The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
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Seired 69 the P t/mfed Press / BLYTHEVILLE COURIER HEWS T ' 1ETOMINAN '™ 6 ™^^^^ •*• ~*-J Tf k_7 i'Ol,. XXXI—NO. 10 lilytheville Dally News Blythevlllo Crurler Mississippi Valley Leader Blytlicville Herald KT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION ^<AN*AS, TII ' IJI «»AY, MARCH as, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO''-'i ^^_ ^^^^^ V^^^^^^« ' - " --- — — _ . ___ -------- " > -"~' 1 *"« J'll-i'/ iji'jiXiiJ P*«iyDOPTSiyiODIFIED BANKHEAD BILL G< ' ls '" Stot)tl Wl " te ff °" St> FIGHT TD SHE ECOIJOi IHU15 LETJI-fflini Administrafion Control of Congress Broken as Vefo Is Overridden WASHINGTON, March 29. (UP) —The story of the adminlslralon's desperate but unsuccessful flyht to uphold President Roosevelt's veteran veto was revealed today as a cnjitest for two votes which, if won. would have turned into victoiy thu crushing defeat suffered by administration iforees. It was' a story of a dramatic struggle which went on behind Ihe scenes while the senate itself was playing oitl its exciting combat before galleries crowded lo their limits. The senate debated for seven HBurs yesterday before it voted, 03 to 27, to override Mr. Roosevelt 1 -! veto. Shaffers Budget This action was added to the 310 to 72 stampede in tlic house on tho previous day. ft meant that tr.c independent offices appropriation bill, adding $228,000.000 above budget, estimates in increased veterans benefits and pay restoration for government workers, was automatically enacted Into law despite the president's disapproval. In suffering this reversal Mr Roosevelt met tlie same fato which Canine callers, even as famous as overcame his Republican predecessors, Presidents Coolklge and JToo- — 0~ uiiu i i«vJ- uii-ii i; .1U1JIILLCU IU tllC Wllltfi ver. Tney too, had vetoed vcler- House prOjKr. So when Pete call- ans legislation only to be overrid- ed to pay his respects to the Frcsl- -congress. dent, he got the gate-as yoll see ^ \ ^ • "ere-but did manage to have his congress had regained com- greet.ngs cohveyed to Mr. Roose den by It meant also mand of the pension rolls. , .That the Roosevelt economy p.-o- grairuwas almost, if not completely wrecked t. . •/Jjtiat»-fcongress, bnce free-from WfiTte House domination might strike out for itself ] n other directions not sanctioned by the ad- ministracJon. Fails to Wn Netded Voles The administration centered Its battle to sustain the president's veto on two votes which were vital to success. Senator Richard B Russell Jr. (Dem., Oa.) and Senator p Ryan Duffy (Dem.. Wls.) had agreed to vote to uphold the president if Senator Walter p. George (Dem., Ga.) would go along with them. Throughout n day of intense pressure Ueorge steadfastly Local Officers On Look- * has noi refused. He was counted among the 29 Democrats who voted with 33 Republicans to override the veto. Means New Taxes WASHINGTON. Jfar 29. (UP)The administration is determined that the J22U.OOO.OOO voted by congress to veterans and government employes shall be obtained by new taxation, and a search for fresh revenue sources will be undertaken immediately, it wp., learned todny. Roosevelt Gfls News MIAMI. Flo.. Mar. 29 lUP] — President Roosevelt cruised through Bahamas waters today, apparently unworned by the senate's overriding of his veto of tlie independent offices bill, restoring pay c ,,ts to federal employes and giving additional benefits lo war veterans Word of (he senate action was communicated to the chief executive by Marvin H. Mclntyre White House secretary, who is maintaining temporary quarters at tlie Miami Blltmore hotel. No word °iv- ing presidential reaction to the "action of congress was forthcoming. 