The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HLYTHKV1LLK. (AKIO COUKJHll NKWS \ M JJONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 19301 Forairr Book 9iub . . . i , . . . Members HonJWfd , . Mrs. W. S. McCall of St. Louis, Mi's. Fred Smith of West 'Helena, Ark., and, Mr$. W:. F. .Brewer ft Wynne, Ark,. -former, members :0f the /Thursday PCO'K club when liv-. ins here, 'w:re guests of honor at a party given ,by.-Mrs..T. J. Crowdcf and Mrs. H. M. Adklnson .Saturday j afternoon. The. holiday Season was portrayed in appropriate decorations wlilch adorned the Atkinson home and the four ' tab'js, arranged In tin: living room for rook, were atlrac- • lively -marked. . • , The. hostess served turkey sandwiches, ambrodla, fruit cak? and ccffce'lo U - ij 1C present after several rouk games. • Here For Holiday Season IN n , M ; ;j| Dite o/ /V(?u)s Personal $w#& tl- •^Sms " ~ ut'l >ir. .and Mrjs. Howard B. Procter ; and daughters, Betty Louise and 1 Robert Ann, have returned from Lltlc Rock \v]h.?ie they attended the | wedding of Mrs. Prcctor's sister, Miss Beatrice Cornclison, to Mr. i Ear!e'"E.' Pip'-in. which was solemn- j lied Wednesday ' evening. The R.?v. i W. . C. Martin, ' paUor of the Firs', j Metliodtst church, rend the service, Tjie 'jftide';. jifho has frequently j visiteiflere, is the daughter of Mrs. j Vsar! ij, 'Smart of Wcw York 'city,' M ,. s _ w s x[ C cal! nnd daughter. Miss Virginia, ol St. Louis, , Mr. and Mrs. Kcsccc Crafton .-nd .son, sue:! 1 , Cliristmas week in Lit- 1 : IK' Hock anil Conv.ny with relatives.' | May.'r nnd Mrs. N:ill Heed i.nd' : children routined yesterday :i '.j:-il in f.llile Rock wh'.-re • V-.ny v.'ire (,i:isis ot Mrs. Heed's • Aclolplie anci Jim Craflon'-h.ive .returned frem Coiiway and Little: • Hotk .vhpre they visited relatives for t'.vo iSiiys. ' ; Miss Helen Lowe returned last ntrjht from Millinston, Ten'n.. where-! she spent Chr^tmas with relatives. > Mjss Adele l.angston returned' lo Joncsboro yesterday, where she is; a Undent at Arkansas A. and' M.' eolie; 1 !'. alter vibltiny her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ijungston,' fur the holidays. ' : Mrs. Gordon Wright lias reUnii- c<l Iiom Cnrut!ior>vi!lc where, flic spc-nt Christinas week. • •:. •. Spurgcon S. Patterson, ot.Bini |r,;i, returned Sunday frcm several ulty, after visiting h?r parents, Mr. j son's 'i She was accompai mother, Mrs. Minnie E. : fent by Dr. Paul D. White, B:Elr|V" <!nys fitr.y in Jac:.snn. Tcnn. and Mrs. J. p. Pricir?, "for a we -k. i Bower, and other relatives, for two spceial'lst under nicd to M;;n;h^ I \vueks - • ' ' ' ' ' ' - Mr. and Mrc. R. D. M:3r> aiv in who has been binding -tlii! children went, to Walnut Rid2" to.- • b y Shcrrod Burnett, holidays here,-is leaving today.