The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1930
Page 3
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MONDAY; DECEIIBKK w. 1030 Ht.YTIIRVILLK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS "The Man Who Came Back" 5 \ / \1 i '.'' I' 1'\ 1 Is /\iic-i Md Mory oi Urinik Many Guests From Otil o? Fo'vi AUencl Ceremony^ and Banquet. I OSCEOLA, Ark. — A hundred' jp^'-t-- ai'^nd'.-d InslalUiticn core- Imcnle-. cf nc'.vly clc'j'.eci • ffietrs of •Die Occrla M'-Tiiic. Lr-top N'j. i7, JF i- AM ".sill 'h- 0-?>r,|i Chapter 'of th- O.-i'.^r of Ea'i :rn Sl:i". ron- • the Misonic auditorium he.-e Satuidav evening, snd f'llcv.--' •f-<l by a siimpiuou!! turkey biiKi'.rl; .!ir\Td In thn club 10^111= at ill?' :«'cui-llidu?e. : Masonic officers v/erc installed by i p.v.t master W. E. Burton. i-s^lft-: eil by G. D. Segraves. and Mrs. Guinevere Johnson cf Wilecn. Ark. '. D;-|rlct deputy grnnd I'ltiner rt< &!•. E-.ijtcrh -Stir, inslilli'd officers, t that order, asrlsted by Mrs. raves. Following the Installation cr-re-i nony W. E. Burton, the vetiiiir; 1 na:.ter, : was presented u past, maker's Jewel as n luken if apprecin- Tbn fr;m fellow M'jsons, and Mis. ionic Cock, retiring worthy ma- rcn of the Kastern Star, was prc- cnted i jeweled brooch, the ;ifl of memt.H-s of tha Eastern Star. Prcssiitatt n sjieechcs were made respectively by E. S. Boyan and Mrs. Frances Began, boiti of Lm> • ora, Ark. J.'T. Coston. Osceola attonwy \ j and prominent iner.iber of tli? Os- ! 1 cc'la Masonic Lodge was lonst- at the banquet which followed the ceremonial noting, nnd short responsive talks we-c made by W. E. Burton, E. !?. lloaan, H. N. Wilson, M. D. Crawford a'l-J i i' by J B. Bmin of Oscsoki, junior i Harry Brcoks of the l~cal lodg? :m:l | BV I>\N THOMAS of Arkansas Mascns. Talk': j KKA Service Writer • were also made by Mrs. Josic Co'k. [ HOLLYWOOD. Dc-c. 2ii. — w:>i!c Mrs. E. S. Chiles and Mrs. princes | rtep;)inj cu! 10 this week's Bogan of the local Eastern Star; ijnviows. we were reminded of Chapter, and Mrs. Guinevere John- j the story about an Australian son of Wilson, district deputy grand j author who was asked to come !o lecturer of the O'rder in Arkansas, j this country to write a plot for a foll-M-im; Masonic officers ! motion picture. MMS with her parents nt Monello, Ark. Mr. and Mrs, A. L-. Davidson and sen. cf Kennel!, spent Christmas : iii-ii- wilh Ivr mr.lher, Mrs. John '•. Iran IMvgeralrt visited lelatlves •.'.t llornirsvilla Monday and Tues! ,i:!i (licoiiw.j of Eenalh had bus- !.r. in C:i"dwell Friday. X.::: ISeuhih Bhlpmon, who Is employed by the National Funeral lioxn'al Mc-mphK Tennessee, spent the icclidayr, hero with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. It Shlpmon. Mi'fts Virginia Moore. Lillian •n:d Annn Lee Vandlver. nnd Mis. • u , t he lu-ait ol Tinies Mildred li-jek. nil of Hollywood, held up early today by were s'.-.oppinii '•• "•—•-»" ''•"""-' • m BRIDGE Cotton Picker|;i:s Willi New York Show Receipts Despite! Elaborate Precautions. lly KDW.lllll (I. 1V01.I-;: Dirrclor, Alllrrli-an llrlilut l.r were I ,';,-. ll.'.in l-''iald. who Is attend , ini! the University of Columbia, is spendim; the holidays line with his fnllmr, P. A. Fit-/, | ' Ri'ral:!. Mis JuaiuUi Williams, who !s a'lendlng the Teachers College al Cape Ciirardeau. is siwnding the holidays heie with her mother, Mrs. A. 11. Flippin, Fred II. Standll nnd Miss Mary Jane DtlVm were married at Ken- liio lii!:( MV."lr- L-!;-k Is ukcn with the klr.'