The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1946
Page 2
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PAU8 TWO BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 30. 194G BfAJ CrXiple Henored At Reee$>ti6rt Last Night lit' fchd krs Afwlrfw |kios«5 re- c*lv£l niftrriic* eengratulallons frorainthf 'r*liUV« »nd friends last night Wven eoApllmtritwi with a re- <*pUbn it Hotel Noble attended by 260 guests trorri numerous points. Th« formal affair .sparkled with gaiety with the bride and bridegroom, nurrMi here Prlday. Hie centtr of «ttraft!on throughout the tuning *njj> formtr Miss lone George, dai*ht*r of Mr. and Mrs. M. George, and Mr. Moses, of Ro&notce, Va., re- ceiVe^S with the bride's mother uml her .ilster, Miss Edith. Oeorge. Three private rooms of Hotel Noble were a setting • with • the Blue RooijS used for refreshments and later for dancins while the guests gathered Ih the Rose Robhi and the Colonial Room, arranged for cards. White gladioli. decorated all of these, rooms with ,the ' b»ll room uillars concerted Into'gladioli trees by thfe massing of these blossoiris'to the tilling Pafi-shipedl boilqu<*ts of the same'flowers were •In all of the casement'itindows lo forrii a background for the two refreshments tnblei and the bar. • •trie refreshment tables, formlhg a V-shape, had dtiiterpleces of red rtosesi. flanked. *(th bouqiiels of the whit*, flowers and twin punch bowls. - Bdwe'erl ih'eie was-lhe bVal-slmped ; table holding thfc five ttertd beaui Ufiiliy oWbf-atW wedding cake, top• ped with a. mtnlatAire bridal couple beneath »n iirch of white satin and embfdldered ; tulle/ Yancey's Qrch^str'a .Of Memphis furnished-music for dancing in the ball room with UK bride and bridegroom l*»arft|'ta* firtt rtin«, followed by JnemSfs of' the families Kith fri&Mi Joining -in later. The briae^wore a striking gown of whit* ntt" with long silk gloves and a cpniifct of dtefc red roses. There • wM bthef Mitertalnment with cards played in the gome room Leaves For Wedding Trip and fipt^t&Uj fiulnbers- presented Mrs. J. A, Saliba ' and Mrs. N. Koiify of Ste<w;- Md., presided at the punc,h"b6Wi' ifith Mrs. Rene George .and sirs., Armin Shuker of Los Angete>,< Calif., serving the cake. Mrs..#j*d Salrba was In charge of the gueiV "booS- I I Students Present Recital Last Night Mrs. j. Cecil l^owe presented icr piano students In a recita lust night fit First Methodist Church. In addition to piano presentations wore- two Raggedy Ann Konys, "Little Wooden Willie" nnd "The Tired Old Horse" by four- yciii'-old Jerry LoWe. jlmmle Lowe presented a clarinet soto, "Adante und Mimic from llhap.sody In Wile." Don Brown played a duet with Mrs. Lowe, "The Dukes Song," and solos, "A Lille Jig, rh« Toy Windmill," und "The Katydid nnd the Cricket" Jo Alice Mc- cuilru's numbers were "Costanets" nnd ••Taiantflle In b Minor": nulh ilalc and Mrs. Lowe played a duet, ';Two Banjoes," ami Ruth's solos were "The Gay Cavtlller," ••The Wind," alid "Cotloli Tails." Millie Anil Mhllory played "llusllc Dunce" and "Oti the Mnglu I.aKe"; Ann Powell. "The Lily Pool" hiid "Singing Fihgers"; Ann Wilford, "Moonlight Hevelh" and "Twinkle-Iocs"; Belly Powell, "II Hiiclo" and "Melody In F", Fiiyc Terrell, "Cotintry Gardens" and "Nobody Knows", Mary Sue Berryinan, "Morning Motxi" und • "Moonlight Sonata"; Jimmy I/we 1 "Minuet :i L'Antltiuc." Julia Johnson played "Bar- chctla" and "Clnlre de Lime" mid Wnnda Biirhain, "The Butterfly and "1'ollclilnelle.' 