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20 SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 6, 1002 -MM Mt MM 1 1 MMtMHtMMMMMtMMHMMHtHMMHHM NEW THE PITTSBURG PRESS L3TES AND GOSS OF THE: PLAYER-GRAB PIRATES KEEP HANLON MAKES A FRESH START LONG TRIPS FOR PITTSBURG CLUB PROF. SAM LEEVER REPORTS TO CLARKE Special to The Press. Hot Springs, April 5. Leev-er is here. He joined, the Pirates at the morning practice, having arrived on a late train last night from Florida.

He is In fine shape, but says he is under weight a JAY EATON REPENTS. Cycler Asks 3. C. A. Board (o Reinstate Him.

New Tork. April 6. Jay Eaton, who with Or land Stevens, was suspended for life by the X. C. A.

in 1HOO and whose punishment was commuted by the Board of Appeals, is seeking further leniency. The Board of Appeals decided in favor of Eaton by modifying his punishment to a two-year suspension. TJls would restore Eaton to racing standing on August 1, this year. Eaton has written to the president of the N. C.

George M. Hendee. the old-time high-wheel champion, asking that at the coming meeting of the N. C. to be held next Monday In this city, a fine be imposed in lieu of suspension for the balance of his term, in order that he may ride on the circuit.

BASEBALL PLAYER SAVES NINE LIVES. 1 5 2 Joplin, April 5. Dick Bay lea. a member of the Joplin baseball team, proved himself a hero to- day by saving the lives of nine men 4) at the Wolcott mine, on the Mis- 4 sourl Lead and Zinc tract. 4 Fire started In the holster house.

The hoister house man became con- Xused and was unable to render assistance to the 11 men under ground. Bayles, who was employ- ed In the engine room, came to the rescue and pulled out nine of i the men through smoke and flames the Leslies, and would like to hear rrom an strong teams. Bridgevllle. Economy. Emsworth.

West End Grays and Westlnghouse Independents preferred. Address P. McCullough. 4731 Hatfield street. South Side Greys have elected Thomas Ho-baa as secretary.

The following players are requested to report at the Gibbon's Young Men's club today at 2:30 p. m. Ed Mackey. T. Molnr.

M. Donahue. J. Crook. W.

Rlearden. B. Donahue. J. Sauer.

S. Murphy. T. Huxley, H-O'Brlen, Hrennan J. Daley.

Address William Ristie, 2921 Harcums alley. South Side. The Liberty Stars would like to bear from all 12 or 13 year old teams. Address J. Atkinson, 504 Madison avenue, Allegheny.

The Polish A. C. will have one of the fastest teams in Western Pennsylvania this season and expects to win the championship. For games address Polish A. 200S Penn ave.

The J. M. Welst team will open the season at Osborne on April 26, and would like to hear from all other 14 to 16-year-old team for dates. The line-up of the Welst is as follows: Graham, catcher; Feck and Weist, pitchers: Nicholson, first; Batey. second; Garrigan, third; Pease, shortstop; Wiley; left; Coleman, center, and Twiliger, right.

All good uniformed teams desiring a game should address William Wiley, 104 Forty-second street. "The Farvlew A. C. haa May 3. 10 and 17 open and would like to hear from all first class teams having grounds.

Would like to hear from. Quaker for May 3. Their line-up is; Holyappel, catcher; McNeil and PauL pitchers; mith, shortstop; Kuglmaier. fist; Paul, second; Clifford, third; McGulre, left field; Cosgrove, center field Gion, right held. For games address C.

J. Kuglmaier. Fingl street. Thirty-fifth ward. The Logan A.

C. challenge all 12 to 13-year-old teams. Address Charles Cookson, 731 Char-tiers Allegheny. The Allegheny Stars would' l.e to play the Little Midgets on Saturday, April 12. 1902.

