The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILkE, (ARK.) COUB7EB NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1984 Social Calendar FRIDAY'S tVENTS Central'Ward P. T. A. having operetta at high school audllorlum. Mrs. John Sawyer Jr., of Car- uthorsrllle, Misses Nell Harris and Mary Ellen Steicns having party at Stevens' home lor Miss Virginia Terry, bride elect. SATURDAY'S EVENTS . Mines. George W. BarKam, L. L. Operetta Has A Large Cut The oi>:rctt;i, "A Trip ui stury- tatid," to bo prctciittrl l-'Mny nt- ternoon and evening by Hie Central Ward Pnrciit-Ttachcr asso- clnllon, at the high sclioal miditur- ium, lias n large CHSI of characters, Miss Alts May Gai'hnston is directing the production. Mrs. W. If. Weslbrook Js in charge of the stage (or the two pcrformiiiurs Chi!c!rcn Will Help Ward, J. C. Ellis and John C.iwith the afternoon show arrnnurd McHaney and Miss Gladys Bayham entertaining H'Jtli. shower ten lor Miss Virginia Terry at Ward 3 P. M. Democratic Women's Club llrats Mix B. Held. Max B. Reid spoke on "Changes in li:e NHA" in tlw first of a sc- ries of ninthly study programs to be held by the Blythcvllle Democratic ciub. -The .'talk at Ihe Ho'.el Noble Wednesday'.morning preceded a. tar wer, for school children only anil the evening performance, to begin ut 7:30 o'clock, for both iidulU and children. These will take part: 7'oiiuny Little, Louis Lynch, LnVoimc Red man, Elizabeth Peiers, Minnie Hulh Wood, Billy Hrowne, Charles Affllck, Jackie Compoy, Murlorie Stevens, Lloyd Uloiiicycr. Carlynne Hood, IJclty Phillips. Jlmmlc Al- Jen, Murjoi'ie Rimer, Ann Simpson, Ruth Hcnil. Kulh- t'l'lnc Hudson, Mary | men in Blyllieville working on c n UH •« r ' c i i CWA |iro ' ica5 Sell Willie trOSS deals: While it is Generally understood • '.that the wusus are to l)c paid to School children tochiy took nji' men - ll ll!l! > txm announced thai the. cause of lliv Whi'.e Cross Seal tllc "'0'"» cnji l>e used tor wo- imip;ufii> in MiMiKvlppi munty ""'"''> project*- provided the wages lutci- the (.•liuli-inar.rliip of Ml:,. ; " c ' P' lla "> t!l °» c who support lamc'i H. Cliiil:. While tl'.t 0;lv,- ''""Hies. n WytlLcvilh' will end Kapler, llu I — • nunty ruinpaign will i-r.iuimic I n v U ir -ir-n ai ru-uuuli next wM: with hUiUvms 1", I, r, U. Will lYle*t Ji most of Hie ,',cbio!', belling I L I I -ti T fau. MIS. otw K«;i«tt/.ky i.-, | «« LeacliviIJe Fomorrow - a G b Silf1-t n narn^ 11 ^' Oc °'^ ><™' Decile Woltori j. *J-;- x^duuiil r. ^» iMiiitni «. 