The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 9, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL XXVII—No. 150 Blytheville Courier, Blylhevllle Dnlly News. Hlytliovllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Lender. BLYTIIKVILI.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY. SKl'TMM Ill-Ik 0, 1930 SINGLE COPIED FlVE/JEN-re il EATEN COURT ATTACK ON TUITION Rescued Diver Offers Prayer of Thanks Steele Man (jfTFP »R Found Dead nikM io i. in His Bed Scene in Storm Wrecked Gity . STEELE, Mo., Sept. 0. (Spcciali i —Murphy Snecd. 50, was found ' New Orleans Man, Brought jSn V S , U te farmed, |'"t^ suffer a light cl,ll. yes- r\neels Wllll Crowd, tcrday. Members of his family | I heard him get up for a few min- NEW ORLEANS Sept 0 CUP) ' u ^ cs a ^ about 5 o'clock this morn- Trapped for 2C hours ijciicath 301 '"&• and thcn rc t urn to feet of swirling water In a suburban canal, Caplaln Nick Danesc, 02. veteran diver and river man was rescind at 1 . of New Orlecns, l o'clock today. Before Danesc would enter About 5:30 they heard him stniir- Bling in his bid, but when they i readied Jiim lie was dead! Deuth is' 1 believed to have resulted from i heart failure (n( J The dead man, who lived on the! ambulance he asked the crowd of! Micll ' e fcmn lcavcs a w ,' Jc a " d some 1,000 perscns to kneel with I ['T, l ' 1 " dl ' e ', 1 ' u was <? a . mie ^, tc him. As the curious -onlookers.I lloU! tlli;c - |al ^"''^ th!s M "~ fishCTincn. police guards and rec- i n00 "' ' cuers. heeded his command, the r _ elderly diver went into a short, i tsCEped Convicts but fervent prayer of thanks Danese, trapped beneath n pumo- i ing station of the suburban canal > where the drainage system of New I PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 9 (UP) Orleans meets tiie higher waters I —Two men. believed to be escaped of treacherous Lake Pontchcrtrain I convicts from borne southern piis- j Shoot Way to Freedom I Long Threatens Will Back Joe T. For Presidency HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Sept. 0. | (UP) —I'luns to endorse Senator | .Iweph T. Koljlnscn us H preslden- ; tint possibility wrro brewing today, acciirillni; In parly lenders who \ were here to make iirraiiEemcnls fur the si-ale Democratic conven- i lion Thiirniiiy and l-'rlrtny. i The iiiovriucnl will be hcadcif b 1 . CiiiiKressiiuin Claude A. Fuller of ' Eureka Springs, It was reported. ] fullowinu u conference lust \veck- ffiS LIF1IME OF GRIDE FEES I awlf Ni-wOrlmns IWc Clid 1)1 "' wf( ' 11 l ' Mn nll<1 Koblnson l.cJW lUNUrVUlieailS U0r$i nl Eutvka Springs Nol Give "Square Dcnl" I Uuljliison will iiol alicnil Ihe conj vcntion us he IcfL yeslerdav fo- NEW ORLEANS, Sc[)t. 9. (l)l>)_ ' San I'cilro. On!., where lie will sail fur the Samoan Islands with a< communion to make a silrvey of the Ilnn-cy Combs, secretary of llv central committee, said the cnm- tnltlce will meet lomoi'row afler- nuon lo certify Dciuoerallc noiul- iK-rs mimed nl the August prl- since Monday noon. v:as pinned against the piling of Hie pumping en, shot their way to liberty in a gun Tight with two railroad rietec- station by the terrific pressure of i lives in the Baltimore and Ohio | the current. A pile driver war• railroad yurils tcnlay. rushed from here to sink piling un- i The men were dressed in prison ' til the current's vice-like grip was I garb and wore numbers front aiid • released. back, the officers said. The fugi- ; flBUZE Over a day ago Danese dis- • lives came in on an inbound train ; JVI-inv SKiiic nr>cli-n\>f>r! nn >peared teneath the canal,watr:"l from southern points. ! ^-' ^ „ -.T naming Sea at riraus, Greece. appeared on his fifth attempt, to repair : leak in the piling through which water was seeping beneath the station. "I'll be up for dinner." he said a= he waved goodbye lo his friend! wjio ^'cre folding the surface end of the life line. The job was nearly done. _,' He had on a nclipel but not ti diver's suit. PIHAUS, Greece, Sept. 9. (UP) — | A sea of fire produced by benzine 1 Hooded the hurbor ant! be- j came ignited destroyed fifteen sail- i ing ships and one steamer here- to- i