The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 31, 1953 · Page 31
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 31

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1953
Page 31
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PITTSBURGH PRESS, AUGUST 31, 1953-PAGE 31 Dog Days WeathefTotocast S PROPOSAL 3 BOOGH ON uoyo Love. K. IB. I. I I. S13J Are Over - HE ms ff. C la today Flr tonlfM. lowett w to T9. Tuesday fair tni coniimiM not wmrs TAKEN IN at 'lows WW THEHtXT Ohio Mctly tunny tnd continued hot toikt mi Tundiy. Hlfb todiy i la 100. DIXIE DUG AN - 1 "?7 " WHYJHA'Sj I'LL CALL HIM UP, v 3 MR. LOVE I'VE RZJ'i j NATURALLY TWH4JtV S?-t HOTEL ANO CALL H IM OOWN . 8EEN Th NKINSJ. ,rv p For TV Networks Are Set For Big Programs By RICHARD KLEINER NEA Staff Writer NEW YORK As far as TV goes, summer '53 has tUT lOUlfftt. hti m n 71. West Vl. Suiinv and rontiAQMl hot to day and Tuesday. Hun today es to lot ticrpt to i tn highu awuitaJn. Clear nuiim. u m as to o. f. 11. 19SJ Alrrwt tUltea. six . i icrL-5 rrwn iiinvciR. (lift, -a-y i ri i i.- ws , i i ijoovj i v n : - BUGS BUNN ' " KhS A Alii SU TTy HE AD?K WVOU0 7 jiUffll ' .fi ---s. J I L -rfl f HE SURE TAKEsTrlK CONCENTRATING! 1 j ' f I 0rl,0Hf HE'S M , " "; ' ' ' . Z. CAPTAIN EASy ' - D'V -w T" .Y HURgV, 5WEEP11 AN 5U Fs VEAH..wit5 1 1 ..OR COULD TrV $HrU U5TBUi " wyrioT?KP,-KCBlro INNOXIOUS TO LTER 1 1 KEEP XMOIWM COLLECTORS MMBE WE OUSHTA SOrAEBOW 1 7utI.sf5HlVL0P'Pl SETTLE SCORE W TWNKIW6 .BO)T 100KIM6 FOgTWO HrtVK& &URt WE MUT lIS CCVIUfi'.y I SSdl1! S i 1WWBIE .J THM" H00K-M05EP PMS WITH LOWS . BEiM FOUCWEP! Th jm&rf m "ITttJ I avES?.?.!5 I CR055W6 KEHIEX $ GUY MP BAIFCWTB BErRD5! FWMIE5! Sm tflrfM J -JwHl mWlf l ' 7W-l- WHOWEiJBeTKRT-6UTN050tVCOUlB d-BSKFy' 'flfffft J TRWL WWMIVT - nTWr VWINS BE WISE TO 1)5! . t-t V Wfl f,lf ?. THE TWINS ARE JUST GETTING HOME TO ANO POSIES LETTEC? HAS THEM SLIOHTLV. FTcftNTC SURE....VA CAN'T BLAME NOW. JAN. VOL) tCNOW HOWSTH GLPVS FDR POSIS EXAGGERATES THIS WANTIN' A NEW Rl ONOC WHO SHE SAVC I LITTLE HAS "STOLEN" ALL -OUR BOY .CHANGE FW5M FRIENDS WHILE SOU WEBE AVMHV ) rOU TWO THE JACKSON TWINS r r'M NOT THE ONLY TWIN WHO'S FUSSING. MOAA f MISS .CALM AND COLLECT ED" IS SLOWLY COMING m a nni ttv-i T; RIGHT, JILL ? THAT FCKLE WIFF1E 'WATERS ft jtii.'sf 3un ...... t -I r -ry CAN T BLAME I I I 10- m m , i K GLAD I'LL BE BACK IN THE PEACE AND QUET OF THE PLANT WHEN THOSE TWO TWIN UP ON THiS NEW MENACE f rv. ' been notable for the dog days. And dog nights, too. Bat don't trade your TV set in on a bicycle built for two yet The fall, is coming. And the four networks have some int eresting programs planned for September and Oc tober debuts. At least they SOUND interesting. ABC has been blessed by a financial transfusion since its merger with Paramount They're planning some first-rate shows. Best bet is probably the U. S. Steel Theater, an hour-long, live dramatic show being presented in cooperation with the Theater Guild. Alex Segal, who produced those great Puliizer Prize Playhouse and Celanese Theater plavs, will produce this series for ABC. ABC also has lined up Ray Bolger, Paul Hartman, George Jessel and Danny Thomas, with each having a half-hour show weekly. Ail but Jessel will have some variation of the situation comedy technique (TV geniuses will soon be running out of