1935, teen precipitated before Local officers ection of Highway Gl and High-1 " ""~ vay 18 here today for two bandits, rmallic "t is increasing daily iu ui alleged to have staged a hold-up which v[ras wit1 ' mounting alarm u Btcomficld, MO., this morning in " ie mcn3 « of being cut off from vhich one man was killed. i>,_iB. Long distance telephone i.ung distance telephone calls nl u:c 111Ui " conference, Japan cinrwirv^—.,, rom the sheriffs office at Bloom- "'"' dom i""l P"ity with 'the Unit- T TTTr p ' ™" Allo field asked that the highways be C(1 stiues "n" °™M Britain. This, L"„ , . R ^; Ark watched for the pair, reported to slll? wl » *'"-. is he,- right as a in^,-, ° J? WA " 1V be traveling in a Ereen 193.1 m nri»i Brent imwcr and because my,,, i,Pr lcrt l ' ] ? yd sll!Ui >>. st however. Mr. Roosevelt, meanwhile, pre- . , , re- pared to enter British lerritory tomorrow aboard Vincent yacht, Noiirmalial. Aster's Will Summon Dr. Wirt Before House Committee WASHINGTON. Mar. 29. (UP)— The house rules committee today approved a resolution to bring Dr William A. Wirt before a special investigating committee and re- Vitre him to reveal his "red plot" Informants. n Democratic Leader Joseph w. ^warned that If the Indiana tctnpt^tt ho^'^^ 00 '"Will Lift Limits On Whisky Importation WASHINGTON. Mar 29 (UP1 The federal alcohol control' admu^ Islration today authorized uiSm- itcd importation of American ty^e rye and bourbon whisky Into the United states durin gApril For 60 day*, banning May , ™ Hod imports of a lf typ/s 0 ' whisky will be airowiS. 'Pete" of the barking pictures, arent admitted to the white veit through' White tendants. House at- Her Lca.Jers Believe Years Just Ahead Hold Fate of Empire William rliilip Sfinins, fumed as a «-;ir crirr<'S|ioiulen( add i-x.H-rl "n for<i s n atfairs, has slarlfi) a tour uf thi.- wurld fur NBA Service .anil I In- Illyllic-villi. Courii-r Ni-\rs. lit- will visit llii- principal dllcs of fnm^ii vounlrics. Interview leading sl.ile.snien, and write nn tin- wiirM situutiuli ;is he sce« it. This is tlic s«-niid <if LIs live itrlii'ics un Japan, Hit- llrsl nf several srr- ies lie will write wlillc on his Jnin- m-y. BV WM.I.IAM PlllUr SIMMS Copyrigln, 1934, NEA Sen-ice. Inc. TOK1O, March 29.—Ann.; nnd munition fiutones are running full blast in Japan in preparation for what everybody refers to as the coming "grave crisis." In 1935 iiiid 1930, the war parly claims, and ' the public believes things will happen which will make or break the Japanese empire. So. by I93n, tlie army must be at its peak. The navy must be at ils peak. The r.,..k and lilt, of tlie country must be prepared for any emergency and ready to bnck the government to withdrawal .., Irom the pli'ture toiluy aiul fnierci'' the n-omi'ii's n.'l.-in al Ihvlslil, III I lo sinrl a SS-yt-ai- :-,:'nu-nco' Cor lr> lilllliii; of hi-r dauKhtiM'-tn-la\> Itheta. »r. Wyncfcoop«l ti> ride !• thr prison in an ambulance Iju county anihorltip.s ordered lit-.- t. te tnken there in a jwllce sqiiai car, sep.natiMl from ihn other prisoners, who rode |u a hus. U; Wyni'toop Is sullfriiu; irom a hear nllim-ni. Dr - A!i « w y nekoo P nrm Enters Illinois Prison! [J | | (J C1 " CA «°- * > X •«'•>-» - I-iiiancicr and Aits Patron Stricken In Hi, \V«II Street Office in 1935 J..,. from the League become effective, will be more •.««... v>vi ^ with the world against her. Lull Bclwccn End of CWA And Beginning of New Program Imminent Delay in opening of the new federal work relief program, slai- ecl to give employment to between MO and 700 men in Hlylhevllle be- Kiimins- April 2. «|ii»_ir«| Inevitable today. Unless s|»edy last minute action Is forthcoming ii Is anticipate:! here that it will he the latter pan 'of next week .many men will bi: put (n work under the new program, which suppl.-inLs Dip CWA. This applies also In oilier definite information has Places. No been received here as to the pro- tion S _ 0 ea Pacific from Hawaii to the Fhlllu- pines-thc. Marshalls. Marianas Carolines, Yap, and Pelew. / Held under Li-ague'of. Nations mandate, Japan has noi (he shi-ht- est intention of givlinj them "up. She regards Ihem as of the crcat- •«t. slr.