St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on November 1, 1996 · Page 64
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 64

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1996
Page 64
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8VG ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1996 VOTERS' GUIDE site Senators, Challengers Square Off five Missouri state senators from the St Louis area are facing opposition in Tuesday's election. Three of the senate races include third-party candidates. An open seat in the 1st District is being sought by two candidates. Sen. Irene E. Treppler, a Republican, did not seek re-election. In the 3rd District, incumbent John E. Scott, a Democrat, will square off against Republican Leonard F. Arons and Ronald Levy of the U.S. Taxpayers Party. In the 13th District, incumbent Wayne Goode, a Democrat, is being challenged by R.W. Baumer, a Republican. Three incumbent Republicans are being challenged, including Francis E. "Franc" Flotron Jr. of the 7th District. Democrat James "Jay" Russell opposes him. In the 15th District, incumbent Walt Mueller is opposed by Patricia D. Gray, a Democrat, and Matthew W. Peters, a Libertarian. And in the 23rd District, incumbent Steve Ehlmann faces George Hahn, a Democrat, and Kurt C. Trachte, a Libertarian. State senators serve four-year terms and earn $23,491 a year. Each contested candidate was asked for his .or her views. Each was asked: Why should you be elected to the position you are seeking? What is your legislative agenda, or your priorities in office? What specific pieces of legislation do you think should be passed while you are in office? What strategy will you pursue as responsibility for many programs shifts to the states from the federal government? Here are the responses of area candidates for state senate: it Weber Yeckel DEMOCRAT" GLORIA WEBER AGE: 63 HOME: Mehlville OCCUPATION: Retired clergy of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, elementary school teacher and business owner POLITICAL CAREER: Elected in 1992 as state representative from the 99th District. Defeated in 1994 re-election bid WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: I represent the interests of working men and women. I have been endorsed by teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, manufacturing, service, building trades and technical workers. I have experience in both large and small family businesses. My goal is prosperity for both business owners and employees. PRIORITIES: I seek to keep taxes low while maintaining necessary services by: 1. Making sure public money supports only public education. 2. Insisting that South County schools get their fair share of educational funds from Jefferson City. 3. Demanding efficient use of our tax dollars in all levels of state government SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: In meeting this challenge, state government should work with St Louis-and county governments and foundations, universities and nonprofits to organize public dialogues to address the issue. We must craft comprehensive responses to replace fragmented partial and ineffective aids. Consolidation of agencies, use of innovative methods and delegation of responsibility to those closer to the problem (s) will result in cost reduction. QUALIFICATIONS: As a state representative, District 99, 1993-94, I voted against a large tax increase without a vote of the people, supported a tough crime bill and sponsored welfare reform (self-sufficiency pacts) that enabled 32,000 people to leave the welfare rolls while aiding businesses in training and hiring workers. I am a wife of 42 years, mother of four, grandmother of five, former police chaplain, teacher, family counselor and owner of a road construction firm. REPUBLICAN ANITA T. YECKEL AGE: 53 Congress from page seven SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Block grants are inefficient because the federal government taxes state citizens, keeps a huge percentage of the revenue to maintain the federal bureaucracy, and returns a small portion back to the states. The federal government can help by cutting federal spending drastically and then cutting taxes so that money for local programs will be collected from local sources without the federal government having HOME: Sunset Hills OCCUPATION: Homemaker POLITICAL CAREER: Elected to the Lindbergh School District Board of Education in 1990, 1993 and 1996 WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: Throughout my life, both public and business, I have successfully worked to set high goals and standards, build consensus to find a common path, and judge success by the results. We hear much about "reinventing" government. What we really need to do is restructure government redefine its mission and return it to the people. This can be done without hurting people. I believe individuals know what is best for them, their families, their schools and their futures. PRIORITIES: Education and building the future of our children is my top priority. I strongly support local control of schools by the elected school boards, and education funding that does not harm the South County school districts as Senate Bill 380 did. I would propose legislation that establishes a notification process for school districts and preschools when convicted child molesters are released back into our communities. I will also work for harsher penalties for criminals, like drug pushers, who use children to commit their crimes. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: We should view the shift of programs to the state as an opportunity to craft them more closely to our state and local needs, becoming creative with new ideas that the federal government is too cumbersome to address. QUALIFICATIONS: As a three-term member of the Lindbergh Board of Education, its past president and current vice president, I am proud to have shown that we can attain excellence at an affordable cost, with well-paid teachers and rising test scores. My background in banking has given me a keen sense of business issues, and the needs of our communities. Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, University of Missouri at St Louis. Presently enrolled in the master's in Public Policy Administration degree program at University of Missouri at St Louis. Married 32 years to Bob; two daughters, Jane and Katie. Nonpo-litical affiliations: Kiwanis and Metro South Art Council. i t-. Scott Arons Levy DEMOCRAT JOHN E. SCOTT AGE: 57 HOME: St. Louis OCCUPATION: Retail lumber company POLITICAL CAREER: Incumbent; elected to the Senate in 1976, reelected 1980, 1984, 1988 and 1992; elected to Missouri House of Representatives, 1970, re-elected 1972 and 1974 We received no response REPUBLICAN LEONARD F. ARONS AGE: 44 HOME: Affton OCCUPATION: Teacher, Venice public schools POLITICAL CAREER: Never held public office WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: My professional and personal backgrounds are varied enough to be an asset to state government I am familiar with the realities of public education today, in addition to teaching subject matter on a high school level that is relevant to public service (social studies, speech commu to "wet its beak" and contributing to high overhead costs. QUALIFICATIONS: As a business owner, former public school teacher and private attorney for the last 15 years, I have a breadth of experience unmatched by any other candidate. In addition, I have long been an active community leader sitting on a variety of boards and commissions such as the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Substance Abuse Advisory Commission, Citizens Advisory Board to the District 6 Probation and Parole Office, among other nonprofit organizations and groups. I know what iff it"' Jf 4 fa ' v W nication, etc.). Having lived in the city and county areas of the 3rd District I believe I understand the needs and concerns of all residents. As the son of a small businessman, and as a current member of a union, I can represent both interests in an impartial manner. PRIORITIES: My priorities include the elimination of the sales tax on food, welfare reform based on work, marriage, traditional family values and a family cap, plus practical solutions to educational problems from the perspective of a classroom teacher. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: As legislators, we should review the programs in those states that have already gotten federal approval to experiment with welfare, Medicaid, etc. We should then select those aspects that best suit the situation in Missouri. QUALIFICATIONS: Aside from the aforementioned professional and personal backgrounds, I would point to my political activism starting in 1970 and continuing through the 1990s. I have been active in every election since 1970, and in every conceivable capacity: CRS, YRS, volunteer, committeeman, delegate to state and national conventions, coordinator and state representative campaign manager. U.S. TAXPAYERS RONALD E. LEVY AGE: 67 HOME: Unincorporated south St. Louis County OCCUPATION: Retired POLITICAL CAREER: Withdrew from Republican primary ballot for state representative, 98th district, in 1996; candidate for Bayless Board of Education twice in the 1980s WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: Each man, woman, child or baby living in Missouri should not be paying to Jefferson City over $2,700 in taxes that are 40 percent above the 1980 Hancock amendment's state tax rate limitation. If elected, I will work to place Hancock II back on the ballot and tell voters the truth, whether they want to vote to continue to pay taxes 40 percent above the tax limitation or vote to reduce taxes 40 percent PRIORITIES: My platform is to abolish all property taxes in existence, then use only state funds to equally fund each student's education costs with freedom to attend a school anywhere in Missouri, to nullify the court's discrimination charges. Abolish 148 of the present 197 state legislators now costing over eight times the cost of Nebraska's one chamber of 49 legislators. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Abolish the use of Medicaid funds for childbirths, which are now approaching 50 percent of all births in Missouri. To forbid all schools from accepting any federal funds or student loan money of any kind to eliminate the intrusion of the federal courts in our schools. To stop any free breakfasts and lunches paid with federal money in our schools. QUALIFICATIONS: Born and raised in City of St Louis' south side. Attended city public schools and Washington University School of Art Active member, St. Louis Typographical Union, over 30 years. Involved with U.S. Taxpayers, Reform and Republican parties. Second term, president, Shrewsbury Mid-East Area Agency on Aging site council. Helped U.S. Representative Mel Hancock for five months to place Hancock II on ballot by collecting over 6,000 signatures. x DEMOCRAT Incumbent J.B. "Jet" Banks is unopposed Russell Flotron DEMOCRAT JAMES "JAY" RUSSELL AGE: 67 HOME: Florissant OCCUPATION: Owner, BJ's Bar and Restaurant in Florissant works. f " NATURAL LAW DOUGLAS REXFORP AGE: 42 HOME: CreveCoeur OCCUPATION: Social