vari ations). ....... i Definite at CBS are a slew of situation comedies. (You can always read a good book.) There'll be one called "Life With Father and Mother," another one called "Meet Mr. McNutley," starring Ray Milland, 'a series based on the "Topper" stories, and "My Favorite JIusband," with Joan, Caulfield and Earry Nelson. Plans New Mystery i CBS is also planning a new whodunit, "The Man Behind the Badge,", and a new Edward R. Murrow program, "Person to ' Person," with Murrow chatting with two "persons" a week. Dumont s high spot on Its fall schedule is the "Personal Appearance Theater," with Joseph Schildkraut as host. - He'll also star on about every other play. Dumont, always willing to try something new, has a 15-minute, flve-nlght-a-week show called 'Marge and Jeff." What's differ ent is that the cast -two people and a dog will ad lib the script Hlflt ... I iTfiii lj tlTiT 14! 8r5 91 Ul ... Ui tit t 59; ( 651 4 il Mean . . I 1 T toTwTOpisiltt T 0 Pru. .. t ..T) ...3j ..j T .13 ,. T Normal temperature for the day. S9 Eaee ta, temperature lor day. ....... 12 Eicetl In trap, aimt Aui. lit 40 Iran In tenia, tltwe Jan. 1st B69 Total preclpitatloo alnct Aug. lit.... 3 00 normal p:ecip:iauci since Aat. lit... 3 04 DeBtlency tn prcclp. since Au. 1st... B04 Total orertpitation ilnce rtn. 1st . .. .15 90 Normal prerlpitatioa since Jan. 1st... 18 3a Deficiency tn precip, unc Jan. lit.,.. 0.43 iMteraay t ick peril area H. Ui ST. T. Albany S 6Ti Minneapolis . 73 Atlanta .... 0 7' New Orleana. Ill 71 Atlantic City. TTINew York,,.. 69 79 Hiimarc ... i e nortoia fs Ta Boise 74 831 Oklahoma City M 9 ton ..... S8 78 Omaha 4 89 Buflalo .... 90 C9' Philadelphia .100 73 3altimor .. ,101 70!Phoerkii .... 07 5 Chlcaw .... 98 74! PITTSBURGH. 9T 88 Cleveland ... 98 73 Salt Lake Cite 81 81 Columbus ...100 83' San Antonio. 87 75 Penw ..... 87 80' San Franrlsro 89 58 Is Mouies.. B7 70 Sault Ste.Marie 77 58 91 59 90 74 89 73 99 7J 89 80 73 49 91 89 4 !trolt 97 72 Sheridan DodeeCUr... 91 88' St. Louis., Havre 88 57 Tamoa .. Huron 94 75' Waihineton Indianapolis 95 TO' WHlliton Jacksonville . 88 76' Caltary .,, Kansas City.. 97 75! Montreal Los AneeJes., 73 801 Rltt Cunent. 81 53 Madison .... 97 8H'The Pai 74 S8 Mempnls ... 93 70'Wtnnlprx Klmr Conditions At T , m. today the Alleeheny. Monnn. lahrla and Ohio rivers were stationary. IJiht scattered rata fell over the upper Alleshem basin during the pas: 34 houri. Klver states were reportea as ionows: Alieheny rtlver: Warren. Pa. 1.4S: rranklin. Pa. 1.98: Park er, Pa. 1.0K: Monimjahela River: Lock 7. Grteni&oru. Pa. 10 3S: Cheat River: Persona. W, Va. 1 7S: Weal Fork River; Clarksburi. W. Va. -0 9K; youchlorheny River: Suters-ellle, Pa. J.9S: Beaver River: Beaver Falls. Pa. S.9S: Ohio River: Pltuburrh. Pa. 18 7P: Dashleldi Dam. (Upper Case) 14. 3S Mont- Kmery Dam, Pa. 9 3S; Dara No. 7, Midland, i. 9.1S; Dam No. 8. Newell, W. Va. I Upper uare isos; Dam no. to, steutwnvnie. Ohio 9 4S, Dam No. 13, Wheellnf. W. Va. 9.SS, The rivers m Ptttsburrh will clianie tut little during the nt 34 houri, F-Falllni. R-RUinr. S-statlonary. F-peoi. as they go along. (It's easier for a dog to ad lib than to memorize lines.) NBC is also going situation- comedy beserk this season. (You can always play Scrabble.) Among the new ones will be Ezio Pinza In "I, Bonino" and Loretta