Any clubs wishing gamea address Arthur Nardie, 628 East North avenue, Allegheny. The Wabash A. C. will hold a special meeting today. Manager Reed wants the following players to attend: Wentzel, Sporrer, Dexter, King, Muck.

Burns. Metzgar, Shibner, Finn. Louth and O'Rourke, as important business will be transacted. They would lika to hear from some first-class team for Decoration day or July 4.L. Wenutzel, Elliott.

The Eureka Juniors defeated the National Juniors by a score of 20 to 4. The features were the catching of McClurg and tha pitching of Miller. Nine and ten-year-old teams desiring games address 1335 Kentucky avenue. A I lanli.nii T3 WILL BE LIVELY War Fund of National Sure to Tempt the Players, New York, April 5. The action of the league In raising a war fund of 100,000 to Induce players to break their contracts with the American League has created a sensation, and there will be some lively doings within the next few days.

There was a scattering of the club owners today and It is believed that the most desperate efforts will be made to win back the old stars. With the championship season opening In less than two weeks, the magnates and their agents have no time to lose and for weeks to come the American Leaguers will get little sleep. The policy of reprisal is believed to have been decided upon before the split occurred In the National League last December. Some things heretofore unex-plalnable are now made clear by the National's action. Time and again he has assured his friends that the Phillies would be a much better team than was expected, but as the weeks rolled by there was nothing to justify Shettsline's faith In the Immediate future except the vague rumors that wouldn't down that certain members of last year's Philadelphia National League team who were reported to have jumped would not be found with the American this spring.

In addition, a well-known baseball man has several times told the writer recently: "There'll be lots doing before the season opens." Certain it Is that agents of the National are now in the American's camps, and the failure of Treasurer Billings of Boston. and Treasurer Stanley Robinson, of St. jouis, to attend the meeting here has given risf to the belief that these men have been at work this week with the American's stars. It is reported that one of the arguments to be used to get the players to jump is that the new contracts will be almost barren of conditions. There will be no equivacol clauses, such as 10 days notice of release, an option on a man's service for two or three years, etc.

Instead, It Is understood the player wili be asked to merely sign a paper in which he pledges himself to give the National League his best services for 1902 for a sum of mony larger than these men ever dreamed of receiving. The National League broke up the Brotherhood with a war fund and they are confident that that success will now be repeated by similar methods. It is a positive fact that the star players of Connie Mack's Athletic Club have been approached by National League agents during the past few days and all have been made flattering offers. Among these were Third Baseman Lave Cross, who listeneded to the flattering. tales of the agents.

Clever Manager Loses AH But Three of Original Team. Brooklyn. April "Whatever the) Ideas of Manager Hanlon may be regarding the chances of the Brooklyn team this sea- son. he will have considerable, opportunity to contemplate on the vicissitudes of base ball and its players when he compares his present force with the famous team of 1899, which walked away with the pennant with little effort. Of the 21 players who will represent Brooklyn this year only three will recall to Manager Hanlon the great galaxy of stars that added to his fame as the greatest manager of them all.

That was when Hanlon first came to Brooklyn from Baltimore, bringing with him the pick of. the Orioles, to amalgamate with the best that Brooklyn could produce at that time. In that famous aggregation were Kel-ley, Jennings. Keeler, Jones, Dahlen, Far-rell, McGuire, Daly. Anderson, Dunn, Casey, Kennedy, Hughes, McJames and Teaser.

There were a few "lesser lights, but they had little to do with winning the championship. The three players still with Brooklyn are Keeler, Dahlen and Farrell. The others are well distributed throughout the American -League and National' League, principally the American, and all have lost not a whit of their reputation as players. Only four of them were released In the usual course of vents Jennings, now captain of the Phillies: Kennedy, with New York; Dunn, with Baltimore; Casey, with Detroit, Hnghes is still available and McJames Is dead. The others were all deserters, so to speak, violating their contracts with the National League.