-.Alv-i. Christmas..Mr. Moaro returncd'sa;- I Jtl ' s - Wllllnm T. Hcllls of Littl? ; Patterson will remain.for-.anothi-r j u r( j u y an( j other mcmbsrs ;f iij- Hock returned to Memphis las'. _ the city for thc holidays. Mrs. McCall Is the yiicst of Judge Mrs. Join Piptin, of D.2Boto, M!ss.,i, Gl-ol 'Ee .W. Bnrha'rh and'Miss Utith Bull is entertaining Miss is.a graduate of Mississippi A. and i until recently tho McCall family lived here for a number M, college, Slarkvllle. and later at- j _ tehdedflBe Unijiers^y'of .Wisconsin. I For] twoJj'eaH; ;he "fia's been th Jhej wljojwalc" mid relai! grain business' atiUtlle Rock where they will make Ihtii: home. iis, arc m week's stay with her motlior, Mrs. family nre remaining for a loiv^r nigllt ttlter visiting Misses N5argue- . v ,. w. T. Oberst. . : ,r,!r,y. ' "" rite and Carolyn Pride for sev;vol .!.•>.. Mj .. 3 jrjij.jj,,,;, Wright, of Wns'.i- M , . a|lll Mr; . W nltc '• ' <lays ' ss McCall. ;j nglon _ D c nm i Liulc HcK;k| jj y . f Y;;' vU | (m .,: /j Mcm|)Ms Bun^?.'! Mr. mid Mrs. Frsd Smith anil where they visited Mrs. Trieseh- • Englaiv- Heart Asso:latlo "!= f™" *"> ^^^ '"" lmve r «"'af!i pr escribed ;jJLin';.; man's mother for a, few days. 'baths daily and graduated e::erelsr Mrs. W. Leon Smith and nhil- e5 in the oycn air. ' r -'.'" dreu have returned from a visit in Pine BlufI with Mrs. Smith's Th " temperature of thc :y»v.ijli.'.J AtUnd^K National ' Fraternity Meeting, i J. Norrls Moon and Quincy Oil-1 ver Alexander are in Memphis to Qiceola Society-—Personal Miss Rose White went l« Little Of special incrost to Hock Saturday tor a Mt ', meeting o! the executive board that ^KXto^^:^.*™**™.™^ 'f« \%. >"="< Christmas wich Mr. and Mrs. Tom Heatcn have'c. Little, and brother. Tpm Little, j Hamilton, O., who died yesterday, returned -rom P.iragould wh»r: | and family. j : rcla - | Mrs. Jack Patterson, of Charles- i Iton, Me., and Miss Alma Leev35. oil GET TREATMENT MIAMI, Fla. (UP) — Six small I of | cle o' friends in Mississippi Conn-I "' tlwl Place, uno \vn.s her .„. ..her Idihtr r-'iti the ceremony, whi-h wai attended cnlv firiLV. 1 !!!? for " Mrs. Williams' Reck after spending Christ- diort slay Mr. mul mas with her brotV.e-r, Harvey Mor- T. J. Crouder has returned (o 1 S'. a motor trip to New Orleans Gulf They ! tl'.e Bnp'iif. Hcsnitp.!. Memphis. Frl in n to Mcmplns boon for an 01 ; day. He will be under the cave ol Campbell's Ciimc. He; underjolnj a major o;>enuion, hoiiw' foK>~ Uie '•• holiday A delicious three-course menu was served ai tables which had lor their centerpieces winter flowers flanked with Yuletidc decorations. Later bridge was enjoyed. Those present were: Miss Warrene Brownlec. George Henry, Miss Avis Miller, Billy Cooley, Miss Hilda Holland, J. L. Thompson; Jr., of Memphis Moon. • and . Miss Ktarie points .will be at home in Osceo!a. where Mr. Driver is prominence, after Janumy oih. The bri'.le. -Jrho liar, bc.n a frequent visitor in Osceola nnc! enjoys a wide circle cl d lends here, is fi member