Young in "A Letter to Loretta." The children s edition of "Omni bus," which will be called "Excursion," is also slated for debut. And Robert E. Sherwood's first batch of original TV plays is due sometime this season. Learner's Permits Auto Tags Secured In record time. Title transferred by our qualified notaries. Out-of-State rcjlKtrations transferred to Pa. Renewal of Driver's license mart easy. BRING US VOI.R AUTO LICENSE TROUBLES. Pa. motor license forms nf every type supplied and executed. Our 30 years' experience counts. W specialize! RICE LICENSE SKKVICE, 5929 Broad St., East End. MO. 1-8300. Notaries Yen GRAFTON BRANCH TRISCHLER OPTICIANS 5 Whiti Ave. WA. 1-7676 Optii Men., Thurt. Eve. 7 to Glasses Made, Prescriptions Filled Features RADIO AND TV Pittsburgh TV Scene Is Greatly Changed Converter Trade Boom Reported " ' By SI STEINHAUSER Television cnanges as 01 tonight: -WENS will carry Arthur Godfrey's "Talent Scouts" on UHP TV while KQV continues it on radio. Also at 7:45 WENS wil bring John Cameron Swayze's "News Caravan" which Pittsburghers have been viewing on WJ AC-TV, Johnstown. And at 8:00 Burns and Allen become a regular Monday night feature on WENS. hWKJF-TV will cut Into the network scene In a few nights and one of these days WJAC-TV will be faced with the old question its station manager, Al Schrott, has already answered. Asked at a luncheon, "What will you do at WJAC-TV when Pittsburgh TV stations carry the same programs you now have?" Al quipped "We will crawl into our little cave in the mountains and go on doing business." WJAC-TV is far from out of the TV scene here. WENS and WKJF-TV fans must have adapters or converters and spe cial antennas. Not enough have them now to move WJAC-TV "out of business" here. Pittsburgh TV distributors and dealers report a "boom" in the sale of converters, adapters and special antennas now that UHF stations are on the air. They say sales increase daily. Many new sets have built-in adapters and antennas. Those whose sets do not have these gadgets are rMiViner seQ0ntinla nnrl hnvlnc them installed. " ' Pittsburgh's famed Mendelssohn Choir will bring credit to the city at 8:30 tonight when It broadcasts with the Chataijqua Symphony via WCAE and the network. Walter Hendl will conduct the symphony and Russell Wichman will direct the choir. The choir will sing Vaughn Wil liams' "Dona Nobis Pacem" a cantata for soprano and baritone, solo, chorus and orchestra. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt will head the America'sTown Meeting panel on India and the East Tuesday, Sept. 8. That was George Brenlin, a graduate of Pitcairn High, who played 'Tommy", the accused on Thursday, night's Martin Kane TV show. George is just out of service. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brendlinger of Pitcairn. Thursday's TV perform ance was his first and it was all to his credit. . " Mr. Harry S. Truman has a "political talk" scheduled for Monday, Sept. 14 at 10:00 P.M. Adlai Stevenson and Alben Bark-ley, two other "prominent Democrats," will be looking and listening at the same speakers' table. - ABC-TV will carry the talk from Chicago. The occasion, a "dinner meeting of the Democratic National Committee. ' Contrary to what you may have been told, you will not need a converter to see WQED, the city's educational TV station. r Marty Huston, who plays "Jeep" of "My Son Jeep" gets it in the neck on Father's Day. His real life dad is Walter Huston, an executive of the company that pipes music into restaurants, banks and steel mills all over the country. Jeffrey Lynn is his TV dad and Donald Cook his radio pop. They ought to remember his birthday to make everything even. Hour and 8:00 KDKA-Railroad "Lorna Doone." 