11 L - j IV'lllrii I'LsIif'i' Jet t In fl'llrf 1 Ililf I-- ary, Mrs. S. S. Stfirnhsrg. treas- : milll> Jack 'ciiainblin, Dimmm irer, ^.Howard l rocior. ie]K)ii-: Ja( . > . J(X , Evrill . ( | nnlv , omj . group mil b2 00 cents jier year ami it was 'decided .to continue the study of citifcinship. Mrs.,'Clark, district chairman, gave aB account of (lie recent state board meeting al LUlle Rock. V. K. 0. Eltcts DeleE'attti . To State Convention Mtel . Mrs.";C. W. Atillck nnd Mrs. H. H. Hpuclilns were elected delegates and Mrs. J. A. Leech and Mrs. A. Conway. alternates, to tlie b'.alc convention ol the r>. E. O. cal clianiniin. A l»rl Son ol i he inone" " Wtilth! Don't He Flim Flammed on I'rice nnd Weight—An Ilemi/wi Cash Rcjjistci' Sliu With Each Purchase! LIBERTY CASH GEOCERS Specials fo* Friday, Saturday and Monday MOP: 12 Ounce 2 Limit Each lOc SALAD DRESSING, Du*kce:>, >iiu II 19c Mnxfnc need, Davis, Warren Klcbnn, Uoi-utli Jcun HlgBlnson, L. L. Crouch, Russell Tun-, ijoycl Wind, ,/enn Bourliind, Belly Lou Kruiner. Mnnsileld Wnslibini), Mary Jean Affllck, Cnrthnl Hyde, lx>ls Moon MitMssippl County B. Y. p iri liere iroin the sale of seals, \ Ul iuss «i.'lalioji \vili mcoi at Lcacti in UK- cumpnlgn sjionsond by tlit v " 1 " Tliursday evening when Hie Iiilenmltunul SocU'ty ioi' Crip-i Mnlt>r B 1 ' 0 ' 1 !' °' l!lc hostess chuicl! pleU flvildi-en. \\IH be iisv:! lo pur- , v '' m ljf "'• I'liarnv of tllc progrum ctia«; krnccs for cri]i]>kcl elnldrun '"'-' Kt ' 1 '- L - f; - '''""y is pastor In Ihts vicinity, ainnliii c.iiniwlyis]"' " lal elunch. are btinB curried out In •!•! ^tatr:, i Muu- than 101) are and M foreign, iia'.iuns. | mti'ml Dip h'asier program tt'hen ._ : i::iinier.-. will i;c awarded Hie 3 Hope to Obtain Relief fc^^*^™ 1 ,^: Jobs (or Local Women!'"'" lte mrAi '-Ilkient record for jllie past month. )n an effort lo o'olniii v.ork for ]ILI:I|>' wouivii n: Ul.v(licrill<! under the neu' work program, a committee has l;cen appointed'by tin- linsiness and f'rofcsslonul Women's club to confer .with local leadcis in the project. Mrs. It. L. Jteynold.-i, Mrs. and MLss Corn iitlcmpt to obtiiln work for women Worcestershire Sauce, Duvkecs. 13<: CATSUP, Beech Nut. S-oi! Bottle lie RINSO, For Washing. Small. 2 for lie MLMOLIVE BEAPa Eacli 5c PICKLES, Bread &BuUer. 15-oz. jar 15c PEANUT BUTTER, Peerless. J&V 1 " ' Me J3c TOMATOES, Firm and Ripe. Lb. 8c Critz. Hill Clianitalln. Fred Rutherford. Lonzo ]lnrgctl, Jennctla Jean Scbniifh, Eetly Grimes. Hetty Urooks Uaa«, Lundis Mrixiixl, Vcra Elizabeth Goodrich, Arcliiu Bates, Clyde Young, Melvln llai- — "« * ™ *»!?..**« ^^^Sii^^eor^ ilies. BRAN FLAKES, Miller's. Pkg. 9c CABBAGE, Texas Green. Pound 2c CRACKERS, Sunshine "Rrisw". \ ^; ^ Mrs.