life, is one | in which the eyes undergo changes fairly easily and a similar amount of which is to IH; expected In the third mid fourth decades. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO f l'i i >i i r T» — ' P y »«^_^j.»^/ J ,, "If UiL'.v come for tin runt just look (itini!) anil say it must luivc skipped my mind." ANDREW JOHNSON'S NINTH On Dec. 2<J, 1808. Andrew Johnson, 17th president of the United States, was born in a crude shack at Raleish, N. C. When four years of age Ills father died. So poor was :ic that at 10 he was obliged to seek work. At 14 he was apprenticed to a. tailor nnd he learned the alphabet from a fellow-workman. Johnson never went to school a single day in his lifs. When 18, lie moved to Greenville, Term., where he worked as a tailor. A year later he married Eliza McCardell, who taught him how to read and write. Johnson's j enthusiasm for self-education led • him to organize a debating so- j THE BURROW OF OOG Goes StR/UGHr POWM 10 To -A PiUNSE-HOiB FOR. QOrctc GET/WAYS'. 607 HOW Does HE GET Tie DIRT- up HOiE ? SO FAR-. NO ONE ~ KNOW. OF THE SOUTHWEST, PATdOLS -fERKrroRy ANP OFTEN LIGHTS' ON THE" 6ACfc OF AN IMTKUDlNQ BIRD, PACKING AMD sca AS IT GOES'. '3Cq CI»30BYhEA SERVICE. J) I, WASHINGTON LETTER 15V RODNEY TiV rC!li:i! | iety. Then, beginning a political : Receiver Can't Sell lat '' ot S ' r > ' ohn A ' career, he became successively ] D 'I i • ni_' ' P 1 ' esent home of his master. mayor, state legislator, congress- j Ka^'road m OhlO I cently he jumped out of the rl man. governor of Tennessee and j --- ! commissioner's car in dc-wnt | United States senator from Ten- ! LISBON. O. iIJP)— No one. ap- j Oilawn. He was found later iiicsscp. iiarcntly wauls tlie once prosper- | tlle former rr.iidence of Sir \Vill| i fie was Lincoln's running male Dlls Yomigstown & Ohio River rai>- 1 ln CooiKr street. 'in 1884, and sneceedcci to the. roatl whic his in default on a bond:" presidency on Lincoln's assassina- is sue. lion. In 18C7 Johnson suspended T «'o auction sales, held this week, ! Stanton, secretary of war, who failed to produce any bicffcrs and. : to citl «l to conduct another "sale" WASHINGTON' CiiU'ins driven', ""'^ m!mne '' '" vvhlch P M P" lc !wan reiiisiated by the Senate the ' m desueratlon, the receiver lus de rrorn^lir^m^ C " sho1 ' a »d i'mmsoncd. to | following ycav. An atlempl mZSlpare linaiJy !nn^i^± ^ "V 1 "™-' of ""»'" "RU their i*-*? *»*>«™ of the War D =- next week. r.Vdier ill order to make a 'con- : rropcrly confiscated without com centraled, orauni/.cd light, for Cub-: ^ I1t ' a . l .;™',. l . s . '"conceivable to nny .- ' r " u n 'i 10 hns of the United Riatss. atlon m Cuba Cubans have uren mcrens- ! "Maohado has ...11 lihrrtv frem wiihir, the prnt:i.- live s-i tin.- situ- persistently re- during this quarrel led, ! in 18G8, lo Johnson's impeach- I mem. but the two-thirds vote i, PASTOR TURNS CLERK OKLAHOMA CITY, '.UP)— The ing in number for several yc.irs an'il f"EMl lo permit the organization of now sumo of. t!iem have ou.mii.ed • llew political parties or the re- , ,. - , . * - -..-„. the. Cuban Palriolic League, which i organlzaiion of old parties. The I y , ellcac '« now travel by air to I «*oyer resigned recently as tte re-'-•• and from Sweden, instead of by rail | suit of a controversy over his essary to convic;- lao-ked one vote.; Rev. Newton II. Rcyer, former pas- I lor o? the First Lutlioran Churcii FOODS Slill'FEl) BV AW j here—a post he liad held for 21 S'.