day. • Iowa Institution Held Up; Tllr(?e ™ n <>™ were burned to • ... , in i r A cjealh nn[J thirty others injured. ;• 1 Oday by Band Ot Arm- It was reported the benzine flowed DanCillS. _ j s ji junker Donax arid that a cook - J i on a Greek ship Ignited the fue' OTTU.MWA. Iowa. Sept. 9 (UP) ! when he threw a piece of burning The new S30.000 grammar and j —The Oltowa Savings Bank was . w'ood overboard, junior high school building at: held up today by a gang of bandits Depots of the Standard Oil com- Whitton. Ark.. 35 miles southeast ; who escaped wllh belween $20,000 pany and (he Shell Petroleum View Icokins toward Santo Domingo waterfront from Hie customs house Mth workers searching wreckage. Coste and Beilonte Quit Washington for New York VALLEY. STREAM, N. Y., Sept. 0 UP)—Ulcudonno Coste and Maurice Belloule landed their trans-At- lantic sesqm'-plane Question Murk nt RcoLCvelt Field at 1:45 p. in. today after a flight, from Washington. WASHINGTON, Sept. 9. (UP) — Two French aviators. Ca\>t. Dlcn donne Coste and Maurice Beilon- te, left here at 10:17 a. m. today ior New York in the Question Mark, the plane in which they flew from Paris to New York. New $30.000 School \ at Whitton Dedicated j of here, was dedicated last evenln-" and S25.COO. with appropriate exercises. C. C. Denney, of the State Teachers college at Comvay. made the princi- company were believwl in danger Armed with pistols five men en- ; but were not damaged. tered the bank simultaneously at ten a. m.. and when all were at the pal address and Miss Willie A. Law- grated window a command was giv- scn. county supcriiitendeni. als3 j en to "stick 'em up." This was made an address. The new brick building is modern in every respect and will fill a followed by an order- to lie down on the floor of the bonk, which was obeyed by seven employes of the long felt need in that vicinity, ed- I bank and four customers. ucalors say. [ At the door of the bank as the Benjamin Hnrton. who recently ! five inside were carrying out what received his M. A. degree from ! appeared to be a carefully, planned j of the school. i gang, while ano'.her. making a total ! Miss Winnie V. Turner, county | of eight, fat at. the wheel of a se- ; supervisor, and Miss-Lula Scott i dan with an Iowa license. i clerk, also attended the exercises. Arrests Negro Wounded in j Georgia Race Trouble DAR1EN, Ga., Sept. 9. (UP)- i Sheriff Poppell announced today | that rational guardsmen under | Prevost, Atkins Will Appeal; Man-, Docketed as 'Schlesky.Torfeits Deposit R. S. Prevost, manager of the Red Uall barber shop, and Carlos i Atkins we're fined $100 each in pol- i ice court this morning as the result of a raid by officers Saturday night on the barber shop in the uptown business section. Both asked for appeal bonds on cev.Ll.LU IJIJ .... n. V,L^.1_L ..,*... - ,.|>j,l,ll tLl LU WV <1 L..1 I cl 111 t J. plUilllSrli j >f /-, /-. 1 V, , , r Duke University, N. C., is principal | robbery stood two more of the : New Government Orders ^ al ' cs or , "f^' possession of Arrest of Ousted Presi- «L dent and Mis Associates. liquor on which they were convict- Police made another arrest at the Hotel Noble Monday following raid earlier in the day. Russell BUENOS AIRES. Sept. 0. (UP) Marr, who was listed on the war•The government issued orders to rant charging Illegal possession as • day for stein action to prevent re- "John Schlesky" failed to appear currence of street Fighting that! this morning and his deposit of broke out last night immediately 15100 was ordered forfeited, after the inauguration of the revo- i Judge W. D. Gravette withheld lutionary government headed by his decision in rases charging two General Jose E. Uribimi. • I girls, Irene Warren and Evelvn | The i>f martini law creal'.'il ,11 I CUSP sllmillmi here today •• I Louisiana voted in the prlinnrv lo determine whclher Governor Iliivy P. I-ong or Senator Jbseuh Rans- Ulell should be the Democratic wim- j Inee for United Stales senator, j Several companies of Ihe ntitlon- I al -gutml were moblll/cd nf. Jnr':- Jon barracks including i'. hnsulcil mill nnd Infantry and artillery detachments. The city's new-simpers, nil o' whlrh have been nt-llve In attack- hie lone during the cniiiuntiin. lint' ! their plants guarded by city police j Less than 12 hours before lh« . J i">lls were opened Loin had snlil j j "If I don't gel n straight deal n'll |-. nl ' , ... ~ „ i of New Orleans police and city a-l- lilvlhcville LompVCSS 1'ai' ' ministration I nm going to taki ' ! drastic steps." 