Fielder Jones was the first to jump. He cast his lot with the Chicago White Stockings. Joe Yeager and John Anderson were supposed to return to Brooklyn, after being farmed out to Detroit and Milwaukee, respectively, as per agreement, but they refused. Kelley has jumped to Baltimore. -Daly to Chicago and McGuire to Detroit, and Sheckard to Baltimore.

Hanlon is still ambitious to shine as the boss manager and anticipates developing out of this season's material an aggregation that will equal if not eclipse the famous three winners of Baltimore. He has a strong nucleus from what remains over from last year and the newcomers are promising. For "several weeks Lecver was manager -captain, first batsman star pitcher for the Pensacola team. His experience as a magnate 4 proved profitable in a financial 4 sense ard the Florida climate help- ed his arm. Charleston Reinstated.

New York. April 5. A meeting of the stewards of the Jockey Club was held yesterday afternoon. August Belmont, J. H.

Bradford. F. R. Hitchcock. H.

K. Knapp and Andrew Miller were present. Jockey Fred Parsons, who was disqualified for riding at an unrecognized course, was restored to ail privileges under the rules. It was ordered that on May 1 all owners, trainers, jockeys and horses disqualified for racing at the Charleston meeting who have not raced at that course since April 1. be restored to all privileges on courses racing under the jurisdiction of the Jockey Club.

Ballyhoo Hey Did Good Time. I-exington, April 5. Ballyhoo Bey will certainly be a factor in the results of the Brook lyn and Suburban Handicaps If the report Is true that he worked a mile and a quarter In 2:14 at Churchill Downs this afternoon. Tho story comes from IOtilsville that Madden sent him this distance in a trial, and that he accomplished his task easily. He is reported to be a sure starter In both big spring events.

I'nlforms for Fouler Club. The Foster club's players of Iwrencevllle have received their uniforms, and they have arranged games with some of the strongest amateur teams in this end of the State. The Fosters are rapidly filling out their schedule, and all teams having grounds, desiring games, should address A. Ebert. care Foster Club, 3824 Butler street.

McAIeer Demands Hastings, Augusta, April B. The Boston Americans will have trouble in holding Pitcher Pete Hust-ing. Last season he was a memeber of the Milwaukee club and transferred with the Milwaukee franchise to St. Louis. McAIeer wants the pitcher now.

Cochran to Ride for Whitney. New York. April 5. William C. Whitney has engaged Jockey Cochran to ride for him in Kng.

land this year. According to the contract Cochran Is to receive $10,000 for the coming year. Cochran sails for England on April 12. Capt. Corcoran Reappointed.

Cincinnati, April 5. Manager McPhee. of the Cincinnati Reds, toflay announced that Tom Corcoran would again captain the Reds this season. This will be Corcoran's third eeason to pilot the team while on the field. BET ON PIRATES.

American Lensne Champs Like national Pennant Winners. Excelsior Springs, April 5. Soma amateur bookmaking was the result of a report circulated about the hotel to tho effect that a Brooklyn bookmaker was offering 2 to 1 against the White Sox and even money against Pittsburg in their respective races. Some of the more enthusiastic players have written to the East for confirmation of the report, with the intention of placing a little bet on both teams of champs. The discussion in the making of their own book brought out all kinds of expressions from the White Box.

showing the inmost confidence that their string would be played to the limit and that Corniskey would fly another Charley Sweeney Passes A San Francisco. April 5. Charley Sweeney, the once famous baseball pitcher and the first man tomake a succees of the curved ball, died yesterday of consumption at the City and County Hospital. In former years he became prominent in local ball circles and soon went East, where he was an undisputed star. One night, after his return to this coast, he became involved in a rotv In a saloon and shot his opponent.

He served a term in prison and after his release never enjoyed god health. Players Reqnested to Report. The following players of the C. M. Kelley team will please report for practice Thursday evening.

April 17, at Washington avenue crossing: J. Richey, Harrington. Kelley, Kline, Don-Kelley, Miller. Kirk, McAuliffe, McCloskey, Rankin, Huff and Sherin. They would like to hear from Columbia A.