-iteaic value. N'aval Crisis Faced In 1835 will be held the crucial laval conference - unless ii is K- called off, as many believe It will OUt For Bandits Who ** _ bc< ;- mse '<• lias no chance to ir-n i ^ _ . I.SUC "she" ™i ml " rp lo * M '°^ "»««• «»• more ..lan'evcr Wed.i ^^^to^ ^ families would otherwise be on direct, relief. With w R Dve's state receive \vil! of omi T . . Islands, r.ship ot the South scattered over the I/ ' 31 1 Jl if FM IS.i!led.rVlan at Bloomfield «*iUCCC£?u . MKW YORK, Mm-. M . <ui>)_ Olio Kiilm, famous iliroiiiihoiil tho '.'orld as a iln.inck-r and arl.s pa- lion, wa.-i slrii ken wiili u hi-url in- luck loduy and died nloiu- in his nnanclal district ofllcc. He was 07. | TJie dnpiicr wliltc-halri-d senior ;«rlner of Kiilm. Locb and Com- I'iiuy, had long been a distinguished and powerful Ilijure In Wall sttrcl and in operatic circles. He died at -:-IS p.m. Kalin's associates said he had been ill for some time tint ills condition was not considered serious He went, to his desk n s usual today and his private secretary was Kwisttiig him. She left the room nnd when N ].c returned he was shmi|)e<| down In !iis chair, dead. The secretary sat down In the °mcc and wept hysterically. entire omce force, however was so stunned by the death of the' Mnancler thnt they went about work as usual for tilmost half an hour lln.ii the full uii m or Knlm's ileath seemed lo be ictillzed and fnnfuslon ensued in the oillri-. Damage Is Slight in West Ash Street Fire Firemen went five blocks too far out on West Ash street yesterday -ector. in Washington lo when an eiror was 'made In rcnnri ""-il instructions on tliejing the location of a fire-but Cached the actual scene In time to prevent all but slight damage A spark had f a |j en nn n dry W0(x j •oof at the home of Roy Chlsm 1317 West Ai |,. a, u , ^\ M n.e ihmslcs. causing damage estimated UUOIIL sis. miming and smok- werc pulled 0 IT the The new work it is believed that these instructions will be handed down to-.other officials in n .-.crk's •(! conference.-; early urn week. 13' N. WlLson. supervisor in charge of , CWA work in the county, Is to go s (o Little ftocic early next week to receive Information on tin new e ,.. K^cs were nulled ol program confined to cities of 5.- roof. Unking the fir? threat MO oulation o -— ....... • • ulll - al 000 population or more. No local projects have as yet been approved and such a f..ep will he necessary before work could error wr, s mae , repo Hero. Some 50 carloads of fire by the person who Tel enrmeh rn •.nrrinu n h™ t , 11^ in — .!„.._- ,. . ". - cpae eore . ers watched the inter- | Ja|)an ma - v fil ce n showdown with Cm ighway Gl and Hi K h- r 0 "" RuMia-n new rtussia. whose I ^" l! arma "'' c " is nnvl Eiavel, enough tn surface mile of street, have teen rc- be traveling in a green 1930 model Chevrolet coupe. Three bandits were said to have participated in the Bloomfleld iold-nD and one was reported to - en captured at Rector, f fti'K., after a running battle be- wci-n tlie .Missouri sheriffs men s , IR . U nnri (lie Irio. The captured hold- ip mnn is said to have told officers lliat, his companions were convicts from Memphis and would be cnrome there, prompting the call to officers here. he ttigiie of Naiions. and claim a free hand lo build any kind uf Luxora Couple Observe Their Golden Anniversary LUXORA. Ark.