-'eden, IUP> -Culii;- j years, was not unemployed long. A new motor horn iip.s bnen invented w)i;c!i makes a sound like a chore) of a harp, "fur heaven's fake," ns the pedestrian might cay. Mussolini, some one notes, has never visited Monte Carlo. Thus 'siiollinj the chance of many a columnist to v.Isccrack on "Duce's wild." will havo hradnmrters here and plans to disseminate infO;m:Uinn a!;out what's happening on '.lie is- lanU republic. Flays ^lai'lradn The league, if it operates ai-rord- nl political opposition is en- deniad. A? soon as an cdi- right Iirely tor or anyone else speaks up. he is notified to get out of the country or EO ti jail. When the National; 1st parly met, for parly organ Iza- I lion Machado sent his soldiers with esult that reveral people were ., and several hundred arrested To many a disappointed investor, lh; "lone" of a stock market menus just one not: after another. Professional basketball is passing in western cities. ' Doubtless became of IniufTiclcnt net returns. John Rlnglinc, circus msn, hns taken a bride. Ami now skeptics arc saying he hasn't got a show. Ing to plans, is likely to become a j:' constant irritant to the :;.:part-' [..,': "i c iiient of S.itc, -which has consist- , ,v, ,, enlly isnort-cl the frequent sensa- . for disturbing the pence: licnal charges agaisl President' " B X unconstitutional means. Ma- Gcrardo Mncharto. chado has extended his twin of of- "Miis-oltni b a Gene: Wash-i r ' cs lo at . !cast 10 > rars . obtaining mgtou c-ti-.|;nrcd lo .M.-.c!::i:i3." say.-, co-cperaiion o, m t Congress by in- II. Ralph Burton, genial ccims'el cl ' c f ns '^ ternls cf '1 s members fur the new organization. "It is hnvd for an Amerlran to under-! sla.ul ihat there exUi:, within and boat as before. Thus graphs i "modern nnd liberal" views among from the Rhone valley and oysters lll? crngregation. He was at work from the coast oi Brilany are sen; • tcclay as a clerk in tla offiee of via air express from Paris on the p aul Huston, asiistant c-iinty ivea- Amslerdani-Maluic.? li:'o nnd thc' surejl - r.exl day delight tht palates of| : gourmets in Stcckhc!m or Gotli-1 OTTAWA, Out., (UP)—Fergus, u enuurg Swedish specialties, such'Cairn terrier, owned by Sir Willas crawfish, are also frcc|iienlly: iam Clark, British High Commls- stnpped abroad in U:? same man-, si oner, siirwed jivcrjon to living a'. the hktc-ic Karncliffe, .former es- Sinclair Lewis declares Hint American pro- lessors like tl>elr literature "very dead." They have always favored rather grave leading. Employers who cut wages don't realize apparently that all work and no pay make Jack cxcccdinff scarce. By Williams promising io keep torn in office. He is in now until May. 1335, as a result of the 1928 election in hundred miles of his own ccuntrv.! u '! lich ]l<l Nvas tlie onl - v candidate a country which, in ;" kn-!; oi po-' wllose " alnc U!1S l>"inilt,:d to ap- litical wild civil fi :cdom. is only : l !0!lr ou tllc tlcl:et - comjiarable with the ilcfpoti^in c[! Says Press Is Asialle princes." i "Praclicsllv every newspaper in Burton, who is b;.;t ki-.o-vn here'Havana. rfespite conslitulional as' Hie Ifg.'.l repR.-.nilative and piiaranreos of ficedom of Ihe prcis, Epokcsnmn of v.'.rious national pal- «a; eitlicr been siipjiressed' or has ii'jtic £oc!i:'.ics. vi :'-e;l Cuba narly , M'tpeiulcd piih!icatl-ti tecnnse ot in tiie fall with Senator David T. Machatio's ripid censorship. Macha|Wal!ii of ',t:H5urhuKcits. He s has '. do's enemies have been myslerious- ! hr-.rl experience In inlcri-.atinnn! po!- | ly nssas;in?.tecl and boy and girl lilies nnd was decorated, by the'"n!s killed for asr.ertins their | Rtiinanian yovernir.cnl for Iiis J.?r- licht cf p-^iticii. Every to da.VF. ! vices to that country in sue- Ihrouph a Ictlery, llnnhado extracts ces?fu! clfons in -.icniiiro ' Imr.rtreris of lh:ni.-ands of dollars !a:ac: gobs of new territory. ' r om the ('espcrately iwor Cubans Other pi-eminent meml-ci-; In !!:•? 'in nir.cmits nf 30 cents an:! up. dc- leagiui ar^ Alfr'.cl l^tiriricouit, dueling Ins own liberal share ami president: Octavio Sciglc. wealthy. Ike diviiUns among his political banioVod Ctibjn: <i:'rn!il Hrandon. ! henchmen. Small wonder that he ncwf.p3i>crinan: Dr. Domingo Ta-'narrs net g-i oven a few mi!.?s into marsa ad Albeit :ic Liiisne. Tlie the country without bolh sides cf ! hope of I lie oranni/.ilion is to or- i Ihe rend lined with soldiers fov his gaiiiM all Cuban i-xilcs ai:d oilier ! prolcclion." antl-Machad» patfiols now in the Tlie Cuban Palriolic League's Unilecl Slat.:t. I fivsl nrve lias t?cn lo ask Sccre- Oitc .Many Evils [ tary of Stale Sliin'on lo persuade "\Vc tiavc tl-.f t.".:!