St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on September 6, 1962 · Page 75
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 75

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 6, 1962
Page 75
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2 WEST COUNTY TEACHERS ATTEND LANGUAGE INSTITUTE Two west county French teachers have attended an eight-week summer Institute for Foreign language Teachers at Purdue VmVersdty. United States Office of Education, was designed to acquaint language teachers with new teaching methods. Attending were Miss Sandra Frank, 832 Lepere avenue, University City, of the Brittany Junior High School, and Miss Barbara A. Rohrer, 7741 Wild ST.L0UIS POST-DISPATCH Thun..-Sept.-6. 1962 3S COMMUNITY Plum lane, of the Hortin Wat- SOUTH The Institute, supervised by the kins High School, Ladue. T 1 ZQwfc Q """" 'I '""' i ' ' '' ' M 4-H ENROLLMENT New lawn food with scientific controlled feeding! WILL BEGIN OCT. 1 j, - C 7 Www. t it r - S it- m) 8 OriMleld I '4.75 I """-5000 Sq. FtV M i.Til !! vsy ALSO AVAIlABLf WITH BROAOLEAf WEED K1U.ES For Cancer Fund MRS. S. J. MUES (second from left, 924 Simmons avenue, Kirltwood, organizer of the third annual Kiddie Karnival held recently in Kirltwood presents the proceeds from the event to MRS. W. CALVIN CLIPPINSER (left), Kirkwood chairman of the Amer-lean Cancer Society Fund Drive. Children in the neighborhood participated in the carnival selling refreshments and running game booths. They are (from left): DEBBIE CISSELL, TIM CROSS, CHUCK FUZNER, MIKE COX, KATHY STROISCK, CAROL COX, BILLY CISSELL, KAREN CISSELL, MARK GISI, DIANE BURGMEYER, DEBBIE BURGMEYER, DENNY MUES and MARY GISI. Enrollment in the 4-H program of St. Louis county will begin Oct. 1, club leaders have announced. Club officers are to be elected at October meetings, with 1963 programs to be organized at the same tine. Emphasis will be on educational programs, designed to fit needs and interests of club members. Both boys and girls are eligible. They meet monthly for demonstrations, takls and recreation. Smaller groups may meet oftener. Popular projects in this area include clothing, foods, home management, woodwork, electricity and handicraft. When projects are completed, members have the opportunity to exhibit items at local, county, district, and state contests. Prizes are awarded. Information on clubs can be obtained from the University of Missouri Extension Service, 230 South Meramec avenue, Clayton, PArkview 6-1688. CARD PARTY AT Y.M.C.A. A card party will be held next Thursday by the Kirkwood Branch Y.M.C.A., 325 North Greenfield Measured-Release Lawn Food A sclentlfl c-breakth rough In lawn feeding. Coated nitrogen particles automatically measure the amount of nitrogen released onto your lawn. Minute microscopic openings In the new coating "time" the release gradually as it's needed. Won't overfeed. Won't underfeed. Won't burn, ER UNIT PUSHINGlWoman From India to Teach Off to school now.. .but what about college? We are helping hiany parents save to meet the costs of college educations for their children. Start now... open a college savings account with us. Excellent earnings; Mathematics at Roosevelt High POTTED MUMS, POTTED f 50 Skcwlnf mIm- ROSES I 12t 1975 VALUES TO 3.7S a. l"ot Moit hava namt gf IPMADINO YIW UPRIGHT YEW ' $34? $74? teach at Roosevelt for a year. She is an English major and has a bachelor of arts degree PUBLIC SERVICE SAVINGS T. LOW MO, and a bachalor of education de VOTER REGISTRATION A comprehensive voter regus-tration drive la being conducted in the Second Congressional district by the Citizens for Maher Committee. "An analysis of the I960 census and the June 1962 voter reg Miss Glendora Williams, a na- ! tive of India, is an exchange teacher under the United States Education Foundation scholarship program. She is teaching mathematics at Roosevelt High School in co-operation with the St. Louis Board of Education. Miss Williams has a Christian gree which took her five years AND LOAM ASSOCIATION of college work to earn. In addition to her class in Taylor avenue. Sessions will be mathematics, she will be an as gin at 9: 30 a.m. end 12: 30 p.m Wf AM AS NtAk AS TOUR PHONE . . . GERN NURSERY, INC. 9341 Tesion F,rry Rd. Affton 21. Mo. ME. 1-0470 Opens A.M. to 0 P.M. CoiuMttlv DivMndt Pild For Mnrtf flftf Yr TM In vry Sunday Afttrnem at 1:30 P.M. Mt tli Prcu KSO Kadi II MEMBER OP