1 H was thought by "drastic, st»ra" HERE TOP STfilE I ni il I the'governor meant he would plnci I'C, Long blyllie- | Ihn dlv under martial law. li Local villc Institution, pletely Remodeled. Ahead of All Arkansas Points This Season. • imtgn durlnir which were made on boll- Wllh 2.150 bales out of n stile lolal of 7.595, (he Dlylhevllle com- I sides nnd the governor licensed of' l )ress la5 ' wcck received more than iklduapnim: Ivvo witnesses In astnte in I'mrlcr of all Ihe cotlon dcllvcr- ' ' ' ' i ... i- Arkansas compresses last highway Investlpntion wns featur- Want Free School for Younger Children Until School Funds Are Gone. Acting for a group of SO local school patrons. Attorney E, E, Ale'x- ander wll) ask the Blytheville pub-, lie Eclioo board to withhold tuition . charges In the grammar grades until all available funds for the main- -.': tennnce of free public schools here have been exhausted, he told the Courier News this afternoon. ' .•• The .situation Is the result of tuition fees wing placed on nil students matriculating In Blytheville public schools which opened yosler- ." day. A large deficit In the annual school funds can only bo remedied by payment of .tuition or state legislation providing for un increase . In the 18 mill school tax. school of- j flclnls say. . • •••• : Teachers this morning Informed .heir pupils that those whose tui- .lon fees were not paid would not be admitted to heir classes his afternoon. • ; .Hopes for Agreement' Alexander Indicated that lie believed arrangements could- be modo with the school board lo permit grammar school students to "attend without, paying tuition, but that-it this failed the petitioners would seek an Injunction restraining school authorities.from sending any children home until the available school funds have been used. Tile list of persons represented by Alexander .is as follows: I. R Bracken, W. G. .Maxwell. 'H.--A. Livingston, George Edwards' C j Speck, H. B. Wright, A. J Baker R. D. Wolf, H Walpole, S Mi-Watson, J. H. Robertson", H. E. Hirgott Gus Crow, J. w, Sonders 'R I, villc community for Ihe years and ha sbccn at Un location at Second an<J streets for 20 years. A number of nnse and mouth In his "olel apnrtinenls bv William O bales.- and McOeliee. lhc °"^ othpr comnrcsses MFr out.of a state Plsher. A. Harrington, John Lb'ne : Shor^vlth •l,7if : r .;J : .Smlth,.Houier. Euros and Mtf f ^: with 1.083. arr j W. A. Wheat. ' •" • r 1 ^-.™ a X" jmurcsses thai Crawford Greene. sui»riiitnnrinni: . ... -Wlceand. rejMrter. who had taken ' l)nvc received over 1.000 bales this n " l , ofrense nt n vile epithet hurled at wllli Pine Bluff and Little j '-'im by the Rovernor when he wetiH Rc ^ k - usually amonc the leader? establ I hme, t w, swept bv, d to cnvcr scrvlcc of thc subnoen. " f" behind with 741 and n o « fire 1 fosemnil thoown ™ ' ' " °" lllc Bortvguirrts of 2m respectively. oown . e- lust' co, ed a re U ',iM ," Ulil governor setad the reporter! Receipts nt Blylhevllle arc snh- ' nll lvlll N'«""nll nhp»d of the averae to-.- equipped with modern store MX- • lures, planned for the efficient utll-1 Izatlo nof floor space. ' The store wll handle a varied ' line ol dry eoncls and ready-lo- I wear clothing for men. women and I children, inr-ltttling a large slock of j shoes. Practically all arc nation- , ally advertised lines. , A feature of the opening Thurs- ; day. which will be held from 9 p I m. to 9 p. in. will be the giving of \ five ladles' prizes nnd lour for men, i and while two nrmed men stood • s'nntuiliy nhend of the average for governor struck him In th?'far-1 whole they arc lagging fnr behind, with his hand. Later Ihe governor |" Shloments from Arkanws co-n- I Dresses lasl week were 3,38!) bales, lined the '"""vlng a nel Increase In slock or hand of ever 4.000 bales for I lie week. Slock on hand in Arkan c T: iiiled. ' compresses totals 100.81,1 biles. of the structure which has been thoroughly modernized and orated. Two handsome entrances, flanked by three the VS mo r s e t n a e t'tractive"'fron( 1 s IiTthe i rc "? r '™ W " S , lmDcr?matl »« n business section. The interior t= :""'. offlcer wlllch llle reporter de- "up-to-date display win- ! ami «>" renorter apologized t ir th cextcrior one nf | other ; The governor clalmi Colonel W. R. Neal of Savannah Sprrplarv nf War Cnntinnpi; : J.v" celi;braiion of ceremonies in-1 Horton, with being inmates of" a rantnred a wounded ncsrro. "Bub-: .' Lldl J °' " dl V.. U I1UCS I 5t » lll "B the new government was hou^e of prostutution. captured a wounded negro. "Bubbles Grant," near here at daylight and took him to Savannah for safe keeping. 'The wounded negro was found not far from the scene of the disorder of Monday which resulted In the fatal shooting of acting County Police Chief Robert Freeman, and the capture of George Grant a negro subsequently lynched at the county jail. Poppell said. Journey Down Mississippi From St. Louis. turned Into n "reign of terror" by the well timed plot of a small group In sympathy with the deposed president. Hypolite Yrigoyen and by • housebreaklng. houie of prostutution. Clifton Ross, negro, was turned over to Deputy Constable Harry Taylor to face a major charge of ABOARD THE STEAMBOAT I confusion that caused forces sup- MtSSISSIPPI ON THE MISSIS- I porting Ihe new ad minis (ration to SIPPI Sept 9 (UP) —The high . believe erroneously for a few hours flood ' portions of the Mississippi • tna ' n coantcr revolution had been river which bore the brunt of the ! star! ^d. 1927 inundation lay before Sccre- 1 Thc government ordered the ar- tary of War Hurley today as he re- ' re: ' 1 of formcr President Yrigoyen and other leaders of the fallen re- forcc and the situation generally j gallon and "need control problems ' 8 fm = including the former vic:- was out of Poppell's hands an*!on the nation's greatest stream. • president. Lnric.i:e Martlnc?. and all - colonel' Hurley arrived In St. tx>uis by i mln "st«s of the Yrlogoyen cabl: airplane iwt night from hb Jionie I ™ u Thc >' ^ Wamec) f ° r l" 0 ""« state. Oklahoma, where he attend- , lo *P""<' '" ror - nl an American Legion convention j and ordered the Captain of his iSaveS OHiccr and NegTO new boat, the Mississippi, to stream southward. Limited martial rule continued in sumed his presonal study of navl- ; under the command of Neal. the sheriff said. Three other negroes are also i custody in Savannah. Armorel Students Attend . 5Ulluwara High School at Luxora \ Previously the General Allen on I from Death in Burning Car Hold Wife for Murder of Husband NEWPORT, Ark., Spt. 9. (UP) — i .Mrs. William East was held on a first degree murder charge today after she had shot and killed her husband as re lay asleep In according tc Paul Rrvsenlhal, manager of the siore. New Pastor WiU Seek Enlarged Membership Explosion of Engine Kills Five PHILADEDPHLV Sept. 9. (UP) i more (hnn double the 43,126 hair r figure of a year ago. ; The Arknmas association *i now i reporting for southonst Mlssour' i cnmtiresses. Caruthersville receiver" • 177 bales tost week, mnklnir the : reason's total IBS. ar.d Havti re! colvnd 98 bales, for a season's total I of 157. The Maiden comorcss has i received 15 bales this season, and ! no report hns been received frorr Eleelc.' Following are the . . . |-Five persons worn killed nnd 11 sas poinU in receipts Inst Arkan- Injured when n switch enqtnc of the Reading rallrmii cxolided in j the company's yard at Third and Erie avenues here today. The engine was known as n i "pusher" nr.d was iwd in shunt- i Activities wil begin at once for ing freight cars. It had just been i e i-nlwsinc. of the Lutheran. moved over the .turntable and i church membership In this city fol- : when about 100 feet from the turn- ! Blvthevlllc 2.1SG Eudora 1.185 Fort Smith ... Pine Elnff — Helena Lcachvllle Conwny McGehee lowing the installation of the Rev. table something went wrong with j West M-mphis . ir. Kleindienst. of Ridgewood. N. J. Uhc Injector, a device for control!