>an= .1 roplic.i Maehudo lo allow two rnprcsenUi- of nur rwn c:ii-,sti'.'-iti: n Mill) wiilcli | live Americans to enler Cuba, stiuiy I lo tjov.-ru llicmselvcs ami now Ma- ] Die situation-and make a public vc hado lius ck'Stioyal it," llnvlou | porl. It r.:ally dorsn't exp^cl S'iir. :iiys. "Tiie nep;i.ln'?nl cf Slstc : ?on ar.d Cucliiido to co-operate, bill ins been [llrv^vanl'iy Jcrohot in its _ holds Ihnl il lu.s thus t-nlled Mai tiuly o! prcttvlir.: tin. 1 liberties of. (hado's bluff as nude when he SLid ' Ciitr.. as puarantce;! m the P'.att I recently he was willing lo have tl-.t ;imer,dir.:nl, I American people know ail tlte f;icts. s from the s~ BACK 1 Bt \-OWCa-1 VO o' f) & WO"T GOMCr To OASi-\iMer OOT NASAL'S,. L J rintin<![ Trade Causes Greatest Strain On Eyes UV 1>H. MOUIUS I-'ISIIIIKIN rtinained stalionary in the Ijlilnr. .lonrnnl nf tlie American j.irity of iiLStances. b'.it iilx>nl or.c-1 ))rdlral Ai-.nri.ilinn. and of third of the perMim r-tudied' Mygi-tn, llir Ucaltli M^^n7i«r !:ss farsightedness atler several i 1ms hern ir.urh di.scus- jrars Ir the composhi!; dcpar'.-I :im rcnceniim: ihi- eltecls of IIRIU o! Ihe piintcr's tr.idc. \ :'.'.)• i- work on V.MI.!!. Ur.cier the f- : ti;dy ot the muscle balance! iiy-;?'u's of tho M :::. LI! Hesoarci) n-d'-.-.ifrti no definite Irend foi 1 ! ni (irr.i' i'.-..;;-.::i. Ur. N'. Ix'.'.ir ov for worse r.s a result of i tie av:iil- ti.v recupaticn. Litjo^:3pliy dc r s! 'btigalimi in)'. iu\o!vc any nrral degree cf j eyi'strain. Nevertl-.cles;?. p .'.iC lie 1.H! 1 .- ohungcs in ihe eyes of Ihe hlhc 1 -! :i v.-h:ch t-iaphu.s we:e jusl- aboul the E.irac . \caiv oi ;:.- i!-.c->e ol the com|)05ilors. | On thr whole. 11 nuy be taken :..•• a foncral v ule (hat compos:-! ir. the printing tunic aic en-i :::>.'it'u in '.lie v.ork whio'.i ra-.i?e3 ( ilu- cr.-aKM aiuoim; o! strain cm llu 1 i>:s. lu the majority of. ['!hiM t;:idrs le.«-s \\ork 15 .n-1 vo!u;i r-iid tiie \\oik is ill ;:;ncli niun- varied. VYiirn tlu- cinnpcsitors are .-ovi- You coukl go clown to the unloading of ships as they come \vhitesailing in ... and find nothing to compare with the variety of merchandise unloaded for you at the port of the advertising page. You could iii't this article and] that ... but not even' such close scrutiny could tell you so much about a product as is told you through the advertisements you read. You could take the fine merchandise home, distri- . Lute it and use it in its proper places—in your pantry, draped at your windows, laid down on your floors and trampled on (or years . .. but your tests would not be half so rigid as the tests already made for you of the wares that are advertised. World variety—world scrutiny of merits inside and out—world tests that take the wares and determine them in the form you see them today ... these make advertised products the best you can buy. The most economical -because dependable in service. The lowest priced for quality— because distributed to the world! The white-sailed schooners, the sloops, the lighters —these from the upper bays of quality and perfection —have all unloaded here. Turn the pages for their offerings. Read the udverfiscmenis .. . they tell you of I he bcsl thai comes in; with cargoes for every use ::.llici !;.ul •.!!!!•.:'.>• ^•.• lilcrinf^ in tr.o-i U-; - :l p:-;ific! (if vc..:: c:;;::U:i::i. The amui u! :r.( '.•- ,1 • \ s:l.u'.'.. ii'.cse v.lio h:ui fiir.'.:.luc-.i'.'.c. r iu-:r.-- |:av.<i with all of li-.c other em- ;;!o;.i-=. it is finmd thai they nave s af- a !".. -cr pcrrent.i^c of ncar.^i^hi- m-.ri that as lime goes 01. Hie 'rtj.irtivc error Increases tc- \-..i-ii iK\n.-i-.jh'cniitsK move than ::: the o.'.'.er ero'.ip-. In addition,

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