- II. A. Smith mas. in charge of thp program on "Present, Changes , in Modern Fiction" in which,/: Lois Crity, and Mnrjorlc Besides the 11 members present, thcfc <werc guests: Mines A. B. X'airfield, James Hill jr., Herman Cross,''Max D. Miller jr., O. r. Moss and M. O. Usrcy and Miss ?.!or,ia Hnches. A salnd plate \vns seived. Helen Louise Wicker, Madeline Westbrook, John Wushburn, Everett Peterson. Billy Caudle, .llm Sniiirt. Joel Chandler, Sonny Reeves. Constiuii-e Dontoii, June Martin. Mary Gray, Hobble, nrucl- ley, Jack Hood, Joe Bob Dixlson, Billy K. Taylor, Julia Wade Korli- tit?ky, Billy Wilson. Bobby Waidon, Margaret Johns. Steve Brooks, Skippy Crook. Harry llatacs und Juanita Latimcr. Compliment Miss \Yhltvurlh Miss r Ruth "Whlisvorlh, v.'!iose marriage to Robert-Plltlord Joy- i\er will t»ke place Sunday altev- noon, ;!was the guest of liquor, at ' iR bridsi party .• a)i)J *.tjt(f. : .'room showeji"? last evening when Mrs. Hoy A. f Dean "of 'Monroe, La., en- Hrriained at the home of Mr. anri Mrs. Samuel F.' Norris. • Tiie .'."hope chest" idea was carried oat with llitlc 'Keen Norrls BikpJ Neits. ^ :'\ n.. ''.. ' . . Mostly Personal Those from (his city wh tended the [ of Mrs. C'.ara taking': the gifts from a cedar A - Shane at Purugoulcl ycstcrdav chest, and the tally cards were were: Harvey Morris, Mr. und MIT; hitle hb]« chests. • JGartand Moi-gan, E. A. Htcc, Alar- The green and yellow color mo- . clls Evrnrd, Ctarciicc Volliuer. Mrs. fif was used in the wrapping of: J - J- Field. Tom W. Jackson, Kay Uie gilts, the flowers, candips, and Jackson. Mrs. J. H. Elkins, Mtix in thejjefreshmcnts of a pear and B - Reid, Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis li'.ne Siilad, cheese crackers, apple , Cherry and Mr. and Mrs. B. A. jelly, got rolls and iced tea. U*ynch. Miss r; Ruth Blythc won the high Alvln HuIImtin Jr. 1 . nnd Frank BELL PEPPERS, Extra Nice. Lb. 13c TUNA FISH, Every Day Brand, can lie CELERY, Large Crisp Stalks. Each 7c SOAP, Camay or Palmoiive. 3 for 14e APPLES, R. Beauty or Winesap. ett. 3c STANDARD, Vienna Gc; Potted Meat 3c POTATOES, No. 1 Fancy Stock. Lb. 2y 2 c BUTTER, American Maid. Pound 26c SPINACH, Fresh Garden. Pound 4c PANCAKE FLOUR, Pillsbury. Pkg. lOc 250 Size. Dozen 15c Gold Medal. Pkg. 6c CAULIFLOWER, Snow White. Lb. 7y 2 e or ^\ av yj^^_j%c ftliss Cal. No. 2vTcaii~'l5c Fancy Sioek. Pound 4y 2 c Florida Flats. Pound 9c TOMATO JUICE, "Mato". 6% oz hot 5c score and Miss Warrene Brownlec, second." Both received cards. Included in the 12 guests was Huffman, who attend Mi.sslsslppl Colleee nl Clinton, Mo., will arrive home today to spend the Mi=s Kathertae Davis o! Amory, iEaswr lioliflnys. Mr. sinn Mrs. Jn'»:e Mia., housegwst of Miss Brown-,) Huffman and Miss Virginia Ittiff- lse ' 'man will motor' to Mcaiphis lor • - * them. IUE Gatsls al Club Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Mason have Airs.