Etna A. C. Winona A. Our Boys Reserves and Manchester Jrs. preferred.

Address J. Richey, 1412 Lake street, Allegheny. Hanlon's Team Well Advanced. Columbia, -S. April 5.

Although the Brooklyn players have been hero only three days, they are in such splendid condition that if the pennant race began tomorrow they would he able to give a good account of themselves. Everything has been favorable thus far, the weather in particular, and they have made the best of the advantages afforded them. P. O. Team Has Open Dates.

The Pittsburg Postofflce baseball team has a few open dates and would like to hear from Claysville, Pltcalrn, Sandy Creek, Mars, Mo-nessen, Monongahela City, Alliaulppa, Rochester, Pittsburg W. P. of New Brighton. Beaver Falls Athletics or any first-class amateur team. Address A.

A. Mahaffey, Manager, 2523 Center avenue. rrT TTTr. 1 tnis morning by the Baltimore players, at the The Silver Leaf A. C.

would like to arrange I baseball groumls. Robinson, Dunn, Williams gamea with the following teams: Catholic Ca- and Shields entered. The distance was 70 dets. Federal A. C.

Oneida A. of Du- I yards, and Williams turned out a handy win-queen Heights, Keystones. Mt. Troy and ner, wUh Robbie second. Shields and Dunn Liberty Stars.

For games atidress Ed. DU- claimed they were left at the post. A match linger, 1W ltln street. Allegheny. at half a mile Is being talked of.

The Nationals are rapidly getting in trim for the coming season. They have secured 1 Will Head Off the American. a before he was overcome with ex- haustion. The rescued workmen 2 pulled up the two remaining men 4 just as the holster collapsed. 4 t444444444)444 TWENTY ROUND BOUT.

Donahoo ana Dana AV111 Have Chance (or Knockout. Everything is In readiness for the 20-round boxing bout at Arnold tomorrow night, between James Dunn, of New Castle, and Arthur Donehoo. The preliminary will be put on at 8:15 p. m. sharp, and the main bout will follow without delay.

It is said that a train will be to bring spectators back to Pittsburg directly after the contest. James Mason will referee both bouts. CLUB WANTS PERMIT. TO HOLD THE BIG FIGHT Charleston. S.

April 5. Manager J-C. Jaudon. of the Southern Athletic Club, arrived here today from New Tork. lie said that he wiil get a direct statement from Governor McSweeney, relative to permitting the fight before posting the additional $5,000 forfeit demanded by Jeffries for a fight in Charleston.

Gov. McSweeney will probably decide against the fight. ONCE FAMOUS BALL PLAYER KILLED ON N. Y. CENTRAL.

Buffalo, April 5. David Eggler. once center fielder of the pennant winning team of the International League of 1878, was Instantly killed this morning in the New York Central Station at 7:30 a. m. Williams) Won Foot Race.

Savannah, April 5. A foot race was run off New York, Aprii 5. N. E. Young will move the League's headauarters from Washine-ton Ynmll caa hls trunks.

"he new oftces will be on lower Broadway fV0'8 Plan of establishing offices here for Ban Johnson. a y7uv 1 im twrarn 1 mil i I i i VlflHlw.U a i mu fJBl IHISIV Sa KiV I Minn sc 1 riffling qujiuj 1 1 1 1 EARLY HOURS Clarke Schedule Calls for Practice at 9:30 In Morning. Special to The Sunday Press. Hot Springs. April 5.

The Tirates schedule for training each day. exceitlna Sunday, has been for the past week as follows: Arise at 8 o'clock; breakfast at 8:30: practice at return to the hotel at 11; lunch at 1: afternoon practice at return to the hotel at 3 io-baths at 4, and dinner at 7. The champions have been keeping good hours since beginning to train here. They all go to bed before o'clock, some of them an hour earlier, and they are uu without any grumbling at the scheduled time In the morning. Whitington Park, where the Pirates are training.