8:00 WENS Burns Allen. 8:30 KDKA WDTV WJACTV Firestone Hour Lois Hunt, soprano. 8:30 WENS KQV Godfrey's Talent Scouts. 8:30 WCAE Chautauqua Symphony with Pittsburgh's Mendelssohn Choir. 9:00 KDKA Telephone Hour Brian Sullivan, tenor, 9:00 WDTV -Opening Night "Chinese Night." 9:00-KQV-Radio Theater. 9:30 WDTV Masquerade Party. 9:30 WJACTV-Robert Mont gomery presents "First Vice- President," starring Brian Don-levy and Olive Blakney. 10:00 WDTV -Studio One "Letter From Cairo." 10:45 KQV Vice-President Nixon address American Legion convention. 4 fUL BETTER FASTI MA flaunt - V.' Aw .j...ia ' . 'tjmm-m ssb m v...ita' t- WlATHllVfoiOCASTi iTeitusr iniiia jllr(l.ruMS yy i. twist M III ! J 1 n Cn teamen, mm. fKTMI1iitT JtlTM KM . Browne Looks Back On Former 'Soff life' WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (UP) Attorney General Herbert Brownell Jr., who runs the biggest law office in the world the Justice Department occasion- ALMOST DOUBLES YOUR PURCHASING POWER Watch for HI jit m 'it m m 'icif '! & mm rfii a. ja:- 'Jin at j-u. ti . iu Mi JBit 'W ill- m itCCi ICC- tH" : 31!' nm Cptr r.H'i. iiKi.iiiii'i tMt mm w ii iwf'i m M 'OffiO- a (SHID cut MM- us ttm n .T.ini tat' cn' i?i' EI 5X3" C2 J3 fflB:;:i ally looks back on his private law practive with envy. "Sometimes at the end of a long, hard day it looks pretty good," he said. ftnialiafrj'iiiiii LET THOMAS mri. w :a MAKE YQUR SCAIP FEEL E003 YOUR HAIR LOOK ALIVE Hair fed old - look old before )u time . . . tdd yr to your appearance? Let Thomas keep it fresh and virile looking. Rernetn. ber-only one man has hair like yoitn - YOU. And there is only one way to treat it Thirty-two yean of experience give Thomas the "know-how." Now -know the facts about your hair. Get private, personal advice without charge or obligation. Your hair won't wait- come in Way. Come In for FREE Scalp Examination 71? Liberty Ave., Clerk Bids. 8th Floor, Boom al.1 Separata Departments (or Men and Women HOURS: Dally 11 A. M.-iUO T. M. Sat. 10 A. M.-4:00 P. M. Atr-Conaitloned Atlantic 1-K5S m i LITTLE LIZ ; It's later than you think when you feel on Friday nigh.t like you used to feel on Monday morning. Radio and Television Programs (PROGRAMS ARE PROVIDED BY STATIONS DAY LIGHT SAVING TIME) ULTRA-HI TV m in 12 KDKA WCAE I WJAS fm ei 9 rm ee.i PMee.T NBC WHO ABU 11,10 MBS 1S20 Just Plain Bill News; i. Michael Barry Kara r. Pare Farrell Continued Continued Lnreroo Jonea Nevsi 1. Michael Continued Was Museum Continued Kayei News Newt News B() prtnel Telle-Teat Sports Newaj B. Kaye Slln Brram Jay Michael Barry Kaye News Ju A Swrile Kaye: News Musle the RoMr Fulton Uwli Continued Elmer Darts Barry Kaye Mortan Heatty l one Ranter tiahrlet lleattet One Man's fans Raneeri News Perry Oonw Ballrosd Hem By Line Falcon Continue Sammy Kaye Continued flre.tone Hem Chautauqua Old Timers frmtlnoeel Symphony Cont.: Moody felenhone Hons rbsotauqua News " I Continued Symphony (lid Timers) News Bands of Amee Continued Old Timers Continued Continued Continued Hollywood News" Frank "ttlwards Snotlliht Virgil Ftnaley (JI- Timers Farty Ua Ed Hill; Melodies Continued Continued Continued Oldsters; News (Jews News Ken Hlldebrand J. Bern Saaets RendemH Fantasy Hall Farty Una Continued Continued Continued Continued Fantasy) Believe News:" flowts old Timers .