THE SAVINGS AND LOAN FOUNDATION. INC, SPONSOR OP THIS ADVERTISEMENT IN LOOK AND THE SATURDAY EVBN1NG POST Pastries and sandwiches will sistant adviser to a freshman class. name because her grandfather be sold and table prizes will be given. Proceeds will go to the "Coming to this country makes Y.M.C.A. World Service. me realize what sacrifices were made by the missionaries when they came to India," she said. became a Christian. She arrived in New York City June 24 and went to Winston-Salem, N.C., to take the new mathematics instruction course she will need to teach In the St. Louis school system. Although a teacher for 10 years In India, she has not had the opportunity to compare, teachers GREAT VALUE, Inc. 1033 LEMAY FERRY RD. ME. I -55 1 1 Hours 9 to 9 Mon. thru Sat. or students with those in her native land. "India is still friendly with England," Miss Williams said. "England trained natives to run their own government and English is still the language of commerce in India. "There are IS states in India. Each state has its own language and more than 300 tongues and dialects are spoken. While Hindi is the national language, English is the unifying tongue," she s?id. Taken on a tour of St. Louis, which included a trip to Gas Light Square, Miss Williams was impressed with the "friendliness of St. Louisans," and said that it was "a very big place." istration rolls Indicates that there are more than 65,000 eligible unregistered voters in the district," Philip Maher, Democratic nominee for Congress, said. Maher, who Is opposing Representative Thomas B. Curtis (Rep.), Webster Groves, In the Nov. 6 election, laid that this is the most important phase of his campaigm. The drive, which ends Sept. 14, is being directed by Miss Lola Baker, 920 -West Woodbine avenue, Kirkwood, and Kenneth Hemstead of Trenton, N.J. Miss Baker Is a vice president of the Bonhomme Township Democratic Club. Hem-stead is a member of a national Democratic registration team. CHRISTMAS SEAL Before her appointment, she taught in the Biship Cotton School, Nagpur, India. She is a graduate of Queen Victoria High School and St. John's College, SHOT GUN both in Agra. Miss Williams was recommended for her appointment by the principal of Lai Bagh in SHELLS Lucknow, where she had taught before becoming a member of She said that the caste system AS LOW AS the faculty of the Bishop Cotton In India in which a person is born, lives, is married and dies PRETTIEST BACK-TO-SCHOOL DRESSES SPECIAL 3.99 usually 5.98 to 7.98 4.99 usually 7.98 to 8.98 A wonderful drest y BOX School. Both are missionary schools as were the schools she attended as a student. It took about six months for her appointment to be approved and involved an oral examination by the embassy in Bombay plus a written essay on her life and one on reasons for wanting the appointment. In India, Miss Williams lived in Lucknow with her mother, who was an orphan reared by Anglican missionaries. Her brother-in-law is Bishop John William Sadiq of the Episcopal Church, who has spoken at Christ Church Cathedral here. The 30-year-old teacher will in the same caste, Is unknown in large cities and is practiced only in rural areas where the Brahmans still rule. She said that this was due to the education of the people. A man with ability can rise from one caste to another. "One man who helped write the Indian Constitution was from a lower caste," she said. While in the East, Miss Williams went to Washington, D.C., for indoctrination and met President Kennedy. In India she had met Prime Minister Nehru. Of him she said, "Nobody in India knows who will take his place." collection at budget-wise savings. 29 GIRL SCOUTS GET FIRST AID TRAINING COURSE A first aid training course, emphasizing the latest tech- Plaids and prints, solids and stripes in shirtwaist and parly silhouettes. Assorted colors, cotton. Sizes 3-6x, 3.99, 744, 4.99. Wide Interest In a nation-wide design contest for the 1964 Christmas seal is being shown by St. Louis area residents, the Tuberculosis and Health Society of St. Louis said today. The society, which Is sponsoring the contest in this area, said it has received a great number of requests for "A Call for Artists," a pamphlet that describes the contest and outlines technical requirements and specifications for seal designs. Deadline for the submission of entries is Sept. 17. A local panel of Judges wlil select the oustanding