-James H. Bell had mem- returned from Memphis where Mr. IWTS o{ the Wednesday Bridge club • Mason underwent treatment lor and Mmes. Ross D. Hughes. Byron j a week. He is Improving and will Morw and Baker Wilson ar.d Mrs. [not have to return lo Memphis W. B. Tanner of Helen?., who is i for another six weeks. vi£itin§ here, as Vi°r guesls yes-' U-rday for luncheon and a bridge I game. - - I A three COUJM menu was served ' at smul luncheon tables dccorat- j cd «it£ snapdragons and jonquifc. 1 Biici; poid«r was Mrs. W. H. I Mjnyard's prize for club high fcore i and Mrs. Tanner was given a dou- I r>"c deck of cards. I r: . . . ] Chriltbn Church W. 31. U. j To IlaVc I'raycr .Sen-ice ! There will-be a special prayer) Mi-rfKJ; at tho First ChriMSan. church; Friday :ifteriKXm, from 2 i to 3 'ti'dock. in'- observing Goat!: Friday. , , I A feature of the service will be! a so'.o^Df Mrs.'J. T. Obon, of S' i.«ms,.R-ith Mrs. J. C<:cU l/)*'c al the piano. » t- * v • - - Marrujr Licenses Issued Among the marriage licenses issued rec«ntli- from the Blytlieville office of the county court clerk. v,ere (o: Afiss Ifarel Cnlbertson. of h'ew Madrid. Mo', and R. A. Paul, of Catuthersville, Mo.; Miss Evc- Ij-n Cummtngs.and Carrol Stalan. both of Blythcvllle; Mrs. Alma Harry :and John Baker, both of Blylhevillc. CARROTS, Fresh and Tender. Bunch 5c SALAD DRESSING, (Table Hospital Notes Patients admitted to the. iilythcr viilc lipjpilali.pla". 13.. Ashabranner Luxora; A. A. Mclntosh. Scnath Mo'. Dismissed: John Riley Par- r.cll, Steele, Mo.; Alice McNcnl Armorcl; Mrs. Roma Marshall Stetle,"" FREE! "A BOARD THE SETH PARK/:Ji *A"C hue i!>cr of copies of i-r f *caott^ book," Mx»r<f tlic 5-ciK V»il;«," and »rc offcrinp ihcm free (o tlio*e «I.« <.aJJ ai our Jinrc. It shows (»hoioi;[ipri | i and oE the cabins, jcillcy anJ other p»r« of the jhtp's inrerior, iJeicripUoDiuf each. A'JO contains i I.tfi ta.'eitrfihcsca —TOtds and music t "Clow the Mao Do^n"—coJoccd pictures of ibc ship, suitable totff*:n\nf Gtt your cnf)- Tret—during »>^c Sptj' Sfsowiog of ihcFri(J<Uire '34 nowfioi OQ. CiU »t ouu; ft out wipfrir i) litQi-. E'VERfTT B. GEE SALES CO. MONDAY NIGHT AT WOMAN'S CLUB Good Music - SI Couple R! Farmer's who are thu support of their fam- that will see you pictured in the Rotograveur ORANGES, LADIES DRESS UMPS LADIES TAILORED ' TIKS $6 $6.50 YOUNG LADIES SPORT OXFORDS While, While and TBH. White and li'ack, Beige and Brown. rcner Hosieru SHALLOTS, Sheer, Clear SOUP, Phillips. GRAPE FRUIT, Lace Top \ Chiffon • TURNIP GREENS, SYRUP, Slalcy's. NICW POTATOES, HOYS SPOUT OXKWDS UicU avirt While. Brown :\:v.