St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on February 7, 1962 · Page 33
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 33

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 7, 1962
Page 33
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POWERS WRITES WIFE HE MUST SERVE FULL TERM MILLEDCEVILLE, Ga.. Fob. 7 (AP) Francis Gary Powers, the U-2 pilot imprisoned in Russia, has written his wife that he has no hope his 10-year sentence for espionage will be reduced. Powers wrote that Soviet officials told him there was no hope of clemency or parole because of the "seriousness and gravity of his crime," Mrs. Powers said yesterday. Mrs. Powers said she had applied for a visa and planned a two-month trip to Russia this summer, but there was no indication she would get to see her husband. When she went to Rus sia during her husband's trial in August 1960 she was told she could see him for one 'hour a month. P OPPOSES FUEL TAX Woman Secret Army Kidnaped In Algeria Tells of Her Escape YOU KNOW THIS MAN? If not, meet Bill Vaughan, rising young American humorist, straight from the heartland of the United States (born in St. Louis, lives in Kansas City). He's writing a new column several times a week. Better catch it real clever stuff! See the . EVERYDAY MAGAZINE of the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH A resolution opposing President Kennedy's proposal to levy a 2-cent-a-gallon tax on fuels used in transportation on inland waterways was adopted yesterday by the Mississippi Valley Association. The resolution, adopted unani-mouslv at the closine session of the association's annual conven tion at the Chase-Park Plaza Hotel. Dledced that the associa tion would resist all proposals for imposition of tolls or charges which might infringe upon the "freedom of American waterways." William E. Kemp, an attorney and former mayor of Kansas City was elected president of the association for the coming year-He succeeds Glade R. Kirk-patrick, of Tulsa, Okla. In another resolution adopted unanimously, the organization urged the Corps of Engineers to give greater recognition to safety factors involved in location of public use facilities on navigation projects. The resolution said that ''a reasonable percentage of funds" should be spent for refuge harbors to protect small craft from, hazard. The resolution recognized efforts of the United States Coast Guard and Corps of Engineers to achieve uniform enforcement of regulations for safe navigation. It urged the agencies to inform and instruct officials of the various states about uniform enforcement. Opposition to the Federal Water Resources Planning Bill, as now being considered by Congress, was expressed in a resolution. The association objected because ."in each of the major areas covered, the bill would provide for virtually complete federal domination," the resolution said. ROBOTS' FUND TO EASE EFFECTS OF AUTOMATION 9 U , Uf nan 1962 EDITION FEDERAL INCOME TAX BOOK ON SALE . FIRST FLOOR POST-DISPATCH 40c (50c by MAIL) Addrtil Mail Order ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Personnel Dept. 12th a Franklin 1 SSSteJdrSi' NEW YORK, Feb. 7 (UPI)-A leading manufacturer of automation equipment announced yesterday that each robot it sells or rents will pay dues to a foun dation set up to ease automa tion's effects on workers. John I. Snyder Jr., chairman of U.S. Industries, Inc., said that he and Al J. Hayes, president of the International Association of Machinists, would be co-chairmen of the foundation. Snyder said his firm would contribute dues from each automation machine it sells or rents. He said the foundation would get $50,000 to $250,000 this year, with sharp increases in the future as more automation equipment is sold. "Automation is inevitable," Snyder said. "Its use is rapidly increasing. Makers of automa tion machines must take positive, affirmative steps now to preserve the human values bound up in today's changing times." CARVER MEMORIAL LIBRARY BILL OFFERED BY CANNON ' WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 (AP) Clarence Cannon (Dem.), Missouri, introduced a bill yesterday j to direct the Commissioner of Education to assist in establish ment of a Carver Memoral Li brary. ' The measure would authoroize an appropriation of $25,000 to enable the Commissioner of Education to assist the George Wash ington Carver Institute in estab lishing a Carver Library of Ne gro History in the vicinity of the George Washington Carver Na tional Monument at Diamond, Mo. The money would be made available to the institution when the commissioner received assur ances that the money would be used in construction of a library and related facilities to be oper ated on a non-profit basis as a library primarily devoted to the history of the Negro race. Cannon, noting that Carver was born in Missouri and was an outstanding scientist, said