Is between two spurs xt ths Ozark Mountains, about two miles from the hotel where the players are stopping Through the courtesy of Robert Price who formerly lived in Pittsburg, the ball club's mefabers have free privileges on the street cars to and from the ball park, which Mr. Pries owns. He Is also interested In the trolley roads here snd has large other business Interests. The park is visited by many persons ta r5at, delight in watching uiBuurscn training. This coming week will be a busy one for the Pirates.

They will put on the finishing touches to their training, and the practice will be devoted mainly to what each player needs most in his respective position on the diamond. Ths first exhibition game showed whene soms Improvement could be made, and the games this week with the Little Rock Club, which arrived here today, Is expected to perfect what the Pirates are after the best possible practice and training to play champion ball from the time the first ball is pitched In two weeks until the close of the season next fall. The Little Rock Club will practice on the same ground as the champion Pirates, and the games that have been arranged will likely be intensely exciting and Interesting. Conroy naturally is the chief attraction just now, not only for the champions themselves, but for the spectators who dally watch the club training. Thus fat-he has not disappointed anvbody.

Clark seems pleased with his initial work, and he Is truly putting up good ball. "Wid" is graceful, quick as a flash and apparently has a good hitting eye, although hs has not been fairly tried out In the matter of batting as yet. He has the confidence of the other Pirates and that counts for a great deal. An especially pleasing feature about ths composition of this year's club is the splendid physical condition of all the players. 8 8 md i 8 Sunday 10 to 4 pa.

1 tA ftV Z-L sV -s flew Schedule of National League Provides Many Jumps for Pirates. MAY 25 ONLY SUNDAY TO SPEND IN SMOKY CITY. PlilATKS WILL HAVE MAXY DATS REST Dl'RIXO MOUTH OF SEPTEMBER. ORDER OF SEASON'S JAUNTS. The National League schedule just furbished' to the publto treats Pittsburg well but It shows some peculiar Jumps and long- stretches near the close of the sea-Mn when no games will be played.

After the middle or September the iPlrates play eight game and they are all on Saturdays or Sundays. The Champions have several Saturday Jumps to Chicago and Cincinnati jto play Sunday games, of which there seven in each city. -i The locals have opposition against tne Clubs of the American League 11 times, 6 at Philadelphia, 'J at Boston -and 4 at i Chicago, the latter all being Sunday The3'team makes four big Jumps during the season. The first, on June 1. from Chicago, where the team plays a Sunday tame, to Philadelphia.

On July 2 the team will travel from St. Louis to Brook-lyn On August 31. which is a Sunday. The team Jump? from Chicago to Brooklyn, while on September 14. a trip will made from Philadelphia to Cincinnati to play Sunday, stopping off at home tor a Saturday game.

May 25, a Sunday, is an open date, the enly time the Champions will have an oft Sunday at home during season Pittsburg's season opens at St Louis, 'April 17. and closes at Cincinnati. October 5 on the road. The home season opens with Cincinnati. April SB and closes with the same team, October 4.

The schedule gives the short end clubs abided advantage, as the Pirates will play only six games at home after Au-enist SO This will make -the finish ln-tefest nk If the National League (level-'ns twf or three strong teams during ThroUowing tanl shows the order In which the games will be played and order ct the trips: At St. Louis-Apri' 17 I2J-Here-Clncinnatt-Apri! 23 Here Chicago April 24, 3 W. 80. May.l. (3).

At Cincinnati-May 41. f. Here Brooklyn May i. 8. At Cincinnati May rill-Hero-Boston May lo.

14- Here Philadelphia May 16. (1T. a. i. 1 JS 1 Here Philadelphia May 19 20 Here New York May 21.

22, -3 (24). Here Philadelphia May -Here Cincinnati May 27. 2 Here Chicago May 30. 30 131). At Chicago June 111--At Philadelphia June 5.

