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Del Rio, Texas
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3 -DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, March 22, 1981 Advisors return doesn't withdrawal, WASHINGTON (AP) Pentagon officials said Saturday that the planned return of military, advisers sent to El Salvador not mean a plete U.S. "withdrawal" from the strife-torn Central American countryistead, they said, setting a timetable for return of the 54 advisers' was a routine matter and should not be misread as a sign of flagging U.S. resolve to aid the Salvadoran civilian-military junta in its fight against leftist guerrillas. Meanwhile, Gen. David Jones, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he is optimistic about the outlook in El.

Salvador and contended that the situation there is: "completely different" from the Vietnam war. Defense Department officials initially confirmed late Friday that 18 of the military advisers would return to the United States by early: summer, with the other 36 set to return by September, The officials, who declined to be identified by name, said it had been planned from the outset that the 54 advisers would go to El Salvador only for specific training duties, and that once their jobs were done they would return home. "It's not a withdrawal," another Pentagon official said Saturday. The official, who requested anonymity, noted that some of the advisers "are completing the training that they went into to give. Some others may be sent in, but that hasn't been.

decided yet." The teams of advisers vary in size and the duration of their assignments range from days to months, according to defense officials. wtheir missions include training Salvadoran troops in tasks such as helicopter maintenance and counter-insurgency methods. Schools take. (Continued from Page 1) through Jan. 1 93.79 percent is slightly better than the state average, he said.

Of this percentage, Poole estimates 95 percent of the absences are excused for such reasons as illness. But, though parents are the main impetus behind their children's classroom the school also takes an active interest. in maintaining or boosting attendance figures. Poole said that whenever students miss consecutive days in class, the district makes sure their parents or guardians know their children are not in school. "We try to inform parents and leave it up to them." Though parental notification is the extent of the efforts if the student in question is nearing the end of mandatory attendance age of 16, the school district takes more serious action if the truant pupil happens to be starting his academic career.

The beginning grades are among the most important period in the child's educational growth, and Poole noted cases in which parents who kept their children of. school -were threatened with legal action by the district, Pentagon "We take it very seriously when. parents keep their children out of school," he said. The superintendent said another: proposal to boost attendance figures has been employing personnel, such as truancy officers. So far, tight budgets have eliminated the number of employees to one, Poole said.

"Generally, our biggest problem has been not having adequate manpower," Poole noted. "To physically enforce attendance would require manpower we do not have." Given the lack of personnel to enforce classroom attendance, the school district is also using parent conferences, counseling, and cooperative efforts with justices of the peace, the Child Welfare Board and Del Rio police to keep students off the streets and in class, he said. But, school district efforts to promote high attendance is intended to do more than meet mandated requirements for education of young Del Rioans. State allocations Queen City schools receive are based partly on yearly attendance figures, Poole noted. High attendance rates and corresponding state funding "are crucial to us," he said.

cooler: weather forecast cobler mer Tuesday. Fair and cooler on weather is forcast for Sunday and Wednesday. fair and warmer for Sunday night Lows Monday near 40 in the and Monday by the National north to near 50 in the south. Weather Service. Lows on Tuesday will be near 50 Winds out of the northwest will in the north to near 60 in the be blustery, having been clocked south.

Lows Wednesday will be at 15 to 25 miles per hour with near 40 in the north to the 50s in wind advisories posted for Lake the south, Amistad Saturday. Highs Monday will be in the 70s Low Sunday will be in the upper and on Tuesday in the 70s in the 40s and high for the day is ex- north to the 80s in the south, the pected to be in the mid-70s. 60s in the upper coast with highs Maximum temperature forecast Wednesday in the 60s in the north for Monday is the upper 70s. and along the upper coast to the Since the first of the year, rain- 70s in the south. fall amounts to 2.01 inches, .05 The NWS extended forecast for below the normal of 2.06 inches.

West Texas calls for partly The all-time high for March 20 cloudy Monday through Wedis 93, set in 1916; the all-time low nesday and continued cool in for the date is 34, set in 1912. most sections. Lows in the midThe extended forecast issued 20s in the north to the mid-30s in by the NWS for. South. Texas, the south with highs near 50 in the Monday through Wednesday is north to the mid-60s in the south for fair and mild Monday expect the mid-70s in Big Bend becoming partly cloudy and war- valleys.

