The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 18, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1936
Page 2
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I3LYTHEYILj,B, (ARK.) -COURIER NEWS' Farm News Edited by J. O; FULLER-TON County Agricultural .Agent Corn, Beans and Peas May Still Be Planted Corn, Mammoth nrown soybeans, cowjieas, sudan grass, and sorghum may yet be seeded. L^rge Mexican June Is a good variety of turn to plant now for II Is the most drouth-resistant variety available to plant ul ('ills lime. Air Ilnscs Built in Hornco SINGAPORE. (UP)—A chain ol aerodromes is being ''twill' by Hie Royal Air 'Force In Sarawak mid Br'lllish' North Boriieo to reinforce rrie dsfentes o( British interest; In the Pacific. -It Is understood'' Ih'c object of extending the HA.F, h: this area Is lo protect the ol! Islands of the E:ist Indies. Farmers Will Reppiye Soil- Buildiug Payments for Fall Plan ling The seeding ot alfalfa in 1936 on crop land adapted to alfalfa, If done before October 3i, will' qimll- ly a farmer (o receive a soll-bulld- nig grant of $2 per'acre up lo the amount ot his soll-butldlng nllow- «nce, states J O Fiillerlon, county agent 'in order to qualify for IUI» orant,.j a-farmer'must seed his alfalfa In Courier News Classified Ads pay accordance, \vlth good farm practice for this section. ^ Q.ood pracllces in seeding alfalfa include the following: '| : 'J1) S^'ct an'.adaptecl variety. Ckmimoiv alfalfa, is good, but u is prcterabie to obtain seed Iron) sources .'njucii farther north than Arkansas.'.''. ....'.. (S) Prepare' the land lliorough- lyand;plant after tlie sol! Is \s'ell firmed. Do riot .plant, on. a loose seed' bed. 1 ; (3) Plant hi September If possible;' while the 'regulations permit planting"in-'pc'lobcr", carllpr sccd- in'g' is'safer. " ; '(•!)' A good slaii(l. may be obtained : from' seed Ing 20'pounds of §eed per acre,'if' proper prcpar^- tlon is given. ' '' •• : ;. :(5) pranls y,'ill not be paid for seeding' aitaHn oil land which Is obviously iio£ adapted to fills' crop CD! GUIF)PRAY HE AlWAYf dn HH BUC ! he'd Mr. apd l}lrs. >y. 4. Wheat, Mrs. Harris Floyd Is' spe Lhls week wllh her mother, Mrs Ben I'rlchartl ' ' " • !\eiv M Funeral services i? f)e\y Liberty c J. P. Epperson returned Satur- over '[h c w j^ "5,'^ ay from Baptist hospital. He Is . .___^ ' — • ecovcrjng rapidly. ' _.. ~ ~T~ ~7~~ Mis. 1. L. May entertained with Pile SllffeMllfir party Tiieiday night, for Mfcs ^ "T" 1 •,*•:• ff."^ 'aullnc Bearden and four couples EflClGCl &t LclSt r'om Luxora,' Pilchnrd and family ' pen?"' Sunday here with'" Mr. ^^^l^'t&'^^A 1..I..1*-....>,..• •- —,i— »»_.." Ijcil Imif ^rqyglji J n\Jlck'relit' Thl* Prlvbta Formula KTescrJiiUon haa tjeen cl«Telpp«a IhroUBti 68 yturji exjJtrkncw al the worltl'e oLcleat ana largL'.M rcclal hulltullo!], On]/ rssftrtl)'.. Qy.