&ntun ,i!,..IS,"l! Continued NIsM Wateh Continued S'sn Oil Conttnuen Cent, una lino a. Nifht : Wales KQV CBS 1410 Deane Arera Continued Continued Curt Maasey Hecaley mil Fie Traynoe Star Time Lowell Thomas Family Skeleton Johnny Merrer Vol and World Ed Murrow. news Crime Classics Continued Oodfrey's Scoots Contlnned Summer Theater Continued Continued Con tinned Walk a Mile Continued Sports; News V. P. Nlron News ., Musle Music torlleadtns Marie; News Newi: Masle rontlnued n OB WWSW FM 84.B 970 News; ecords Record Hits Continued Records; Sportl Kay tinydet Record lilts Joe Tucker Record Hits News; Hits Record Hits lui Tueker Record Hits TOTisjhfat Elf hi . continueo Continued Continued Golden Hour Continued ConimuM Continued Melodies Continued , Continued Continued All-Star Final Continued Continued Continued M970,rrinh Continued Continued Continued 970" ri S a. WJAC-TV Ckaarel S Atom Sonad Rsbby Hayes Howdy Doody Continued TUESDAY PROGRAMS 7 8;IH !SS TP 10 111 121 i so 4n 2 3 4: a: IMI his so I ;4S lUO ;1 'l4S Newsi Id and Ralabtw Continued Continued News; Maelv Breakfast rials News Slim Brymil Kitchen Huh On Tear Taea J. Ron shonrier Mesle; News Oleoma Trarelers Boh Heac Marrlssc Fays Strike rl BM Conliniwd Fhraie Fae Second Charee News Meet the Rlnre ('OntMHHH, Amerleaos Stns Heme Foroai Continueo Clnderrim Weekend News Bill Nesatt Oaye I. acre way Studio I He beautiful Road la Ufa Feppet teaim Rt. te Happliresa Biekitsre Wile Stella Ualhu Wldder Bnww Wemsn In Hosaa Jusi'Flaln Btli-F, Fan Farrell Irish Swa Dae Tysaa Tysont News Oay Traaa CWtlnued TA Wood, Newt Dare Tysaa Continued fyioa: Newt Breakfast (lt (Musle. Comedy Continued Continued My Trae Story Continued Whlioerlns Sta. ()lrt Marrie. Bln rrmhy Continued Double ee NoiMnr News' '! Folkas Wnman'i rtnrte World; Reriew Newi; j, Bereh Jay Michael Continued eomiriuert News; J. Michael lay Mlehaea Continued Continued Newi;J. Michael (Ml tinned Continued JConttnued Newi; "if Michael Continued Continued Contlnuet! NewsT"j.-Michael conlliniea News; 1. Michael Continued i- Bill Brant Morrison, News Brant, News Continued News News; Brant BUI Brant Brsnt; Hcattet Brsnt; News Continued Continued BrantiNews Monolorae Jane Fllen Bait News, Won Town Wonderful Town ladles Fali Falrt Newi Bln Cron Croihy; New Fred bayy" Continued Berkir, amith Curt Msssey Quern for Day Continued Fred Dsyy Continued Fred Darn News Continued , Barry Kaye Cont.. News Barry Kaye Continued Continued Kayet News Barry Rare Continued Continued Kaye; News NewiiB. Kara Barry Kaye Continued Kayei New! Mornlnr Mayor Pennsy Special Mornlnr Mayor Continues News Continued Mornlnr Mayor Continueo Newi" To the Ladles Kalh Kuhlmaa Contlnued Arthur (jodfrej Continued Continued Continued Arthar (todfrey Continued ftfnr Crmby : Rosemary Jenny News Aunt News Our Oal Sonday Road of Life Ma Ferklns Dr. Malone 'lt.ld'nt l.lrht Mrs. Burton Perry Mamsi Nora Drake Brlihler rise Hilltop Rons Home Farty Continued