of the. GirU Culiliion Cliib and the Junior League o: All rectal diseases lie Hemorrhoids (Piles), Anal fissures, Ulcer.,", etc., examined and treated without charge. This treatment Is non-Mirglcal and dees not confine one to their bed. Clinic hours each Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 P. il. Varicose Vein cases will also b2 accepted and treated. DRS. MES & NIES 514 Main Phone 9S The least .expensive part • -'• of thc party . . . ar.'l the . most Important ... is plenty of fresh crisp packs of BICYCLE PLAYING CARPS' Huffman Newt; Chris'.mr.s prcg:. 1 .::! iind lr^2 a: tlie Hi:i:m.m .-.cho:l : J!rs - Ruiscll i who nre .^i Class To Meet. : . The Ladies Bible class of the First Methodist Sunday, school will have a business and social incct- in» Friday evening at the home of I Memphis. Mr. Driver w:is giadu- TU^I Sallie Hublcr ' when Airs. I ?.'«' Ircm ' Washliifeton and n? Gnlfcoasl'Mliltary Acii:!- j diirislmaa v.iih Mr.- I!. M-K:'.y. {•my. 'K'j Is a member of the Kappa ; Mr. .in;l Mrs. H. L. /ulki: Sigma fraternity. and h'.o sons were (ii::n:-r v;iic:. = • * ' ot Mrs. Victoria N'c::y ;:u Chris Mrs. Enna Andre of Oseco!:i and lmls Da -' Doiia Mick will hostess. Unlversll.v _nt_Lexington. Vn.. nfier , Mr^. L. .\f. Burnettc is in chargc. ol the program. Entertaining For College Students. Mistes Marie Moon, Hilda Holland and Gladys Barnaul are entertaining with n. bridge breakfast Wednesday mornin? r.t the Barhf.m home especially complimenting a group ofl. college girls \vlio arc at home for the holidays. Son Bom Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson Henry announce the birth of aj i.,( e p;-. v. J. son this morning at thc family I aru j r or n u , „ A vva:- given WciluesJay night. Mrs. M'jilic Ada HuIT'r,.!!i Mr. Richard Goods Bandy of Uriv:>r • ' were quietly married at Marked • Rl! '- h Ca.ciwcil were ui::^» el 1.:--' Tree, on Wedr.;sday evnnlns. Dec- 1!lli< IHiBi'.cs, \\cclnr.--.l.iy r.Ucr- embcr 24, reaunine to O^cooi.i S.u- ; «w:i. lirday after a few rlny's l-.unfyur on j Mr. r.nci Mrs. AlR-ri^]u cf Uc.\i:' spent in Mempliis. Thc ci'ii.'mony spent thc Christmas h: '.yi.'.y, hi-ri 1 T.'.IS'perfoi-mcd by the tin', l.c.ster < with the 1 latter's uro:!uij. Liiiddip Weaver, pastor of (he Fir.-l Metis- !nnd Kink Hushes, odlst Church of Marked Tree. ; A _ p TJ O I C S o! Bl'. I:-.;M:'.I' vi.-;'.-;! The bride is the widow cf the '' his daughter, Mrs. 1!L<:. II Andre o: Osrrola. liamson Tuesday. nine yi'.ns \VM ' M r . and Mrs. Au:n:i Ln:!i; home. The baby, who weig'.ied]been.hea d cf the Andtc Commcr- : u n :neld have moved on It I Ad- nine pounds, \vill_bc called JainCE| c i-i school of O;ccf>la. She was kisson's place. Manuel Mr. and Mrs. T, H. Hajncs had . j i thtir guests Sundr.y Rus.-/;)!: arr, Mr. and Mrs. .Edgar- Esiile, I' Jr.. and wo children, nh ofiMcin-' piiis, wiiu catne up to be v.'ith; Farr and -two \ sortSj , 'y nclin^ scyeVal wtt^ur, ^ 1 wi'.ii Mr. and Mrs. 