&iiotiip (or Km* vs«. .Try u' pacKagc on allouey-UaukCuararUcp. *Vr ?rlchar.ri's""' mother, Mrs! 'flchiifd. Mr. and Mrs, Kubanks of Oos- ncll'visited 'friends Here Sunday. Mrs. Jess Easley. of Burdcttc, Sited licr mother, Mrs. Den Ay- .liV,' here Sunday. ' Mr. and Mi's. Morris Singleton' spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. •mil Mrsi' Frank Wheat. ' | Mrs.""W. A. Wheat I? recovery: from a recent Illness. Mrs. Will H. Walker and chil-' drcn, Dorothy Ocne and Billy, returned Monday.; from a v/e.ek ciul visit- witty Mrs. Walker's parents, Robinson Drug Go. Pr«. Wert & Wert 'orTOMETRlSTS " ' Over Joe Isaacs' Slort/" "WE ri*KF '?*< Phone 640 4-H CM* \yill Hold 4 Rally Here on June 25 The Hiimml 4-H cl\ib inllj for North Mississippi couutj will be held in DID city hall ot BlytVte\ Hie on Thursday, June 25, with the pio- gram beginning at 10 n m Numbers on tt>s program \\ill In- elude da'mpiiitrallons.'soifgs,'slsinti, and playlets S|ieakers wui o. Judge Zal B Huirkon, Di A M \Vaslibun and J Io_fc ehcnv j '4-H cltib members tan' asked to bring tiieir lunch and swimming sul(s It (hey deslie to swim Plantii .Bur fjpver . . -, In His Coiton Fields • From two acres of Gbnl South- era Bur clover, C. O. Sihllh, of the New Lib"rlj community, has hai vested'enough seed this season to EOW 211 acres. He is distributing the seed ovci 'nis ij-it'ton fields, to be covered lib cultivation continues By this method he p'ans, lo seed much of his farm in Bur clover. Everv A cite, Pain r-Cas GUJ GALLOPS TO TME RESCUE Mr. Burned Had Sufferer! So ' For'Fi f 'epn V"«r=. off en ; ;fhoiWh{ He >VouW Sure/ ; ly Die: GivvPa^'Afain Proves Merit' Beyond All 0 ; qid)t "No one should haya any doubt in their mind 'a's''lo'tl:c ability of tHls new L GIy-Cas," said Mr. J. T. Barnelt, Route 5'Box 46, 'El' D3-1 rado/Ark. '"Fw the pist l»n v« r jl iny' kidneys gave me so mu<fn Irou-' ble. I could liard'y slscp and my' Gctridpfroiicbes anclantswidiGulf- spray! It really kills. Kills moths, mosquitoes, flies, too. Won't smn fabrics. Mild, pleasant oc|or. At aeiglibor- hoqd,, dcpt. stores and Good Gulf Dealers. <(9c a RITE PRICE GROCERY SPECIALS I'Yiilay, Saturday, iMomlu.v, Tut'Htlay, June 19, 20, 22, 2!i KITE PHICUS DAILY - - BEST MAUKKT IN TOWN Ul K. Mnlii In Old I'. 0. illd^. fjionc Til We Ufltycr. ff ATC Crystal Wcddini?. Willi Premium >7iC .Ui\lg ' 'L'argp Box' f2 KRAUT or'COKN " fiiC Cmi 1)2 COCOA, Pure ICp 2-Lli. iiox W CHACKEUS, I'ri'sh ICC Sotlii. '"2-LI).' llpx U GUAJIAM CllACK- IOC BUS. Lb. Box iL' 'V'^'IM'A'WAKBRSTEO. fresh. Lb. Box U . ORANGES, Juicy 1/JC Ne»/ Crop,. l)oic. I" •'. ( APPLES, Winesaiis "ICC; Do/en 4-V .K'ri'U.CE, Large C-C Crisp Heads.' E«ch U . .