The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1948 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1948
Page 14
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PAGE J'XHJRTEEf* Bl,YTHKVrn,E (ARK.) COURIER NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 2S£e?" Uu* lui itxiwcuuv* in- ifcuimiii I Urn* p*r Ua« J EUM* p«r HIM i»r I tlm*» p*r llo« p*r «! ItlDM P*r HIM tWI 12 ltm« p*r 11 a* pci Month pei line ..... 1&C lie he Ic »c Wt Count live »v«r»£e wur<i& to tl\« unt 1 Ad ordered lor turee or *is tunes unii •topped before eipirmiou will we cuarg- rtl for ih* numtwr of iiuiec ilie Ad »p- pMred aurt Mdjiuvmtnt ol Oil) rnttit. .All Class)!led AarercuiUK iwJ »ub- Miurd or iwrwns residing outside ol ihi city must tx Accompanied by cairn IUte« m*y tx *»sllj computed from t"t abofft table. AdTertiGlUR ofJn lor irtft-ulai insertion* lakes the otii tiiu« rAte. i NO r**poJuLblUty will b* Ukr tot •ot* than on* incorrect luitniOD 01 any cUwmrt *d. AH ads kr« ie»iflcied lo tht-H propel cliuincatlou. aiyle *n<i UP*. Th« Courier reserve* lfc« right to edit 01 reject *ny ad Wanted Furnished or unfurnished Kjmnmfnl witiled lor man mid wlJ<v Rbi* working. Wr ran furnish nil hnrus. No chll- rtrer. no oeis. rnoti* 4107, niyttirvitlr. Arx. ' 3.1»-Pi!-ll Apartment For Ken* Two roam furntshM Apnttnirnt. Phone 2929, Mrs. Crlnrr, 417 E Hofcr. 3 l7-pk-2i) Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Loam Real Estate Loans K.H.A. I,OH us 6'* Homo Loans Krii'm I.ojiiis Com'nicrcial Loans TKRRY AHSTUACT AND HKAI.TV COMPANY (13 W. WALNUT PHONE 2381 3 23-i'k-tr i J'ERbUNAL 'LOANS AiltOmoftlle-dlK- iKliirr'-coniKker-fiirnUnrp Quick, pri- '»!# tfrflre Personalised (UKiitlon com* In or telephone. 'JU23 liKNKRAL CONTRACT! HAS* CORPORATION I2J W A«h St Bljthevlll* Ark Money to Loan IV) TOU need * lonn in rrp«n ot :r. model ? No down tutrnient. nn mor- UK*. nr> red tfvof FHA APPROvtn AATK *<?,. ASK TOR DCTAFIA Max Logan, Realtor Thnne W34 Lrnrh Bnlldlnt BkrihevlLIe Ark Money To Loan On farm land or city properly. We also buy notes. CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe HoiPl iiuilfiuix- j ly-ck-ir Mattresses CHAPMAN SERVICK STATION Uiln A Dmilon rhonc 23*3 Don't «nd»nKer jour r* 1ly with ftultr tlrfs—BUY LEE TIBIS Jeep purls now available PO01.E MOTOR CO. W* can Mil all your necdn j Get genuine parts from our com- I pl*tf tint. Smith HtRhur*! 03 AL Stfflf. Uo j Phone Stole 49 ] j .' •-, •, iim-ct-tf • We guarantee 'RECAPPING WITH HAWKINSON .TREADS L«t your next lives be GENERALS COST MORE— WORTH MORE Modmger Tire Co. Beauty Services Pre Easter Special .All pernmtipni WAVP.I are *l I heir befct »Tlfrr , several werlcly Bhatnjxws TO look your bcH rtxirina thf siirmn • ncl siimnier niontli*,. «rl your new permanent NOW »t Sue's Beauty Shoppe 810 Doujfan Phone 2910 . _ 3 n-rtt Building Material SPECIAL Do your own work and save Rent a