'Hnyiies.' ! 1 Mrs. II. a. Bass nnd Mrs:-' C. -\¥.' | i Ramty Vavcj as tUcir 6'i"'ils this!; T .work iln-lr pisters. Mrs. Curl Sumh • . o! .Mountain Grove, 4Mo.. nnd Mrs. • E. D. Jones of • Caraivny. Avli.,; • nncl Mr. and Mrs. L?'.!is Gregor, oil I Mountain Grove, Mo. • j i Mrs. A. T. Sisk, formerly of here ' -nnd now cf Memphis, is .visiting! Mrs. Sam 5!cnd for several day:;. [ ' i Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bhtifc'cnsliip, ' ' o! Moniiltc. were visitors' in t!ic i -city during Chriblmas neck." ! Mr. nnd. Mrs. 'Everett.'.B. Gea; ' returned Saturday from 'Jlarsion i : L : apo CUiaicieau, .Mo., where ; visited fcr revcrai clayc. ; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ahane and! , ffiprove a. -OUi 3 if~\ Before her riae several Miss Juanita Bower. Bower Henry. Before her mar- 1 formerly Miss Eima Strickland ol ; years ago,' Mrs. Henry Bcete. Ark. . \ Mr. Bandy is the son of Mrs. , ' I Lcona Dandy of Columbus. Miss.' Daajhttr Born. j H c has lived in M;:sis£'.py.i Coun- : Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Rodgcrs an- ! ty f ; nce 1910, W ] lerc i, e Ir.s many i nounce the blrt'.i o! a daughter I fr ; Cnds Ho is at llrcsc , u ,i] an i r .at ahe Blytherille hospital yes-|iicn manager fcr Lowrauce lircs. Vodnesday and Thi Mr. nnd Mrs. i' tcie Oinncr gik'.sts i iay last Thursday. Union HclnifM c terday. The baby, who veighed five and a half pounds, has been named Billy Jane. California Pear Tree Sets New Crop Record " i; Compan/ at Driver and will timiD in this po.'it'on. though the' couple will mcke their lvi::tc in Os- c:ola, where Mrs. Bandy mil co:i- tlni:n her commercial schoil. Bayoi: spent tlv.- l:.-.i: v '.i;.,. ! rr.iriii-.i.u; • daiitjhtcr. 1'atty. have returned j fiom Paragould whei'c they visited Ix'liiliYL 1 :; Cilristni'is. - ' • Mrs. W. W. McCinr.ghi-y, o£ Lake ; ' City, the sues! ot ifr. aAcl . .Mrs. :-:.irry Taylor Sinnipy. Krer-iTian sini:!ei,i]-y ?|H - nt v.,el: in'.d IK thc i;uest 'of his parents. Mr. anil Mi.-. F. , W. S:n;leiary. Milton C. Work Gives You Your Rating To the CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE On their Fine New Buddie Cr.sii.t:iv . . ;\*n:ibji L, Co:r>vay Pritchcti, formerly is spending t:ie l,c:'.;.i.>y: Mr. and Mrs. Tliaci Ft-'.ton left Friday for Little Hockc where they ^ Mrs Bcn Wi .,, BAKERSFIELD, Cal. (UP)—J. B.: R "i "sit relatives a few days be- ' Heston boasts of the only tree lo-' !ov - returning to their home ;n , _ . cal agriculturists ever heard of that I Ic ." s '-°". Tf-as. They spjnt the bore five crops in one season. ' haiiays with Mrs. Feltun's par- The tree is a Bartlett pear thai : f n!s ' Mr and Mrs - J ' " Livcwcll. grows in Heston's yard. Thc treo blossomed every time its fruit; matured during the long summer! season. A'pear tree that bore three crops > TV"/" 1 XYT'l I t . T> • I in a season is growing in Arkansas, i W OIK \V ll L A H S WC1* J J OU il'C locai nurser>'men say. was a Huffman M-HIV: l-ii.Uv ^Voniuo. La., has ainieti here lo Luke Casstilay of O U.innol B- ;r ! 