1 Present for the formal recital were 125 listeners. Program-bearers, also dressed formally, were Canncn Johnsol und Jerry Brown. The singe was decorated will baskets of piitk and white peonies Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Moses left loday for a month's ttccUlhg trip With Roanoke. Va.. his home, io IK their first stop. Afler a visit there, during .which time they will be complimented wtlli a formal reception, llie'y will inolor to Miami, Florida and Inter ny lo Havana, Cuba. Mrs. Moses was bclore her ninrriiigc! Friday. Miss lone George. Miss Blankenship Bvicle Of Lohnic Kavl Wolfe •'Of Intcrr-st here Is ahiniilncemcnl wedding ot Miss Bultye Ulankctishlp of Moneltc, of Blythcvljle, lo Lonnle . teUij»7&o*ry of St«le and Mrs. | 0 [ t n , Ernest <3*otie'oi-preenwoodi Miss., | ,j e!m n( sang •'Jiy^ro^a "Sw*ethe»rt s " ro |. nlel „. „, , and .modern duice numbers were \I'K IU -I Wolfe, .son of Ntf. nvul Mrs. presented bjr.ll-year-old Norm* Sa- i^ jj \volfe also of Mouetlt. The llba and her, latter-old brother, At- rormcr Miss Blankenship inade her fred SsAlba,. pi Dothan','Ala. Missl nmnl . wlln | )cr grniulinolhcr, Mrs. /"llrirt V-ftttMr nf •C^^.hik. iiir,,- >,<.,.,t^l -\ \_-.l k ,. , . Olgn ItbUry ol 'St*ele .was pianist - for GUesti irtf e IroW : diyUievi\le, Do' M'uu- Hl(^I^ ford, T*rir£j' TJaiebla; • Cairo, ,t\\.; Cdvlhgtorl, TertK.: Los' Angeles, Dallas, Texas; pfir'eyeport, La.; Steele, Luxora ,:--i... .»;.;•* • Social- Alfairs Honor Guests social" weekend , ^honoring gyeste f/.tiMiit fi^r the .Miis Bnte. v :aeorii'e atid Moses of -Ro»riqk», Va.; was an nl fresco supper" p»rty Sunday night at thie. hoirte -of the bride's parents, Mr .'arid !Mrs..M; pforge, ami a bruncH .p*rty-y*sterdaV morning iislon were Mi'.s. U. S. Illnnkon- hip of Dell, tlit Ijiiita'.i slsl'cl'-in- nw. Hint » sister, Mrs. Robert Mu- viiight uf St. Louis. Program Is Announced For Fellowship Luncheon When women of iilllaiths gnthe at the May Fellowship Luncticu Friday at Hotfel Noble, they wl hear a program on "The Families in Our Town." it has been announced by Mrs. James Hill Jr., president, who will preside at the luncheon meeting. The Rev. R. Scott Balrd. pastor of First Christian Church, will be trie principal speaker with otheis to take pail on the program Including Mi's Jol! " F - Fields, Mrs. George Stllwell, Mrs. Harvey T. Kldd and Mrs. Kvissell Barham. Mrs. II. C. Allen will present vlo- lln selections nnd play the offer- lory with Mrs. John Caudlll at the piano. The new officers will foe Installed by Mrs. 1i. A. Lynch In a ceremony. Ri'servntloiis for the popiilar- nrloc luncheon may be made wllh church leaders for this attalr to be held in the Blue Room, beginning al 1 pm. This outstanding event has been urranued by the Blylhevllle Council of Church Women, formed two years ago as a milt of church women throughout Hie world to promote fellowship. • • • )oris Aclair Hostess Miss Doris Adair was hostess ast night to 13 meml>ers of the 'ou'ng Women's Association ol Irst Baptist Church. Following Hie brief business Kes- iou, there was u social hour and er'reshmcnls were -served by the ostess. ft was announced that the meet- :ig next week woul^l be with Mrs. I. E. Johnson, class instruclor. * * » Birthday Party Given or Sandra Kay Saliba Saiidrn Kay Sulllia observed her Irst birthday Saturday .when her uother, Mrs. Eddie Sallba, and iralidinoliicr. Mrs. J. A. Sallba. inlertiilned with a party at the [rnmlparculs* home. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Sr-liba. whose loine is In Wlchila Falls, TeXiis. ire here us jniests of his parents, Dt'.'and Ivtvs. J. A. Sallba. having coiiie for the wedding of Miss Cone George and Andrew Moses of Rbalioke, Va. Snliilra Kny and tots present were served vefreshmehts of ice creftiii and cake. , Is April Bride Mrs. Herbert, A. Young was before her marriage April 20 Miss Barbara Jenn McKelvy, who made her home with her grandmuther. Mi's. Rebecca Doxicr and step-father, C. A. Voitcr. The \veddhvg wus solemnized in Hoiuando, Miss., by the Rev. 11. a. Vinson, Daptlsl IKistor. At The Hospital* Walls Hospital Admitted: Evelyn Bunn. Rt. 2, city. Mrs, Leroy Camburn, Aimorel. ncnton Moody, Rt. 1, city. Albert {Taylor, city. Dismissed: Thomas Melvln Perrcll, city. Kelly Ann Rose, city. Nella Simpson, city. Mrs. Leroy Ellison, city. Klytheville Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Eutran Henson. Huffnifin. George Cassicly, Huffman. W. B. Ncely, city. Lois Mouldy, city. Di.sml.sscd: Qiiincy Oliver Alexander, city. John William Chunn, city. Mrs. W. I. Scotl. city. Memphis Kujilist Hospital Admitted: Mrs. J. K. Morgan, Wilson. Sam Cnrmtchael, Joiner. M»ni|il'is Mflhuillst Hiispital Admitted: Robert McCarn, Luxora. Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Long, Braggadocio, Mo., a daughter. .Memphis St. Joseph Hospital Admitted: Leroy Urownlee, Joiner. 15A15Y CHICKS 3 In 5 days old—$4 to $12 per (10. Several breeds —'Feeds, Founts — Feeders. KI.fcVATOU FKKD STORE Broadway at K. K. Trails We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 R. Main Phone 073 Landys' Beauty Shop » 200,'J W. Main St. Phone 3990 Landys Rowlett Andrew \L E. Newcomi). The double ting ceremony was solemnized Sunday nllcrrtoon, •! .o'clock,, nt . the First McllKxllst tlnnch in Monette, with the Rev aaiiies riihcVd. pastol' of Mohetlc Saplist Church, offlclaling. Tall white Ilnor baskets of rci and white peonies formed a back- Uround lor Uic wcddhiK unryl. MLss Charley Ruth Blunkcnshlp. of^ Dell, niece of the bride, presented a piano program of nilptirti For processionals, she play- n . tu ".i of My Life" and "Always." She sftiiR "Indian Love Call" and played UiuUUorwl wedrttag mwches. Wearing a dress of ,ois Eibh Pirseiited In Diploma Recital Miss Lois Elch. who will receive icr tliploma in voice May 39 when giultimted from Gulf Pink Junior College, presented licr diploma re- cltiil Thursday «t Gulf tilvk Col- h'BC, Gulfport, Miss. j Her numbers were:.•"Rend 1 11 Se- rcno al Cigllu" Kiindel; "The Kiss." Beethoven; "Die Lotosblume" Schu- inniin; "The First Primrose" Orlce: "OvcV the Stc\»lit." GrutchaiiinolT; "All the WOl'ld's in'LdVc" Wood- mnn. Mis.i Eich, dnuahtuv of Mr. nnd Mrs. Loy B. Eich. Will-receive licv Associate in ArtR degVce. hoi- accessories were Iliesli, white nnd a at which Mrt. hostesa. '-h "-'•?<?'.• corsage of while carnations was ( plliucd at her shoulder. I •J.* A. Saliba was! T ' hi; * Mc ' s mnl<l ° f htm ° r W ""' [ another niece, Miss Mary Frances ink wool o'clock. ' irrt 100 .li?? and • party : yisterday tO 12 . „,.. OfSpHng *.. of ' \ artoiis shades. ndwers, , peonies Soil -'other • 'np*»r s were placed . /^hrbughout tt* ' SAlibfl '- • " ' -'• • Blythevmi. Chirtl Society members rehearted-las* nl«ht -at City Auditorium" for their Bering Concert, lo be presented FrW»y night at the City Hall auditorium Patrons not previously announced are Mr.~in<i Jiri. ;J. Louis Cherry. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Barham, Drs. Bdnt and Carl Nies. r Dr. hrtd Mrs. Hunter C., . Buns, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. E M. necenold, Mr. avid Mrs. Paul Pryot, Mr. and Mrs ..Riissell Phillips, »*f. and -Mrs.. harry FritzluS, Mr. arid Mrs. J. B Halsell. Mr. and Mrs. A. \O. Shibley. W. b. Cobb •nd Mr., and. Mrs. j. A. Leech. David Graber M rto* leading tn tM ticket-sale vith It tkket« >oW. Wintver will be -awarded a »25 WaV Bond. It was announced at last night's iMfetlhg that those vith unsold tk**tt should turn them In by F*W»y noon. ...... accessories and a l>i» k blouse. Pinned at her shoulder was an orchid arid she carried a white prayer wok. William S. Wolte, USN. served \is brother as best man. He is home on leave from San Diego wllerr: he is stationed. 1 Ushers were J. E. doss and Owen lloskiiis Jr.. bolh of Monclle. They will spend a wedding trIP at Mouht Pclit Jean before rclurtt- thg to Moucttc to make their horn 1 - 1 . Ml-s. Wolfe, who now is an in- sll-uctor at Caraway School, taught ichool at AvmoiTl before golnc .here. She was graduated Irom Mo»- ctte High School and attended Arkansas State College. Jonesboro. He was graduated from Monclte High School and sewed [our i'fars Hi the Navy. .Three years FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sires 12 in. to 36 in. A. H Webb H\vy. (il at Slate I'hone: Blvtheville 7M FRITZIUS i Always Something New This Week'siSpecidl! 