concrete mixer, wheelbarrow antl shovels. Any other tools you may need. Also For Sale HAY and COAL 1NVKST IN RKST Why mm your lienltli by slrrpln^ on an old knotty /iinureKx? Thr .SMITH MArrriH.SS CO. o( myihrviur. now oilcih to make your ol<) tcil iniUireJts UJic new.' »t ilir low rosi of only (K.frfj or it you prefer KEI ltmcrs|»ririR niaclr out of your old mattrcM. w« wHL (lo so *l tVir low prlcr of 124.50. Mottling bin. tJir hfM ot ittatfr]RL« Is used \n rrnovainic of your oltl inRUrp.Vir.1 wllti Rmrrcl. PHONE 4fllt) OR DHOP A CARD 'I'O SMITH MATTRESS COM- PANL, . GENERAL DELI VERY I-'REK PICKUP AND DELIVERY WITHIN ,W MILES. "ONE DAY SERVICE" GOOEY HOOEY FOOEY THURSDAY, MARCH 18, l<Mg BLOOEY 5th at Walnut Notice Why pprnci monei- SKKD wlih im Fllifrt Hu:thmn'n Swxp ShcM». 40. E ln Phone fl.Sfl 10 ^1 ck LI NOTICE HRTC fmpty truck BOlnjr to FIorltlR nrsi wf^lc. Anyone hnvlnR frrlcht or moving lo. Ttnnpsse*, Mlislsslppl, Aln- bnmA. OeorRLft or FJorlti* mil DIP lor irumertiRie ^pcclnl r«Ua, Buclt MehnrK phnnc 4677. or MM. 3 lfl-ck-25 Sporting Goods BH/L GODWIN SPORTING GOODS Huspbkll Unlfonnx in utoc):. Wliolr- *sle |ulc« to KCliootit «»t( tenm.v Wll- i«oii R[id HpRulrilnK bix.tebAlls. Cou;j>lrtp Utie of Wlhon MrrrhamlUr. Triniwrftr- IHy locRiert 122 N. Sf-ronrt $\, m Norri.i PrlnUnjr Compunr. rhonr 2S13. RcsL- rtpnc* 43«^. IT'S WILSON TODAY IN SKWTS KQUIPMKN'P Diet of Dehydrated Grass Hi' 'loin, (it ] nloi loas, says the people of llic United Stales cat (cio much, and to pr.jvc his point, lias sone on a diet ol dehydrated Brass. He will May nn the mass diet at least, until KRP becomes law and will extern! Ins diet one day Inr every $100,000,000 eliminated from the measure. Pinm-ed here arc two days' supply of dehydrated B rass tablets one (lays supply of celery. The pi],, or erecn g ,.„.,., js equivalent in chlorophyi to the ,,ilc ,<[ 20 Kras.s tabteu beside it. The crass is not eaten, it is used only as u companion. INEA Tclepholo.) For Sate, City Property Air lli..M< lleaiitf M:in. Si'c or c— Jo II;,inc., IMnsoii ;LI ^8as or .l!l?.:i. Ap'.' Nt<::: lil/KIN'ESS ON KIC11WAV 61 wn.i ;MH;I^(. Worth 1 liivL-.siH;!\titiL' Al- UJICUVO XcIJils tiff i.UTtlKU ('.RAY I2'l K. SyciuiK. I'hone 51J For Sale Ol.l) Ni;\VSl'AJ»EKS (JUUItlKR NKWb OFI'ICE ' "'' " J He/p Wonted, female Private Rooms Ucclromii with not water 24 Hours « ; <lny. fall 4ft21 alter 6 p.m. 3 ; l6-|»c-a> Bedroom. 314 N • __________ _, oms. IllvthcTllln Hotel Nlcf COTTON PLANTING SEED n. r. i,.-u State Certified. Bhie Tag, Dclii)teil iind TreilCfl 100 II). new liiijis cln not IIVL' BRYAN FARMS OSCKULA. ARK. L-ILIC Avon ! tjpiiormnlly [o cum SI MII. Work (iiirui^; .scliool L:5 nt A1r Ihisc. l.uxoi-ii KcLser. \Vrur- Mrs. iieu.s • u.