'm.^c Ins headquaricrf. has been vlsiw.i! his b.-jllHT. Ci:uJ Mr; -- nctl Warren ;i:ul daughier, Cassiday, for Ihc- p^s'. wcr.: M::rjorio. are visiting relatives in Miss Janic \Vi::,m of Xuii-.trr V i Hail!> :lnti Gates. Turn. Patients admitted lo !" CKCola, where they v.eve joir.-d ihcvilie hospital: L. 1, H, Felon's u ,tcr. M:>. Hv.?h Mrs. Charles Ar.ccll. Ha -r. Hughe:.' aildthc ' Mo. ! Montana's Famed Pistol j Given to State Museum, Queries by Radio Tuesday HELENA, Mont, t UP)—The shooter which called to order the first territorial assembly at ~-.;- nacic.'Mont., In 1844, has t:?n presented to the Montana Historical In the Sixth iiariio Britiac I!:oa:i- fnv . \ cast to b; put on the air'h .',•!( "•"• ' Stati-.n WMC Tiicstla-,, rj.r-nbe- 'i\ 30. at 3:W P.M. „,.,- nr six mistake. (.':• in Cl;<ss 'C': nr.ii mis'akes In Chi-'. • ^iion h ci-.o a', pl.-.v. . , v , ^ The gun ,lhe property of Grorje Detn'ller, representative from JeT- Icrson county, was giye:) the slate museu mby Mrs^ O.'M. L'ansU-Uiii ' . Head Courier News Want Ads. lhe c ,, ; n . p ' p ; : ; ;.; ;Mr. V.'iik's system" is' ,o ru a ih at ih,. «'av»r ir.-v ny, t i. : £€ ; vcs . >i r --.\,r'. s'a'ii-" • li ' , answer all .[tuitions "V,.uoilv tAxVg in Cla-^j 'A"; :i vo-i' ion.?,' two cr t'nref. ir.;r,ir,i, • '. Isit'^r yo'jri.'lf ir. ciars "B"- ; Mis. J. H. Hfilc ami dasiyhlor. ol Coveol.i, shopped here Sulur- i Ir.i Wrig.i:. of Osrecia. the ' r.ur^t ol his fiote:', M..-S 1-^ra ^Vra:h:. yisterdny. - ; .Tl':-.. il. \VCOb. Of M- !.-;n-.iS, ^l: ti.n\:t-;i to business hnv .^,n\in:;iy. Mi.--- hli.'.'.beth Ha!i-y r.lul .\iur- i..> Pniar'. will spend lorr.orrow In ^ Memphis where rvir. Sinai; \vtil :.:;md iiic national IIKCIUIU uf the I'i Ka))])?. Alpha fruU'iu:i>. I l;n:K 1 i: J .d rtHnriu'(! to hi., h^nc -!'i:i:i. Mo.. \L-stcid.\y ;iUr-r ;:r.i Christmas will; im p.:v- Mr. .in.l Mrs. J. J. I'll id. . and Mrs. Clifford M.irkham . .-. J. 1'ii-ki ar.d <!:.ii.:h-.'.' ,-, - J:ail;:. I-1M11CCS .'UHl AK'.ll. .•.!•-. luki's bro'.hor. T,-,-'.\ \v. :•.. .MO \:s:!i;ig in r.ira'jciild .,'!• .1.11.11'.. Mi;-. C. J. ii n:i:iv visittn H-:i- in His Nation-wide Bridge Handicap Test Tuesday WMC 3:30 P. M., C. S. T. Hear Iiis answers to Questions X to 10 in this Broadcast Have pcnci! r.:-.ii popcr or.d you»- nniwcrs to his problems ready. If your nr.svvcrr, r.rc oil correct, you ca;i l;ikc cr. thc woiM .'.I lit \ cit:^ aiiy c!ny! lions ai 0:1' t ^ r As Usual the Construction Was All Handled By 4 I FiSMFiTST ( JL • JLJ J_j KJ1 T JL JLJ A kJ J BLYTHEVILLE and JONESBORO It i; !i::..,-.cs: f;-o:n 1 -v- refer- , Let Us Figure You On With Your Building Program

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