.;. South Is certain I: Thi- nidilln- al A-.:fUim -His', spade t'rls-V. is taken with tiie Some hands begull,. us by th?lr haml holding two of the Ihrcf top simplicity. II, as N'wlh, you lu-U : honors, Hun West may l:i> cnabbd the hand fhinvn here, you n<ju!:l' lo l.ik; ihe Dncss? aprilim the probably agrir with the writer In-Jack, wlirn Norln "shows in>" with NEW YORK, Dee. W. <UM— T!v>. bidding one diamond. Wllh F..isl : only one .spude. Paramount motion plclurt thentie : 3lul South pursing, West should; North Dually obtains the lead re v, ; , s -obliiln the i-ontnuH m one no • wllh his IHV of hejrls, but the <i'in- bandit, trump. The play of the hand Is In$11.1)3;) ! tei-PStlnij Bud presents unu:a:al op- n jnid- . P"iunlt> for Inilllnncy on the part Inside I of ""-' declarer, is ear-1 NORTH—DIALER id on. , V _ IO 1 hi! holdup. In all us anpri'ls. was diamatic. The theaife treasurer was in his oflke 01. (he mewa- ; ^IT^iq C—1-9 8-^ nine Jloor when the joiith appeared. The night's receipt sverc on ihe treasurer's desk. in Cardwell Tues-1 wli() t , cstved w | tll ;, ll>llb land cpiised the audlciu-c a, .the thratre while a seiuci, The oltlcc Is acL^sslble only by one elevator and its location was WEST— DCCLAncn S—K-9-a- 2 H—K-J•6-a EAST S-A.Q. &-3 i ecr of a club lead has now passed. • The principles involved In this ' hand are as lolbws: | I, Tin 1 declarer Khould always : refill'.- lo hold up the control of a i suit wh:p. there is a more dunxer- i mis etill. 1 •>.. When, tinldlui; three of the top jhoniu.s :n two hands, the first trick j In that suit .should be taken with North he left the treasurer tele- the alarm to the ground jS L>ni ' SOUTH S-J-7-6-4 H-8-7-2 D-S-4 C-K-IO-54 should open Ihe s Instead ol accepletl 9 D—J6-2 C-0-o-a j the hand holding two I (op honors. of the three • ncitilibsrhood south of Cardwell. \n°°r '«'..•! all doors were closed and '• Anderson Christian of Hollywood. guardi-d. i was in Cardwell on business Tues- Police were rushed lo the Ihca- 1 .-lay. ! ti'C. Inside Ihe Iheatre the se.irch ' Born. December 22. to Mr. and [ was begun systematically. The king the live. The) principle of eiiperlment- Ing, Albert M. H..nauer and associates have perfected tills u>tton 'i. When an hmor Ij led against picking machine which, Is It aald. will do away with hand picking. Tselli fcr envbplng the cotton,arc shown below the radiator. Jt operates In low or high gear »nd hus picked as high air eight ceres of cotton In 10 hours. n no trump llm ii.ntncr .should able lo numoxlm.ilply llyure tha : nuinliiT ol honors lu the partlcu- open in against a no trump Is to Ihe fourth highest of youi iiir suit In his partner's hand, and i c.-.nsi'quently shauld be careful lo 0[ | iHiMcvk and give his partner all simallon ikjsslblc lest he ilghl- ! ly illicoiillnue the suit , - , - i LONDON. (UP)—South African longest and .strongest su 1. Howcv-| KoU | shipments for I9JO will lowl "•• there Is one outstanding ' sl " 1 The ici:gh-lcoking youiifr n:;;n so lutdly In ncod of :i fliave is none' otltii than <.'i;arli"j F^rroll. and, cf ctjurse you've- f;ues~;rd. Ihn girl is J;tnet . Oaynor. ni"w hrlghls in her role ar, ;i taxi. |il:iiic-.r In a cheap ilancc IiaP ': The story is ci:: <.