- I Forrest. City For the present The Rev. and Mrs. I ing the flow of cold water in!n Kleindienst are guests of Mr. nnd ' the holler, and the loud hissing Mrs. George Lang. .of slcam was followed by a terrific Services will be held Sunday mor- i explosion. nings nl 10:45 o'clock and the j Sunday school an hour earlier, j _, .. • There will be no evening services ohfrilf Goes to Settle except on the fourth Sundays. j The Rev. Mr. Kleindienst, who i graduated fromConcordia Thcologi- : cal Seminary of St. Louis in June Tcxarkana no i 4S4 SIB 3U 2!)7 2fil 255 230 207 2.510 1.741 Rlfl 741 514 344 Crawford Oreene, suiwriiUcndeut of schools. In n brief talk- before the Lions club this noon, safe] that tuition collections for. the-first quarter had exceeded $2,000, with some of the schools unreported and that he believed the number falling to pay would be relatively small. Says Response Good . He said that- he believed'-the people of the district In general upre "responding loyally" to - the needs of the schools, but declared there were some families who would' find it absolutely impossible to meet the charges and that it would be necessary to make some provision for them. At the same time Mr. Greene, declared that he did not believe the tuition system was the proper solution of the school problem. "We, as citizens of this community, must face the problem squarely. The only fair solution Is to put another million or million and half on the district's tax books." The eight students in the llth! week had sailed; northward. 1 which he traveled to St. Louis last , H ale Jackson, deputy sheriff of iOsceola. and a negro prisoner were nnd 12th grades at Armorel arc at- Before the war secretary today ! sa ~ved from, a burning death bet ending school at Luxora at the | was a comprehensive report on the i neath Jackson's overturned car on invitation of this school, which has i progress of Ihe Improvement of l a Crittenden county highway Sun- opened ils doors to all pupils re- 1 navigation of the Missouri. The 'day, according to reports, when a siding out of the district not hav- 'gist of the report It was learned i truck driver pulled them from lining these grades. ' was that soin a water highway der the machine. Students from Ynrbro nnd Dell | will be available to facilitnte cheap io r i. rnn » i q o ta tn ( | was chas- have also said they will go to Lux- . movement of grain from Kansas ora. [City lo St. Louis nnd southward. No tuition will be charged and ' Ihe Luxora school will accept stu- • dents so long as no additional j City Council to Hold teachers have to be employed in to havbeen a I , bootlegger's'machine, when he fall- 1 ed ao negotiate a curve after speed: Ing into Crittenden county. The • officer's car overturned and was whm the gasoline tank apartment late yesterday. She iu- Year's Taxes With State I Secretary of AerlcnUurc Hyde to- i day incrcisnd Ihe number of coun- ! ties rerU(l?d for emer»rncy frcl«h' The people of t!-,e dlslrict, he said, have their choice between the additional taxation and a substandard school. It would be possible to operate schools on the present income, he said, but It wpuld nol operale them on their present high standard. The tuition plan, he seid. Is cniy nn emergency measure until a permanent solution can be: worked out. The district will be under an additional handicap this year, Mr! Greene said, due to a reduction in the per capita state apportionment.' Last year at this time the school districts of the state were given Give Additional Counties *"° " JCr ")"•' of **°°' »se. «* this year they will receive only WASHINGTON. Sept. 9. (UP)—' 329 hp_.; 1 1 rei W. W. Shaver, short ft rmd col- • drouth relief lo 1.024. of 1929, spent Mils summer at the I 'c«or. and his chirr deputy, Clnr- j ^Rtelv one llilrd of nil the co-m- Lulherland colonk of the Pocono : encc Wilson, will co to Ihe state | r."'^ ",'" {] ' rt sti e. Mountains of Pennsylvania where : capital tomorrow vrr.ere they wi!': r .'',," ,,, ,« ,.,,„^ ,;„... 