worker and educator WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: I will offer natural, effective, proven solutions for the problems that face our district and our nation. I have specialized in natural law-based programs in the fields of education, criminal rehabilitation, business and industry, crime prevention, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and prevention-oriented, nat Jn An POLITICAL CAREER: Served as state representative for 1st 25th, 58th and 78th districts, from 1962 to 1990 WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: As a senator, I will have the compassion and common sense of an experienced lawmaker. I also am a self-employed businessman for 41 years, and government is a business. I know I have the ability to write and work for legislation that is responsible to the people of Missouri and the 7th District Past experience has taught me to see the need and waste alike in a piece of legislation. PRIORITIES: I would support the governor's $1,500 tax credit for col-lege. I would work to eliminate the sales tax on food and to establish more funding for public schools, especially grades one through five. I feel very strongly about gun registration and the right of the people to vote on gun regulations. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: I do not know what programs or agenda is coming from the federal government but I would seek to work with responsible people for those decisions. QUALIFICATIONS: My qualifications to be a senator are 28 years in the Missouri Legislature, 41 years as a businessman, and the honor to be asked by the Democratic party to run for this seat REPUBLICAN FRANCIS E. "FRANC" FLOTRON JR. AGE: 41 HOME: Chesterfield OCCUPATION: Director of marketing, Interactive Marketing POLITICAL CAREER: Incumbent, elected state senator in 1988 and 1992; elected Missouri state representative, 85th District, in 1982, 1984 and 1986 WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: As a state senator and as Senate minority leader, I served my constituents in a dual role. I spend a great deal of time meeting with residents, businesses, educators and others in my district to learn the needs and issues that concern them. In my unique leadership capacity, I also hear the problems and solutions offered throughout the state of Missouri. Much of that per-. spective helps me better represent fresh ideas in the 7th District and also gives voice to the concerns of my constituents to the hierarchy of state government. I believe residents of my district know that I have been philosophically consistent, and as a result they know what to expect from me. PRIORITIES: State taxes should be cut at the very least to comply with the Hancock Amendment to the state Constitution. Our society should move in the direction of discouraging criminal behavior before it starts, in addition to punishing it after the fact. Education should be more responsive to parents and less centralized. Our society should value quality vocational education. More citizens should learn CPR and first aid. A more effective means of dealing with our metropolitan storm water problems must be developed. The benefits and detriments of Lambert Field must be dealt with more on a regional basis. We must have adequate infrastructure, both traditional and modern information systems to insure our economic viability. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Decentralizing federal social programs should be viewed as great opportunity to tailor programs to fit Missouri, rather than accept the one-size-fits-all American approach. To deal with the challenging demographics of increasing demand and diminishing producers, it is absolutely essential that we be willing to be creative and not accept the concept that we are playing in a zero sum game. A particularly critical issue will be dealing with is the aging of baby boomers. We will need to move away from costly warehousing solutions to more humane solutions of helping the elderly and infirm to remain independent as long as possible. Regarding welfare, demographics demand that more and more healthy citizens become productive. It is important to take the next step beyond slogans and create a system of rewards so recipients have a financial incentive to be productive. QUALIFICATIONS: The voters of the 7th District have been gracious enough to twice elect me to the ural health care. These programs, together with my freedom from special interests and lobbies that control Washington politics, strengthen my position to balance the budget responsibly and efficiently and cut taxes. PRIORITIES: I would introduce legislation to 1) determine the most scientific crime prevention and criminal rehabilitation programs, and insist that they are implemented; 2) allow effective prevention-oriented systems of natural health care to compete freely with modern, pharmaceutical care; 3) promote tax incentives for domestic, state Senate. My colleagues have had confidence enough in my candor, problem-solving ability and consensus building to elect me their Republican leader. I believe I have been a consistent responsible and reachable legislator. I pride myself on having a record for "agitation for rational change." That is what my constituents have come to expect and what I intend to continue to deliver. 