Wliard of ( Helen Trent Ulii D. Arera Desne Areta Continued Deane Arera i ontlnuea Continued Carl M laser Cardie 0. ContinHd Continued Continued Cordis O. Continued John Darts Cordlc a Oa. Cordis A Oa. Continued Tine Ian Ctinud Tana' I sal Continued Continued Continued Tan Inn Continued Continued Continued News; Weatkai Polkas Continued Continued Dress Parade Warmup Time Cardi-Dodrers ' Oonllnueo Baseball Continued Continued Continued llsseball Jontlntjed . Continued Continued Tucker, Srorea Record Hlta Continueo Continued Newi; Records Continued Continued Mlla; Sawrnj Musta News Guide Rlrht Continued Wek's News Rllnky Mel Vorm Newi Csraran Name the Tune Continued Ptreitnne Horn flrmtlrmed fwlHeht Theater Continued R. Mnntromery Ponttnued R, Mnntrnmeiy Continued Wh a id Thatt Continued WDTV Channel S " antmtt rvtm. Blr Picture Continued "im on ta-ty Taemdai Today Continued Contlnned Continued Today Continued Contlnned Conttnued Teet Pattern Continued ttnt1ntjed News D Dorif Sehoot Con tinted Glamor flirt - Jontlnued "wkln Falti Bennetts strike It Rich frmtlnned Film lre of life For Tomorrow fedine Mtlii Film Continued (tarry Moore Continued Film Contlnned Faith for Today CoPMo-eo Blj Payefi Crrntlnuod Welcome rrarelerf Tour Account Continueo Ladlei' f liolre Onttnned Atnm Souad Gabby Hayes Howm iKwae Cnttaoad AdTentnrea Continued Bill Hlckok Continued Buss 'n' Bill Buss. Bill, (full Fd Woods. News Parade: Sports Cantaln ride Continued Time OhI Room with Flew Two for Money Lonttnueo Firestone How On tinned Openine Nlrht t onnmieo Msifluerade Party Little Theater Studio One Continued Continued Oontlnnee) World Tonlrht Theater Onrlnne CWWOBfil Theateir " . ContlntMed SiMirta wine Nhtfl tarty Taeaday Oarrowae Contlntied Continued Continued Garrowap Continued Crmfnoerl . jnrntlnuer' Ps iter's" Study Film Bun and Rill Parry Moore Heme Pdlttot) Con tinned Arther Oodfree tfrntlnued Buss and Bill Fddie Fliber Film " ontlnued Newt, Ian of Life For Tomorrow floldtnr Lltht Stars Farads T Continued Ray's Kttrhea) continued Film Continued Meet Tone Nelrhoor Donhle ar Nothlnt Ask the Glrtf Continueo Tour Aeooanl Continuest Welrome Traelera Adyentarea C.nUned Howdy Doodf naottDoeil WENS I WKJF-TV UHF IS UHF SS Featur Film Continued ' Continued i Buck Royera Buck Borers Adventure Theater News Continued Continued Continued Bob Prince Continued ' Abbie" Neat's News Ranch Girls, Weather Sporta Film Myitery Mountain NewsjCamvan w Continued Burns and Allen Streamliners Continued Continued Arthur Godfrey Paradise island Continued . Twlllfht Theater Monday Plarltou Continued Continued Return Enrsfemenl Continued Continued Continued Featore Film Playhouse Continued Continued Continued News, Sports, Weather Continued ., News; Sports . Weatheri Film 3CIIW- rrrvni l3-i in mr'-n h , mi- DAYTIME STATIONS WPIT 730 KC I 00 soo- 4:00-4:0S. 4? SO. 4tS5 7:01 7:80 7:35 7:4 8:00 SIB S:S0 MaadBp Polka Party Bob James WPTT News Show Tttn Ranch News Jan Andrea Sim OS Tuesday Jan Andre Weathe aa Newi Dr. A. V. Mlchaelsufl Unity Viewnelnt nit of HewTerj Back tn Bible 00-fte MtrneoB S0-Re Powell 00-Hsven oi Rati 30-Herald Of He lint 48-Volce of China 00-Percy Crawford 30-MlssloTisry Houf 00-Noon Newt 1 S-Sesh 00-Alan Black 00-Holka fart on-nob jamea no-News 05-Show TUB S0-Raneh OS-Jan Andrea 00-Blsn 08 WDUQ FM Ft