( Sun-Tan. Vlaiu IVvtyrateu ' Si/cs I t» I! 83.95 Sizes VI (o lo' $3.45 ItAISIN BRAN, Skinners, FLOUR, Wilson's 5c LETTUCE, Large Heads. Each COFFEE, Canova or Max. House. Lb. 27e MARKET SPECIALS LARD, Best Compound. Pound BACON, Sliced. Swift Oriole. Lb. 15c 1'iiil Quart 12c 22c SWEET POTATOES, P. Rican. Ib Sy 2 c TOILET TISSUE, Waldorf. Roll 5c ONIONS, Red or Yellow. Pound 4c PORK & BEANS, Ritters or Libbys 5c RADISHES, Fresh and Tender. Bch. 5c PEACHES, Hillcrcst No. 2*/ 2 Can 14c Bunch 4c BACON Squares, Black Hawk. Ib 12y a c SALT MEAT, Best Boiling. Lb. 7*/ 2 c PORK STEAKJ Real Lean. Pound 15c HENS, Milk fed. Full dressed. Lb. HAMS, Swift's Premium. J ^ SPARE RIBS, Fresh & Meaty. Lb. BEEF ROAST, I'u LU ; Thick Kill, round 15c Siiuuldir Clod, round 17c VEAL ROAST, Forequarter. Lb. WE1NEKS, Franks or Bologna. Lb.'JOc SALT MACKEREL, Large Size. Ea. 15c CHEESE, No. 1 Wis. Full Cream. Lb. 20c SAUSAGE 1QQ',< Pure Pork. Lb. lOc HAMBURGER, Or Ground Beef, ib 8y 2 e FRYERS, Stiiclly Fresh Full Drrssct! Lb. 32c PORK CHOPS, End Cuts. Lb. 15e MUTTON, .: b ;-;;-,^ Stew, Ib. lOe TOILET TISSUE, Northern. Roll Gc BAKING POWDER, K. C. 25-02.' can 22c COFFEE, Sunny Brook or Dean's. Ib 26c SALT, iy 2 Lb.-Packuge. Each CLEANSER, Sunbrite. 2 Cans for 7c SOAP, Star Naphtha. Regular Size 2e VINEGAR, Gallon Jug. Each 23c SPICES, All lOc Packages. Each 6c BROWN SUGAR, Bulk. Pound 5c or> 4 I> 1*. & G, or CrvsUil While /» i-> c t\r* SOAP, cam size <) Bars for 25c BEANS, BlythcviHc. No. 2.Can, 3 for 25c AH Kiufls. Can 6c (>4 Sivc. Each 6c SANDWICH SPREAD, Morrclls. ll)c BANANAS, Ripe Fruit. Pound 4c OLEO, Wilsong^Nuj. or Swifts Lilly. Ib 9c; Bunch 5c N'u. 2 1 ; Can 13c I'oiiud MACKEREL, Salmon Style. Can 7V a c SHRIMP, Wet or Dry Pack. Can lOc SARDINES, American. Can 3y 2 c CHERRIES, Red Pitted. No. 2 Can 14c PEACHES, Libby's. No. 2% Can 16c TOMATO JUICE, Sugar Loaf. Can 5c CORN, Royal Gem. Can 7y 2 c Mixed Vegetables, Phillips. No. 2 can lOc APRICOTS, Roscdalc Argo. 2y 2 Can 16c TOMATOES, No. 2y 2 Can 12c PBARS, Libby^s Bartlett. 2y 2 Can 19c CORN FLAKES, Kclloggs. Pkg. ~8c PUMPKIN, Sugar_Loaf. 2% Can 7V,c CHERRIES, libb^U. Ann. 2% can 22c .CRACKERS, All Krisp. 2 Ibs 20c; Ib lOc MILK, Van Camp. .'{ Lgc. or (> Small He ASPARAGUS, Argo. Picnic. Can 10JJ CHEESE, Philadelphia Cream. 2 for 15c Pure Hog. 4-Lb. Carton 29c | PANCAKE FLOUR, Washburn's. GRAPE FRUIT, Medium Size. Each 4c FLOUU, Mary .lane 12 Ibs 47c; 24 Ibs 85c Pkg. 12f SKINNKU'S, MpaghcUi - Macaroni Gc COFFEE, Morning Uraccr. Pound 19c SHORTENING, Jewel. 4-Lb. Carton 29c hlS, Von Allmen's. 16. oa. 15c CRAB iMKAT. Geisha. Lge. 52c; gm. 27c Iji'unsivick Stew, Old Va. No. 2 Can 22c "LEMONS, Dozen 21c Aj*PLiJ) BUTTEU, Cardinal. 2-lb. jar 15c SUGAR, Pure Cane. JO Founds 47c KjSGS. Guaranteed Fresh Yard. Dog._l4c PINEAPPLE, Libby's. No. 2% Can 19c

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