At New. York Junu 9. At Brooklyn June 10. 11, 12. At Boston Juno IS.

U4V 15. Here -St. Louis June 1H. M. 20.

21). At Chicago June 122. 23, 24. 2f. At Cincinnati June (28), 129K Here Cincinnati July 1.

2. Here Brooklyn July 3, 4, 4. At Chicago July Here Philadelphia July T. 8, f. Here New York July 10.

11, (12J. At Cincinnati July 1131. Here Boston July 14. 15. 16.

17. Mere Chicago July 19). At Chicago July (20J. At St. Louis July 23, 4, (26 27.

At Brooklyn July .10. 31. August At New York August 2. 4. 5.

6. At Philadelphia August 7. 8 11. At Boston August 12. IS.

1. 14. Here Philadelphia Augurt (HI). 1. Here New York August 19.

20. 21. Here Brooklyn August 22. 23. At Cincinnati August 24.

Hwe Kostou August 20. 27. Here Chicago August 28. 29 (30). At Brooklyn September 1.

1, 2. At Boston September 3. 4. 5. At New York Snptember (6), 8, 9.

At Philadelphia September 10, 11, 13. Here Cincinnati September (13). At St. Louis September 114. 15.

Here St. -Louis September IS, (20). At Chicago September 121. Hare Cincinnati September 27). At Cincinnati September 281.

Here Cincinnati October 2. 4). At Cincinnati October (8 J. Note indicates Sunday games and Saturday games. AMATEUR BALL TEAMS.

The Winona A. C. will play their first game with th General Passenger Office of the Pennsylvania' Lines on April 26. and on May 3 play the strong Pittsburg and Buffalo Co. at The linn up will be as follows for the opening game: Hess, first: Rebele.

second: shortstop: Appel or Steyart, third; Copps, left field: Douglass, right field; Oard-fcea Newell or White, catcher; Bailey Blpe. pitcher. The lnonas have a few open dates In August and September and would like to hear from Pltcalrn Y. M. C.

East 1-atrobe. Emsworth, McDonald. Midway and all amateur teams in Western Pennsylvania and -Eastern Ohio. All players will please report on Tuesday evening at :80 sharp at the ciud nouse. or games address W.

O. Stewart. 1041 Penn avenue. The Belmar A. C.

has a few open dates and -ould Ilka to hear from all. teams In and around Pittsburg. Everetts, Gllmores, Verona seconds, and Y. M. C.

A. of Turtle Creek preferred. Address No. 7041 Idlewild street. W.

M. Merrick. Manager O'Connor, of the W. H. Kesch Co.

baseball team. Is going wild over his team, consisting of Stele. Fisher. Thub, Ulrica. Jeffreys, Iorthy, Marieta.

Lane and Frey. The St. Mary's A.C. will hold a meetln'gat the rsldenre of Manager Frark S. Protrowski at 8 p.

rn. Sunday. The following players are F. Green. Maloy.

Woike. W. Green, Webvr. McGrain. Grada.

Chester, Shivie. Bennett, "King and Gus Soffol. The manager would like ti arrange games with such teams as the Polish A. C. Kreeprtrt.

East Liverpool. Quaker lumbia- For games address Frank S. PjTtrov BI4 Downing street. Thirteenth viV. The --hruy club has organized for ths h-c-t-u iwu and is composed of a strong aerrts.Ki.i.i of rlayers from Pennsylvania and Wisv.l I be glad to hear from any club iv.t: i -r; or Allegheny for.

a game at any -is willing to meet any clubs hr-iiVvt P.nrslvania and Ohio, such as Warren. P-ellaire. Martins Ferry. Whlir. w.

Butler. Beaver Falls. East Live i ar.d especially Sharpshurg Our Boys. The -fnlloAving ajer the. name of the Allegheny tStol -Hrt: F.