-Prank C. Lewis 72. and Mrs. Dolores Gamer Lewis' 66, celebrated -their glden weddiii" anniversary with open house and dinner here Tuesday. Mrs. Lewis was formerly Miss Do.ores Garner of Hcmii.w, Tern, but came to Arkansas as a bride' They have resided In the state Hie elr «'Cddcd I*wls had above the knee and Is now ronnned to a wheel chair. Nolwitlistaiidinj; this handicap she prepared most of the fifty years of Two yare ago limbs amputated Mr. Lewis is aclivcly engaged In farming and timber bsuiness Uuring the day friends called to (press congratulations, also re- ombering them with lovelv eirtc Mr. and Mrs. M. Kitchen., of little Rock were tho only out of town guests. Report 800 Lives Lost in Chinese Typhoon Pacific by Nippon. At the imal conference, Japan ceived here and I,. E. Till], ver, said today he would work ready for as many men as allowed as .soon as Ihe government's new oty/._it_:;i.ion begins functioning. Allowed :. Ark. — W. R. rector, noll- •p. slate CWA . fj'orn Wiishlt.Btan yes- n Ihe Orient" "" " """ | tminv lhllt S'O.OCO.OOO has been Unless she wins her poinl it is I al i? L . f ' <I Arh "" !;r!s 'or all federal ndicated. she will withdraw' from n^L p " rpoSf ' s for " 1(v "™nliider .lie Washington and London naval 1 limitation treaties as she did from , n _:reat |iower and because upon her I d , 1 ' I •shoulders rests the burden of , W ace i ?°T tro " n the Orient terday navy she pleases. * * • .Musi Save Face Bin - and this is important- while slir plans lo press her right lo parity, she apparently docs not insist upon actually building a parity navy. This sounds paradoxical, and Is. But to the Oriental mind, nothing could be simpler. The problem Is one of national ride and honor. Nippon does not wish it lo continue record thnt she, a Mr. Sharp issued a .statement that, effective Monday, all work and relief activities in die state will be halted for an Indefinite period. He saiil the halt would be temporary in order to clear up all CWA reports and lo start, the new program on a sound fooling. Although all CWA work wns scheduled to end at midnight building projects uncompleted will be continued Friday and Saturday. a matter of : major world j Sues Employer and Surety Company for Back Salary - "..jut UUAJUI H. T. Gossett has filed suit In power, possesses rights In any way circuit court agalns s. J. Cohen mfeiior to those allowed others, doing business as s J Cohen com- Once her right is acknowledged, 1 pan/and tr_e ^ifonll Su e y c am informed, she may agree of her jporalion, for S3 550 In tack nay nl- own free will not to avail herself' 1 —-"•• J ^- - •• • ' of it. While Tokio's naval policy has not been announced, the above represents the views of high naval. military, and _____ ......... „ „ will help formulate that policy • * » Prefers Death to "Shime" Japan today Is in the position of first-class power attempting to maintain her place in the world on (he resources of a third-class |K>wcr. Unless she can acquire additional re.-ources. she must eventually step down to the lower nm? Thnt she will do this voluntarily , lcgcdly nlTb service from December. 1932 to .vovembcr. 1033. Gcssett in his complaint charges he was superintendent of construction of bridge work of the Market - ........ ' --- " "» ui ivijv nvi iv wi Kit' jMiiri ,°J , , C ' nlS ,, who Tree flowhvay bridge project, Is out. of the question. Invite annihilation first. She She will will , state job contracted by the Cohen company. He states that his employer required by the state to execute a surety bond" to pay wages, salaries 'and material men. The bond, made through the National Surety company, was later assumed by the National Surely corporation, it is charged. Harrison, Smith and Taylor Tire attorneys for Gossett. . either get Hie "new deal." or Asia will ngain be turned crimson cei v« 300 „„, e a he? l«sT « bodies. only. The water about her is swift '•_ Mar. 29. (UP)—A I and deep. She, must push on to the : >t Ihe Waiayang:other shore, or turn back, 'ay. drowned 80-3 Manchuria and Jelioi are too to messages re-jhi«ch or too little territory for her Tr.e storm .sank.nccds-too much because it will «s. A cus-{Inevitably Invite a counter-attack , British om-Hrom Russia and China, too little few sun-Ivors and [because it lacks sufficient of tlioso (Continued on Page Eight) Recovery Administration Puts Check on Publicity Lt ing on lied by Damon Mc- property Lend. Fire Chief Roy Head said Ihnt .11 error^.vns made In reporting the .ned location "oVThe ho'uw"'' importing a No Sm;i!I Matter * laritt Bil! Survives Test in House Vote < wiumiNdTON, Mur. 20. (UP)— 'Tin- ivclpnx-ul iiirin bill, whlcli llK> lia's Ijelnri- iidjoiirimirnt, .survived n vllnl in tin- t-.onso loilny wlirii un [inionilim-nl | 0 lustrlct Ihe ili'iifs trade l>:ii'tiii!nliig powrra «».s The nmi'iiiliiu-nt. olli'i'i-d by Rep- rcs.'iitallvo Tn-ndway (Uep., Muss.) " 'Hive forced (nrlll coiniiiLssIon (if executive rate For ti Iftilc rclluw (;,,,, 0 . a 30 . yenr-old pl E i,,y. C nn hick up a blr [lisa. Mrs. Hugo Itciiuorl, ,Ir a WasliliiBinn. u. u,, sucjo| j' roil wl,o wa., .icnlod ,i 0 r, n | fls r m , b. the Siiatilsl, |..,.il.a_ sy , u |,, u , orl llio liiliMited vn-wnl f,- n ,i, Kpiiln. How plaiia to Inbo |J,(, riialter u|i l!»!.0. IllillKllI hy .M rSi Uoiiin-rfj allow 1 "'' 0 ' '" Sl """ sl1 Guiiie;,. 13 Ainrridin lii, v . " Closing Stock Prices} NEW YORK. Mar. 29. (UP.-A l»sl hoi:i- iniylnjr ,,, s |, brought ilocks lo the best levels of lh c session today, with gains ranging In Ihe extreme to eight points A. T. and T Anaconda Copper ..... Bclhlelicm Steel Chrysler Cities Service '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors ., International Ilarvcs'.rr Montgomery Ward New York Ccn.rn! ..'... Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons lieds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Steel '. 119 14 7-8 .IB 7-8 52 3-8 2 3-4 105 38 t-2 21 5-8 37 3-8 41 31 1-1 35 1-4 6 3-8 18 3-8 1 1-2 18 5-8 3 r.-8 44 7-8 25 1-4 50 3-4 New York Cotton NEW YORK. Mar. 29. (UP) — Cotton closed very steady. open I1S-I 1195 1209 1221 1228 I23S high low 1203 1184 12H 1194 1229 1508 1240 1219 1243 1225 12SG 1237 July Oct Dec. Jan Mar. ... Spoi.s closed steady at 1220. up 20. close 1201 1213 1228 1238 1243 \256 Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 29. (UP) —Cotton closed- very steady. open hl^h io.; close iy .... 1183 1200 1183 1199 July 1195 1213 1193 1208 Oct 1207 1228 1206 1223 I>c 1217 1236 1217 1235 •Ian 1220 I23G 1220 1239b Mar 1240 1256 1240 12S6 Spots closed steady at 1209. up 21 Chicago Wheat high !ow close 8C 5-8 K> 3-4 80 185 7-8 Si 8.1 I- WASHINOTON. Mar. 29. (UP)— °Pen TIic famous "goldnsh bawl" in May 85 7-S which General Hugh s. Johnson Jl ''.v 85 1-2 said he was scing to conduct the N. R. A., wen; into discard todaj as orders were Issued at recovery administration prc vent reporters from oblnlning in- olxn hlgh low close orna Ion except through , hp pub . Mny ^ ^ 47 '° 3 % J"^ lie relations department. |.;,,i 53 3 . 4 5I ,. 4 w 7 . 8 503.3 Chicago Com lurkish Au.liovities Keep Close Watch Over Ship Carrying Insull ISTANBUL, Turkey. March 29. (UP) —Tl:c slrnmxhlp MnlolLs. chartered by Samuel Insull m lib effort to escape extradition to the United States, arrived at the entrance to ire Dosphorus today and cast anchor. Seamen of the ship guarded Ihe rolls and would ]y?rm;t no one near as the Jlaiotls lay near lhc Lennder lower at the western end of the narrow waterway on whlcli Istanbul fronls and which forms a passage between the Sea of Marmora and. Die nlnek sea. Amh'arlllos watched the ship closely as it passed through the Dardanelles, linking the Mediterranean and the fiea of Mnrmorn. and came lo liie Uosplionts. The ship was steaming (slowly, apparently to conserve- coal. Turkish police planned lo Irall the ship in motor boats on its i'ay lo Ihe Black S'.