2 ci Goode Baumer DEMOCRAT WAYNE GOODE AGE: 59 HOME: Normandy OCCUPATION: President, Aspen Group Inc. POLITICAL CAREER: Incumbent; elected to the state Senate in 1984, re-elected in 1988 and 1992; served in the state House of Representatives, 1962-1984. WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: While in the Legislature, I have concentrated on many important difficult and time-consuming public policy issues. During this year's session, I developed the telecommunications legislation and Special School District reform legislation. I have been deeply involved in public school finance; mental health legislation; the first major revision of the guardianship code; most all environmental legislation, including clean air, clean water, solid waste, hazardous waste; and establishment and development of the University of Missouri at St Louis. If re-elected, I will continue to work on issues of this nature. PRIORITIES: Health care reform and the necessary legislative reforms to comply with the new federal welfare act in a manner that minimizes the negative impact on children and other needy citizens who cannot protect themselves. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Sec sbovc QUALIFICATIONS: Active participation in many community, state and national organizations, hands-on experience as a small-business person for over 30 years, broad legislative experience, educated in the public schools, and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia. REPUBLICAN R.W. "BOB" BAUMER AGE: 71 HOME: Jennings OCCUPATION: Retired tool and die maker POLITICAL CAREER: Has run unsuccessfully for Missouri House and Jennings City Council WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: I would present a different view to the solution of the problems of Missouri. The best government is the smallest that can get the job done. I will fight to preserve personal freedoms and rights. PRIORITIES: Passage of a properly written permit to carry concealed law. Overhaul of Senate Bill 380 to correct the bad parts of the bill. Legislation to make it hard to file some suits. Use of common sense in environmental programs. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Transfer as much as possible of the operation of these programs to the counties and cities. The more local, the better the control of this. QUALIFICATIONS: I am a man who believes in the traditions that made this country strong. I believe in the use of common sense. I won't holler "do it" before I find out what it will do. DEMOCRAT PATRICIA P. GRAY AGE: 55 HOME: Kirkwood OCCUPATION: Attorney, Rosen- renewable energy (solar, wind, bio-mass); 4) encourage sustainable, organic agriculture with integrated pest and crop management to reduce farm pollution and improve national health; and 5) reform campaign finance and ballot access laws. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: Federal government should provide states with solid scientific research on what programs work the best offer incentives for those programs and recommend specific means of implementation. The federal government should nourish all 50 states with the ideas and solu Missourl Senate Races Districts with contested races denoted by numbers in black squares 22 iTf S ILLIN0IS Post-Dispatch Graphic Gray Mueller Peters blum, Goldenhersh, Silverstein & Zafft POLITICAL CAREER: Never held public office WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: I have the background, experience, and commitment required to bring reason and balance to the decisions facing state government. I am committed to promoting the spirit of community by huilding consensus on issues and finding positive solutions that will unite us and not foster division, disrespect, or even hate. I believe that government is a tool that, if used wisely, and only when necessary, can improve life in our community. PRIORITIES: My priorities include providing our children a quality education in a safe, disciplined environment; reducing violent crime and drug use; maintaining a healthy economy while protecting our environment; correcting tax inequities by eliminating the sales tax on food; and reducing the frequency of property tax reassessment. SHIFTING FEDERAL PROGRAMS: My basic strategy will be to establish clear goals against which we can measure progress. Goals for health care programs must be evaluated from the viewpoint of the consumer and welfare goals must protect children. QUALIFICATIONS: I am a practicing attorney, an advisory director of Magna Trust Co., a lecturer in the graduate tax program at Washington University School of Law, and a former registered nurse. My husband, Gary, and I have been married for 33 years and have three children, all graduates of Kirkwood High School. REPUBLICAN WALT MUELLER AGE: 70 HOME: Kirkwood OCCUPATION: Real estate appraiser, self-employed POLITICAL CAREER: Incumbent; elected to the state Senate in 1990; re-elected in 1992; elected to the state House of Representatives: 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1984 WHY I SHOULD BE ELECTED: Serving in the Missouri Senate has been a rewarding experience because it restores the faith that one senator can make a difference. I believe I have had success in cracking down on drunken drivers and See SENATE, Page 9 tions based on research, not on opinion, and allow local citizens to implement the recommendations with local know-how. QUALIFICATIONS: I am most qualified because I am not a Washington "insider." I am untarnished with PAC or "soft-money" contributions from such influential industries as the chemical agricultural, genetic engineering, tobacco, defense and pharmaceutical manufacturers. My positions are clear and unequivocally in favor of proven, natural, non-polluting approaches to solving our nation's problems and nourishing the life of our nation. I usm m&h )&b muii urn isim 6n

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