\ C27. Joncsboro. Ark. LI. l7-]><;-^l Pliont jiiC-3 20 Mt-n only 220-ck-:(20 ARE YOU A Walking Man? \\\ Why walk when Sullivan- Nelson has so many good used cars? Thousands of miies of service stijl left in these cars. Easy GMAC Payment Plan 1941 Clu-vnilel Town Sedan, radio and heater. Maroon finish. Special—SSSU.OO. 1012 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new seat covers, 5 good (ires, beautiful green finish. lilll OeSotci 4 Door Sedan with healer and radio. Il's a real honey! I !>l I I'lymoulh •! Door Sedan. Complete with heater new. A beauty. 11140 DocTsc 2 Door Sedan. $ Kood fires, new paint- real clean. See it today 1S40 Chevrolet Coupe. R !l( |io, healer, spotli K ht, new tfray finish. lUms like new Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Company Successor to Loy Eich Phone TCSKCO I'rndiicls 578 -4 llr. Srrvicf Sfibrrlinir TirM For Sale, Misc. rrn sinr pin wilh ir^;\lii. Phono 2^H. srnnU dla- Lt IC-pk-13 Farmers Column Dklnhonm u. 5. Vcrlflf,] Alfalfa *"* a<onrvillr 2n. <n (AiiirwMiMiorl. aiul J.iiinlrr couon Broil— scronn yi-nr Iroin hrcpder. Stonn-IUp 2H null Flilplre Fccllsrcni] or r'oun<IMlon Mred Also SOVI1RANK for >ri><! Will' rx- cnnnxc lor soybeans or couoti MMM! I.. K. iMA'LTIIKWS GIN CO., For Sale, Cars, Trucks With kltciirn privilege-*, an ,^'snt liniisckcrplrig room. loom roiivdilcnt lo liath strnm J'lionr :!;!25. 611 w. Mtlln. ? I i-r, n H hI<l """NX"'' 'or »>cn or lc Hltchtn privileges opllonil. 213 ""'*• 3,I8-pK-21 , C.orlci anil Mangulils | f| lc fammis botanical garden he Mangold.'; Tirsl were discovered took seeds b.iek to Spain by Cortcz during his Mexican in- { ' vasion. They were used ns a court' In Slant, monkeys are made to flower by the Moiitcwima! hite coins to see if they house and. when Cortex destroyed terlcit. ey are coim- NO MORE WAITING! PHONK OR WR1TK 1'oolc Motor Company. We'll j , jcomc by Cor a demonstration | s al j today of the \\illys Jeep, tilt," real [.ittle Man's .^I'KNtrrill foi-scl.-?'. Health niul Ktvlu Siiliucn's. I'Honp 13IK ncloro K a in nltrr I:JO p.m Mrs. Jollll l.ous. ITIH) W. Vmr. Hpclin'r clcnlcr. J l. l ;-pk-2j .rtii'.i'llt : SCO[ltM w. ASH. n Phone 4489 !iox 659 Blytheville, Ark-. 3-3-ck-U See our complete line, of paints at the JIM HR()\VN STORE before you huy. \Vc can fill all your needs. 3-18-ck-21 Florists AZALEAS— Finest varlrtles Una rol or*. TSr; r»ch: Aho larger sizes Ser for descrlptlre price llv \ZA! E GARDENS. 207 5 BarVsdale. Mcmpili Ttnn ____ 118-pk-^.lB . Household Goods Twiettan bllnOx now in ato-k Rei%r]T- «"«« K i , M - »lna». Dml Pslnt store 109 I Main 51 Dhone 4490 _ 92(-clr-tt Now's the time to install DEMINC, WATER SYSTEM Notliintr down—up fo months In pay. HUBBARD HARIHVAKKCO 213 \V. Main . 3;13-ck-30 Foods Personal Phone 727 hnle or trade: r» w Case hns' h«lcr \\011KI consHlpr four row Inirruntlonal planter as trade-in. Cljde Mlddleion Mo. rhoiie 9 t -32. i U-i>k-->6 Kill's Poole. Owner and rl " 1Kl Vnrbro.