-i to make si.rp thnt Insull made no ollort to lanj on Turkish soil, either on the European or Asian cMc Of the Bcwphor- ILS. Suffers Back, Injury When Auto Cons Over Embankment at Atlanta John Mtilmn, 18. has a broken vertebra In his buck as the result. of un automobile iicclilcnt nt At- luntU, Cln., early today. I'hyslclniis suld his condition is not believed to be serious nnd his mother, Mre. T. J. Malian, docs not plan to BO there hnmedlutcly. He is in the Grnby hospital. One of tlie vcrlebrat> In his back was knocked out of plnce and n chip broken oir U. but physicians do nal believe lie will need a brace. It was nimoimeccl after X-ray pictures were made tills uiornliiK. ATLANTA, Oa., Mar. 29. (UP)— Twu students of Georgia Tech, John Mnhnn, 10. of Dlylhcvlllc, Ark., and Forrest Aclalr, 18. of Atlanta, were Injured in nil automobile iicclilcnt today as li:cy were returning from a dunce. Physicians said Mahan wns sut- fcrlng from a back Injury. Adalr KiifTcred severe head Injuries and may have siistairttd Internal injuries. Adnlr Is it'frn of K pioneer Atlnnta family ami ts\« (rWiman aL.Guorgla'Tech. Mahiin Is li'iopii- omore. • • ' The two had attended the Phi Delta Thcta dunce at East Lake last night and wcro reluming home early Ihls mowing when tliclr cur run over, an embankment. Mtilmn was driving the car, police reported. The car was golnj toward At- Jnntfl and left the street where the Enst Lake car lino crosses Boulevard drive. The car hit, a tree al- over the embankment. Murder and Suicide Is Verdict in Double Death NEW YORK. Mar. 23. (UP)—A verdict of murder nnd sulddc was returned today In findings on deaths of Thomas G. R. PIcrson ar.d Mar- (.nretle H.edcrblck. Picrson. a well-to-do Insurance broker, and Miss B.cderbic.:. 3S- year-old school teacher, were found dead, apparently shot lo death as they Iny in bed in pierson's apartment. A double murder was 01 firs! suspected. Police were summoned to Ihe apartment by Frank Hanlon, 33, a former marine corps lieutenant. Plerson was president ol the T. G. R. picrson Insurance company. The bodies were found In a double daybed in the living room of Pierson's apartment in the fashionable Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Mother Finds Manila Baby Dead In His Bed MANILA, Ark—Baby Robert Plecman. 2 1-2 months oM. died at the hofflo of Ills parents Tuesday night. The cause of Ihe baby's death was undetermined. Tlic baby was p 1 .!. to bed Tuesday niglit and when- his mother wciit into his room Ihc next morning the baby »as dead. Funeral services were to be held at the BaplUt church tlits afternoon. Tho child is survived by his par- e'Hs. Mr. nnd Mrs. Colin Flecinan. Farmer Grantdd lo Produce Six Tax-Free Bales •=;-. WASIIINOTON, Mar. 20. (UP)i '"ii! Haiiklit-nd cotlon con'.roi blij, hi-avlly laden with ainniulmcrits, was passe<| by the scnut«"lo:i.iy.iiiid .seni back lo the house for; con- cuvrenci:. 'Hie vole wns W ta 39. • : .' ":-.. As approved by tlie senate the measure wmild limit production lor one crop yenr to 10,000.000 bales and Impost, a lax of 75 per cent ot. the market value on colloii produced In excess of the limitation. I'ussauc c/niio ntltr hours of (Jc- bnte. Opiwnents charged that the taxing provision-) wc re unconstllu- lional and declared tho bill would deprive cotton n>rrac'r.<; of their gills us citizens. The bill caiiic from the house'' with a provision for n 50 pir ce«l tax and stipulated that' in no event -should the levy lie. less than S cenU per pound. TJie senate agreed to an amend-- ment by Senator John n. Bank- iK-ad (Dem., Ala.) author of the measure. tt> Inerensc l):e tax to 75 per cent nnd the minimum to 8 cents per pound. Another amendment by Senator JosetDi W. Bailey (Dem., N. c) ox- cmpl.s from tax the first six bales produced by any farmer. Bailey also obtained (he approval of amendments reducing penalties for violation or ihe acl. As'passed by the. house, the bill would Jmvc been operative for the crop yenrs 1934-35 'ami 133S-30. The senale bill applies only, to the 193435 crop year.' " , '."