•! thcst t.'i- ! an^niar alfcirs of two men being ! in love with the same girl. The t r.ien Mciirc: Cvdcy. whom I KarLara marries early In the pic- jiure, end Kicardo Cortez. a vVeilthy financier whom s'".c mar- vi's Onr"-- Ktser a daughter. i dience was inarshalled al one door I,, ,K, S . c.iad, Klser. daugiu r^j ^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ whllc I»'«: 1<>1> t" connecting honors in- a the treasurer stood by and looted slM " ol y0111 IouUh M tf^ «"1 ' " ' West should take the first trick vlth ihe ace Instead of "holding :up" in the liope Dial North would I continue the diamond lend. Tlie reason for refusing to hold up should be apparent. North will discontinue the diamond suit because II appears certain that the ace a"d Jack are wllh the declar- inj excep-. approximately $30,000,000. ml strong- ing to estimates. Thus far three honors, then ' ! A nmiil:o r i and Mrs. v%. .. "piiundlng" Tuesday evening. There for his assailant. In spite of all pre- were many gli'is of groceries and ] cautlcns, the man apparently made rther hi-ilcles. Those present K^re; j good his esca|ie. Mis. W. A. Cunningham, Mrs. B. W. Pructl. Mrs. J. A. Cooke, Mrs. M. li:shcp, Dr. M. L. Fuller, Mr. snd Mrs. Thomas Mickey and Mr.- and Mrs. W. R. Btanfll!, and others whore names we were unable to learn. Mclvin Bnrcham vlsled at Memphis. Tenn;ssee, last week. accord- thls year r.hlpiiicnts from South Africa k> India and the Eiist totul npproxl- Hintely $28.500,000 In bars and sovereigns as compared with 000 dining 102!). Read Courier News Want Ads. eadache often relieved without "doling OVER tf MICLION JARS USED YEARLY Mr. and Mrs Dallas Smith and daughter ol Blythcville visited relatives here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Moren •lere on business in Paragould were Installed: B. N Wilson.! woishinful master: M. b. Crawford. I senior'war Jen: H. H. Brooks, jun-1 ior warden: E. R. Boaan, senior j deacon; C. L,. Jenkins, junior dea- e-; C. M. Demiison, treasurer; E. S. Chi',?s. Secretary; W. H. Allen chaplainl Leo Schrei:!-:. tiler: II. "1 thought they already had ;;!ot," Ihe au:hor'.s answer. "Th; Man Who Came Back," Janet Ga:.r.or's and Charles Farrell's latest film, is just such a pic'.ur?. Ten years ago this pro- c't::ticn wc-ild have iR-cn 'iai!cd ai Llltiiri.iiii, LVW ,j*.....-»---• -- | .-. ii O. Henscn and W. C. Alloy, master? I - VE . ,,,,,.. V;1S ; C] . u i today it is a:1 c . di ol:i rics in Die end. 'Miss Stanwyck Tuesday. is closely pressrd for noting hon-l '.Vailick Brannum-had business Oi;: by O'.vsley. who gives an ex-j-' Paraiould Tuesday morning. l?om Richardson, who Is attending the Teachers College at Springfield, Mo., is sending the holdays with his parents here. Francis Spears and family hava moved to Brookland, Ark., having lived near Cardwell ior some time. cctlcnt performance, changing I oier from n role of .sympathy In' the bciiinnuij of the picture to cue of cccrn in the closing :.:-.I:E."-. Cortuz also gives a good •account ol himself. tlv i.-lnie ie r.nd Jan worthy matron: J. B. Dunn, worthy patron; Mrs. Claude Thomason, associate matron; E. R. B'Ban. associ- at3 patron; Mrs. L. Howton. s?"-! ,„'" -tetary; Mrs. John Dov.;'as. trcas-j * ^' urer; Mrs. A. S. Rogers, ccnduc- . | » tress- Mrs W. E. Burton, associate 1 •; >J - 1 .ress; Mrs. Harry Brccks. j ;-'-. 1 ^ il^in- Mrs L:'K. Harwarg. mar- ; -™ n shall; 'Mrs..Harry Miller, nrganisl;; ™o M^s Tom Ballew, Aria; Mrs. Rose j- , -; - — - RiHlv M's Mona Moore.!'»ake hir- tv.n v;iy in lh; Ether; Mrs. S.'v. Frarier. Martha: j V.'hllo ,hcr:- Charlie me:ts of this pic'.u story—of how j Oosnell Thursday went to Police Engage Robbers in Gun Battle at Hazen O^n^apt^, and ^|^.JiL 7"^,"^! ^.°''^ er escaped in a gun bailie with police yesterday following a holoup. Max Francis, 21, was being held In jail at North Llltle Ilock hi connection with the robbery. The Identity of the man whr eluded ofllcers was not known here. Many shots were exchanged b=- Iweeu the fleeing bandits and pa- lice, Francis refused to describe his companion or provide authorities with any Information concerning him. The two men are alleged to have held up J. D. Cobb, n. ol Keo, a few ndles east of here. They were recognLwd ii; Hazen a few hours later by Cobb who notified officers. evening. ; Brannum and ? • W. O. Vandiver, John Brannum '. and Mrs. Arch Alton aim fan .and Frank. Buck, all of Hollywood, .;]-.