Texas temperatures High Low Pcp. Longview 72. 50 Abilene 70 50 .00 Lubbock 67 46 .00 Alice MM 62 .00 Lufkin 73 52 Alpine 62 43 .00 Marfa MM 40 Amarillo 64 36 .01 McAllen 87 MM Austin 79 58 .00 Midland 66 48 Beaumont 69 59 .31 Mineral Wells 75 55 Brownsville 86 66 Palacios 76 59 Childress 68 42 .00 Presidio 84 48 .00 College Station 78 57 .00 San Angelo 70 51 .00 Corpus Christi 84 62 .00 San Antonio 81 59 Dalhart 41 .00 61 49 Dallas 71 56 .00 Stephenville 75 55 .00 Del Rio 79 50 .00 Texarkana 64 MM .00 El Paso 69 50 ,00 Tyler 76 61 55 .00 Fort Worth 76 55 Victoria 83 Galveston 66 62 ,00 Waco 75 57 .00 Houston. 77 60 .05. Wichita Falls 72.

53 ,00 Junction MM MM .00 Wink MM 045 .00 Nation's temperatures Temperatures Indicate high and low for Las Vegas 69 43 cir day to 7 p.m. EST. Little Rock 51 46 .92 cir HI Lo Pre Otik Los Angeles 65 cd Albany 38 16 .02 cir Louisville 58 29 rn Albuque 59 cir Memphis 67 .02 Amarillo .01 cdy Miami 70 51 cdy Anchorage cay Milwaukee 36 Asheville St.P cir Atlanta 63 35 Nashville rn Atlantc 3 34 cir Orleans 70 cdy Baltimore cdy New York cir Bismarck cdy Okla City cdy Birminghm rn Norfolk cdy Boise 40 14,13 cdy Omaha .15 Boston cir Orlando 38 cdy Brownsylle 35 13 cdy Philadphla 30 cay Buffalo in SC Phoenix cir Charts Charistn WY 33 cd Pittsburgh 38 28 cdy Cheyenne .98 cdy Piland, Me 31 4 cdy Chicago Rapid City 36 .08 cdy 35 Ptl and. ore 58 Cleveland Cincinnati .04 cdy Reno .91 cdy Dai-FI Wth cir San Salt Lake Diego cdy Columbus cay Richmond 3 SAY Denver -27 Des Moines .03 cdy San Fran .61 Detroll cdy Seattle puluth coy 51 Louis Fairbanks cdy St P. Tampa cdy Hartford St Ste Marie cdy Helena Honolulu cir Tulsa 75 56 Spokane sdy Houston.

.17 Washingtn 51 34 .01 cdy Indnaplis caY Jacksnylle rn for 24 hours ending Juneau cdy a.m. Oilk-Sky EST conditions Saturday. outlook for Kans City .91 cdY Sunday. mean claims Jones, the nation's top-ranking military officer, was asked to compare U.S. involvement in Vietnam and El Salvador when he spoke Saturday at a Washington symposium sponsored by the New Yorkbased Center for the Study of the Presidency, "I see a completely different situation in El Salvador," Jones replied.

"'We have a government headed by a civilian (President Jose Napoleon Duarte) who is struggling to get some stability in his country, to help in land reform." "It's not a perfect government by any stretch of the imagination. There are outside forces that are trying to overturn that, and they (the Salvadoran government) need some limited help a handful of advisers, some military equipment," the general said. HERE TODAY Laughlin Air Force Base Open dition to dozens of air and ground demonstrations, visitors will delight in the precision drills and music and refreshments. (U.S. Air Force Photo) stunts of the Thunderbirds flying team today in ad- When broken down, the 93.79 percent cludes provides a the 91.15 attendance district percent its figure, attendance allocations which rate in- Laughlin at the pre-kindergarten level; 91.87 percent at the kindergarten level; The world-famous Thunderbirds 93.47 percent for first-grade students; precision flying demonstration 94.50 for second-graders; 95.05 per- of the United States Air Force cent in the third grade; 95.01 percent begin a and end an action-packed for the fourth grade; 95.06 at the fifth- during Laughlin Air Force Base's grade level; 94.89 percent in the sixth nual open house, offered to the grade; a percentage of 94.34 in the free.

seventh grade; and 93.48 percent at- A wide variety of exhibits tendance in the district's eight-grade. demonstrations will be provided form visitors about the base and According to Poole's figures, at- Air Force, with music to be tendance drops off once elementary formed by the "Country school students make the transition to band which is made up of seven Del Rio High School. Attendance Force Band of the West musicians. figures are 91.63 percent for ninth- The concerts, scheduled for: 1 grade students; 93.35 percent for 2:00 p.m, will last about 50 sophomores; 93.65 for juniors and each. 93.16 percent for seniors.