^Ark. Opcrafnr. Sotilli Highway (il '"•'' •> '«-•••• -TO j , lt stcele, iMo. Phone SteelflO. j mi"w For llDltOI] SKLT, WHAT YOU DON'T) ~ WANT AND BUY WHAT YOU DO WANT Courier News Classifieds. HEARO the "lulesl? m.V Klnn foam rlcuni , „ „,.,- r«cr pcrrtctlr. Dtnl Paint xiul \VA!|- l«J>er Stort. 103 T, M»ln Street rnonr JOU Hfcrr mjtnelhlnc ' n«efl unrf can't ' P/umber tit inoutuct] two nnd u.sters for John Dcrro W. I'CO'. 1 inllf E«>t oz titrclr. J'hrme 67. 3 17-j>k-24 FERTIIJKEn 3-U-I8 A; 6-8-17 Miss t) P A-. I, i< Ccrllriefl Cotton I bred. PLANTERS COOP. Phont 720. Addition to i 3.IR-CK--1 1 palntrx 1 . Aur- I 'MR r-ARMKR: DON'T MISS THESE! FARM TRAILER JI69..W. CONCRETE MIXER S50 B3 UAHB WIDE ^niir pi. hoftvy, fio rod. t7 ly. '1'wo pt. light, go rod roll, $V33. Jim Brown Stores 3,l8-rk-'JI For Sale, farm 1611 ncre cotton Inrrn ncnr Mnnlla on Highway. Mmj. s,-hoo] bus route' electricity, priced to sell h'lve room house and lot hi Mamlrt See CHAPtN or 'ITI'TON MKIilli\ 3 12-pVC-ia I SOI. i ! Aim rid o[. try /.] i BM l!fl-ck-tr It you need * llcciufd ;<linnher or f<p«rt dipt. repMr «orK none, 'cdll H»rty M«jrrr» «t Hubtiurd HurrtBsrr Photography THE NAME Is Culll'On'R for The hr<l In photocriiplilr. «ork C»l] 4:177 for « portrmt appolnlmrnt. or 2<«l nftrr „ pin. for "nn trip spot" roTrracr Ulenco* Hni,l. , ,S.rk-3'l Servrce5 R. I.. FllKKMAN Sewing E Chrirjr, riion^ 31 Reach for Hart's Bread. 1,1-clt-tf Insurance Protection apalnst all INSURANT,E HAZARDS Phone 3543 W. J, Pollard Agency Planned Insurance OLCNCOE HOTEL BLIXJ IM W ASH ST 13,7-CH-U *"' Klm " Fifth St 10 ACKKS ii(HxI l.iiul. Foul' linijsos, tlirco barns on .yood jfi'avel road. Five miles from Blytheville. Price $210 acre. Johnny Ma IT Real Estate I 12 S. Second lioiiso trailer, thrr-r. roonvs. F;\- rrllcjit condition, nutanr r:»n^c, In- UTiKitLnnnl heater. ^Imrnoiis bell studio roucll j>31'l refrl'^ornror. Wiirnrr rlcrtrlc hr.ike-i. ]ir-\x- tlicf- A roul home Kvcrctt Mathls. lllslnv.iy (31 H. 3 17-[>k-2l) neniln^lon typi!\vrlter In i:ood \vork- inc orCrr. Jur,t rrcontly ovrr-hatiled Kfliupiircl with IK" (-arrlii!:r \vlth rlec- tnr return aiirl tinti t^b(tl;\tlon kcvs I'rirf JI2S. ' ' J. P. I.KSTI .V. CO Phone 272^ ORIHNANCK NO. W* AN ORDINANCE TO ABIKNIJ NUMBEIC 472 OF THE CITY OF rlcrtrliT BI.YTHKVII.I.R, ARKANSAS. 1 - BE IT ORDAINED BY THE iv Bur- CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY i I 5355. i OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS:! s-l.s-iJ . SECTION ONE. Thnl Section .scv- j i saiion. ! n "'eon ill) of nrriinancc number' r i,,.liic same is hcrchy amended to uolr 1 read as follovv.s: "Section Seven- li; - 20 ] tern. That herenfter every person. MO i ^' r ' lL or eoi'parntion operating nny j ''•>' motor propelled, vehicle for the! call transportation of. passengers tor li-t.f Iilrc over the streets and avenues! . _ ; o[ the City of Blytheville. Arkan- ' sas, shall pay to the city an annual license fee of One Hiindrcd and Fifty Dollars csi.iO.OOi per vehi- i cle; said license to cover the period of one calendar year between the first of Jatuiflry and the thirtv- first of December. PASSED AND APPROVED' Mar 2, 1918. E. R. JACKSON. Mayor. Attest: FRANK WH1TWORTH, ATTENTION MR. C I,. 