1000 PAIRS Men's Broadcloth Shorts Siies HO lo 42i Two wide elastic insets in the waist. Metal grlpk>er fronts. Until they are jjone they will he on Kale nil this week at the ijidicVilously low .price of 45c per Pair Oon't ask me where or how, just cximc and get 'em. Plenty of other "jo'Hs 1 ' t»»o when you look for them at FRITZIUS "Always Something New" 2017 W. Main Phorue 3457 Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. rh. 4»1 . Berrlte We D*U»er Anywhere Mr*. J. M. (MM) WMItaiiw »»n«T Olcne** BMf. I.OKKN'E'S BEAUTY SHOP 1215 \V. Main Slr«l PHONK 2842 Lor cue Hamilton Georgia Hudson * Insurance of every kind Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Glcncoe Hotel Jildg. * Contindnu» Snow* SHOP THE Blytheville Choral Society Umler the Direction of Mrs. Dalian C. Fowlslon Will Present Us SPRING CONCERT on Friday, May 3rd, 8:30 p.m, in "Y" AUDITORIUM (CITY MALI, HUlf.HING) iMrs. iMurruy Sniiirt, AfCorapanist Students 50c —ADMISSION— Adults $1.00 Tills Awnuunremenl Hpoiisoteil by BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Office Opens l:4k Show BUrta 2:90 LIHTKN IX) KLCN I:M *.«. 12:15 p.m. 4:M | Tuesday She Went to the Races with .T:i nirs C' r:i iy a »il J-'riiiu-cs t'iilTonl Selected Short Su'ijool Conlinuous Showing Everyday f sea duty in the Pacific and European Theaters. Among the guests present for the The Beauty Nnok Ill No. First • tabef ELECTWCAL CONTRACTING Ltt 11% Hglir* your total contract includ Repair on 'wiring and acccs- WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. Phone M71 baby. .. now ready for you in our complete ' baby department | YOUR BABY'S HEALTH depends largely on the diets and medicines your doctor Advises. I lis happiness reflects your careful choice of soaps, oik, powders and other comfort*. You'll find everything your doctor recommends in our corqptete Baby Detjartinent. Frorrt prescriptions, carefully compounded by a registered pharmacist, to infant playthings, you may be certain all your de*it« will havt ou* personal, interested Rttehtfott. If you're about to have a baby, come in now and list the things you want. We'll haVe them ready for you the minute you corn* home from the hospital. For all post-natal, ns well as pre-natal, baby supplies, you'll find vis helpful in every way and at your service at any time. Consult your doctor for what your baby needs. Let your druggist, furnish them. Why not come in today? NVednt'sday & Thursday Friday They Were* Expendable with ICobrrt >I(i!it!;t)inery and Selected SHnrt Subjects (,'ontimious Sliowini; Kveryday COMING SOON TO TI1K RIT7.: TARS * Sl'AKS wilh Janet Blair anil .Vlfrril Drake ADVKNTUKK with Clark Gable & Grcor Gar.soti MY UKIM'TATIOX with Harbara Stanwyck A Gcorse Brent KITTY with ]<:iuleU<! Ooililard * Kill .\Iillaiul Shown I.pft— Natural Beige Elk Si/cs s'/j to u !/ 2 —::.r,o si/cs 12 to :! — *>. Matinees S:it. & Gun. Only IVn Office Open; 6:30; Show Start* 6:43 P. M. Kach Evrnlnf Opens Sandajr !:!»; SUrta 1:11 Cuntlnaonn Sliows Sat. and Ban. Barualn Nijht Ercry Nliht Except Satnrday. No paam honored «n 8«nd>r •* Kie Roiy. Tncsdny antl Wednesday DOimi.K FKATURE Why not cfcack yoiir he«d< on flii» ilsr? D A?PUC*TO« O fOWO« Q TBSUft LIBAIY fOOM OC««**iS''" d SO** QHAIRMUtM QMArtM Q OILI D STtRiurw D *omB Q TOTJ See These Tfcree New Arrivals! Shown Alxivtf All Tati'iil Sandnl. Narrow w i rt t li s. Sizes !2 lo i!—1.1)0 DRUG STORE Roy Woods — Owners — Ralph Nichol* "The Spoi Where Hlytheville Meets 1 ' Two Phones—507 and r>08 \V« Deliver 221 West Main St. All SIMS Shown I.rn— White V,\\. S'/2 to 11!',. WK C!.OSK AT NOON WBDNKSDAY V-l O • IB ^L^ ^^ ••^ *~ f mm^f TO of f I PEOPlf THE LOVE BUG HAS GOT 'EM! fe, MW Leo GORCEY- Haiti HAIL

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