1lcv , he did religiins work. | Pny $150.541.24 to the state Ireas- ! hc ^ \^ A . zmonr. llinsc rwiiilrlncr' .. the stl c;, share in m col- \ When he was installed Sunday'. .rcium ran- ren-i me -taa'u morning there were a number of j «tions in MiwMppl county this:,^ nv induttc( , 317 ' col]nll ' cs in i-i?itmg ministers Including: The- 5car Rev. E. H. Koerber. of Cape Girnr- i ThD money which hns been !f!r»les. icndcd lo kill herself alter shoo.-I dcati; The ~Rev~~H.~Haiicrberg'or; dc P° 5lt '» banks over MlsslsMppI, crawford'^n'ndNva^hlreton^^ "' ing her husband but lost courage. St. Louis; The Rev. Virgil Bruegge count y represents collections on : ' she told police. The couple ha>l -• "- • • — - - - •'-> - '-- •"-" •— •<-- • quarreled frequently, officers said. Hoid Huffman Brothers for Tent Show Fight Rex and Reginald Hughes, 21, twin brothers of the Huffman community, are lodged in jail today on charges of assault and battery while Blan H. Williams and Lo-, . Monthly Meeting Tonight ; iSu and gas pourcd ww lho TIN CANS FOR SHOW : body. The officer and negro were ATLANTA, Oa. (UP)-An Allan-! T »<! c\ly couuncll will hold its ! wedged under the car and were un- ta Iheatre recently charged chil- < regular monthly meeting at the able to free themselves until the dren six old tin cans admission \ C "V -hall tnnight. According to'truck driver's timely arrival. They They hurled them In n huge truck [ Mayor Neill Reed no business of' were only slightly injured. in front-of the theatre as they en- lertsl. unjor importance Is expected to . The car was heavily damaged by be brought up at tonight's session. ( lire, Complications Following Typhoid Cause of Death Odis Wldner, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Wldner succumbed at the family home In the Little River community last night nt 12 o'clock. Complications following nn fatal* of llemphls: The Rev. A. E, Going' slftto taxes tor !W9 less the usllal u .'t T • IT- i- of Pnrmn. Mo. , commissions far tl-.c Fhi-rifl's omce. j Identltv I rain Victim All services are held at the St i Artcr makir ? payment to the i S'.cplien Epifcr-pal church ' ! slalc treasury Sheriff Shaver anrt . . ; Djnuly Wilson will contimte to i as John Perry of Hayti Relatives have Identified the body altercation, said to have taken place at a tent show near Huffman late yesterday. Williams Is nossibiv In. a serious condition with a fractured skull but Moore Is said .to have been dismissed from the hospital. tt • y f\ M .. i Ho! Springs where thcv will at-', Rela 1 Union VCSDer Collections llcnd the state Democratic convon-: rr the victim of n Iraln accident I Trouble Is said to have started Given to Loral Red Cross i tlon _____ The sum of $42.37 hs been turn- 1 . cd over to the local Red Cross as ! T a 1| Heavv Peer to the collrcilon from the union ves- ' _.. "CaVV repr 10 ve^lcrdav near Holland as that of i when some one began throwing joh G. Pmy. 75 vear old bachelor | candy and cotlon about the audl- of nenr Havtl. Mo. • ence at the tent show. The Hughes 1 Identmcallon was based en let- twins, and the two Huffman farm'- and First Christian churches Tir i ^i i ii n Li i ' Prs found In a pocket of Perry's i ' rs are said to have walked out- Wed Lolonei S Daughter; rl-thtne. a pair of glasses nnd by | side the tent to settle ft disoute itlv clothes worn. (when the fight started. Undertaking company. The decca:«l is survived Methodist church, were attended Lieut "CPJ'T Byrne Selinr. „.,.„..,, „ , „ ,- , by ravcval """•d"'! I»oplc on each Graham is 21 'vrars old. C foet f parents, three brolhers and two occasion. The three ministers of sisters. these congregations were in chnroe, inches pounds. KimerM services will probably be | ?, n( * nfternoon at the Caruth- i" cemetery. The Cobb Un- | company Is In charge ol I Dians. The deceased Is survived by two r islslers. Mrs'. Laura Whitaker, with tall and weighs nearly 2ir whom he made his home, and Mrs. were both sln:ck -bver U Is stated. Minnie Cosey. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Occasional thundershowers tonight and Wednesday.

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