H. manager: rry 1'uSt, HranU tetter. Wolfe Alkn, Bates. Cuckter. Easton.

Touug. Addri xvirnrTmnlcations to Manager F. M. 1U2S. Franklin street.

Allegheny. Th" Yukon A. -C. has a star team. Walter II liter.

Morgan street, near Wylls avenue. The Wilson A. C. would like players to report tn Rlia street on Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock. They would also like to arrange games with all 1-year -old teams.

Ad-uss J. E. Wraan. The WaldorXs had their first practice yester-ay afternoon on the lower Exposition grounds. Mcllvan.

Gler.a. Carroll. Bentel. Getty. Wh-len.

Smith. McKnight, Coffee. Knapp, Feeney Kt well. llartmua. K.

Johnston H. Johnston and Loughren are requested to attend a meeting at tVhalen's this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Games are wanted with Homestead. Rochester. Leechburg, SwissTala.

Etna, Sharps-urg, Aspinwall and other strong teams. Leo. J. Loughren. Box 239, Pittsburg, or telephone Hell 867 Court, or P.

A. H31 Main. John Douglass, of the Young Men's Clvle, club, has arranged games wSUj some of the strongest tennis In the State. He has not completed hla schedule and has a few cpen dates. All fast teams desiring games with the Cldv Club kindly -write for dates.

Address Mgr. Joou car Young SI en-a Civic Clul 1005 Windsor street. Allegheny, The BeHzhoover A. C. third te.ici has organ-lied for the season and would lika to arrange games with all 11.

and 12-year-old teams. The lineup is. as follows: catcher; Stew-" a-rt. rltcher; shortstop: Bird, first ae: Gromly.

second IIabernlcht. third: rr. rrtlldie; S-haier and Geddis Gartner, For games, address P. Kirchner, Buromit street, Kr.oxvii;ie, Pittsburg. The Valley A.

C. has changed i'-a nuat' to iiuEtj jwv' IjvJtiEv jrHrtl i -m m. rw a m. a rr7 as ss mm -mi 111111 111 nj.i rinifniii iinivviniiiii I mw -mm m. ss mmw m.

wm mmw 7.jf"j 1 SrAmy I mW mW a. BHaa mm -mmw 4 a I III lltN II 1 1 Vffl i I Ml Mil 111 iVm I SSSnmnmnmnnKtnnnnn I ''1 1 i I I PIN It I I I i I 1 ROTA LOO0 URETHRAL TROCTURE DISEASE I VARICOCELE- CURED IN NINETY DYS. No Mercury or Iodidf-s used. My treatment is powerful In overcoming the services of Patterson and Tannehill, two crack Manchester players. Games have been arranged with Osborne, North Bide, Rhody Wallace, Glassport Economy, Unlondale.

f. at2 ui.k tv. Edgeworth, South Side Hieh School. -lisk aa-a t.ii. A 4 t0 i South Side High School on the Nunnery Mill ET-onnd.

Mn3r.r Tr-r-on i to arrange games with J. M. Wiest's or Belve- i dere A. on National's grounds for May 3 and 31. There will be a business meeting Monday evening, April 7, at the home of Earl Love, 1207 Sandusky street, Allegheny, and a full attendance is requested.

All good 14 and 15-year-old teams in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia can hav games by communicating with G. A. Emerson, stand 80. Allegheny Market. Tannehill.

Briney, McPherson and McKelvey are especially requested to attend the meeting. The manager of D. C. A. C.

Jrs. wants all the players to report at his residence Sunday afternoon to be measured for their suits. The D. C. C.

Jrs. would like to hear from all good 16 or 17-year-old teams in Western Pennsylvania. Address J. K. Garvin, 109 South Canal Allegheny.

The Clipper Athletic Club, of Turtle Creek, will hold a dance at Semmen's Hall. Turtle Creek, for the benefit of their recently organized baseball team, next Thursday evening. April 10. All amateur teams of Western Pennsylvania are cordially invited to attend. The Clippers are composed of the best baseball material or lurtie CTeeK valley.