-.'. i<;n in their way back . nf niytheville visited relatives hrre were in Cardwell on business Tues- i. Cliorl:,- is the worthless| '.ani week. -day. cf a w-althy indu-.tlral nu^-1 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Whitlrck and' Mr. and Mrs. C. J. BUnfill of . in ai: i Sort to make some-: children cf Eucnda viilted relatives Bucoda visited relatives here last : of his- jo:i. WilliMu Haldcn. j nc?.v licit? Thursday. • week, ploys the lole cf ihe Iat':ier.I Mr. and Mrs. Evans of Memphis' Borji, E. Wilson, teachers in Cardwell their parents at Cape Oirardeau, school, spent Mo. the holidays with - - .. . rs. vans o .emps on,, ecemer , o r. a Clmrlic to Sar. Fnncisra to , yisit?d Rev. and Mrs. W .T. Stub- "Mrs. Oscar Taylor, a dauehUr. Mrs. in !ov.^ v.-ith continur.', his diunken E. II. Stevens, Eiecta; Mrs. r.iiiiim Brooks, warder. ... Visiting Masons at the ceremony i bauciics in spite of her protests, induced Wilbur Wall, master -' world, bbfieid here last Sunday. Mrs. i Eugene Jennings had business in and Evans anil Mrs. Slubblefield are Paragould Tuesday mornls, Miss Gayuor. | -isti n. D. Walls, jr., has returned to • J. A Stannil, Mr. and Mrs F H i Ms home l!ere Blter having been j Stantlll, and C. .1. Stanflll had bus-! released from service in the United the Blythcville lodee: Waller Johnson, master of tlie Wilson loiige, and W. J. Sykes of Jacksen, Tenn.. who is the guest of his sister, Mrs. E. R. Bogan, and 'Mr. liogan in Luxora. At the height parties. Charlie make a pact that ! iness In Blyiheville Friday. " ! Statcs Army, of one of Ills | Dan Julian of Leachville was a! Isom Richardson spent last i and they Janet Cardwell visitor Weuncrdny will stick happens. together no matter what But while the party is still in progress Charlie is shanghaied aboard one of his father's s'.iips and token to Shanghai. We next see him civerr.l months later U"\Sng to bottle cf for some- er m .1 get a •Cooter News Noles ;; I Chinese elope dtn A very beautiful program was en- i diin!:. Alter aellins tertainingly rendered al the Bap- '-V t. \x shcnts loud!; tin Church, Wednesday evening,; sp-nsored by Mrs. L. E. Cooper. ljc::,( Every feature of the entertainment v.ho exhibited tr? Christmas Spirit. 1 Then seveit.1 reels of the Special commendations go to tlv . t:u;!c slajeri by the young coupl-2 many little children who so splen- j to nght liictr way back to the lop. didly presented their parts to the oi cours. they are successful, as smiling audienco. li'.it three cheers y.,- knew right from the very Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Smith of nf fri « ntls - returning home Tues- : Senath were Cardwell visitors day mt >rnlng. and a Teddy Bear are due little ifrsl. Men McCann. age four years, for ' ]ii s fsthcr. And it is made quito >rc:enting her part. She walked cpparent that they will live hap- Thursday. Born, December 23. to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Tatom. a daughter. Mr. anil Mrs. John Owens and daughter, Billy Burke, arrived Thuralay frnm M"scow,. Tennessee, f:r a vi;it with relatives here. Luelan p. La'sater had business drini; tt.lh him and Ls I'" Pa"a?o!ild Tuesday. e.t by :i girl inmate cf tliv d;u 1 Ho - v J - Stanfill had business in prove.; lo be Janet. Blytheville Friday morning. Anderson Ruffin of Horncrsville had business In Cardwell Friday. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Flippin and daughter "Wayy Lois, Miss Juanita Williams Mrs. S. J. Flippin and . son Delberl spenl Christmas at! Silvcrdale tlv guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Tilackshear. of Hcllywood was 'The Cardwell Public Schools reopened after the holidays vacatlen j on Monday, December 29th. The December 20, to Mr. and school dismissed for the holidays vacation on Friday December 19th. The opening of school found pupils and teachers much refreshed after the week's rest, all set for work. The high school Is showing much Interest suddenly, due to the fact that the first semester examlim- 'tlons will be held nex week, and are preparing for tlie occasion, il&sl' of the teachers spent the holidays In'Cardwell. . The Antlcch .school, • north of Cardwell, resumed work on Monday. December 29th, having closed for the-holidays or, December 23. monds ll should v iave been played on tlie king lead. Now note why. South should realize that when the king of diamonds Is opened that his plainer has three honor. In dla- ir.onds. a:id therefore by playing the jack South would be clearing the 'rack nnd encouraging his partner to continue the diamond suit rather than taking any chances of switching to a more dnnuer- OUE lead. A further rcar.on for taking the first diamond trick Is that the bidding practically assures West that North holds the ace of hearts. tWlmt other card would North have to Justify his original one diamond bid?) Therefore when North g»ts in the lead with his ace, no lead would be disadvantageous to West, not even the lead of a diamond. West must now pl.iy the spndes, being careful to take the first spade trick in the hand holding two ol the three top honors. N'otc that If I day night at Paragould the guest James A. Bradley, of Kennett, was in Cardwell on business Tuesday. . ' '. ;•'..' Misses Mae FeTersp . «nd ANNOUNCEMENT We liuvo purchased tlio Royal C. Mills Auditing Co., uiul nrc now rcntly to take care of all work in this field. Audits—Invc.stiKiitioiis Systems—Reports Bookless Bookkeeping Wo Specitilize ns T&x Counsellors. W. J. PECK AUDITING CO. J. T. I'atmor J. F. Lenti Dlylheville, Arkansas. I'hone 52 . 119 Second St. Charlie Is forgiven by- COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA b- red a b wed as a ceiUy - re a , e - rcss and graceful!! we as a Eo;n Jal](H mA cliar]lc aj deep silence Pr*va'«l. s | e lie MoU m affomt of lhmseivcs as - ow and dehcatc %oce asitu.ter j^.^ ^ .^ M& m ^ r ^ cir . : in Cardw(! i, , aft w ., ck , ;• -a pleasing sclectum ,. : rnr.stance.--. But tipster.- is far j Mi* Marv l.nuire Fields, who Then the G«r S mu, T ee. l....n , ,,..,,,,..,.,,.,.=,, ,„ te con . ; js nUondi ' , nc -, , achm . Co]1 ' ' °" c | vlncir.g. We really expected mere '. at Cape GIrardeau, spent the holi- »'. -!-an this from a man with Raou! ; days here with her mother. Wais "' s "^"- «P«tatlon. i Miss Jewell Turner spent Christ- fully c'-?c-ratcd, erected comer of the spacious buildin alned hundreds of lovely and e: ]Ulsi'.? S'ft". handsomely bound. The Ccrnmunlty Relief Commil- 'lee. helped many destitute families ] Coughs from coIJi m.y ItaJ to <e- rious irouLle. You caa Hop them now with Creomulslon, an emuliified creosote that is pleasant to tmke. Creomulaion is a medical diicorcry with tvo-foM action; it aoothrs and lieals tlie inflamed memhraixs and in- libils germ gronili. Of all known druRs crraKle is recognized by high medical auihoriiies Bsone of the grcalcst healing agencies for coughs from coldi and bronchia! irritations. Creomulsion. contiins, in addiiion to creosote, other hejJing (lemrnta