Visitors may also take time Poole attributed the attendance hangar displays and a line-up of drop in high school to eight-, ninth- than a dozen different types and tenth-graders, who he charac- military aircraft on the flight terized as members of the "high risk" ramp. categories. The Thunderbirds show, which At higher levels, Poole said, studen- volves extremely fine timing ts are most likely to encounter dif- discipline from the pilots of six ficulty with subjects they were able to: ful jets, will last about 15 complete in grammar school. This, he during arrival at noon and 45 said, correlated with higher absence at 4:30 p.m: before the close of figures. day's activities.

holds Open House today A re-enlistment ceremony will be autograph session afterwards. held on the runway apron in front of The Laughlin gates will open at 11 team the team's aircraft and the public will a.m. and the day's events will conbe treated to a Thunderbirds pilots clude at around 5:45 p.m. will day anpublic and to inthe perCritters" Air and minutes to see more of line inand colorminutes minutes the" Open House schedule 11 a.m. Gates Open to 3:05 3:50 ConRadio Public trolled Model Airplane 12 noon 12:15 Show Arrival Show 4:05 4:30 12:35 Reenlist- bird Ground Ceremony ment Ceremony with 4:30 5:15 ThunderThunderbirds bird Air Show 12:45 12:55 Dyess 5:25 5:45 ThunderCombat Control Team bird Autograph Session 1:00 1:45 Band, End of Open House Critters" tivities 1:50 2:20 Dog 11:00 4:30 ConcesDemonstration Team sions 2:20 3:00 Hang Aircraft Static Displays Glider Demonstration Hanger Number 3 Band, "Country Critters" Displays nosis a Reagan announces.

attack on federal. fraud waste zamodmun won. pri 143 Jog eri .83 boyit pailino WASHINGTON (AP) President Reagan is about to launch an assault on waste and fraud in federal programs as the "unspoken fifth leg of his economic program," White House press secretary James Brady said Saturday. Brady said the attack would be opened on several fronts in the next few weeks and would be highlighted by the filing of charges in an unspecified number of major fraud investigations that have been underway for months or even years. He refused to be specific about the investigations or give any indication Two women near Brackettville BRACKETTVILLE Two Ruidoso, N.M., women were injured eight miles west of Brackettville Saturday afternoon when their vehicle rolled over.

Lorene Thyen, 23, suffered minor bruises after losing control of the automobile. Her companion, 28-yearold Gale Stagner, received multiple contusions in the incident. Both women were transported to of how involved." much federal money may. be, But the probes involved are some that were being conducted by independent inspectors general in various departments. Reagan summarily fired the 15 supposedly nonpartisan agency watchdogs because, as Brady said at the time, the president wanted the people in those jobs to be "meaner than a junkyard The firings were.

criticized last week by Rep. John Dingell, chairman of the House investigations subcommittee, who injured Val Verde Memorial Hospital by Kinney County. ambulance. Miss Thyen was treated and released. Hospital administrator Tom Santry said that Miss Stagner was admitted to the hospital for observation.

Texas Department of Public Safety officers in Kinney County said the accident occurred at 4:40 p.m, as the women were driving home from a wedding in Uvalde. Police have quiet weekend The television set behind the dispatche: was full of police action and intrigue, Patrolmen and detectives on "Hill Street Blues" had their hands full in what television claims is the first "real" police drama. For the life officers of the Del Rio Police Department things were much quieter, Only a bicycle thief and a vandal armed with a BB gun marred the peace in Del Rio Saturday night. An unknown thief took a 24 inch bike valued at $125 from the 400 Waters Ave. residence of Bernardo Ponce early Saturday, Ponce indicated the bicycle had been covered up with a blanket.

David Guerrero of Del Rio Vinyl Products, 513A North Main reported damage Saturday to a large window at the business address. According to Guerrero the vandalism occurred overnight Friday, He said the window had been shot at during the previous week but he did not file a police report. DEATHS Mrs. Manuela S. Gutierrez Mrs.