<• GRAPE FRUIT , yM -'^^ fol . ir! CELERY, '.iunibo 1'lC iUcachecl. . Htiilk -U CANTALOUPES 1AC leu Cold. ' Each 11) TOMATOES, Ripe ,<1C Fresh.' Lb. 42 CAfSU|', I'ci-fec^iou Iftu l'm;c. ; If qz.' Bottle III OiXIOiNS, New Crop IftC- '.arge Si/.e. I! Lbs. IV " •OTATOES, Kancy O1C Ne\y." Lb. y2 FLQ\!R, Old Trnil OCC ^18 Ibs. ?l.(>, r ); 2-1 Ibs. OJ BEANS, Navy, Pinto (TC or Gl. Northern. Lb.tJ UlftlllR'' '""'fluccn. Self Rising . " ' tfCC. rLli'LJIil 1,8-Lb. Sack $1.25; 21-Lb. Siiek «£___, ''sViui^' \civa 'Goirleii]! PTC' , Gallon upc'; 1 ' " Quarl \.<J, APPLE BUTTER 1 ("C Pure,'' " " "Quart \$' EGGS, Krcsh Coinitry.1 QC Dozen' AO EGGS, Selected ^ OCC y^rd. UW 0 . 11 , T" 1 PURE 'LARD : " r ' 1;i fr AC 8-ib'c(» We; 'J-lb ctn JU ASPIRIN, 5 Grain TC 12 Tablets in Box' «/ MUTTON CHOPS 101C Lb. ' U''i PORK SAUSAGE 1710 100'.' Ptire. ' Lb. ll 2 CU^DTO'WIWr While Ribbon 4VC ^Hll'llljliNllNVI 8 : lb. c(u: -5I3 F { ''l-'b- ?ln- 4/ : CHEESE, Faricy. QAC Wisconsin. Lb. u\J nyER LO.AF ooc Puritan. Lb. ;ft6 SPARE RIBS/ Fresh 1 PC and iMcaiy. ' Lb, .W PORK STEAKS or nioc ROASTS. Lb. UL BACON, I'Vv. Cured «liQC Sliced. Lb. 60 EARS, NECK 'BONES/JIG U. " ' 'U2 BEEFCXTAJLS ^*«P^% 5 C i£??~>& ft , =fl * 'A ' . |f\L *., ?t* 5? 1 fc '**.. ^$\ *<JI A ^^i ^V'^^ i, > • •.,« r>-j t ' ' ^ jj -^, •" w l^^l'Xv ^fiereOlDAGEcankeepiipwithYOUTH ' ->-**--?'• - • Hoi Spring Arkansas* THURSDAY,' JUNK is, LIBERTY CASH GROCERS SaVC> m'vfhnvm M " nc> n i y S ,r! >p ? J 'I? "}, Yo ,"'' ljibel ' t - v Slorc • • • Tbc Mosf Complete Stocked Grocery Slore in liijineulle - - . i> r icea Ibal Are Consistently Lower - - - SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY 'KS JumbolJIC Bach IV BHi •"***•" ,'iM 0 CIsLERY Stalk Jb MK J. T. BABNETT back achsd continually. My, stomach simply would not function' properlj, lor attacks of indigestbii •aere sure to tollow most every meal. Then' too-I had coivElnnl fceadaciies and in tplte ol all HIP medicines:I tried ! could not fnid inylhlng to lielp m" U »as tctil- bly ducouraglng and 1 did no'. Kro^ ttHere to turn next vlien Jrlends persuaded me to give this new Oly-Cas a trial." "Gly-Cas has enabled me to en- jo/'thc btst health 1 lave 'nid In Iwenly jears ' he con'inued ' I ain actually teelnig ItKp u new person. My kidne'js are non normal 'my itomacJi 'is regulated, and I have not had a tingle ache nor ivitn dines I iiavc been taking ol>-iGas. My en\ir"s s>Elim has "been tofled'lo the^ extent "I feel I leally have E0me(hlng tp Jive for now Every sufferer should profit from the use of'pife new Gly-Cas as I have dopf' * ' ' - pij-uat. is ioi\l by Kirbj Bros Dm§"company, this city and bs all leading'drug stores In surrounding i fowlls. , HERli'S a jurprise in ^t> : Hotel Majestic Quests tHis year, brand new lod&e on beautiful La' Hamilton ii'awaiting your ar.riyi Here you muy swim, fish,toat and enjoy the water and woodland paradise oJ (he £reat Nationol Part. Special summer rates at the luxurious Hotel Majestic offer you the greatest vacation of your life. Rest, bathe and play your way to new health. .