•' " \- ^u"!"" for vlo 'ntion 'of the Rev. Harry L. Martin to Remain at Senafobia The Rev. Harry L. Martin, pastor of the First Baptist church at Scnatobln, Miss., hns tU'cllncd the pastorate of Hie First Baptist church here. H U wns recently extended u call after huv- Ing preached here. The Rev. Mr. Martin. In announcing his decision, .".(riled dial he was not nn for tlic position because his work at Scn- alobla was not completed, lie having been there less than a year. The church has been without a pastor since the resignation ot !lu' ncv. Alfred S. Harwell six montlis ago. Tax Books We»t of Lake for Today and Tomorrow State ana county tax books for the ChicJcasawba district of Mississippi county arc In Manila today and will be In Leachville tomorrow. They will be returned to the office of Clarence H. Wilson, sheriff and collector, Li the courthouse here Saturday. Jess Hcrner and Mrs. Eddie B. David, office deputies, arc collecting taxes in tlic western section of (he county during (he iwo day period for tlie convenience of taxpayers there. The first pnpment. tinder the installment plan mndj legal by the 1033 legislature, must be made by April 1C 10 avoid penalty. The first payment is one-fourth of the total tax. Einstein Deprived of His German Citizenship BERLIN, Mar. 20. (UP)—Prof. Albert Einstein, eminent scientist, •was deprived ol German citizenship today in an order by Wilhelm Frlck, interior minister. Tl]c order was based on the ground that Einstein had engaged in unpatriotic activities abroad. Mrs. Bob Sain Dies MANILA. Ark. — Services were held at Paragoiild Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Bob Sain, who died Tuesday at the age of 50 following a brief illness, she Is survived by her husband, several sons, and a. daughter, livery Must Exercise Cotton • Options by May Pint WASIIINQTON-Cotton producers holding Bpproxlimucly N,5«l cotlon option contract 1 ! were re-' minded in.lny by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration that these options must' be exercised by May i or the proper nrraigc- nioiiti made for 'an extension. It is estimated lhat mitelnn.lmg options me for approximately .90000 bales of cotton. • ' According to the terms of'the cotlon option contract, the option expires unless It is received.' for execution before May t, 1934,. or unless a formal icrfiiest .is made for an extension. This formal rcriucst must be made oir a form provided by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration tPorm C- 5-B) which has been furnished each option holder, nnd whlcli specifies the conditions under which Hie option may be extended If un extension Is obtained by the option holder. It Is provided Dint Die purchase price of 6 cents l-.c-r pound Is to be Increased at the rate of 40 cents per bale per month the contract Is carried after May 1. 193J. This Is -to .cover the currying charges on Ihe cot- Ion. Candle Light Service at Christian Church The series or Passion Week services nt tlic First Christian church will be concluded Friday evening w j|? n . " C1 >» J1 « light communion will be observed. It lias been the custom of this church for several years to have Holy Communion on Good Friday and this year the candle light service is being intro- The service, which will begin at 7:30 o clock, will continue for 30 minutes ar.d will be devoted en- irely to sacrament. Only candle light will be used and chants, prayers sml meditations wil be the order of the worship. For the service this evening the Rev. E. K. Latimer, pastor,'will conduct the devollona on "The Greatest Commandment." and Mrs. Paul U Tipton will sins. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, wann- er tonight. Friday !xirllv cloudy colder in north, warmer In extreme south porlion. Memphis and vicinity—Pair and warmer tonight. Friday partly The maximum temperature here yesterday was 52, minimum 28, clear, according to Samuel P. Norris, official weithe'r obsm-er,

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