Manuela S. Gutierrez, 80, died Saturday in a Del Rio hospital. She resided at 305 E. Ogden St. Rites will be held in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, date and time pending arrival of relatives.

The Rosary will be recited Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Humphreys-Doran Funeral Home Chapel. She was born April 10, 1900, in Marathon, Texas. said, "All the president has done so hafar is sacked the inspectors the good ones along with the bad ones while spending over two months looking for politically palatable junkyard dogs." Reagan's economic program includes four distinct parts: proposed budget cuts of nearly $50 billion; a three-year, 30-percent income tax cut; drastic pruning of government regulations; and a coordinated effort to stabilize the money supply. Brady said the new campaign "really is the unspoken fifth leg of AROUNd TOWN By IMA JO FLEETWOOD JOYCE STUBBLEFIELD, former resident of Del Rio who suffered a severe heart attack, is out of intensive care in Beeville and is recovering, friends here have learned.

She is in Room 217 of Memorial Hospital in Beeville, Texas. A PISTOL SHOOT and barbecue is planned by the Del Rio Law Enforcement Officers Association, planned for the latter part of April. These plans were discussed at the meeting of the association Thursday in Coors party room. Dues have been reduced from $8 to $6. THE DEL RIO CHAPTER of Federally Employed Women will meet March 23 at 7 p.m.

in the directors' room of the Del Rio Bank and Trust Co. Members who attended the regional FEW conference in San Antonio will report on workshops held there. A SPECIAL business meeting for all officers and the building committee of the Knights of Columbus will be held March 23 at 8 p.m. in the K.C. Hall on Highway 90 East off Hamilton Lane, DEL RIO LULAC Council 4338 will hold a special meeting Monday at 7:30 p.m.

in Wintergarden Distributors on Highway 90 East. Officers urge members to attend since the budget and plans for the year must be decided. DEADLINE for applications for three scholarships offered by the Officers' Wives Club of Laughlin Air Force Base is March 31. Applications are available at the counselors' offices or Mrs. R.

Bonrath, 298-3400. Two academic scholarships of $1,000 each and one vocational scholarship for $500 is offered by the OWC. WEIGHT WATCHERS meet at new hours, 6 to 08 p.m., on Thursdays in the First Presbyterian Church. the economic, program, because if; hinyou need to million to. meet your spending goals and you can find $32 million in waste and fraud, you don't have to find other things to cut" such as services or aid programs.

The $32 million, he said, was a' hypothetical figure. Brady said that later this week Reagan is expected to sign an executive order creating the Council on Integrity and Efficiency in Government. It will be authorized to unleash interagency strike forces to root out waste and fraud, he added. Council to review proposed budget The Del Rio City Council will review and discuss the proposed 1981 interim budgets for the general fund, gas and utility system Tuesday night. Consideration will also be given to changing the city's fiscal year from April 1 through March 31 to Oct.

1. through Sept. 30. Scheduled for 7:30 p.m. in council chambers, 109 W.

Broadway Tuesday's is the last planned council meeting before the March 31 budget deadline. Copies of the proposed budgets are available for public inspection at the Muncipal Building. DEL RIO NEWS- HERALD (USPS 151-700) Published each afternoon except Saturday, and also Sunday Morning by Del Rio Publishing Inc. Second Class Postage paid at Del Rio, Texas. SUBSCRIPTION RATES- rier in Del Rio $4.25.

By mail in town or out of Fritz Wirt. Publisher Ima Jo Fleetwood. Associate Editor Jean Sullivan. Business Manager Oscar San Miguel. Advertising Manager Joe San Miguel Circulation Manager Jesus Trevino.

Production Manager Bill Lamb Pressroom Foreman Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any person, firm or corporation will gladly be corrected when such occurs in the columns of this newspaper and are brought to the attention of the management. The Publisher is not responsible for copy omission, typographical errors, or any unintentional error that may occur other than to make corrections after being brought to attention. Advertising accepted on this basis ly. Survivors include seven daughters and a son. The daughters are Petra Richardson of Norman, Ermie Gonzalez of Del Rio; Lupe Flores of Salinas, Alma Strong and Lydia Weatherby of Del Rio; Natalia Calzad of Sanderson and Manuela Golden of Houston; the son is Ray Gutierrez of Del Rio; one sister, Maria Renteria of Del Rio.

Seventeen grandchildren and 24 greatgrandchildren also survive. A.

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