Missouri should take the lead in recognition of his achievements. ACTION ON $250,000,000 LOS ANGELES TRANSIT PLAN LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7 (AP) Directors of the" Metropolitan Transit Authority took the first step yesterday toward construction of a $250,000,000 "backbone route" for a new mass transit system. The route would run 22.7 miles from the West Los Angelas area to suburban El Monte, including a 12-mile subway through downtown Los Angeles. The directors named the First Boston Corp. of Boston and the Bank of America as co-managers to prepare proposals for the sale of $250,000,000 in revenue bonds to finance the route. DRIVER IS ROBBED OF $12 BUT ESCAPES WITH RECEIPTS Clarence Kohnen, 617 Jefferson avenue, Florissant, a brewery truck driver, was robbed of $12 in the 4400 block of Garfield avenue Jy two men yesterday, he reported to police. The robbers missed several hundred dollars in collection receipts which he was carrying, he said. ronnen said ne was sitting in the cab of his truck when two men opened the door and ordered him out. He gave them his wallet containing the $12, then ran when the robbers were distracted momentarily by a passing automobile. PARIS, Feb. 7 (UPI) A woman lawyer kidnaped in Algeria by the Secret Army Organization said yesterday that she was able to escape after four days with the help of a secret army member who felt sorry for her. Mireille Glaymann, 26 years old, was seized by the right-wing group on a trip to Algiers to defend some Moslems who had been sentenced to death. She was taken from an airport bus by a young man armed with a tommygun. "Two other men appeared and I found three guns at my back," she told a Paris press conference. "They put me in the front seat of a car and blindfolded me. The car went very fast, about 90 miles an hour. In 15 minutes we arrived at a house." Miss Glaymann said her captors took a briefcase containing records of her clients. She said the leader of the four men who kidnaped her was a man named Richard. The others were deserters from the French Foreign Legion two Germans and an Italian. A young girl searched her, liking her passport, money and even her hand- UPI Radtophoto. MIREILLE GLAYMANN At press conference in Paris yesterday. kerchief. She was moved to another hiding place and guarded by two Germans, she said. "They alternately questioned me and threatened me," she said. "They tied my hands, then my feet. They locked me in a dark closet. They tied me to a chair." She said this went on for three days, until one of the Germans, after drinking some wine, broke down and told her that her captors planned to kill her. "He was young, 26 or 27," she said. "It was his first, job with 1 the OAS. He was shocked that a woman could be made to suffer. We talked a long time; He proposed that we escape. We slipped out of the house. He hid his machine gun underneath his raincoat. "We took a streetcar,1, then a taxi, to the security police in El Biar, which is the only anti-OAS refuge." YOUNG G.O.P, TO HEAR TALK ON SUNDAY CLOSING LAWS THREE MEXICANS SEIZED ON RETURN FROM CUBA ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Wed.. Feb. 1, 1962 5 c . Elmer Price, lawyer and former vice president of the St. Louis Bar Association, will speak on "Sunday Closing Laws, Their History and Their Future" at a meeting of the St. Louis Young Republican Club at 8: 15 p.m. tomorrow at the Cheshire Inn, 7036 Clayton road, Richmond Heights. In addition, there will be a talk by John D. Rigby, chairman of the speakers' bureau of the Missouri Committee for .the Borough Plan to Reunite St. Louis and St. Louis County. Both talks are open to the public. MEXICO CITY, Feb. 7 (AP)-Three Mexican delegates who attended a meeting in Cuba last month were arrested at the airport yesterday on their return. A spokesman from the attorney general's office said they were carrying books, records and other propaganda material produced in Cuba, the Soviet Union, Red China and other Communist countries. The three were identified as Armando Castillejos Ortiz, a lawyer and Ceramic Workers Union leader; Dr. Rafael Estrada Villa, and Ignacio Aguirre Camacho. They were invited to Havana to take part in a conference and to attend official celebrations for Prime Minister Fidel Castro. They stayed in Cuba more than four weeks. COMMON MARKET DELAYS ' ACTION ON TARIFF CUTS BRUSSELS, Feb. 7 (AP)-The European Economic Community council of ministers decided yesterday to postpone decisions on speeding up the pace of tariff cuts in their economic integration movement to the March 5-6 meeting of the council in Brussels. An EEC spokesman said last night the delay was caused by the council's reluctance to take political decisions, such as the acceleration of the treaty movement, in a governmental crisis in one of the member nations, Italy. 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