Manager tt. F. Trexlcr would like to. arrange a series of games with both the Clippers, of Lawrence-ville, and Carnegie to play for the name. Address all communications to Raymond F.

Trex-ler. Box 478, Turtle Creek. Pa. The Reds would like to hear from all 13 to 14-year-old teams with grounds, Millvale preferred. Address M.

Cosgrove, Independent street. West End. PLAYERS AND POLITICS. If the Detroit Club, which relies for Its title on an agreement made last summer, is Justified In retaining McGraw, who repudiated it and signed a regular contract with the Brooklyn Club, what right has 1 the Boston American League Club to Winters, Parent and Dougherty, who entered into an agreement to play with the Cincinnati Club? It is a poor rule that will not work both ways. Sporting News.

Says Hugh Fullerton: "Jf Griffith can handle Davis, Mertes and Garvin, he will win laurels as a manager. I. predict that the first time Davis borrows a bunch of dollars of Mertes Cone of his tricks), and forgets to pay It back, there will be a ruction in the club that, will keep even Comlskey guessing." The Boston' newspaper correspondents who have been at Thomasville speak very highly of the Boston Nationals and predict that the club has pennant possibilities. Patsy Donovan may try to make an outfielder of Pitcher O'Neill. The Spalding campaign proved an ex-pensve little luxury.

The award of the contract for the league ball was made on a strictly business basis. The Spalding bid was the best, and he gives the National League 4O0 dozen balls at 51,000 year, and he got a five-year contract on those terms the best the National ever had on that important Item. Still the compliments come. The New Tork Telegram says: "The refusal of -W. C.

Temple to take up the duties of league president- was felt keenly by the club owners, who regretted that he could not find it -possible to accept the office. Mr. Temple is a natural leader and would have filled the position in a manner that would have reflected a great deal of credit upon the organization. He knows the ins and outs of baseball thoroughly, and it needs a man of that nature to administer ths affairs of the organization Ths National League may succeed at soms future time in inducing W. C.

Temple to taks tip the reins. There Is hope of this. The new grandstand at Cincinnati will not be dedicated ovt opening day. This event will take place some tlma In May. Ths roster of the Denver team sounds -very much like fast company, as it con tains men named telehantjv Jones.

Davis and Hartsel. Joe Cantlllon will umpire In ths National League this season instead of the American. Hs should make a hit with the crowds. i It Is reasonable to assume that Dahlen will play short, Flood second, Keeler right and Hildebrand center, for Brook- i lyn. Dolan covered first base for Brooklyn i in practice, and from the way he han-; died himself It looks as if he would make i tne position, tie is a leii-nanded thrower, and therefore has some advantage over McCreery.

Dolan chased Tom out of center field and is almost sure to drive him off first. Armbuster, the backstop recommended to Brooklyn by Dan Brouthers, is proving all that the veteran promised. He Is a hard, sure hitter, but Ills natural throwing is what appeals mostly to those In a position to judge. Armbuster delivers the ball with little effort, and it is said that he has been likened to Ed in this respect. i Prout Is a clever infielder, and If he maintains his reputation as a sticker ha should prove a fixture in Brooklyn's quartet; Nrw Tork Pirates.

will net get any cf the CURED IN THIRTY DffiYS. I can point with pride to hundreds I have cured after many other specialists had failed to give even the slightest relief. WHAT IS STRICTUHE? READ! It Is an abnormal growth of tissue narrowing one or more points of the Urethral Passage, sometimes causing a complete closure of the canal. It may be congenital or acquired. If the latter It is usually due to some of the following causes: Strong injections, strains, blows, early abuse or later excesses and very frequently from the Injudicious use of instruments, such as sounds, etc.

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arsa, s. srfr sV tt B-uWVtr fc- BiS-S i-. I.

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