Moadar S:00-Summer Concert t 00-Campua Caravan S:4S-News SOO-Rtudto :15-French In Alt S: 30-Sporta :4S-Here s to Vets 7;00-Avt Maria Hour Lata laws T:S0-Llytn la Years T:4S-Studlo 8-no-Symphony Hall 9 00-Newi dr Sim OB Tuesdsy 1: 00-Summer Concert t: 00-Csmpuf Cararan S:4S-News 6:00-Studlo WPGH 1080 KC MwJaAwAWifJ S0-Pennsy Foitaj 0j Kemotea by Carl 1 S-Swsn Sllyertonas 30-Rhrthm Rrridesetma 4S-Sociai Seryrttt 00-Muilc from Studio C 00-fihellac Shact 30-Wudio Da Jar 4S-Nrwi ItO-SnortS 00-Muilc t:G0-Siav Oft Rarli T:0b-Melodl(a S:90-Headlln Newi t: 45-Far Women Onlf v.'ju.fiatterB 10 00-Jerry Mr Connell 10:18-Plattera ll:00-Muilc froes Studio C IS: 00-News 13:19-Pickin' a tlntla' l:15-Womem Vlen wirr fm S3 7 Men Channel 138. Daln a. m. te IS mldnlMw Sunday 10 a, IS audiiltbt Everyones's a Deane-Ager Now! Joe Deane, nationally famous disc jockey and Pittsburgh's brightest new radio personality, is now winning friends from 16 to 66 on his sparkling new platter program, the "Deane-Ager's" Show, each afternoon Monday through Friday, 4:20 to 5M5 on the New KQV. As Joe plays the hit tunes and interviews celebrities, be sure to tune in or visit the studio and witness the broadcasts in person! Dial 1410 ... the New KQV . . .' now CBS Radio! ' Tune in Tonight! DUQUESNE BREWING COMPANY 1 presents KEN HILDEBRAND and the NEWS 11:00 P.M. Daily dial WJAS 20 RADIO PITTSBURGH TUNE IN p DAVE MURRAY with th FORT PITT NEWS 6:1 S P. M. Monday Through Friday Sponsored by the FORT PITT BREWING COMPANY JAYIllSKfidlcis mmnwmxs , (Vou may nave ttietfi end not know tt . Fidgeting; nosa-plcklnf and a tor. inentinc rectal itch are often tell tal signs of Pin-Worms... uglp fiarasitea that medical exoertsaaF . nfeat ens out of vtry three per-aoni examined. Entire families mar be victim and not know it. To set rid of Pin-Worms, these; Jests must not only be killed, but illed in the large intestine wher they live and multiply. That' exactly what Jarn'ar-W tablets do ... and here's how they do it: Fit- scientific coatins car ries the tablets into the bowels before they dissolve. Thtn- Jayne's modern, medically-approved in. f redient soea riirht to work-fciii fin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't take chance with this dangerous, highly contasious con. dition. At the first sign of Pin-Worms, ask your drurrist for Pennine Jayne's P-W Vermifug . , . the small, easy-to-take tablets perfected by famous Dr. D. Javne as Son, specialists in worm remedies lor over 100 years. -N ft m BaasF- 4JF fm SwT V 1 t SWING I and CAR SEAT s ComblsotioB I $8.95 $Z.83 j Valui Q j 31 Ptdal Car AUTOS 1 !7iK MaL cf s. Dumps i I Wagon .....$1.63 kj Doll Buggies 2.98 Sturdy Wood Hocktrt... 3.S8 Alum. Hobby Horse.... 6.49 Fin Inglnis Station VVagont Sportsltri 9W From FOLDING TAYLOR-TOT trailer Walker I eembinstloo, Folds completely for ear u anal storaf. iy-'hi tg.n I a Si 1.95 Voluo Tremendous Selection f TRICYCLES 10"-U-1" Slts Fsmous Slehert 10' miCTCLE $5.88 a $T.9S Value 16 n Sidewalk Bike By Siebert $34.91 $07 S3 Value X 5 k Use Our Xmas Lay-Away Now! g r e,r" v as jsom i a ay w s atxua a .. jew I - -j W I a . a-u -iirie& a. nr. rvnn tx iia,iibi aw on fci'is I'Vrftfrf w. e ----- sa i. KM. AaU399 wl. s trellis w "-"-S'-f l-Loper. Mon.. Frl.. Sat. ti.l 9 P. M. JSX

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