1'KHKY, formerly of (he lil.Vtheville Sales Company, is now with us ns General Radio and Appliance Repairman For the best in Radio Repair and Appliance Main^ tenance c;ill us at ;!45(l. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY Typewriter ujM. ijinllh. Corona toti PortKbl* For Sale : Thirl)' tons of Stone veil Cotton Seed first year removed. These .<t'cd were SJU-M! for my own use. Have been de- linted and Germination 81!". Then I was fortnn- »tr pnoiitrh to >ret fiumrlnt inn seed for entire, crop. Write Jesse Wobli, I, ;1 k<> Cormorant, Mipsissipjii. I'luinc tliron^h Tunica, one toiij; and tiii'ce shorts. n-18-pk~l-i5 The healthicsl chicks on the market: AAAA Grade Pvillonum-Tested. I BABY CHICKS , ?l«U>f> per 100 nt ' •lim l>rov.-ii Store—Phono 58-11 Phono 4111 3 3-ch-t S Kivo arrrs nntl iinfinl.^iccS ronr~room J»nis(! on Hlfrluvny MI. li., nillrs South nt Town. Attractive tprms u-llli jios- Hvr. 10. or l.S acrp tract ot Inm! on HIRHWHV 61 Somti Nl.-n Unlldini; sue I'rlc-frt in j.eil. \\-Hh Atlrncllva intiUK If liitr(C5,trtl in city projicrty or larni l!\rul .vpr or ml] LU TH K R (.'. il A Y. H pa U or 12H E Sjrrainorr or Phone SU outtjoarrl motor imn. phoiif 4;;?-; i Announcements Here's How to get far/y! Spring DcitYCry on a New , auThorizcd to announce the foll'owV The Courier zed to a iv: caiiriirtalps, Nctvj; has unce t subject hcen w- * lo Hip 1 F V i ^J f? / / D F ' sr . rnc !Z l1 city ( * lccMon - "April C; and j For So/c—City Property K0a<l, .Srr tni'iir 1 hreo ri"vom tmxi: Hi 221!! Cnrplyn Urll b^rhcr sliop lo l[nt)h; ( rc] ai npll. Ark i Or I - iti nlirntl nf Hif pprintr ni^h ! i when thrrr nip nrvrr rnouch Kviji- j | Mirir.s to 1:0 nrrnmcl! Cnll nnrt rhnosr ' jyniir mcitor r.m\\ A 2<v; dcptisil, j "ins np\v 1 Kvinrudc. \Vr . i rr.rnisnrtl j (%J " it(ll 'i" •' "'« used I1intrn*s nf r\(>- ; t- -T ri-pn-2fi ; proved makrs ;\1 fflir trnrlc-in nl- •nlp. Kn- E? A. ) lowancc. \Vr lirtvc in stork fiii- im- drlivrry. :i liinncti r^inntily :i i.=.-1^-2-,! ] trroccry store ami nirat marhrt with : f*f - r > -1-10 H.P. nml 9 7-10 HP Evin-net lot, J. w Goforth »cii. rudcs! e rooms ami hntli. l e>SCAR AI.F:XANnF.R. ph Nottli Kecoiul 8(. Coop McKINNON'S ;\l.imt:i, Ark. For Sofe, Cors & Ttucks P\/^\K | r~r\\il A rir^(~ i. ' :i> IXvi = e truck nnd M7 Clievrolet 1JO N EDWARDS | s^'^r• ••$£»• -^ ri^:j; lift N Second TTP1N-0. Typist Phnn» 1223 or 2,17*. •rolpt pirkvip. rhnnf; P7,T. I'd! SAI.r. I" perfect f \i* Oogs, Cats, and Pets p H"^ Yen c*n't brut It. ar rAdm Bnd h«irr. Oood * tn..f. Phonr 977 3 12-p Rfcvrnrel fo r Farmer's Coin n.K SK»'» T ".-" < i-^ nop, Varbro TMlh nt blnck- P a G-oX-iM - K»rmi ^ ARMS WANTED ^'.nte ^,^;; h «-.