\Vriic for DfKnpit've Literature, H.GRADY1V1ANN)INC3;PRES,, BRUQEE, WALLACE, f AV WHITK SHOB'lft.0 U(\l POIJSH. Hot, lU FRENCH ^'fS B LACK PBPPKU;, ,\ -j AC , H. & K. '/, Lb. Can 1.U AMMONIA T OMATOKS Standard No. a!/ 2 Can gHAP^UTFLAIUCSIIQC MUSTARD, CATSf a^tieif SAfflfiN'" Chum Tall Can S 1 : INACH Lihby's No. 1 Can 1C' Salt Meat lic.jt Grade 15c Sugar l'u,re Cape I'apcr Ba^s Limit. 10 l,bd 46c Spare Ribs , 15c Crystal White Giant liar Lard Snow White Compound 5-lb Limit LI). 10!c •' ^- *j --• Sugar Pure Cane Cloth Bag Limit. 10 Ll 48c Bacon Tomatoes Sliced Pound Standard No. 2 Can 6'c s WEET RELISH lobby's. Uqttle M USTAI{1) Lilly's. "iflC V i-Jlt Jar I" I/lfAUT JUICL' Liliby'slAC f HAPEKRUIT JUICE inC U "Gartli'fi. No. 2 Can ID ITMAHICANS'Phi'iripi L-liTm No.' 2 Can MOPS Special Each BpSTJi|?AN FLAKES I^C f'•• I'kg. Ill iff Dime Brand Can L E EMONS Sunkist I^K Niec Size. Duz. \-i 2 APPLES Evap. 1AC Lb. 1U TISSUE Seminole •i' Rolls c OOC <ll,s LO WoodburyV; T'C ' Bar 02 DOG FOOD mmmmmti Victory CC Can t> SALT 2 Boxes 5 ( PRJJN6S LI). HOMINY Slokcly'a 'fail Ca KRAUT Sfokely's f Tall Cant & BEANS van re Canip. CaiiJ BEANS fi Northern MEAT JTCJ 2 CansJ SAUSAGE Can T OILET TISSUE Waldorf. Roll MATCHES Anchor rC 2 IJoxest) RICE Beauty Lb. 3 Salt Meat i''or Boiling Pound llic Ginger Ale So.ciely Cliib Quart 8c Pickles Sour or Uilj Quart 12c Beef Roast CHUCK Lb.' THICK RIB Lemons Sunkisl Nice Si/.e liozen 171 Neck Bones, Ib. 6c Peanut Butter s *"23c Crackers Lyk-iM c SaHcd 2-LbJ Bo\ 14c HOT SAUCE TJAD-T-JKL All Flavorsrc r/tli ' pkg.J G RAPE FRUIT JIIICK (TC Garlb's. No. 1 Cant) K IDNEY BEANS " " Phiilipa. Can ? Small l!ox< OaiATO JUICE - ^ Sfokely's. Cant); PIMENTOES •o/. CC Can-J, PEAS Black Eye Phillips. Can DOG" OI) rt r( Can t) I'into • BANANAS Jumbo Lb. R AZOR BLADES fcayman 's £ 1( Har 02 1C Corn Home 'I'ender Ear 2c 1'Vesh, Tencle r White Pound 2c 28-Lb. Aver. Each Pole Beans Fresh Honie Pound Cucumbers Crisp Pound Salad Dressing Oranges .hiicv Calif. Uozi'.u Flour Shihlcy's Best Plain or S^ R. il-Lb. Sack Meal Rest Cream 21-Lb.' Sack Post Toasties, Pkg ; 7|c 12c Red Rose Lb. l'l<g.' Flour •Snow King 18-Lb. Sack House Coffee "tiOOD TO THK LAST DROP" POUND Pull Dressed Home Kijfctl Pound 35c Pure Pork Pound 15c Hens Kull Dressed Home Killed 28c Jello All Flavors ''3 Pkgs! 17c Pork Roast Ib. 22!c 25c Swans Down Beef Steaks SHQKT CUT Pound HOUND Pound Syrup Log Cabin Table ' Can 20e Back Bone Ib. 6c Instant Postuni l-oz. Can S-ox. Can Pig Ears I'resli Pound 7c Pig Liver I'rcsh Pound 14Sc TEA Upton's Orange Pekoe '/, LU. Can

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