which loathe and heal iho inflamed mnnbranei and slop the irritation, whil» the crcoEote goea on to tho itomach, ii absorbtd imo ths hlood, atlaclu the SHI of the trouble lad check* the growth of ihe germi. Creomulsion is guaranteed saliifac- tory in the treatment of coughs from eolds, bronchili! and minor forms of bronchial irritations, and is eicellenl for building up the ayslem after cold* or fiu. Money refunded if not re- liered after taking according lo directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) did c.i;ch on.' preview this ; which is well wortli see- and Mr.=. Sallie Ford cf the Mar- j Lake, shcppcd in Center Wed- j ing the holidays. Every class In Grade school, from j he primary to the Eighth grade, i rendered Christmas programs in i their respective r.:oms, Tuesday | evening. After the programs were over the Community was invited j nnd mured through all the depart-, mt-nts of the school building and. shown the school plant with, its | up-to-date equipment and modern fixtures. D'ral Lamb and Ramon Gpslrlng ater.ded to btifincfs in Stsclc. Tuesday. Mrs. John Corbin visited rela- livas on the Martin Lake. Tuesday. CREDIT LOSSES SMAI.I. BOSTON. (UP)—The Empl-.yces' Credit Union, operated exclusively for employees of the City nf Boston, lor.ned.out S279.43G during the year ended October 31. according t- a report. The union, established to krep city workers Ircm becoming the nrcy cf "loan sharks." has had losses of only S7,l(il since Its founding 15 years ago. Cuba's pr'ncinrl citi".-, hnv •l.cen linked by 'an a:rpbne inall land service. Dance." This picture, directed by Lio;:el Earrymorc.. is one oi the', Miss Stanwyck r-nd Barrymorc.' to be rate.- at rhc lop of • thtir respective professions, make' an almost perfect combination for! Sore Throat?"" "i Don't Gargle I l This Doctor's Prescription I Gives Quicker, liefler Keller i Don't suffer the pain and discom- i fort of sore throat. Use a doctor's, prfscrlption called Thoxinc guar- i antced to relieve »-".h the very first swallow. Not a gargle but a pleas-; ant tasting medicine which relieves: the soreness and goes direct to the! internal cause. I Thoxinc will relieve your sore • throat or coughing quicker and better than anything you have over tried or your money will be re-1 funded. Safe for the whole family.- Ask for Thoxine, readv for use in 35c.-COc. and Sl.OO bottles, Sold by Kirby-Boll Drug Co., and Klrby Drug Co. —Adv. 3 CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG OH All //« Building Materials Used In the New ARMORY Were Supplied By GRIMES LUMBER Co. "A Home Industry " We Got Over It .. .We Always Do The year 1893 was a "panic" year. Everybody said it was the fault of the Federal Administration. Bread lines were common, and real money was as scarce as the proverbial hen's teeth." In 1907 we went through another period of panic in business and industry. In 1921 we had another business slump that caused the old folks to recall the post-Civil War days. I his week marks the end of another year and croaking ravens arc perched around on the highways and byways, warning that it will be a hard winter and things will be much worse before they are better. Maybe so, nnd maybe not. The light and power industry looks forward to the year 1931 with confidence in the future of the United States, as it has in the past. It will continue to improve and extend its service to the people, as it has in the past. There is no place for pessimism in the conduct of our business. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. "At Your Service"

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