entries from the St. Louis area for honorable mention awards. These entries will then be sent to New York where they will be included in the judging for national "'tttest winner. The national organization will select 11 winning designs. The first place winner will receive 1000 and the remaining 10 will be awarded certificates of merit. SHAKESPEARE BOW SETS 35-40-45-50 35 Pound 5 1 6.88 UP 40 Pound s1 9.90 uP 45 Pound '23.50 u. 50 Pound '36.95 u, ALSO BOW 4 ARROW SEPARATE I niques, will be held by the Rich mond Heights Civil Defense group beginning at 8 p.m. next Thursday at the Richmond Heights City Hall, Yale avenue and Big Bend boulevard. Anyone over 12 years old may register for the course by telephoning Frank Schafer at Mission 5-3000. Joseph Katzen will be the instructor. i FRANKLIN SIM0NM VCTiRY SPECIAL! MOTOROLA QUALITY CLOCK RADIO FEATURING ; LAZALARM latex WALL PAINT The most beautiful colors ever to come out of a can. Reg. $3.99 Value For the finest finishes for all interior surfaces. Get the best for less. Covers most surfaces In one coat. COMPLETE SATISFAC S0)39 Lazalarm gives you repeated wa ke"uP IT The Curved Bar, highest achievement award given in intermediate girl scouting, was presented to 29 girls from the St Louis Girl Scout Council area recently. They are Salle Ferguson, Trudy Bolte, Sherry Riney, Karen Morris, Norma Pletz, Vicki Schuessler and Sandra Poehl-man of the Three Rivers district; Susan Alpiser, Theresa Gregory, Brigitte Lorenz, Elizabeth Lorenz, Kathryn Matejka, Michelle Morton, Nancy Min-nick, Sharon Ann Mueller, Yvonne Florian, Linda Doss and Mary Stahl of the Southside district. Barbara Kistemacher of the Mid-City district; Alice Johnson, Nor -Side district; Debbie Jef-fery, County Acres district; Kathy Dowling and Judy Beck-erle, West -Co district; Betty Jane Hansford, Susan Lee Ellis, Deborah White, Pamela Mason, Janice Raithel and Chanda K. Lewis of the Pioneer district. Girl Scouts who receive the award must have attained the First Class rank and have earned four badges In one of the program fields of arts and crafts, citizenship, homemaking or out-of-doors. YIANNEY MOTHERS PARTY A "Gaslight Square Party" will be given Sept. 15 by the Mother's Club of Vianney High School. Cocktails at 6 p.m. will be followed by dinner and dancing in the school quadrangle, 1311 South Kirkwood road, Kirkwood. Reservations should be made with Mrs. Robert O'Neil, WOod-land 2-7430, before next Thursday. WINS $100 ARMY AWARD Joseph L. Muenks, 8945 Win-dom avenue. Overland, has been awarded $100 for sus'ained superior performance at the Army Transportation Materiel Command, Twelfth and Spruce ealls gets you to TION GUARANTEED. SPECIAL SALE PRICE GAL. UmltMt Tim Only work on time Broidwiy Hardwire Michel Bros. Hdwi. I Lautin Hardware 7130 South Broadway 4227 Gravels Ave. Fl 3-2414 FL 3-5417 1710 S. Iroadwoy 6A 1.3824 FABULOUS SUEDE POCKET WRAP SKIRTS SPECIAL r Quality Radio: " Golden Voice 4' Speaker, Broad-Band IF transformer, . Drift Compensation X Circuit. j . 19.99 64 Gineral Grant Hdw, lemiy-Flrestom Gocwcrt Hardware 8444 Watson Read 81 i Lemay Ferry Rd. 831 S Gravels Avenue VI 3-9917 ME 1-1144 FL 2-4580 Hanneki Hardware Southwest Hardware Hills Hardware S390 Southwest 5907 Southwest 44S0 Vlrqlnia PR 2-5120 Ml 5-5760 FL 3-4321 Economy Llnolium Ml. Pleasant Hdw. Mound City Hdwi, 10328-Hlqhwoy 44 3311 Meramet PR 1-3925 TO 6-0217 PL 2-6779 1611 So. 39th Hanlet, Inc. Hazel Hardwire Hoffman Paint Co. 2648 Lafayette 5601 Hampton 7314 Manchester PR 1-4871 FL 1-8444 Ml 5-0250 Maltese Hardwire leaver Homi ft Hdw, Hack's Hardware Lemay Ferry A Butler 6208 Gravels Ave. 2258 Union Read Hill Rd.; IV 7-5614 FL 2-8909 TW 2-7171 Host Hardware temay Firry Hdwi. County Hdw. I Paint 3407 California 114 Lemey Perry Rd. Highwey 61-67 RR 1 PR 6-9745 MI 1-1224 HO 7-5751 BEAUTIFUL FADE-PROOF COLORS RADIANT FINK TWILIGHT JONQUIL YELLOW FLAMINGO TURQU0ISI ICED MINT TIFFANY GRAY WINTERGREEN CEILING WHITI SEA FOAM SUNSET BEIOI IL0SS0M FINK BLUE STARLITE PEPPERMINT NOMAD ROSEBUD ROYAL ORCHID ROMAN IVORY WHITE onu 27" Usually 16.93 Pocket iavings on suede-pocket wrap skirts! Fully lined plaids and novelties. 8-16. Jules & Jerry's FRANKLIN SIMON LSJ Home Furnishings 2701 Lafayette Avi. TO. 5-2398 33 CRESTWOOD PLAZA, OPEN MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY 'TIL 9:30 P.M. ( streets.

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