-« -- sy^;,,,,?";^^ "I'd TtiHnr- r.'ulio and lioiilor. now puini j 0 l). Good rulilior. mu C;MC xiu-co-miavior, ,, 'on picloin truck, (.'jiltlo r.irk ' i it. | ' I'-! Morciiry I'mir door SP- mn ;il;in. Now paint, nood tires, n brrakliif i radio illld llPilt.PI'. Bnl'jrilill. ' I.KK MOTOK KALKS I'liDuc 510 s-:?-ck-t.r ' <"irl Cash ,>lm,, %"',' Wr "'' IMS c '"y'l"r Poysl. CiM,«. i<->v pimil. JJ.I4 -..„.. <J,MI 1, .,-:•.„„ »t <l)7 r, i.lfi-pk-3,ib more, uller 5 p.m. - 3,is Atf".1crn four ron <^r Maid .st. rnrc hAlAnrfi ILkr rrnt l-'c:ir room noif V'lvr riwi»\ not corner IC.T T«n rnhtr St Walk.rmt. Four room" nio'rtrm home in eonnrrtlon. Trrni.^ K inl^rcMcrl in city properly or larm Unrts r-rr or rail I.UTIirR <;T!AY. RrMtor 12rt K'' or six ROOMS a shade. lniinc'Ul.i;r! fxn;n IIOOM ho 111 <*!\ bl nets, Hvitot Cor tier lot, rln.^r I'nt.jf-.s.Jion wulUn SIX TUlOMo nivl h A T\VO REIJROOM luiulrrn lio . out* r>r Uip prrttlr.-.t loratlun* in Ulrxlllr. IT >'oll Rrr lOi^Htni; fi^r ^ rion^r \\UI» a hraiitl[!ll yftril II u-1 A plCJi.svlrr to 5;llnw von nil* puM MUD^RX HOMK hi our ol the lirsl !o,-iuion= in niylllrvlllr. Am. tlr. nc^tni : n-l rnotms; fysirm rotip r r pin: i!> n;. A nonip von pion.1 10 onii. >oinrllitu^ Vra I IIAVK KOUR hxillfhn-^ }I,i:rU ci Nirou- loralcrl cnv. Can h- • T !' I r. Democratic Prininry, July 20th and August Svcl: FOR AI.IIllIOtAN (First \Vartl) Jr.wc M Willie Harry Taylor L. C. (Budi Poscy Jr. iScronrl Warrl) J. L. < Jodie i Nahct's FOR CITY CI.KRK Larry Knra.-; W. I. mill) MaLin COTJSTV TRr:ASL'nER Frank Whitwortll COUNTY COURT CI.KIIK Elizabeth Blvthc FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOK COUNTY ASSKSSOK Herbert T. Sliippcii STATK RF.rRKSENTATIVK l^-.Oip N. "Dukie" Speck COTTON FARMERS riirmirnlly dr-linlril rnl(r.n M'er! trr.-.ihnle qnlclKT, plint and pl.uv the Mine. neek. Rrilnee rhnppinic eiptnw m\d jrow tniire enlton. si rr i I:K i ii ti:n VAUIKTIKS AVAII.ABIT. l>. .V r. I. No. II. per :,(! lh. h»« SlO.ttfl StoueviHe 3-11, per SO Ih. Mt ]fl.(H> Knnilrn ll-ll, per SO Ih. Kn IB.M Oilier \:irirlirs it.ilf iKihrrd) per .%0 Ih. hns 10.SO Slone\ii:e C-C. per '(I IK lint 10.WI Cokcrs 100 \ViIt Kr-.istAnt, per SO Ih. VIA* 10.IS raul.i. per Ml Ih.; 10.50 Kmpire, per .Ml ]h. Kij 10.50 Come in .-incl pl.,,e >mir rmlrr nr RCl yonr fllppty torlaT, HI.VTIIKVIM.i: VoYBKAN t'ORT. Hlvtheville, Ark. rhont »ST l.e.iclnille. Ark. rardwcH, Mo llnrnersville, anr! Stnath, Mo. WE DON'T MAGNIFY YOUR TROUBLES- WE FIND THEM ANP FIX THEM/ '. . . and we put your car in perfect shape for spring drivina! Our mechanics will go over your car with an eagle eye and you may be sure that your auto will get service "plus" when anyone of our experts check it! Drive in today! GET OUR REAL BUICK SERVICE * IT COSTS NO MORE! 'WALNUT AT BROADWAY ~* DIAL "555 FOR SERVICE

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